The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 4, 1939 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 4, 1939
Page 5
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j)]ONDAl r ,_DECEMBEU 4, 1939 JPlFJIlli J3LYTHEVILLB (AUK,) COURIER NEW Cleveland Faces Relief Crisis •Political Bungling Prevents Supply Of;Necessities to Poor BY CLAYTON' FtilTCIIKV NBA Service Special Corrcsiiondcnt CLEVELAND, Dec. -l.—To most Americans, Cleveland is known as the nation's "Sixth City," but con- ' slantly recurring relief crises are fasl making it known as the city of want umidst plenty. With other Ohio cities, such as ' Akrai, Toledo and Youugslown, Cleveland is one of the key cities of America's "Ruhr" of steel, coal, autos and heavy industry. No sec-: tion of the country lias enjoyed a I creator business lift this year— particularly since the war—than this Industrial area. Yet, with steel product!:!! at 09 per cent, with bank deposits near the all-time peak, with employment increased by 5U.400 over lust year, Cleveland today is in the middle of another avoidable and unnecessary emergency. THE K.lHftlT Pit0VIDES FOOD Despite rumors to the contrary, Cleveland's needy are still eating, there has been no ri.ienec. and relief clients are not conducting sit- downs at relief stations. Nevertheless, the situation ... swious. By pulling a last-minute rabbit out of the hat, Cleveland has obtained $300,000 to see it through the re-it <f 1039, but $1,- uuu,(jOi) is needed. ' . Unless that extra million is provided--and it can bu made available only by s special session of ' h m"V" V^T™""" „ the Legislature which Gov. John' , f e * . •'" pcr !nonth P cr " case, while it paid <ut only Greenville, Mo. Will Be Rebuilt As Model Town Soon ToQlhsome Morsel of Humanity CIXTSl I 'fr"^ri?.TisrT«v*m«wt^-m«»-r. .,._„,„ J of money on a geographical basts ! rather than on the basis of need, has produced vicious inequalities' such as the fallowing example: Monroe county is a rural section where living costs are low "and where there is no relief problem to speak of. Yet, under the state relief p h . P co " nt> ' W. Brickcr refuses to call—Cleveland's relief families 'are soon go- ! °%? me t-i eat one meal instead of " three, while the rest of the city eats belter than it has since the i Cuyahoga , with high living costs got $5.93 I per case per month, but spent ($24.40 per case, leaving under otic relief bill n deficit of $18.41. nepiTssi.n started. BELIEF I'UN'CTURED BY POLITICS The story of Cleveland's nequent relief collapses has been headlined even in Germany, but the real story has never been told. The headlines a bonus or surplus o; $23.2(i * j per case county (Cleveland) SYSTEM DRAIN'S LARGER CITIES How, in the vise cf these circum- ingenious use of funds, by g:ii] B deeply into the red. and by periodically getting credit extensions until the Legislature once more can be icareri into another stop-gap. .Aside from the unnecessary say "financial failure," hut- the iact stances, hare the cities of Ohio is the failure has been baldly po- j staved off starvation for" their relief lilical. clients? Cleveland has kept its re- Relief has collapsed time and 1 lief load afloat oniy by the most again, not because of lack of m:ney ' lo draw on, but because governors legislators and pressure groups have deliberately punctured it for personal and political rcastns. That a slate would let its citizens go hungry when it had the hardships ami ^ t ^ mKi worKC( , money to feed them, is an idea by this brand cf politics, the ulti- which just doesn't make sense to mate end will be to drain the people outside Ohio. It doesn't municipalities to make sense in Ohi:, cither. HEADLINES HIT IN TWO OIHECTION'S Like other Ohio cities, Cleveland has been unable lo obtain any state action without dramatizing its distress. During? the last four years the state has come to the aid oi the cities only niter food order? of have been cut oft and relief clients .have started sit-down vigils at relief headquarters. But the headlines which have frightened the politicians into action, also are the headlines which have blackened Cleveland's reputation throughout the country. S;, the city has found itself damned if it does, and damned if it doesn't. Today, yith ' business booming and with state revenues increasing from higher tax collecti:ns, .there is less financial reason tluin ever for the present relief breakdown. Why, (hen, must the urban communities of Ohio again be subjected to unnecc.ssary distress? The answer is— Politics. And by politics is meant: REFUSAL of the Legislature la recognize relief as a more or less permanent problem, especially in. ihe urban centers. REFUSAL to pnss a "permanent" relief hill or lo .set up a contlnuini; agency to handle relief. PASSAGE of h,ind-to-»i:iith stopgap relief bills, none of which have been honest or realistic approaches lo the problem. The stop-gaps have run anywhere from a few weeks lo six nunlhs. but they never meet (he situation. Money appropriated for six months usually Lists about three months. INABILITY of the various political sub-divisions (counties, i Cities, clc.) t: solve Iheir own problem because: (a) The state' already has preempted most of the juicy forms of taxation, and penalizes the urban centers, by compelling them lo contribute far more In wiles, gasoline, excise and other laxes than they get hack. Tims, many rural counties which have n;. relief problem get back more than their contribution, while Ihc situation is just reversed with the counties thai Iv.ive big relief problems. (b) The cities are unable to raise the necessary money by taxing themselves. A constitutional amendment places a. Id-mill lim- ila'.kn on real estate and the Legislature has handcuffed the cities by imposing a number of other restrictions in regard to taxing nnd borrowing powers of municipalities. The Legislature, for example, requires counties to <btain a 65 per cent majority to pass special welfare levies. I?0 \VAY OUT LEFT FOR CITIES The net effect of this has been j lo place the cities in an impossible squeeze, the Legislature not only refusing lo provide the necessary funds, but also refusing ti allow cities to raise money. Distribution bankruptcy. A perfect case want in the midst of plenty. .^j — ...„ .vOpublicau presidential nominal!:!!, was 'goinj to ihange all this with a sensible two- year relief; program. But on Jan. 17. 103D, another stop-gap bill was inlroduced with Brickers support. It proposed a state contribution cf But it barred distribution of money on a "need'-' basis, and denied cities Ihe right to tax to raise money t: match the stale's. Anolher crisis In June was met by the Legislature passing bill calculated to put relief oh $10,000,000-a-year basis, with tl., ....... ,„., u comities putting up an eoual ., ? nmnimt NnhiraiT,, ,,L „„,, .;? .' month bc.un -_ ._ a point where they >vill be gradually driven into BRUCE CATION SN WASHINGTON 11Y ISilUCIi CATTON Courier News Waslihiglon CciTcspniirtcnt have cnused a natural dislocation 1'or tho most part, thong)!, it Is ^ Steamship people would be very be traceable tlirccllylo th e em • ' * "" "... •-*; LIHUVUUJU IJirL'CUV to llic (ml happy if someone, important down phasls which the nclnilnUtrat on here-rresKtoit Hoc-seven, for in- some time ago m no renc,rts stance-would just issue a state- ' that MUmiiirincs we e cruising mcnt to the effect that .neither close lo American waicr, submarines nor mines arc sinking j Hmvm.r.,. ™ ' , ' any ships in the Caribbean Hen. !, n ' whil'i u nsm ' a " cc «»«- Higlil now the sleam-hii) lines V , ls tr ^ vc! Policies'Is ... °....,__.,._ '....I 11 ™ 11 '," 11 ' .! me - s now refusing to sell such policies paying the penalty for those for any Atlantic ocean trips—a'l- spectacular announcements earlier though n« TT q \, ,i, • -. -, in the fall nb'ut submarines oil , U . B '• ns V- fa - Mnrlthno Gom- ihe American coasl. Tourist and "" XS ,"°, ! ' Urtllt ' lhL '''° ' 5 actual jiil bnsls for miy fear Ol'IT, Mo. (UP)— the model (own of .... , .. • n tow » to bo rebuilt uuiier (in. eycs l)f m-ujij, , m ,| ( . x - j'w-ls slniiliiK with only a popu- »>tlon and „ site, arc finished. On Dec.. 5 |i,e citizens of the lu 'n. whoso present site will bo HTreii by vvntors of the 8t. Friw- «s river backed up behind Wuji- . I'lw Ham. will vote to bring ihe iinv sl(c Into their city limits. After that, under a cooperative I""!, worked out by citizens who »»IM move their homes, tho red '""I green Christmas-Ilka drawing '" the wall of the stats planning "I will come lo lift. •>' 'OIL ihe dnin will Ije flu- 'd ami Ihc wnters will be creep- nil) (Ill-mien the streets of what ijice Kits Greenville while Jts population of (jOl) erects It* new homo i mile nwuy on high ground, Artistic Asimi'ls Stressed T he planning for the town reveals the artist's ns well ns the engineer's haml. Greenville's .(reds will be innde lo III the contours of the hill country In which it will be situated; Tho id flnt jilnccs will be snvcii If provide shade and park spncc. Altogether Ihe .site is nboul one- tlilid of ti mile square. Lying aloiif the norlh-south highway 07, the town will bo on (he banks of the lukc created by Die dam if the wnlcrs ever reach llooil singe. That is eonsldered unlikely. Next lo the highway will be tho Imii! station urea, 'and luimu- diaiely back of that, well frern dm road, will lie the ' ' district. 'PAGE frog; tlead Courier News ua'nt a^- • Be Quick To~Treat Bronchitis . coiis membranes lining the bronchial tubes. Eycn if other medicines have failed you may get relief now with Ctcomulslon. Chronic bronehlTlscan btu J.L-UUI now WlUl ironic bronchitis can r^i,vj •' y our chest cold Is not treated and you cannot afford to takp a ehahce with any medlcUw /ess potent (nan Crcomulslon whlt*K ROCS right to the seat of the trouble fo help loosen and expel gerni Sden pincum and aid natW6 to sootho Creoinulslon blends bet>rh'niAni< creosote by"special pr^cc^lSoSfe? vinio tested incJlcJjips /or ccttitfhitl Jv coiufvitis no imrcotlcs, Jvo matter }ipiv iriflriy n\6d(clnfti If l\' you °a bo'tfo'of'clSwKwltri }no undcrslandliig that you are to I*/ "i iM *"">.«i«iiiu$ UIUG llfee the way It quickly 'BllaV-i tha ? 0 u Bln 'r p 7"V tUng mt anSep, o? R? 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It has been duly ratlllcct, iiolarjzoil nnd recorded, ' Tiio (leelaratlon, titled "Artltiles of nbconclllntloii,'" sols forth that Alfred St. Oliilr nnd h|s \vi[e, ot Alton, hnvc hccnmo rccuhcllcci Call Us For Prices Before Selling Your Lee Wilson & Co. Wilson, Ark. tile business seption past tho one church rtnd the school to the county caurlhotisg, about Thn The „ ..- Uu- ment at the conference In favor' of 5,QOO,COO. with the cities match- on a 5D-59 basis. ce n avor o rcau, an offspring of the lute- a direct, behind-the-scenes appeal nor Department, has received to the White Hou.t, for a , b many letters from steamship com- pionmmccmejit that travel to Latin and from hotel and resort America is perfectly safe So fur operators in the Caribbean Islands ncthin» has come of it ' , JJ'e official of one travel ogency here says that the change In public reeling is evident in the types of queries that are received. Ordi- alarm over -the railing off In their anticipated winter business. With ir.vel lo Europe naturally ih \ that the southern narily, a customer of this would get an extra share of the says, group comes in at this time of year and " canccllalions in contraiy, many I s bockcd cruises ! have have been reported, new space is not being sold at the normal rate. Travel agencies are hopeful thai by the time the winter season .really begins Hie public will have changed its mind. Two of the of- "Well, I want to take ,. cruise this winter; what you got?" NOW he says, r " Ccs hre thc amount. Naturally, no new taxing power was' given the cities to get on a matching bash. And this in torn has brought abtut the present and that it would be another would ba known crisis. Cincinnati Likes Bingo; !t Outranks Baseball CINCINNATI^ o. <up)—the game of Bingo outdrev,' the Cincinnati Reds- as an amusement, attraction in Cincinnati during the baseball season. * Police Chief Eugene Weatlierly estimated thai bingo had 1,108,0'J5 customers during the baseball season !)8'l,85'l who.paid to see the Reds win the National league- pennant. The-chief predicted- that binp.n attendance for the entire year will exceed 2,300,000. tfeflnltcly whether the winter trade would be badly hit. A third agency . however, said that bookings tor winter ' travel normally begin to pick up in volume by Thanksgiving, and that that ptck-.up was not yet in evidence. ,. .,.„ ,„., ',,.„, - niii-ic i"v |;ui>uiaiion sill! is in n n. of mil. r i S ? Percent- prqcess of formation, the pripor- . registry. Most of . more women t an withdrawn, and while replacements but in the New World the , tua- have teen obtained the withdrawals I u.ii h reversed. Von can buy anything in our line now, paying only one-half down and the balance nc\l fall, proviclinjv the total bill amounts lo S40 or more. AKIi WITHDUAWN One material factor in the slump "irnimm ... do you think I ought to lake n southern cruise this year?" What makes the steamship people sorest about the whole thing is the fact that nobody here believes that passenger vessels In the Caribbean, plying between United Stoles nnd Latin American or insular ports, are hi the slightest, danger. There Is a good deal of skepticism about • the presence of any submarines in those waters, and a firm conviction that they would not bother cniiso ships even if they were there. vines. There will be no crowding. About'40 businesses will be c6n- centralcd In the one-lhird of a. square block designated as 'the immerclal "itreti niid a. flour mill and other small planl-s will'oper- ate In the Industrial aren. The one church probably vylll bo acceptable. Greenville now hns three churches but a niintslcr Is available for only one each Sunday, so the townsfolk congregate at, whatever church has a pastor. The careful plans took care ot 138 residents, Ihreo holcls and Ihree lodging houses, the present Qrecnovillc's residential buildings. show' that, in areas where the population still j s in n n of rr» I-rench or German ! find Its natural level In Eur ' have been there arc more women t an SHI . Large or Small At Low Interest Rules We arc equipped to handle large or small loans on any sized tract of farm land, at low cosl, and a( a low iutcrest rale. 2)3 Walnut S(. Blythcvillc, Ark. lifter "cerlniji unfortuimlc , , dices" and (hat each promises not to sue for'divorce., "lu consideration of promises) nvj vuiuiiiuiuii, iiuum. i Bl "' °">or good and renl consider- 1 nwny. A hospiUl, spine- ntlnns," the Irculy concluded, "sntd Greenville now lacks, was 'husband nnd wlfo kindly uiirt iif- 1 fcctlonntely forgive any and all dlf- 'ciences mill dlsagrcctiiDiils from ill ciuiscs that have arisen (luring I ii'lr life. ' ''To Ihe cud Hint Iheir married life bo hnpjiy ami successful, Read Courier News wnnt fids. PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Stock Guaranteed Rest Price* Xirby Drug Stores LAST TIMES TODAY -RMEW Ncws * Doii.ilil Duck TUESDAY^-PAL 3 nrlinllfci! for price of I TOO BUSY TO WORK irtdi Tllp: JONES FAMILY Alsn Selected Shorts LAST TIMES TONIGHT Also Selected Shorts TO Kl.CN jl:00 a.m. —12;J5 p.m. — j:30 p.m. Phone KiU 221 Head Courier News want ad's. American Foreign Radios Forliinulely we anlicippjed the <!<* ?»».".<! for 19'1() AiniiverBory Pijilcqs • • • 1>«1 llicy'rp goipg faat[ Coiiip curly for beat selection. tS'cw Inven- lions, iiciv {ifrforiiiiince and pew low prices iiinke Phijco more thijn ever llic world's leaJiiig ruilio. 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