The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York on September 20, 1931 · Page 48
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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · Page 48

Brooklyn, New York
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 20, 1931
Page 48
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BROOKLYN DAILY EXGLE, NEW YORK, SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 20, 1931 APARTMENT HOUSE DIRECTORY Re ad About the A' tv Apartments Note Available. Attractive and Economical. Select Your Apartment From These Denirable Offerings. Representatives on Premises. SB r BROOKLYN'S .288 Crown Street Car, Nostras. A. Jmt Completed NEW Elevator Buildinr m. ih. x , AH Modem CHminni Theodore Rootevelt ' Opposite Brhlya Mima l b f Rasas. 1 k I Batki EI.F.YATOB SCBVICI WilBam McKinley tit fastkrn PARKWAY Near Bedford Ave. 1 to 5 Room 1(2 Bathi KI.rVATOR SKRVICE 1115 Uaiea St. Bei. flMfAM antl Franklin Ave. Z in A Raoat 991-991 President St. Moras la franklin Ave. I.R.T. Bnbway t In 4 Rooms - ' Kitchenette ki llm h BUILT OWNED MANAGED Representative on all Premise Office: 826 Franklin Ave., Brooklyn Office Phone I Sterling 3-0848 Saturday and Sunday A 75 Va -Jt e.. .Jtt- NiSAaUa-i-'W: in jrarti west Jw? &A 4 & 6 Facing Prospect Park 4 rooms, first floor, facing Park; suitable for Doctor or Dentist s office -High Class Apartment Day and Night Sevico T$e Tenant is Always Right! Because We Have the Right Tenants! They Are TCcased, Because We Always Fleise Them and T&ey' Tlease Us. GORDON HALL NINE ROOMS THREE . BATHS SEVEN ROOMS THREE BATHS The fondaome and exelaftive apart mrnt houMe ooraon HU, 4dt- cunum avcduv. RraoklYn. bu eeven-reea (three bathe) Barit-.tmt to Imm ml vary moderate rental. Al a spacious nine-room apartment a1 Itffht i-mdih H Mnltr neurouuta t (sihI 'a mr Maid's aWvana Uaneral i:ieetrie ref rlc cratiwn all vuiaide ruums Mhrre batna. Elaborate., jet tastefully furnished main hallway an entrance. Modern equipment. day and to if hi elevator and hall nervtre. The oration It In the aristocratic ee tVn. within a few minute f all wt and ten minnlea to the ertv. Only nne of earn tvp of apartment available lor Immediate ereupancf. Referene lnvealif atrd Heather on Realty AsMciatet m WH Sftlh Street. New York, N. T . Will Make Appointmenta Telrphonr I'Fnnaylvania 34t ANSON I A COURT J 300 Lenox Road MArfrrn apurlfnetiK In Heit(lfti neichhorhond. Wilhm nalkinc di tanrf of f"roipeet rnrti. T ! r Rlinntea from fltrniich Hall; IhirtV .live mmntrs from Times tSquare. :DVATACESx Tiree ahnn hlork fmm I. R. T. aubway. Chiireii or Wtnthrop - atatmns. Tvo block from KLDga Cottaty HoapltL' Tart, apartana. gnnne naoma. rtev-. Irte refrtreratton, eieetrle etemtora; resaoautble rental, 2-3-1-3 Rooms r. Agent on pr$mit$ El PARK SLOPE fin Roosevelt Arms raj lai E a i! 40L Kighlh Avrnue Cor, 4th 5f, Brooklyn i a SI I a a LM-ated tn the beentlMI pkrk i Blope aertion. moat dMrable of f BrookWo a finer IncalHrea. Fie- I ft and ? larf rooms, all arm we ; eiortrtfl refrigerattftii: '! ierat mi: 'j Kailu- Vf Pr.'nuei t I; launoi v far 1 1 it ei in ttaaeinen 24 - hour e( vk t or aer i-tne. Ia- l 'liov u.rx h lig'l rri'hfl I i Hark Went; hifrieat aHiluiU ll ' Brooklyn, T (ill f'' iv mt9 fe 1 ,JJ lUJ I ' .o(.f At-nut a. I , ' . . . . i: Stifit, nn Vrmiew$ 52 HIGH CLASS Peter StnyTetant 1. KASTKRN MHWT Opposite Broeklya Mlin 1 to S Imm ELEVATOB SKBVICB J Alexander Hamilton l.VIS HEPPORD AVKNUI Nrar Clarendoa Bead 2 to 4 Room Diniaf AlcoTt ELEVATOB SERVICE 452 Park PL 3 ft 4 Rom Apt- Phonet-j STFRI.tNO H-1033S 8LOCTM -tna) Prospect TV 7" m ROOM APARTMENTS. Frigidaire Apply Superintendent CHARLES GOELL BUILDER AND OWNER Invites your Inspection ol the recently completed high - class elevator apartment houses, finest location in Brooklyn. 455-465 Octan Ae., Calan Av.t ' B. M. T. Sobway rhorrta Ave. Station. Elrvstor Srrvlrc. Pbone Inrrraoll II4I'.:. S5 Eastern Parkway, , R. T. Bbway Mnaenm Station at the door. Elevator Service. Pbone Sterling 1749. 408-426 St. John's Place, "' Waahinrton Ave. Three mlnntea' walk Irom I. R. T. Subwav Moaeom Station. Elevator Sit v Ire, Phone Hterlinr, UMii. 1452-1464 Carroll St, Mr. ,,., Ave. Four mlnaut walk (rum I. K. T. Subway Klnrston Ave. Station. Pbon Triangle W4MI. Thme buildlnga were built by ui and are manased under our moat earetul persouui nupervuion. You will appreciate our 2-3-4-6-ti-rooui apartmema. EVERT UNIT A PERFECT HOME OUR RENTS ARE ALWAYS REASONABLE Apply to Buperinieudeut on prtmlaea. or to otoca: No! 5 COURT ST, Brooklyi, K T. TKiangle -o45. Broken ProtectedU :W elsiy4w.i; ; COMMODORE HALL A Very Modem Aparttnent Hon mj im a Reatitifol Ne-t-barbood Overlooking lb Bte Rid ice sioulevi-rd, Cor. 93d Street, Brooklyn. N. Y. AnVANTAGF' Xn abort dlorVa frm R.M T. Subwa N rat i on, KoiiHh Avnne I inr. T bort blmk from beautiful Short Road. Ijirta, irwHmisj and winne rnnma. f.eneral Electric refrigeration, Innnerator. Jjieator, AnnnnHator and Doorman ttorvlre 84 boar. MeirhhArhood Is autot and free from roiift-atioo. BeeMinahie rental. A few apartment! left for Immediate aan. 3-4-5-6 Rooms and Dinettes Renting Arent en Premiaei. An Mj-i.'tt mi. oe tit vivt utftaifuiM CAPD(DL x A Duliaclii Elevator Aaarlateat VsaV In Bay Rid at , Cor. 6?ih St. A Ridge Blvd. Overlooking Item fork Bar 1 H- room aiiltei, 1-3 bathi, all Wtk. outklde rooms, dev and nlf;ht hall fcrrvlce. n C. relTtaeratlon, cellar cloaet, aootb ahowcr, Incm-riatur Attractive ltw Rentals A. It. OLSON CO. 730H .1.1 Ave., llklyn. Tel. Hare ReiS -HI tub . a . . kamm - .'T' p aam,-ii , 4 mum .m. . . ' TLHIE CORNE11 APARTMENT 712 East 27th Street, near Glenwood Road BROOKLYN, N. Y. olA J m A new six-story elevator mJ 1 t ISxf a Partment house, with all 11 " " S modern improrements. Larue rooms and frwers; electric refrigeration; concealed radiators; Craftex walls; arched doorways; colored tile bathrooms; laundry cabinets; N. Y. City water. Near elementary and high schools, churches, theaters and shopping centers. Also other apartments for Immediate occupancy, 2-3-4-5 rooms, moderately priced. OCCUPANCY SEPTEMBER 13TH Representative en Premittt Tel. MAn.field 6-2157 TO Mm Hall PROSPECT PARK Ua JUL PLAZA 44 BUTLER PLACE ELEVATOR APARTMENTS -' uniformed attendant. 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7-ROOM SUITES 3 Room Apartment 3 to 5 Closels 5 Room Apartment . 6 Closets 6 Room Apartment 9 Closets 7 Room Apartment 14 Closets DTHECTIONS 1. R. T. utatlon, Grand Army P1aa: Walk 1 block east to Butler Place and Sterling Place. B. M. T. to 1th Ave., than 3 blocks east to Butler Place, flatbush Ave trolley to Plasa St., walk one block east to Butler Place. By auto: Drive up to Park Place from Flatbush Ave., turn right on Undarhlll At., turn right oa Starling Place. A diock to Apply A. F. NIXON, ON PREMISES, or Phone NEvIni -S3 PARKWAY TOWERS 901-80th St. CORNER 7TII AVENUE ATTRACTIVE 1 FEATURES J Electrolux . Refrigeration Incinerators . Cedar Closets Light and Airy Rooms Bus Service . to and from Subway ' .. Morning ana GvenicC Near Schools, Park and Churches 2 1 j -3-4 Room Apartments Now ' Available Alto Apartment Suitable for Doctor or Dentist ' ARTHOMES REALTY CORPORATION Phone SHor. Road 6-10016 Park Slope Reaitlential AmrtmnU MAXSFIEMr COL'IIT 28. Linroln Plare HAMPTON rorirr 3 10 St. John's riare. 4 Room- $00 $110 6 Roams 1140 7 Room a $165 Oa. la Ikra. kalka ' Mearraly MSlseoJ gardea saarU aMStiS tntarpk.aea, alerate aarrM tee, retrlgwattaa. Renin frni on Premitet Fi ApAHTNEHTS with AoteaaelK atrlgeratlaa. Ktmvers and Mker aiadera flltlags 2-22-3-4-5 ROOMS " 100 E. 18th Street 1 146 E. 19th Street 280 E. 2 1st Street 543 E. 21st Street 1119 Foster Avenue A fent to DURNAGLBROWN, Ine. 1722 C-oreli A..., BrMkty T.I. Ml ra)lnUr I-4IMM 3 minutes to Flatbush Ave. (I. R. T.) station. Near Glenwood Road. Larfe Spacious Sunny Roonia Abundance of Large Closets F.lrctrle Refrigeration Two Subways at Corner On block to two public achoola nuuer nace. . APARTMENT Overlooking the Harbor 425-429 101st Street 1-2-3 ROOMS Breiiliful modern Apartment with unexcelled marine view. Roof Garden Electrical Refrigeration ' Colored Cabinet Gas Ranges Large Closets - Indoor Aerial Cedar-lined Mothproof Closets Tile Bathroom Chromium Fixtures Inter-Hotise Telephones OCCUPANCY OCTOBER IS Hepmrntative on Premitri JAMES C. COTTER ' Managing A gent t 267 80lh Street SHore Rnttd 5-4130 praaaarayvaavaa.vawaa' BERMIL APARTMENTS 921 MONTGOMERY ST. N. W. Cor. Schenectady Ave. 3-4-5 ROOMS la High Class Elevator Apartment O. P.. Rrrrireratiea Alt Modern Imeravrment Greatly Reduced Rentals All Light, Largs Rooms Abundance of Closets aupt on Premises Bchenectaily Ave. Station L a. T. 4 Biotas New Elevator Bldg. 1R00M APTS with convenience of thresj foyer, kitchenette, electric refrigeration, tiled bath, shower, concealed bed, incinerator, 24-hour hall service. One block to Prospect Park, close to subways and all ear lines. Ownership management. $45 up. May be had furnished. 300 8th Ave. aawsBl Cor Bar Third' Strwet aBvaaji 659 OCEAN AVE. At AlbmurU Homd 3-4..V6 ROOMS i to $ hatha Lars room a, electric refrlff era turn, elevators, cedar cloaeia, colored tile belhrnorne,Crrt walla, atandlne ahowara, redW a for emrtrra. Returnable rente I a. H M. T. Br If h ton euhwar at Church Ave, at t inn. Agent nn ihMM TRineie Moving Day Near s Where Will We Go? Brand-New and Recently Built Dwellings Include Shore Road Corner House. Forest Hills Apartments By JANE CORBY . All you readers who have been thinking that you'd move, if . you knew where on earth to go, can start packing right now. We've gone into all that for you meaning the places you'd want and we have, we believe, picked out the flower of the Autumn field for your consideration. Rents? They arent what they used to be, you know; it's a grand time to get the best apartments for the fewest dollars.. Model Garden' Apartment In the Model Garden Apartment, on 19th Ave.,-between 51st and 63d Sts., suites are arranged in three, four and five rooms. All that you could hope for In an apartment Is here: Light, airy rooms with cross ventilation and fine decoration. The walls are paneled and decorated in two tones, floors are parquet, there' are plenty of electric outlets and perfect hot water, and heat service. Kitchens and bathrooms are in white enamel. Tenants here receive a great deal more for the rent than mere living, quarters. The apartments are all arranged to overlook one of the garden courts; entrance to the buildings are through well-kept gardens. On the premises is a fully equipped private playground where' there is always a uniformed at-' tendant and a private park where the older members of the family' may adjourn for exercise or rest. The shopping center of the neighborhood is on ISth Ave., one block away, a new public school and a junior high school . are ' located within two blocks. Beaches are only 15 minutes away, which is a guarantee of the quality of the air. Transportation is excellent the Avenue I station of the Culver line of the B. M. T. is three blocks away. Shore Towers The placid waters of New York Bay make a very nice front yard for the apartments in Shore Towers, where the tenants are moving in as fast as the builders can finish the floors and hang up the fixtures. Queens Bore Apartments Unfur- Queens Bora Apartment Unfurnished, nished. : :;, I V - V ' " -rn-v'i D ltj.v mil MeferH Elevator APARTMENTS (j Nana Nda mt Belt la Ave.. a4 ISStb M. V 9 IIOLLIS, NEW t JUST COMPLETED OCTOBER 1st Oeeapaaey ei.u .tx.l.UA ! dt ltaasna evmv w 7.-- it - . - m NO COURTS ALL OUTSIDE ROOMS Q r...1l.i..w.ll SnnnJ Proofs.! Walls. Uax4rwlsK A 1 frigeration. Incinerators, Extra Lsrge Rooms. Ample Closets, Mirror Doors ia Chambers. Every Conceivable Improvement. r. Moras I. L, I. a. a. SlattM IT trains dallr. wlnaH. . fl ailnutee t. rial baa b am 1 9 RALPH RICCARDO, Inc., Builders Aienls aa Preialeee. AperlaMat, Misuari '-" Vra.1. Opea lor fear laaaMtloa Dally Until r. at. New Ele vator Apartments Jut Completed Ready for Immediate Occupancy Well. baitt-about 20 Mlnote. frota Mid . Mankatta Eleetrnlnx Refrigerator - Incinerators Radio Outlet 4 Room $355.00 lo $67.00 per Month 5 Room $71.50 lo $81.50 per Month Celtic Park Apartments 48th (Aoable) Avenue, 43rd to 44th Street L R. T. or B. M. T. Hashing train to Lewery (40th) Strwat LONG ISLAND CITY I St Od and i i an d ay a Un -.llib mailed iliUial .aia.-adaa CITY SUBURBAN ItNIS CvMrANY Apartments to Let f.mttern Pmrkmay Serlton LINCOLN PLAZA 520 Iincoln Place New rraaklra Ave. New elevator, 1, 1 snd 1 rooms: moot modem in ovary do-tall: eieept tonal larse rooms: llneet transit laalllllM. I. a. T. Franklin Ave. subway aaarasa aulas one block. REASONABLE RENTS Apply an or phone Windsor l-pona. Fau! w. Connelly, owner-builder. READ EAGLE ADS How, if you move into one of these apartments, you are ever going to get anything done, for watching the ships going down to the sea, we don't know. That will be your problem, and a pleasant one, too. Housekeeping here will be easy, any way. Apartment available are in suites of two, three, four, five and six rooms, with foyers from which all the rooms are reached. Available here are suites of two and one- half, three, four and six. The two and one-half consist of a foyer, a living room. The half room, of course, Is the dinette, which is sep arated from the kitchen proper by cabinets a place for the best cnina. The kitchens are smart console ranges In colors to match the scheme of decoration, inlaid linoleum on the floor, Oeneral Electric refrigerators, chromium-plated lit' tings. The walls are lined with cabinets for all household utensils and supplies. There Is a sink and tub combination. Bathrooms are In colored tile with contrasting accessories and built-in clothes hampers. The larger apartments have separate shower al coves, in addition to the regular tub. Indoor radio aerials, incinerators, automatic elevators are part of the expected equipment. The surprise is the roof garden with covered pavilions and terrace furniture to tempt the loiterer Into hours of ease. Shore Towers is located at 7101 Shore Road, at 71st St. (you know how scarce are the apartments in that region of fine homes) . A private bus conveys the tenants to the 58th St. express station of the 4th Ave, line and there are all facilities for shopping, schools, churches even golfing. The beaches, of course, are very near. Mansfield Court Some apartment builders have given a thought to the business couple. Mansfield Court, 285 Lincoln Place, and Hampton Court, 340 St. John's Place, offer three-room suites that are fully equipped to meet the emergencies of hit-and-run housekeeping. There are automatic refrigerators, 24-hour elevator serv ivn AVON HALL YORK CITY fl 1 erase kas servta. as asraaiea forest Mills IS Minnie fro as Penn. Station ia Restricted FOREST HILLS GARDENS The FOREST ARMS APARTMENTS A scan Ave. and Burn St. Wood Burning Fireplace Ample Closets 3-4-.V6 Room 1-2-3 Baths 1-6 Room Duplex, 2 Baths Two Block From Station 95 Trains Dally. Moderate Rentals, s Owner Management TeL BOvleward A-6178 oe ice, lnterhouae phones and beauti-1 fully finished walls and floors that are easy to decorate and pleasant to keep clean. For larger families there are suites of four, five, six and even seven rooms. We say "even" seven advisedly, for the tendency In apartment house building nowadays is to stop at five-room suites. People with four children can live very comfortably in five rooms, statistics of apartment house owner show. The dining room, of course, has disappeared entirely in these homes and a dining alcove takes its place. However, there are still some fami lies who like- elbow room and at either one of these houses their needs can be happily met. Forest Arms Speaking of elbow room, out in Forest Hills the Forest Arms, at Ascan Ave. and Burns St- not only offers really large apartments, but unusually spacious rooms. This is an apartment building that is honestly English in feeling, includ ing the solid construction that we associate with real English arc hi tecture. Three joined buildings, each with Its own elevator, have 39 apart' ments. Very few of them are for rent, as the tenants never move, except into homes of their own. A perfectly gorgeous duplex apart' ment 1 available now but only one. It took exactly like a regular house with its stairway curling up from the foyer. The six rooms and three bath partment here is particularly allur ing, however. There' are wood burning . fireplaces with simple mantels, equipped with outlets for electroliers something very seldom met with in an apartment. The number of electric outlets is amaz ing any way seven in the living room of one suite, The manage ment has been liberal about closets, too, putting them where they ought to be, and adding shelves and crossbars and drawers with brass handles There's a telephone nook in the hall. . , The arrangement of these rooms is luxurious, with hallways opening off the central foyer, making it easy to avoid the living room guests when necessary. Casement windows give the living room a cozy air, bed room closets have blue and rose and green inside sometimes bedrooms have French windows and tiny balconies. Resident managers as sure the best service and a generally well-groomed effect.- 288 Crown St. The terrazzo floor in the lobby at 288 Crown St. Is still being polished. Queen Boro Apartments Unfurnished. HAVE LITTLE DIFFERENCES OF LARGE IMPORTANCE The newest convenience ire to be found in these apart-' ments . . , dropped living rooms with galleries, wood . . burning fireplaces, real kitchens with mechanical refrigeration and colorful, modern baths. Gas and electricity included in rent Complete hotel service available. IS minutes ride from Penn. Station, New, York Cily, minute's walk from Foreot Hills .Station. 2 Room Apartments, on lease, $80 to $125 per wsoj 3 toons Apartments, on lease, $120 lo $175 pew mo, LOCATED IN BEAUTIFUL FOREST HILLS GARDEN FOREST HILLS' RESTRICTED RESIDENTIAL SECTION. - 7V... B0.ln.rJ I UH Forest Hills Inn Apartments Continental Avenue and Archway Place, Forest Hills L. 1 VnJtr KNOTT AeaafM.a'f Aoss being rompleteH. Choice epnrtmentt yet available. CARVEL GARDENS Thm Show Plare of the Inland , The better planned apartments In a aeltln f r.ral rkarmi 222d St., one block North of Jamaica Ave. QUEENS VILLAGE, New York City 3 and 4 spacious rooms, larp f Of era and dinettes All outside, lartre, sunny, stry rooms with cross ventllstlon.. o. B. refrlterstors, taf Inerauirs, aoneaalod-la-wsll radiators, stall shower, eolared tile; every eoneelvabla Improvement. Surrounded by 1W acre of shrubs snd flowers. Three Meafco Is L t L 1. Ill train, dan., a. ... 1 tattsa. r Breeklrm. One ktoek .a was. side sat .treat. Ownership management. , miiiiiimmiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii TO BE SEEN IS TO BE LEASED C0arc (Shaleau ff yaAtnenls at. zvc is ka mW ataTlaainyly atntnatla ii III ill i In lewaoa. Aa yoessaa iaae t. d a nst laTatsat lawaitt atatioa k Wt 3 twinutaa away, a ara chain atora arid the publlo achooL. 2 34 Rooms and Bath 3 67 kooma and 2 Baths Chi! draw 'a PlaTrjrourtd Fricdair Lxcirtaratota but It is merely the finishing touch on a house that 1 all ready for occupancy, English paneled wall make this lobby homelike. Apartments here are in suites of one and a half, two and a half, three, four and five rooms. The kitchens are the last word in modern equipment with automatic refrigeration, inlaid linoleum. console ranges in cream and green to match the kitchen and dinette color scheme and the newest type household cabinet. The sink is combined with a laundry tub and has a porcelain drainboard, elimi nating the last bit of scrubbing. . In the bathrooms, which are m different colors, the clothes hamper is built in, and the larger apartments have standing showers. Hall are wide, walls are finished in warm, neutral tones ana au main room have full-length glass doors. Madison Garden, . A aeries of co-operative shops right in your own home! That's one of the attractive features of Madison Gardens, 2425 Kings Highway (E. 24th St. to Bedford Ave.). These shops are for the use of tenants, and they are not visible from, the street. But what an accommodation to the fortunate residents of the Gardens. These shops art connected with the different apartments by the lnterhouse telephone, so service can be practically immediate. ' ' 't - Another unique feature . of this apartment house is the parcel receiving room, where the woman who has been out all afternoon can be sure of finding her purchase safe and sound on her arrival home. In addition, this is a genuine gar-dent apartment, with gardes court at the front, landscaped . and shrubbed and 100 by 65 feet in size., Transit futilities are the finest, with the Kings Highway station, of the B. M. T. Brighton line a short distance away, trolleys and buse operating almost at the door. , The apartment are in 31, 3 and 4 rooms with bath, and 5 rooms and 2 baths, nunlight and air are permanent features, since the building is completely detached on all sides.' The kitchens have every built-in feature that would be looked for in this type of house, and in addition an electric clock in the dining al--cove. Best of all, from the tenants' point of view, is the fact that no charge is made for the electric re--, frigeration. Bathrooms are in colored tile, with hampers, Venetian . Please Turn to Page 7 - Queens Boro Apartments Unfar-nlshed. i - r'l -. - - i.. : ' k to all traaalt, afcam, thaatew. ehe.l Phone HOIIi 5-10449 abaaaatiwj a UK Hsvatr oli vraiaia T-Sm tinsawianw' r remittee.

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