The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 17, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 17, 1934
Page 5
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MONDAY,; SEfTEMBBft 17, 19S4 BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COUftUl NftWS CLAtSlflEDSECflON- o/tne I //// » '< CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rate per Uuc lot consecutive Inttrttoui.: (Kvt average words to a liuel One time per line lOc Two times per Hue per day .. TJjrte times V" "n« per day .. Six Umti per Itoc per day .. Mon(b r»t« per line Minimum charge We Ads ordered for tlire* or t,lx times and stopped before expiration will be charged Jor the number of times the ad appeared aud aaustment of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy submitted by persons residing out- tWe ot the city must be accompanied by cash. Rates may be easily computed from above table. No responsibility -.vlll be taken for more limn one incorrect Insertion of any classified ad. Advertising ordered for irregular insertions take the one time rate. PHILLIPS' USED CARS Coat*'Wood- Personal Wanleil To Renl CKRTIPIKD 6ARAHA COAL Man H»i Per Pound N* A4nac« In Price E. C. lUbfeM* Lbr. Co. 1M See Uti About Your. Coal Blytheville Gin Ct. "Radiant Alabama" "Premium Kentucky" CALL 214 PERMANENT* Whin science ni&kes llirm U-IL'V wo will give oiiv p.m. BAKRKTTS BEAUTY siioi 1 - 60S North 5th - - Tekplione 580 VANTED: to meet middle agi-d woman. OBJECT MATRIMONY, nines E. Howard, General Dellv- My C«U Is BUck but I treat jo» irhite. Fill «p MW. JOHN BUCHANAN - PHONE 167 BEST COAL FOR MONEY "Acme Alabama" "Black Hoyal Kentucky" N. W. Tranthun Coil Co. •i. PHONE K{ REAL BUYS •J9 FORll ROAUSTER. R Seat ble JM VICTORY SEDAN JH5 'Jl CHEVROLUT COUPE 'K KORU TUUOlt SEUAN .. J315 "K. CHEVRULLT COACH .. ?JJ5 '32 FORD V-8 TUDOR SEDAN 5135 '33 FORD V-» OK LUXE TUDOR SEDAN Wi TRUCKS and TRAILERS '5! FORD TRUCK. Chned Cab, Dual Wheels. A Real Eii- Parb Bros. Coal Co. THOME 917 txaii "Hi-Lo AUbama" "BUck Royal Kentucky" A CLEAN COAL - LOW PRICED Automotive ry, Blythevilk. H-p-k-18 Nratly Dune. Mrs. Van*, I61S Short Walnut, rumor Ttk street lie k'J-;il Feeds, Seeds liroiiml.s ulOiig f*IOt'.Crei*".f< Nebraska, HUtor)ci) socktj 1 to -IW aemof LAND h, Mir-jl^il™^^ A X ttjlppl i-minly. Cusli nr purl crop. I k m . how 1 Tenn. Huk2l Salesmen Wauled TWO unit. i YOUNG LA- 25 for couccin. ' Oil It \v;u> believed Hit' moui|ds wcro niliis of Indian dwellings, bat Investigation u»s bliown that U)U was not UK case. The mound* now are believed to be refuse Mich as would iccumulate ncur any free lo dwelling plnce. ite Indians we st toast ;nul return. HAL- i behovcx) to have lived In grass imls. BONUS. See Mrs. Turner,' Cellms \verc dlscovciwl nearby In Emperor ft Empress JONQUIL BULBS. 3 50 per hundred or 50c , wr dozen. Mr! iiusscll I'hillips. I Call C30. HcklS DIES iindiT «ork for my travel wci, i\HY fi BONUS. See Mrs. Turner,' Cellms \verc dlscovciwl nearby Ooll Hotel, tonight or tomorrow.\Ucli quoiitUlr« of food ucro stur- eil duriiuj llio winter, und u large y 1 iiunnbcr of liousehold articles were „.,,., -• - V. ,., 'ormd I" them. "•"• <•""' u " l^lml Uicccs of be restored 1934 T.Be EmH*W KANtiAB CITV.'Mo. split' t|w dimtt)).atm lianUbfp ot t,hc summer,, the-American ~ " I»pc»lti<4i . UiU fall it tapeol«0 (o be the greatest K>iua< Oily l>«a oflered. TWO r»a*oo» are ootrfxl (or UK t:L»Kiip Conk^M. ' One . U;..£*• *»&*]-, mint tf* v»ar ;'i6uL.' the etrttw .<»** f«r the local ex- petiuou.. K h*» k«e& held wiUi hi Normbtr to the pot U, i-Ul b*u Oct. »-n Th« cafltar 4«te, M •*» said, will areas. cent 7TB. IS' towns' by iJove^ber. V- •' liondbn la .MM to hare UK wont alum -pwWem in " ' ' Great Brtta^. Urtas inW and blicftfiid ALLEY OOP SUCH CONFIDENCE! M,^MtMfWMt : t'''^ f f\ I* By u*»|i Save Your Money SEEDS. ALL KINDS OF FEEDS AND FLOUR BOUGHT IN CAR LOAD LOTS. J. F. Livingston WHOLESALE & RETAIL Alfalfa and alt kinds of Pasture Seed. Setd Rye, Wheat, turf Oats, Red R»it Fnof Oats, Turnip Seed, Mustard, Kapc,'. All varieties Kadbhes & Spiiutli. BEST PRICES OBERST JTCORE CO. For Sale Sciiools SHORTHAND, --Twentieth C'cnliiry BOOKKEEPING ntiil TYI'ING. Enroll now. Mrs. b. 'M. Buincllc, I'honc 8M-W. Repairing Incluilcd wore sev- IXKlery whioli can to their LHi«liial up- incmbers of the cxraviit- 1115 luu'ly sakl. InUla's iwpuhillon flgijrrs- li»ve .••liowii »u increase of 10 per cmt in 1(1 years: her toUil |»|xilatloti now J52,»31,775. All kinds paint »"d **"& done, Cheapest prices. JOHN HEARN Barnett Auto Sales Co. work '3J CHEVROLET TRUCK, tins- e< Cab, IlaaJ Wheel*. Real Buy ?31i 79 CHEVROLET TRUCK .... S1«J NABOUS TKAlLEIt 5 3d KINGHAM TKAILER. Dual Wheels, Xtir Robber .... 5223 PHILLIPS' CAR LOT OPEN NIGHTS UNTIL 9:30 t'wuer Waisut Ptutuc 1st J. BEN CLUNE BATTERY SERVICE We recharge, rebuild all makes. Generators & Starters Repaired. At Tom W. Jaekson's SUUra ASH It. SECOND Phone 8 — Reddence 217-W. WE SELL CHEAPER OUB STOCK IS COMPLETE MECHANICS' SUITLIES REPLACEMENT PARTS, TIRES, TUBES & ACCESSORIES Free Servke Hubbard Hardware Co. Automotive Dept. Phone 478 AUTO GLASS AUK-MO LUMBKK CO. PHONE 41) I'l Veins of S;ilislaclury Service I'KOGKKSSIVK SHOE SIIO1' iu;t S. Second, Blj'thcvUli', Ark. W. J. KNOX Having mucie nil kinds of shoe.-; tor ABNORMAL feet, can repair shot's lo correct ABNORMAL feel. ONE hand operated CALCULA'L'OR. Cull Bras', office. MONliOH ut Meyer 27c CLOSING OUT RecoiKlllioned electric rcfrltjer.itors. Good condition—Successful o;icr- ation GUARANTEED. Sizes, from 5 cubic feel food slur- age space to 12 cubic feel. You may see tliese units today. E. B. GEE SALES CO. N N 107 Main St. Real Estate TOR SALE G room residence on I acre of around on gravel, ISO feel, of concrete & city Hrnits.$*5», *5« —$10 a month. Too good to be true but it is true. Thomas Land Co. Business Directory I'AI'Ell IT'S BARGAIN TIME AUAIN ill our Wall Paper dept. All 1534 puUeriLs must yo. E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. Will trade Improved bO acre Missouri farm on paved highway for city or suburban property. H. I/. Slcclc, «OT West Walnut. Cobb Undertaking Co., Inc AMBULANCE COHK TO OBERST STORE CO. For all Hardware «t feed. We specialize on HARNESS. Modernize your country home wilh a Dcmlug WATER sybtem, $4U UP. HUBBARD HDW. CO. fi-ck-10-6 —Lowest Prices— sffi us FOR Farm Implements of all Kinds COT! ON BACKS WINCHESTER SHOTGUN SHELLS AH Varieties Fall Pasture Seeds PAUL BYRUM e OIti Posloftlce Phono M2 Call IIS & ask for Pal f»r o>moo- slrattens e» 8t««(!WfcCT. Ttctm- Plane, Hudson, Wiiro ft Antia For Rent •i from BEDROOMS to couples or men. Close In. Call 72-W. H-tf THREE roomJS FURNISHED~ut, Willow & Division. Mrs. Liiistimn. _____ ' " ' I3 P kl ' 7 < MODERN- 3 nwm fimbhed w nn IvnMml apMtneM e«r Kh Urog. Stort. F. Slnton. CaB 7M. 30-ck-Lf ^ < urtllshed BEDROOMS. Mrs. — Hardlu.-I.017 V,'.'Walnut. Call 102. Room «S[ Board GOOD Mtab aa4 K abta ycktf. Kn. i. XU bit CkHTT, U.0P, YA CRAZY fOOi.,'/ *MOTMtN' BUT A OOHWA ( WtAK-MINOCD IT KMOCKBO manac Of AUtW rfvea TAW* AS YOU SAY. HC S£EMS . ;' I'LL FIX W TO 'STAV/ , THAT 'UN POLKAOOT Far lory Aulhoriiod 8KRV1CR l';irtnry Trained Mec Day (17—rhoiM—M|;M i!. (;EK SALES (JO. JII7 M.iill SI. Ruins Show Indians Developed to High Degree farewell a* dress still LINUSBOHU. Kan. (UP) — ' Wichita Indians. ' who once made their l:omc in lliis urea, were far fi'otn l«:it!fj a yroiip of ^Uipid 110- mads, iiccoidini; lo scientists with ithc exiKdition exploring Indinn BOOTS AN1> HKR OOK-SO GOOD! OWL ' VOH CtW SWvMt THE WKANS! ISWOR6 HIM, BOVS. SOMETif^S | T2I • VOJ, I AM ft' KEEP WK TW|P SHUT}' YOU BRMMUi$$|S incnr, nit I'LL.MEAK EOS OF HERt 1O PROVE". IT. SALESMAN SAM SAM KNOWS WHKN HF7S F.ICKKD! IT flIM'T THEIR PAUCTTUftT I JIM A 8OK OF CflWDY' (OHA2.2.A MftTTER, FELLft? VA LOOK LIKE YA LOST YER LflST FRIEWO' VOU'RE ^t OM.GEE ABOUT J £OHI2.| THftT? MIOOSH,/ THOSS I JUST LOST \TERRIBLE.' FIFTEEN.' / / 7/ OH, I GOT LOTS BUT I JUST LOST FIVE DOLLARS' W6 OUGHT* REPORT OUR LOSSES TO ,OO AHHAD/ IP'-VA . WAWWA — BUT WOT He' FLEft CIRCUS Price $25.00 l*er Acre FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS HK KNOWS ITS THIS'\YKAR! •8V. TOE. WAY, WHAT'.TIME! IS WHERE Ol-O MISTER BARROWS VYCHT, vm TOLD HIM THAT GCH.D V/AS WASUEO Pail Caili,'Balance Teiuio W. M; Burns, Position Wanteil ExperleuceJ' ^ilenograplier CASH paid for USED CLOTHING to itip V*M. a. 3Z1 B. MAIN. WANTED DO YOU WANT TO SELL HOME? II so. sec us ul once. WE ARE SKLUNG THEM THOMAS LAND CO. Farms for Sale! Terms Reasonable I-.THEL B. THOMPSON, Caruthersvllle,-Mo. WANTED TO BUY—LAND We have buyers for W ACRE TRACT 200 ACHE TRACT 400 ACRE TRACT THOMAS LAND ,CO. KOR BALE 10 acre Oiark farm near town small frame house, barn, running water, half cleared. Price $375, $100 cash, Balance terms. J. C. CHAP1N Manila, Ark. FOR HALE 38 ACRES AT AXMOKKI, ft BARN TJJ Acres In Cultivation BARGAIN—$1,600 CASH THOMAS LAND CO. 4B AURfij. rich SHIK) bain soil. one small house, 30 acres in cultivation. One and one-half mile from store, pubtuificc, school and gin, U mile from gravel highway.

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