Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 8, 1898 · Page 23
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 23

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 8, 1898
Page 23
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1EIKIL nilTKIT OR TRIIL To Any Reliable Man. SSSHrSSS HOME 01 AMftCEY. DOOM OF ROQUEFORT. SCHOOL IN WHICH CANOVAS' ASSASSIN LEARNED HIS LESSON. Th* Famous Chee*« is Threatened Wit Extinction. TBE TALK OP THE CITY It's of Interest to Oar Readers Because it fibers to Losansport People. .ing how good news -will spread, warn and street we bear our peo- BUFFALO, N.V. Arrangements huve been perfected for a line of Semi-weekly Pullman Vestibuled, Double Drawing; Koom, and Sleeping Gars between St, Louis and Lo sADgeles, Oal., running through without change. These cars will leave St. Louis every Wednesday and Saturday night at 9 :00 p. m., arriving ut Los Angles, Saturdays and Tuesdays at 5:50 p. m. A Buffet Smoking Car and Dinning Car are attached to this tiain at Kansas City, run- Bing through to Pacific Coast without change. Only 'three days from Logansport to Los Angeles, via this line. For berth reservations etc., call on or address LocansporU Ind. Do Kon Love if so, secure one of the latest and prtttlest !*o-8teps ot tt e day, by mailing Ton Cents (•fiver or stamps) to cover mailing and postage, to the undcnilgned for a copy of the BIG FOUR TWO-STEP (Mark envelope "Two Step.) We are sivlngihis music, which la regular Mty-oent shft-t n.uslc, at this exceedingly low rule. Tor the pur]>ose of advertising, and test- tag the value of the different papora as adver- tfilng mediums. K. 0. McCormick, PasseDRCr Traffic Manager, "Big Four Houte." Cinoin- »ati, O. Mention this paper when you write. ennsylvamaJinES.; Tralne Bun by CenttBl Time* Pallr, t D«ll7. «<»pt 8Jllrt»T. cmCAfio Dntsios DAILY. L«av4i for Chicago's :05 a m;'U:00 a m;*l :25 p m "2-00 1> m* '4:30 P m. „, Arrive from Chicago '12:30 a m:« 12:30 pm;-l:00 pm:*l:<0pm;*8:16pm. BRADFORD ASD COLUMBUS. Lwn for Bradford -1:10 a m;t7-40am; *!:« Art*S:tromBradfo'rd *2:45a»; tlO:20 am; •r.20pm;t«:15pm. XJTNXH DIVISION. Le«T<i for'Effner't8:lS a m; t9:C«a m- 12:05 p m S p m Sunday only. Arrt»efromBfrner<7:85»m; +12:50 p m;^S:4S p m; 8:30 a m Sunday only, RICHMOND AND CINCINNATI. LMITK for Richmond +12:55 »m; tB:SO a m: *1:05 •3:SOam: t.UrOOanj 1:50pin; +10:50 pin. IHDIAHAPOLIB ASD LOUISVTLtm. [**T» for Louisville 12 :45 a m : *1 :10 p m. ITrH» from Loulrrtlle *2:40 a m ; *1:56 p m. J. A. MCCULLOTJGH. Agent, LognaBport. Ind. NO. LOflAHBPOBT BAST BOUHD, 2 Uaatem Express dally »:«* • Wail and Kxpross daily Atlantic Eipress dally - *:« p m Sort Wayne ACCO Ex Sunday.... 6:3S p m local JiYeight Ex Sunday *'-l» P m WI8T BOUND. >ro«tein Express dally lp:M p m Ia«t Mall Dally- £:JS P m >tall and Sxpreas daily ...3:40 p m « 4 It 74 3 I 7 ^lifcH IUIU UA*J* V^tW v»*"J ............ -- 5 Inclflo Express daily "»? 11 IiecaturAoooEx-Sundav 7:8» a m 75 local irreight Ex-Sunday , :a5 a m L(M>A*aPCBT AKD OIULI. WX8IBOTTHD. - —••~ 110.17 \rrtvei •»:» BABZ BOUITD •o. :M Lerro*. «= VANDALIA LINE. Tteio T»blo. In effect Deci 5,1897. TrfiUtB .Leave Loxunpart, Indi FOR THE NORTH KO. « — j^ | , .,. „„,,., 8:35 p, m, FOR THE SOUTH. Hn, s« _ „.„ -7:05 a. m. S£ S - 4:W p. m. Ttt complete Time Card, giving all tralni •nd nation*, icd for full Information ai to imtct, through oars, etc., addresi j. 0. XixnnroBiB, agent, Logiuitpoit. or • 4. CORD, General Passenger Agent. Ht. Louii. Mo. R. & W. Time Table, Peru, Ind. The Modern Propaganda of Tore* H»d It Origin in Spaliii-Smw> 1871 th« Goreni ment Ha* Maintained » Belentlw* War far* Affalnrt the K»d Societies. The killing of Caiiovas is the first completed assassination in the fiv years' reign o:l! terror the anarchist have maintained in Spain. Anarchy exists in Spain under con ditions differing from those in an;, other country of Europe, but at th same time is closely allied to the an archy of France. From the first Spain, has had the most advanced socialistic ideas, merging into anarchy and giving instant adherence to Malatesta a tueory of "propaganda by deed." I The lirst socialistic sections were founded at Madrid and Barcelona in 1S69 and the spread of socialistic principles was rapid. In 1870 a socialist revolutionary society was formed, a' d in the next year anarchist principles and methods were adopted. In 1871 the Spanish government began its fight against 'the movement, which had spread dangerously, and concerned nearly 20,000 Spanish internationalists by that time. In 1874 the Spanish Federation, the anarchist or ganization, was decla.red illegal. From that day began the steady growth of present-day anarchism throughout the manufacturing centers of Spain. Sixteen years ago Spanish anarchists shut out all weak-kneed socialists who had not broken with every form of Government, and organized society. From the birth of anarchy in Spain Barcelona has been its home and cradle. It has been the scene of the most bloody demonstrations of the anarchists. Their trials and the execution of those convicted have taken place there, until now the authorities of the town are afraid to enrage the anarchists The reign o) 1 terror of 1892 and 1893 practically began with an attack by a mob on Xeres, with 64,000 inhabitants. Its plan was ro free the occupants of the jail and loot the town. The anarchists descended on the town just as all the theaters were let out. Three anarchists were killed in the attack and riot that followed. Four anarchists were garroted far this. Two months later Delboche and Ferrerio dropped two bombs in the parliament building, and a plot to kill the baby king was discovered. Numerous minor attacks were made during the rest of the year, and an explosion at the house of Canovas was believed to he the work of anarchists. Two weeks after that a second attempt was made to wreck Canovas' resideri'-e. The explosion occurred at midnight. Throe men were engaged m it one of whom was killed. Suarez, a'second, was badly injured and captured. Twenty-three arrests wore made. Suarez confessed to having been the author of the explosion on the Plaza Oriental. While the occupants of the Canovas residence escaped unharmed, the explosion resulted in the death of one person, the fatal injuring of another and the wounding of others at a place of amusement nearby. Two weeks later a, bomb was thrown at General Martinez Campos. Campos escaped with severe injuries, and is said to bear the marks still of the wound in his thigh. A soldier just behind Campos was killed by the bomb. In less than, a nnnth the world was startled by an exp osion in the Liceo, the principal theater of Barcelona, during a gala perform nee, at which were gathered the wealth and the fashion of the city. Two bombs were hurled from a gallery. One exploded. The other failed. More than thirty persons were killed. Salvador Franch boasted that he mac!« the bombs and hurled them himself, and his only regret was that more people were not killed. In the last month of 1893 the Spanish government found thirty anarchists on its hands for connection with the bomb outrage 'gainst Campos, fifteen for murder at the Liceo theater and thirty noted anarchists for participating in the affair at Catalonia and Villaneuva. Bomb explosions, discoveries of anarchist laboratories and arrests of numerous anarchists, male and female, have been the pr -jram since. The death penal'v was meted out to Franch. In dealin" with all crimes of anarchists the Spanish government has administered severe punishment. Explosions and bomb discoveries have been frequent—to*- frequent for the government to hes'tate. In June of last : ear Barcelona was terrorized once me -e by the resumption of activity. It was the feast day of Corpus Christi. At 9 •o'clock at night a bomb was thrown into a religious procession j ist as it was enterins: the Church So ta Maria del Mar. Seven persons were killed and forty severely wounded. Similar sentiments were uttered by Pallas, who tried to assassinate Campos. Wholesale arrests followed the Corpus Caristi tragedy. Eight anarchists were condemned to death last fall. The attorney general asked that twenty-eight be "condemned to death and fifty-six sentenced to penal servitude for life. Five of these were shot in public May 4. It is fair to betuve that the killing of Canovas is the answer of the anarchists to this execution. Instead of using their natural weapon—a bomb— the bullet, the sam> method by which the executed men v ere sent out of world, was substltt *ed. The cable brings the heartrendin ^ intelligence that the world is threat I ened with the extinction of Roquefor p]e wltisg atx , u c the working ot the ittue cheese. The fact that this cheese ca ^^emr. Merit and honorable methods re be extinguished at all will come in th i^e t heir just reward, -to many cases are nature of a surprise to many witio con Cr0p p jn g. up that it is next to impossible to sidered it invincible, and the fact tha )nvektiK8le t h ea > ail nut we hive taken a few its extinction is only a matter of i ^ t^na £J1 d give tnem publicity for the benefit short while will strike terror to myr Qf our readers. Our representative obtained lads Of diners. To those who do no the following- statement of mots in » personal know What this particular cheese i interview. They . re true in every particular like it may be necessary to explain tb. KiA no S1 - r0 nger evidence can be obtained than nature of the beast. It is madle fror. home evidence. the milk of a certain breed of Frene. i Mr§ j. c . M icnae!, 226 Michigan Ave.. say «•sheep which feed upon the thym .-our da^hter 13 years of age has been cured that Is found along the banks of th j ofeczemi bT using Doan'^ Ointment Before Lot Tarn and Other rivers of the De • we had lier use it we tried everythlcg we coud partment of Aveyron in France. Afte : ^^ ot bllt »u o t them failed. H WM about being made in the way usual fo ' aye arago that the eezem-i first made iu ap- Cheese the Roquefort is put away an j pearanc* cgfe^s ear.aod thea some time later Mt to its own devices. When it ha j oa tne otheOrosn there it spread to tae face, become Old enough to vote under th [ ciusiag I'coins and burins that was extremely suffrage laws of France, it is place ! annoying, and if she rubbed it ioflammattom in a gymnasium for the purpose o | and soreness ioilowe-1. I learned about Doins developing its Strength. I ointment through our newspaper, und sent It is served at the close of meals,' my daughter to Ktcsiing'a drug store tor a together with black coffee and a kind DOI . m two days after applyiag ItnccordUw of round cracker which you break to direction, there was notlce.ble improv- with an ax the host provides for that menu which continued from day to day^ and -mroose An infinitesimal quantity ma short time she was cured. It « ieedie«s ^U suffice and the object in serving to say that we thtat it the best rem-d/ we S i»r T;rs ss ?? =rrr-:r.Ttrr ^^^T^.3«»rJis^ Buffalo, S. T., sole agents lor the U. S. Remember ihe name Doan's and take no Mars, 1 it is supposed to be inhabited— o ther in fact, there are many evidences of = this. The French Government has _„ lately been conducting some expen- ( W HiA.lili> tT UJD ments with it, the idea being to utilize it as armor plate upon the warships, but the extinction of the cheese will, of course, put an end to this. It is a fact not generally known that to Roquefort cheese was due the down- OERFUL MEDICINE FREE! PROMPTLY SENT TO EVERY MAN WHO A GENERAL BRACING UP. It Brings Perfect Manhood to Ail. The Greatest Discovery of the Famou* PHYSICIANS' INSTITUTE, of Chicago, III. GRATUITOUSLY, GLADLY SENT tt> all men who ne«d It and who will write for It. percentage of the men of today are sadly in need of tHe £ ~nt for wetness peculiar to men. may case vices. others to excesses, while many of the cases are dae to . -rry and general nervous debility, ft «««»»*. cause may have been, the fact still remains flat they all proper medical attention IMMEDIATELY. Write us »t once, giving a description of your case, and « you a course of treatment specially adapted to your condUon, :• to you ABSOLUTELY FREE, in plain sealed package. ,nd tone to every portion and uigaa of the body, stop lure is tapossiu.e with our to PERFECT MANHOOD. Failure is tapos monlals from all over the world. We can give full strength, development drains and losses, and restore you method. We have thousands of testi- READ WHAT THESE PATIENTS SAY '. D. WASH., March 3,1896 MODERN ETIQUETTE REMOVES S|ME RESTRICTIONS OF THE PASl'fl Clinicians' Imtifftff diicapo." MT DEAB FKJE.TIS,—Ploaso .-- -,-.— ione mo. Losses have entire!IT stopped and Ttgor i ii3i l>e««r thaa I hoTO been for Iff yisnrs. Id- — icy frk-Tids when they mt«t me.say, wnat ft ami coma out like you." , L.I., Jun« IS, 1156. GENTLE TV —I wish to Biprws my heartfelt thanks tor the result of my ing thriast wo weeka that I took jour treatment th« imprgw our medicine, M: •.ppouriiace. HopL ave had no emissions or ether B u«Tall sarpriMd ot the irnprOTewmt in my Ksn« O may ««r proeper, 1 ramttin, Youre oinoorely. to fall of France a quarter of a century ago. That shrewd tactician, Von Moltke, advised the.German arm}' not to carry its limburger with it when the invasion of France began. He knew the predilection of the Frenchmen for Roquefort, and by its smell the Germans were' enabled to tell every movement which the enemy made. The failure of the Roquefort industry is due to the dying off of the thyme in the Department of Aveyron. They have tried feeding the sheep upon ordinary grass, but the result is a cheese which merely whispers where the genuine article shrieked. The only substitute for Roquefort is the terrible Gorgonzola, the fierce and untamed cheese of Italy, but it is doubtful if the palate of any other nation is strong enough to stand this production. The Gorgonzola is usually kept chained in the cellars of Italian inns, and its roar is so terrifying that it is only served to these who the proprie- tor'knows are awa.-e of its nature. Unmarried Women Are Permitted Adorn Themselves With Many and Rare Gems—Unwritten taws Which Well Bred Women Instinctively Adopt. The restriction of past years concerning the wearing of many rare and e.y pensive jewels by unmarried women is a thing of the past. Women of all ages are now permitted an almost indiscriminate use of jewelry. The consequence is a reaction in favor of trinkets which renders woman a veritable blaze of gems when evening gowns are worn. Indeed all women do not wait for the sun's go- STUMBLED ON A STAKE. Kicked Up a Gold Nugget Worth Hunget Worth Hundreds of Dollarn. The name of Erckson has achieved more fame, and ri: at in Montana. The legendary discoverer of America of that name, and the more recent member of the family who designed the famous monitor which played the dickens with the Confederate navy, will have to take a back sesit. They are cast in the sh de. so to speak, by the Montana Ericfr on. The latter did not discover a new continent or design a destroying vesrel. He did something, however, that all discoveries and inventions are supposed to bring— sold. Montana's Erick"on is a miner living near Hassel, the mining camp located in the vicinity of Diamond Hill mine. While passing through a dry gulch that branches off from the main or St. Louis gulch he found a nugget of gold that as nuggets go was a regular Jumbo. His :Eoot struck a yellowish object lying on the dry s-nd bar. It emitted a dull sound different from that made when one's boots collide with a small rock. The unusual sound attracted his attention, and he stooped over aud picked up the object. Brushing the sand and dirt from the surface he soon realized that he w.s handling a gold nugget of unusual proportions. It was flat-shaped, heavy in weight and of a dull yellow color. Erickson is not o: an excitable temperament and the sight of such a find did not rattle him a bit. He concealed the inject in his clothing and told nobody about this fabulous find until two days later when he had occasion to visit Townsend. Then he had the nugget weighed and the news of its discovery leaked ou* According to its weight it is estima! ;d to be worth ?442. This is ':he second time that a large nugget has been fo;:nd in that locality. A number of years ago one was picked up about the same as Erickson found his. It was valued at ?450. IX GLITTETHXG ARRAY. ing down before displaying their ornaments. This, however, is not considered good taste. On the contrary, a great display of ornaments in the daytime is :>1- ways thought to mark the newly rich, who, being as yet unaccustomed to their ov,-n' magnificence, ;*re anxious to bring it prominently at alii times before the observation of the world. The well bred woman rarely wears of similar letters are now on file in our business office, and all are Dona flto ns of permanently cured ***. Do not delay writing to us, «* """^£5^ a ~ a responsible Institution in 3 v<=ry way, Hut ours is the largest medical Institute to that makes a specialty of SEXUAL AND NERVOUS DISEASES. Inclose 6 cents for posH*. on medicine, which is always plaittl., sealed, PHYSIC5AWS' INSTITUTE, 1751 Hiisonic Templa, CHICAGO, ILL past The modern necklace is Designed in a truly artis'tic fashion, in many cases the stones being arranged in such a manner that the setting is invisible. In other instances the necklace is flexible. Indeed flexibility appears to be the keynote of new designs iu bracelets as well. Many of the newest tiaras and corsage ornaments are made entirely of diamonds, the stones being mounted on spiral springs in floral and other designs and arranged in such a way that they can be adapted to various purposes and can be transformed into brooches or pendants at will. Copies of antique designs in diamond jewelry are in high favor, the lover's knot and scrolls of the Louis XV period being favorite forms of ornament of the moment. Pearls are in great demand, a popular ornament being a pearl dog collar consisting sometimes of as many as niue rows of pearls linked together by dia- moud clasps of elaborately beautiful workmanship. Long pearl chains of all sorts and sizes continue to ploasa Sometimes they are caught up ou to the corsage here and there with small diamond ornaments, and at others they are allowed to droop and wander at their own sweet will over the front of the gown. The long lorgnette chains, jeweled at intervals either with diamonds or pearls and set occasionally with some of the semiprecious stones, will be worn all through the winter, both in the evening by way of ornament and in the daytime as muff chains. Opals are much used this season and appear to best advantage when they are set with diamonds. Imitation and semiprecious stones are no longer abjured. Worn with dne dis- SHADOWED other jewelry with a morning Belli trtmt: between PeorU. and Sandnsky and Lvdiaiiapolii and Michigan. Direct oon- •ootani tj and from all point* In the United •talc* and! Canada. SOUTH SOU3n> DMPXRT IHoninaianapoUiJtiydaUj TUOam (dal!y except Sunday) So 16 Indpl's Kip we 3un._ S dS p m :HolU.Boeh««t»r local arrive H6pm exoept Sunday. MOKXK BOUKD. «Hi pin No 14 Detroit Xxp Si Ko 110 ACCOM eioept Bun.. 4:50 p« «HB » m . >Ht *>*« rate* and i«n*r»l Informalton ojll J J. IktOMr, «OBM M«nit, L. M. * W. ' Ant Appropr! t« (Jnestlon. "I am writing a letter congratulating a friend on his engagement," said Tenspot to his bac elor partner. ' - Caa you think of an ai ropriate quotation for me to put in?" "Yes." "What is it?" " 'Fools rush In tihare angels fear to tread.' "—Judge. Pneumatic Carpeti to Lessen the Xois«. It is intended to cover the corridors of the war. state xnd navy building with pneumatic car -ets. The noise resulting 1'rom a coi slant trampling of feet on the marbl" floors has proved a'source of great a- noyance to officials and employes. Th' marble is also peculiarly trying uprn the feet and extremely treacherou to those who do not carefully watc their movements. The pneumatic carpets are soft and elastic and afford a sure footing. In vrarm 'weather tbvy can be inflated with cold air. theieby materially re~ ducing ttae'Terapera ire o? the building. --Washington Lett r to the New York World. toilet than a watch'and chain, a simple brooch and a few of her plainer tings. Latterly custom permits the addition of a long chain, which is variously worn, sometimes with a purse, sometimes with a watch and sometimes with a lorgnette. It is a safe rale, even with the present laxiry in snch matters, to regard it an exhibition of bad taste to wear expensive looking jewelry wii:b mourning or tailor made garments. The diamond, always a favorite among the gems, is now more than ever worthy of admiration, for the art of the present day as displayed in the designs of diamond jewelry has done much to add to the natural attractiveness of the stone. The stiff and conventional arrangement of penis which ac one time characterized diamond bracelets, necklaces and tiaras is now a thins of tha A Model Institution.—"Cruelty in this institution," ss'A the superintendent of the prison. • No, siree. The inmates her* know r^e too well to attempt any monkey business that might lead to cruelty."—PWladelphia North American. Carried » K»i - in Her Hair. A brand new tb ig in a concealed weapon case turne up at Lexington. Ky.. recently, wh n Minnie Brown (colored) was arrested for carrying concealed weapons. She was carrying a, razor in her hair and when the officer took her hat o he discovered the razor nestled away in her curly locks. Tjirs*st HouM In tie 'World. The Uirgest house in the world is in ilVleden, a suburb c!I Vienna. In this domicile there are 1100 rooms, divided into 400 suites ot from four to six rooms each, and th >y at presemt shil- t,er 24M persona. S ITTLE IVER PILLS SICK Positively «mred by these Llttlie Pills. . They also rdieve Distress from Dyspepsia. Indigestion J»d Too Hearty Eaiing. A perfect remedj for Duziness, Nausea, Browi. MM, BadTisteintb.e Month,CoatedTongao Pimin the Side, TORPID LIVER, They Repilaie tie Bowefci. Purely Vegetable. •matt PHI. Small Do** Small DUMOITD BRACELET A^D PEARL IvECKLACE. irimination and selected with care, ;hese will pass with distinction among more expensive real gems. This is dne o the artistic designs and excellent workmanship which are now conspicuous features of this chiss of jewelry. Bracelets are all the time increasing in popularity. The same is true of bangles. Chatelaines appear to have taken on a naw lease of life and are exhibited the shops in infinite variety. A LICK Tbe Cretan Flag. To the number of countries having national flags—their number is now more than 100—is to be added Crete, the patriotic Cretans believing th:* the lelection of a flag sho-uld precede rather than follow autonomy. The formal ac ceptance of the Cretan flag was made a' the monastery of Arkadi, on the scen< of the stand made by the patriotic Cre tans against the Turkish soldiery in th< revolt of 1866. The Cretan flag ifl to show a black cross upon a white ground, symboli "of the mourning of Crete for the con tinned postponement of her national as pirations," "Whiw Jind black on a flag is not an approved combination, excep among pirates, and for that reason th Cretan flag, at gome sacrifice of symmetry, has been further embellished by a second and smaller cross in the left hand upper corner, a white cross on a bine ground, the Greet colors. The portion of the flag occupied by the Greek colors is symbolic of the hope of ultimate consolidation of Crete with Greece. —New York The girl who stands on th» bridge was charged with mnr- •dering her uncle. The man in the background is a detectiv*. He thought she did. The evidence pointed strongly towar4 her lover. To save him sh* confessed. But she didn't do the shooting. This is only on* of a thousand, thrilling dents in iaci-. A Conflict • of Evidence By Rodrigues Ottolengui, « most absorbingdctective story. •, We have never offered a m««*< exciting narrative to our r«**^ ens. The first chapters willl be found in these columns iai a few davs. Hints In Have the goods to advertise. Tell yonr story plainly in the newspajjer that the people read, and m language they will easily understand, and among others prserve the following Advertising Points: Profitable advertising results from good goods being offered welt Give your rival's advertising attention., but give yonr rival n» advertising. Advertising prestige is hard to win. but not hard to l«Be.' It is easiest sustained. The add should be BO plain that it -will fce understood "by a reader of little tmderstoding. Yonr advertising should be complete in itselt To satire the best results, me the DAILY and WEEKLY PHABOS, with its large eireil*- tion in both city and county. muaUnama, unlwaUhj ehignan fay ovpF 'KnglVy^ oowixis in the Now Yak Tiro million Americana infer torturing p*ng» ot dytpejul*. V» need to. Burdock Blood Bitten curee. At wy drag itore.

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