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Brooklyn, New York
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T1IK BHOOKLYN DAILY EAGLE. -SEW YORK, TUESDAY, AUGUST 19. 1921. 1 15 fiTKAMBOATS. SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES START LA FOLLETTE CAMPAIGN IN BORO America's Greatest Sea Fighter Quits Boro for Speed Trials Jumping Balloons Next Innovation in Sport Line; Will Furnish New Thrill of the dirigible Shenandoah, which WANTS AMERICAN BEST DRESSED IN WHOpOBLD Retail Clothiers Associa tion Backing Drive to Educate Males.

American men are to rank tvIHi American women as the "best-dressers In the world" If campaign now being opened accomplishes Its purpose. The drive Is being headed by William Hobart Welntraub of Chicago, long a student of psychology In men's dress. Under his guidance tho men are to be shown that "their success, Ihelr self-respect, their pow.r and even- their personalities depend to an astonishing degree upon the clothing I hey wear." Ten thousand members of N'a-tioual Association of Retail Clothiers are backing the drive. "There never has been a time in the history of the world when correct dress played a more Important part In the endeuvors of men to gain success than at present." raid Mr. Welntraub, discussing the campaign today.

GotoI lollies (ilve Poise. "Xo one can overlook the fact lhat the consciousness of being becomingly groomed and scrupulously clean not only makes us think more of ourselves but It gives us a cheerful poise and assurance and Increases Aeronautics has suddenly entered tha Held of safe and sans and pastimes. Before long it la expected that the average citizen and hla family will Indulge in air aa read -lly a. lha.y now play, golf or go to the beacli to bathe. This development I.

coming from two first, the "baby bal-loon" uied as a sort of life preserver to carry Its wearer Into the free and uncrowded sky; and second, the commercial dirigible reduced to taxi size for family use, write. Lt. Com. Fitzhugh Green, U. S.

In tho September number of Popular Science Monthly. Both type, have been studied at the naval air base at T-akdhurst. N. and at Mltchel Field. N.

Y. The "baby balloon," or "Jumping balloon," 1. a small sphere containing or some other ga conside obly llrhter than air. The balloon la strapped comfortably on the back with broad baas, running tne armpits aaa cheat, lt contains only e.losgh gas to counteract slightly the force of gravity; not enough to carry a man indefinitely throurh the air. The a.

mill amount of buoyancy produced enables a maa to perform astonishing feats. One man at Lakehurst has vowed that, using a Jumping balloon, he will leap over the huge hangar y-Jrrk. ll til Whites Black Tribe's Serfs In Heart of Dark Continent The latest and mltrhtiest superdreadnaneht in the United Stales Navy, the West Virginia," left Brooklyn Navy Yard yesterday for speed trials off Rockland, Maine, duo to atart Auff. 26. This photo shows a deck view or the L'.

H. K. West Virginia as It passed beneatn Brooklyn Bridge on its way out to sea. Criminals of Other Days Running RnmMcCloskey there. They've all gone in the boot- Senator Ttobert M.

Follotte'i campaign for the Presidency is under way In Brooklyn following a meeting last night which only 60 peopld to the Bonn Samuel Swett, 2 Montague 'J'orracu. The elf-atyled In and pro-freMlves" who foimed the mnall audience greeted Gilbert ii Itoc, Sen-utor Ia Toilette's former law partner and the EaBtern manager of his campaign, with attention. Ttoo announced hlj Inability to prepare a speech because of the prosure of his campaign dullca. Ho contented himself with narrating a few of tho Incidents la the public career of the Wisconsin Senator. "Ia Follette Is a grim figl'ter, a courageous soldier, a crusader," said itoe.

"Ua has a wonderful, a profound faith in ultimate good and progress, lie Is not as he la pictured by some, a prophet of calamity. We are in i movement today which history win record as a moat important epoch." John A. Hopkins, chairman of the Committee of Forty-eight, who was associated with the late George W. Perkins in the Progressive pa. ty, also spoke.

Darwin J. Jlesurolc, a Hsooklyn lawyer, who has boon actively identified with the Socialist party, described the of titu L.i 1' ollette-wheeler ticker. At tho conclusion of the speech making a colleotioi was taken to advance the liberal cause. About $40 was raised. Abraham M.

BuhIi, who acted as chairman of the meeting, announced the appointment ot committee to arrange for a larg't boro meeting and act as a local cam paign committee. NEW BANK ASSURED FOR PUTNAM, CONN, Putnam, Aug. 19 Putnam, using war-time and Liberty Loan methods, has gone over the top in Ms campaign to secure funds to organize a new national bank to replace the wrecked First National Bank, closed after shortages had been discovered by National Bank Examiners and after its cashier, for mer State Treasurer G. Harold CU- patric had attempted suicido. me Citizens' Committee ftf Twelve reported last night that (ha to establish the new Insti tution had been oversubscribed and that the necessary papers for filing formal application for a charter had been received from Washington.

Mr. unpatric'a condition was re ported unchanged last night. Hartford, Av.m. 1 9 Ac counts of tho State Treasurer which were taken over yestordny by Capt. Anson i mcuook, the new treas urer, showed that the Slate deposit in the First National Bank of Putnam was Increased from 190,000 to $120,000 within the past two months The amount of the State's deposit in the bank wrecked by the defalcation of G.

Harold GilpatWc. its cashier, and former 3tate Treasurer, previously had been set down as Ktato Treasurer Gilnatrte. made th additional deposit which put the State's funds in his bank $30,000 over the limit, soon after his return from the Jlepubtican National Convention at Cleveland In June. Deputy State Treasurer Judd pro tested to Mr. Gtlpatric that the addi tional deposit was Illegal.

Gilpatric gave an explanation for his action and Judd, being his subordinate, was overruled. lacey wrxs parbo.v. Buffalo. N. Aug.

ID Word was received here tonight from Wash-Ington that Ttobert C. Lacey, former State Senator, convicted of oerlurv in connection with the dynamiting of international railway tracks during the strike of 1923. had been granted a pardon, thus restoring his citizen ship. Lacey will be a candidate at the primaries for the Democratic nomination for Senator in the 49th District. PORECXOS CUES.

TV COURT. KINGS COL' TV- Ida J. Ituland, Christabel RuIanU and Marion B. Coger, plaintiffs, against Clar ence j. Ilollauu and Nannls B.

Holland, his wife: Mlnnl and Minnie Kitcun. defendants. Notice of sale. In Dursuame of a judgment of fore closure and sale, duly made and entered in the above-entitled action and bearing date the Ji'd day of July, 1924, I. the undersigned, the referee In said judgment named, will sell at public auction, at the Brooklyn Instate Exchange Sales rooms, No.

1K9 Montague street, Id the Borough or Brooklyn, City of New York. on the 10th day of September, 19l'4. at 1" o'clock noon on that day, by NalhanttM y.huter auctioneer, the premises1 directed by said Judgment to be sold, and therein described ns follows: All that lot or parcel of land wilh the buildings and improvements thereon, in the Borough of Brooklyn. County of Kings. City and Htate of New Vorlc, bounded and described as follows, to wit: Beginning: at a point on the northerly aide of Clifton place, distant two hundred and twelve feet six inches eaHterly from the corner formed by the intersection of the northerly side ofr Clifton place with the easterly sld of Bedford avenue; running thence northerly parallel with Bedford avttnue and.

part of the distance through a party M'al! one hundred (100) fet thence raster! parallel with Clifton place eighteen liS) feet nine S) Inches; thence gn.tthwly parallel with Bedford venue and part of the distance through party wall one hundred OOtM feet to the northerly si? of Clifton place and thence westerly along the northerly side of plat eighteen (18) fe-t ct inches to the point or place of beginning. Bemu the same n.vtiiiHei conveyed hv Irlii J. Ituland, Chrifitabel Kuland and Martin R. to Clarence J. HulU ul nd Nannie 11.

Holland, his wife: bv dtd dated October lith. f913. and recorded in the office of the Kea-ister of the Countv of Kings, on the Ifith day of October, in Iither 3b 95 of Convevances. fusn 94. Block ITS.

Subject to all rovenanta ami reHtrlotinn If any, contained in former Inst rumour of record, Hffcctlng said premised. Subject aluo lo the regulations and restrictions adopted by the Board of Estimate and Apportionment of the City of New k. July L.Vth. ISlti. and aniendmenlK thereof.

Subject also to right of company to mJntain its table and wins on th rer.r fence. Dated, New York, August 11, 14. MICHAKL aSTEIN, Referee. Hnrris Corwln Moffat Schek. attome- for No.

I6ii Broadway, Manhat- n. vorK t.lty. The following is a diagram of the prop erty to be aold: its street number im Clifton place. Borough of Brooklyn, City of New lurk. laat'ayetie Ae.

For Boys and Tonne Men. Mt. St. Joseph's College High Meiioal BMrrilne Hchotil for Roys Catalog wa Carroll Btatloa MaJtlmnra. i 1 4-ijl ttuit Business Schools.

Business Training Pays Ask Any Graduate of the Old School BROWNE'S JAMAICA BUSINESS SCHOOL Jamaica Ave, and 150th St. Send for 1924 Catalog Wanamakcr Beauty School. Inc. 196 Atlantic Brooklyn. Opp.

I. I. R. ft. Station.

(Sterling 3752. Uptown Branch, lAitd and it" way. Bruadhurat 2I6S. Atlantic City. A "bury Park.

LEADING SCHOOLS IN AMERICA EARN SAO HKSK1.Y HAIR DRESS I NO, MANICURINO. All branches taught. $36 worth of tools frea with our complete rourm. High class positions. We cannot fill demand.

Kasy terms. are affiliated with the May-flower Beauty Hhops ol New York, Brooklyn, Atlantic City, A "bury Park and other shops now 'being opened throughout the country. Positions In 1 hese shops are being filled exclusively by Wanamaker Beauty School graduate, fall or write for 1 n'onnatlon, 436 3th av near 39th at. Vanderbi. 117.

LAMB'S re cool Tkal Oeta KemiU, Business Training School Protpect Theatre 337 9th St. 201 Lincoln Place, Bet. 7th 6th Tree Employment Department. South cuMAjBiti'lAL Bookkeeping, ale-nography, typewriting. Typewriters free forborne use.

COLLEGE PREPARATORY For colleges and professional schools. Civil Knglneerlng and Architecture, 143 Ryerson Street, Brooklyn. TRAVEL. YOUR VACATION for booklet that will assist you In planning your vacation. Toura from I days to montht.

UNIVERSAL-LEHRENKRAUSS TRAVEL AGENCY 359 Fulton St, Opposite Boro Ha'J Triangle 1000 FOR TOURS AND CRUISES STEAMSHIP RESERVATIONS Anywhrre, Consult Brooklyn Travel Bureau If. F. DORdEI.OIf 200 Montague St. at Boro Mall, Ilklyn. Tel.

Main 2810 "Motorina; In Mohawk" to Albany via Storm Kin. Highway every Frl. and Pat. itiroular Tours, ono way by auto the other by Hurison Itlver iteamem. MARSTERS.

Prinre Ueorge Hotel. Fhone Madison Sq. 5776 or Annual Mediterranean Cruise de I.uxe, vlr-brutina our Golden Jubilee' lid, 1 litANK TOL'BIST 54a Firth Ave. N. Y.

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P. CITY OF VENICE Sept. 13 8. H. CITY OP Oct.

25 8. S. CITY OF 13ENARES. 10 New Steamer: maiden voyage fro. New York.

All Out 1de Rooms First anrl Second Class gpecial Missionary Reductions For rates of pftxsage. apply to NORTON beaver New York City Gen, Agts. for Her man Bucknall P. Ltd. HONOLULU I I WVaAWUUNS.

VOM(V 'the Well Kqutpped KovrI Nti-amshlpi "MAKIRA" (IS, ISOO tons) All. 37 Oi-t. It "MAOARA" 20,000 tuna) 24 Nov. 1 nun. II.

I Fop fnrea, eli, apply Can. Pi. Ruilu-ny, an. ar, suit nr the I nnmliun AuatniliiMlan l.ine, Winrli .11 Hastings St. am Oliver, 11 1 NORTH l.KIHl.tV I.I.OYD Plymouth I'herhoiirr Bremen 12 BROADWAY, N.

V. i'UUNU liUUAll FRENCH LINE New Tork Plymouth HaTre Parts. OLD DOMINION LINK TO NORFOLK, VA Frequent sailings Croni i'lrs 6 Hnrt North River, N. r. Tel.

Walker STEAMBOATS. DEAR MOUNTAIN gj The rnolic'l 1 1 1 rVonderful Playrroaai Meet Str. "IXKRMONT" I.vs. Knttery laity 0 A.M.: W. 9:1.1 A.M.

Ket'irninK, Hear 6 due N. V. P.M. KOI ND 7C.

Weekdays, lill.lrfn, 4 no. TRIP l. nnl.lren. ItATUINO, HAM I.NU, BKKIIKSHMKVIK Pullaades Interstate Park Telephones, Bowiln. flreen Wnrresier, HI.BIi I'rovidrnre ritreet, (1.00, S2.26 aaal ta na.

IIhII and Hundar, 4:80 r.M, tHtaadard Tlmel from I'ler 19, K. B. Phnne lleekman 8700. Tl.kets at Pier or Consolidated Tick. I Vfltees.

Rye Boal Weekllnv. Hun. VPm BATTF.RV PIKR, a.m., p.m. Foot M.

Mil 10:00 a.m., i p. nr. A tAr it 11 i rnnc auc Way lvl nWnsr (ireen 7jat d.000 Bath Ilouaes. Onnctnz, CENTRAL HUDSON LINE enhiirffh, Kingston and Mis. Steaim-r Ichvch Kriiiiklin nt, at 4 p.n,.; Went K'Hth, p.m.

t'on-pctN nl Nehuryh for rutui'O to iN'ow Xoik. Jtlephons Walker 6717. at liEurope gar id 848 feet wide and 200 feet high. "Air beaches" for the public use of Jumping balloon, undoubtedly soon will be a reality. The expense wilt not tie great.

Balloons will be hired, fitted and worn as rollei skates or bathing suit. are. now. No risks will be taken, for the bal loon will be locked on by Kb attendant so that the wearer cannot escape even If he should try. Bal loon Is a thrilling and de lifitful aport, for If the buoyancy la correct, one Is made light a.

a feather and can swim, and float, and jump just aa if in the sea. Knottier form of air sport Is rap Idly evolving from the taxi style of dirigible a small craft tnat com pares with the Shenandoah as trim roadster does with a truck. It Is. so ito apeak, an air in 111 miiihII enough to be stored In a garage ol convenient size, ytt lai'M enough to carry a family on a weak-eid trip. Its speed of 50 miles an hour lends Itself to sport lng possibilities in the class of a-na teur contests.

A combination of these two the jumping balloon and the taxi dirigible offers innumerable possibilities for sky sports. If the supporting balloon is streamlined and the wearer supplied with some sort of paddle, races and games, such as football or baseball, vastly could be contested. -4- ants of old Dutch pioneers who, trekking into the interior, lost themselves in the desert. Their horses, overcome with the drought, died and the pioneers fluni? themselves on the mere of the natives. Are Virtual Serfs.

These unfortunates have no power to own land and no privileges of any kind. They are virtually serf3 to the natives, tilling the land of their black masters, who give thein small quantities of grain as wages. The natives around Molopolole are rich both in cattle and land. They carry rifles, but the whites are not permitted to possess firearms. Chief Sebele dispenses justice to all his tribe the Bechuana who are recognized as the aristocracy of the Kalahari.

The Kalahari Desert forms tha western part of British Bechuana- and Is abuut 120,000 square miles in extent. It waB first crossed to Lake Ngaml by Dr. David Living stone In 1849. LONG BEACH NOW HAS 3 ENTRIES FOR MAYORALTY (Special to The Eaglt.) Longr Beach, I Auff. 19, A third candidate for tho position ot Mayor of the city of Longr Beach was announced last night in the person of Frank Frankel, Acting City Mayor at the present time.

Due to the de position of Mayor William H. Reynolds, following conviction on sev eral charges at Mineola last June, is necessary to elect an executive to fill out the term which expires on Jan. 1928. Already two candi dates have entered the race in tho persons of W. J.

Dalton and Martin McHale. The announcement of the can didacy of Frankel came as the moat concrete result of four separate po litical gatherings in the city last night. FOHFCTyOSroKS. SUPREME t'Ot'MT, K1VGS COUNTY Maly Jacobs, plaint iff, against Gertrude Gcrdon and others, defendants. In nureuanc of a ludament of fore closure and sale, duly made and entered In the above-entitled action, ami bearing date the 7th day of July.

I. the undersigned, the referee In said judgment named, will sail at publio auction to the highest bidder, by Nathaniel Shuter. auctioneer, at tho Brooklyn Resl Estate K-change, No. 189 Montague street, tn the Borough of Brooklyn, County of Kings, the 3bth day of August, 1924, at twelve o'clock noon, the rum lues directed by vald Judgment to be sold, and therein described as ronofti: All that certain lot. piece or parcel land, with the buildings and improvements thereon ereoted, situate, lying and being in the Horougn or wroouiyn, county of Kings, City and State of New Tork, Dounuea ana uescriDea ss ioiiows, to wit net un ni at a point at tne corner formed by the intersection of the north trly side of Glenmore avenue with the westerly side of Lin wood street; running r.

nee wpsieny ana aiong ins saia nortner- ly side or I en more avenue twenty-sever. (27) feet and six (t) inches; thence norther-v and parallel with Lin wood street aeventy- two 4.7 2 feet; thence easterly and parallel with meninore avenue twenty-seven feet and six (6) inches to the said west erly side of Llnwood street, and thence southerly and along tha said westerly side ct Lin wood street seventy-two feet. the point or place of uatea, August tin. jaiuh a. ti iii UMAX, nereree.

Horn A Flamm, Plaintiff's Attorneys. 3J Court Street, Brooklyn Borough, New Tork City. auB-t tuf COUJCTT COURT, KINGS COUNTY Emma W. Calkins, plaintiff, vs. Beekman Holding et deiendants.

Pursuant to judgment nerein, i win sen at publio auction, by in. J. McPhilliamy auctioneers, at Brooklyn Heal Estate Exchange, iS9 Montague street, Brooklyn, Kings County, on August U7th, 1924, at 13 o'clock noon, the premises directed by said Judgment to be sold, aa follows: All that certain lot. piece or parcel of land, w-lth the buildings and improvements thereon erected, situate, lying and being in the Borough of Brooklyn, City of New Tork. County of Kings and State of New Tork, bounded and described aa follows; Beginning at a point on the north side of Tint street, distant une hundred and sixty lflO feet easterly from the corner foimed by the Intersection of the northerly side of 71st street with the easterly aide of nth avenue; running thunee northerly, parallel with 13th avenue and part of the distance through a party wall, one hundred (100) feet; thence easterly, pural-lel with 71st street, twenty (20) feet: thence southerly and again parallel with lath avenue and part of the dlNtatu-e through another party wall one hundred (100) feet to the northerly side of 7 1st street, and thence westerly, along the northerly side of 71st street, twenty (30) feet to the point or place of beginning.

LEO J. HlCKKV, Keferee. Corner, Bell, Russell A McNulty, Attorney for Plaintiff, 376 Pearl Street, Brook -bn, N. Y. auS-fit tuf T.KGAIj NOT1CFS.

I If PKuPLK tK TH; Si'ATK tK New York, by the grace of God free and independent To Patrick Muiilen, John Mullen, fttchael Mullen, Ha tne Culley. Margaret Kllcullen. Catherine Mullen, fend greetlnn-j: Whereas, Mary Mullen, who resides at No. 87 Bull street, BnoU-lyn, New York, has presented a petition praying for a decree that a cerium Instrument in writing, bearing date the 2.1 day of May, 1 924, relating to real and personal property, be duly proved a the last will and testament of AtiNKH MULLEN, lately residing at No. 87 Hull street, In the Borough of Brooklyn, City of New Tork.

Now, therefore, you n.nd each of you are hereby cited to show cause before 'our Surrogate's Court of the County of Kings, to be held ut the Hall of Records, in the County of Kings, on the 17th day of September. IBM, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, why such decree should not be made. In testimony whereof we have caused tha seal of our said Surrogate' a Court to be hereunto affixed. Witness, Hon. Oeorge (L.

Albert Wlngate. Surrogate of our said County, at the Borough of Brooklyn, In the aid Count, the 16th day of August. 191-4. JOHN H. McCOOET.

f'lerk of the Surrogate's Court, W. Redmond, Attorney for re-tionar, Office A p. O. Address, 44 Court Street, Brooklyn, -New Tork, aulS 4t tu Greater Cbmfoit T.nwiRr Cost. The idtal way to N.w London and tba 'tnmmtr retort, at Fisher, bl.nd, Block Island, Watch Hill, Norwich, Stonlneton, W.s-terly and Narragansatt Pier.

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Hnuklei. CAMPS. CA PI Ni ItJonl flic, coniplftioiy ur- nlshf.l. $tj ph. ier Wffk.

1.. MILKMAN, 1'iciponl HeiglUa, W'aicrbuiy, Conn. Tel. 19-4 lil.J JI i our self-respect. A man's appearance helps him lo measure, up little nearer to his Idea of himself.

It Increases his efficiency. If bis dress is such that lt tends to humili ate him. to embarrass him, ta destroy his self-respect, then be is shorn of Just so much actual and potential power. No matter how wise or learned or philosophical we may be, we with few exceptions profoundly affected by what we wear. What we wear upon our bodies becomes.

In a way, an element in our individual personalities. Pride in appearance Is a mental stimulus. "Women don't dress alike, but men do. Alen may have the neatness that comes from a Smartly designed uniform. Women have the distinction that comes from individual gajn to the extent that they possess an I employ taste.

We aim to teach men in the idea of resl appearance. They, are taught to neat from childhood, and now we are going to educate them In the matter of havintr more than one suit, more than on hat, more than one necktie and even more than one pair of garters. 4 aslldlonsncss Is Hie t.oal. "We propose to Inculcatej (he idol of a dress consciousness even dress fastidiousness. American women admittedly are thf best dressed In the world, and 1hio no reason why men shouldn't enjoy the same distinction.

Hence ihlt gigantic effort to Impress upon tha mind of the American man the wisdom of a resolve to take 11 his appearance in other wordav to 'dress well and succeed BANDITS RAID GARAGE; ESCAPE WITH MERCHANDISE Five men entered ths Armbro garage at 532-540 West Manhattan, early today and, after holding up four employees, loaded 12 cases said to contain liquor from a heavy truck lo a lighter one and drove off. The abandoned truck was found empty a short time later In front of 204 W. Kill st. The stolen merchandise, according to the police, was takoc from a truck owned by Anelo Carbone of lb 11 West st. The bandits drove up to the garagn in a touring car, which they parkcn in W.

19th st. near West st. The five men, with drawn revolvers, walked up to the second floor of the garage, where they were found by Byrou Mc.Manus. Ordering McManuj to march ahca-il of them, the men went to the third floor, where they met Louis Blny, the night foreman, and Thomas Bohan. The three employees were lined up against the wsll with two of thw bandits to guard them when th night watchman, Joseph Castro, came In.

Caslro was lined up with the others. After breaking a lock on the truck, the holdup men unloaded 12 packing 'cases and drove tiie light truck from th garage. SILK MANUFACTURERS "STAND PAT" ON STRIKE Paterson, X. Aug. 19 Silk manufacturers meeting here last night as the Paterson Broad Silk Manufacturers Association, wbich was formed during the past week, took a "stand attitude on tha strike of silk weavers against the three and four loom system.

The manufacturers expressed a willingness to deal with their employees in their Individual plants, but refused to have anything ti with tha Associated Silk Workers, the organization sponsoring the strike movement. In. their formal reply to United State. Conciliation Commissioner Moflitt's suggestion for an arbitration board, the strike romni.ttee did not in sj many words accept I ho plan a. was announced earlier tha liay.

but a part of the communication was interpreted by olfiit oS leaving the way open lo such a. nep. FUNst. OF SEN. COLT TO BE HELD WEDNESDAY Providence.

It. Aug. 19 Til funeral of Senator Debaron Bradford Colt, who died of heart trouble and nephritis early yesterday, will be conducted by the Ut. Rev. James De-wolf Perry.

Bishop of the Protestant Episcopal Diocese of Rhode Island, at Linden Place, the Colt summer mansion at Bristol, R. Wednesday afternoon at 3 o'clock. Burial will be in Juniper Point Cemetery. Bristol. A large number of prominent public figures, including a special Senatorial delegation, huve signirlcil their Intention of attending.

The Illness which caused the death of Senator Colt was superinduced by a partiul heat stroke, suffered July 30, the hottest day of the year here. The Senator went to bed for a rest, on that day. and remained ther-i until his death, although his condi-tiirti was not ronsldered serious until' a week ago yesterday. He was, In his Tilth year. BOMB BLAST CAUSES FIRE ON STEAMSHIP AT SEA Buenos Aires.

Aug. 19 The Ar. gentine coastwise steamer Asturlano, on a voyage to south Argentine ports with 320 passnnarers and crew, lias reported hy wireless thafc a time bomb exploded In a trunk in tho hold of the vessel lasl night, causitilr i lire which took an hour and a half to extinguish. Thp A iifiilftfl. nnn of several stesniers boycotted recently by th'i Maritime l-eueratloii.

sailed Friday with a minimum crew. London, Aug. 1 9 Out of the? great African Interior by way of Capetown comes a patneiic story of a group of whlto men and women who are living in a state of subjection to blacks, who exercise complete mastery over them. The tragic iidf of these unfortunate whites just been revealed in a report which officials of the South African government's locust expedition, now in the interior of the great Kalahari Desert, have sent to Capetown. The expedition went into the interior to study the breeding grounds of locusts.

When they arrived at Molopolole, 100 miles in the interior of the des ert, the officials were taken before Rebele, the paramount native chief. They found him well educated, able to speak English fluently, and both he and his wife wore European clothes. The visitors discovered some 50 white men and women living near the chief's kraal, where they net as Fervants to the chief and liis THey are thought to be descend UNIVERSAL PIPE NETS $10,89 ON PREFERRED The Universal Pipe and Radiator reports for the six months ended June 30 net earnings of Net earnings are after interest, depletion and depreciation, but before Federal taxes. Net earnings for the six months are equal to slightly over $10.89 on the 49,884 shares of preferred out standing, rat the rate of over 1.79 a ye.r. On this basis, after deducting 3 4 1 the amount of the full 7 percent dividend for the year, there v.ould be available on he 99,976 sluixes of common slock outstanding 7.44 a share, or $3.7 earned in the first six months.

PROPOSALS. HTATB OF NEW TORK DEPARTMENT OK PUBLIC WORKS BUREAU OF CANALS ALB AX July 24. 1124. XOTTCB TO CONTRACTORS Scaled proposals will be received br the undersigned at his office. No.

66 Lancaster treet, Albany, Jv. until twelve clock on (nay lant Kavina: met of FRIDAY. AfGL'HT 22d. at which place and hour they wUl je publicly opened and read, for the construction of Barg-e Canal Tennlnnls. pursuant to provisions of Chapter 74, 'jwi of 191 1, and Amendatory Laws.

Chapter fi98, Laws of 1920; Chapter Laws or 19. as tonows: l. TERMINAL CONTRACT NO. 2U. RKVIKKD.

For const rue tin an administration bulldlns; and an oil liouxe for the grain Uvator at Oowanus Bay. Eorouh of Brooklyn, New York Contract plans, sheet 1 to inclusive. 2. TERMINAL CONTRACT NO. 234-H.

For Inatellinir a heatins system In tha Administration Bulldln; for the train el. aior at uotvanus nay, uorouun ot uroox- lyn New Tork City. contract pians, sneets 1 ana TERMINAL CONTRACT NO. 234-P. For Installing; a plumbing- aystem In the Adtntnistrutlon Building for the grain ele-itor at Uowanus Ray, Borough of Brook lyn, New Tork City.

on ra ct plans, sneetfi 1 and z. Plans may be seen, and detailed specific ations, engineers' estimates and Quanti ties, proposal blanks, form of contract and bonds required and other Information fur prupofters may be had at the office nf Hie Bureau of Canals. Albany. N. at the office of the Division Engineer, Depart-ment of Public- Works, at Utlca, Syracuse, Rochester and Buffalo, and at the Terminal Warehouse, Pier East River, New York City.

Blueprint copies of plnns will be furnished by the Htate Engineer and Surveyor upon the receipt at his office in the Telephone Building, Albany, N. of payment at the rule of tit teen rents (16c. per Kheet. Refund will not be made for any blueprints which may be returned. Mommy estimates win do paia or ninety per centum isv per cent.

1 or rue work-done Ht the contract price. Every pro-nosul for said work must be accompanied by a money deposit In the form of a draft or certined cnecK upon some good banking tnstltuti mi In the City of Albany or New York, Issued by a National or State bank tor trust company in the case of terminal contract). In good credit within the Htate and payable at sight to the Commissioner of Canals and Waterways, for five per centum i per cent.) of the amount of tha proposal. The person whose proposal shall be accepted will he required to execute a contra-1 and furnish bonds within ten days from the date of notice of award delivers! to him or them in peruon or mailed to the a ild reus given tn the proposal. I'pon execution of the contract and approval of bonds, the certified check or draft will be returned to the proposer un-lest) the smn shall have been presented for collection prior to such time, In which case the amount of the deposit will be refunded by the Coinmissiftner of Canals and Waterways.

The deposits of bidders other than tha one to whom the award of contract shall be made will be returned immediately after the award has been nrnde. The bond required for the faithful performance of the contract shall be in such mini as shall fixed by the Commf saloner of Canals and Waterways, which sum shall not be less than fifty per centum do per cent. of the estimated cost of the work, according to the contract price, and an additional bond known aa the labor bond. In the sum of ten per centum 10 per cent.) of the amount of the estimated cost of the work, according to the contract price, will be required as security that tho contractor will pay in full at least. once tn each month all laborers employed by him upon tha work specified to be done In the contract.

In the event that more than one surety company is offered as surety on f. bonds co-insurance only will be accepted. Each proposal must be addressed to Bureau "of Canals, ftate Depart men of Public Works, Albany. N. and must be Indorsed on the envelope with tha name of the construction lor which the proposal Is made.

Award, If made, will be made to the person or persons whose proposa. shall be lowest In cost to tha State for doing the work and which shall comply with all provisions required to render It formal. Before any award shall be made the lowest bidder will be required to satisfy the Commissioner of Canals and Waterways of his ability to provide suitable equipment and itiHtt rials for the proper performance of the work. The riirht ia reserved to reject any or all proposals and readvertl and- award the rontrart In the regular manner If, In the ludgment of the undersigned, the Interests of the Stato Will be enhanced thorehv. ROYAL FI LLER.

Commissioner of Canals and Waterways. tu "Burglars and bandits are drift. lng Into bootlegging," complained George MoCloskey, veteran clerk In Part County Court, today. "This Is the slowest summer we ever had in the County Court." Fbr tho past 12 years McCloskey has been preplrtng the tickets which admitted criminals to Slrvg: Sing. le has seen bandit after bandit return to Part 1 for sentence as a second and third offender.

Every one who knows McCloskey is acquainted with the fact that he possessed of what detectives nickname the "camera eye." He never forg-ets a face and can remember usually the circumstances attending the sentencing of a criminal. Ever Birice the spring M-ji'loskey lias been missing the old familiar f.ices. The new batch of criminals are rather a puny lot. he says- mere boys who don't know any botlor. "It's gettlnar terrible around here," he said today, "with nothing: but a bunch of immature kids committing their amateur crimes and getting sent away for them.

"I was over in the Federal Courts last week and now I know the reason. I see all the old-llnurs over FOREIGN EQUIPMENT OUTLOOK ENCOURAGING rrospects for the fiscal year beginning July.l. 1924, In the marketing of American made railway equipment In the foreign market are very encouraging in. view of the results of the last fiscal year. Latin America with its "Vonstruction of new railroads under way will offer considerable business while the roads already in operation will substantially add to their equipment.

During tho fiscal year ended June 30, 1924, thera was a $10,000,000 slump In the value of American shipments of rolling stock, parts and air 'brake equipment as well as locomotives. This was the re sult of the re-entry of western European railway equipment makers into the markets of the world. During last fiscal year 279 locomotives valued at $4,188,236 were exported. as against 276 valued at $5,307,075 In 1923. Electrical locomotive sjuported Increased from 48 valued tn in 1922-23 to 74 'valued at $1,955,646 during ths last fiscal year.

The export of freight cars during the last fiscal year showed a decrease of 6.760 cars with a value of $8,298,085 from the same figures of 1922-1 923. TO HELP NEW CHURCH (Special to The Eagle.) Central Park, I. Aug. 19 Judging from the attendance and enthusiasm last night at the opening of the bazar at Central Pbrk in aid of the Church of St. Martin of Tours, of which the Hew Daniel Dwyer is rector, a substantial sum of money will be added lo the new church building fund.

The bazar Is belm; held in the unfinished church, which. when completed, will be one of the most attractive churches on Long Island. Father Dwyer's progress in the new parish, not yet a jvar old, is one of the marvels of the Brook lyn Catholic Diocese. He expects tn hold services in the church within month or so, if weather conditions favor the progress of construction. Father Dwyer has surrounded hitusetl' with a group of enthusiastic young people, who are co-operating with I he rector in his desire to build up a very successful parish at Central Park, and the citizen of th-1 locality are also deeply interested in bis work, which has already estab lished him as a civic asset, as well as a religious influence, in the com munity.

This was evidenced In the luick response his appeal for con tributions for the new church re ceived from the people of I he village. The bazar will continue through tho week. The chairman of the general conintee Is William Abeam, prominent parishioner and widely In banking circies tbrouxh- out the. State. Mr.

Ahearn-wus entered last night in the Nassau County popularity contest. Lawrence E. Magllllgan started the race with 250 voles for the chairman. WHITNEY SUIT SEPT. 23 San Francisco.

Aug. 19 The $1,000,000 breach of promise suit brought by Evan Burrows Fontaine against Cornelius Vanderbilt Whit ney, formerly or 1 orK. bus been set for trial in the lulled States District Court for Sept. 23. Whitney's attorneys asked for a ludement for his client wit Hunt fur ther action and the court took the request under advlscmcnL li-gglng business, and I don blame them a bit.

In fact, 1 think they're a pretty wise bunch. "What can a guy get by burglary? Say he breaks Into a house and turns it off, the best he can tlo is get a couple of hundred dullars worth of cheap Jewelry that he can't sell for more than $80 to some Enst Hide fence, lie takes a chaticc on 20 years In jail all for $30. "How long do you think $30 is going to last him? It's good for Just about one night In a crap game of a cabaret or maybe he can buy a week's supply of coke. And he faces 20 years in the pen. Where does it fctt him? "Now this same burglar can go down on Long Island and get $10 a d.iy and his board running hooch in a Or else, if he wants to lake out a boat, he can collect $7 a delivering liquor on the beach.

Tne big guys take care of the protection and he's got nothing to worry about. If he is caught the worst he can ret la a $300 fine of maybe SO days in Jail over In Jersey, where they sleep on feather beds. "I guess Prohibition makes it too for the criminals. All the old-timers are staying out of the County Court." RUM BOATS USE DUMMY WOMEN AS CAMOUFLAGE (Special to The Eagle.) Vancouver, B. Aug.

8 The u.e cf "decoy" women Is an Innovation among rum runners In Puget Sound and British Columbia waters. Recently a large yacht came Into English Bay. near here. lt was ob-errved that women were seated In luxurious wicker chairs on deck. The vessel dropped anchor, the awning canvas was run back on a roller end the women disappeared.

Only I he pilot house was visible. Liquor then was loaded on the yacht and as It cleared the canvas, wicker chairs and women reappeared. Later, according to fishermen at Everett. th ship tried to land liquor there. But a craft appeared and a quick getaway was decided on.

The vessel Speeded toward Vancouver. In the excitement one of the women on deck fell overboard. Fishermen rescued her and found she was a dummy. THIS DANGEROUS BOMB PROVED TO BE ALL PAPER As Police Captain Hayes was turning out the 8 a.m. platoon from the Stugg st.

station today. Desk Lieutenant Becker received a telephone call from a woman, who said a bomb had been planted in the hall of a factory at Flushing ave. and Spencer Eight patrolmen in command of Sergeant Willllam Dennis found a well wrapped package. After soaking it in water they opened it and found yards of wrapping paper and I he. hub of an old wagon wheel.

OBITUARIES MRS. MINXIK R. KLSNEK. wife of Henry Eisner, died st her home, 214 Beach t45th Neponsit. L.

on Sunday. Shu vas the mother of the He v. Theodore Eisner, an evangelist, and was formerly a deacon-'KB of the John Wesley Church of the Nazitrene, Saratoga ave. and Sumpter o'f this boro. The services will be held in the church tonight at o'clock, unci tho interment will be in (he rJust North port Cemetery.

A. WAIIB, 77. of S7 St. John died on (Sunday after en ill Menu of three mouths. He was a retired button manufneturer.

anil was a member ot Acanthus Lodge, No. 719.. F. A. M.

lie is survived by his wife. Lena, and ton. William Wade. Funeral services wilt he held tonight at o'clock, and Intel men will be in Lutheran, Cemetery. 4KOKK STAKK of 262 Kenp superintendent for Carl H.

Nchul1, died or Sunday at his home after a hrief Ul-iikiis. Ho was a member of the Cnugresi Club of Kings County, of which he had a ftumer president; Samaritan Coun-til. 11. of w'M'h he wan a trustee and PR. it res en Hidgewood Lodge, A.

und the I.ongI trot to. Be was ti vestryman of All Saints Church, Manhattan, fur years and tho Junior warden fur 1 years. lie had lived In this boro for 21 yearn, and Is by his wife. Ahu-garet Stark; a daughter, Ruth, ami his mother, Barbara Stark. MRS.

UHllKiKT Pl'FFV died yesterday ab her home. 1883 Palmetto after brief Illness. fhe was born In Ireland and was an old parishioner of the Church of St. Brigld. Sim nurvivrd by her husband, Patrick J.

luffy; five sona. Joncph. Thomas, Owen and MicIiaM Puffy, and her sister, Mrs. Margaret It, The lunerul will take place on Thurndty morning at 9 o'clock, and site- a milenin requiem mass Mt the Church ni M. tfrtgui by, Moni.

John C. York, the Interment wll! be lu Calvary Cemetery. i i Clifton Placs The apprMtlmata amount of lim or chargn, to satisfy which the property la to ta sold, la one tliou- nnntl and thirty-nine and 11- 039.4H dollars, with Interest thr-reon frum the 3d day of July. together with the costs anil allowance amounting; to one hundred sixty-eight ami 34-100 (lltig.34 dollars, wtth Interest from 19-4, together with the expennea of the aale. The approximate amount of the taxes, aaepsemenls and water ratei, other liens, which are to he allowed lo he purchaser out of the purchase money.

or p.ild hy the referee, is three hundred rtv-nve and tu-iuu dollar lutertat. Dated. N.w York. August 14. ISZ4.

MICHAEL STEIN. Referee. apt tt tuliaS.

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