Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 20, 1957 · Page 31
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 31

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 20, 1957
Page 31
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fen Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Three Plead Guilty To Speeding Charges Two Indiana motorists were fined when they pleaded guilty to speeding charges in the local justice court at 11:15 o'clock Wednesday night. DatUm Heweston, 33, of Kokomo, was fined $10 and costs on a charge of driving 90 miles per hour, and Willard Sanders, 23, of Gary, was fined $1 and costs on a charge of driving 75 miles per hour. At 9 p.m. Omer lurpin, 39, of Cincinnati, 0., was fined ?1 and costs on a charge of exceeding- the 45-mile-per-hour speed limit for trucks. All three of the arrests •were made by State Trooper Richard Keyes. White County Man Meted Farm Term MONTICELLO, Ind. — Jerry M. Luse, 30, was sentenced to the state penal farm for 90 days and fined $1 and costs by Judge Russell Gordon in the White circuit court Wednesday on his plea of guilty to a charge of failure to provide for his minor children. . On a second charge of no^-support of minor children, he was sentenced to one to seven years in the state prison, but the sentence was suspended. Luse was taken to the penal farm by Sheriff Miller. LTFE SAVINGS NEW HAVEN, Conn. — Police Investigating the death of Michael Casey, 70, found $10,583 in cash under his pillow, apparently his life savings. It included seven $1,000 bills. CROSSWORD PUZZLE A-.wert.Vert.nlay.PunI. ACROSS 1—Dt-ly, old woman 4—Kind of Illy 9—Insane 12—Mature 13—Bay window H—Krult drink 15—Tuna 17—Dart 19—Cravats 20—Amontf 2i—Buckets . 23—Smudge 26—Cloth measur* (pl.) 27—Fastidious person 28—Preposition 20—Devoured 30—Australian marsupial 31—Knock 32—Symbol for cerium 33—View 24—Remedy 35—Weaael-llko animals 37—Sculptured works 38—Goals 39—Foreman 40—More unusual 42—Pertaining to Turkey 4.T—Be mistaken <G—Pure up «—Negrito 49—Period of Urn. 50—Arrows 51—Burmese demon DOWN 1—Possesses 2 —Tlmo Bone by 3—Christian 1—Fruit of pino 5—Parts of circle 6—Falsehood" 7—French article* 8—Olty in California 9—l-^rnnch for . '"Cueaciay" 10—FUHH 11—Condensed moiatuce IB—Is III 1H—Hoarfrost 20—Process of r bird's wins corresponding to thumb 21—TraiHluIlity 2"—Chance 23—Unruly children 2-1—Benin 2. r i—Fond (Irsires 2T—Slls for portrait' .10—Affinity 31—I-'nrop(;an 33—CIlmtilnB plant 31—F.iJIblo fish SO—Gay 37—Un] ntercstlnr pril'HOIla 3fi—Stump 40—Crimson 41—Mncnw 42—RaHnr Ccnlloq.) •13—Music: as written 4-1—llnailunar 47—Note of acalu N'OTICK TO 'J'AXI'AYKnS OK ADDITION A 1., AI'I'HOPHIATIO.VS .N'jtlcri IM Imrcljy Kivr:n to the taxpayer! of tin; Civil City <jf l..n- i KiuiHborl.. Iinii.'irut, tt,at the Common Council i,t nuld City nl a «ptrf:lal rruj'-tlni; in tint Council C'/>arnttf;rn on tin; 24th <l;iy of June, iy&7, will consider th(j fol- lowtnK additional aj>urcjijrl;utlnnn whlr.-h Haid officers consider neoennary to meet tfifi "xtraordln- ;iry cm'TKuney existing at tlilis time: TO CITY OliNKUAL liTNI); HOARD IIP AVIATION COMMIHSJO.VfclCH To 7-73 I^iinil ......... IZS.IJOO.OO 500.00 £00,00 300.00 To 2-2T,:: Uf;palrn of Kiiu!liin>:nt ........ $ To i-Kl-ZZZ Uaniillnn (fe t,;\ ................ To 7-720 Oihur j-;i|nii>- HKTll .............. To 4-4M 1'art of Kqnhi- jiient ............. rAUh-r.w MKTEHH To 7-72i; - Uriulimi'ifit . -Jl 5, 000.01) To 1-1 I I K.-ilarlejj ...... .1.000.00 ti'niKt''/r A.vr> H;-;WKH i<i-:i'AKT.\iH.\"r To 7-720 Otiler Ki|nlp- inunt . , ............ ! 8,001). (IN To 2-2r,;! lii'imlr i,[ Clirlin <^-, .Sidewalks ....... l,(!f)0.00 To l-IIl Hiilarlen ft W«K"» ............ To 2-211 Prelnlit, oziirnn* A. \iraynun ........ To 2-2.-Z ItnulLlr nt Wqulp- n t To 2-211 Tolniilionn & Telo Kiiiph ............. To 1-ir.l 1'artn of J-;,iul|i- ment .............. 120.1)0 500.011 500.00 ICO.00 Jfrii-n HiipplfuH 400.00 <»J-' 1MUIMC WOUK..4 AN'IJ HAFKT-Y dime CurnniifiH- loiinr Jjiipl 5 2,200,00 To 2-2'!'; UuM.Iiih Crjlluv- .J1S.OOO.OO tio To 2-241 Printline & Vf-rtlsInK .......... 200.00 TiLXpityerji anii'ifirlnK at finch Tn""tlriK «liall have a. rlKhl. to lie lie.-ircl ther.,.,.i. The nilrll llonal HII- uri,|irlittli,nn iin finally mail,, will l<e autnmal lf:n lly referj-'-d to the Hlate Hoard of T:ix Oinmlmilon- <M-». which lioar.l will hold a further liiiarlnK wllhln flCleun dayn nt the rounl.y Auditor's orrlcn of <,'aii« <;oiinty. Indiana, or n.t >uch dtlmr iilm'n UK miiy l,« clniilifnal.- «d. At. niich hi-arliiK. laxnayern »liJ«il.lnK !o any such aildltlnnal ajiliroprlat.lorm may be heard am) lnlere«!"d taxpnyern may of the Counfy Atnlltor when where nuch heiirlm; will lie held. KAI.i'U (), H.M)T)I Native of Kewanna Expires in Florida ROCHESTER, Jnd. — Carson Acker't, 41, native of Kewanna, who was shot a month ago hy a Negro while he was on duty as deputy sheriff at Fort Myers, Fla., is dead, according to information received by his uncle, Whit Heminger, 1213 Monroe street. He had returned to work although he had not fully recovered from the wound. Death was attributed to a heart attack. Survivors are the mother, Mrs. Anna Ackert; a sister, Mrs. Deloris Hamilton; and a son, Richard, all of Fort Myers. Funeral rites were conducted there. NOTHJK .STATK Of' 1 I.Vi'JM.VA ) COUNTY OF CASH /' * ' NOTI'MO TO AM, 'I'KllHON'H TN- TKKKHTKIt JN Tf[K MHTATK OF M A HO A It I-JT Sf JI f VV AI IT/ In I h u ClrfMiU (,'ijiirl nf OUHH 0<»unty, April T«rm. 11i»7. r;iiu.",o Nirmhcr 14H70. In i.ho rnnLt<;r of I ho KiilfUd of firkrfM*';t Hrhwarlx, duncaHiid Nntlrn In liumliy K! v-ri Unit Charlrii }j A ridormjn UH Kx'icttt.ur fif ttUl II lir>V«l MH. IIH'H (IHl.lltH, ))}lH pr(!KiM)!.'Ml itncl niiitl hlft !ic<-(iiiri1. In final miLI lf:mf:nl. '.r K».|'! cnt»i«, ;i.n'l that HIM Hfumi wiU'crjmn uji ffir Lin- i'x;irnlnitt)(jn and ii'Mlitn of mi Id (lire ult. (,'fiurt, mi t.h« I tit dny of A inriuij., JI*57, » L wnlch tirnn nit [du-JMirin lii!cr(;Htf{I In HH id ctil.uf n ;ir«i TIM jul rod In ftp pun r In mild court and njiow CJIIIHI;, If nny lln-rM }>>•, why w;i}(J ;u:f:oujil jilnnild tin I lid ti.fiprnvnd. And th'i hulrn of niilil <1f!fndcnt « nil nil ril.ln-rn in t ordHL'ul ar» alno r«;(iiilrfd In uppfinr nnrl mil If*; z^roo f of t n n! r )> cl r»Ji f p or cliilm IN nny p;tri <»r «nld t-nl;it«. Chtirl»ii f-. AiMlnrmin ff-riMnial Jtnpr'iiinnliLtlvd Hl!l).'( A- HtMlH Attorney Bolts Kill Two Soldiers . FT. BRAGG, N. C. (UP)-Two j-bolts of lightning in the midst of ! a violent electrical storm struck Wednesday in a bivouac area, killing two North Carolina National Guardsmen and wounding 47 others. The men, mcNnbers of North Carolina's 30th Infantry Division were preparing for supper at. the time of the accident. The "Old Hickory" division, some 8,000 strong, had gone to the bivouac area Monday at the beginning of their second week ot active duly training. •None of the injured men Is in serious condition. They were expected to'-be released after treatment ul the Army hospital here. Names of the men and their rcgi- mcnt.i were withheld pending notification of the next of kin. Florida Already Laying Plans for Nuclear Age value to 1 the entire South as there is no other such concentration of .teaching skills and tools on a single' campus in the area. The state's development commission has launched a drive to attract nuclear industry to Florida. TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Florida and its state-operated universities are doing some bold planning in an effort to become a training base for atomic scientists of the future. Spurred DX atom-minded Gov. Leroy Collins, the state has an active nuclear energ_y commission and a scientific advisory commission hard at.work on a program for the 1957 legislature which would get Florida in on the ground floor of planning for the nuclear age. The goal is to make Florida the center of nuclear and aeronautic industry. The starting point is to gear the University of Florida and Florida State University to teach all skills needed in the nuclear field. N The university at Gainesville plans a $12,000,000 Florida center of nuclear science and industrial , development to concentrate 'on the i Insurance, The Logic of Lite In- teaching of Technical sciences. surance, A Short History of Life Subjects will include radiation " " biology, health physics, tracer nutrition, radiation and agricultural chemistry, nuclear calculations and applied mathematics, nuclear process engineering and nuclear and rocket propulsion. Florida planners feel the need for scientists in these fields is so great that assistance will be available from federal and industrial sources. The center would be of Plan Distribution Of Gifts to Library Eleven new books which gifts of library patrons will be put into circulation sometime this week, Miss Mary Holmes, librarian at the Logansport public library announced Tuesday. Six of the new books are the gift of the Logansport Life Insurance Underwriters association. The books include Safeguarding Life Insurance Proceeds, Pictionary of Insurance Terms, Maclean's Life Fete Fathers at Clay Farm Bureau Charles. Jones, oldest father, arid Robert Dawson, youngest father, were presented gifts at the meeting Wednesday evening of- the Clay township Farm Bureau, held at the community building. Gerald Lindley-presided at "the session attended by twenty-five persons. Devotions were offered by Mrs. Robert Dawson. A discussion was held, concern ing community events- and problems. Refreshments of pie and coffee were served, and entertainment was highlighted by a clarinet solo, played by Ann Dawson; Seven members of the Pet and Insurance and The Money Value of a Man. Five other books have been presented to the library in memory of Mrs. Joseph C. Taylor. These books are Lowell Thomas' History As You Heard It, Leo Lerner's The Itch of Opinion, John Crompton's The Living Sea, Stanford Mirkin's When Did It Happen? and Political and Economic Structures, by Bela Hubbard. YUI, HHYNNI5R KECOVEIUNG HOLLYWOOD (UP) — Baakl- hcndocl matinee- idol Yul Brynner today was recovering from a hack injury received wliilu filming a motion picture. X ruys rovcnlud Wednesday thiil Brynner suffered a fruclurcd vertebra while dome trick horscbnclc riding for the .scenes in the movie "The Rmlhcw Karumumv" ) a s t Thursday. The actor firs!, hnd been reported us having a severe buck sprain. CITY MARKET- GROUND BEEF BEEF ROAST SAUSAGE PORK STEAK hth.Mo.icu. volopmvnt in ceramic procjr»u, th* fir i ( forward i1op In c«n(ur!oi. BEEF STEAK INDESTRUCTIBLE A tteot corn bring t n«w ifrinqih n<w«r before known In fh» tiU Intlut* try. LIGHTWEIGHT Only on« pound p«r iqu*r* foot w«}qnt factor, A hlrt* dr/inc* in most conventional HU. , SLICING BOLOGNA BEAUTirUL n«v«r to ffldi», tr«ia, 0? , STARFIRE brlngi n«w UU to your Inloriort. SIRLOIN STEAK Con b* «pplt*d to *ny imooth w«|| turf«c*. ONER'S umber & Millwork ner-Built-Cabinetry ROUND STEAK 65c Swiu or Fry PHONE 31 38 »00 - 23ND ST. Executor's Auction Sale We will sell the personal property of the estate of the late T.illic Newer aL Weddington's Auction Room, 116 12th St., Logansport, Ind., on Friday, June 21st, at 7:00 P.M. (DST) G. E. refrigerator with free/er across top and revolving shelves, one year old and-like new; 2-piece living room suite; knechole desR and chair; radio; 3 wicker rockers; occasional chairs; end tables; floor, bridge and table lamps; antique rocker; corner chair; lamp table; yxl2 rugs; dressers; chest of drawers; double bed complete; single bed complete; roll-away bed; cedar chest; fl-piece clirome dinette; 6 dining room chairs; sweeper and attachments; utility cabinet; clothes hamper; screen; foot stool; throw rugs; whatnots; card table; smoking stand; table model radio; gas stove; porcelain top kitchen table and a chairs; glass door cupboard; III 1 ladder; step Judder; tool chest; some tools; dishes; few Austria dishes; curtains; bedding; pillow cases; sheets; towels linens; luggage; porch box; canned fruit; ironing board; hose reel; cooking utensils and many other articles too numerous to mention. TEEMS—CASH. Not responsible for accidents. 1ILLIE NEWER,.ESTATE r EnHtcnliiy, Executor Gluiin Miller, Attorney & Wcddi»Klon, Auct. Martin, Clerk J)oor opens nt ft:00 p.m. HIT RECORDS FOR THE WEEKEND "Bye Bye Love" Everly Brothers "So Rare" Jimmy Dorsey "Love Letters in the Sand" Pat Boone "White Sport Coat" Marty Robbins "Four Walls" Jim Reeves "Teddy Bear" Elvis Presley "Shangri-La" Four Coins "It's Not for Me to Say' Johnny Mathis "Wonderful, Wonderful" Johnny Mathis "Yes Sir That's My Baby" Four Aces —Ciston In Comfort. . . Alr-Condltlonc-d— WHETHER IT BE Floor or Wall Covering YOU CAN INSTALL IT YOURSELF AND SAVE! Choosn from . , . ARMSTRONG and SANDRAN Wall coverings DO IT YOUHSfUl FLOOR TILE—Excalon rubber, and vinyl by Armstrong, Bonnoy Maid and American. ROLL GOODS-12 ft. wide Quaker Folt bcino; 6 fl. Armstrong linoleum; and Sandrcm 6 fl. Vinyl. Wo will loan you the tools' Frau of charge, and Inilruct you how lo do tho job. 315 Fourth St. Thursday Evening, June 20, 1937. Hobby club made coin purses at their meeting. The annual ice cream social will be held on July 17, and all township 4-H members are invited. 4-H CLUB MEETS Raymond Rush was host at a meeting Tuesday night of the Washington township Busybodies 4-H club, with Alan Miller in charge of the session. Fred Bowyer passed out pins to the judging teams who are going to the state fair. Bonnie Berlet gave a talk and demonstration on the fitting and showing of beef animals. Next Tuesday morning a veterinarian will -be on hand -to inspect all livestock projects. In Memory of Frostie Little Bowser, who went .away 5 years ago today: (When the evening shadows are falling, and we are sitting all alone. In our hearts there comes a longing. If you could only come back home. —Lucille Bowser Kuntz, Paul Bowser. BOLiNS DONUTS At Your Favorite GROCERY, RESTAURANT, or 14rh and Broadway NO BUG WORRIES THIS SUMMER with ALUMINUM STORM WINDOWS & DOORS 3 MAJOR MANUFACTORS B R A N D S TO CHOOSE FROM. Expert Installation Free Estimates Gladly! PHONE 3666 Just North On Road 17 MOTOROLA CAR RADIOS Tiny traruittor won't wear out. Replace* 15 parti that cant Cuts battery drain by 50% or more. Eliminates off mechanical hum or vibration. '49 95 l<w " kiitollollon 01 aerial »xti< Fits Chevrolet - Ford and Plymouth SCOTTIES TV (Flanegin Ace Hardware) 312 E. Mkt. Phono 4780 W. F. Scott NOTICE Due to a change in management at our IMPLEMENT STORE on East Main St. (Sroney Pike) our inventory of feed will be moved to the bulk plant location, 1 block west of the implement store, on July 1st. The present line of feed will be available at new location. We respectfully ask your cooperation in tKis move. Cass Co. Farm Bureau Co-Op Assn. Logansport, Indiana FRIDAY * SATURDAY » I AZLEV CASH MARKET!. IIXZIEY ia53 BRAND JC H O I C E IM E A T S HO Broadway SATISFACTION GUARANTEED COFFEE 69* Pound Cam BAZLEYS U. S. GRADED TENDER BEEF STEAK BEEF ROAST GROUND BEEF TENDER RIB STEAK ROLLED RIB ROAST BAZLEYS FRESH BUTTER BAZLEYS ROYAL PALM OLEO Pound 18c Reason thoy are bottorl Selected quality, completely thankloH. Bolter trimmed. Ready to Eot. HAMS BUTT HALF 53c LB. SHANKIESS HALF LB. 43 CENTER SLICED HAM - 9Sc POUND BAZLEY MUD COLBY CHEESE PORK CHOPS PORK CHOPS LEAN CBNTBR RIB POUND PICNICS BAKE HAMS TO ORDER LEAN TENDER Pound

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