The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 7, 1941 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 7, 1941
Page 3
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APRIL 7, 19.11 The South American Way Inspires Hollywood's New Fashions For Spring " XV>\^>>V:^X^<>A^WXO,OL'AUA.<.. *...-.*... i.-.^- -.-.-• ^, . ^tf (ARTO NWS EA » Stun Correspondent HOLLYv;ooL\~-3ty!es that .stem icm couth America alromlv are I'pjorm, North America's spring •i i.n^.-, v.'i.h exotic- turbans -and ^ uU , c °. - Ui: -.^. iUll-~leeveu blouses .MJU ran expect many more as soon :•-.-- dtoiji;ivr.s luive worked out adaption.', that are goo;i :u.shkm. ho* jii.'it. costume-copies. •"•-idiv h-:c".vn-o:i. UKO designer, m...-::;^-! .several modern outfit 1 -; lor Iviuurev-n O'H.uu's wardrobe • <>!' "they Met in Aj-^ennn.!," JOi.'iu: this dii!::'uli ( even Uiou»:i v.i:U;li cull bt more liu'iiiiir-a! than those for private wardrobe:;. "The coloring,, uiv JIK-C to work out," .sievt.:r,-on said, "fce-.-iiu.'* yOU have SJM,:;) ;i \vifis." r-ivu. ,M o::-shad<-x — I U .H pink, bine., h'om s Bin you ahnovi Amork-an lo:-ah- u, il'.vnr ;<; .'Many oi t ml 10 poi.son :y 10 purpl.-sh, - J t'd tiuj SijULll hive ;.he rr-iii; "* styles; they u<;:;'i tit smootuiy inio ordi- :^Uh Amori.-an back- Tnat's win-re you;- :ui:<:;- ...uions must ix- worked out. Gl-.T. 1 MOitE )J>iiAS r-'K«;.VI MiJVS e LOTH MS ' .nC,;_.. i :oanj .'nor: :u Argentine men's tjon in the ;-:>un in iii. lor thr- tumes, the dress •iv.jjnfcn 1 :;, be c.i,:. ;o. ex- tradiiional Indian cos- woiiiL-n.s' native styles M.;.m .u ue mosuy p.-:ni and a .sort ol Momer Hupbard tent. From Buenos Aires, ol course, you get nothing, because it's so cosmopolitan and worldly that there's no 'native' dress at all. "Tne riding habit that I made for Miss O'Hara is a close adaptation of the out tit of the gaucho— the Argentine cowboy. That's a South American style that might, replace slacks and jodphurs. because it's a much more flattering line for most women. Fitted riding breeches use about four yards Oi material; the gaucho trousers eight yaicis. But the iiulnjss conceals uc«vy nips and- thighs, and imperfect knees, all of wnich are cruelly emphasized by fitted me. Except when something happens to remind me forcibly—like that mirror in my dressing room at 20th-Fox. it's a , OU nd one, hum; above a low, modern dresser. :incl all I can see m myself as I eome in is my middle 'section. Oh, the mirror's nil ridu when I fit down, if i t |,. n -, sj{ (00 strain In." SIJK SITS OX IIKK RACK "It's the same way at then tors •iml incvies. even when 1 »'o bare- unided. Somebody is sure to tap me rn the shoulder and ;>sk, 'Miul- •m, will you ul,-ase remove your hat?' and 1 have to rvphun 'that it's all mr—just head ;m oi hair. Whftt (hey really mean is 'Will you please take on your head?' 1 just have to .^!h!e and ; t rn m- y.oine. with mv knees r-s/e b-ds never i^ive ) to Mret"h comfortably hits wcrk:d oui u ballet with h, r t l: ;.. s ijoimecl out and her ankles arched, so doesn't yank out (he . Somcthhu; ouvrht to bo too. about the hospitul-tee.h- of bed-makinji; .slieets and sire tucked in us ti t ;ut :is trail- jacket, so there's no slack biuion c-i a comfortable outfit, too; oots pull on over a four- and the wide leather i.e a poio belt, <jives good e. cin,_-L- it's an informal haciL. ^ou can make the as bright as you like. For Ivntis O'liara, I combined navy blue gabardine trousers with a canary yellow shirt anci a kelly green vest. That wouldn't, of course, be the tiling for eastern L-mic- paths, but I think the wes; will like it." Another La tin- American style. and one that has endless pov>ic;ii- ties. Ls the scrape — actually an Indian style. Stevenson said 'he'd like to use it down the sides of a cape, perhaps stripes or bright red it mi blue on bLtCk. Two day- ursrfses lie designed for Miss C'Hara's scree;, v.r..'drobe are quite modern, and their seraphs nit: entirely different in coloring and arrangement. On a canary yellow wool frock with a high LOW! neckline, the scraps of rust-red and sand-beige is .suing in loose folds over one -vhGiuuer. hanging from from hem 10 back hem. On a beige wool. the .scarf is a traditional multicolored-striped one like a flat stole. iL under a wide suede • colored stones, Steven- M-an, \Miicti is striped m red, greens and blues. nic? Is nung en:!s uicke-j belt studded ^ DES MOTNES. la. <UP>—Nearly . r jfi yr-ar-, n-o Fredrick M Hull and several other prisoners at the It penitentiary were standing O n - * •• ^'i-ii it ic.i. muliny them Three \vere killed. Another grabbed a rope and saved himself. Hull ncln't. die but he suffered 3:> different ton.? fractures and v.-;».s un- fcnscicus for 21 days.. It was two years before he could walk \viihou'. crutches. Recently the Iowa legislature voted to appropriate Hull a pen- s::cn cf S3{] a month for the next , two years—as has been the cus- j icm of eaeh legi.s.'ature for 50 years.! Up to 1929 he received S20 a [ nicjith. and then the increase was • vclrd. He has received a total of j S12.nOO frcm the state and is the j orly pen = ioner of his kind. i Hull has moved to Minnesota.] live:-; in a iv.-c-roeiy; house a mile! cut of Duaj!2fti?—about 50 miles! south of Duluth. Tec-ay he moves \vith some dif- firi'lfy. His jaw is crooked and h.'.s old fractures ache \vhen the weather is damp. Kis left arm often is painful because of a bone" infection contracted as a result of the injury. Hull, who hrtri been sentenced to .'-.'(imetime.s beiriu taller than uv- ' ' iiius ii.s ad\anta:-es. .siie snid. I 1 never forget the little mar; 'iit ne::t. to me at tin; Demp- v-Tumiey n»IU. He hud come !1 the wny fjx-in the middle- west, an outrageous price- for his '<•'•'•'. but cnul'in't see a thiny! r. .c<!y would Miiy seated, of f:i'rsc. . c :o he'd look 'up ut me and plaintively. 'YVhutYe they do- in- new?' and I'd ye)l 'down. Tumi:;; just drove a hard right to the jaw— they're sparring in '"•' center of the ring— it's nearly end of the round—'. He mi'/ht well have stayed at home "by radio, poor little fellow." K AROUND MAYI'OLK AH these tnM tales some day coin" into a book, which prob- will be ca'.Ied "Bits and Piec- -." because that's the si ate of ^•> manuscript just now and here's no continuity planned. be the storv of lier first chorus job when she wore pads "p.cler her tights. After one look. "T- producer hastily ordered a t'i-r-len«Jh kimono costume for Miss Greenwood. Crrrently. she's capita H/Jnt; on 1 er agile le»s anci faee-of-a-100- rnuy.s in "Miami," has several t: :ngi-, and i^aily kicks dead-pan T PCk Hnl;-v in the pants as they •'ance a maypole routine. (Miss Greenwood's thc pole, nnturnllv.) rumn CHAMPAIGN — John Sikich, won the Big Ten heavyweight title alter reaching the finals the last two years anci losing-. STORIES STAMPS »• , ••»».> »^ niv- lt^.114, HUH l!I ^ e unbroken by the matching belt. HOLLYWOOD army •i'le is irnrrison. :uu? pinch-hiitinsr noxv (ourinn: tlt'fcnsc in- R.eari Courier News war* ads Dr. W. F. Brewer Dentist BlythcvilJe, Arkansas SPECIALS! Extractions Sl.Ofl Full Up'r & Lower Plates $25.00 (Extractions Included) three years for arson, was par-i inch shortei ficnrd after the accident. Now. once a month, he goes to Duquette (.0 give solemn testimony before tho keeper of the general store—who is also a notary public—that he is Fredrick Milton Hull who fell with the prison scaffold. BY LVCU: NEVILLE ' NK.A Svrv'cr Staff Correspondent! HOLLYWOOD -Unariotte Green- vvcD'-i dcef:n"f know how tall she i IN. tntuyh height, is her stage anci • -. >u % !:. f ic:rm::!j;. Her vap:ue guess • .'cmewhert' arr, ulK j 5 feot 9 inch _ f;; ni ; :"«.vbe it'.s ]Q inches. She -.f>.sn t meafttUTf] in vears. r.ot b p - ;J>»«r she's sensitive -bout it. but. ^rcause it vvouldn't 1!i; , k e anv dif- ft:rcncp to her fans. They'd con«Jnue to class her as a giantess. even thr,i; :; h n lot. of than, in • he yciin^n- cori-livor-ciI-ni;Mured scnc-raticn, are not more than an said, most vcor- ••er -< to come backstage to see me i-er a_ matinee." the comedienne ' incy'd be so tall they'd al- nave to duck to get in the ny. They'd .stand towering rn--\ r.nd beam, and say a says I look just like you Greevwood.' Maybe I looked 10 them on the states or maybe they just took it for "grant- Ed because my publicity continually harped on my ion-:"legs. "Rut I don't FEEL taller. Everybody seems on an eve-h:vcl with Crater Ldke Was Formed When Volcano Collapsed • r pHOUSANDS of years ago there were many active volcanoes in America. One of these was Mount Maznma, in the Cascade range of southern Oregon, which built itself up by repeated eruptions to a height of 10,000 feet. During a period of quiet, glaciers covered the volcano. Then the mountain collapsed, under its weight of lava and ice, fell into its own hollo wed-out core. A huge crater, 3000 feet deep and six miles in diameter was created. Gradually rain and melting snow filled it. Today this is Crater Lake, pic- lured on the U. S. C-ccnt stamp above, of the U. S. National Parks scries. Here is one of nature's m;,rvcls—a ck-i;.- blue Ir-ke, 2000 feet deep, sin-rounded by precipitous walls a thousand feet high. Crater Lake has no known inlet nor outlet, yet it remains at an almost constant level. Although n mile above sea level, the lake never freezes. Crater Lake was created a National -Park in 1902, includes an area of 249 square miles. It was discovered in 1853 by a party hunting n lost mine. Dr. W. S. Eastburn Chiropractic Physician Day and Night Calls Chick. Phone Office 801 801 youngsters BLUB Tractors & Equipment ALL GUARANTEED DELTA Implements, Inc. Stale Coker 100 Strain 3 certified, rc-c!eane(i and Ceresan treated. Stoneville Ambassador Sfoneviile 2-B R. D. HUGHES GIN CO. Hlytheville, Ark. Covered Wagons Roll South as Defense Workers' Homes PAGE THREfc !!u> moon does not influence the- ~ weal her." , , + In concluding his letter the youth gently chided the youn'c woman he had heard that '!•* * "wouldn't take the temperance • plp(lj?o." "I put on the ribbon one year a»o last Sunday." he wrote, "and'I haven't broken my word yet-not " even on sweet cider." FREMONT. Nob.-Midland Col- H^c' tied for the basketball diam- pion:--h!p of its conference, although opponents scored more points than Mio co-titlists. Midland made 274 its cifiht foes 278. ' 'Words Are N/it Big Enough ;;> ,:.-:«!- ADI.KKfKA . A ,,, -,-, 1UH , "•'""!, ; ,hvny. ,-„,.,.,., AOI.KUIKA with ''"• ' {l - »''.<•"!!.) ';..- Mn,,,fM K . sour • Fifty ti-Milors en Washington, D. C., bridge en Federal Security 1 to Wilminjilon. >'anls Ihrrf. These :ir Administration, N. C., where (hey -' fii'M ol ;MIUU ni n Days In 80's Were Dull Even To Daily Ration Of Hash Mich. (UP)—A innermost ihoii^lii.s of his college back in i««0 were ix-vcaled when a hMtor written by a Michigan Stntc Cclle^c .siudenl was mudi- public in die collide newspapor. Tho unnamed student, writing in a I lowing ypenceriun script, to n "Kirl buck homi\" udoriu'd his stu- Lionory with a privaio conception of the college seal—a skilfully drawn shove! and pickax crossed over a plate of hash. Tlv.? school, then known ns Michigan Agricultural College, apparently wius not well supplied with co-cds, as the writer complained there wore "no girls to talk to; to see a lady on Lht; grounds is quite a novelty." "When I tell you Unit you unM.hi' last yirl I l-,;tve spoken Id except I he waiter, you probably will think so too." lie wrote, in a sly cHorl, to corn's v his loyalty. appeared to niisc another Mud Thousands of sufferers from such common complaints as Headaches. Nervcusness:, Constipation. Slom- :".:h ami Liver Disorders, Bladder Dislurbancos. Henrt Troubles. Dcs- and general "Tirr-d Oui" feeliny, havt- found their condition closely connected with Pi'.os. some other Recta! trouble or Colon dis- erdc-s. lr, addition !lu>re is medical jiuLhm-ity to the <'ffc-cf that rectal disorders do not, ordinarily correct themselves and thai delays in .securing proper trentimiit may lend (o the conditions indicated in UK- chart below. Write- today for n copy nl largo, illustrated Free book which will enlighten you on the serious nature of Piles and other Rectal ills. Send your request to Thornton A: Minor Clinic, Suite 410-D. 92(5 McGr-f Si,. Kansas City. Mo.—one of t h o world's largest and oldest, known rectal clinics, where over 52.000 men and women have been treated in the past 64 years. Your copy of Free book will be mailed you in plain wrappm- and without obligation. FOR SALE APPROVED ALFALFft SEED Lespedcza and Beans and Peas of Various Variety Also Car of STONEVJLLE Pedigreed 2-B and 4-B L R.Matthews Gin Co. Phone 403-W-2 Yarbro, Ark. j n unplrnsanl aspect o! collie Hf ( . tlu- ms. niul (ho student . sn | c j he hud been In (own only t. w i n . t | m .j n( , I • »f term mul hud | 0 witlk back In Mii: mud bolh i linos. Tin- monotony of tho :uum> food nay mtrr day W:l . s ; |,.. S crlbed hi dc- t.uil and lack o! sla'i) occasioned by •sln.v!nf.c np until inUlni';lH all but two nighus also caused (he author not in you , n; '|'«M- It'll o:- L-v:<lLM«iy waa the romjujlii- vein, !ls th c woman w»s MMI( a difficult, in-obkMU v,-!il:-h the sludcnt asked her to solve and return t.o him. In exchange, lu- said, he would "treat" her when slu-y ni-xt mel, A infftiii" of the Union literary was described in «reai tletull. •Vit.s held in a base- li'tier reml. "which ^ nicely curpeird and hn.sii raJM-d platform. They imve a.s nl;r an oi-Kim as In church and n belter .somulliu', one. I believe. J'liere were three essuyx, a derhi- mation and n debate and utter dls- mis.sal I hey sanu comical .sonus lor about a n hour." The debute. It, \va.s explained, was <HMhr quest ion; "Resolved: Thai, Now Many Woar FALSE TEETH With More Comfort PASTEETU, a pleasant alkaline dum-ucun powder, holds fnlse cot.h more firmly. To eat, and talk In more comfort, just, sprinkle u little FASTE1LTH o n your plates. No yummy, yoocy. pnsty taste or reeling; Checks "plate odor" (denture brenth). Get, PASTEETH at uny drug store. Adv. I LUX THEATRE LUXORA Phone '12 Sut.-Sini. 2 and 4 P ' I*. M. M Always. We - 20c LAST TIMES TODAY LITTLE NELLIE starring .IUDY CARLANI) with CiKORCIR MURPHY CHARLES W1NNINGER DOUCI.AH COMEOY anil NK\VS CHESTERFIELD P. O. BOX 21 NEW YORK CITY for your FREE copy of rOBACCOLAND,U.S.A. « book that gives you 1h» facts about tobacco Reading Ihetr copy are WIUIAM HOLDEN and VERONICA IAKE, now starring in Paramount'! piclura, "I Wanffld Wingj." READ WHY for a COOLER, MILDER, BETTER smoke A short while ago we published TOBACCO- LAND, U. S. A., the only complete picture story of the growing, curing and processing of fine tobaccos, from seed-bed to cigarette. So great was the demand for this book from smokers everywhere that another million copies are now coming off the press. TOBACCO- LAND gives real information and is yours for the asking. ; nr» 1 he more you know about how cigarettes are made the more you'll enjoy Chesterfield . . . the cigarette that Satisfies. MORE SMOKERS ASK FOR CHESTERFIELDS EVERY DAY jrijh? 1?4J, Mccnr A MNJJJ x«»«cg C? 4

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