The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 13, 1936 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 13, 1936
Page 5
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FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 1936 BLYTHEV1LLB (AUK,) COURIKR NEWS Romance in a Little Theater and Adventure in a Small Town HALF-ACRE EDEN 1 , :'<. —- 1 •plTTER December wind from Lone Island Sound swept the statjon plaUorm as the 6 34 train brought, its usual crowd of commuters home • to'Bobbs: Neck. Philip Canneld shivered, but veiy slightly)' in his $275 overcoat while he walked : a dozen; yards and stepped into his healed car througli'thc door opened smartly by the chauffeur. Thomas Waddell shivered iyst a triflo in a $90 coat as he hurried to his car, also heated, where Mrs. Waddell awaited him iii the driver's seat. Frank Osborn shivered quite perceptibly in his coat,. $47.50 and three-years' 'old; and the shabby car .which Mrs. Osborn had driven down to meet-riim was unheatcd. Ralph Hanson shivered hardly at all,'but had to-hunch, his shoul^ ders in his $18.50 coat and walk very fast indeed, to keep from shivering, all Ihe eight blocks to his home. Mr. Canfield alighted in ..his ,lhree-car garage and walked [briskly through a covered passage 'to the house, whose considerable bulk was situaled at the top o£ the hill at the Point and so received more than its share of the winler wind, but which offset this seasonal disadvantage by ils superior and costly construction Mr and Mrs Waddell ahgnted in the one-car garage built into the basement of their home,.and they proceeded into the comfortable house simply up steps and through a door, the opening-of which, signaled their maid to serve dinner. Mr. Osborn -let Mrs. Osborn out :'at .the sidewalk of their rented home and then drove around; to the garage at the back, where a little difficulty with the ; doors delayed him for a few minutes, so that when he had waded through the snow in the yard and reached the house by the back door Mrs Osborn had almost completed Ihe transfer ot dinner 'Irom warming 'overi to table Mr Hanson alighted on lus front porcn irom tne wings o£ the wind and stamped the snow off his shoes, whereal Mrs Han- sop opened the door and he darted, in ijefore the house tost Shy PAGEPlvi , j* > 1 •m-w <. t S • J < /l "T''iJ > * • By Hobeit Edward Dickson Copyright, 1936,, NEA Service. Inc. ' t I'llll I!' VA\Piri l>. Putting on her hat and coal, Maraa spo/ee fo herself mj/ie mirror of-gossip?" "Can Jiou lie the ot reproach in the arch of one' sou!" asked ej ebrow "Going out, are Mr. Canfield. "It's tryout night for the Stagecraft Guild play," said ; Marcia. "They have a simply swell show this time—'Half-Acre in Eden ' I had a rotten part m the spring play, if jou remcmbei Majbc I'll have better luck this time. I'd jump at any one of a dozen parts." 5 * .-* pfflLIP CANFIELD took the second cocktail, lighted a cig -nd Marcia bughll) enough "I libpo I haven't been sickening the household all these weeks with an imitalion : of n heart-broken maiden. I'm "not- really, 'you know. Frank KcndVlck was a disappointment to a lot of other people, as well as io me.' It's bad fun to be known as a jilted woman, of course, but I was really more hurl by.Ihe mess of the rest of his affairs. Anyway, you'd be surprised al Ihe icboinul pos- Viiilities in a woman of 22.' ohe' hurried through the meal and came around the table to kiss M ARCIA CANFIELD greeted her father m the library when !ie came :down from his room to await dinner. She was sitting sidewise in a' wing chair, reading; her praiseworthy legs, hanging- over an-arm of the chair, waved absently in time to some impatient and .private rhythm. , The butler carried in a tray, bearing two - glasses. Mr. Canneld took''one, but Marcia shook her head. • "Just her daddy.'s old-fashioned giri," said-Mr. Canfield. Marcia-smiled.' "Dad, I asked to have dinner right away tonight. Will that suit you?" "Perfectly." "Then you may serve when you ., arc ready, 'Awkins,'' Marcia told the butler, who, correctly, was James to the, family and.Hopps in front of guests. 'Awkiris withdrew, with the merest suggestion aiet "I wonder \Uu joa amateurs do it," he said "Granted that some of \ou have talent and all of you \\rnk hard, your producl still falls far short of a profes- sipnal -job i What the dickens is 'there in it' A chance" to <;how off' An escape for thw arted ambitions' Or do jou believe jou are really- acting when you get up in front of your neighbors— instead of only playing at acting? Excuse any implied insults, of course. 1 ' ' : , : 'Awkins announced dinner. : "I should think you'd be busy enough already," Mr. Canfield carelessly renewed conversation over the soup, "with your Village Welfare work, your, bridge club your story hours for ihe kids J a' Ihe library, your heaven-knows- what-clse. My word, when does the modern young woman have time for the men?" "Hope jou won't be lonelj, Dad I'll not be late " Tioment ^atei, putting on coat at, she spoke to her minor ' 5 how aie your.-rebouncfs '*«T 'iVlg,^"* Of d \ M 'ARCIA colored, and immediately-he realized-; that his aimless .talk- had led him lo an unfortun ale topic.' "My dear, I'm sorry!" "It's perfectly all "right, Dad," : 'emonstrated in front of ' _gers' Can. you be the naid-of-gossip' Will jou '«• 'hile they say, There's ^ •, ?ld. A man jilted her'? l: ;. ._ The mh ror reflected an excel lent copy- of /^serenity. The le- honnds were under control. nn\VO months before, Flank Kendrick had cast off the lies which maintained him- comfort ably in the lifo'of Bobb's Keck. The son of an old family in the county, he had conducted an in vestment office in the village for two or three yeais. His business on inheritance', 'was conservative he bore an excellent name, and there was considerable wealth ii the town. So that he had prospered. Then, suddenly and bat- fiingly—flight. The iccordi in his office, pn vilely examined, gave onto mc.i- jci cle\\s lo the dites and amounts of his embezzlements, not- had his friends beep liware of any sudden need for funds above'hu adequate income. In his absence, all had been done that could be done to keep the iffan quiet Theie \\cic o o'hei KendrlcUs living nou to caie, hut his fnendb conspired to 1 ush all persons who hac\ left money w ilh him It wib finly casj, foi all of the complain mis Ind been lus fucnds .This much^-or this little—V>T!\vleci|i<. common only in Ki,n- ucks set Upon lus disappeii- ancc, rnmois Ind, of course, ipread outside tnat set Kcndpck vas gone, something was Cblv somewhere But the onlj tping in to the jttminunily at latgu tTiat lie J was no* longef* in was- thai lie "was no' longefj Sobbs Neck. That and thc'jfqct that Marcia Cinflcld's engagement 16 him had been announced two weeks before.his disappear ance. They :had been kids together— motherless Marcia,:- and orphan Frank, ; who' had: lived with an uncle while growing up. Simply to have'lost the best friend she had ever had would have been cruel enough, Marcia icalizcd He had alwiys been 'best friend." But to experience the shock of his stepping out of character, his permitting the announcement of-their engagcmcnl lo be made on the eve of a flight he must have 'foreseen, was more cruel. That he could so easily expose her to • humiliation hurt her more than did 'the humiliation itself. '''•';.:' ill»i<l>)iiiiruMo <>r tlltMC II1HK nkiinf rnhnKittriit "HII " dtlHiilwanim',""^ hi KniilriiVi. l.u.lui-*. hitu l>i'rll dlat'OVi'ri-tl. • K lo 111 illki'K kutltr him 1 Urr|il}- Mkr kAN ln-fu hurt, >l!m-ln, *tkii IH tnlrrvttffd In Mwn- li'ur drlimnlU-M, ttitvtt to tkt try- IIIIIH .if tlu< .Slmnirufl <iu!ld lo tr>- htr ti i>tir( In tkf nov |ilnx> (;() O.V WITH Till-] STOKY CHAPTBU It r PHU Sligccuifl Guilo'i cnsllng coinmillcc "nuillcd ilie iimbl- llous talent of Ihe vlll:i([o'in the Dobbs Neck Communlly Auditorium. A few early seekers of voles were seated, in various conditions of nervousness, through the nudllorium Itself,, white the seven members ot the committee had withdrawn, to ii private room lo pass Ihe lime until B;10 o'clock, when tryoiits were to begin. One committee hnd chosen the play; the casting committee would people U; another-'committee hiul the task of selecting, nlso from the membership, niv amateur director; still another would create Ihe scenery and costumes. Such was the democracy of the Guild. | Annual elections'were Intended to keep the committees liesh. With four plnys n year scheduled, u member;, of : the Guild might well be in turn an ncloi, duccloi, stagehand and designer In one 12-month', Mike Bradford, who. worked for a New \oik newspaper and had fcv. gods, addicssed his >>l\ fellow mctnhcis of the cnsllng committee'., after finding by his watch that 10 minutes imtsl pass before the evening's, labors could begin. "Iheto nre 27 pnits in this cheese ot a show," he said counting (.leu down to the bial m UIL thlid net who says 'Yes, father,' ? twice • nnd 'No, father, 1 once, i I'll Inugh raucously if only 20 people show up tonight.' There was' no response, but Mike needed none. "1 figure," -ho conlinued, "that 08 nei cent of all conleslanls in thK ^orl of bilge ire 100 per Lent rotten actors 16 stnrt with,; nnd since the by.-laws allow the casting committee onlj lliis one evening to finish oft the job, thcio wont be much selectivity involved The onlyVwork in in> •-'" event will be sponging off, out self respect ifteiwnid" Miss Sellers, the'chnlrman, who taught English in the high school, volunteered a defense of the dignity of ihe Guild's trims. Miss Sellers conllnunlly volunteered for a variety of endeavor in Bobbs^Neck. 'Why, Mr, Bradford," she said, smiling with some, coyness v to cloak the scolding she intended to give this agnostic, "you don't really feel ; that way about it, of course! If you did, you wouldn't have become a member ot the Guild in the, or have permitted yourself lo be elected to our committee in the second place.' * « « "TT'S these family memberships that did me wrong," sighed Bradford. "Dues, 5 bucks a bead, 10 for the family. My wife took a family membership and Marc in. she pul my name on llic.npullca-! tiorti And Thut made: me u memer, since I Mlppo^u evclybodj dodges these idiotic committee jobs, srmcone picked on me iimi put my n imc on the ballot at tlia lasl election, nnd hero I am, while Joan, the cause of it all. sils at borne in comfort,. .Pardon mo! 1 01 got I was, ipcnkmg lo the members, of 'the committee." ! just know jouie leasing snid Miss Sellers, who knew thai he wasn't. "Yes, ma'nm/' said Bradford "Well, come on, -Judges. Let's' gel out there and gel it. over with. My deal Joan, how I'd love lo stnack you right on the jawl" Two hours 'siifllccd for an elimination review : of the talents of the 11 ciiKllchles who had tip pcarcd for the tryouls, wilh ; Miss Seller 1 ! on the stage giving them lines to say and actions to perform! while the oilier members ol the committee, scattered "out front,' grided them 'I wo hour's and then the trades -vie tallied, the clioscn wore announced ant! the luckless departed, and the cominillce. and the selected persons assembled anew for Ihe definite assignment of roles. For Hn's purpose the members ot the committee gathered on Hi and compared notes, ocea •sionally tailing some poison ti for a fuilher tiyoul U vas do tided Immediate!} and uiuiti motisly thnt tlic part of Dully 1 Uuho should go to linlph II u son, Jr, wnost fathei had trotlc home irom thcWation in nn li ndcquaiL ovcicpal a ft,w hou before Ralph, Jr, viai knpw fnvorably to his contempoi 11 Ics the villigc, nnd to his ekleis 1 wai "that u'vfully nice Hanso boy." * ' «'.MIL pnrl of Sally, ISullj's eld sistei, \vont without debate Helen Wnddcll, Morcia Carineld closest friend/ whose father owned available players were considered,", and where. Infrequent disagree-, incuts developed, they resorted to Xurlh'cr tryouts. , i~-', Al last only two roles were slIUv o be Oiled, that of Julia, the lead-" g woman, and Emma, Julia's* 1 slei And only t,vo players, of*' nirse, icmalned to bo assigned.'' no was Marcia Canfield. The" her was, Doiothy Oiboin, whose? ther hnd the $17.50 overcoat and, ihcated automobile. •? Iho committee members co?!-', circd Apparently they could 3 ol agiee, foi Miss Sellers stepped; 1 uwnid und addressed the play-i s wh6 weic hoi audience. ^ 'Two pails remain," she said.i 3ne is Julia, who, as, you prob- i bh KMOW, li the horoine of'. Inlf Anc In Eden. 1 Julia finds 1 ;' ic path of love a vciy rocky nth, Indeed, The othei parfis I tmma, Julia's sbtcr, a very jc»l-* m nnd nckt soil of woman—•,, uly n lemnrtiablo ouportunlly or some veiy flue acting The ommltlcc wishes Miss Osborn ' nd Miss Cntiflold to come up on.j| he singe ngnln before makin final decision, Miss Osborn, on come (list, please?" Dorothy wenl forwaid and f 4l (jnlli parndcd hei histrionic abU-,-' I lies ns they weie suggested b?i'| Sullen-, A inuirnur of '' He applause icwurdcd her. "Now, Miss Canfleld" : » » « U ARCIA went to the stage,}! read n few lines, sliuck *!_l few poses, wnlltcd In (hh mannertl nnd that manner, ns Miss Sellers', I prompted. Again a murmur ot'l applause. f ij The committee members bent thch hcadi. to confer Marcia,I tailed bnck to hci scat. In the,! illencc whicli awaited Ihe deci-<| slon, Dorothy Osbom spoke (o a** girl scaled beside hoi, and her,. \oU.c tallied—It seemed meant to I cniiy, * Well, Waicla ceilninly could.] do Ihe Julia pait (o perfection," n, I Doiolhy, "She hits hod sucrl recent nnd excellent experience I In—how did Miss Sellers pat il> —the path of love. Just I mode foi the pait, don't yoii think?" % Mnicln sat down No one rould Imse told that she had heard. Or , minded. Mile Drndfoid, who was not I upncqunlijted with village gossip', hnd seen, Jiad heaid and had unr dcn>tood. ""He felt moic kindly toward his fellow comirtitteimen,' then, ns; Miss Selleis, having polled them foi Hie nnal veidict, •spoke nga»i 'Ihe committee assigns Musi Canneld to the pait ot Julia," she •mnounccd "Miss Osborn will ] play Eininu " the ?9D ovcicont Helen Ind the illribulLs of success, she un* 1 prcttj and scilous f nnd clever, and she wos> populai Bill nt 24 leu's she couk| only ipcnd her tune \s ishmg s-hc Ind a job, for there was ^ pirenlal injunction that people in the village would think they-needed Hie money.if she had gainful cinplojmenl. The casting went on. The members of the cominillce found themselves m surprising agiec- inenl us Ihe various' roles -find Diadfoid caught up with Dorothy Osbom half-way to the exits, ns the cio\vd slaitcd homeward. >) You'll khocli 'cm into the aisles^as Enjma," he said ' Baby, you were born to Ihe part 1 " Doiothy could only glare, and! Mike liiadfoid thcicupon conlin- ncd home in sucli high humor Hint he forgot to pick another o£ a seiles ot quanels with his wife ovei having ever gotten involved m the affairs of the Stagecraft Guild. (To Be Continued) Declaaer Figures Only Way Slam Contract Can Be Made BV :WM. E. McKENNEi' Kfcrclary, American Bfidge Lriguc i Robert W. Halpin is chairman | of the executive committee Inji charge of the national champion-1 ship tournament of the American: Bridge .League, which opens in | Hotel Stevens, Chicago, the week of Nov. 30. For a long lime lie *754 4 None V2 , . • KQJ843 ' : + K7654 -- . * K 3 2 VJ1035 3 106 N W 'E "'S '; Dxlcf 4A9752 10 8 3 Duplicate—All vul. Sentti West N«rth E»sl 14 1 * 5 * Pass 6« Pass Pass Pass Opcnins Today's Contract Problem .South has opened with one • •^he'art. West has bid spades 'and helped East's bid of dia- . moncis. South once raised J\'orth's club lakcout. \Vliat should North bid over five diamonds? - ~, ' *AJ3 '*'• -- V A Q 3 2 : 4 None + Q 7 6 5 3 2 New Liberty-News i. Haytl, and daughter, Mrs. Alfred ! Blankcnshlp o!" Nctherland,' Mo., •— .. | visited relatives here Thursday. Mrs. C. E. .yl? ; al Hop;, Ark.. j. M. Aycock is attending court with her fall- .1.10 Is 111. at Blytlicville. / Mr. and Mi- •;=• rille Garrctt an-1 Mrs. I. L. May was hostess ncuncs the .t. of a daua ~" Sr.c has bsc ,-ed Shelby C Mr. and, Tom whittle of i games nnd contests Mrs. Prichard Thursday for a party given >In honor of Mrs. Herman prlchard. After was showered with gifts. Mrs. Mny . spending the week end with'rein- was assltsd liy her mother, Mr. I lives: ;,. . . .- '" J. P. Wheat, in serving refresh-, -——— inents ct snndwichcs,'cake, frull j Annual vahie of the nip'llon pic- salad and hoi chocolate. There lure industry in the United Stales were 24 prcfjiit. . |ts $1,250,000,000. ' '..'. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. E|)|>2rson and son Jlmmic returned to their home at Lonchvllle Monday after Brldfs 1 AK« To 15« Sctret 1 «on*t make any Indiscreet LOS 'ANGELES (UP)— Los An qiilrics unless vii We discrepancy geles county iins decided to pro-laic such ns to warrant a tect, prospective bildcs. They «,\tt< Ions doubt. not be obliged lo give thch n«e — under onth, nnd the counts clcik. Read Courier Neas Want Adi.. . JIM CRACK'S AMAHN6 PICCOV£RIE$ ,A has .been prominent In tournament' 'bridge-circles,' hnvtiig been one of the early presidents of the league. He will be among the contestants, and today's hand, which lie played in a recent sectional tournament, Is an evidence of. his,skill In. haj.idling n difficult situation. When.,Uie opening lead ? ofjthe ace of spades held the trick, West iJiifted at'. once to a heart and Halpin, of coin-so, could see that Iw did not need to lose any hearts, as his one loser in the suit could be niffed In dummy. (Blind) (miiiu) *7 • VK 10387 4743 {i* ! All vul. Opener-^* K. f £. Solution in next issue.' '. «r in uiuus, as live clubs, including queen, jack, and ten, were missing. There .was, as Halpin saw it,I only cone way to make the hand. That was that the hand which held three, clubs also held five hearts, and hence could be squeezed on the run of the -trumps. .UpOn' this reasoning, Haplin dirt not ruff Ills heart loserT' but led out six rounds of diamonds. East followed twice, then had to fi«d four" discards. He gave up bis two spades and a hcait without reluctance, but the. next discard problem. '''fto"w6ui<r 1 3tl'li'~ have 1 '"'a [ •-• ••'" Finally, he parted with another heart. Thereupon., Halpin led » .club to Uie ace and. cashed three I more.heart tricks.,,These',i'with Hie POE5 PROVE JHAT IT? FULL f LAVOR- FKJAl ^POILiy6.J How does Jtvtaste? Does it go down smooth? Feel O.K. afterwards? That's what you want to know about whiskey. • Old American is the answer to these questions. It's made to • make good — you'll find lhat out when you try it. Colo. S«nd in y I ihod you *>Hlt orliil'loriginal drowlna, [romed. The Anicikan DU- Co., Inc., Chiyiler Building, N. Y. C. : AND STRAIGHT BOURBON 'WHISKIES CRESCENT NIGHT CLUB Tonight-Saturday and Sunday Night Presenting FRANK "WENNER HARMON And His Sensational 9-Piece Swing Band Formerly at Knickerbocker Hotel, Chicago Dancing from 8:30 to 1:30 and from 8:30 to 3:00 on Saturday Night COVER CHARGE 40c PER PERSON HUBERT UfLEY, Proprietor

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