The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 4, 1939 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 4, 1939
Page 3
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MONDAY, DECEMBER 4, 1930 IT IBM! U. S. Advanced To Extend Wnlev Conservalion and Reclamalion . DENVER (UP)—The West asks thai national defense experts take a lesson from soldiers and scouts who stood at Ihe ramparts ,-f pioneer forts in mnlclii" their plans for a 20th century wall of armed mvqht around the United States. Governors, officials, agricultural and water authorities from n states agreed that a string army and navy which would build a "life line" around America would provide its best defense and sanctioned such plans at the eighth annual convention of the National Rccl-imation Association. "Actually it will be like living inside o giant f:rt. as long as there is war on the face of the earth," Clifford L. Stone, chairman of the Colorado Interstate Streams Commission, said. "And it wns a series of forts pushed farther and far- Ihcr ints the wilderness that finally won the North American continent,. 1'oitit fo History "It would be well if present strategists learned from history what our forefathers learned by hard and bitter experience," he added. Slone. wnl^r c: user ration expert, explained that internal working and development of the new "Port United Stales" is as vital n part of national defense ns are "ships on the seas and guns on the coast." The reclamation convciitirn sanctioned this viewpoint with the adoption of a series of resolutions asking for expanded activity in reclamation, conservation and development of water power and irrigation facilities. The resolution read: ". . . The association recognizes the primary Importance at this time of the rational defense program in view of critical world con- J1LYTHEVIU.K (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Japanese Liner Sinking After Sh-i'kingl'Minc PACta ditions nnri Is convinced that the program of reclamation as now undertaken and projected is an essential part <: fa \vell-romided national defense program, having particularly in mind Uie tremendous importations of products and mate- fials capable of being produced in western Amerlea. ". . , The possibility of curtailment of impcrtiUions of essential raw materials must be taken into consideration in both national defense and reclamation projects and to the same degree. ". ._• .• The association resolves that the vigorous promotion and support of a complete and coordinated program of national defense." Legion Backs Program The resolution was adopted with the backing of the American Le- fgion. "A' nation-may have impregnable buttresses and walls constructed about it—such as the Mnginot and Siegfried lines now being patrolled on Europe's Western Fr:nt. Many forts existed when our soldiers and settlers were- fighting the British and Indians decades a»o in the winning of this nation," Stone con- tiued. "But without, internal orgnni- zaticn and supplies, even the most powerful fort must- fall." ': » l , The Colorado judge declared that "the West has \mtappcrt mineral resources, phosphates, iron, copper and possibly valuable tin. silver and alloy deposits. "Wilderness that c'uld be made into ranches, farmlands and gardens await only the construction ' of dams and canals to carry water |i to it," he said. "Electric power could • be unlimited with proper and' economic construction of turbines to harness the mountain streams that run through our mountains and hills." "If we are to be self-sufficient, both economically and socially, then these things must be done. The basis of mcdem national defense lies in the development of the west." Speakers at the convention earlier pointed (o reclamation as an aid to solution of the unemployment problem. Once linporl;uil Copper Mining Center Ijciiclccl I'oi' Oblivion CI,I;MK'.K;I.;AU, AH/, nn>>—riii* city'.-; lust'hoin> lor rebirth as nn .iwiiiiil mili't of lire mitlon's copper Industry luis vuiilslu'd mul I'ommiinlly- »ppe:irs destined to J.-lii Dio ranks or Arl/.onn's "I'.lKiM" eltii's. 'ho decision tliat seemingly s|H'll.'d ultlnmtc abinidoimienl'of < SO-yeiir-olil mlnlnt! bomn com- immlty was told inn few brief words -Dull (hi- JO.COU.OflU coppor .smelter w^-nlil be dismantled, its jmrls Btilil us scrap iron. Clcmvncimu s|)ranx Into c-.xLs- teiu'c \\hcu the prli'o 0 I coppei shot upwurd In 1!)H, Around ihe tall Isllng Oio best they could nml awaiting the siynui n wl wculc | slnrl (he fnrnacM again, , "ill Hie decision to' dismantle : the fnriincc, sell IU pieces as scrap Iron, scaled ihe fate of Clcmtm- conn. Us desertion seems unavoidable, ! anil its transrorinallon 'Into [ "ljlio.s-1 toivil" only a niicsll:n of i lime. Clemcnceuii was named In honor Struck by a mine off Harwich, England, the Japanese passenger Jm or Tm.kuni Man, turns on her beam-cmk before ,,lun B i,,« to „,!> bottom of the North Sea. At right recsue trawler .stands by ns li.eboat away from stricken .ship. All anJ, 0 1 7" bo'udwm-' resc uctl. f jusl Train Cats To Ride Torpedoes' ' dent lel1 (iay WASHINGTON. — When" intlcr p'u»Je Ihe iia'vy "is ' irying"i'ioiv"io told the world that His Nazis had figure oul, perusing n letter some- invented a secret weapon which thing like this- could annihilate Britain and "Dear Admiral- army and navy) codes," nil of which Ignore (he which way the cat will jump. Thai [ miutriry axiom ' .rave Uils one: of npliclty" P-ce like a, lightnin^bolt from oubtemy in B 8 , BB by , ™ ouey n B 8BB by Mars, he .shocked into action (hat myself because r have been think- rei-tiu. nvonni.,,, ( | lc Yankee in- i ng now to save the Government , soin» money. It is on torpedoes. - — -- rapirtly giving all i ,-cad in the papers where the bright ideas as to how to double- j Navy is expanding and I hnlc lo that means more torpedoes fertile organism, veiillvc brain. II is now "Jusl cross your carrier plsicoiu wilh parrols—and tcacli llic olf- | spririf to sneak ihe message!" "Hurry! A -spy Is trylirg to rend this, lie is crawling low-aril me— under the rug! i C n:i sec the Special Cotton Variety Sold (or $180 Bale MOIiil.K, Ala. (Ul>> — Collon recently brought, $100 a bale In Mo- , Ihi'lvhij; Community «roiv up, - Dli'tc with homes, business, .schools mul ivcrciitkniil areas. When llmc.s «•(>;•<• (jmid, the population of Iho city included more (him I.ODO workm who were employed In .ililft.s on n S-l-hoitr basis lo handle mllllcns of tons of rich ovc I com nearby Jerome. IVo .incurs BB» (lie plant, was ordered slml down, Since Unit time, nmny O t Ihe workers have rclu.sed lo leave, ex- bile. grown in Mobile counties, - y ross this new mystery weapon or, think t therwise win the ,yar. A dozen ! missing; e mar ecause the a day, letters containing brilliant . mark keeps moving nwav Now ami sniYintimno l,i..1,r ,. n ;.*i;ii n 4 : ______ . ° "'"*.*• **v», the mark because the and sometimes lurid scintillations flash upon War and Navy Departments. Like this one: "Hitler's new invention is an airplane bomb so powerful a single explosion will blow down everything for a mile around. The Nazis plan to wreck London in a single night. To foil the blackout, they will sneak up on tne city by following (he moonlight reflected from railroad tracks. "Bill they'll never bomb York, if the Government adopts my new Invention. Over tile rear .wheel ,of flic last cnr . of each train leaving New York at night, fasten a nozzle. From this noralc, squirt black paint .over the rails'' EXPEUTS CONSIDER EVERV SUGGESTION' Cockeyed? Well, perhaps mildly eccentric. But the letter was duly referred "through channels" to the proper authority, for army and navy both have men whose job is (o read, mark, learn and inwardly digest just such strange food for thought. And every smallest ennnb of wisdom these general experts pass on lo special experts —lot Ga.; Infantry, at Fort. Bcnhlng for Cavalry at Fort Riley, Missouri Favoring Orange Bow! Game COLUMBIA, Mo.. Dec. 4. (UP)— Missouri University's Big Six champions today were reported favoring an Orange Bowl bid to meet Georgia. Tech in Miami, New Year's Day but cfficial confirmation was unavailable. The bowl-minded team last week voted to accept a post-season offer and university and conference approvals were regarded as mere formalities. However, Head Coach Don Faur;t wns out of town and other sources were reluctant to discuss the proposal. Kansas; for Coast Artillery at Port Monroe. Va., or for Field Artillery, at Port Bragg, N. c. Maybe back will come word: "This guy's got something." For U. S. military leaders believe it is better to waste a lot of lime picking a rare ten-strike from a barrage of screw-balls, than to have one such experience as befell the British War Office after the World War. The Britons were clearing files from ten years before the war. They found a complete set of drawings and plans embodying the basic principle and many features of the modern tank that finally, following three years of bloody losses, broke the German line in 1Q17 and helped win the war. But upon these plans, submitted in 1905 by ti patriotic British inventor, was scrawled in large, official hand the words: "The man's mad!" HE'S IN CLASS HY HIMSELF About screw-balls you never can mm Laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 For Prompt I-aurtdry «nd Cleaning Serrict AID FOR YOUR 1938-10351 COTTON T.OAN EQUITIES You Most Bring the Copy of Your Loan Agreement WEIL BROTHERS Svvearengcn nirig. Ill Walnut phone 2fi7 Hlythcville, Ark. everyone knows torpedoes uro unreliable, but cats arc very reliable, and easily trained, ileic is my idea:. "Just train cals to ride the torpedoes, and steer them, or course, yon gol to make the cat. comfortable, so build a seat on each torpedo. It would snvc money not only on torpedoes hut on cals; you know eats have nine lives." No cats, but seals really were tried out. In the last war. A pair were trained to follow n British submarine by the smell of the oil discharge.--The idea was that they 1 would follow and so betray German submarines taking to the open sea. But those swimming oil- hounds turned out to be finechas- cr.s of submarines — and everything else afloat, The seals just wouldn't concentrate. "DEATH-KAV" IS A FAVORITE Most of Washington's ready letter-writers are excited about bombs! bursting in air or a new form ofi death-ray. The War Department.) is looking over one composed or, streams of electrons that a Cali-| fornia inventor says can explode ammunition and gasoline as far| away as two miles. Another stiggcs-1 lion is to drou oa the enemy glass' cases full of—locusts, says one writer, but another with a meaner, disposition says, rattlesnakes. I If thai sounds Hollywoo<len, note lhat Prank Caprit's latest production is a system [or guiding airplanes and releasing bombs by re- mole control. Tlie famous itiovle director is a stockholder in a company about lo market this device which uses garbled radio impulses. Garbled-word experts arc bombarding War and Navy departments with "unbreakable secret On which the endorsement was: "Tills guy's got something i" The parks of Canada arc the homo of (lie world's largest heixts of buffalo. It. misn't ihe ordinary variety, however, it was sen Islnurt cotton, mul Baldwin Agents tor n Iloston Htm bought the cotton at the second annuiil sale, p;i.ylii|j from 28 t o ;i<j mtlll „ |>cuii<[ fur |(,. Twenty-seven bales ' were sold, at an' average cents u pound. o( . Excessive ruins cut down produu- .{•ion (his sciison, growers reported. but normally m, ncrn of land will produce one-third of a linle. Alabama lias two sea island col- Ion aim, jit Daphne and si, Elmo. of (lie lale cicorRcs CJemenccau,: line, l-'riuice's "Tlijer" slatcsmiin during Ihe World Wur. So appreciative ivn.s- the stdtcsiiran of tlie honor iH'c;rded him tliul he seni (he city a llhic-colorcd vase from his study. Traveling Bees Off to 1'lorida lit Big Trailer KASV I'KMIIHOKK, N. Y. (UP) -- These trillions imvollnu bees owned by John niul Jourdutn Dc- '"iiili lire oil' (o Moi-idii nun In'.' Since 1025, Hie nmniths annually huve been taking llieir buzz- mg it'iirclii to tlmt sunny tllinc 10 feed on Grunge blossoms din-Inn the winter 'months. Their base Is UmiUllln In i,nke county . About 100 colonies of Iho 300 wiled by the Uomullis, (rovcllng M siiocliil hives, comprised the Irst deleuallou (o l«ivi> for Ibo south. The Journey. Is virtually ion-stop. Units will be miule only 'ov refueling lieeiuise loo lony n step ami the bees would cluster on screens and probably suffo- cate. A large hailer' Is the traveling medium. It Mems considerable bother but good business, according to the Demuths, They expect- to start the trek north about May 1. The lice farmers explain that southern bec.s ftre Inactive during HIM winter, but 'their bees, after working nil summer In the north, soon (o w.ike up again when they get hrJow the Mason ami Dlxon -iV Fislula Cue or (he iK^c Danger rMtills of IIOR o IIR- lecled llsluta frequently Is loss of "rnvel control toucUicr wllli nervous discuses anil gwieral 111 Jieiiltli ciuiscil by self poisoning,' Thous- nnds could .snv<: (heaiselves from humltiiillon and serious by taking |>ro]icr Iroatmcnt in lime. The Thornton & Minor Clinic-oldest known rectal Inslllulion In the world-olfers u PnioE nook which explains Kistulu nml other rectal discuses; tells how more than 50,000 persons have been benefited by Ihelr mild, iwrcclh-o liislltutlotm'l without hosnllnl con- IrcntmtiiL — finement. Write for this Proo nnd Kefcrcncc List. Address Thorn- lin & Minor clinic, Sulle 2J19 !'2<) ifcCicc St., Kansas Clly, Mo. ITS rosy to cot fitilck relief from 1 stully nostrlli trim Mimtholatuni. urn miming oliitinwit reduces i ho lociil coni:««tiou. limn lioliimti I" clour Hit! brcntljlHK IMJSUIWS. Mciuiiolntmn nlfo elites rmiminrc. tuico/uiE. .*orc-MOfls due to cold 1 ?. It Kuoltic.s Irrltnuu membranes Mill lirompica licallntj. And lla vimors lli-CKlsi' carry comfort iltcn Into the col'J-lntcjicil nil |)A%3iigoj. Ip HOME 1 for the HOLIDAYS Give yourself a treat over Ihe Koli- <fjys . . . Tako refuse- from licMc wnler weather and the bijrds of the highway ... For a real merry Chililmji Irip, trafd In comfort and saldy —on the Frisco. ROUND TRIP FARES FRISCO tr»N:E-S r- I5T.LOUIS-SAN FRANCISCO RYl aillCIS give you Tire$tonc STANDARD TIRES •OTHER SIZES , PROPORTIONATELY LOW AT TODAY'S LOW PRICES! CAc As Low As Per Week On Our BUDGET PLAN PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. N EXT TIMK you light a Camel, notice how slowly it burns. Mow smoothly and evenly. A scientist would tell you that this s-l-o-w "rate of burn" means cooler, milder smoking—with all the natural fragrance and flavor in full, rich measure. Fast-burning cigarettes produce a hot flat (astc and a dismal lack of fragrance. Camel's slow burning is your guide to ccr- tain, steady smoking pleasure. Camels burned 25 % shiver than the average of the IS othcrof the largest-selling brands tested! (Look below.} Camels give you an unequalled plus in smoking cnjoy- ment-and thrift! SAVE ON THE COST OF THE STATE CIGARETTE TAX Smokers who live in communities wlicrc certain siais dgnrcUe tnxcs arc in cficct save the cost of die tax — nml, in some instances, more — through smoking Camels. (Sec bcloit; left.) Wiicn you arc a Camel smoker, yon Jet tins uniiprc economy - anil oil tlic cxlra enjoyment ol cooler, milder smoking —the Ira- Srancc and Jclicale tiislc at finer, more cosily tobaccos. Tn rcccnl laboratory tests, CAMELS burned 25% slower than the nv erugc of i| lc j:; ol]lc| . ()f ( | )C | a ,.g es |. sc ||i nj , i3 nmi ] s icsicd-slower than any of them. Thai means, on llic average, a smoking filns cqiiul lo 5 EXTRA SMOKES PER PACK! FAST BURNING- creates hot flat taste in smoke... catc fUvar. aroma... SLOW BURNING-,,™- tecls nnhirnl qualities that nu-.Ml mililnea, Ihrilliny t<i'(r,fra<jrani~c.. l n cooler THE CIGARETTE OF Costlier Tobaccos

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