Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 20, 1957 · Page 36
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 36

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 20, 1957
Page 36
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Thursday Evening, June 20, 1957. Josephine Lowman You Can Cure Small Health Defects by Daily Exercise You will be surprised at the results of dally exercise. In looking through my files 1 Sound some letters from women who had been in my figure molding classes. These mentioned, with a- inazement, some of the by-products of daily exercise. Most of the women had joined the classes in order to improve their figune and were surprised by other things which happened to them. One of my pupils wrote, "I am most pleased with my new figure and I am amazed at my improved heaUli. "Actually I have fairly good health but had a lot of small de- Sister Loves a Pinafore fects which kept me from feeling really well. For instance, I have corrected constipation which I had had for years. I have lost an ache in my left shoulder. I had a mild touch of arthritis. My joints no longer pop when I move. I have lost a feeling of stiffness in my neck. I have lost the chronic state of fatigue I lived in. I felt exhausted most of the time. Now I do my housework with the greatest of ease. "Of coarse, on the cosmetic side I have lost my double chin and inches from top to toe." I have seen these miracles happen so often that I believe in exercise enthusiastically. Those who are new to exercise are always pleasantly surprised when small disabilities disappear. Improved body tone and posture and speeded up circulation will go a long way toward giving you a sense of well being and oiling up the physical machinery. More and more emphasis is being placed on the value of exercise. Older people especially need it because their circulation slows with the years. Naturally it must be exercise which fits your capabilities, and is taken with your doctor's eon- sent. If you would like to have my beginning exorcises send a stamped, self-addressed envelope with -your request for leaflet No. 25. Address Josephine Lowman in care of this newspaper. Tomorrow: "Touch Toe, Ann Landers_ This Endorsement for Women Best Since Mollie Pitcher go to them, they won't come to you. ( This 33-year-old problem child needs professional help. It's rather late in life to be correcting personality difficulties, but per- Dear Ann: This is my first time to write to a problem column, 1 just had to comment on that poor abused guy whose wife has six children. The big hero bought her a washing machine for her birthday and was looking for someone to give him a medal. I'm not a housewife rushing to the defense of All Women. I'm the father of three children who had plenty of respect for the work a mother must do in this world. When I take over occasionally, I am reminded anew that she has the most under-paid, over-rated, complicated, intricate and unglamorous task known to man. The average woman who does a reasonably good job has to be a sweetheart, gay companion, jrilliant hostess, nurse, laundress, fight referee, nose-blower, diaper changer, purchasing agent, chef, seamstress and housekeeper. It's a good thing God planned this as woman's work. I don't think a man could do it.—T.B.C. Dear T.B.C.: Yours is the greatest endorsement for Women since Mollie Pitcher. Your home must a very happy one, and your i wife must be mad mad for you. a , I hope you'll write again. Afler •bal like n 11 r» i m i rM- r* > L I U Jc VUU 11 wi inr attain. /-VIL Pull Back Trunk to Slim Onder rcadi ' ng * beefs and fle]d|n({ verh _. '..: harpoons all day, a letter li 'Magic in Embroidery! 8410 .9-8 yr,. Certain to please every three to eight miss is this angel-sleeved pinafore that's so cool for warm weather. Sew another version with sleeves tor school-time. No. MIO with PATT-0-RAMA included is in sixes 3, 4, 5, G, 7, I! years. Si/e <1, cither version, 1% yards of 35-inch; collar, Vi yard. For this pattern, send 35c in COINS, your name, address, si/.e desire, and the PATTERN NU.Yt- BKR lo Sue HiirncU Pharos-Tribune, 372 W. Quincy Street, Chicago n. 111. Basic FASHION, Spring & Sum- mor '57 will delight you with its wealth of smart, easy to sew .stylos; special features; gift pattern printed Inside the hook. Send for it now—just 25 cents. yours is downright refreshing. * # * Dear Ann: I need help. My husband and I have been torturing ourselves for two years. We were married only a short time when he was shipped to Japan. He behayed well for seven months, then one night he forgot he was a married man. The girl was a Japanese, very lovely—not common or cheap. She was just 'lonesome, as he was—and fond of Americans. He confessed everything when he got home' and of course I was heartbroken. I've never thrown this up lo him and we've both dnne our best to forget it. But it has been haunting us all this time and hanging over our marriage like a cloi:cf of doom. Please advise us.—SAD TWOSOME. If you two arc 1 still sitting around crying over a mistake that happened two years ago, you ought to Tind a psychiatrist with two couches, and both of you should lie down. If you think 1 am being flippant, let me assure vou I'm not. I mean it. borhood and there are no peoples clubs around here to] imperative that this girl go back join. My husband and I would Ho work, and accept some respon- like to go away for a couple weeks labilities. Allowing her to vege- ' and on a vacation but we are afraidi' ate in lronl of a TV set ' night , , ,,. ,„ ,, ,„,, . . iday doesn t help the situation. lo leave this 33-year-o]d TV nut in ^ ..„„.,„ ,, . , ,.. . , I Contact the Family Service Bu- fte house alone, ine place would : reau and good luck \ Q all o{ you burn down or the doors would be open. CONFIDENTIALLY: "UPSET er's reaction. I keep telling her there's no'.LEE": Your grandmother is future in looking at the dummies 1 wrong. Fears cannot be "trans- on TV. She ought to go cut and milled in the blood." Fears are get acquainted with some live! communicated in some way. You >eople. We've tried not to nagjare merely imitating your moth- Jut we want this girl to get some lappiness out of life. When my lusband asks her why she doesn't act normal, she won't even answer him. Please, help us before we crack up.— DESPERATE PARENTS. There are several agencies that can help you, but .you'll have to CORN-BALL: Check with your attorney. There is a law in some states against marriage between first cousins. (Ann Landers will be happy to help you with your problems. "Beat the Heat in a State Seat" OPEN 1 P. M. - 2 'FEATURES - SOc Til 6 C-A-R-A-Z-Y! Red's zaniest comedy yetl Send them to her in care of this newspaper and enclose a stamped self-addressed envelope). Copyright 1957 Field Enterprises, Inc. Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune CON GAME MILLER, S. D.—Two men posing as eye, ear and nose specialists fleeced a farmer near here of 1,297. They claimed to treat the Hospital Notes MEMORIAL Born: To Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hand, route 6, a son; to Mr. and Mrs. Howard Cook, Rochester, a on. Admitted: Master Arthur Roland, 1530 Seaton avenue; Mrs. Mae Brothers, Rockfield; Miss Joyce Lawson, 516 Eleventh street; Frederick Schultz, Star City; Carl Johnston, route 5; Mrs. Ruth Recher, 816 East Broad- Mrs. Florence Whitehead. 117 Seventh street; Mrs. Leah Templeton, 2031 North street; John Million, route 1, Burnettsville. Dismissed: Miss Beth Apt, 410 bachelor's eyes with a fluid they!? 35 ;, street;. Miss Dotty Barbe" said contained radium. They ex-j Bur . 1 "^ ;on; Mws . Llnd ? C1 ? r >"' traded $600 from him, and then persuaded him lo drive into town and withdraw an additional amount. Read the Classified Ads route 1, Lucerne; Miss Rita Heishman, 816 West Melbourne: Mrs. Helen Houser, Royal Cen!er; Mr.s. Lora James, 1924 Rogers street; i Mrs. Phyllis Maroney, route 6; I Charles Melton, Motion; Mrs. Jane 'Reed, .323 High .street; Master David Shaft, 206 Tanguy street: Mrs. Paul TribrJbtt and son, route 6: Kenneth Umbarger, Galveston; Mrs. Albert Walsh and daughter, 2714 Emmett Drive. ST. JOSEPH'S Admitted: Master Terry Smith 1126 Twenty-first, street; Mi?s Constance Brown, route 3, Monticello; Miss Linda Wilsoy. 519 King street; Mrs. Mary Hitchons, 524 Front street: Mrs. Leona Dunderman, 1400%' East Broadway; Ralph Bcvington, rouie 1, Calveston. Dismissed: Master Gerald Layman, 2521 East BrondH-ay. NXLON SUITS HANCOCK, Mass.-Some 50 technicians working in a new laboratory built here to test hijh- precision radar antennas will wear special nylon suils. and undergo a thorough vacuum cleaning every time they enier '.he plant. The purpose is lo maintain a dusl-frea atmosphere. n: My problem will land! anilnrkim if I don't geti There's magic in embroidery — these pretty pansy motifs will change plain items into lovely-to- nwn items! The design* arc worked in simple stitches and rich colors, and'may be used on linens or wearables. Pattern No. 5140 contains hot- iron transfer—6 motifs, measuring from •14"x5'A" to (WxTMs": color chart and stitch illustration. 1 ;. Send 25c in COINS, your name, addrc-T and the PATTERN MUM- BIO K to ANNE CABOT, Pharos- Tribune, 372 W. Quincy Street, Chicago (>, Illinois. It's ready! The 1957 Needlework ALBUM—fifty-six colorful pugus showing many prelty designs; plus directions for making 3 crochet Items and a quilt. Only 25c a copy! Dear Ann me in a san some help. My husband and I are bol'h 55 and we work. Our only child is n girl 33. She's been unemployed two months and is driving us crazy. She's never had a dote, doesn't have any friends and spends 12 hour.s a day in front of the TV set. We don't live in a swell neigh- NDIANA C A £ H FRIDAY, JUNE 31 Bo yd Be tun tilt and hit Rackets SATURDAY, JUNE 21 Johnny Rlnatdo Oreheitra F'ut "Chuarful Earfuli'' In th« . lounge (ovary nito) ROXY Now 2 Features 35c 7il 6 "The Big Land" Starring ALAN 1ADD JUO Open 1 p.m. FUN AT NIGHT "Full Of Ufo" with Y HOLLIDAY FRIDAY MIDNITE JUKI 21 Double Horror at Midnite 1st TIME IN TOWN! 1 - BIG FIRST RUN HITS DOOMED WOMEN! DAMNED MEN! Thousand-Thrill Double Bill! Show Starti At Dmh Oalei Optn Half Hour Eorlltr FRIDAY "RUN FOR THE SUN" (Color—Plril Run) Richard Widmark-Jan. Gre.r SATURDAY "THE fNDIAN FIGHTER" (color) Kirk Oounlai - Clw Martlr..W KILL... TO STAY ALIVE AND Opon 7:00 p. m. Show Starts At Duik CHILDREN FREE TODAY FRIDAY AND SATURDAY 2-FIRST RUN FEATURES-2 FIRST TIME IN TOWN A STORY OF TODAY! It's misunderstood teenagers ... and their too-busy parents! A new kind of motion picture by young people ... about young people. JAMES Mac ARTHUR • KIM HUNTER . JAMES DALY AND JEFFCHANDUt-JEMMECMIN JACK CUBM-UN. KIBSEU ZOMBIES OF ,, JMORA TAU GftlGG PALME! AU1SON HAYES AUTUMN misstu. A dOVCI! The Walking Dead vs. The Hunted Living 70c — Separate Show — Separate Admission — 70c TALENT WANTED! Apply Lotfansport Drive-In Theater BIG AMATEUR NIGHT SOON Do you sing, dance, impersonate, play an instrument? REGISTER FOR AUDITION NOW BOB WILLIAMSON WSAL DISC JOCKEY wiM conduct tho conteit on the theater patio and have the winners on hit NIGHT WATCH SHOW. Introducing th* Adv«ne*-Knflln**r«td Complete Lin* of 1»»7 Horn* Applianc«»l h.p. AIR CONDITIONER NEW THIN DESIGN flFAW fOMFORT filtq !"s W dujt. UlAN WIYIFUKT dir> and poMen Compact UNITS x AS LOW AS \ \ We'll give you the right cooling capacity, the new "Window Slim" styling in an RCA WHIRLPOOL Atr Conditioner for your home. BARNETT'S BARGAIN BARN 416 SOUTH THIRD PHONE 282)

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