The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 4, 1939 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 4, 1939
Page 4
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BLYTHEViLLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS ?HE BLYTHEYILLjE COURIER NEWS " "THE COURIER NEWS'CO. ' ' ff. W. HAitiES, iPubUsh'er / GRAHAM SUDB0RY, Editor PAMUEL F.'NORRI&. Advertising Manager Sole National Advertising Representatives: Arkansas Paillas, Inc., Npw Vprk, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louts, pnllos, ftans,a$. City, Memphis. Published E\ery Afternoon Except Sunday as second clfiss matter al the post- office at Blytheville. Arkansas, under act of Con- sress, October 5, 1917. Served by the United Press. SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier In the City of BIylhevllle. 15c per »«ek. or SSc per month, By mall, within a/rnrtlus o( 50 miles, S3.M per >ear, $1.50 for six months, 76c for three months. by mall In postal zones two to six ricliislvc, J6.50 per year; In" zones seven aiid cljht. UO.pfl. per, payable In advance. ' '" 130,000,000 Stale legislators miihc (lie laws? Officially, perlutps; but actually Hie overwhelming percentage of bills passed by slate liuvmaking bodies originalc with outsiders—lobbying groups and governmental agencies. The Council of State Governments used Ohio's 1930 legislative season to illustrate this contention. The slate senate passed 97 bills, and only 10 jier cent of theni canic from members. Lobbies contributed 3D por cent and gp t bodies <I5 per cent. House members, originated 25 per cent of their 121 bjlfs with 37 per cent coming from lobbies, 35 per cent from agencies ,and 3 per cent elsewhere. Lobbies are by definition tools in the hands of specific interests. Even when the term is used to designate aiilhqr- jxetl representatives, of genuine groups of citizens banded together to achieve a common, purpose, it is usually a gronp, and not a genera], objective that is spiighl. Occasional lobbies may b-.: devoted imsellishly to the public welfare, and in st|ch cases (.hey repvcsciil a vigilant interest of voters in \vh'iilj is done in the legislature. Such an interest is proper and nor ccssary. Today il is sometimes almost as important to know who is behind a piece of legislation as to read its terms. As long as such, vigilance persists, democratic government will continue to be energetically alive. Here to 'Stay' The newspaper isn't quite what it was in the .toiidon co(Tee:shop days of the 18th century, but it's a pevmanpnt institution that csui never be replaced by any substitute. That's the way Simeon Sti-misky looks at the picture in "is new book, "The Living Tradition." Strun^ky (Ip.esn't deny, for instance, that the radio has made some changes in the general press scene. But the newspaper will 'always have certain primary functions that not even Hie radio— or television— can take away. ' SU'ifflsky gh-es this cxjimple: When you're listening; to a. speech over the radio, you take it as it conies. You can't check back and compare statements, digest and mull. You can when yon read all account of the talk in a . newspaper. You can read sentences four time..; if you like and extract 'every possible ounce of meaning. Newspaper readers today are getting a good deal more than their money's Win. Like everything else, the press Jias iirogressed, adapted itself, met the OUTOURWAY clmllpngcs it' foijmj fi]i>ng thp wjiy. If you don't believe it, wfjndpr pycr to (he nearest museum aiu( Ijtke tj ]ogk ill the copy of the paper- Uiq(, reported Lincoln's assassination. •• In For H week between Christmas awl Now Year's Day, the gum of Europe, which haven't been liopmmg very much anyway, may cpaso to Hpulter altogether, providing ; t ]\ \r,mk agree lo a proposed holiday (nice. The French newspaper L'Octivre, Hpeiildiig for (he allies, says I'Yancp find Hrilain ai'o willing. The iiontral Nation;; of Belgium, S|>aii>, Holland, Italy and (lie Vatican, which have | l)CC|l iiif'orriiiilly invited lo make siidi ( an offer, will nmtotihledly | )e happy IP | do (heir part. It remains, now, for Hitler to Hssert himself—and there isn't nitjch doubt (hat Hitler will agree if cverythimf is handled right.' When a couple of pugnacious urchins (car into each other in the alley, they usually light until one is .sent home with a bloody nose. \{ they njr rcc , to •stop the mailing to grab a sandwich, the chances are that t'hc scrap won't bo resumed. If the Christinas truces could be arranged, the people on "both bides might become so fond of brightly lighted streets again that they won't want to pvill the switch on Jan. 2. publication In thl? column of vdltoriab trod oUier newepnpcrs docs not necessarily mean endorsement but L: an apknovledfo.ent ol interest In the subjects discussed. Food, Filth, Frankness 'As lienltli officials, we see many conditions and know many fuels which, If made n'vttihibic to the general jiuWte, not only ivpiilfl increase knowledge but nlso would assist In'the correction of Insanitary methods of handling foods. Files to us arc lillliy liisects, iiolenlial ami actual carriers of disease; to the average consumer or (he pati-oii of a restaurant, dies a re "a nuisance; to the operator of n food store, they aie apjjaicntly a iiccesEnry evil. Why caii't we be frank and tell these buyers and sellers of foods, the real dfingcr from flics, llic ' hlllvUicss of their origin, rind the reinilsiveiiess of Iheir Imblts? An operator of any food handling place should be as ashmncd of flics in his eMaulish- mcnt as lie \vqiild be of jjlgs or chickens running loose In his place of business. To us, as hcallU 'fifiicials, cleanliness of serving vilenstls and dislies is of parainoiuit importance in the operation of a sanitary" restaurant or soda fountain. 'Hie natron, so the operator' of the ieslamiuu is apt to think, only' wants n shiny jjlass. It Is not enough for us to insist on two or three compartment sinks, bactericidal solution.-, washing powders, running hot and cold water or single-service paper cups and dishes in eating establishments.' We imist, in addition, tell the operator uic reason why this exiiendiliirc Is necessary and why the facilities iinist bo used constantly. We should tell the public' also the reasons for these requirements and, by a system of certificates or grade signs, indicate to the natrons which restaurants arc equipped with (and may be using) the proper facilities to insure clean food .service. A rood-handler who is informed and uses Ills information is a real asset lo jj community. A citizen who knows the aims of the health department and its accomplishments, is able lo serve his own interests better and is nn asset (o the health departmtiil when the lime comes to inform the fiscal agencies of the needs of Die dcuarlmcnt. —Health Officers News Digest. DECEMBER 4, 10S» SIDE GLANCES by Galbralth "Didn't Anyone |d| _ V()ll ., )|TS |, !i0 . c| . c . }kt , , 1!U , , |n . jvcd from vour molbcrV" -THIS CURIOUS WORLD * B / e ™ 0 7 ACE HAVING A PART INI THE THE ACROSS-HAIRS" USED IN TELESCOPIC ©UN AND &O/V\B SI&HTS, RANGE FINDERS ETC.,' ARE /WADE OR' OiNLV ios is THE S-AAALLEST ' 1KI THE WOF2L-CX IS THE N!A<V\E OP TAKEN FROM " ANSWEH: December v, as (!,„ Jv'EJj.T: December's J/lanil THE FAMILY DOCTOR IljiglU Gouenii Kulrs An; Give,, To Guard J3ocly Ayainsi Cancer «V- DU. MOKK1S nSIUIKlN Keillor, Journal of the American i\fc<lical Association, ami nr n.vgcia. fhe HcUlli .Magazine Prevcntiin of cancer involves particular attention to ail tlie !ac- lors of chronic irritation lliat ran be controlled. Dentistry will diminish cancer of the tongue nnci mouth by preventing irritation from rough tcelh. Mole.s and wnrls must be watched. Ulcers which de- • SERIAL STORY 5 WOULD KILL BY TQM HQRNER COPYRIGHT, l»38, NEA SERVICE, INC. Ilir old liru.siicelor, known liu 'mis llcnl," w'uy roljboil of a rk'h mtn- tnif fli|)m l,y a gnuiulrr, wlioin tic ln-lli'vi>« lo t, c iiculjioriic. Djilv- »"« l« liuz/.loa l,y ,u,i'» rolurii lo Hie Ijoim- lifter her Ural Interview iff! 1 '/ ''V '"""'<•• '""' '»' her . " Bl>l '"""••"'» Involveil. . iittiilril I,, < rnl , CHAPTER XV JJAWSON waited as his question slruck home. Douglas was on his feet at once, lo deny the de- Icctive's charge, but it was evident thai his failh in Ara had been shaken. "Tiial's crazy," ho shouted. "Tell him, Am. I know you could never even think that, much less • . . I wanted to come here. It was all my idea. ..." "Miss Johnson has just told us dial she detested you when she first met yon, hut she pretended lo fall in love with you," Dawson iii'Kucd. "She came here tonight with the intention of killing her father, but Mrs. Benthorne's un timely intrusion prevented her. Isn't it logical to believe that she inight have changed her plans, lee! you to believe you suggested coming here, sent you to Ben- thorne's study and then returned through the secret entrance—?" "No! No!" Ara almost screamed the words. She turned lo Douglas. "You couldn't—you wouldn't believe I could do lhal to you?" ' ' * t * *f the first place the steps were uncomfortable. Secondly, Joey wanted a cigaret. Bad enough lo ] be stuck in this house for half a day, without a shave, without a drink, but to have Dawson lake his cigarets- was just going too far. Perhaps the copper had some new ideas on third degree, new psychological technique, Joey decided. Hell, even if. Dawson did break down that alibi there was nothing io worry about, ballistics tests would show his gun had not killed Benthorne. He looked up at Krone, on the step above him, trying to keep awake. "Got a smoke, Krone?" Joey asked. "Dawson took mine." Krone shook his head. "I could use one loo, Joey," he said. "This wailing around is getting on my nerves. Wish Flynu wou ki get back." _— = liis position so that he might be able to sleep, but the step was too narrow. "Match you climes against your pennies, Krone," he suggested, flipping a Krone won the first toss, then ost three in a row. Inlcnt upon Jhe gamp, he failed lo notice Mrs. Bemhorne's approach. Only when She stood'beside him, did he look up, then scramble to his reel. "Sorry to disturb you, officer," Mrs. Benthorne said. "But Mr. "islon is quite upset. He's demanding another sleeping (ablet. Will 11. hn ^11 ,-JrtKi *~ -:..- .-, , . him?" 8ive U to ."Maybe I ought to ask the Cap- 'lin, Krone ventured, then look- matters inlo his own hands. "Sure, rs. Benthorne, I'll sec that your a^seb his pill, where arc She handed him a small box. "I fiought you'd prefer to give it to y ° mscl{ " explained, •n xpane, With the one he's already lakeii ie should sleep soundly for sev- " eral hours. S2.7O QM YOUR VVRIST WATCH--'you NVA,N7ED THREE DOV.LA.S5S, I'M KEEPIN& OUT THE FIRST OF WELL, HERE I 6O WTO SLAVERY DAVS OF WORK FEE JUST A P6VV HOURS OF ' PLEASURE; THA.TS ALL MOST PEOPLE GET OUT OF LIFE--BUT I GUESS IT \S MORE ' PLEASAMT TO SPEND WHAT YOU'VE EARNED THAN TO EARN WHAT YOU'VE SPENT--THAT'S WHY MOST OF US AIN'T so PLEASANT THE SPENDERS . R. Williams OURJOABRJNG_HOUSE with Major Hoople FOUL FR-w.Eup PL/W.' Z.AT U6L.Y FUZIC.RD /' TW6ES6 Tie jj ZE MANSMMx)'. A KNOT ON •ZE I/ GREAT i'rt HVEN GRIZINI £ ME 6OE<5 CHOKE iV•"«- POOPFTT.' <_, THAT BU'SlMES'3 is LIKE DUCK I W' AWAY FROM THE VVARDEM ON PAY DAY ~"^ IT'S A GOOD TRICK |F YOU CAM DO IT ' APPEAR FROM THE IMOME ftGAD, TIFF AMY. [ HAVE A CARS .^L -Y YOU JEST/ YOU DO MOT IMPLY 'lOU CAM PERFORM LE6EROEAIAIM AND YOU GREAT GR1ZINI . FAILED TO ACCOMPLISH? 'VE BEEN I PER, YEARS TO i SEE OKIE OF ACTS UNSCREWED — TMlS 16 DOINS' AtS MORE GOOD THAN A POUR-WORSE PARLAY/ ]}I TORIO watched Krone disappear into Alslon's room, llien •stood Io one side as Mrs. Ben- lhorne started down the stairway. j |m _ s ° 1T y to interrupt your game, "Di Torio," Joey supplied. Nice of her to be so friendly. Well, they were all in the same boat. Maybe she shot Benthonie. "You haven't got an extra cigaret?" he asked. Helen Benthorne lau«hcd "I saw the Captain take yours," she said. 'Yes, I'm sure I can find you some downstairs. There is a box full in the living room " She swept past him. Cigaret. Jqey wailed. It would- ii t be his brand—that special brand—but anything would taste good. Dawson sure had nerve taking his smokes. Why would the copper want them? Then Joey remembered. He ran down the steps, pounded n the closed door of Ihe study Dawson, Dawson," he called through the panel, "come here. There's something I want lo [ell "on." "I know now why you wanted my cigarets," Joey began, when , Uawsoh came from study 'Before you start dreaming up any ideas to send me up the river, I want lo put you sfraighl on a few things. 1 was here last night, before Benthorne was killed." Dawson grinned. "I know that Joey. At least, I knew you were -" di Torio asked. icrc." "The cigaret?" . uh-huh. Alston found it in the passageway. Your f believe. Joey. special brand, "Alston!" Joey spat out the name. "Why that old. ..." He sfopped as Krone came down the stairs. "Alslon's sound asleep, Captain," the patrolman reported. "Gave him another sleeping pill. Ihe old npn was pretty wild for a bit there. Crying and carrying on. Mrs. Benlhorne was afraid it might afreet his heart. Mind if I get a bit of air? Stuffy in here and I might get sleepy." Dawson nodded. "You were saying, Joey—" "I'll say plenty before I'm through, Dawson," Joey answered. "I got a alibi—airtight—but I'll forget it. I left the Chateau at 11, not 12, like I told yon. t did want to see Benthorne, and you know why. It was easy, with this doorway opening right, O n Ihe street. That was the way I always came in. Benlhorne ougltta lold you about that. "1 was there, all right, and I remember tossing away that cig- aret, and stepping on it as 1 came in out of the rain. And (hen—" He slopped as Helen Benthorne ••elurned from Hie living room. "I found you a cigarel, Mr. di Torio," she said pleasantly, offering the box. "Care for one, 'Can- lain?" "Thanks." Dawson searched his pockets for a match. "Got a'light, Joey?" A match flared, flickered out seconds later as Joey lighted his :igarel, inhaled deeply. "That's three on a match,'' Mrs. Benlhorne said lightly. "I'm not superstitious. I hope neither of you are." * * * TOEY laughed hollowly. He " should have noiiced that. "Captain Dawson," Mrs. Ben- lhorne went on, "I'm sending Jameson in for Miss Johnson Poor girl. You've probably won) her out with questions, and I know she'd appreciate a little rest. It will be all right for her lo go la my room, will it not?" ' "That's thoughtful of you Mrs Benlhorne, under the 'circumstances." Dawson wondered if Ara would have been as considerate "It will be quite all right. Jameson will find Miss Johnson in the study." "I'd like to make a [ew telephone calls, lea, if it i s permissible," Mrs. Benlhorne sairl. "There arc certain arrangements lhat must be made " "By all means, go right ahead." He did not add, however, lhal the telephone wires were lapped. Joey wailed until tlie dining room door swung shut behind her. "Come on down here, Dawson." He nodded toward (he paisnPe- way lo the street, "I'll show'you."" velop in any pail, of the b=dy ers at a luncheon tonight I *™w have prompt treatment. Miss Hope McciSkta principal'oi He American Society for the (he high school at A m"ra Art i i few «°mpl cn niU la whi"h m evci C<l ™' "* ^ ° f ller ^l 1 "'. )orty ought to bear in mind: ' '"' °' 1C 1. Form and maintain habits of five Years Ago Little Hook.—Miss g a llv -. .w..., t ,,, v , umim.wi nauus 01 Little Ro-k Miss Z', 1l 't,! ly f 1 ;,' Wl ,' Sh lhC "">««>• I sha* His Acceded Miss """>ii the leeth anil gums. Remove Combs as legal clerk orrcct jagged teeth. Correct all I it ---Icial denture that presses, rubs''' >r chafes. If smoking irritates your ips or tongue, stop it temporarily or permanently if necessary. Creii- J -..j. ui >ViiH] i- Discuss with your doctor the attorneys 'U'K-illilili. ^f ^ :.. . ._. . I «"-j**. Roy W. Harper, attorney of Stc'ele, Mo., today joined the firm of Ward & Reeves, Cariithersville iclvixabilily of removing ivarts or r.oles. especially deeply pigmenlecl ones and those that arc rubbed cr irritated by cloUiing or during ^having. 3. Keep the skin clean and pro- .ccteri from inuiue or excessively prolonged exposure to sun ana wind. 4. Do not abuse your slomach Avoid extremely hoi fcocl. overrating or any type of food or chink that causes di.sircss. a. Eslabllsh and maintain res- uliir habits nl lidding the body of waste materials. 0. Avoid tight clothing which One Year Ag n Hoist: 11 Robinson left today for Little Reck to accept a position of junior claims examiner with the Unemployment, division of the Labor department. Mind Your Manners lest your kn:wleclge of correct s.ciul mage by answering the following questions, thru chcckiti" against the authoritative answers below: (To Be Conlinued) who have just met leave each other, which one says, "I'm glad 2. Hov might you c:rrectly i'Hro- tiich as "the lovely blue vase"? •1. Is the person who butlers a whole hot biscuit, instead -f bui- ld-ing it one bite at a time, break"U a rule of eliciuetlc? 5. What do the words "At! jus" on a menu mean? What would you do if A mistake is made in your order when yai are dining in'a restaurant. Would you— (a) Tell the waiter? (b) Accept what you arc served, even though yoti do not lilte it? AriSHXTS 1. The young man. 2..Mrs. O'Harai this is my father. 3. Relishes served at the Ireuiii- ning of a meal. 4. NO. 5. U meat's own juice. Best, "What Would Yet; Do" solution—la) unless you arc'another's guest. ivnccolcgist i,, be sure that any tears or injuries to the womb have "en repaired. 3. Drink pbnly of water to avoir! !!ie iinncccf.sary irritating effects of ovcrconccntratcd urine on both the kidneys n:ul bladder. Modern mniirinc has much to offer for (ho prolcngation of life when canc-cv i.s diagnosed, by the (iff of riidmin and (ho X-ray by proper surgery applied ,,n nc ,-' s iiii'. nble conditions ami by the USE of other mctluKfs applied particularly to canrcr of il lc skin No loivj.-r new) it be said that. Ihc appoaranra of cancer' In the human Ix.riy indicates a hcpeless. outlook. Tin-re are far loo many i records of | )( .,.,ons still living five je.vs aftira r.uiocr was discovered and tt-fatpii sricnliiically to n-nr- rant any .Midi ;t depressing point of view. There imm .vtjn hB ,, TO ntinr however, asi'lnn the 'charlatans who cia:in thai they possess new trchniqiic.- thai arc unknown to Ihe rest 01 the medical profession ana wlio \nn a - K( . u . pa t nl( ,, a N> .|th- oiit niriii.-iu ,„• surgcrj- and without the X-ray. Down Memory Lane Ton Years Ago < Hie Grimes Lumber company suffered an $80.000 less through fire which swept their yard' last night . . . e. B. Noble proprietor i ——, "'. " olfl ,, Koblc ' will be host to the ' ^TL«/iJ Dlythcvillc Chicks and their lath-1 Read Ccurier Neiys \\nnl ads. EVERYTHIING , By Clyde Le.via .. . ,. .... . klml l " "" «»"" ;ire V IM1 nmnins? Ycslcnlilv 1 iitcidciil insurance, aiul lotlny I gel run over by a niuk!' 1 * iniuk!' 1

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