The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 18, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 18, 1934
Page 3
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SEPTEMBER 18, 1934 BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE Improvements Are Now Being Made on a Number of Blvtheville Houses A number of modern Blythevllle homes are being given new root and outside paint jobs along wiih minor repairs. Mrs. J. D. Swlfi. 102 W, Davis, is having n new roof and the exterior of lier home repainted. These 68me Improvements are being made to the M. A. Isaacs liome at 520 W. Main, the C. C. Stevens home *t 1001 W. Main, the I.ouis Wilson home at 722 W. Ash and tl.e a M. Gray home at 1028 W. Main The residence at 625 W. Walnut formerly owned by J. E. Whit' worth, is being redecorated on the interior. It is to be occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Nelson Thompson and two sons. f Two Blytheville Homes Sold During Past Week Real estate deals 'for (he past week included the sale of two faims and two Blytheville homes, with E. M. Terry handling all of these. Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Wctenkamp have purchased tlie stucco residence at 304 East Davis trom Mr nnd Mrs. S. B. Nation. The Weten- komps, who ore in Charleston. ivfo for the cotton season, have rented the house, wliicli has al! modem conveniences. A four room residence at Clark nnd Oak streets was sold by the Peoples Building and Loan association to John House. Tlie consideration was $-100. Mr. House Plans to make numerous improvements on his new home. J. F. Moody, of Dell, purchased 208 acres of (aim land In Pemi- Ecot county, Mo., from Ihe Prudential Insurance Co. The price was $1.900. This form has several houses and barns on It. A 40-acre farm, one mile from Holcomb, Mo., was sold by tlie Prudential Insurance Co., to J. C. Perse, of Lu.iora. The consideration was $2800. This farm has a residence and several .tenant houses along with barn. A Comfortable Home Write for Plan Complete working drawings of House I'luii 5-E-2 may be obtained by fr-mling $1.UO to th 1 . 1 Home Fcaluira Service at 25 f. Jackson Blvd., Cliicajo, 111. Payments should, te made l)y chtck or money order. I'lan 5-K-2 Like old shoes, a home should "wear well." It should create for you a feeling of re.slfnl content- inciil—a feeling of friendly comfort, resulting in ease of mind and con- Icnled relaxation. Unlike old shoes, it should present an ap]>earaiice of neatness, smartness and appropii- I Uninformed builders would not no- Itice this point and build a straight, i rigid, nninteieiliiig roof line tot- jnlly without, ihe sofl. Inicrcsling , iiiiiilily Intended by the designer. | The designer's intention of, •is lo portray a feeling of time passed, a slight roof sag being .1 natural result of lime. Looking at Ihe exterior of to. day's home, we discover many In- Im-Mlnij tilings. Tlie walls lire •coinmcn brick, whitewashed—nit in; terming. inex]>eiisive trealinem jSlucco on metal lalh could be sul>- tliluied. The irregularly laid wood .jHiingles, when weathered, v.'hl be a i .soil, dark gray, comimtlng pleasantly with the white .sidewalls. Fur Ihe "touch" thai distinguishes Irom Just niiolher house, there is At one side. Li a brick wall, which offers mi ideal place for ellher n fountain or outdoor lircplnce. Kctrnclni; through the dining loom lo (he klU'lien we Itnct this room e-xceptlunally well plnnned. BiilH-ln cupboards, space for stove nnd built-in Ice lx>x. The sink bus been placed conveniently under :\ pleasant window nnd crcrylhliu; Is within i-asy reach. The cupbonnls rise from Ihe Hour to (he celling leaving no spaa- of iinnoylinj dusl catching, oil Hie kliclien is a convenient clo.set for mops and brooms and oilier klichen equipment. Important for its convenience, a Ilin small centrally lot-mod hallway. From this point, you have access to Ihe klichen, ihe basenieiil, living room, linen closei, downstairs bedrooms mid bath. The downstairs bedrooms are corner rooms with crass lighting nnd cross veiitllallon, both rooms good sliced and willi UiU, of closet space. A ba'.li with a built-in tub nnd shower is between. Upslnirs there Is a full sized bedroom with another bnlli. This room could be Mulshed al a lalcr dute if the piesent budget wouldn't, allow It at this lime. A large .-.image- space is provided in the altic. This Is a home that will apjieal to of discriminating taste lor ii Is architecturally correct in every detail. There ha.s bucn no compromise for miallly and It Is as auilicnlli: In detail as modern architect!.re cnn make it. A Divided Dutch Door * Gives Charm to Garden A divided Dutch door may npatly solve the problem left behind by the unromantic homebuilder, who makes his houses ateness — nppropriateness in me feme of fitting nnd belonging 10 its environment. Such n house is the one pictured lodny. As we study the architect's rendering, we are impressed by Ihe i spirit of charm which picvails. the friendly informal atmosphere and tlie inviting hospitable mien. Those nre attributes we should strive for when building a home. The skeptic may argue that Ihis | is easily done in a pictme inris- ' much as h clever artist can create most any desired eflect. but—"ivy to do it when actually building the :n dove cote and attractive uorrner, ! supported by graceful biackels, on Ihe roof of the upstairs bedroom. A balcony with Its decorative grille; work adds cluim and dfstlnclive- ness. The front door, well designed, is protected by a copper hood. The I chimney is a real chimney—not n I spindly slack of brick and moiliir. • At i he top, there is a simple design which adds to its effectiveness without adding to its cost. Perched | on the front entrance is a wise old to the kitchen. He has made no provision for ptople within. poiiig to their gar- aens. except through the kitchen It may be difficult to place a garden-entrance door in the dining room and living room. But one of the windows mav be easily converted into a divided door— the upper half, simply an overgrown shutter, swinging out nnd intended to be left opsn In pleasant weather; the lower half beinu n half-door. I UAI^Y BUILDING THE HOUSE. Mosl home builders, through lack appointment. Innltenilon to important detail is the cause for most disappointment, u cause that can be remedied by following carefully and competently prepared workinr drawings. As an example of how (he imim- fonned builder could miss an im- portnnt detail, study the roof ridge )).oiltaycd in the picture above I Notice thni H is irregular nntl sags ; slightly toward the center—this "u . intentlnnal and information is giv- c en on the working drawings ex• plaining how to get Ihis "effect. Housing Question Box r vrr«^r"i^ ^t^Sa'-oii^n^ T IV-he^one'^r "" « w^™ A --Many of the modern types of roofing can be --- , f nCld ,^ amull .._ . he- .uwv. costs result. Loose portions * n r of the old roof should bTmirin - A ~ B<?forc st "™>- concrete, or fccme nrst. however similar materials arc painted with ' I 0 " pain Is it Ls avisnble lo let them , Q-Wc have some space in mir ? an , <l at least * year to nllow »"cm Jftilic which we would like to con ° thoroughly nnri to give (he vert inlo an exlra i-oom. H 0 w !• '" ' hC " 1H!crl!1 ' s s m"ficient from beinu marr- niny be of either wood or steel. For completeness. Include the picket fence with food, wide pointed additional expense it costs. Study Die architect's suggestion in the rendering for foundation planliujj f'ltd try and duplicate it. Proper planting pulls the house closer lo the ground and ties It to its setting. I Inside, the house Is a marvel of | completeness and efficiency. Unlike I most srmtil houses, it has a front j entrance hall with || S convenient closet for outdoor wearing apparel Descending Iwo steps to enter the living room, you find a jile.ns.iin j room with a corner fireplace, lot.* .of windows and much wall space jit should be easy to furnish, j Through n door which could i easily enough be an arched opening. ;we enter the dining room. Decaus: so little time Ls s|>ent here 11115 rooin can In- .small—ii is one plncf to economize on space. In om corner Is n built-in clipboard for ;dishes. This Ls as decorative as piece of furniture. An outdoor ler- rnce is available Ihrou^b Frencl doors. In the summer, Lite sprin: nnd fnll. this spot can be mad the source of more, pl-jaaam livinj than any other part of the house Pleasure to Be Found in Redecorating Woodwork There is a real pleasure lo be had through the redecoratlon of yt'lir own furniture and woodwork. In IliLs manner yon open a Held of deconitlvc nossibllitles heretofore restricted by u limited bnclsel. for your only investment is your own lime and a few materials. To the uninitiated it may at Hist, represent the tmpos.HlbJc but. a few attempt will bring increased confidence, and eventually real ability. With the variety of beautiful, fasl-dryln B enamels to choose fiom your first venture can hardly fail lo bring satisfying results. Let ns stint with that nsfort- men of odd chairs. They don't match, .some are painted, some arc varnished, and the finish on all of llinn Is prelty well worn. As a suggestion, finish them till In ivory for n staner. Immediately tl,e chairs begin to appear ii'latcd. Next, finish Hie seals apd uprights in lettuce green. As a. fi:inl touch, an accent color of Ini'MMler, apricnt or blnck and Ihe chairs have, absolutely become a ret. This is a beginning and shows the way to oilier iwisibillties. Fol- l«j« - the maiHiIactiircr's tastruc- iwis. (rum MIIVIII us nil Insulation. iwlli in \vinii-i- um Ifcc-omlilicmlni; money mi iy Ijo IKJI Knvi'il, if desired, (torn nn'v lo- tii! Ilium-lilt InslUullnii nuthnrlwd In- tilt.- KrtlcriU lIou.sliiK Aitmlnls- Iniilon to nuke loans liism-cil liy Mil- Ciovi-riiiiicnt, .so fiiui no home owner need iifjlwl this lin|ioi-lunl ll::m nf Improvement. This nni | similar should be ttt- Kiidnl to iimnfdliilcly, before tin! - of winu-r iiiukv them 1m- iiml doubly lni])0i(mit. IML!lOM_rLA_PACKAGE OF THUD FORD'S ! PURELY VEGETABLE LAXATIVE Perfect Radio Reception With the New ATWATER-KENT BATTERY SETS FOR FARM HOMES The now Ahv.'itci'-Ki'til ImUory mts «ro all lluil you could wish for in » Hiiilio . . . li>( us demonstrate, in your own lioini.«, jusl wh;it we- mean l).v IVi-fci-t Iliuiio Iti-cuption. /'//one 2:i:t and have UH test Your Old Tube* SEE THE NEW ALL ELECTRIC SETS CAVITT RADIO CO. Inclusive Al writer-Kent Dealer l>ll( " 111 ' m Clfni'iw Hotel 151,1^. ClifTord Cavitt, iMf;r. Sluily Hfuliiu; Nreris One of tiic important adjuncts In comfort in the small home is ,111 efficient heating system. It requires an expert tn d'etermine the heating requirements of a house Iho proper type of furnace, type and .sl/.e of radiators etc. Once these things are decided, the system must, be properly installed and tept in good condition if it L, to render efficient service. For REAL Protection Phone 191 WILSON ,U;KNCY General Insurance - . -..itton of your home I ^sr^iisirsri 1 oilier mnterinl may be used t the walls and ceiling or they : be lathed and plastered. 1I<S , Q-How can i remove snots and ^'^^'""".'"..^^^aCfrom i A ~' f "^ slain., are onl in ,, wax nnlsh, (hey can be removed by wiping will, lurpcntin,,. c ,^™ lug he wax off down to the"inre wood. Then rewnx the bare sr^t? If the stains are I,, £„ StWlS Improve Your Home Insure Your Home and Furnishinp-s With Us. Plions 134 INSURANCE DEPT. Farmers Bank & Trust Co. Have You Seen the Latest Colors In MULE HIDE ROOFING "Not a kief; in a million feet" The Arkmo Lumber Co Phone 40 Natural Finish for Pine A natural finish may be applied lo a yellow pinu (Kirch floor by Inying two coaLs of good spar varnish over u priming of boiled oil tnrps and japan. Allow three days between coats in fair weather, arid •i «' ek ii the weather is damn and .-old. When rerijofins a house, it Ls| sometime:; ndvanuigcons lo select, a ; roofing material dial be applied j directly nvi-r the old roof. "Over- ' i roofing." as this process is termed. '• is a inelhod that is practical, cm- '• nomieal and profitable. - i The Inbor and expense of reinov- i ing Ihe old niof is eliminated. The ! | ease and simplicity of application ' | is (jreaily increased. Littering nf' the lawn is avoided, nnd (he home' . i.s completely protected from any j ; possible dam;i(>e by inr-lemcnt wea-! 'iher dnrltuj ttie operation. | I A double roof is Ihe result of this i method, which offers lucre ised pro- IM.AVSAFK- - He fci'liiin dial you hnvii iimplo lire inul sfovm pi'otMion on your home it M •! Phono 1^ Kirs I National Insuranco Agency Insiiriiiin; Of All Kinds MORSE & KIRSHNER AUSTKACI'S (-ily & IViiin rr,i|icrllrs. S|H-i't:il Tille Sorviif We can furnish your bathroom and kitchen with all I'luiubiny Knamt'l- icare al mail order prices. WHY PAY MORE? CI.O.SKT CO.M1HNATION, will, fittings $11.95 f) I'T. JJATH THIS, ^vilh $22.50 LAVATORY, with fittings $10.95 i ID KITCIIKN SINK, ISxM, with trim $7.25 MOT WATKR TANKS, HO gallon, with finings ' COI,KMAN HOT WATKR HEATKKS SHOWER ATTACHMENT, for I!;ilh Tub Hubbard Hardware Co. 32 < here H no economy in nealedinf/ your room. You are just tiintinr/ costly repairs to decorations, walls and plastering. !<c! us make you an estimate on a new roof of Certainteed Composition Shingles If you do not wish to pay cash for your roof wo will be glad lo assist in negotiating a loan. Phone 100 for "The Man from tlie Lumber Yard." E.C.ROBINSON LUMBER CO. LUMBER -too PHONE IOO We Do The Res-b • LUMBER -100 ARKANSAS

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