The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York on April 22, 1922 · Page 18
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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · Page 18

Brooklyn, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 22, 1922
Page 18
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THE BROOKLYN DAILY EAGLE. NEW YORK. SATURDAY, APRIL 22, 1922. ' 18 REAL ESTATE FOR RENT REAL ESTATE FOR RENT REAL ESTATE FOR RENT real Estate for rent REAL ESTATE FOR RENT REAL ESTATE FOR RENT REAL' ESTATE FOR RENT 74 NOSTRA ND AV. (US Near President st; 3 room and bath, $40. Inquire Wallers. n rrmlBes f 22-T OCEAN AV, 708 Very attractive 6-room apartment; May or June lo October; r. or month. ?2-t OV1NGTON AV. dii Near 4th a subway at 99th st: modem; 7 moms and bath; newly decorated and furnished; $106. Phone Fhore Road 18-7 PACIFIC ST. KJ4 4 rooms, bath; modern improvements; exceptional. Tel. Triangle 9440 day time. Lafayette 8U8 evenings for appointment. t 19-7 PACIFIC iT SL George Apartment; four rooms, furnished, piano, twin beds, telephone and elevator service; October or longer: convenient to all subways. Phone SterHnf 0504. I 19-7 FACIKIC ST. 1238 The Stuart Arms, 3 and 3 rooms, kitchenette, bath, apartment. nicely furtiinhed. 2?-7 PACIFIC ST, 1 236 Nicely furnished room and kitchenette apartment, business cou-pl: refined. 22-7 J-ARK PL Three rooms, nicely furnished, from Ju'y 1 to Oct.. 1; convenient to suh-wiy and R. R. T.; references required. Phone Prospect 1244 for appointment. f 22-7 PARK SLOPE 2 rooms and hajh, furnished or unfurntwhed ; 8th av. and Garfield pi; maU! service; dining room; highest grade accommodations In finest Brooklyn residential section; 1 block from park and near 2 subways: new management. Phone South 122 or Mansfield S 27 1. t 21-2 PARK Sf.OPK Sublet June. July, August, beautifully furnished S-room housekeeping apartment, one block from Prospect Park; all moms large, light and airy ; player piano. Yietrola; 1W pr month; references essential. Apply Superintendent, 305 8th av, corner 3d at. 111-7 PARK SLOPE 81!S President st. 2 rooms ov parlor floor and 1 room on second floor, with kitchenette and bath; electric light, gas and heat; large closets; private houxe. l-hone Sterling 13R0-J. t ?2-7 PARK SLOPE SECTION For Bummer sea son, near nil subways: & rooms and bath. neatly furnished; all light, cool rooms; no reasonable etrer rerueeo. rnone sterling SC3-W 22-7 PARK HLOPK 8 rooms and bath. 2 floors. In American basement liouae; summer months. Phone Houlh R2K. $ l-7 PRESIDENT HT. C16 Beautiful two-room kitchenette and bath apartment; near Prospect Park Plaza entrance and both eub-vavi. 19-7 PROSPECT PARK PLAZA 4 rooms. ba'li and real kitchen; first floor front, southern exposure; freshly decorated ; yearly lease; highest, coolest section ctty; 12 minutes "Wall st, both subways; rudjo concerts; Christian adults. Telephone owner. Pros-lect 8948. "-2 PROSPECT PARK SECTION 3 rooms and kitchen, beautifully furnished; elevator, pin no. Turkish rugs, linen, silver; 8 mlnut either Brooklyn subways; near park entrance; price $110 monthly. Phone Mnd- imii square amu ior appointment, g 9 PROSPia'T PL, 30. near Brooklyn av, at tractive 6 rooms and bath, all outslde, complete; linen, sliver, china.; light and gas Included in rent, $116: near subway and 4 car Hues: lovely location. Lafayette HM, or apply Supt. I 22-7 PROSPECT PL, 930 Attractive 6 -room apt. all light outside rooms; complete, convenient; near park; May-October. Phone La fayette 1493, or apply eupt. 1 ie-7 PROSrKCT PL, lft7s Attractively furnished 6-room apartment from June 1 to Nov. l; near Kingston s-v sub, and Park. Phone Lafayette t 0-7 PHOKPKCT PL. 40 4 rooms, all outside; completely furnished; cool In summer; convenient to subway. Tel. Decatur 1730-W. I i-7 PROHrWC'T PL, 23$ Three rooms, balh heated. Sej Cook, on premises. Phone Mansfield 1314. 21-7 Pl'TNAM AV. 16b Near Bedford; foi--room apartment, furnished or unfurnished; private house; electricity and gaa. telephone. t a3-tf PL'TNAM AV, &M Large room and adjoining room for business couple; Housekeeping. Tel. Decatur 5218-.I. J 20-7 lUDtlEWOOD &7 Siocum st ; new No. 372, near Myrtle ave and Fresh Pond rd; finely furnished; piano; lower part 2-fainlIy tiouse: 6 rooms, bath ; electric, gas, heat, telephone; $18 week. Phone Evergreen V847-M. I 17-8 ItlDGR BLVD. 8124 3 rooms, furnished or unfurnished. In most beautiful Bay Ridge apartment, near summer home of Crescent Athletic Club, Apt. 3B. Tel. shore Road 2ffT. I 1-T RIDGEWOOD & rooms and bath, electric light, parquet floor, all Improvements; IS 5. Evergreen B747. t 18-7 ROCH KSTKR A V, 3-room apartment, all improvements. Phone Decatur 521:8. J 21-7 ItlMiBY RD, &K4 4-room corner apartment, nesr Ncwklrk express station, Brighton Beach subway; desirable couple preferably to high rental. Call between 6 and 7 p.m., Mansneld 8823. $ 22-2 ST. JOHN'S PL, 3&i Klegantly furnished apartment, flvc rooms, bath ; all improvements; private telephone service; May 1 to Oct. 1: rent $100 month; near Brooklyn Museum. Phone Prospect 61 64. t 20-7 KT. JOHN'K PL. 427 Five large light rooms, newly renovated ; all Improvements. Apply Superintendent, 345 Lincoln pi. Apt. D. 21-3 BT. JOHN'S PL, 349 Apartment, furnished; b rooms. May 2t to Sept. 2fi; reasonable to right party; adults. Brlnn. 18-7 ST. JOHN'S PL, 867 Furnished apartment. S rooms and bath, all modern Improvements: adults only; $13 weekly. $ 22-7 T. MARK'S SECTION 962 St. Mark's av; 4 and G-room suites; newly completed; all modern Improvements; reasonable rents. 18-9 ST. MARK'S AV. 952-4; New. modern, 4 rooms and bath apartment, furnished, $100; unfurnished. $90- Apartment B-B. 22-2 fcT. MARK'S AV, 116 Large room or parlor, bedroom: private bath ; modern improvements; all subways. Sterling 03;'S-M. 22-3 6T. MARK'S A V, 952 Furnished apartment. 5 rooms. May to October; possession till May I without rent. Inquire Apt. 4B. $ U-7 ST. MARK'S A V. 962 3-room apartment in new building, to sublet furnished to responsible party. Apartment C-7. t 18-7 SHKKPSHKAD BAY 4 rooms, bain, neatly furnished; lease, to 2 or 3 adults. 1728 Voorhtet; a v. ?l-3 SMITH ST. 2-2 Front parlor and other room to let. 80. ELLIOTT PIj room.", furnialu'd apartment to rent; reasonable: M.iv till November; fhristisns only. Pbone f'M Pros-peel. 20-7 SO. PORTLAND AV, 106 Three furnished rooms, toget her or separately : elect rtclty. hot water, piano, Vlctrola. Call Prospect R02. 22-2 STATE ST. 12 Two rooms and bath; newly decorated; maid service; Immediate posneH-" nion. Louis Greisch, 154 Montague st. Tel.. Main 3112. t U-7 STERLING PL Beautifully furnished o out-nlde rooms. 3 exposure; telephone, player piano, Orientals; 2 subways, .surface cars; -0 minutes to Wall at; May-October. Prospect 3154. $ 2t-l STERLING PLACE Floor of private house, furnished, for business couple; hardwood floors, electric light; near I. R. T. Piospect fS,V i lfc-7 STERLING PL. 1 207 Beautiful furnished par) 01 floor and basement. Call after 6 p.m. and Sundays; H'sse; near sub. 20-4 VAN SICKLEN ST. 200 Gravesend : furnished for housekeeping, in a private house. Z rooms: ue of kitchen, bath; continuous hot water, gas and electric light; business people preferred ; no children : Sen Beach subway to Avenue V. Culver line to Avenue L near Avenue T. Call Suuday afternoon. 22-2 WASHINGTON A V Mohawk Hotel, 2 or 3 rooms and bath, maid service, attractively furnished front apartment; moderate rent from May 16 to October. Phone Prospect 1900. Apt. fill, 1S-7 WILLOVOHBY AV, 866 5-room apartment, all improvements; rent $60. 22-7 ATTRACTIVE 2 front rooms and bath, pri-vat house, completely furnished for housekeeping. Including gas, electric, heat; $12; Christians; convenient to Culver line. West End subway. Berkshire 266-V. 2-7 COMKOHTABLY furnished four rooms; all improvements; convenient to subway. ' Koehler. 477 St. John's pi. t 21-2 FI NELY furnished 4-room modern apartment, in aelect neighborhood; immediate possession. For full particulars call 22 Tith at. or phone 150u Shore Road, Apt. 1-1. 20-7 LADY WJL.L share 2-room apartment with I it ay . VI r'-nncntriii , iv per et rv. v. 11 Prospect 8289, after I p.m. Miss Rockwell. 52-2 LEAVING CITY Entire new furnishings of 6-room out aide apt for sale, with leuse till Oct. 3 ; rent $55 ; all improvements. Inquire Potter, 774 JeftVrsnn av. 12-3 Ml'ST SELL, beautiful furniture 4-room apt, including piano; $500 ; or will rent spt. Mormnglde 4SS0. apt. 42. 19-7 ON EASTERN PARKWAY Attractive 5. room and bath apartment to sublet. May to September; 1 block from subway. Phone Decatur 5O0. I 18-7 YOCNG COUPLE will share furnished apartment with 2 girls or business couple. Box O-y. Engle ofticp :M-7 I ROOiS, furnished, glassed porch, electric j light and gas; from May 15 to Oct. I; j adults only; $50 rent. Phone Evergreen' 507-J. 2'.'-3 j Apawtmetit Unfurnished Ma 1ST ST, 4S3 One unfurnished medium sue ! room, kttrjien; running hot. cold water.) gas, electricity "2-2 j ID PL. 12 2 5 room ana bath, adults only: j convenient to t ran sit ; Itp pi even ten ts. 22 - '1 4TH AV, 6704 Near &9th frt st-ttloni 6 rooms and bath: ,am heat, electric light, hut water, janitor eervlie; rent moderate. 8jHerinteadeBt, on premises. 21-7 Apartment -Furnished Apwtmrata Unfurnished 74a ITH AV. 4M8 i room, and hath, lliui heat, parquet floor, electricity, gurnet Till. I 11-7 JTH AV. 6;02 To let. rooms, mo4ern Improvements, with or without garage; no ni-at. Mm. Knvner. 8 ll-l 9TH AV. II Hhmle or suite; all Improvements; 3 minutes subway. Mrs. Woods. 39" Stsrllnr. M-2 ITH ST. ISSA Beautiful rooms, all Improvements; sanitary house; new bedding; reasonable. I!TH AV. 42J Klve rooms, top floor, corner of 1-famlly house; Christian adults: 960. Berkshire JJ48. 2J-7 11TH AV, 1,14 rooms, raodarn. sunny exposure; top floor. 2-famllvt houae: rent 186 Phone Routh 3263. 11-7 UTH 8T. tit Near Park entrance; 3d apartment, ( rooms and bath: hot water, steam, electricity; -new decorations; rent tit. See Painter, or call Mansfield 1740. 8 21-7 11TH ST, 3iS 4 rooms, bath, bent hot water, decorated; rent 97 Apply Rose. South .1714. 21-7 11TH XT, 362 Five, rooms, bath, heat and hot water; rent $100. Apply Rose, phone South 1714. f 10-7 12TH ST. 827, corner 4th av; 7 rooms, balh, electricity, R5; also furniture for sale, reasonable. South 3144-W. Cobcn. 21-7 I3TH ST. 112 Large furnished room, suitable for business couple; also ballroom; Improvements; convenient subway, cars. 22-8 lfiTH AV. R818 Near Cropfey av; 4 rooms, bath: all improvements: beautiful section. overlooking bay; bathing; all summer. f 18-7 KTH ST. 618 Six outside light rooms. hath nrlniAil aim naeoli . cur Muli.a N.uild'lng; 1 Mock to park; garage. J 20-7 4BTH ST. IftiKl'pper floor, two-family de- incnvo noun; sunny an ngni rooma, oatn newly decorated: electricity, private Porch par-iuet, ulver Ha to lflth av: convenient to Hea Reach and 'West End subways; near yarge:; rent ftki. S6TH. 1 WKST.-.New York near $th av) up-to-date elef tor apartments, 2 and 4 rooms, bath, kitchenette; all modern Im provements; Immediate possession. Apply premises. f 22-2 65TH ST. 421 Beautiful 1-room and kltch enftte apartment, pwrquet floor, modern; 2." mln. to Times Siiiare, $40; Ichso to Oc-toher or longer. Sunset S260. J 22-7 5TH ST, 1560 fi rooms and garage, $76; 7 rooms and garage, $8fi; all Improvements, In 2-fnmily house. ( 22-7 68TH ST, 9B4 rooms, 2-fumily house, enclosed porch, garage, steam, electricity. t 21-2 7&TH ST. 1682 New 7 -room apt; electricity, beat, parquet, tiled bath, porch; garage. Ben son hurst 024-.T. t 20-7 76TH ST, 262 strictly modern high class; very convenient; t exceptionally large rooms; superintendent; phone service. t 18-7 A RttTI.G RD, 21 4-room apartment, with all improvements; telephone service; near Caton av ant) Prospect Park. Phone Flat-bush 7100. f 18-7 ARLINGTON SKCTION Apartment. 4 light rooms, all Improvements. Phone denmorc 8366 for appointment. 20-6 th f s AV M, 817 large rooms; porch; good location; all Improvements; rent $86, Mld-wood 1775. I 22-7 BAT RIDGE. 4407 4th av, near 45th et subway station; 6 rooms, ( 2d floor front; modern improvements. Tel. Sunset 3333. fap21-tf BAY Rl DUE Corner, six large rooms, bath; gorgeously decorated; parquet; 3 bay windows, all Improvements; porch, trees, lawn ; ' equal $3,100 apartment; convenient subway; $100. 7202 10th av. Phone Ben-sonburst 14R4-W. $ 22-7 BA V RIDGE Convenient to subway ; five-room front apartment, steam heat, hot water supply, electric lights; In good con. dition ; Immediate possession. Inquire at real estate office, 7109 3d av. or 355 84th st. t a!2-tf BAY RIDGE 2 rooms, kttshen, prlvato bath; new plumbing; private house; electricity, heat, gaa; 30 minutes from Times Square; 2 block from subway; Christians onlv. Box 1-314. Ragle office. $ 17-7 BAY RIDGE 4 rooms, bath and storeroom; electric light, all outsid windows; corner house; readv to occupy May 1 ; $70 rent to reliable party. Clarence Hansen. 275 89th st. Shore Road 0335. t 20-7 BAY RIDGE 6 all light upper rooms, bath, electricity, steam heat, 7 minutes to 8-Uh st subway; adults. Christians; $76. . Phone Shore Road 4 572-.T after 6 p.m. t 1IT-7 BAY RIDGE S4 7Sth st, 7 rooms and sun porch. 4iot water nupp'y. garage; Christian adults; references. Phone 1910 Shore Road. May 1. $116. 20-4 BAY RIDGE 6 rooms, $68; 4 rooma, $55; corner, steam and hot water supplied, all modern Improvements. Norman Anderson, 5317 Mh av. Sunset 7078. I 18-7 BAY RIDGE 3-fsmily, semi-detached; 7 rooms, heated ; porch, garage: basement laundry; bedrooms private. Shore Road A440-J. 19-7 BY RIDGE 5309 6th av; & and 6 room apart ment; all newly decorated; steam, hot water, electricity, and all modern Improvements; reasonable rent. Apply premises. 18-7 BAY RIDGE Four large rooma and bath, improvements. 68th st, near 6th av. Inquire ff2 74th st; Forsmark. j 22-2 BAY RIDGE 445 41st st ; 6 rooms and bath, private house, small family adults; refer ences. X HY RllXiE 4 light room, electric lights; one block frdm subway station; tent $00. Erlck-non. 6W4 3d av. I BAY RIDGE 5 rooms and bath, steam heat, electric .light, $70. 354 Senator st. Shore Road 1716-W. t 22-7 BAY FUDGE AV. 321 Four rooms; all 'm-m-nvements: $65; near subway. t 21-3 BAY RIDGE 577 "9th st ; upper tloor, 7 light rooms, all improvement; In 2-family houw: Htpam -heat and garage; rent $100. t 18-7 BAY RIDGE Six rooms and bath. Wctrlc light, private house. $65; Christian adults; reference. Box 1-351. Engle office. 16-7 BAY 16TH ST. 8732 Four large rooms; $66; near 18th st. West End station. Benson-hurst 4161. $ 18-7 BY 16TH ST. 86ffi Beautiful 6-room flat, corner Benson av; all improvements; 2 b Tv ks from station: Bath Beach. ? 19-7 BEDFORD AV. 1500 Near St. Johns pi ; 6 rooms, electricity, steam heat, hot water; jtt-i. Apply .janitor. lR-7 BEDFORD SECTION Near EftHtcrn Parkway and Bedford; 5-room apartment. In upper part 2-family house, heat, eVctric-ty, newly decorated; 2 minutes to Franklin av subway express station ; 20 akin, utes to Wall at; Christian adults. Tel.--nhne Prospect 7961, 22-2 BEDFORD SECTION "-room apartment on Pacific st, between New York and Nostrand avs; electricity, parquet floors, steam heat; beautiful building; first-class location. Ross Heal Estate, Nostrand av, corner Atlantic. Phone Lafayette 068. t 17-7 BEDFORD SECTION Madison st. 379 ; 5-room apartment, private house, all modern im provements; parquet floors; adults; ref-frnnCmH. Decatur 6210. $ 21-7 BEDFORD SECTION Parlor floor and basement to let, five rooms and bath, all improvements, electric light. 213 Lexington av. 20-3 BEDFORD SECTION Unusual single apartment, private dwelling; 4 rooms and hath : modern appointments: MS. Box K-397. Eagle Bedford branch. BEDFORD SECTION Larger living room, h. drooni and kitchen. $50 monthly, including heat, gaa, electricity; Christian adults. Lafavette T.616-W. 22-7 BEDFORD SECTION 3 rooms, suitable for couple, including electric light, gas and heat; $o5. 1072 Bergen st. near Nostrnnd rv. Phone Decatur 8475: $ 22-3 BEDFORD SECTION Desirable 5 rooms, bath, all improvements; private house; adults. Lafayette 6077. 2? -7 BEDFORD SECTION Four rooms, bath; gas. electricity, heat. 14t5 Pacific st. Phone Decatur 417. i 21-7 BEDFORD SECTION 3 and 4-room apartments, front; all improvements. Apply superintendent. 1614 Bedford av. I 21-7 BENSONHURST 17TH AV AND 75TH ST, NEW BUILDING. JUST FINISHED; FINEST TYPE OF MODERN APARTMENTS; 4 AND 5 ROOMS; $73 AND UP. WEST END SUBWAY. I BENSONHURST 4 rooms and bath; all sunlight; steam heat inclusive; electricity : small family Christian adults. Owner. 2221 R4th st. Tel. R"nj"mhurst 204. 22-7 BENSONHURST Beautiful 7 rooms, 2d floor, detached stucco house: porch; ope b'ock subway; two blocks ocean. Bensonhurst 3&2. 16-8 BERGEN ST. 1775 To let, 6 rooms; all modern Improvements; private house; mod-crate rental. Phone 0178 Decatur. 1778 Bergen st. ' 22-2 HERO EN ST. 1017 Good neighbor! ood, 5 rooms and bath; M modern Improvements; rent $6.t; possession May 1. M. C. O'Brien, 79S Nostrand av. 'U-1 HERGES ST. 191 Five beautiful rooms. 1; -family house; Improvements; fine rent-dnt a! section ', Gentile couple or adults: r"asonaMe. 21-3 BEVERLY ROAD SECTION New J-family oy.e. t; rooms and bath ; all Improve-iii'-nts; electricity, sun parlor; with or without garage; rent reasonable; f'w minute walk to 1. R. T. subway. Call Mrs. McDonald. Chelsea 2432. $ 21-3 li -Hn HAI.l. Slv' 'TIi'iN Return ft; n.o,1ern .rtnieire. two bedrooms, living room, ex-ra riiom Mii.i bnih. second door, ail Isrge file rooms, ont.i'le windows. 8100 per month. Also r part ment. two rooms and bth. fourh floor, f-nnt: p.r month Apply Wm. P. Rae Co.. 163 Kciuscn st. Bklyn. 9 3a-l Aprnt 1'nfurnlfilied 74a BOROUGH PARK SECTION New apartments, 3. 4, f rooms; stl lm- provements; rent 9&0-880: ready about May 16; applications considered now. Jonas Land Co, Inc. K. A. Johnson Renting Agent, 6520 Fort Hamilton Parkway, Berkahlre 3374. Take Sea Reach subway to Fort Hamilton av. Fort Hamilton Parkway, cor. 68th at. 22-7 BORO PARK SBOTION-Six rooms, bath; parquet floors, electric llgnt, neat, otyme bourne 1199. I- BORO i'ARK-Very deslrsble S-room apart ment together with it attic rooms; ail latest, improvements; nign ciass cottage; tw jnoniu ly. 1437 67th st. Hlythebourne aUH-J. B-1 BROAD W AT. 140. near Sumnter at; rooms with bath, $33 and 140. 118 Buy- nam st, 4 rooms, is: BROADWAY. 14& g-room apt., bath, elec tric light; suitable large tamiiy; an conveniences. ! 18-7 BROOKLYN HEIGHTS- J-3-4-6 rooms; 3 minutes from "Wall st; new elevator apartments; -southeast comer Clark and Henry. (Take. Broad way -I. ,Ft. T. subway to Clark st. J. w. Mengel, on premises. Tel. Beekman 9430. t d-tC BROOKLYN HEIGHTS Newly constructed nupifi panmeni, nvt rooms inu uin , rental $125 per month unfurnished: attrac tively furnished until Oct. I, $160 per montn. ine Heignts company, inc., Montague st. 22-2 BROOKLYN H EIGHTS Newly constructed attractive duplex apartment, Ave rooms ana oatn; rental sioe per monin. 1 ne Heights Company, Inc., 143 Montague ., Brooklyn. t 22-2 BROOKLYN HEIGHTS 5-room apartment to sublet; steam heated. Phone Main 0004. 22-2 BUSHWICK SECTION Upper part 2-fam II v brick. 8 rooma and bath: un to date electricity; vacant; Christian adults. Box IW-100. Eirla Manhattan branch. World Vulldlng. 21-3 BUSHWICK SECTION' Apt. house, 6 rooms, bath, electric light, steam beat; $85. 6 Bleecker et, corner Bush wick. Htagr 6448. 19-4 RUSH ST, 82 5 rooms and -bath, all modern Improvements: Immediate possession; rental $80 monthly.- Wmaburg 2230-R. t 22-2 CAMBRIDGE PL. 65 Near Gates av; 4 rooms, top floor private house, not apartment; 2 . adults, business people. Christians' gas Included: owner; rent $45. 18-7 CAMBRIDGE PL, 110 High-class 4 rooms and bath, I7& montn. inquire awucnooarn operator. Prospect 8968. t 22-8 CARROLL ST. comer Kingston av; high-class apartment house; 4 rooms, bnth. targe foyer: beautifully decorated, ivory, French gray; all rooms facing street; southern exposure; one flight up: rent $100; occupancy May 1. A only superintendent. 1365 Carroll at, three blocks Kingston av subway station. Phone Decatur 197. $ M-T CARROLL ST, 1365 3-room apartment, $70. Apply Superintendent, on premises. ii-z CATON AV AND WESTMINSTER RD. Overlooking Prospect Park: five and six room, new, high class apartments, on the portlonal ownershtp J) tan; $1 000 to $2,000 cash, balance like Pent; all outside, exceptionally large rooms; sound-proofed; spacious closeta; modern Improvements; each suite wired for Individual telephone; B. R. T. (Brighton eubway. Church av express etatlon; 17 minutes from Wall street. t iil-80t CHESTNUT ST. 9ft Five or six light, airy rooms and bath; electricity; separate furnace: references: adults only. Tel. Annie- gate 3143. 20-7 CHURCH AV Corner apartment, 6 outside rooms; steam neai, not waier, meat Kuerten; Christian adults; $62.50. 67 Church av. Phone Mansfield 6493-W. ( 10-7 CHURCH AV, 2812 Five rooms and hath; all improvements; near subway. See Superintendent. 22-2 CLARENDON RD. 2204 High-class front apartment, 4 rooms, $66. Apply Supt.. on premises. 20-7 CLERMONT AV. 434 Large furnished room ami kitchen adjoining porchr suitable 2 or 3 ; reasonable; near Fulton st. 22-7 CLINTON AV, 476 Attractive 3-room apartment on ground floor; all modern Improvements; hall and telephone service; ideal apartment for business couple; $70. Apply eup.erlntndent. t 16-7 CLINTON AV. 4W Nar Greene; new high-class S-rooin and bath, lft-7 COLUMBIA HEIGHTS, 129 Five rooms and bath, In high-class elevator npartinent; excellent location; rent $126 per month. Apply '. D. Berry, agent, 168 Montague st. Main 0486. t 21-3 COLUMBIA HEIGHTS. ISA Two rooms and bath; open fireplace; beautiful river view; 7 minutes Wall st ; furnished or unfurnished; reasonable. Apply Superintendent, on preml-Ises. 20-3 CONEY ISLAND AV, 78:'-Near Cortelyou rd; 5 rooms and bath, steam heat, electric lights, hot water, all improvements; moderate rent. $ 18-7 CONGRES8 ST. 183 Phone Henry 2105.. 2- room apartment, kitchenette and bath, all latest improvements, rent $40. Johnson. 21-7 COURT ST, 84 Five rooms, bath, $40. $ 21-7 CROWN HEIGHTS Upper 2 -family brick house, never been occupied; 8 rooms, music rooms and sitting porch; garage; absolutely every modern convenience; near three subways, six street car lines; Brooklyn's best section. 1065 Carroll st, near Bedford av. 2?-7 CUMBERLAND ST. 307 Large pleasantly furnished front room; 8 minutes to Atlantic av station; electricity, running water: telephone. CYPRESS HILLS 294 Crescent st; 5 rooms and bath; new modern brlck house; with owner: Christian adults; 26 minutes to 14th st. Phone 0O2S-AV Cypress. $70; garage privilege IM extra. 213 DEAN ST, 114 Near Nostrand av; flneat location; two rooms, bath, kitchenette; all Improvements. Apply Berg, 1138 Dean st t a8-tf DEAN ST. 1112 Corner Bedford av; gt. Regis, high-class elevator apartment; beautiful 4-room and bath all outside apt. 18-7 DEAN ST. 1400 4-roam apartment, front; high class, modern desirable; Christians preferred. Superintendent on premises. Decatur )i9K. 21-7 DEAN ST and Albany; cosy 6-room apt., all ln-n.imnl- vent tCP. Tssl VAC w ,... ette. 21-2 DECATUR ST, 310 Large room, furnished or unfurnished; sunny, light housekeeping "L" and trolley; chenp; couple or gentle-men. DECATUR ST. 372 3-room apartment, entire top floor, private house; heat, electric lights and gas Included. l g-7 DECATUR ST, 234 3 and 4 rooms, with all latest Improvements, In a hlgh-clai private dwelling. Brown. 9 16-7 DVKER HEIGHTS 8203 12th av, corner house, 3 rooms and bath apartment. Including gas. electricity, private house: business couple preferred; rent 955, with garage 966. . I 20-7 EASTERN PARKWAY, 650 Near Nostrand av ; opposite 2 subway stations; 7 rooms and bath, extra lavatory, latest Improvements; shower, tile bath, parquet flooring; iinu per month. Inquire Triangle 6500 or 6501, or on premises. 19.7 EASTERN PARKWAY. 631-Nesr New York sv and subway station; 7 looms and bath: all modem Improvements: desirable for Christian adults; possession May 1. M. c. O'Brien. T$8 Nostrand av. 2?-7 EASTERN PARKWAY, at express subway station; excellent neighborhood; 4 rooms and bath; latest Improvements; rent 73; possession June 1. M. C. O'Brien. 798 Nostrand sv. t 22-3 EASTERN PARKWAY. 61 7 rooms, all modern improvements; a few ysrds from Nosti-snd av subway station; 9j. I'houe Morris Wolf-mrn. stsgg 01II8. 9 17.; EASTERN PARKWAY 7 large, airy rooms, modern; 2 lavatories 3 flights up; immediate occupancy; 390. Lafnycttc 2626. 840 r.nstern farkwsy. near sunwsv. 4 21-7 K ASTERN PARKWAY, 694 Six rooms, alt av suhway station. Owner on premises. Rent 85. - i 22-7 fcASTER.N PARKWAY. 759 Second floor, seven rooms, two baths: latest Improvements. Inquire Supt., or Orchard S220. 9 16-7 EASTERN PARKWAY. 610 2d apartment, 5 rooms and bath, all Improvements; small Mult Christian family; 975. t 19.7 EASTERN PARKWAT, 719-7 moms and bath; sll improvements. 13.7 E. 3D ST. 376 7 rooms, all Improvements, upper floor; enclosed porch. Berkshire 2563-W. 9 51-7 E. 4TH ST. Ml 6 rooms, eiectilc, parquet, decorated; separate furnaces; detached cottage: Immediate possession; 380. Dlt-mas av station Culver line. 9 iR.f fc. 6TH ST, 606 Two rooniH, unfurnished, electric and gas, running water. Msuh- Held 70.30. , 22-7 K. 7TH ST One block east of Ocean Parkway north of Avenue M: two new white stucco two family houses, esch spartment 7 rooms and bath; all modern Improvements: we ftir-n'Nh fteem hest and hot water; open for tnsiectlon. 9 16-7 EAST 12TH ST. 1172 2 rooms and kitchenette, private house; latest Improvements. 1172 East 12th st. Brooklyn; Brighton line. Avenue J station 22-2 E. 12TH ST. 14296 rooms, sun parinr, steam heat, electric, tiled bath, shower; vacant; rent 876. Phone Midwood 2914-J 20. 3 iKEX ST. j Corner apart ment, opposite! park: 7 .'arite rooms and baths newly decorated; steam heat, hot water, parquet floors, electric. Apply on premises. Cypress! 5198. , 19-7 ' Apartment Unfurnished 74 FLATBUSH .-room apartment; all lfglit; newly decorated; steam heat, hot water supply, electric light, shower bath, parquet floors; vacant ; rent $80. CI anon. N oat rand av. 18-7 FLATBUSy- Semf-detached, duplex etyle. 5 rooma. bath, new; Christian adults Flatbush 6638-J. $ 11-7 FLAT BUSH Upper part 2-family detached houae, 6 rooms, bath, heat, all improvement.,; near Kings Highway express station. Phone Mid wood 8877-J.j S FLATBUSH Upper apartment of a 2-family well-kept house, 8 beautiful rooms, bath; front and back porches; latest improvement!, adults; references. 673 E. 8th st. $ 19-7 FLATBUSH To let. in two-family houfae, T large rooms and bath, parlor floor and basement; parquet floor, electric light, hot water heat; linoleum on kitchen and basement hat); price $100; adutta preferred; reference required; Immediate possession. 35 Hawthorne at. Brooklyn. 22-4 FLATBUSH 6 rooma and bth, two-family, upper floor; all sunny- rooms; heated and hot water system; up to date; Janitor service: best location: B. 18th st, near Beverly rd. B. R. T. ; will sublet from June 1. Phone MA5-W Flatbush for appointment and particulars. Can be seen Sunday. -'- FLATBUSH Delightful 4-room and bath apartment, facing Prospect park; unusually large rooms; every modern Improvement; centrally located; within two blocks Brighton line; corner St. Paul'e pi. Pk-eide av; will rent from June 1. Flatbush 1231. 1 FLATBUSH Modern apartment. 4 rooms, bath, overlooking garden. In rear; 1 block from Prospect Park and B. R. T.; immediate possession; rent m; Christian adujts; only. Apply on premises. 1J. ' P. Sfcj Parkslde a v. Flatbush 7798. 2ft-? FLATBUSH Beautiful -room apartment, upper part of 2-famlly house; new. all modern Improvements, Including sun parlor and garage; ready for occupancy May 1 : rent $90; Christian adulis. F. Luppena, M4 rintbush a v. FLATBUSH Uppee part of 2-fanilly house. 7 rooms, bath, porch, screens, awnings, lal- (.t mnrnv.iii,nl.' will, nr without SSrSITe-. owner occupying first floor. 610 Avenue C West, near Ocean Parkway. Berkuhlre 2M-J. 21-7 FLATBUSH Elegant 6-room apt., best sec tion Flatbush; all Improvements, nmi all aides, 5 large closets and beautifully decorated. Phone for appointment, Mansfield 36-M. J 22-7 FLATBUSH 6-room corner apartment, all .Aiii.l.l. ennmn tltfht on 3 Hides. 2d floor; wonderful roof garden; 1 minutes' walk to J3. r. t. subway station ano sioreo, vv-i? line roof garden. 800 E. Uth st, corner Ave. H. Supt. In cellar. 21-4 FLATMltSH Near Avenue J ; Oak Crest Apartments. 954 B. 15th st; 4-room apartment, 2d floor; steam heat, electric light; all Improvements; rent M. For Information, call Stagg 3507. 22-7 FLATBUSH 6 rooms, sun parlor: gsrBge; lower part 2-famlly detached house. 1817 B. 19th st. Coney Island 2W. i 197 . . FLATBUSH Woodruff av, 19; desirable six-room and two baths apartment: possession May 2: near Church av station B. R. T. subway; will do reasonable amount redecorating: rental tSO: Apt. CI. 21-3 FLATBUSH Second apartment, corner. 7 rooms; southern exposure; steam, hot water, parquet, electricity; newly decorated; possession May 1. Davenport R. E. Co.. Inc.. 831 Flatbush av. t '-1-8 FLATBUSH Lower part of detached house. 7 large rooms ana oatn, eieciricuy, floors, large porch and ground. E. 21st at, near Ditmas av; Christian adults; rent 9110. Tel. Mansfield 9332. t 20-7 FLATBUSH Upper. 2-famlly, 6 heate.l rooms, parquet, electric; near park. 2 subways; high class; 275-380; Christian adults. 162 Sterling st, near Bedford, lower bell. 20-4 FLATBUSH Apartment 4 beautiful rooms on Ocean av, avanaDie way i; nue ouiion; responsible tenant, 970. Telephone Mid-wood 6441. 21-3 FLATBUSH New 2. family house with garage, all Improvements: upper floor, 1100; lower, J116. 1950 K. 21st st, between Aves. R and 8. 9 18-7 FI.ATBU8H Five light rooms nnd hath: electric light, heat; screened-ln porch; in seml-detach.M house, with owner; rent reasonable. 120 E. 42d St. 18-7 FLATBUSH The St. George. 275 Ocean av, facing Prospect Park; 5 rooms. 2d, front; May 1; modern, select; Christians: references. Apply week days, 9 to 6 p.m. 20-7 FLATBUSH 6 large rooms, sun parlor, all Improvements: garage; private and rear entrances; near B. B. L. subway station. 918 Av P. Orchard 8333. 9 19-7 FLATBUSH 614 E. Ifith st; 6 rooms, steam. electricity: parquet floors; near ftewkirk av express station, B. B. L. Mansfield 376 mornings $ 20-7 FLATBUSH Seven rooms, bath, lower part detached 2-famlly house; heat supplied, electricity; ISO. 2033 Bay av. Mulwnul nss-v. t 22-7 FLATBUSH 3, 4. 6. 6 room apartments. 920 per room. O, E. Allard, 1321 Foster av. Phone 1051 Mansfield. Closed Sundays, t 19-7 FLATBUSH 1605 New York kv, upper and lower apartments to let, every modern improvement; with or without garage. Inquire on premises, or phone Stagg 4278. 9 20-7 FLATBUSH 6-room apartment In 2-famlly house; modern Improvements; porch. 967 East 13th st. Phone Midwood 6302. 8 16-7 FLATBUSH Lower floor 2-family house, 6 rooms and bath, separate furnace, electricity. 1 block subway; rent $r,S. 281fr Newklrk av. Phone Flnthueh 7207. t 22-2 FLATBUSH Beautiful 4 and 5 room apart ments; up-to-the-minute: m the magntneent new building, Mayflower Court. 1100 Ocean av. Superintendent on premises. - 22-7 FLATBUSH Ocean av. 354. "Montauk"; five rooms, elevator apartment: sublet from May 15; large rooms; all Improvements; Apt. 34. 16-7 FLATBUSH 4-room apartment, desirable location on ocean nv; all modern improvements; rent 370. Telephone Mnnsfleld 4456. t-a FLATBUSH 6 rooms and bnth apartment. 6502 or Inquire on premises. 1355 E. 21st st. 9 22-7 FLATBUSH Newklrk station. Brighton line: six and bath (entire floor): stesm. electricity: 96; Christian adults. "Telephone Mnnsfleld 3010. 22-2 FLATBUSH 6 rooms and bath: steam, hot water, electilclty; one block from subway entrance. O. W. Dayton, 680 Rogers av. 16-7 FLATBUSH High class 6-room corner apt. Newklrk av express station. Rent 9100. Apply Superintendent, 633 E. 16th st. 9 19-7 FLATBUSH 3. 4. 5, 6 room suites, hlgh-olasa bui'dlngs. excellent location. Lewis Smith. Beverly rd at Ocean av. Open Sundnv. t 2J-7 FLATBUSH 6 rooms, all modern Improvements: Kings Highway express station. Hrlehtnn line: 366. Breen, 1519 E. 15th V. Midwood 2189-W. 8 22-7 FLATBUSH 6 rooms snd bath, tipper floor 2-famlly house; all improvements: screens snd awnings; rent reasonable. 2so r,ast 3d st. 16-7 FLATBUSH Light room, all Improvements, private family: nenr 3 subways: Bedford av and Newklrk; 90. Mansfield 7788-W. I 3SZ- I 1.M .tditcij Ul.h.Aluaa S.rnnm enrner .nl Newktrtr sv exnreRu station: rent 365. A II- plv Superintendent. 633 Esst 16th st. 9 18-7 FLATBUSH Four rooms and bath on first floor, detached house; electric, steam heat; 375. Phone Mansfield 3990-J 22-2 FLATBUSH 4 rooms, 5 flights front; Improvements; 965. E. !2d st. between Newklrk and Foster avs. Windsor 561B. 9 21-7 FLATBUSH 1584 E. Sth St. 6 rooms, tile bath, shower, steam and hot water, endowed norcli. gam ge. 9 22-7 FLATBUSH Newklrk station. Brighton subway hree sunny outside rooms; reasonable. Bshr. 694 Esst lth St. 9 22-7 FLATBUSH 3 rooms and bath: newly dee-orated: for business woman: private house: Christian;-: references. Mansfield 3582-M. FLATBUSH 3-room apurtment. all modern l.nnrnvemem Call MldwOOd 6502 Or Itl- nulre 1355 E. 21st St. 9 22-7 FLATBUSH 2491 HedTOm av. t-ruuin apan-in.nmvam.nt. Knot. . finer :-o Clarendon rd. Apt. D. 9 22-7 FLATBUSH Lower part 2-famlly, 5 rooms, ii' Imnrovcments. 1434 E. 13th st. near Kings Highway express station. 9 22-7 FLATBUSH 1 376 E. 14th st. Ave. N, 6 light rooms. 2-frmlly house. Imnrovementa: Christian sdults. Midwood 6263-.T. 20-4 FLATBUSH 805 Ocean av, near Cortelyou rd. Hlah-c!ais apartment. 7 rooms. Apply superintendent, on premises. $ 21-7 FLATBUSH Seven ronis, 2-fomilv house; sll latest Improvements: reasonable rent. 350 17 Rth . near Beverly rd. 21-2 s-i.ATni'KH Anartments In select sections. 960 and up. Knox Realty. 1350 Flatbush av. Monsneid onsa ; -2-3 FbATBUSH 370 E. 29d st: 4 snd 5-roon-spnrlmenrs. high class; all Improvements Applv Superintendent, on premises. 8 23-7 FLATBUSH 9 front rooms, parqu.t throughout, all improvements: rent 350. 910 Cata-t t. , 9-I AparlinciiN ViifurniKlit-fl T4i FLATBUSH GARDENS Four-room apart-ment. all improvements, rnqulre of Supt., 3 R 18th t. Phone Mnnsflelil 4S9a. t l-7 KLATflUSH Newklrk station Brighton subway; J! sunny outside rooms; reasonable. Batir. S94 Fiist 10th St. t-7 K1.ATBU8H Six lartfe corner looms; ail improvements; f75. Phone Flatbush 035. ; si-s FLATBUSH 4 llnt rooms, decorated, electric Kent. 50. 1102 Klatbush av. $ :0-f FLATHl'SH 216 K. 17th st ; f larite rooms, all modern Improvements; nlce 185. $ 32-7 FLATHL'SH Five rooms; all lmprove ments; 170 month. 1(3! B. Uth st. 81-6 PltHn ST k V.. a r ,.,-,, 1 1 . R . ..nma In hta. ment;' gas, electric; no bath; no objection to 2 children: occupancy May 1: rent 330, i !3-7 GATES AV, 63- Very attractive sunny corner apartment, unfurnished, 2 rooms and bath, parquet floors, electric light. t 19-7 GATES AV. 570 Parlor floor and basement, & large, airy rooms; electricity and btith; reasonable. 5 22-2 GATES AV Five rooms, balh, electricity, IM. Call Evergreen 681S. J 22-7 GRAND AV, 4 98 THREE ROOMS .AND BATH, STEAM HEAT, ELECTRIC LIGHT, TELEPHONE; FOR 2 OR 8 ADULTS. PHONE JROSPECT 7165. t 22-7 GREENE AV, 622 Five rooms and bath, private house; -all modern Improvements; lust renovated ; rent 160; adults only. t -"0-7 GREENE AV. 494 7-room apartment, steam heat, electric light and hot water supply. Phone Decatur Wi. --'-'J HALSEY ST. 1.17 Beautiful 4 rooms, bnth, newly decorated, parquet, electric light; 70; Christians. t 20-7 ,1 11 .VV t!T Era IZ.i'.n owtma i rl ha.K Wltn nrai. 11. inquire ffir., Dunn., t ti-.. H.XNCCH'K ST, IM Near NoNir.uid av; par lnr suite of 4 rooms and bath: 8100. Talbot Perkins. 1161 Fulton St. 20-4 HANCOCK ST, 102 Between Hertford and Nosti-snd: 3-room. oath, up-to-date, unrur. ntsheri. Seen between 3 ami 8. 19-7 HANCOCK ST. 67 2 rooms, bath, kitchen ette, all Improvements; line wectlon. Su perintendent on premises. t,arayette szas. t 18-7 HEIGHTS Large, light, airy, cheerful room, kitchenette apurtment. unfurnished nrlvate balh. aas. electricity: muld : uuiet residential street; refined neighborhood; i minutes Boro Hall; Ideal for two men or couple. lverlch Arms. 39 Sidney pi. t tf HEIGHTS SUCTION Desirable corner, two rooma. balh and kitchenette aoartnient: 148 Clinton st, corner Livingston st; all light rooms: every improvement; mala service, Apply on premises from 2 to & or phone owner. Flatbush 7401. 9 15-8 HEIGHTS SECTION High class apartments at li.t Hicks st; two-, three- ana six-room HDMrtinents: two-room anartment. bath and maid service. 966; references; alau private girase attached. 1-7 It HI CUTS 01 ClnrU st. 5 rooms, bath, lat est Improvements; suitable doctor, dentist or business; 2 doors from Clark st sub: 3 mln. Wall st. Msln 7084 21 -7 HEIGHTS Basement level with sidewalk; 3 large rooms, bath, tubs, gas. electricity; must ha seen to be appreciated. 149 Joral- emon at. HEIGHTS 83 State st; entire floor; all modern improvements; 5 minutes to Wall at; vacant May 1. Apply Fagan. Main 0355. 8 19-7 HEIGHTS II Monroe pi; first stop all sub. ways; 2 front rooms, bath, fireplace, llnnal ueevle Included: May 1: 975. 20-4 HEIGHTS 5 Montague terrace; two large rooms, bath and kitchenette; maio servi"-; nnsscsstnn May 1: relit ttVi month'.v. "7 HEIGHTS 36 Sidney pi; froth May 1. one iuf. mmn tiled hth. aas. electricity; by appointment. Tel. Main 1094. t ap!7-tf HERKIMER ST. nenr Bedford av; 2 rooms, itn.h,,ni. nrifui. hite. narouet. elec tricity: M5.' Sterlng 61I3.-.-W. 9 16-7 HICKS ST, 85 At Clark st. I. R. T. subway station: 1 minutes to Wall st ; 4 rooms, all Improvements; Janitor on premlBes. HILL SECTION 13 St. near Pratt Institute, 3 rooms and bath; vacant; heat. h. wr Mimnlv etc. Talbot-PerklnS. 11M Fulton Ht. ' 20-4 HILL SECTION Putnam av, apartment, five roonta and hath. 3": steam, hot water, elce trteltv Prnaiieet Site''-J 17-7 HOOPER ST, 256 With owner, 4 rooms and bnth: heat, electricity; Christians. Phone w iiusmnoui a nioi-m. JAMAICA Modern 3 rooms and bath housekeeping apartment; excellent neighborhood; near station; heat, hot water, electricity; Janitor service included. 875; Chris, tlan adults. Phono Jamaica 3042. 8 21-7 JEFFERSON AV. 1108 Near Bushwlck av; 6 rooms, tiled hath, shower, electric, steam, hot water, parquet, decorated. Bushwlck 6S99 2-' JEFFERSON AV. 34S7 rooms; steam heat; electric iig-111. ii,ubi ...o. " ,. . nients. For Information call Stagg 4177. I la-T KENILWOUTH PL. 1423, 4, and 6 rooms with bath, modern improvements; "on-ahle. 21-3 KINGSTON AV, 321. at President; 6 and bath; vacant; steam, parquet, electricity. Key Cigar Store. Harry A. Levlne. 123 Ktneaton sv. t s4-tf KINGSTON AV, 321 At Union Ht; 6 and bath: newly decorated; steam, electricity, parquet; vacant; 975. Key In cigar store. Harry A. T.evlne. 123 Kingston av. t 22-7 LAFAYETTE AV Attractive houaelteeplng 4-room modern apartment, regular kitchen; electricity, hardwood floors, steam heat. Halbert. 33 Lafayette av 9 16-7 LEWIS AV. 3063 rooma; all Improvements; rent 850. Inquire D. Fuchs, telephone Decatur 8956. t 22-2 LINCOLN PL Beautiful block, 6 minutes Nostrand av subway station; 7 rooms and bnth; lower part 2-famlly. completely furnished Including piano; very desirable. Tel. 8968 Main, weekdays: 419J Decatur evenings and Sunday. 9 22-7 LINCOLN PL, 3453 elegant rooms, all Improvements, near subway, 860. . Call Bushwlck 2S49. t 22-7 MCDONOUGH ST. 695 Basement and parlor floor, 8 rooma and hath; steam heat and hot water furnished; electric, hardwood trim: 85; Christians: with owner. 9 l-l McDONOUGH ST. 32 Two rooms In apartment: Improvements: convenient location; rent 945: will furnish. C'nter. 22-2 McDONOUGH ST 6 large, light rooms, store room, hath, hot water, Rteam. For particulars phone Lafayette 2508-J. 9 22-7 McDONOUGH ST. 255 rooms and bath; all Improvements; steam; parquet floorst elec- trleifv: telephone: May 1. 4 18-7 ments. C'n he seen Sunday from 1 to 4. all week from 10-3: adults. 9 22-7 MADISON ST. 378 Five rooma; all parquet, electricity, hot water heat; newly decorated; private hmise; good neighborhood: adults only: reference. Decatur 6210. 8 18-7 MADISON ST. 612 Two unfurnished rooms in private house: rent 835 and 940 per month; heat, gaa, electric Included; Pro-testsnt business people only; references exchanged. MADISON ST, 575 Second floor, 4 rooms; gas and heat; private house; 95fl month. 9 21-2 MIDWOOD SECTION Upper part 2-famlly house. 6 rooms, parquet floors, electricity, enclosed porch, glass and screen;, own stesm. Mlrtxvnod 13?3-WJ 9 21-9 MONROE ST, 1 Fine up-to-date apartment, team heat; 915 a room. Phone Bushwlck 7322-.I. 9 13-7 MONPOI'l ST. 215 6 rooms, bath; heat, hot water; 345. Inquire janitor, 9 21-7 NEWKIRK AV. 2123 Flatbush; 4 rooms, gound floor; suitable for doctor; Janitor on premises, 9 19-7 NEW YORK AV, 384 Upper part 2-fnmlly house, 7 rooms, tiled bath, parquet floors, all Improvements; screens; 2 blocks subway; adults only, phone Decatur 9030. 9 19-7 NORTH PORTLAND AV. 130 Near Fort Greene Park: elegant 4-room apartment, ready for occupancy May 1: all latest Improvements: rent reasonable. 9 19-7 NOSTRAND AV 7-rooru apartment: all light: latest Improvements: newly dtcorated: vacant: rent 975. Rappaport, Nostrand av and Clarendon rd. -J OCEAN AV, 699 NEW 6-ROOM CORNER CROUND FLOOR APARTMENT, SUIT. ABLE FOR DOCTOR OR DENTIST. 19-7 OCEAN AV, 708 4 large rooms and bath, all Improvements; perfect order. Telephone Flatbunh 9200. or call, ask for Leon the superintendent. r all-tf OCEAN AV, 1045 4-rooin apartment. Ocean av. near NewkirK; all improvements; private; telephone. App'y Mrs. Russell. 8 19-7 orateij. see janitor on preniiwes or puone Midwood 1508. 9 16-9 PACIFIC ST. 568 St. George Apartments; 2 and 4 rooms: all Improvements; at B. R. T. and I. R. T. subwsy station, in corner of building, elevator, day and night service. Supt. on premises. 9 19-7 PACIFIC ST, 1459 Near Kingston av; Ion pallor floor: 4 rooms and bnth. all Improvements: parquet floors, etc.; suitable for doctor: rent 875. Inquire on premises, or Orchard 14V4. 9 22-7 PACIFIC ST. 4i;7 4 rooms, balh. heat, hot water, parquet, telephone, pew-law house; rent reasonable. Call Supt., Sterling 411. N - Apartment Unfurnished T4n PACIFIC ST, 144i For doctor. Ave large rooms; all Improvements; good location. Applv Supt., on premises. t 22 -J PACIFfC ST, 1446 Five large rooms; modern Improvements; good location. Apply. PACIFIC ST, 2024 2 elegant rooms, Willi furnace heat; private house. H- Htark. i '-'o-7 PARK PL 4 rooms and bath, extra lavatory, all Improvements, opposite park, near subway, I n monthly. Inquire Cattelller. Phone Decatur 11S6-J. t 81-7 PARK PL, 1121 Upper part ;-(.. illy house. 6 rooms; Christian adults; modi.rn Im provements; convenient to aubway. Phone Decatur 2353. 1.7 ru. imu, opposite rara; nign-ciau i-room apartment; telephone service; oon vntent to aubway; 190. Pbone Decatur 1311. 22-7 PARK PL, UH One room and balh, all improvements, unfurnished; 93. Phone .... rroaprci. PARK PL. 117 Subways, Prospect Park; $66; house with owner; 4 rooms, bath; steam, hot water, electricity. 16-7 PARKSIDB AV, 2i 4 and apartments; all modem conveniences; unfurnished: Janitor on premises or apply owners, Klngsway Realty Corporation, 16U East 16th at. Phone Midwood 8100. closed Sundays. I 22-2 PARK SLOPfc High-class elevator apartment. 1 rooms and hath; 9150 per month: 3 rooms and bath. 965 per month; Immediate occupaney: Supt. on premises; Lakewood Apts.. 496 Rth av. or Wm. F. Taylor Realty Co.. 431 Nostrand av. Tel. Lafayette 24M. t 23-8 PARK SLOPE Moat excellent location for a physician, first floor, 2 moms and hath, corner of 8th av and Onrtield pi: In finest Brooklyn residential section; near Prospect Park: also adjoining 2-room and bath apartment, if desired. Phone Mnnsfleld 6271 or South 122. t 21-3 PARK SLOPE 902 Union st. near park entrance, subway and car lines; 4 r oome, large batli, all modern Improvements; very desirable; adults; Christians; references. 9 22-7 PARK SLOPE 3d apartment, 6 all outside rooms and bath, steam heat: rent 965; vacant. Shannon Co., Inc., 306 Flatbush av. Sterling 0107. t 19-7 PARK SLOPE Colonna. Sth ave and Garfield pi; 2 rooms nnd bath; near Prospect Park, dining room on premises. Phone South 122 or Mansfield 6271. 9 21-3 PARK SLOPE, nenr Prospect Park West, 7 rooms, all Improvements: 2 lavatories. 660 7th at. Phone 6311-J Flatbush. Possession May 1. 19-7 PARK SLOPE 481 4th st, near 8th av; two rooms, private bath, kitchenette; steam; 965, Including gas and electricity; adults; phone 9 22-7 PARK SLOPE At PlaVa subway and curs; best, .up to date, 6 .rooms, 2 baths, overlooking park entrance. Supt., --286 Ht. John's pi, 22-2 PARK ELOPE Seven rooms and bath, modern apartment, "Annendale," 7th av, 3d st; gentiles preferred. Phone llouth 1036. 18-7 PARK SLOPE Six rooms and bath, modern improvements: subway; exclusive section: rent 8Q. 184 Underbill tijv. Sterling 5Q81. 9 20-7 'ARK SLOPE 7 rooms and bath, modern apartment. "Annendale," 7th av, 3d- st; Pontiles preferred. Tel. South 1039, 4 22-7 PARK SIAIPE 89 Sterling pi; 3 rooms, hath, kitchen; all Improvements; newly decorated; 1 & minutes wall st. 9 17-7 PARK SLOPE 2 and 3 large rooms and bath; all improvements; both subway eta Hons. Supt.. 19 Sterling pi. 9 18-7 PARK SLOPE 208 Berkeley nl: newly ren parquet; open for Inspection. 18-7 PARK SLOPE Lower duplex anartment. 7 rooms and hath; all modern improvements; 9125. Hsaley, 406 9th St. t M-7 PARK SLOPE 8 rooms, bath: heat: all Im provements: nesr two subways. Seen all the week. 946 President st. third bell. 16-7 PAIiKSIDE AV, 206 Corner apartment, four oeautirui rooms; an improvements; at n. rt. T. Parkelde Btation. Janitor 011 premises. 9 18-7 PIBRRBPONT ST. 149 Boro Hall subways; single, double, reasonable; business people; references phone; weekly. t 22-7 PRESIDENT ST. 1153 Beautiful 4 and 8 room apartments, new building, latest improvement); 1. R. T. aubway at corner. 8 20-7 PRESIDENT ST, 846 Between 7th and 8th avs; 1 rooms, bath, kitchenette, all lm Iprnvements. Apply Supt.. telephone Ster ling 0329. 9 22-7 PRESIDENT ST, 1476 5 rooms, up-to-date apartment, reasonable rent. 8uperlnten nent on premises. 8 zi-t PROSPECT PL, earner apartment; good neighborhood. 7 large rooms end bath; latest improvements: rent 995: possession May 1 M. C O.Brlen. 798 Nowtrand sv. t 22-8 PROSPECT PL. corner Nostrand av Mod ern 7 and 8 -room corner apartment, sultu,. ble for dentist or nrlvate. Phone Dick ens 2718. 8 21-7 PROSPECT PARK PLAZA 6 rooms and 2 baths, tlrst floor; alt improements; 15 mln utes lo Wall st by B. H. T. or I. R. T. subway; 9126, Apply on premises, 916 Union st, or J.H.Pennock & Co., 96 Remsen st. Main 8371. t 22-7 PROSPECT PARK SOUTHWEST, 7-Southern exposure: 4 rooms, bath: all mod ern Improvements. South 5600. Inquire superintendent, 9 16-7 PROSPECT PL, 159 Two rooma, bath. kitchenette, rear apartment; .business couple preferred: both subways: 956 rent 9 21-1 PROSPECT PARK W.. 170Corner apart, ment: 7 rooms and bath, all Improvements, 9126 per month. Phone Harlem 4151. 922-7 PULASKI 8T. 1003 and 4 rooms, all mod ern Improvements. Apply Janitor on prem lacs. Hayrtes. 22-9 PULASKI ST, 66 3 rooms; private house heat, electric light, hot water supplied Williamsburg 1465-W. 9 22-2 PUTNAM AV. near Lewis: third floor, prl vate house. 9 rooms, oath; will let to Christian adults only; 970. Phone Bushwlck 41 2S. 9 21-7 PUTNAM AV. 784 Near Reld av; private house, 5 rooms and bath, improvements, electricity and heat: Christian adulte: 850. 8 '.'2-7 PUTNAM AV. 655 4 and 5 rooma. bath heat, hot water supply, electricity; private hmiar; adults: 90-966 monthly. 9 22-2 UUINCY ST. 270 Modem eix-room apart ment In newly erected house; adults only; rent 996 per month; owner on premises. Phone Decatur 2176. 9 16-7 QUEENS VILLAGE Upper floor 2-famlly houae, 6 cheerrui, Ail sunny rooms, tue bath and kitchen; outside windows throushout: rent 965: Mav 1. Phone Hoi lis 4564-M. 9 22-7 ItBMSEN ST Boro Hall section; modern apartments: 2 bedrooms, living room, extra room and bath; second floor, all large-size rooms, outside -windows. 9100 per month. Also apartment. 2 rooms and bath, fourth floor front, 980 per month. Apply tvra. P. Rae Co.. 163 Remsen st, Brook lyn. Tel. Main tsso. t RICHMOND HILL 2 floors, corner Jamaica av and 110th et: 6 large sun lighted rooms, all Improvements; newly decorated; with electric lights: rent 975-970 per month: references reaulred. Inaulre Roemmely Bros.. 1 1001 Jamaica av, corner 110th at. Phone Richmond Hill 0711. 9 elS-tf RICHMOND HILL Two-room apartment and kitchenette, furnished; electric light, stesm heat: Drlvate bouse. Phone Rich mond Hill 3607-R. t 17-7 RIDGE BOULEVARD, eats New up-to-date -room apt., with steam Beat and garage. Phone Berkshire 3S73-J. 9 14-7 RIDGEWOOD 6 all light rooms and bath In two-tamlly house; newly decorated; electricity; modern improvements; adults: near all car tines; rent -955. Inquire 2401 Cataipa av. Evergreen 0748. 8 22-7 RTDOEWOOD BKCTION 3-room apart ment, furnished; ginsa-mciosaa porch: electric light and ffaa; from May 16 to Oct. 1; $50 monthly; adulti only. Lion. Tel. Ever-rren 0207-J. 21-3 ROSS ST. I S1 floor. 4 rooma In private house: Christiana 21-T ST. JAMES PL,' Attractive 2 rooms nnd hath, modern, for quiet business peoplo; convenient location; heat and electric; hot WHtvr st all tlmfrH. f 22-7 ST. JOHN'S PL. 70 Upper part 2-family houm rooms, bath, steam heat, parquet, electricity, instantaneous hot water. Can been Men between 5 and 7. 21-7 ST. JOHN'S PL. fi 7 rooms and bath; newly decorated: all Improvements. Telephone Decatur 79-R. I lt-7 ST. MARK'S SECTION Five sunny rooms and bath In nna of th best cared for apartments; parquet, electricity ; every conceivable convenience; fi closets with a light In each closet; a homa ot . homes for a couple who like a re- ' fined place to live. Box 0-&2, Eagle office. , t 18-7 ST. MARK'S AV. 76 Between New York and Nostrand: beautiful 2-room, bath and kitchenette apartment. Lyons, 631 Nostrand av. I "-T ST. MARK'S SKCTION Eight rooms, two baths newly decorated, modern Improvements; near Tnterboro; Immediate possession. Tel. Lafayette 7J7-W. t 20-7 ST. MARK'S AV, ' rooms and bath apt.; private house : immediate pos.uessiin : bot h sub ways; t&0 Including heat, gaa and elec- trU-ity. Tel. Sterling 4M4. $ l-7 SHEKP8HKA D BAT S049 Ocean av; four outside rooma and bath; every convenience; real kitchen. Coney Island 0183. 9 22-7 AprtmTits tnfiimlshed 7j SENATOR ST, H0 Modern 7-room a part -munt; rlsotrlclty. psrquet Moors, steam . heat and garage. Telephone Shore 'Road !732. 16-7 tHEEPSHEAD BAY 4 rooms, bath, sslect private house; edults- reasonable; heat, eleetrlclty. gaa; references. Phone Coney Island 1073. 22-3 SHEKP8HEAD BAY 2117 Voorlilea av; 8 rooms and bath. In detached house. Phone Coney Island 6728. 8 20-7 SHKEPSHEAD BAY 3. 4 and 9 rooma; modern; corner; near Brighton express station. Apply l13 Veorhlea a, v. j 18-7 SO. 9TH ST. 60 Five rooma. up to date; steam hcHU-eleetrlc light: tlrst floor. 9 22-2 S. OXFORD ST, Handsomely decorated 2 rooms ang bath apt., opposite church. Fire-plaee. Porch. tiled bath, shower. Klectrlrlty, gas. unlimited hot water; 3 minutes both subways. Keys at 90 S. Oxford st. or Phene Mansfield 3861. Open Sunday. 9 19-7 SO. OXFORD ST, 64 Modern two-room apartment; elevator service. 9 p8-tf-sa eu SO. PORTLAND aiV, 80 Floor In private house, all modern Improvements; parquet floors, electric light, hot water supply; newly, d'comted; Christian adults; refer-, ences. Prospect 6704. $ 22-3 SOUTH PORTLAND AV. 34 J rooms and bath: high class apartment!) 1 minutes all subway end tlcvaud ne; superintendent en premisee. mhlt-tf STATE ST, ei4 7 rooms, all Improvements; electric. Sterling 0654. 9 20-7 STERLING PL. 178 -New blgh-clase apartment, one room, bath, kitchenette; all im provements; both subways. 9 21-7 STERLINO PL, 361 Corner Underbill av; beautiful suite, 2 rooms and bath; matd service; all latest Improvements; rent 965 and 90 monthly: beautiful location. Realty Investing Co.. 168 Montague St. 9 22-3 STERLINrt PL. 805 Up-to-date 4 rooms, kitchen and bath, upper part of private house, 1 block to Park Plaza and subways; also smaller apt. Can be seen any day after 2 p.m. 8 19-7 STERLING PL Upper, duplex, 8 rooms and bath, extra lavatory, large sitting room, open fireplace, 6 large closets; heat and janitor service; Christiana only. Lafayette 8844. 9 21-7 STERLING PL and New York av; hlgh-clasa bachelor apartment. 2 rooms and shower bath, hot and cold water. Phone lafavette 4474. 9 22-7 STERL1NO PL Six rooms and bath, extra lavatory; latest improvements : near park and subway; 980 month. Inquire Cattelller. Tel. Decatur 1186-J. t 16-T STERLING PL, 824-Near New York av; attractive 3 rooms and bath, all lmprnve-ments: phone. 4 2S-7 STERLING PL Six rooms, all Improvements; two blocks from subway; 970. Inquire S. Tucker. 1473 Sterling pi. 9 1-T STEUBEN ST. 2458 large front rooms of apartment, unfurnished; uusiness couple or two men. Mrs, Murray. tl-7 STU Y VES ANT AV corner; southerly expoa-ure; 8 rooms and bath; strictly modern; separate entrance: hlghclasa residential section: near elevated and surface: will rent furnished or unfurnished. Phone Decatur 0328. 9 22-7 STU YVES ANT SECTION Furnished room, without hoard; well furnished room, wltll prlvste fsmlly; references. Apply Box S-354, Engle office. 21-8 STUVVESANT AV. 23 Five rooms, all Improvements; furl n IT St. John's p).; transit facilities to all parts of Manhattan, Brooklyn, within 8 minutes walk. 21-8 STU YVES A NT AV, 160 Seven large, llvht rooma. Phene Bushwlck 2617. t 2S-7 SUTTER AV. 1314 Corner Crescent at; C rooms, H Improvements; rent 1 10 per month. M. Rrhoenfeld. on premises. 20-3 UNDEKHILL AV, 140 Near Park pi; hall room for gentlemen; electricity, phone, hot wat"r; necir nil aubways. 1 I2-T UNION HT, corner Franklin av; new building. Just completed; one block to subway station; S and rooms, all latest Improvements; rent 7S-fi.r. Inquire Supt,, JI4S Knstern Parkway: Rogers. 22-7 UNION ST, 1821 Near New X" v. -ve excellent rooms, bath; every modern convenience. Apply evenings. Rent $85. Un-usunl opportunity. Sehulhof. $ 21-7 UNION ST, 1745 6-room apartment, steam heat, electricity: suitable for doctor or private party; private home. Decatur 29W-J. t 22-7 UNION 8T, 1S21 Near New York av; splen did, large 5-room apartment; every modern convenience; 185; unusual opportunity. Sehulhof. $ tl-7 UNION 8T, 3io 4 and 6 rooma, (55 to let, all latest Improvements: house newly renovated. Tel. Henry 204. t l-7 UNION ST, 1641 5 and rooma, all Im-. provements; reasonable rent; take possession Immediately. Decatur 4g. t UNION ST, 360 5 rooms, $56; all latest improvements: building newly renovated. Telephone Henry 2804. t 81-7 WASHINGTON AV, 311 Corner DeKalb; all light apartments. 8 rooma, bath, second floor; steam heat, hot water, electrle light; K0. Apply Janitor. I 22-3 WASHINGTON PK, 208 I rooms and bath, all mudern Improvements; Brooklyn's beautiful residential section, facing FC Greene Park. - WASHINGTON AV, 49 4 and 6-room and bath apartments: steam heat, electrle light, parquet floors; possession May 1. Apply on premises, or Davenport Real Estate Co., Inc., corner Fulton and 8. Oxford sts. f 1-i WASHINGTON AV, 304 One and 2-room kitchenette apartment, furnished or unfurnished; private bath, gas and electrto Included- $50-$5. Prospect 7370. SQ-7 WOODHAVEN Five rooms; parquet, electricity, furnace heat, tiled bath; $55. 9737 Hudson s:. Take Fulton st L to Hudson at station or L, 1. R. R. to Union Courae. 1-T WOOOHAVEN fi rooms, bath, electricity, steam heat. Inquire store, 6716 Jamaica av, near 87th st. 16-7 WOODRUFF AV. 144 Near Prospect Park; six rooms; electric light, steam heat, hot water; beuutfful surroundings; rent $30. Janitor en premises. lt-7 APARTMENT i rooms, unfurnished, bath, electric; all outside rooms; adults. Box S-2t, F.HRle Bedford branch. lt-7 A RARK opportunity for desirable tenant; high class apartment at 713 St. Mark's av; 10 rooms and 3 baths; elevator, steam heat.-1etr1 light and all improvements; rent $2,600 per annum. Janitor or David Porter, Inc., 32 Court st. Tel. Main 0R2H. t l-7 APARTMENT Upper, brand new brick !-family, 6 rooms and alcove; all tiled bath and kitchen ; separate shower; parquet; beautiful fixtures; steam heat supplied; with or without garage; 2 blocks to aubway. Call Triangle 6HR9. or Inspect Sunday, 2 to 4:30. 1067 Carroll at, near Rogers a venue. t 22-p APA RTMENT Thre rooms, kitchen and bath, unfurnished; electricity. 60 Hals at, Brooklyn. t voSi BREVOORT BUILDING Corner Brevoort pi and Bedford av, three rooms and bath elevslor apartment: all latest improvements; public dining room attached. Inquire sunt., on premises or Charles L. Gilbert, 7.3 Nostrand av. Lafayette 69.00. 21-7 HIGHEST CLASS 8-roonrm. tiled bath, inclosed porrh: overlooking gnrden; parquet floors, electricity, gas. unlimited hot water. 86 8. Oxford st. Phone Mansfield 3561. Open Sundays. 8 18-7 FOR R ENT J ut completed, new. modern apartments, a, 4, a rooms; reasons me rental; all Improvements: facing Ocean Parkway, cor. Ditmas av. Ranting agent on premises. Apply 5ft! Ditmas av. 22-3 KITCHEN, bedroom; light, sunny, conveni ent: prtvHte hnth; ail Improvements; private house. Bensonhurst SS71. . 23-8 REMSEN MANSION Kings Highway, near Churcn av; 4-room apartment; beaut I nil surroundings : private grounds and porch ; all improvements. Phone Flat. 3236-M. $ 21 8 UPPER OR LOWER PART of two-family house, five or six rooms and bath, including steam heat; vacant; rent $76 and $10; porches; electric light. Geo. W. Egbert, lo21 Cortelyou rd, opposite Brighton station. 9 21-t VERT CHOICE APTS., reasonably priced. is i r unon si. nrromyn. ZZ-2 4-ROOM apartment, all light rooms, in flne section or xsay Ktage, z mocks from 4tli av subway; overlooking New York harbor. Apply Apt. 4E. e20 Ridge Boulevard. Rent $78. t J2-8 6 ROOMS and bath, modern Improvements; ideal location. ror particulars call Bensonhurst 005. g:-7 fa ROOMS, modern, up-to-date apartment. private nouse; notning neiter on Brighton line. 902 E. Sth st, near Av I. t 20-3 7 ROOMS, nun parlor, m cottage; steam neat, not water supply. 1634 E. 19th et. Flatbush. Brighton line, f jj.jj lapy For Rent 75 BASEMENT for buaineaa purposes . exclu wiveiy. iaf i nmpH ins av.. w BUILDING Two-atory 357 3d at. at 5th av: Ho- sua inup, tvM"u, six-room modern, light apartment, hardwood trim, upstair electricity; hot ater heat; permit storsag automobiles. Owner. South 4S12-W. -7 FACTORY, 10.09 feet, one-story; well lighted brick building; manufacturing or storage; on wHterfront. A. A. A. Holding Co.. Inc., 2227 Neptune av. Coney Island 4999. 11-7 1

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