The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York on September 15, 1924 · Page 10
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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · Page 10

Brooklyn, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, September 15, 1924
Page 10
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10 TUT: BROOKLYN DAILY EACLE. NEW YORK. MONDAY. SEPTEMBER lr., 1021. Good Health and Good Cooking TANY human ills are the result of improper diet. The dietetic value of food depends in a large measure upon the way in which it is cooked. Properly cooked foods N-etain their nutritious qualities. A modern Gas Range is designed not only to cook foods properly but to cook them with ease and $21.00 Wolff Cooker finished in black with white enameled door panel and drip pan. Three burner top, two in front and one in rear. Oval burner for baking oven wul broiler. flaking Ov-n, l'ixUxin Inrhra im.ilinr Oin. iMtii iiiflim ( (Hiking 'I tip, inrhea economy. I $31.50 1 a n Quality Single Oven Range w ith white enameled door panel, white drip and broiling pans. Baked japan castings. Has three single, one giant and one simmering top burner; loop oven burner with open door lighter; large broiling burner with interlocking device. OTen, Iytaxl2 inch, a Trip (ittt ahelT-at. fli'J'Jl lnrh.B Height. 3:1' Initio $50.00 Vulcan Smoothtop Junior Range with polished gray iron top. Has white enamel shelf, burner tray, door panel and broiler pan. Nickel - plated manifold and white legs. Has two star and one simmering burner. Has automatic top burner lighter. Combination oven and broiler with burners. Safety device prevents both being lighted at same time. Cooking Top. J71..H Inrhri O'fii nnrf Broiler, lxll In, Ilea Length 1ttr H II, "K1 Inrhea j J ! f ' j $61.50 Clark Jewel Cabinet Range with top lighter. White enameled splasher, oven top, high shelf, back guard and legs. Right or left oven. Has three single and one giant top burner; large loop burner for baking and broiling. Hking Oven. WjiJOiU inrhea Broiling Oven. 14Si'.'niln Inrhri Top, i;ii'3 iwhee Width over all, 3 Inchre Sold on Easy Terms Your Gas Office has a complete display of fine, modern Gas Ranges ready for your inspection. See Them This Week. The Brooklyn Union Gas Company Telephone : Main 6400 You Can Do It BETTER with CAS The New Photoplays By MARTIN B. D1CKSTE1N THE WOMAN VOTER Mitstc and a Men lo, RROi 'KI.V ST H A t 1 Khrting With I.nv " from I.r Hoy Scntt'n novel "'du'i-ftTfr'.r." A Kirst" National pictuvr .11-iprffd by John Krain-in InlUm, iVaiurii.p ' "oil ej-n M o ire anil t 'nn way T"arl. I H K i . AS I . j 'ii!d Lament . . , . t'amior4 . . . Knil! Van ArJttl yr r,Trfi , . . . riii-ki Harridnn . . i I"rnklyn StoiV! . . Jnhn U'lilinMis . - . . HfnMiron . Col cn VoAre . . . .Conw.ty "IVri . . . Winlfr-J Flr .mi Jnhn piurick A '.an Uoo? , . . Will'.vm i.uM Marga La Kubia Birthday Character Reading FIFTEEN thousand tliree hundred and eighty-one persons (though, not guaranteed, we believe the figure to be correct) saw the new program at the Brooklyn Strand yestcr- ; liay and liked it. Fifteen thousand three hundred and eighty of them came away from the theater exudlni? j various degrees of praise concerning Manning Director Kdward L. Hy- man's diversified program ot films nnu music. The other fellow never left. W hear he stayed so that he'd be certain of a sent for the perfortn-nnce tonight. At any rat. Judging by what we saw of the hill at the .S'rand yesterday, it Is well worth the waiting. Taking the incidents in the order of their presentation, it wouldn't be amiss to hand one of the bouquets to Kmil .Bierman for the admirable manner In which he conducted his orchestra through the "Overture ropulalre." Tt Is a delightful melody of popular airs embracing such favorites as "June Night." "It Had to Be You." "Red Hot Mama." "What'll I Po?" and several other equally familiar numbers. The whole has been arranged especially for the Brooklyn Strand by M. L. Lake. It Is as line a syncopation of contemporary music as we have heard in a 4U-Meeks' tour of the picture theaters. Incident No. 2 Is a series of entertaining divertissements including a splendidly staged Music Box tableau, a medley of old New York songs sung by the Ftitz Male Quartette, and a dance reverie beginning with "Waltz of Love" and ending with the gentle strains of "Kiss Me Again." Then follows another brilliantly conceived tableau. "Old Southland" in which Dorms Lee sings all the old darky melodies Just like Aunt Jemima would have sung them If she has been brought up on a plantation instead of on trie familiar red box on the shelves of your corner grocer. Here, the Ftitz Stale Quartette makes its second appearance of the evening In a rendition of a negro spiritual "Heaven, Heaven." That number must be heard to be appreciated. But then, we've been waxing so enthusiastic about the incidental program at the Strand that we've almost forgotten about the feature film. "Flirting With Love." which is by no means the least important incident on the bill. The photoplay, fortunately, is quite in keeping with the rest of the program, dealing as it does with a musical comedy star who Is placed in a most unusual situation through the closing of her show by one of those uppity societies for the Improvement of the drama. Colleen Moore has the role of the actress whose footllght, antics are frowned upon by Conway Tearle who hapens to be the president of the Better Flays League. And from past experience we've found that when Colleen Moore puts her pretty foot down and looks daggers at her leading man, there's trouble brewing for someone. In this case, the daggers piilnt directly to Mr. Tearle. However, like all good movies, everything comes out all right, the daggers turn out to be little Cupid's darts and Colleen and Conn ay make up all their little differences in tho usual amorous fade-out. And when Emll Bierman took up his baton again and the first notes of "Overture ropulalre" floated up from the orchestra pit. we forgot that we'd ever been to n movie called "Flirting With love," featuring a lady named Colleen Moore and a eentleman whom we had recognized as Conway Tearle. Alaskan MyMrry. r.tvot.IA THKATKH "The Aln-kan" from th PTOry Uy .tamp Oliver l';ir-vfni!, Screen pliy b'1 Willis Ciolfi' k. iHrerted hy Herbert Bretmn. A Paramount pi'-turf starring Thomas M"igliai). . M b ( AST Sept. 15- TODAY'S planetary aspects are fairly good, although they assume a negative character in the evening. The early aspects counsel aggressive action along well thought out lines, but not on any enterprise the conception of which is attributable to impulse. Agreements, contracts and obligations which have been delayed can now ho entered nto and executed. In the evening vibrations indicate a condition of tension and nervousness, a tendency to find fault and be querulous. Poise and self-control are needed in order to avoid saying or Joins things which will mar what otherwise misbt have been a per.'oct day. A child born today v ill be very healthv and strong and Its physical condition will, at all times, be superior to Its mental state. Its character will be more weak titan strong, its disposition winning and attractive, j's mentality subnormal. Such a child presents many difficulties, but to be forewarned is to he forearmed; the building up of its rhar-xcter must he stressed above all things so lhat the attractiveneHS of its disposition, combine ) with lack of resolution, shall not lead it into paths which were better left untrod. An outdoor rather than an indoor life will prove benefleial in the lonr; run. if today is your lor' hdayy you are rv conscir ntious and painstaking, methodical and met jealous, iimr-' of a retailer than a wholesaler, careful over little things but unmindful of big things and great opportunities. It is. of course, qdite true that "many niickles make a muckle," but it must not be forgotten that "one muckle" is worth more than "many miekles." You seem to lack the ability to assume responsibility, and hav become a cog in the wheel, without the ambition or desire to lie tlu wheel its.df. You occupy a subordinate position with a willingness anil perseverance -that give complete satisfaction to those "higher up"; you apparently are afraid to tackle the Job of a directing force, as you fear the assumption of the obligations ami duties which such a position always involves. You are a good private hut a poor captain! On looking back you see those that have worked with you side hv side new enpoying positions of well-merited dignity and commanding influence and you are disposed to attribute this difference in your respective positions to luck or chance. These factors, and they do undoubtedly exist, are not responsible; the only real reason why you have been "left at the post" is your own Isck of initiative and your little confidence in yourself. Successful people horn nn this date are: James Fenimorc cooper.1 novelist. Klchard Olney, statesman. Sarah KnowUs Holtnn. author. William If. Tuft. Jurist. Horatio W. Parker, composer. Daniel Allen Heed. Congressman. Gene Sarazen Is Favorite for P. G. A. Tdle French I.ick. Tnd.. S' pt 1 ;, ( f,v th Associated IVessi Tne i u M-hole elimtration rounds of 111.--national profeMona! golf' cha nipio i-'diip a French l.u k 'od.ty w i:i re. dure the regional rjualitiers 'o '.'2 expert fAif.-rs ho are to plav 36-hole niatehes .laliy until tne titud rounds on Saturday decide w ho (.hull take the crown now orn by l,e;o Sarazen. of New York. While some stores in rnactiie have been better than any returned bv Sarazen. many predict that lie will take the title hick to the Fast himself. Sarazen Hliot a TT. yesterday, playing In a foursome with Jock Hutchinson, of Chb a-'O. fortner Firitlsh champ'11!; I.' o 1'ieL-el. oi Washington. Canadian and Miooi open champion, anil John I arr- ;i. of New- York. le"el, Mlno'mi; ''! :i 1 1 I Hutchinson seoting par 7', dof.a'e.j the other two. 'A and -'. I'.trr il (aiding 71. The large gallerv ttcit followed this quartet save some excellent got-", ' specially Hutehlnson's irons and fnegel's putting. The players were sent off in threes today for the first time in ord- r te, furnish a double check of si ores without the necessity of sending n official scorer with the players. While Al WaU ous, o Urund Kaj)- ids, has returned an unnfTV-ial ivconi of 4. for the fi. 4 T 1 yard 'ir,ks and William Creavy. of Okla hotna. city, has reported a round m 17 besides Tuegei's lt and a card of f,i by .lack Forrester, of New York, it is predicted by experts that few if any will break 7) during the nctu.'il championship play. ( KOVKI klNti AMI Ql I 1 . A mock wedding, partieiputed ill hy 'be king and queen of the eisrhlli annual carnival of Manno's Shore Inn. I'anarsn . 'Im' feature of the ' 'o.-ing night. The mock wedding will be followed nevf Sunday by a real i. coiony in the ctmreh of St. Thomas Aquinas. 4'h live, and !tli and will be perlorined by th-Key. Fa' her MeOinness, rector of (be fhureh. The young couple will spend their honensioa in a two weeks tour of Canada and upon their return will reside at 37a th I. Brooklyn. The king. James Fit.-pa'riek. and Miss Florence I'rrez. the qui en, w.-re leeted by over 8. tool to be the ruling tnonarehs of 'lie r sort. The moek wedding per'orei' d bv Asseniblvman Joseph kicca. - - ci i; -il. Titov Ton i-".." Nieo'a Zeroui played 'he leading role in th- production of "II Trova-ore." clon Saturday night a' th" Brooklyn Academy of Music under 'he auspices of the Musir I.ovejs League liorofhy was excellent as Azueena. Oshors in the cast were: F.milia Vergeri as Leonora, , r tni'le FMnnro ns Inez. f.Hh l alma as the Count an l Martin llorodas as r errando. Alan Holt Mary Htandirh. . Ronsland Stampede Smith Keok .tohn Graham .. Tsutuk The Lawyer . . . . .Thomas M"1i3nn Emello Taylor . John SrUllpolti. , . Frank ''aiipi an Anno. May Won;: . . . Alphonz Ethier . Maurlep Omein . . . . Charles OKlr THOMAS MEIOHAN has been the mainspring In so many superior motion picture productions that his name on the outside of a movie theater has come to be a guarantee of ' money's worth entertainment within. Thus, associating the name of this particular star with all that is tine and sensible in pictures, we rtrode confidently into the ltivoll yesterday, comforted and assured lhat a Sunday afternoon could he vhiled away in a manner much less interesting than seeing "The Alaskan." We saw it, yes. but we came out wishing we had gone to the ball game instead. "The Alaskan." certainly, is not what it has been cracked up to oe hy the over-enthusiastic advance notices which have come to us 'from Famous J'layers-Lasky. It doesn't measure up to even our own unin-(tated expectations of what Thomas Meighan, plus Herbert Brenon's direction, could do with a James Oliver Curwood tale of the great north countree. In the main, the production suffers from a bail cast of chronic i- -ertia. In a film w ith T , , on. and especial'1 N like ' ""e .' ' ,uiVe lo expec; ;,.,.iuos of action. Tiy as we might, we couldn't find even one tiny, little gill. There Is an air of mvsterv about "The Alaskan" that is disconcerting ana sometimes trying. The coutin Lity is badly disjointed and that adds even more to the prevailip mystert ous atmosphere. There are timer when It is hard to tell whether Mr Meighan is the Alaskan or a minor it y member of the Ways and Menus (.ommlttee in Congress. For apparently no reason at all. there is injected several lengthy shots of the Capitol In Washington and we are asked to believe that a Senatorial Investigation Committee had gone into a recret conference to decide whet nor Tommy Meighan or the linx-yed villain was entitled to the canned salmon rights of all the waterways r.orth of 36. The hero's final ultimatum was 54-40 or fight and the villain holding out, fox at least a -n r.o .1 .. j u. ovum opin., mey luuLtll, That, in a manner, sums up "The Alaskan," though it would be onlv fair to say that the exterior seenen. filmed in the Canadian Rockies, arc us beautiful as anything we have teen on the screen. The star s per formance is acceptable enough, but that of Estelle Taylor, in the opposite role, is deserving no such praise She attempts to dramatize a 'part hat. in our humble .opinion, could have been splendidly burlesqued. "Yolanda." at the Capitol. "Yolanda." the spectacular Marion Davies picture, began an engagement at the Capitol Theater yesterday, playing for the first time at popular prices. 4 - Marion Davies. as Princess Mary of Hcrgundy, is strikingly beautiful. She is capably supported by a cast including Holbrook Blinn, Lyn Harding, Johnny Dooley. Ralph firaves. Maclyn Arbuckle and Ian MacLaren The screen story was adapted by Luther Reed from Charles Major's novel. The credit for the direction goes to Robert G. Yignola. "The Sea Hawk." At the Mark Strand Theater, in Manhattan, the current dim attraction Is Frank Lloyd's superb production of Rafael Sabatlnl's "The Sea Hawk." Joseph I'lunkett is giving it the same elaljirate presentation it enjoyed during its sensational run at the Asfor Theater. Milton Sills Is seen in the title role, while Enid Bennett and Wallace Beery head a brilliant supporting cast. "The Clean 7 Heart," a J. Stuarl Blackton production for Vitagraph, is the new film at the Rialto Theater. It will be reviewed in this column tomorrow. The Alhambra Thealer will play host to a number of theatrical and motion picture celebrities when the famous Brooklyn playhouse enters upon the new season tonight. The Albambra Players, a stock company of talented thesplans. will present a Young first voters of Flat bush art in for two birthday parties at least, lor the League of Women Voters has invited them to a birthday party on Oct. 1 at Krasmus Hall, and now Miss Louise Zabriskie, Republican co-leader of the district is to be hostess at a first voters' party at her home. 500 Ocean avc. Oct. 4. from 3 to 6 o'clock. Mrs. Dolph Eastman of 74 UuyanJ id., secretary of the campaign committee, desires to enroll every Republican woman in the district. Miss Marie Frugone, former secre tary to two Republican sheriffs and well known in political circles as an organizer of her own people for cllizenship and party loyalty, Is to be married on the afternoon of 'Oct. 1 to Paul Seilcppi at the chapel of St. Patrlol: a Cafl. dral. ' " " .. State Democratic women uui a rally at Syracuse for the .iiutial ticket Sept. 24, the eve of tho Democratic conception. Mrs. Daniel O'Day. associate State chairman, w ill preside, and Mrs. Dorothy B. Jackson. Miss Elisabeth Marbury. Miss Harriet May Mills, and Mrs. Charles L. Tiffany will speak. On the first evening of the conventon the Syracuse Democratic Women's Club will give a dinner to the associate county chairmen and other visitors. Mrs. Kenneth O'Brien will be hostess for the second of the Suffolk County series of Democratic neighborhood meetings at her home at Southampton with Mrs. Daniel O'Day and Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt as speakers. orenda and Beckman Win Velodrome Team Race By capturing the final sprin! which entitles the victor to -5 points, Alfred ("Fop"! (Irenda of Tasmania, palled with Anthony Beckman of Secaucus. won the' Iwo-hoiir team .malch race at the New York Velodrome laat night before 8, nut) bicycle fans. Grenda's riding was to a large degree responsible for the victory of" his team, the veteran six-day Mar scoring 49 of his team's total of 77 points. Reggie McNamara. and Alex McBeath were secondl with 69 points. Alfons Verreas and Frank Corry finished third with 49 points and Alfred Goullet and Willie Orlmm, the favorites, were, fourth with 34 points. revival of "Under Cover." Among those who have promised to be present for the premiere are Lew Cody, Barbara La Marr. Dagmar (rodowsky. Raymond Hitchcock and Mr. and Mrs. Flske O'Hara. Thin 11".. S-.lf.....,,..,, e On I it fi-TV. Suites. reap-holsteretl in iHpestry, leu t herette ; i.ollslir .1 like new : pa OQ elcill lna.le Ar inlo rnektr. 6-F'c. Slip CiivpiV dnn-H.ik. ere- mm QQ tonne ; lirnpt IK'3 to nitttrh. Ml tii.rA- (."inrtjHtvnt I ''nil With Siiiiiplea V! i.mon s. t... t:.R iiih sr., . y. I'hnne Stiu veannt M'lH Itkb n.: 319 I- ulbm st. I'hnne May. atft0 MHHaDllfll Kvf lllligH I Heps! I price of neglect I 4 out of 5 get Pyorrhea Th fight agiinit Pyorrhea in a fight a (raiaat overwhelm-in fodda. Statiatica prove that fourout of every five over 4f and thousands youna;pr. too pay Vyorrhea' dreaded toil. Will you? Be on your guard for signs of 'Pyorrhea Just as the stability of a building is dependent upon its foundations, so healthy teeth depend upon healthy gums. Bleeding gums arc the first sign of Pyorrhca's approach. Then they begin to recede and the heajthy pink color gives place to a pale, whitish tint. Soon the teeth are loosened, pus pockets form and drain disease-breeding poisons through the system. Forhan's For the Gums contains just the right prce portion of Forhan's Astringent fas used by the dental profession) to neutralize oral poisons, and keep the gyms in a 6rm, strong, healthy condition. Even if you don't care to discontinue your favorite denti' trice, at least start using Forhan's once a day. Forhan's is more than a forth paste; it checks Pyor-rhea. Thousands have found it beneficial for year For your own sake ask for and get Forhan's For the Gums. At all druggists, 3 ?c and 6oc in tubes. Formula of R. J. Forhan. D. D. S. Forhan Company, New York FOR THE GUMS More than a tooth paste-it checks Pyorrhea Juet aft the nubility of a building is de- f endent upon a firm ountiatioo. so a re healthy teethdepend e ii t upon healthy gums 51 1 t s ',7 r.ians t '-tas ' r.--ji (wit , rryj mm Of! ili ii 1 7hani9tr IHiivl'M I Infection E I could hanily believe the new PIE RC E ARROW: Series 80 $2895 LISTERIN THROAT TABLETS UMBtCT .HaR MAUL CO.. SAINT LOU IS.USX Most people who have seen the new Pierce -Arrow Serits 80 and did not know its price can hardly believe that a car of such out- ' standing quality is priced so moderately. Wouldn't you like to see this new Pierce-Arrow that is being so widely talked about? Come to our showrooms. Fmancing arranfement art tffertd by tht Pirrct-Arrvw Finance Ctrptraittn, a hanking insMutiiH HARROLDS MOTOR CAR COMPANY 1119 Atlantic Arenue, Brooklyn, N. Y. TcUphona Proipact 9503 BLAKE MOTOR CAR COMPANY New Rochelle, N. Y. Mount Vornon, N. Y. P. NOSCHERA & SON Lawrence, L. I. ' "VP-fa ' ' ' ' ' 1 '.l. I' a ,t' 1 1 . ' i ' .'.V lferf I ' IIP" - ' 1 1 t A t, t t,'i ,1. ' ' j f , ' I J ' ' . j i v ; 1 5 ,..,... . 7" r IN the practical idealism of this great American, performance outran promises, resulting in public service, which left its everlasting imprint on the nation. It is in the"tquar deal" principle associated with his name that the Management of The Roosevelt find inspiration fot its own service to the public. O A.Qreat New York Hotel Opening September 22hd Where the Essentials of Good Living are not forgotten amidst the splendor of Appointments The Roosevelt occupies an entire block in the heart of New York. Its majestic facades dominate Madison and Vanderbilt Avenues at Forty-fifth and Forty-sixth Strets trie choicest and most convenient location in the city. A private passageway gives covered access to Grand Central Terminal. Mr. Edward Clinton Fogg formerly Managinjp Director of the Plara, New York, and the Copley Pla:a of Boston, will give his exclusive time and attention f to The Roosevelt as Managing Director. The Roosevelt has 1100 guest rooms. Special suites on upper floors open into private gardens, far above street level. It is a city witrrfh a city. With shops, beauty parlors, and club rooms . . . With dance floors better than any you ever tried, and Ben Bernie himself and his Hotel Roosevelt Orchestra . M. With dining cilons, large and magnificent, small and secluded, and a chef who speaks seven languages in flavors and cooks the way you're hoping he might. 1 The Roosevelt is the last word in fire -proof construction, artistic environment and luxury of equip ment. But it is more. It is a public trust, no less than a private enterprise, based onthese fundamental ideas: That brick and stone and fine frescos do not make a home, nor yet a hotel. They are but the setting for a hospitality which should be a pleasarit memory. That coffered ceilings and Jacobean panels are, after all, poor substitutes for cheerful, attentive, yet unobtrusive service. That the travelling public has become sophisticated and demands realities. That, to be worthy of its name, The Roosevelt shal be first and last an agreeable "other home" for every man, woman or child who enters its portals. This hotel is the 25th in the United Hotels system. Why not drqp around for lunch or tea some day next week! ... Or mule a rendezvous or dinner.' mm ' I.! -A I r I I 1 i a The Durant, Plnr. Mich. The Portage, Aluon, Ohio The Penn-Harriii Harmburg, Pa, The Lawrence, Erie, Ta. The Bancroft, NX'orceirer, Mas. The Clifton, Niagara FallvTan. Th Mount Roval, Montreal. Can. The RoberyTreat, Newark, N. J. The Stacy-Trent, Trenton, N. J. Roval Connaught, Hamilton. Can. King Edward, Toronto, Can. Prince Edward. Windsor, Can. I I ' ! r 111 I t :i . -f il- I I I I J i I I . : r 5 ! -I V..'t. trUI- I.LI 1 Alto tht Colonial Chaint Cotoaul,Girdnt.Mass. Burritt.Sfw5rirafn.(.xnn. The Seneca, Rochester, N. Y. LWer Conttn&m'- The Onondaga, Syrtcute, N. Y. The Aleunder Hamilton, fj.trion, N. J. The Ten Evck, Albany, N. Y. The Olympic. Seattle, Waih. The Utica, Utlca, N. Y. The Niagara, Niagara Fall,, N. Y. The Rochester, Rocheiter, N. Y. Th, Admiral Beattv, St. John. N. B. The Rooievelt, NtwYort City The Benjamin Franklin, Philadelphia .Pa. George Waihtagton. WincheiterA'i. Pontlac, CWego, N.Y. andiS otheri prolected or under eonitructlon. OF AMERICA Ala a&liaud ivith U.N.LT.L, cptraOag fifty ftmoui old-world holcU

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