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L-r-i IIm" '1 I 11131, QLffl7 -r-MuN 1IHH Vale Kicks Way to 12-7 Triumph Over Horween's Charges Continued front Page 1. WlcNALLY TEARS ST. JQHN'SLINE FOR 1H SCORE Wadsworth, Noble for Goodwin, McGunl-gle for Hoben, Mylle for Scott, Quarrler for Richards. Harvey for Look. Harvard Chauncey for Quanaccla, Putnam for Stafford.

Mltler for Clark, Strong for Jtudman. Bell for (Jamache, Saltonstall for Meadows, Meadows for Strong, Goodwin for Kllgour, Under for Coady, French for Stayles. Guarnaccla for Miller, Hamlin for Stafford. Referee K. C.

Quigley. Bowdoln. Umpire Tom Thorpe. Columbia- Linesman F. W.

Murphy, Brown. Field Judge J. E. Lugcrsoll, Dartmouth. Statistics of Yale Victory HULKELET SCHOOL HSILT DEFEATS EASTHAMPTON Suffolk County Eleven, F1fvpr the cross bars for three points.

Th scose: New York, 7: Nebraska. Strong ran the kick-off to N. Y. 30-yard. The ball went back yards when Connors slipped and fell on the next play.

An overhead pass to Rlordan failed and Strong was forced to punt. Stephens knivntf the N. Y. U. tacklers to the Violet -46-yard line.

Presnell went bad on the noxt two plays, held on the first and fumbling on the second, but Capt. Stiner re- covered for Nebraska. The Cornhuskers punted to N. Y. U.

and the visitors returned the ball which went In play on Nebraska's 24-yard line. Nebraska lost the ball on downs on Its own 32-yard line as the period ended. The Fourth Period. After an Incomplete pass by Ro-selle, who had replaced Strong. Connor fumbled and recovered 12 yards behind his own line.

Hie punt went out of bounds on the Cornhuskers' Yorkers were penalized Ave yards for offside. Howell made two yards through center and then smashed off-tackle for four more. It was first down for the "Huskers" on the Violet 33-yard line. Nebraska was penalized five yards for offside. After Howell made a scant yard on an end run, Stephens attempted to throw a pass, but fumbled.

Howell recovered for a 10-yard loss. Stephens then punted to Itoberts, who was downed on his own 20-yard line. Connors, nicely shielded, skirted the Nebraska end for ten yards an da first down. Brlante hurtled through center for Ave yards Ho tried again, fumbled, recovered, an dafter three more tries, Strong kicked, the ball rolling out of bounds on the New Yorker's 45-yard line. Snow Slows Fray.

It was bitter cold and snowing continuously. The referee was frequently called upo nto wipe the snow and mud off the ball, Presnell made two Cornhuskers Defeat N. U. in Snowstorm By Score of 15 to 7 Continued from Pago 1. quiet down the same player went through center for eight yards.

Stephens sliced through for first down on N. Y. 11 -yard line. Stephens fumbled on the next play, but Nebraska actually gained two yards when Presnell recovered the ball. Howell's terrific plunge through center scored the touchdown, but Stephens missed the ensuing kick for the extra point, making the score N.

U. 7 and Nebraska 6. Third Period. conditions, the field being covered with snow and a snowstorm raging through the second half. Because of the arctic conditions only a handful of fans attended.

The towering form of Mike Mc-Nally overshadowed all other individuals on the snow-topped gridiron as the big local fullback led the Urban squad on its winning charge in the first half, scoring two touchdowns after a series of brilliant runs, Interspersed with snappy passes In which Mike also figured prominently. Wels, Murtha and Mottey starred In a forward passing attack which kept Canisius on the run throughout the second half. The lineup: Canisius (13) Position. St. Johns (01 E.

Rurke Left end Mottey PoscavKg. Left tackle McLaln Stammely Left guard Paulonols Conners Center Gallagher Felat Right guard. Molynarczak Right tackle Falussey C. Hrennan end Blel Guarnlerl Larkln J. Hrennan Left halfback Murtha the Held goal which clinched Yale's Tale.

Harvard. victory Harvard never threatened In the I final period, which was featured by Bunnell's long boot for Yale's final 120 J7 First downn 8 Tarda framed by 132 Forward pauses tried 8 Pauses completed 4 Forward passes intercepted Canisius Warriors Take Weakened by Seasick of Noble. Dashing back 35 yards after catching a Harvard punt, the Yards Rained by pauses 71 1 Putitlnff average yards 47 42 Penalties 4 0 Yards lost on penalties 30 0 Yards Rained running hack punts 94 34 Lead in First Half and Hold It. Buffalo, Nov. 20 Stealing a march f- Yale quarterback paved the way for ness, Bows on Gridiron.

ihlf, nel(, Koal wlth the longest (Saecial to The Kaale.) broken-field run of the game. Tale (11 Pos. Harvard (7) Scott Lett end Rudman Left tackle. (c on St. Johns of Brooklyn by tne most brilliant sustained offensive drive launched all season, Canisius gridiron warriors piled pa lead of Sturhahn Left guard almonds yards throug hthe line.

Howell went Guthrie Klgnt naitnacK oaimni McNally Fullback Wels Touchdowns McNally, 2. Goal after touchdown Guarnlerl. Substitutes Bt. Johns, Mc- Stephens kicked off for Nebraska at the Start of the third period. It was a powerful kick which rolled I.nok Center WubHter i Right guard Benton Right tackle Pratt Flfhwtck.

Right end Meadows Bunnell (c.) Quarterback NohW- Left half Guarnaccla lichen Rlirht half E.Clarke 18 points In the first half and held the margin to the end, while the over the goal line. The ball was taken out to Violet's 20-yard line, Kline Fullback Saylifs off tackle for three yards. Stephens tried a drop kick fro mthe 43-yard line, but the kick was low. Itoberts recovered the ball on the Violet's seven-yard line. Connors, attempting to plunge, fumbled and recovered on his own 2-yard line.

Standing behind his own goal line. Strong got oc a good punt, but Stephens piled back 20 yards to the Violet's 20-yard before Bobby Garcia Knocks Out Lombardo at Ridgewood Bobby Garcia scored a technical knockout over Jose Lombardo in the ninth round of the main bout at the Ridgewood Grove Sporting Club last nlht. In the semi-flnal Fred Bre-toneil yon the decision over Bobby Burns. Dick Fullen knocked out Carl Maine In the eecond round of a scheduled four-rounder in the curtain raiser. In the other bouts Joe Marciente won over Frankie Bau-man and Johnny Burns won the decision over Danny Smith.

8cora by Periods. Mahon, Hhenam, BlCAipine, i' wnonj: Canisius. Sllker, Fisher. C. Burke, M.

Shea, Sells. Kublak, Godfrey, Merrick, Thomas, Olzowka, Susty, Hurley, Brooks. Score by Periods. Canisius 7 0 013 St- Johns 0 0 0 00 Joe Murphy. Umpire Art Powell.

Head linesman Jud Sullivan. local goal line was kept inviolate despite numerous threats by the Metropolitan invaders, yesterday afternoon at The Villa. It was the farewell appearance of the season for the local knights of the pigskin and the impressive victory served to restore some of the prestige lost in earlier season defeats, as St. John's was highly touted and proved no mean foe by actual performances. The game was played under severe New London, Nov.

20 Despite a well-fouKht game, the Easthampton, L. High eleven was forced to bow to a heavier and stronger Bulkeley team here today, 83 to 0. l'art of the Kasthampton euuad suffered from a slight attack of seasickness incurred on the trip up the Sound last niKht. Cheered on by a band cf loyal Kasthampton students, the Long Island team received the kickoft and ran the ball back to the 30-yard line. After two plunges for six yards, a poor pass by B.

King to Cray resulted In a fumble. This cost the Visitors eight yards. Bulkeley's quarterback, Locke, ran back an Kasthampton punt for 25 yards. This and a five-yard penalty Imposed on KasthamDton, together with two gains through the lino for six yards, placed Bulkeley in position to score. Left Halfback Allen got nwav In the open field for a touch where Brlante, on a plunge at the center of the Cornhuskers' line bounced back for a one-yard loss.

The center of the Nebraska line was adamant. Strong punted to Stephens, who ran the ball back 20 yards to midfleld, where he was forced out of bounds. Brisante stopped Stevens' attempt to circle the Violet end, but the New Tale 0 8 Jt 12 Harvard 0 0 7 07 Yale snoring: Touchdown Sturhahn. Field goala Bunnell, Wadiworth. Harvard scoring: Touchdowns Salton-Htall.

Point after touchdown Chaunrey. Substitutions Yale. Swlts for Bunnell, Holahlrd for Noble, Wortham for Wehater, Flshertv for rtenttn, Bunnell for Swltz. VVadsworth, for Holablrd. (Joodwine for 35-yard line.

Stephens punted on the first down to N. Y. 27-yard line. Connor was smeared three yards behind his own line, butt Bri. ante made up the distance crashing through center.

But N. Y. U. was forced to punt and Stephens rushed the ball to the Violet's 88-yard line. Howell and Presnell could ryit make a first down on plunges and Stephens attempting a placement kick from the 48-yard line.

In trvlng to hold the ball Howell fumbled 'and one of Meehan's players recovered. Brlante's plunges made no gain and once more Connors booted a high punt to Stephens, who was downed on his own 83-yard line. Another first-down punt surprised Robertson, woh was spilled on N. Y. 10-ynrd line.

Connor, forced to punt from behind his goal line, hoisted the ball out of bounds on the Violet 27-yard mark. Within scoring' distance Nebraska" was thrown back by the N. Y. U. defense on another of Stephens' at.

tempted dropklcks, which went sglee. N. Y. resuming its offensive upon Brlante who foW lowed an Incomplete pass by crash lng the center for four yards. Con.

nors then exchanged punts wltli COLLEGE SOCCEK. Princeton. 4: Pennsylvania. 8. Penn State, Springfield, 0.

being downed. Two line plunges netted the Nebraskans five yards. Stephens dropped back to the 25-yard and dropkicked the ball over HOW YALE DEFEATED HARVARD, PLAY BY PLAY down. Marshall kicked the extra point. Sensational runs by Allen, and Marshall, followed by wine broke around left end but was uowneu alter advancing five yards.

Menghl final dash ot 20 yards, gave Bulkeley its second touchdown. Marshall missed the extra point kick. uoodwine hit the line without gaining an Inch. Uoodwine punted and Ulchnrds downed the ball on Stephens. N.

Y. U. finally sen. Brlante, the Violet's mainstay, bus ne rumbled and Oehlrich recovered elected to punt, but Captain Coady's punt again was blocked by Sturhahn, who recovered the ball on Harvard's 29-yard line. The big Yale guard tore through the Crimson line and easily blocked the Harvard captain's punt.

Harvard took time out. On a plunge through center Noble picked up a yard. A gap through Harvard's line enabled Hoben to reach Harvard's 25-yard mark. Hoben again hit the line but was held to a yard. On the third down Noble passed to Hoben.

but the gain was measured In inches. It was last down with four i yards to go, and Sturhahn dropped back to the 32-yard line to for th Cornhuskers on the N. Y. i was downed by a flock of Crimson lacklers on Harvard's 40-yard line. Noble broke through Harvard's left tackle on the first play, reversed his field and sprinted to Harvard's 25-yard line before he was tackled.

It was a 15-yard advance. Clark, Harvard halfback, appeared badly injured, and time as taken out to administer first aid. Noble Gets fining. On a drive off tackle Noble gained 2 yards. Hoben dashed through center for another yard.

A short pass over the line, Noble to Bunnell, put the hall on Harvard's 14-yard line and gave the Klis a second first down. 2 u-yard mark. Y. V. Fights Hard.

Mr. Stephens thumped the N. T. C. New Haven.

Nov. 20 (IP) Yale conquered Harvard here today, 12 to 7. in a seesaw contest at Yale Bowl before a crowd of 78,000. The play by play account of the game follows: FIRST PERIOD. Captain Bunnell of Yale and Captain Coady of Harvard met in mid-field when the Ell leader won the toss and elected to kick off.

Sturhahn kicked off to Harvard's 20-yurd line, Stafford breaking through and twisting his way to Yale's 42-vard line. On a dash through center Clark picked up three yards. Ouara-nacrl whipped a pass to Stafford, but it lost a yard and a half when Yalo smothered the receiver. On a fake pass, Clark dashed through a hole in Yale's right tackle to the 36-yard line. It was fourth down with four to distance to the goal.

Chauncey kicked the extra point and put Harvard in the lead, 7 to 6. Harvard kicked off, Switz taking the ball on his own 10-yard line and returning It to Yale's 30-yard mark. Harvard took time out. Holablrd tried Harvard's right end but was forced out of bounds on his 29-yard line. Yale fooled Harvard's defense" with a pass.

Holablrd to Kline, which gained 25 yards and put the ball on Harvard's 46-yard line. Hoben went out of bounds after gaining a foot on the next play. A long pass, KUne to Scott, gained 18 yards and put the ball on Harvard's 22-yard line. Kline was forced to run back fully 10 yards before he threw the ball. Bunnell replaced Swlts and Wadsworth went In for Holablrd in Yale's backfield.

It was first down for Yale. On a fako kick Hoben plunged through center for three yards. Kline slashed through Harvard's right tackle for two yards. Miller tackling barely a foot. Chauncey boosted a high spiral, which was downed on Yale's 41-yard 'line.

Holablrd found a hole off Harvard's right tackle and gained 3 yards before Sayles stopped him. THIRD PERIOD. There were no changes In either lineup as the teams took the field for the third quarter. Yale kicked off, Putnam receiving Sturhahn's boot and returning it to Harvard's 45-yard Mine. A short pass, Chauncey to Putnam, gained 3 yards.

Yale Intercepted Harvard's next pass, Kline picking L'hauncey's heave out of the air ind racing to the Crimson 45-yard line. On a fake punt, Hoben dashed through center for a yard. A fake kick completely fooled Harvard, Hoben taking the ball from Holablrd and racing around end to the Crimson 22-3ard line. Holablrd cut through tackle for a yard. Holablrd failed to gain around Harvard's left end.

The Ells opened a big gap in the Harvard line and center for six yards and then the right tackle, but the ball was called back when both teams were discov--ered offside. N. Y. U. was ghtln desperately when Stephens crashed through for a gain of four yards.

narvarn u-yard line. Lindner replaced Coady at left tackle for Harvard. Harvard went outside on the first play, but Yale was offside and penalized five yards, putting the ball on Harvard's 19-yard line. Chauncey plunged through four yards before being forced out of bounds. Harvard made Its first down when French got through to his 30-yard line.

On a criss-cross Ouaranaccl, who had replaced Miller, gained 3 yards. Ouaranaccl' pass was Incompleted. Chauncey punted to Captain Bunnell, ho side-stepped and dodged his way 35 yards to Harvard's 28-yard line. He was stopped in his tracks on the next play. Good-wine was tackled for a 3-yard loss by Kllgour.

A forward pass hurled by Kline was knocked down by Ouaranaccl as Flshwlck waited for I attempt another place kick. His try was blocked by Coady and recovered Kasthampton made a valiant effort to get into the scoring column In second quarter. Effective gains by Tiffany. Barnes, Gray and Bar-sons resulted in two first downs. But It ended when a fumble was recovered by Bulkelev and Marshall broke clear at niidfield and dashed for a third touchdown.

The same home town player made the extra point. After the subsequent klckoff, Kasthampton was unable to stem the diversified attack of Bulkeley and the quarter ended with another down by Marshall which followed a series of line plunges and end runs. -Msrshall failed to score tho extra point. Kasthampton made a strong bid to seore before the first half ended, but was unable to get inside Bulkeley's 30-yard Hue. In final period, the Long Island goal lino was crossed by Bulkeley.

A few minutes before game ended. Parsons of Kasthampton intercepted a pass and ran to the Bulkeley 20-yards. The game then ended. putting the mall upon the Violet's six-yard line. Tho umpire discerned roughness upon the part of Meehan'sj young men and they were penalized for Harvard by Sayles on the Crimson 22-yard line.

Miller ripped through Yale's right tackle for two yards. Webster, Yale guard, was stretched out on the play. Y'nlo Penalised. Yale was penalized 6 yards foi The hall was only a yard from the side line and on the first play Hoben was forced outside without making any gain. Noble was stopped in his tracks by Pratt, and Yale lost 2 yards.

It was third down, with a doxen yards to go. Yale took time out, apparently preparing for a field goal attempt. Sturhahn dropped back to Har-, yard's 24-yard line but his attempt nan tne distance to the goal line. Stephens made the remaining distance In a mighty crash. He failed; to kick the goal.

Roberts made a thrilling run of go, anil aptam voany pumcu -of bounds on Yale's 6-yard line, with delaying the game, putting the ball on Harvard's 29-yard line. Miller the Nebraska's klckoff, beginning at his own 10-yard line. Passing thn well directed iioot. Noble kickea mm. it on Harvard a 10-yard line.

Hoben sped through for five yards. nut from behind his own goal line i ed place kick was wide. im. r. u.

40-yard line, he fumbled but recovered and carried nn IS It was fourth down with four to go Harvard put the ball In play on "Miniiin Man" Wadsworth. Wadsworth dropped back on the to mid Held, Stafford taking tne Lull an 1 advancing to Yale's 41-yard and Sturhahn dropped back to the dashed through center for 2 yards. On the next play. Miller slipped before he could get under way and lost a yard. Bell replaced Oamache at center for Harvard.

It was fourth Bunnell Kirks Goal. Dropping back to the Crimson's yards more. Norton's high punt Its own 20-yard line, Clark gaining a yard through the line on the first line, fluaranaccl tossed a pass that The lineup: pluy. Clark again hit center, this Pos. Eajthamptnn ffll Cantt'olori next play and booted a place kick through the uprights with Captain Bunnell holding tho ball.

The kick time for a two-yard gain. Captain Lynch Ift tarkle. 43-yard line Captain Bunnell drop-kicked the ball through" the uprights for a field goal. It made the score: Yale, 12; Harvard, 7. down, with 3 yards to go from Harvard's 29-yard line.

Captain Coady finally got off a punt to Swltz, who went out of bounds on Nebraska's 40-yard marker, but the referee gave the ball to N. Y. U. Then the whlstl blew. Nebraska (15) Pos.

N. Y. (7' l't ml Rlorrlaw1 Stlnsrto.) Lft Left guard Coady' kick was partially i blocked and was downed on Harvard's 47-ynul line. was made from the 25-yard line and put Yale back In the load 9 to 7. Goodwins replaced Wadsworth Sturhahn kicked off for Yale to returned the ball 10 yards to laie 44-yard line.

Noble gained a yard through cen mown Tavlur WHitrraon J.ulWiniisky T'Vfmy Pr Jmer: jOPkSn T'lunhdownfi A I Fh Melt King Cavagtutro Huns King l)rniH firay Holm Lsft guard. Jamss Center Immediately afterward. Sturhahn enter Ktght It'tcht tarkle Right end Qn.irterback Rln-ht half JWt half Kullbxk v. Mpnrhl. 1 Chauncey, who returned the ball 20 yards to the Crimson 35-yard line.

ter. Another smash at the line nyon nllei kicked off the Harvard 8 15-yard line, Chauncey returning tho ball to his 26-yard line. French took the place of Sayles In MnMulIss Blsht P.anrlsls Hlsht Lawson Bight Quartsrbark Brown halfback. Harvey replaced Look at center for Yale.

Wylle substituted for Scott JlHrwiHil, Sub ilown Marnhfill, licvuif (mm at end In the Yale line. On an end nr it tit funs I-yn'-h Harvard's backfield. Bight run French gained 2 yards. Oalirli-h Fullback (c King, Iegate for HamiM, Kh'itt for ljarons, with 'for Gray. Orannnr for TlffHny: Fergnfftn for Allt-n.

St-eie for Wattt-r- Resuming play. Harvard com nrin. WaLah for ixH-ke. Northrup for Marohall, Ssyles barely missed. On a fake pass Siivles ripped through center to Yale's 34-yard line.

Ouaranaccl tried light end but w-as thrown by Noble fi a four-yard Iocs. It was fourth down with sven yards to go. Coady punted to Hunnell, who slipped an 1 mus downed on the Kit It-yard line. Yale took time out. Harvard was doing nil the forelrg so far, but found Yale stiffening on the defense In proportion to the Crimson's proximity to the EU goal.

First Ilown for Harvard. On the first day Noble punted to Stafford down, who was tackled by Hlchardson on Yale's 45-yard line. On a fake pass broke through tackle to Yale's 1'ne. On an end run Clark made flist down for Harvard on the 34-yard lino. The Crimson hit renter for a short gain.

Clark advancing yard. sjjot a short pass to Snyles who was tackled out of hound on the 32-yard line. It was third down with seven yard to go. (iimrnnHcci tossed a pretty aerial to Bulllvan for Pal mer, for iienKni, 25-yard line to attempt a placement kick. The ball was wide and missed the crossbars.

Harvard put the ball In play on her 20-yard line and Miller ripped through for a yard. Another line buck netted two yards. Both teams were offside, however, and the ball was called back. Miller was downed In his tracks on a criss-cross play. Chauncey'a punt was sky-high but carried only 20 yards.

Yale was penalized 16 yards for roughing the kicker, however, and it was Harvard's ball again on her 36-yard line. Harvard's Pass Falls. Finding a hole through tackle, Saltonstall gained yards after taking a lateral pass from Putnam. Miller plunged through center for a first down on Harvard's 46-yard line. Chauncey was tackled by Sturhahn without gain.

Yalo broke up an attempted pass and Chaun-cey's throw was wild. A clever pass, Chauncey to Tut-nam, put the ball on Yale's 48-yard line and gave Harvard another first down. Chauncey smashed at the line but Richards stopped him without gain. Miller plunged through a hole in center and gained three yards. for Urown.

Keferee Mr. Hart. pleted a forward pass, Chauncey to Ouaranaccl, for a gain of IS yards. It put the ball at midfleld. Noble replaced Goodwlne In Yale's' backfield.

Chauncey completed a pass to Score by Psrtods. New York 7 0 0 A Nebraska 0 6 3 Nebraska scoring: Touchdowns HowelL Stephens. Field goal Htephj)a. New York University scoring: Touch --down Connors. Point from try after touchdnwn-H'rong.

Officials: Referee W. Cochranrt, umpire Colonel Mumnin. Noble cut through tackle to Harvard's 44-yard line, where (lamache tackled him. Noble passed to Kline but the throw was grounded. A long pass, thrown by Kline, was knocked down by Clark on Harvard's 25-yard line.

This cost Yale five yards and Noble was forced to punt. The ball went over the goal line and Harvard put It tr. play on her 20-yard line. Cllaranaccl was stopped by Sturhahn for a loss of a yard on tho next play. The whistle for the first quarter sounded before Harvard could start the next play and the teams changed goals.

It wits Harvard's ball on her own 19-yard line, second down, with 11 yards to gain. Score: Yale, Ilarrard 0. SKt'OND PKHIOD. Harvard sent in a brace of substitutes, Putnam replacing Stafford. On the first play Harvard picked up netted the Klls 2 yards, with Hoben carrying the ball, Chauncey replaced Ouaranaccl In Harvard's backfield and Saltonstall went In at end for Meadows.

Noble punted to Harvard's 27-yard line. Chauncey circled left end, but gained barely half a yard. On a fake kick formation, Sayles hit center for a yard. Chauncey punted to Swltz, who was forced out of bounds on Yale's 41-yard line. Hwiiz circled Harvard's left end for a gain of four yards.

On an attempted pass Noble was tackled before he could got rid of the bull and downed on his own 37-yard line. Noble punted to Putnam, who was tackled on the Crimson 43-yard line by Scott. A trick play with Itudman tnking the ball and circling around Yale's Putnam nut it was good for only a yard. Another pass hit a Yale CP If N. Y.

Freshmen Win "From Cushing, 39 to 0 man In the hack and was grounded. ti B. Army. Hoad linesman .1. c.

Mc Donald. Field Judgo Ira I'arrtthers. It was third down with nine yards to go. Stafford went back In at French dashed around end for a yard. Miller bucked center but was held to a yard.

Chauncey punted to Bunnell, Who was downed almost in his tracks on Yale's 44-yard line. FOURTH PERIOD. The fourth quarter opened with Yale In possession of the hall on their own 44-yard line. Two plunges through the line by Hoben netted 10 yards and a first down, putting the ball on Harvard's" 46-yard line. Hoben picked up three more through the line.

Ooodwino found a hole through tackle and gained four yards. Hoben piled into the center of tho line and fought his way two yards forward. On the fourth down Yale again tried the line with Hoben carrying the ball and made a first down by inches. Harvard's forwards broke With the "Blf? Team" strutting Us quartet-nook lor the Crimson, replacing Putnam. Quarrler replaced htjiff-but West, the X.

V. U. Freah majL.t-oofball tnaiu was the nttrac- Richard lu Yale's line. French was tnrown ror a tnree-yard loss. Chaun lioHaiijt, Ohio Field yesterday.

Cush cey pun to itunneu who was inm. Aradeniy afforded the oppOHitlon left end furrled the ball to Harvard''! tacKiea on tales line. 48-yard line. It was a gain of four for" Tho." Violet Cuba, but tin: MuHsa-rhusVrtM" prepsters were humbled, Siafford, who broke loose and a yard on hayles dash at center. Coady punted, but a Yale substitute was coming on the field at the time yards.

Putnam went out of bounds without gain. Chauncey hurled a pass reached YhIb's 21-yard line. It was another first down for Harvard. Hoben made a yard through left guard. Robinson replaced Meadows in Harvard's line.

Yale punted, Noble's kick sailing over the head of Stafford who was finally tackled Meadows replaced Strong at end for Sayles picked up a yard through and the ball was called hack. Switz replaced Hunnell at quarterback fur wnicn grazed 1'utnam fingertips before grounding. Chauncey's punt rolled over the Yale goal line and Boys High Soccer Team Swamps N. V. Military Academy Cornwall-on-the-HudHon.

y. Nov. 20 Displaying wonderful rnn-4 Injr, kicking, and all-around playing, the Boys Htg-h School soccer eleven triumphed over the N. Y. Military-Academy soccer boaters here v-eat-ftr day by the score of 5 to 0.

The lineup: tuckle. On a wide end run fluura- Harvard. Chauncey puss to Putnam was incomplete. Chauncey punted on Harvard's 30-ynrd line. Yale's Yale.

Slurhalin Scores. was put in play by the Ells on their 20-yard mark. Holahird, who had to Yale goal line where It was 39 t1 (, viFillh affKreftatiori was no mntVh for the heavy yearling pleivn. 1 Mil, quarterback of th' victors, wo red' four touchdowns and from toiirhdowiiH, for ii total of US points. Lineup: Po, Cushing (in.

1 WIV I ft inil l.ett tmk1e lrf'ft guanl line held firm and Chauncey failed to gain. through on the next play, tackling Kline for a four-yard loss. Good-wine got back a yard before he was downed. Kilgour replaced Stewart downed by Saltonstall on the last On Captain Coady's next attempt chalk mark. The referee ruled that this constituted a touchback and the French made a yard oft tackle.

Both teams were rushing in substitutes, McOunigle going Into Ysle's backfield In place of Hoben. Har at right guard Harvard. Yale's passing game went awry and Kline was tackled for a 1 2-yard lossr pi i. Center Kan os vard attempted a long pass but No Goodwins punted to Harvard's 11 yard line. French got around Yale's right IK in uurii nuiniiHin Kight trt' kle.J, Hnrnhani etifl Hemeon Quart or tiHik iMikson 1 1.

hulrtH' k. It h1f ImrU Vrucv N. Y. MM. Ac.

(OK Hoy High (5). Pom. Wolf man ma ble, intercepted it for Yale and It was Ell's ball on Harvard's 45-yard lino. Noble sliced oft Harvard's left end for six yards. On a fake pass McOunigle carried the ball five yards for a first down, McOunigle ripped through left tackle for four nhcci advanced barely, a foot before Kishwick nailed him.

Guara-naccl passed over the line to Stafford, who was thrown back and downed on the KU 20-yard mark. On the fourth down Ouaranaccl attempted a drop gick from the 31-yard line but It went wide. Yal Gets a Hrenk. Yale put the ball play on the 20-yard line and Noble immediately punted, the bail rolling behind Harvard's safety man to the Crimson 10-yard mark. The boot measured 80 yards with the roll included and put Harvard on the defensive, where a moment before the invaders had been knocking at the Hlue's goal.

Harvard took time out to reorganize Its strategy. On a plunge through center Clark gained two yards. Coady punted to Hunnell, who end and raced 2 9 yards to Yale's 40 yard line. Hobon Intercepts Tass. replaced Noble In the Kit backfield, smashed off tackle for four yards.

Strong replaced Rudman ut end for Harvard. Putnam Fumbles. Hoben bucked the lino for a two-yard gain. Holablrd's punt was fumbled by Putnam and recovered by Kline for Yalo on tho Klls 43-yard linn. Holablrd circled end for three yurils.

ilohen hit center for three more, A Yale pass, Hoben to Flahwick.wns knocked down by Udl. It was fourth down and four to go, with the bull on Yule's 49-yard line. Yale llolnbird's kick going outside on Harvard's 16-yard line. Miller scrambled 4 yards through tackle. tr.

Ku 1 1 1 'Hi TV rti ball was put In play on Yale's 20-yard line. Hoben Jumped through tight tackle for a yard. Hoben got loose around Harvard's' left end and made eight yards before Sayles tackled him. Kline fumbled on the next play and Saltonstall recovered on the Klls' 23-yard line. Snltonstnll Com Over.

Harvard lost 7 yards on the next play when Saltonstall fumbled, but recovered on a triple pass behind the line. Chauncey hurled a long forward pass from Yale's 40-yard to punt Hichnrds, giant Yale tackle, broke through and blocked, then won the race for the ball and fell on It behind Harvard's goal line lor a touchdown. Sturhahn tried to ndd the extra point with a pce kick but this was blocked and tho score was Yale Harvard 0. Yale kicked off, Meadows fumbling Sturhahn's boot, but falling on the ball on Harvard's 25-yard line. Miller replnced CJark In Harvard's backtleM.

On the first play Miller slashed through tackle for 5 yards. Sayles dnshed off tackle for three more yards before lie was tackled hy Kline. On a fake kick formation, Miller plunged through center for another yard. With a yard to gain Harvard Mux if HlJ'tA Mellon Hum lief Hrirtieu Hemiereon Mat in Boenig Bunnell tackled him. After taking Fenkowlti Right bat Arglnaky Left baok I.uhlll.

Right hit If Cohen Center half Orommun Left half Neumann Outelde right Nathanion. Inside right. Ooldhet'g Center Anduraky Inside left Cftflno Outelde left yards. time out, Harvard resumed the at tack but found Yale's defense Noble (lashed around right end. adding 4 more yards.

The end of the game was in sight. McGunlgle stiffening. French was stopped at Tourhdowns Hill. KnKctte, Lyons. (iOft frnm t'Ufhfonpi Hill.

3 ftuferr-e W. at. Maiden. West Virginia. VnipUt J.

M. Clark. HvrmuM. Head n- Tt. A.

loinz, SprlnnM, Mihmjtutlnns Y. Hruno fr Lyons for Shea, Oe Snlvo for Hnwn MtirriRoti. Censullo for jl'lfHn1, for Suho. Cunhitig Stonetierg for 'nrtwrlght, Part-vrlght for ('Hnntnr Hamilton for Rum-Toszzt.

orrale f'jr, Kolpy. Kimball lor tiorreale. (Jeorg for Jackson. Ihe line and on the next pluy Hoben Puroell Yale halfback. Intercepted Chaun took the ball through loft tackle but Uoala Xathanaon, fiolrl herg.

Neu mann. 1. Sulmtiiuten l.evarru for kowttK; Pelritnau for Groan man. Tjhienmnr wns a yard short of first down. The cey's forward pass and It was Yale's final whistle blew before the teams hall at midlleld.

picked I line, ra imnniuu ih.iiik oil mv iu 111 Kmlth. for Bpragu. Time of hulvei mlnutei. Another line buck by Miller gained 'yard line and racing the remaining could line up for the next play, up a yard through the line. Good i i.

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