The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 13, 1936 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 13, 1936
Page 7
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, KoVEMHlni U 1936 CARK.) COURIER NEW& THE WANT-AD CLASSIFIED ! ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rntc per line for consecutive Insertions; Ono time |ier Hue lOc Two times per line per day 03c Three times pet line l»r day .. 06c six linns per line per day 05o Month rate per line . COc Cards.of Tlranks 60c &'15o Minimum charge 50o Ads ordered \ for. three, or- six time;, nnd stopped bcfoie expiration will Le charged for the number of times the ad appeared and adjustment of b'"- made. All Classified Advertising copy submitted by persons residing' oul- elde of the city must be accompanied by cash. Rates may be easily compuli'd. fiom abo\e table .'dvertising ordeied for Irreguhr insertions' takes thc'one time rate No responsibility will be taken for more than one incorrect insertion of any classified ad. Coal & Wood N. W. TRANTHAM Dealer; In BEECH CREEK COAL .Other high grade Coal, Wood and Kindling S. Broadway - - Phone 9C1 COAL PRICES Delivered In Blylheville Slack Coil . ton S3.M Nut Coal Blue Ribbon Lump White Ash Edd'.'Coai: Rock Creek J.unip Ben Franklin Lump Big lien Lump For Sale Home Made Pure Pork Sausage ! ! COUNTRY STYLE Ono Trial ..Will Convince Von. Pickard Grocery «73 1044 ChlckiMUbt Ion 54.15 ton $515 ton $6.50 1 toil J6.50J 1036 FORD For Used Car Bargains See These at Broadway Sales, he. rocerlf'S' Meals, Vog. Geji'l. ^5diic. ai rite prices every day, nny.nml. ,'c ddlui luiushcie Phono 2J4 Crtilono .siill, ijiwit cures, cto itni; nun: «KO. & MKV. & Merchants 111 , E. , Main DK ton JJ.25 ton $7.50 Coal Delivered Anywhere, • • Any Time - -.2-1 Hour Service HARRY BAILEY I'liwie I505-F* State Line Business Directory Your feet will bo at ease In Belby's Styl-dcz Shoes, $6 & :$6.50 Other Shoes $4.50 to $5.50 New Economy Shop 1C You. Want WOOD We Have It! ECONOMY COAL CO. Chirry i R R. Vtmiic 448 Coal, Wood & Kindling CaU Par_ter - 127 Daily Fieight Seivice COM, BUSINESS IxjcattOn.clia'nged from Mnluin Gin 'lo S 5th & IIR BEST PKICES—CALL 2<4 L. L RICE PAINT ING -PAFE It HANGING Freeman & House - Call 149 MOVING - STORAGE LOCAL HAULING" FREIGHT CARS UNLOADED We Move Anythng! EIA'THEVlLLK 8JOTOII FREIGHT TERMINAL Sycamore & It. R. Phone 318 ALADDIN LAMP PARTS 2Sc cncli BURKE HD\V CO Mrs. S. S. Davis;—Spencer Corsedere Call 421-W tor Appointments SEE OUR NEW OPEN STOCK CHINA PATTERNS AT POPULAR PRICES Shouse-Henry Hdw. Co. BESI COAI^-BEST PRICES BUY NOW "My coal Is Black- But I treat you White.' LOCAL HAULING JOHN BUCHANAN--PHONE 107 CALL E. P.- FRY at » Wonder City Coal Co. FOR ORIGINAL GENUINE Montevallo AND OTHER HIGH GRADE C&AL PHONE 477 Phone 179 ; the Best Coal from ILLINOIS, ALABAMA, WEST KENTUCKY COAl," KINDLING"/ We Deliver 100 Lbs or Mor 3 ,Phone 47 , ' Kim's Coal Co. ! Plate Glass :-AW; MARE .GESK^fe TOPS AT VERY AT PRICES. Arkmo Lumber Co. Vlp CAN JIARE DESK & DRE SER TOPS AT VERY ATTRAC-? TIVB PRICES. Piione 40 New Carload Shipment MOORE'S HEATERS; COOK. STOVES, OIL & GAS BURNING STOVES, FUEL OIL HEATEKS SEE OUR NEW STOCK Liberal Trade-in--Allowance for Old Stoves Hubbard Hdw. Co. WE HAVE THE BEST Alabama, Dlinois & r ^a Kentucky At the Best ; Pi ice Kindling Too C5IVE US A: TRIAL We Guarantee Honest Weight Shaver-Foster Gin Co. lione 278 Chiekasawba & R. DOCK, with Trunk. Like New 3» TEBBAPI;ANK. Clean i35 DODOh 4-DOOR 1OUR- ING SEDAN-De Lu\c .. 935 CMC Z TON .TRUCK 931 CHEVROLET '. COACH 932 CHEVROLET COUPE 935 DODGE 1 COWL h\tra Oh'o Hankers a.s Slainps - -, cut-viiOLM' i >( ton slake body truck, u. W. Mnllhis. : 10-vX-tt sno $34j J.>3 N C(h. Apply 621 8,'l^ake. 12-|:)c-18 TOK SALS— mj place of bmbicss .Mmlein uiifiiinlbhed 4 100111 lio\ise OM ghlcKasiuln (Higlmaj ul)J \\ntci Iuinti.lii.xl. uondeiful location ncioss slieet r "- •••---• ILMII (luce «huob, miking mono If lulciested ice B, A Deittc, Old llkKon Jim f » c-K-lf 'SALE of $0500 SlnWr Son i rig Machines C|ie.i]i Terms HAKDW'AKr: CO. Real Estate KHt Honw 0 Koom Acioss ichools Cl!c-i)ics(, Could be mt | 0 |,,( 0 Clici|) loi KAU bnlli laiRo lot, lu , ( i B , 11( | 0 In VPaiite£,To Buy 40 01 moro Aoros >iorm« or cash Thomas Mini Company. Highest Price* Pud P For Used Furnihn* WadeFurRitur&pa. ' Peraotial Will take care of Drking mo- tlicri>' clilWicn, Reasonable, Mrs R A no?l«, 110 W, B>cumotff A ntvni \ 'STOMACH » AOID/ OAS i'AlNB, INniOIATION relieved OUlcK cut fico Hinmlo doctor's UilB», ftt Kirby Bros, clh If O'llUIEN'S .CAPE, completely equipped. Doing good business I for past 10 years. BARGAIN. Brunswick 1 llletc ' POOL TABLE, com- 520 DODGE Good j 5100 JOHDAN SEDAN, In (JOOd COIHll- $110 A TON TRUCK ?i» Beaillllul white king and silver kins lilgeons Vciv reasonable ill 815, Blllle s Place, Soulli Hlgh- tlon. At give nivtvy 'pilcc. F. SIMON. 1'lione 754 IOI4 bALC-1110 (icres highly lin. liioml LlacK c\|nei.s hurt cotton ini ni In fcoiillicnst Mhaoml Offend conduct, to $600 pei ucio <.ish lint foi n\e iCMt loi sme $1000 pci nclr (.(,(,!, C\«ttt li dec, lilyUievllio, Ark. s<)i-aw it MAIN >,j ~WB ^ BUY Metals and Sci4> I^n' liijthcillle lion it Mdfll Oo Clicuy it 11, 418 Wanted 1 room house lor negro couple »ho work oul.. PoslUoii H'n limn call 250- W. by wlslilna to make Hlytlic- 12 .years business Broadway Sales, Inc. Ill Broadway BARGAINS!! Good Woik Mules 1935 1'C 'ion Clie\rolet lilies, Stake Bodj. 1935 Chevrolet rick-Up. 1932 Ford-V-8 Sedan. Delta Implements, Inc. I CLDSMOBILE, 2 door sedan, trunk. radio, motor jiisl overhauled. Renl ' Bargain. D. K. Grcb, Blythevllle . CAtniliig Co., mornings only. 13pk20 jici Minimum sal- arj lo ";tirl Hist references Ini- Jilslud Wilte 11 , Coinlci IteM ! Up Ml I'OL- Sale or Trade OUTBOARD MOTOR, 4 llorwrxm- cr. Will trade for 10 or 20 (jange automatic or pump shotgun: Quality Shoo Shop. ' B-ck-lG ALLLN CIRCULATING HEATER largo si70 Good co.idillon Reasonable.' Call S06 or 792. For Rent 2; or 3 nients. room rurnlshed Apart- Reasonable, 911 Helm Nicely Furnished Bedroom, bath, or i steam lii'at, Earage. Call 5GO 16c kll-10 JIAVI SrCUKEI) IIIK SI UMCV-j OF 'AN RADIO MECHANIC ulio will BUniMitca' to ropalr your rndlo Ib Orat class condition. A Complete IJtio of Tubes ami I'irts - - HTS( Pikes Iliiblijirri 'lire & lUt. Co. Phone 476 WePaf,/ HigheiJ Pritcs -OH SCRAP JROK, M, 1'ECANS HIDES'si! FURS, Wolf Ari.n ' 120 E Main -- Plioiic |70 DRY KINDLING Oo with p^rtornl prontubVe'iUui O^'irler News Oemwistratort i; AT ONCE IcU contain f. nnd utliei doso ]X>IM up oiiiiins, (jlnnds, 'If not delighted, mako'i refunds fciv fulls paid pall, \uito uirby llros " btoit 1946 <mVROI fit Dt:> ix|xfe i , ' hfOHT H^DAW. 'C«W- !' pVl^iy equlf |)f 4 with „ , B»dlo nnd. Httttr . * 'inb- • i,l i* f{ , ( pjfitei lii^B- 19M C|ILVK01t.l nr. Ll'.\h ", O|io 0<)AOii"'Oa«pletfl)'> ullh Kadi* and Hdixr . i WO OASH UhWAHU foi infoimn (Ion lending to imcsl mid con- Uolloii of imily scllhijf fl a ui m) until on nuni ijcar Yaibio Wcdirs- j moinlng ( ( I, WARD Aothe mhluVnsed ninn, cxiurlenc- irt In several Hues ot biiihics),, will ln\csl it* 1 tliQus.nitd.1 dollais Htaier , « enn with I«w New, Car, Hnmiie Ohuft, See Tliem A( Onte ' T.^. I !**! i- ' , Tom Luue Chevrolet Co: 'MS "' SAND AND GRAVEL Suiieiioi Co.ll & Mining'!, o. PHONE 7IM) For Sain or Rent Store building for sale ci will rent to permanent renter 540 Lake St. Sec Dr.\Saliba, Phone 110 29i, Kit Modem rmnlslicd Apnilmoiil, 108' • W. Kentucky. Call 683. 13-pk-20 Boy's, bicycle .'in', good, condition. , — — Reasonable. 1025-W. .Walnut. Call I BEDROOM, adjoining uath, 715-W. 127-J * 11-ck-H Abh li-pk-n ALTlEy~6oP ' i ffuw I oc»Ud at 101 North S««nd/ ',' ' ADDING MACHINE'S TYPEWRITER • » " ' SERVICE'BUREAU' ' DON FDWARDS, rrerrMor , , ' . AI) nnkti; nf RibM'lli'.'.Tstwwrltrrs. 'Adding MiVblnw Hat' 'U'vj ,^'S GAY & BILLINGS, Inc. tl Coal - Wood - Kindling PHONPJ 7fi The cost ot burial scrvlco liero Is con-Jderately adjusted to join nuaiis Rcsnidiobs of join exiKlidlluri! attentive dliecUou h ghcn ovorj dcliill COBB FUNERAL HOME AMBULANCE SERVICE Phone THE WllONG / WELL, WOOTIE -IT LOOKS AS I { ^A(E'l:^E:5TUCklp\/ERKeRE:^yCET'S GO V_ OM 7U' :\WCOM6 SIDE f UPSTREAM A S - 9P TH' E1VEC- / \WAY5 MAVBE VJC CAW FIND A REAL MARROW "PL ACE. WHERE WE COULD MAKE A DASH -OR IT- I OUMMO' Tr'CCE'S OVA' SUPPOSE \ Mb^'TELLlM'- IT THERE ARE X DO^- 3 ^ JX> ^ < MOW5TER5 1M1HIS AUICE AW'QUIET, PART OF TH' WveR?i/pbESrJiT,lT7?. I HAVES) T SLEW Mvjy FOR A LOW& TIME • fFTERTRMEUUG UPSTREAM FOR S0JVE T/ME - 1M HEAVIW A, ROCK AULF1-\ OUT IKTO1H '' WHAT ARE ^ RIVER T SEE YOU J WHATlLHApPbW, t>OIMG 7 j^liF ANVTHIHG tlT^. I C-^-€) .-' } .V - K4i.. \\ m O'"«BYV ^ T M. REC.U.'S. PAT. OFF IF htoTHlW' IGOER TMIS BE A 6000. PLACE r TRY GETflN ACROSS - Uy H»mlin fa •*t« f . ""Kv-u tyf/ \> Bus. Opportunities NEW CLASSES OPENING Complete Beauty Course DAY & NIGHT CLASSES .State supervised TUITION VERY REAdOlfAELE See Mrs. Wm. Berryman Elaine . Beauty Shop Seeds - Plants We arc buyers of Ear Corn ; Lcs pcdcza Sred,:- Soy - Bearish , Cow PCTS and Pop Corn Russel ricckle Seed Co Memphis, Team Tailor Shops Good allowance for jour old sul on new tailored suit. GbORGF. L. MtllR. lalior Hotels Clean, corhfortablc' stcam-heatol rooms.' hot' and'.' cold ,watcr. sonablo' rates^-day, week or month FEABODi; HOTEL Wrecker Service DAY & NIGHT REPAIR WORK GUARANTEED Dav Phone 605 - Ni?ht 804 MILTON' STERNBEKG'S GARAGE 215' N. 2nd Auiomolive CALLING ALL CARS ! ! ~~ GET KGADY FOR WINTER Heaters, $1.10 up Radiators antl-freeze, 18c gal. u Texaco oil, 2 bal can, 89c Now Onaranlced batteries. $325 u Floor Mats, ise «|> Gooci prices on radiators ex changes. Heater parts cheap. Sec Us Before Yon Buy Anythir For Your Car WOLF A HI AN 120 E. Main' - Phono 178 BATTERIES 1'RKFAlRED FOK WINTER WEATHER J. B.-CLUNE Jackson Seivice station - call Radios Oldest. Radio and : .Music Dealers, Mso Best Equipped Radio Repair Shop in . Nortlieast 1 Arkansas PARKHURST CO. nsram Bldg. Phone. 5? ,11 New 1937 Model Radios Now On .Display - - 'General Electric Crosley and • Stewart-Warner. PARKHURST CO. 'ngram Bldj. Plume 5' Furniture BOOTS AND HEL DUUDIE3 WE PAY CASH FOR 2NI) HAND FURNITURE Hubbard 2nd Hand , Furniture Store :. PbOM 1031 FERDY DISGUSTED! Plumbing 'WWOW .lOOT-i - TUtR^L W^ VUKV CNP , . AHVONE. O \\^ \-b \\OVi Martlft WASH TUJJISS ;SUCH LIKK Plumbers!! FIGURE WITH! us ON YOUR JOBS. WE HAVE AN ATTHAC. TIVE PROPOSITION TO OFFER. COMPI.ETE LINE FIXTURES & SUPPLIES Hubbard Hdw, Co. Thone 12 Lost Tortoise rim Nose glasses.'Reward H. E. Barnett, 1013 Walnut. •7-pk-H AH, \VHAT A SPLENDID PLACE YOU'VE SELECTED FOR US TO START LIFE ANEW.' WHV, EVEN WOW. PODNEE/ Wi'RE AMD, <ttj, AE5VOU TRVlM'.TORIgME? 'S STEP INTO THIS DOORWAV •OUT C?THE RAJM; A_KIG CITY! OP. PERHAPS WE'O BETTER vfok ACROSS BROADWAY TO THE WALDORF-BILTMORE. WUPJ THAT, STRP.ETCAR ALMOST'HIT VOL). WATCH THE TRUCKS? K\ Cranf. _g)1936 BV »EA SERVICE, \HC. •NO, MO? THL . WEREL^ MAKES WE jlTTEp-Vj ROV/WHAr.A eOpM! WHAT OPPOftTUNITlE$:' ti\f?o- ' HAV VOLJR. FUN. i 5A1P J?D CH OJR LUCK i .Zi-ri $3i : * FRECKMSS AND Rig FRIENDS, LOST—Largo envelope containin Jletropolitan Insurance, applications and 2 checks. $50 REWARD for return ol these .papers :to Metropolitan Lite . Insurance Cp^ ollice iti Lynch building} 9p klO 2 Mack jenny Mules. 16 hands high. Weigh about 1.200 Ibs. •each. REWARD. A. L. Cliilman, 2 miles east Highway 61 otn at Steelc, Mo. ' up Pair glasses, while gold rlin 1 and frame oil Highway 61' bcUvecii city. limits and golf courso. Reward for return to lloxy Barber 6ll °P i ' 12-p k-15 LOST—Wallet containing fiirloiigli papers nnd money. Reward, Frank Hobcrson, Luxora. 13p k!8 COACH; i JUST S V/ILKIWS ROtlW OOISJOE THE FENce,wnH A PAlp OF FIELD GLASSES. 1 I5WT TRiWG T> GET A LWE OM YOUR OP ALL THINGS! *•' ' Uv Rlosser THE KIND..! COME 1HSIDE,- HSPE, WHERE rrs WARM'!' igfiting Irish ot N'otic Dame have i * filled football's anmls with ^titj-mg deeds George Gipp 1 Kmite RocXne 1 CHS JJoraia 1 Frank Carideo' Jo!mnv,0'Bricn' i But one of the KaniDlers who ";!arre4 ^inOer difficulties, and who now HbWs th^ liighest iwsilion in Irish football, is Elmei' Xajden cunctil N'otrc Dame coich who, ;is a ICO pouiul fullback piobably VMS the gicalest |x;i tofniei nl tliat position at tliat weight m the histon of the game > UTC'CII ore of the mimoital Foui llorscmen alteinucd \Mt!i \l-my Stftlil- llieht 1 ! at'quiiteihick m his sophomore jcai of 1922, and plaieiUialf 'v '. • ^ p i The follow ing >ear he hlled t!io fuli- ,l>ael a<aigrjmcnt and ihc Irish loit only bne ga i ma_Iii 1924 the Ramblei^vere,uii; ^defeaVed, anifLa>den uas a bTgliclii^'

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