The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 13, 1936 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 13, 1936
Page 6
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Harry Or ayeoii BLYTHBVJLLEJARK.) COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 1936 -'Boasting Best v Te,un In j History Lions Have High "<< Hopes * The Blvthcville-Chlekasaws,bld- , ding for Uieir 27th consecutive vlc- j tory nnd an e\en stionger claim r for stale title consideration, de•- parted this morning for Sonrcy where they v,Ul meet (he strong ( Searcy Lloiii lonlglij, ', / Searcy, boasting »,hat supporters say !s th'c b;st (earn In the school's ^ history. Is lookijig forward to to- ^JiiBht's Kami as o big opportunity ' to st«|) Into the slate sporlltght by r handing the Chickasavxs Ihclr first - defeat since 1933 Chicks Meet Powerful Searcy Eleven __ I ~~~ • —..— Jr — .. t^r v Arrplfittitp On Coas' lilDnilPflP Tfl OPT !>laycrs - ^ ««*'°™•« i«amtum'st MW, \TT,~.———~—- .__ -fVVyUOH-'l.clL^ WJl v^u«o^ | h nll[\![ | |l'-| Ml LI- I can rise to great hclgWs when' • i ns "'" make a lhose last tnrcc Barnes, I believe r-— — •————— —-— UIIUllUUU I U GL I '"-Cessary The squid is well b-il ' sh same of it if Santa Clara Santa Clara has the possibilities * «._.._.. h»ccd In even ri«iviiti n .».t «r .!,„ ™* s ""?,tendency to let down'. to go through the season undefeat- •'PINEHURST.— Because the Professional Golfers'. Association tournament this year Inaugurates Hie winter circuit, the big shot money players are keyed up us never before foi the most coveted . , l to be held nl iltzy pJnolniul, Noi. 16-22 This year's show hns drawn n' (remeiifloiis Odd • from Johnny Sevojta, the , rtefeiKltng Utlcholdcr, mid Tony Maiiero. Hie United SI ales open champion, on down the line. The tournament starts with a field of 121, composed of 105 sectional qualifiers and 15 others who got In automatically as Ryder Cn» team members, semi-finalists in the 1935 championship and as In thi' case of Manero, for capturing tin 1 National Open (joaches Carney Laslle and Ace ' rhe X P'W 18 holes medal the 1 Pi'tkett have impressed their squad nrs M*° dt > 8 85 '0 qualify 1 , fol- •wifli the seriousness of this clash lowed bv '? llole ' i of matcli play, i _ —" """ ' ' - .i_ii. — - -i i . nnrl tllPTl IfiLhnl^ «iot/>l^nc imMl K.n. i, To Give Game Account I Play-by-Play Tonight Th; Btvtheville-Searcy foot- will be detailed play- §r,-play over ft public address system in front of joe Applc- iBlim's Rimous store, 231 West Main street, beginning at abaul T:fb .o'clock tonight '^Th- game accotlnt will be ob- tilJied direct from the playing field by long distance telephone •"•* rjlajed over the public ad- system , == |ja lilglily keyed Searcy eleven jjthe Chicles \vlll be leveling -irqji.lhe kick-off in hones of gct- tlrft|ont in f-ont In short order nnttjfstayln^ there ' "»S* rcy Doa!>ls oiilslanding bill caffiers in cloy (Five YfiHbjl Kvahs' 205-pound fullbacl( l and Buddy Woods , The latter is r.-puVed' So be p^ne of the best trlnU 'liMit stars In the state and the C -tits ;aw. 'crimed to watch him , Blytheyllle has two of its _.-.c»j) handicapped by Injuries *M»\ Hut- -chuls »ho has bfeh playing sen- ^sallonally for the last two or three games ,1s nursing a bruised leg *and Brown, 'knee-action fullback, has a sore shoulder Both \yiu .probably get Into the game tonight and Hutchlns is regarded as a .starter, Several thousand, fans are peeled to nil the 1 Searcy field i' 0 " * lnn *rs h»ve been Reyc 'capacity to watch the Struggle lt| yRn ' olln Dutr *' Jock ] Is something more than Just an* Armou r.< and Tom crcav oth|r same to Searcy fans and a „- _ < _ ' .*. * «th|r same to Searcy fans apd a large delegation of, football enthusiasts from Little Hock,'Pine Bliiff 'Hoj^ Springs and'other places will be ijn hand to see just, what kind of ^n ajgreiration thc Chicks really,are Several carloads of BlythcviUe lans had departed by noon today fofsearcy and others were to leave thls s afternoon Six Generationi Use _ v? 124-Y^r-Old Rare* FARQO, N. D (UP) — A 124- yeir-old razor, purchased from thc Sheffield steel milts, still Is be- ig ;used by men of the Charles Drubin and M^Knapp families The .blade', was purchasert In 1812 by 'Charles Drubin He save It to-'hls son, Charles the and then ,3fi-ho!e matches until the final. The two,18-hole rounds at match play scheduled on Nov 18 corn; s pond to the rounds which last year in Oklahoma City saw the elimination of Waller Hagen, Harry Cooper, Henry pjcard, Willie Klein Prank Walsh, and Billy Burke In the first round, and Ray Mangrum Vic Ghoul, acne Saiazen, and Morlle Dutra In thc second \ * * * Saraini U Be Mbstd Prom the point of view >of (he gallery these ll-Jiolo matches arc grand Many of them are fought to the home hole or beyond No fewer than 17 out of 48 In Oklahoma City vent ilie full route o 1 extra holes, from a minimum of tv\o up to a maximum of the 21- Itole clash in which flashy Ky Laffoon put out Eddie Loss Twenty of the 32 winners In lasl year's first matph play lound nre In this year's starting field It K significant Umt every man who survived the first three rounds a year ago Is eligible to start thi< trip, this group comprising the 1935 winner, Revolta, the runner-up Tommy Armour, and.Paul Ruhyan Hortcn Smith, Al Zimmerman, Al Watrous Ed Dudley, and Eddie Schulta The history of thc P. O A champlonthlp makes It odds-on that the Pnlelmrst ylctor will be a man who has a v>el| established reputation Hagen »on it five times, Saraaen three, Jim Barnes and Leo Dlegel twice •ech and the other Dinners h»ye been Revolta, Run- Hutchtson. •y Coorae' Pampered ,f»r Pros Barnes nasHwice runner-up. Ha ?«n, S«ra»en, Diesel, and Armour filled that role once each other rurtuers-up have 1 been Frctf McLeod, Johnny parrtll, Denny Sluitc Craig wocd, thc late J Douglas Edgar, Al Esplnosa and Joe Tur- nesa. Sharks of hie falrv'va^s will tackle a course that has been Kept inviolate for them Not since ^iie P. O A event was born in 1916 have Mich cW>- oralc preparations been made for (he show . Never has Hie tournament been staccd so late In the scar, and H is being held at a southern resort for'the llrsfc time, It also is llic first time that ft course ha<> been closed to members or guests o( a resort from the season's oponlnfe ' unU1 lllc «">c of the championship has NobcHl »' 1)05 bee " ""owed on the ri, , llne , No 2 la>out at PI'Khurst this a S?L Kna £P > ° f thc sixth tumn - and the only »"" «ho Sill loday shA>es tt1th „ | ^ w it untu «f er u'e with one of these attractive new , 5 FALL SUITS for only -"- 1^475 Cdppt s Suits $25M You'll -want to dress up for Thanksgiv. ing and these handsome new greys blues and browns afford 5 ou the op- norlunllu .( havinr „ j^ e °f I'M"" .K" ww " f abri " « x «rtly tailored Into the season's choicest models HUDSON Cfeaner - Tailor • Clothier TO GET GULLING TEST IN UBT Si Maiy's, Loyola of Los Angeles, Texas Chus- lian lo Be Met lly TINY THORNHILI/ Hcid Coath, SUnford 1/iiiveMty PALO ALTO Calif—sinta Glara, (lie only untied and undefeated team on the Pacific const, finds game. . three center men In the Jine, DoLgheitj at center, and Bas 'I and fiodgcis at ginrds form is ercat a tiio it any team in the counli> his In plash nihscnl me Brones hive one of thc great |CBt blockcrs and defensive backs i on the co lit Uf n De Rosa Ls one 1'car A good line and some very tood running iml iislii" qa cU a le-im that will go i long \vflj m any lei^nc The gimc vvllh St Marys prob ably will be the Bioncs bluest test rhe Gaels ar» banti Claras In- Uitloml and mtinal rivals on the toist i»a ovci a peiiod of many would be tough for iiiyoue to ho- I Although St Marv s and one along which the Bioncs' thln«- to fl-hl for fh\l mnv mvi a rude upset awaiting deeming itself after a disi tilp cist against rordham and Marquette-I hesitate to vei ,i u rc i prediction Ihc Gaels will "mke It ])lelil5 tougli for the Bronc<r vou maj be sure although the hw of averages is will, Sinta Clan Frogs A Her Kevenge A great bickfleld ace and a great lln«innn will (angft when undo feated, untied Santa Clara mixes with St Marj s In their traditional game In San 1-rtmclsco Nov 15 The bick h Don DC Rosi kicking *1U) carries the offensive hoj« of the Drones igalnsl the O-vels line paced bj Jetrj Dcnnerleln lower right tackle ' Q A will b-> (he professionals to knock off a i-cosnl/cd lender (it themselves nnv time Thc No 2 course iiere on which ilie p o A champbnslilp will be settled measures 0879 yards from ..he mlddlo of the back teeb to the •nlddle of (he greens and maj be stretched to more than 1000 >ards for Mime of those match plaj rounds The one factor which hitherto had deterred thc P. o. A. from "winging Its tournament here was the'^perfectly understandable hesitation of playing such'an important championship on a course with sand greens That obstacle removed when grass greens were.Installed.on.the r,o i course last season along with n few al teratloiis. i Heart Rlf-at at Home First choice in the P Noilheast Aikansas Loop Likely to Cnlaige for Ne\t Season CARIJTHERSVILLE. Mo.. Nov! 11 — Dircctois of the Norlheist Arkansas League., were entertained by PiuJdcnt Jos R Bcrtig with I a diimci at Paiagould Wednesday *».-jw vnu^u m me i' ti. ,\ n)l nf^ht following ^hlch the fiist ihe bpsis of consistent play in tiic """"al business meeting was held North and soiith at Pinelmrst i Bllh I' 1 """- for the 1937 season be vv.hic)i he won after a plajofT \vltli ln » dkcirscd and several matteu Manuntm u/u.i/i h« 01 1 .....^ foimallv passed on Kenneth Riddle league wcie laii B«ve in extensive report of club actlvilks for 1936 leportins iimi -*i . >..*.~ , .. . ° Qi , —. °" B""ie on uucx s mw.s schedule, and It Isn't go- ")g to be a soft one by wf means. T|ie Progs came to the coast jcar and uiok an : iincxiMcled de- wn, V ™ the Oroncs, and this year * he on'their toes, looking for gc. slinging -JSamniy • Bnugh's pa.we.s are due to click with dea'dly M ^"d, It; Will take, all oi , ra 's defense to halt them, the going will bs tougli in When Saula Clara played Stanford in the opening game of the season^ Buck Shaw's squad -appeared to have llic nnklngs of •» very good team In defeating us. But In the three. following contests the team did not have- the competition to bring It up to clnmplonship caliber and, of course, did not play up to form. In their last encounter with i great.southern team, Auburn, th Broncs showed onlv foothill flashes of offer tlie ; list to let down'. Horned • Frogs gainc on Buck ;DR. SAMBA* Eye. ;Bar, N Me •&• Throat CLASSICS PITTKD ll'oom 210 s. I'lione 410 , Inerani nidg Office 118 Santa Clara has the possibilities to go through the season undefeated. One letdown, however, aiid it will join tile list of upsets in this season of upsets. : ; Cash Feed Store .'112. East'.Main The fact is that the first half of the Sinti flnin schedule foynd the team an untried Quantity. The 'quad had not been in lieivj enough competillcn to bring out 1 ttie great possibilities that I be- J.lcre it has. Center of I me Mrong Ihc Dioncs hive few greit ball Loyola, coached by Tom Lleb has phjed in ha.d luck most of he seison and b Ing up f or Bin U Clan maj get a few bleaks tint will result In in upset Tough luck seldom follows -x football team all thc veir and catering the Broncs attei their big gime of the jear again,! ^••"^^^^^^ Sirange But True coining jeai, and In cich instance were ve-electlons, including Pres I Bcrllg, Sccretnry-Treasiner Riddle R P McQuLstion fi ri t vice-1 president and E P Mathis sec- 1 oud vice-president. | All clubs were lepreicnlctl, and, with the exception of Bate vine "Unified their desire to lemam] In (lie le-igiie in 1937 Batesville reincsented by Prloi Ev-ins Is to let the league know definitely within a week whether or not it' will i emaln In tin le-igue j Since several towns, In ArKan-' "as and Missouri have filed ^pli- j cation to enter the league next' yen (he directors voted to extend i I' to nn eight tea.i league vtded the new incoming clubs put up a ciih assurance that the> will finish the season . would be Plcard who, n the four regular rounds of that oiirnament and In the phjoff never vvinl above 73 Maiignim and Horlon Smith had Individual Frnnk Jlmmv puiil Iciguc with .a leagc had that all clubs in the nil ( ) uci) nm i had finished the .substantial cash', balance. , . A volt of thanks was extended to Resident Bei rounds of 68 last March Walsh had a 69 as did Hines Manero Is bettei acquainted will- the sandy soil and natmal Inz" ov the mreciois ards of this localllj tlm nmosl O r tit Ana Eecietaiv Riddlu for thel it Z)^ ,' 'I 8 "" 8 •"•'"" ns fl " C W0rk n " d J In maki , toro a»f^ . . lCftrb3 ! G ' C ° ns l" lc '^"^ ««t season asw' boro and h^ing tinned m t\io' cessful one rv Cmrtov e hJIf rth ,, llnil ,, Sol " h Hlil I Tllc '" 8llc clmnplonship «T r) Cpopck- had a 71 Jlmumiiom I foinmllj awarded to (he Ciiuth Illj In risvlllc Pilots wlnneis of tlv jfiist lialf who defeated the New going poit Caidmals second half win We'll Keep You Dry The player limit was front 13 to Weve told vou before that nc 14 phjers including the manager oalr v all t>p«, of Shingles, both and monthly salaiy limits was wocdeu and composition Here ic , nmullns ,„„ ,j, am because jou attending the iltauli nave (ha[ ne w roof put on now. Consult viiih us about an !• I! A loan foi i (.modeling or new buildinff. mised to $850 0» ]->ei club Tlie directors meeting were: Joneiboro, Lowell E p and Wi!co\on Mannliij; and .Paragould, Woods Newport McDonald -ind Dickinson Batesville Prioi i-vans Osceo'i Fied Tavloi ' Caruthcisvllle Dive Pillow ind WId Matthews. EAST ARKANSAS BUILDERS SUPPLY CO. !'. Two Winners: Tiie Biy&eville Chicks Pedwin Shoes LISTEN IN TONIGHT Be the guest of the makers of Pedwiu Shoes tonight in" front, of store loi full play-by-pky of the game The FAMOUS JOE APPLEBAUM and ambitious m c lv Unices ,,«c elected Tour Credit is Good With Us! NO MONEY DOWN .... TERMS TO SUIT YOU . . . . W« have thousands of satisfied customers who are using, our "No Down Payment" lire purchasing plan. You don't need ready cash to purchase those lire* you need... come in today and we will equip your car with genuine Seiber- < HngVapor Cured ^ires, no money down . . . terms that will fit you exactly! Our prices are os low as any in town! Just compare, then come in and buy. 47c Per Week HUBBARD Tire & Battery Co. Phone 47fi Drat let tonight you tomorrow! ", jnorti rii« buffo lo, ' Soy w« biion or. 'on Ihi go ' «ut tall for CALVERT, and at dawn You will no) {«•!. my son, 'oil gon* Don t carry last night's self around with you tomorrow, i ake a tip from experience... take a weight off your mind. Call for CAI.VF.RT Blended Whiskey. Enjoy it as a gentleman should—moderately. Let either side of bed be the right side_to get out on, in the morning! Callfor CALVERr! rprr coiv.rt-t ih I I\LL ?•'"""• ' h< "' l "9 lvln 9 M<nuo "<<"»'ip«R«H« by tlltf ' H '" ri C( ""I>«"H«r. GMS CLEAR.HEADS CALLFOK Calvett WHISKIES

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