The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York on November 22, 1926 · Page 32
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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · Page 32

Brooklyn, New York
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Monday, November 22, 1926
Page 32
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1U A llli: ISKOOKLY.N DAILY EAfiLli NEW YORK. MONDAY. INOWlliJ.U JJ. 15)20 NEWS AND REVIEWS OF THE SCREEN STAGE NOTES The Cinema Circuit By MARTIN DICKSTEIN 'fie Return of Peter Grira.n" A the Brooklyn Strand "The Great Gatsby' "Ben-Hur" Week Here. PR'W.'KI.TX STRAND The He, .en Fet-r tirlinni. " a ren version "f Hi David MflMtt-o ciii'cms, William Fox protlui'ttun, dn tvted by n t.T Sihertztngt-r. the ."AST. Peier Urimm Ale B Frnnci Fretlenrk .inmm Jho ll" l' Catherine Jmir t l;i n"r Jiurt Hart inn n . Klrhard ullin-; A inirpw Ma llnrmn J"hn H. Foils Hv. Henry Hart hulonify . Lionel Helium ,lrn. BartholunifV ....Elizabeth V. -ttern Wart a Bodtl iiosing THOSK who enjoyed David In "The Return of IVtor Grimm" w ill be interehtnl to know that jiicturization of that fJilas'-o 6tii siu'Cphs is on view this week at the Hrooklyn Mark Strand Theater. On the screen the strange revelations of the return to earth of jiood 't om Peter" are no less nr-lestinp; than they were in the original Moken version. The difference lies in the trick photosraphy which Mr. I'ox and his associates have conceived to effect the spiritual reincarnation of that lovable Dutch gardener. When "Oo'n Peter" (Alec Ft. Francis) has nassod to his heavenly rest and the arrangements h:ie been made for the wedding of Katie (Janet Gay nor) and Frederick (John Roche), the spirit of the departed returns to his earthly haunts in the form of a filmy shadow, which passes through closed doors and Kes-ticulates frantically and invisibly in the faces of the remaining living characters. The illusion is created by means of simple "double exposure" photography, which, while intei estiiiK enough, is not as amazing ns the publicists of Mr. Fox would have us believe. "The Return of Peter Grimm" remains, nevertheless, a fairly absorbing photodrama. The original play was good. Thanks to a reasonably faithful adaptation of the story, the film ofi'ors moderately good entertainment. Alec H. Francis is seen as "Oom 1'eter," the role created by Mr. Francis is always the capable i;ctor and he does creditably with the part. John Roche, Janet Gaynor and Richard Walling play ninoerely nough in the other principal roles. Victor Schcrtzinger direction follows orthodox cinematic methods, but generally he has succeeded in clinging to n central Idea and thereby "The Return of Peter Grimm" is j.9 good a movie as one ordinarily could expect. Managing Director Edwari I. Hy-man's stage feature t his week is c;i lied ''Pumpkin Center Husk In' Bee," a rural Thanksgiving party in lionor of the Thursday holiday. In rhls incident, Rita Owin. a former Follies girl, probably stands out to best advantage with her clowning dancing numbers. Robert Stickney, the stilt dancer, also pleased last night's Strand goers. Rex Schopp, and "Big Parade1 Fmal 4 Alec i. Francis in "The Return of Peter Grimm" at the Strand. Charles Guglierl and Mardo Kalhn, I along with Hie Pumpkin Center! Relies, contribute to a highly pleasing episode. The "party" is excel- lently staged by Mr. Hymun ami the. choreography by Mme. Serova is smart and diversified. i The new program, more crowded with pleasant events than usual, also introduces th Record Boys, those familiar broadcasters through Sta-, tion W J Z. Al Rernard, Frank Kamplaln and Sammy Stept are especially pleasing in the ''Mock the Mocking Bird" number, ns Kamplain is in "I'm Looking for a Girl Named Mary" and Bernard in "Come Back, Marguerite." The three come back j again for further applause in "Yeedle Deedle Lena' ana "My Loving isnig Song Man." And then, and she is not the lenst of the Strand's attractions this week, there is Kstelle Carey. If her soprano interpretation of "Giannamia" (from "The Firefly") is not the loveliest thing I have hoard in weeks, then I haven't been anywhere since the Armistice. Gatsby the Great RIVOM THKATKK "Tho (.rent r.aUhv " from the story by F. Hmtt FitstisraM ami tho play hy Owen Davis; a Fara-mmint production directed by Herbet t Hrenon. THE CAST. Jay Oflfubv Warner Hnxter Palsy Hiiclianan Loir, Wilson Nl.k Oirraway Nell Hamilton Myrtle. Wllsnn (b-orirla Hale George Wilson , William Powell Tom Buchanan' HhIo Hamilton Charles Wolf George XaAn .Ionian Pnker t'armelita Gerairhty Lord DlKby Krle Wore Hert "Gunboat" Smith Catherine . . . .' Claire Whitney With the coming of "The Great Gutnby" to th Rivolt Theater, Herbert Rrenon may be proud (or may he?) to point to three film productions now showing on p.roadway and fay "I diri-ctod those." Of the three. "Rt-au Geste." "f.otl Gave Me Tw-ntr I'ents'' and "The watMly. ' 1 would say th;-t Mr. Urenon bus the least cause lo ptml the finger of pride at the Rfvoli. "The C.rt-at Gatsby,'! venture, has wandered considerably uff the path as it was beaten by F. Scott Fitu-gtrald in the novel and by Owen iJavis in the play. Occasionally it is a little bit silly and when it is not silly it is ditiicult to believe that "they're still doing that sort of thing" on the screen. For excellent example, there is the swimming pool scene where the inebriated gentleman in a full dress suit is tossed by half a dozen other swallow-tailed vulgarians into the water. Where, in the course of the thousand and one .'ilms that I've inspected, hnve I seen that gentleman before; Poor fellow, he lives only to get proper! ly oiled, whereupon he is promptly cast into the pool. In case you are not acquainted with Gatsby, it may be told that he was the young "nobody" who felt in love with Daisy Buchanan, a daughter of Kentucky aristocracy. He went off to war vowing that some day he'd come back to buy Daisy Belle ihe biggest house she ever saw and the longest string of limousines that ever crowded u beautiful lady's garage. And while Gatsby was "over there" lighting his fingertips off for democracy, one of those "dollar-a-year" fellows married his Daisy Re lie. Months later gatsby did com back and, strangely enough, he did acquire tho "largest house you ever haw" and the limousines. In short, he became a bootlegger. Hence the swimming pool scene. Warner Baxter is Jay GaNhv. the, indeed, "Great Gatsny." Dois Wilson is Daisy Buchanan and Hnle Hamilton portrays the dollar-a-year man. Neil Hamilton has the thankless and otherwiso unimportant role of Nick Carraway, the pious and sober friend next door. After Gatsby has been conveniently murdered in his own swimming pool and the plot has struggled valiantly to its end, we see Daisy and her husband peacefully reunited "down home in old Ken-tuck'." They're holding hands, and ns the camera sweeps across a hundred yards of blue Kentucky lawn, we observe the cause of their reconciliation. A little child has led them! "Ben-Hur" "Ren-Hur" today enters the last week of its engagement at Werba's Brooklyn Theater. The film version of the Dew Wallace classic remains one of the most absorbing und thrilling motion pictures ever made. The chariot race between Messala and Ren-Hur in the Circus Maximus is the thundering climax of the narrative. Nothing like it is to be seen on current screens, Ramon Novarro, Francis X. Rush-man, May McAvoy, Carmel Myers and Retty Rronson are the principal players in a cast of thousands. Hard Boiled Edmund Lowe ns "Sergeant Quirt" hi "What Price Glory?" (Film) at the Hurrin Theater lie-ginning Tomorrow. "The Big Parade" Laurence Stallings' brilliant photo-drama of the war, "The Rig Parade," goes into Its final week at Teller's Shuhert Theater. For more than a year this story of three American doubhboys at the front, the particular story of one of them and a pretty French girl behind the lines, has nlayed to capacity audiences in Manhattan. Its engagement at Teller's is as complete in every detail as that which remains in its second year at the Astor Theater. John Gilbert, as Jim Apperson. and Renee Adoree. as Melisande, head the cast of players. A beautiful musical score, played by a symphony orchestra, accompanies the picture. Episcopal Guild Show The Episcopal Actors' Guild gave its annual entertainment last night at tho Knickerbocker Theater before a large audience that included many clergymen and persons prominent in society, who were on the list of patrons and patronesses. De Wolf Hopper was master of ceremonies and Introduced the entertainers, who came from many of the Broadway shows. The volunteers included Gertrude Lawrence, Harland Dixon. Brennan and Rogers, Desiree Zollinger and Joseph Macauley with "The Wild Rose" male chorus; Flor-enco O'Denishawn, Ann Harding, Marie Cahill, Florence Reed, Fannie Rrice, Kddio Dow ling and other "Honeymoon Laners," Lee Tracy. Marjorie Gateson. Lillian Davies and Allen Prior of "Katja"; William L. Gordon, Arthur Lange and his Knickerbocker Theater Orchestra and many others, making up a long and interesting bill. New Productions Under Way At Lasky Astoria Studio Paramount 's Long Island-Astoria, studio will soon be in the midst of a late autumn and winter rush. Three pictures juat began production: two more will follow; three more in December and one early in January. In addition, one, "New York," with Luther Heed directing, is already in progress. During this month and most of December the studio will be crowded to capacity. On Nov. 12 Kdward Sutherland's "Love's Great Mistake" went into production. Josephine Dunn, one of the junior stars, will have the principal feminine role and the other important parts are played by William Powell, James Hall, Kvelyn Rrer.t and Iris Gray. The atory was adapted by Reeky Gardiner from Frederick Arnold Rummer's liberty Magazine story. W. C. Fields has started his third starring picture for Paramount. "The Potters." Fred Newmeyer is directing and Mary Alden and Ivy Harris, another junior star, are the other two principals thus far chosen. Tho story is by J. P. MeKvoy. Richard Dix also has started. His new effort is called "Paradise for Two." Gregory LaCava is directing. Retty Rronson and Andre Hera tiger will have featured roles. The story is an original by Howard Km met Rogers and the adaptation is by Hay Harris. - .Malcolm St. Clair will get "The Crosa-Kyed Captain' under way soon. This story is by Dixie Wlllson. It was adapted by Kenneth liuisbeck and Pierre Colllngs. "Afraid to Love" is tentatively sot for the latter part of the month. The start depends upon the recovery from illness of Florence Vidor. Frank Tuttle will direct. Wyndham Standing. Philip Strange and Charles Ryer will appear in support of Miss Vldor. This story is an adaptation from the stage play, "Face to Face," by Vincent Lawrence. Karly in December Herbert Brenon will start Warwick Deeping's story. "Sorrell and Son." The adaptation is being done by Elizabeth Median. It is also expected that a story will soon be ready for Thomas Meighan. On Dec. 20 Gilda Gray is scheduled to start her second starring picture for Paramount, "Cabaret." This will be directed by Robert Vignola. In January Kd Wynn will begin his first picture under the direction of ictor Heerman. Mr. Wynn is now writing the story at New Port Richey, Fla. on Tuesday evening at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Carleton H. Palmer. 206 Clinton ave. Levina Wilson will ?oaeh the produetfon. Screen "Glory" Tomorrow The William Fox picturization of "What Price Glory, based on the stage play by Laurence Stallings and Maxwell Anderson, will have its premiere performance at the Sam. H. Harris Theater tomorrow evening. Victor Mclaglnn, Kdmund Lowe and Dolores Del Kio have the leading roles. Raoul Walsh directed the picture. The film version of "What Price Glory" comes finally to Brotdway after a wait of two yeaTS because of contractual arrangements, which specified the picture could not be shown until the play had closed throughout the country. AMl'SKM KXTS M MI UTX. AMl KEMl Nrs M VMIATTW. Brooklyn Heights Players It Is announced by the Brooklyn Heights Players, who have success fully launched the movement in Brooklyn for a Children's Theater with their Saturday morning produ tlons of "The Wizard of Oz," that the first play of the adult suhscrin tion series will be "Fear" and will open the new Little Theater on Jan 10. The play is of added interest because It is by a Brooklyn woman, Mrs. George Carrington, who, under her maiden name, Elaine Sterne, has written short stories and has had one-act plays produced on the Keith Circuit. This is her most ambitious attempt at play writing, however. It f-s a melodrama. Tryouts for the cast wjil be held Tilden in Movies Again William T. Tilden is about as busy these days as in the height of the tennis season. Tie is appearing ai the butler, an important role, in the picturfzatlon of "The Music Master" at the Fox Film Studios and acting the part of the tramp philosopher in "They All Want Something," at the Wallack Theater. Any talk about Tilden having a new racket, cinematically speaking, is incorrect, for he has appealed heretofore in the films. Also, any rumors that Mile. Suzanne Lenglen would be cast as the maid, Jenny, in "The Music Master" may be immediately discounted, as Helen Chandler, young Broadway actress, has the I art. Featherbed Lane Pie:Lyt:ria.i Church My dear Mr. Pemherton: Surely I am indebted to you for a most pleasant afternoon! "The Ladder" is captivating without a dull moment, and carries along the imagination and interest without any break. The acting was superior and the plot intriguing and quite novel. The bits of comedy are sparkling, the tragedy thrilling, the romance ingratiating. Accept my congratulations. Cordially, Signed Robert Bruce Clark Pastor Emeritus Now at the New Waldcif 50th St., Eait of B'wiy. Mits. Wcdaesdaf & Salard? AMI'SI Mi:XTS-BROOKLYN. AMISKMKXTS BROOK LVX. EE1 PC JAV NEAR t JL TLUmONC TRI. 41 MATS.DAIL Ti LiPniL wnui.UM4 THEATER NOTES Kdward Risby made such a hit In "This Woman Husiness' in Roston that his name has been put over the door in electrics along with those of o. p. Heggie and Genevieve Tobin. Kir Alfred Butt, who has come to New York expressly to see if "Oh, Kay" will be O. K. for London, will pive the show the critical "o.o." tonight. Jane Cowl, who heads the Albee hill this week, has again come under the management of Arch Selwyn, who is considering a new play for her, unless he lets her do Juliet in London. It will be "old-home night'' this evening at the Little Theater, where "2 Girls Wanted" resumes the run which was interrupted when they took a flying trip uptown. They will stay at the Little as long as they are wanted. A M VSFM ENTfi BROOKLYN. rWyn"rACADEMYrMsic" . Metropolitan Opera Company Sat. Nov, 57 CENA DELLE BEFFE Alrta, Dnlosay, Alrock. Anthony. Wakeflplrt; (iitrll, TH.lH'ft, Hftdu, D'AngHo. Dlilur. Ncntfin KNAI3E P1ANU USED EXCLUSIVELY. IRAN ) The Return of PETER GRIMM The Kccortt Boys; Ottltt HtUffe Prog-ram HAIRBREADTH HARRY All Off for India! By C. W. KAHLES PART 2 CITY WHAT THIS Id AU ABOUT, iFAMYlWNq sacEED- A MYSTEtfOUS HINDOO KIDNAPS OUE HEEO FROM THE U.S.A.ON AM IN6RAIN MA6IC CARPET AND WHISKS HIM OtP TO INDIA FOR $0ME UN - KNOVW REASON, BUT THEY BECOME SHIPWRECKED " THE MALAY ARCHH PELA60. A Bl5 WINP SAVES THEM PEDM THE BUT IN THE EHSUIN6 MiXUPAN ENKSMAT'C SAVAGE (SETS A TOEHOLD ON THE CAUPET. UNKNOWN TO THE TWO OTHER OCCUPANT, AND WHILE OUR HERO 15 SNEAKIN6 UP TO 6ET CON TROL OF THE AIRSHIP F120M THE IJLUr Inu HIRwmI' ruP'l I Mr i " i l ' HINDOO, THIS 8IMB0 IS A1.S0 SiY.feWgjfflp ruui irih. &u nr-vt Aide anu in THESE MYSTIC ORIENTAL SToeiES M- NOSTANYTttINd IS LIA8LET0HAPWJ. . riAWTTP CT TiiS HiKl ) WuKVa tuc-TT" : ' t Mini f'rwj IN ORDER TO PESCENDUali-OOP. I FlUST VKDY THE TA)L OF THE AIRSHIP. MY ORDERS AE.E TO KIBOSH THIS EXPEDITION AT ALL COSTS AND NOW IS MY LHANCE.' & .8 k k k i I ) s WHAT THA ! WHEEE P HE COME FB0M ? THE NEXT MOMENT THE TAIL DIPPED AND SO PIP THE REAR INCUBUS! YOU $ HOOK MEOFPTHE TCAIL THAT TIME, BUT YOU , HAVEN T SEEN THE LA&T 77 OF ME YtT. J (OH POWERFUL ONE.' YOUR HUMBlEl f',xJl - Y OE0ERS AND BROUGHT THIS rO A-H,P. PUISSANT PRUNE TDY0Ui?Ar X mSOVFErr.BUTITWAS Jy youi ' ' utfte me ADb lk TUr ilium tfi.n.... . . . I Geo. ST0NE& Etta PILLARD Hanita.r. 'nntinaonn VantlevUI HHfi I'lrtUIVN, 1 to II P.M. THE GOOD LITTLE DEVIL W ith noimr W II.MN ?f ?IIIC1 KXTKA HI KI'KINK FKATI KF.??r majestic r;;th."S1 so wkim-:hhay matin kk The World's (i rent rut Entertainer AL JOLSON In BIG BOY 2 KHt h-A Ihee onrerl Muniiuy BEG. M0N. MAT. NOV. 29 Dally Mtit... Inrluillnir Kunrtity Seats Now Selling AM rSKMKXTS M A X II ATT A V. RICHARD D I X In "Tho Qniirtprhnr k" THK CANMNOS. OHnT AiU. Week (ipwr, TUNNEY ln r""n 0 ,, n A(.ton COI.I.KKN MOOKK In "It Mllt He Ixive" "THKlIWl:KT' TOM." with Frum'lH Mcninnlfl ILMRTI pKAMEO .S(iimii VARIETY nittt Kmll Jiinnlmcn l.ya lie Poftt WERBA'S MdllTK .Mir. (otl.50 IATH. 50c. to Sl.tMl Hrat Selllnn: tur Thnkli ln Hny FINAL WEEK TWICE DAILY 2:30-8:30 Madison Square Garden International Military Eventi 4lt NATIONAL HORSE SHOW See the Crack Cavalry Officers of tho Armies of France, Belgium, Poland, Spain, Holland, Canada and the United States in International Jumping Contests. Famous Gray Horse Battery 16th Field Artillery, U. S. A. . Morning. Afternoon and Evening 9 a.m., ami 8 p.m. p . en. . 9 7e Box om-e. Phone ' Culunibus O'tSl JOHN GOLDKN prpHfant. a New r Comedy by UI.ADY3 JJ, U.NUKIl a Girls Wanfft-1 ' No,v LITTLE Thl''1 w- ' Kv.S :39 SV.MI'II. OK( II. Al.r. SKATS KKSKKVKI) Irtiirp "CIRri.INti THK MKII1I KHRANKAN" lth VI.UH of the Holy Land III HTO IH 1 TJ'KS., NOV. SSil, B:I1 p.m. IIKOOKI.TN .1KAVIHII K.NTKU U07 Eastern I'urkway Ailnillim Sinn.. Nov. Sflth. B: IS p.m. JOHN MWNKS HOI.MK.S Thur... He. 2il, R:1A p.m. tsTAKK VOl Mj LYCEUM w,t 4St" Bt- Kv"- ' : Mat. Thum. and Nat. at 2:30 " 'I,l!y Sue' In the most exhllarat Inft of current ni.'lodramaa." Arthur Pollock. urooKiyn r.aKif. With Wil- 1.1 rd Mack llclli Merrill IMPERIAL Th," w- "' Kv..:J llHtinee!! TlienkRirlvlni; Hiid Hat. OH KAY New Musical Comedy with an All-Star Kzx.Lily Sue TELLER'S SHUBERT Now rinjinjc, Twice Dally, hattt Ui'fk IBIG PARADf All Mat., Mr. ti SI. (II) All Keats All Ke. Title. t l.o( Renered Klnnl Minwlnir Huntlay Ere., Nov. 2H. HEEE WE AE IN THE (HHEI? SHRINE OF RAMOtON. XXX CHOW, 6RAND 6AEKWAR OF BISMILtAH ANP Bl BOPI-BUPI OF BOOfiUr-WOOGlT (TO BE CONTlNUEPj 11 L6EE Albee q Tel. Tri. SOnn FAN K f'OWI. A !. AN ATOI.K KltlKIH.AMI t I.I B ANATOI.K RKVI K YORK K It KINO: .MM THORNTON: IIICKKV 11 KOS. : KOI H HI V.WON Uh OTHKH At TS b MOOKK (t HAN l : Othern. I'hotn, Realnald Penny In "Take It From Me." chuch Aft Nltf THE BUNGLE FAMILY Competition By H. J. TUTHILLI WELL FOUNDED REGARDING THE SINCERITY OP THE TWO MtN WHO OFI-TPED TO BUY THE WHITE ELEPHANT, PERSUADED COLONEL BUNGLE AND FERDINAND CRABF! TO GENEROUSLY ACCEPT EACH other's DENIAL OF OWNING YOOHOO, -TODAY, WHEN THE ELEPHANT BUYERO RETUPNCD. EMTI CMCW I ONE MOMENT ) I A lEtI I REALLY ) C THIs''IT ! HAPPENED TO 5.EE YOU TVAJ GENTLEMEN WARN VOu'f j OO II SIR! 7 f DIDN'T 11 ME I SIR JY MOTION J l& gjjgw 1 r.FTTlNC OUT OF YOU" MALHINt ij t y UUN I UU eNT I r I - I DUI niivi. n 01,11- 1 rj 'uv"t i , l CAMF DOWNSTAIRS TO WEl'COMF YOU ) BUSINESS ' MV U DIDNT I I 1 SIRi TJ P IE N D (I OUTPAGEl wr- Uin T AM C.ORRY TO SAY. A SLIGHT WITH THAT J) I COAT I x- A V PAY YOU VI V . J U I f TO COME MISUNDERSTANDING WHEN YOU CALLED S PHONY ! I SIR! HSUCH CRUST! X REAL 7 VIA OVER HERE! I (fcSfelM RFFOPE . Al L OP WHICH I WILL EXPLAIN X I. , ' I riv CRABB. DIDN'T I I DOUGH I S WM YOU BOTH I IWIlpt FULLY IM MY FLAT. AH. YOU CALLED FEROlNANDt'c (R I JL ) YOU REFUSE L S FOR CAME TO . ' t SUPPr.e,P,TO MAKE! MF ANOTHER r CRABB, (TOM r TO ACCEPT (HIM?) IMA Y SEE ME , N fc , At AND LARGER OFFER POP THE , OWN &&A VTHAf ELEPHANT.-; V V I'M) tZLl YAA I ' THE OWNER 111' fL2. r 7p; ce --- r- 1 rzzb s mm ! m 5UPE b THE NERVE OF BUNGLE TAK'NG YOUR FRIEND INTO LHI HOU5-E' V.CALL !ty HIM OVER HERE 1 THE ONE YOU BOTH SOMEBODY'S STENOG Anybody Seen the Weather? A M r S K NTS l A X II ATT A N . "I'HKATRK H ILK I'KOOM TIONM I III r Tliea., W. red Kt. Kr. H :Mt LlUILU Mat. Tlmre. & Nut. ! :w PYGMALION JOHN GOLDEN Theatre Openinir Weilnewlay Kve., No-. 'U MIINKY IIOWARK'K fOMKOY Ned McCobb's Daughter Evs. 8:30. Mitts. ThurB. & Pat. MHte. Thure. A Hat. at 2:20 Ae of Musical QUEEN HIGH ivith I IIAHI FS RI fif.l.KS. FRANK MrlNTVRK. I.I KI.I.A OKA R ft 6U Otheri JUiAUIUXl Ma(. w . Thorn. ("at. 'One of the heaaon'n Beat I'liiyM. Mirror. WE AMERICANS PLYMOUTH w-45 Kt- -'M t J-AsT 3111 1. mum. ct rn t . n MSHI GdaramoiintI g HerbertBrenon'fParamountProductioo "God Gave Me Twensy Cenu" WALLACK'S ThP"- w- Kt- 8:311 , John Ij. Khlne preBnt AUTUMN FIRE TVPFTTM VVent Mth St., Km. .A0 David T 1 C l Wlllnrd nelaarn LllV ?Uf M,"k I'renenla - UUV. Reth Merrill RITZ Theatre. V. 4 St It Kt. Kv. 8:30 Mete. Tlll'RS. X- SAT. at :S0 LOOSE ENDS With IHON TITIIKKAIIt.K. VIOLET IIKMINO and Mill. I V KKKR. FULTON Theatre. W. 46lh Kt. Kv. 8:30 u Man. Wed.. Thurs. Sat. !:Si "The Finest of Mystery lira niaa"-H.-Trlb yDOIIOYAN AFFAIR SELWYN Th,'a're' w- 4M st' Ev'- Thr Krw Hnmnntln Mimlrnl Comrdr CASTLES the AIR TrtUPTQT Tliea., W. 49 tit. Even. 8:3a THE WOMAN DISPUTED with LOWELL SHERMAN TtTTT AQPn eieet 4th St. Evi. at 8-31 JJ.i.A0LU Mb( Thllrl na Bat 1( j.,. DAVTD HKLASCO Presf nts ULR1C in H HKI.IU Hupprtrted by IIKNKV IHI.I. TTHTTTt! !Q THEATREEv. 8:30. Mati. lliUJiiJ a w 4:.d Kt 1 Thur,. Sat. S:30 Gentlemen Prefer Blondes With EDNA IIIHnAKI. JtTNK WAI.KKR. KBANK MORUAN. G. P. l UNTLli V, Otha Male. Thur. A But. HOLBROOK BLINN mVnK?k s'0 The Play s the Thing ' Mitts. Wfil., Tlinr. ft Snt. DAISY MAYME By CiKORClK KKI.I.Y TVPTP TilKATRK. W. 4M HI. Kn. 8:80 1,11UU Mats. Wed. Thure. nod Sat. CLARK and McCULLOUGH THE RAMBLERS """"IMi"5 Tfrirkprhof'ker'1'"-' " y 38 st. kv.8:is EDDIE DOWLING I? ,h", HONEYMOON LANE Miilt"iil oniwlT EMPIRE Uroadway 40 th Kvei. 8:3a Mat. Wert.. Thum. an1 Fat. The CAPTIVE "lm " With llrtfn R'-nkcn nnd ltnnll Kiithhonn ABIE'S IRISH ROSE KTPirRIIC 2 st-. W. of Bway. Eva, l:3t "L1U"MU .Mats. Wed., Thum. & Sat. By HAYWARD 1 m ' tmM 7LULL1 A COLD IA OF IT - AT 1 1, -jP 4, 1 rninnfllllDi !!ieoTtTME. Office. V'Ml'iii.lii fiejvo WHAT K,Mrj Qp BOSS, I CA.A-T W !j TODAY ? IT5 8E.TT Yls ujEATHFp CT L iz 7E.LL - ITS kC"" - Fob Too out he-re. trrrrEPii iri v;'mc-r it p k r rn clombv. - A mith that cold. A .Jttv.. rTft rfnSiJ4 B wi iCd' jS S SffiSlaBa fef&llSan mS-S IITCTS Apnllo, Fulton Thmnp iltgnt, Fulton A Bedford. Height, Waili. Cor. Illgli . . . Colonlal.Bway&Chauncey. Tllyon, Opp- I leeplechaae. . AHwirmrlV. Fmt. A Alhintf. (iilnr. Ncntranil A 1'kBUle Kiirniiriit. U.ikpih... KiiiKHwny. KIukk H -t . I. A V. 1 WiU.-n.Hir. r'laibUHh A v. . . . Mtirlii, Kltit.-KlnKt" Hwy. Miivfiitr, C. I. Av.-Avt. V. . . Mhlw.MMl.Av.JK.lthSt New kirk, VM HI. A New kirk iiftrkHldt-,7 28 Khill.UHh Av.. It.ulto.lOfii FlalbUBh Av... Orfi-npolni, :5 Manhat. Av Cumberland, 327 Cumb'd . . . Atlanllr, Flnllmnh A ppfltl., linn nv, 3H Klittl.iiNh Av ( nrltoii.Klatbtinh A 7th Av. . I rvstnl, ni? 7 WHsblnittnn Ht. ii'mrl.l, 249 IMifflpM Ht KiU'n, 6th Av. A flh Ht , nthiml, WhhIi. A PniHiMsct. fril, Stn ti- Ht. A Flat. Av I'nittpci't.Bth St. A 5th A v.. Icrnunui, fill av. t ven Itl.ltlOltl) NM HON lUMdKltOVV Vrl stfrlintr. Thr Khw lrf Dorothy dull ,tr A I inn. it y Only i Tin Kick Off Mae Itumli I1IIOOKI.YN lir.U.IIIH Dorothy MHi ktiill, Htihwuy Hudlf. The Paine 111 HHU'ICK HKCTIOV .Hurry r.nnn-flon. I'lio Htronif Mnn The Sa:c CONKV 1HI,AI HM'TION Irrn Klrli. My Offldul Uiffj ulao Vauirlllr M.A I Itt Sll KKCTION I'mtl tlnnnlnati. 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