The Daily Standard from Raleigh, North Carolina on May 25, 1870 · Page 3
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The Daily Standard from Raleigh, North Carolina · Page 3

Raleigh, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 25, 1870
Page 3
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Wednesday, - - - May 25, 1870. CITY DEPARTMENT. jr. JTf. JUILLER, - Editor. New Adyisrtisem kj ts. The following new adyertiscmentsappcsr in (oays paper : J. J. Litchfonl-North Carolina Agricultural Society. J. P. Traric Notice. , reclamation by tbc Governor. National Bank Removal. H. T. Hclmbold To Physicians. Mayor's Cocrt. Nothing before His Honor, the JIayor on yesterday. Distinguished Arrivals. "We arc glad to welcome to oar city, Gen. McDowell, Gene Engalls, Major Stanton and Capt. Foster, who are stopping at the National Ilotel. Salute. Wc understand that the firing on yesterday was in honor of Gen. McDowell and his staff who arc in the city stopping at the National Ilotel. Gen. McDowell is com manding the district. Send Flowers. Again we call on tins citizens of Raleigh to contribute flowers to decorate the Union graves. If they will send word to the committee on flowers a wacrou will call for them. D To the Ladies. Patterson and Dunston those master barbers, requests us to say to the ladies that they will call at their houses and dress, shampoo or trim their hair without extra charge, and defy any one to do it better. Returxed. "We welcome with pleasure the return of Col. Frank commandant of the post who has been to South Carolina on a short trip. We welcome him not that anything has gone wrong during his absence, but we like to see his face on our streets. J. J. Litchfoed, Esq., has been appointed to the office of Corresponding Secretary of the State Agricultural Society, vice Dr. J. Brinton Smith, resigned. Mr. Litchford will prove a faithful and efficient officer in this capacity. State National Bank. This popular Bank has removed from their old stand to the new building next to Tucker's. We waited for the ' house warming," intending then to notice this splendid building, but they don't intend doing it so it seems. TruTLE Soup. There will be turtle soup at Pepper & O'Connor's to-day, and all who have tried it once will need no begging to get them to go again. Our friend O'Connor is in M'irehead City fixing up the hotel which the firm is to take charge ot. Good Woiik. We are glad to sec our old friend Mr. White, w Uncle Billy " as alt call him, so long has he been known irftlie city, has at last got a sqnad of workmen on the streets in the Eastern Ward, near the grave yard, tor they have needed working on " muchly." Clea?" Up. We call on the Board of Commissioners at their meeting to-night, to apjwint a committee to examine the premises and cellars of every house in the city, anil if not clean, appoint some one to attend to having this done. Some of the back yards of our city arc filthy, and how do the in mates of the premises 6tand it when it is so stromr ? As Increase Asked. Wc ha ve conversed with a large number ot our tax-paying citizens those having property to protect and they, one and all, request that the police force be increased. The Mayor and Board of Commissioners will, wc know, listen to the voice of the people and make the force sufficiently strong for all to feel 8-ife after they lie down. , r Committed. Frank Harrison committed to jail in default, by W. II. Harrison, J. P., fur playing the confidence game. Why will not our people find these swindlers out, and not permit themselves to be cheated out of their hard earnings. Esquire Walters charged with stealing three sheep from Mr. Baily, committed by Justices A. S. Davis and Jno. Pearce, on default of baiL Mrs. Adelia E. Slater would most respectfully inform the citizens of Raleigh that she will give instructions- in music .on the Piano, Organ and Guitar. Having been an Organist for 6ix years in St. Luke's Church, Salisbury, she feels herself competent to give the most approved' method of instruction. Terms moderate. Teacher of music at the Deaf and Dumb and the Blind Institute. t Strawberbies Sacotiiebed in Creaji!"-The very suggestion is enough to make your mouth water ; but if Mr. G. W. Blacknali of Kittrell's, should send you a basketful of such large, delicious berries as we received from his kind hands yesterday, you wouldn t wat tor the cream, but do as we did. Mr. Blacknall's excellent house is now open for the reception of visitors to the Springs, and wc hope to enjoy some of its comforts ere long. City Market. Reported by S. D. Harrison. Beef, by the side, 13; Lambs 12.00; Mutton 2.50 to 3.00 ; Butter 33 to 40 Spring chickens 20 to 23; Fresh fi8a per bunch 25, rock 73 to 100 ; Eggs 15 to 20 Lard 20 to 22 ; N. C. Hams 21 : sides and shoulders 19 to 20; Cheese 23; Peas, red per bushel 1.75, . white 2.00; Beeswax 30 to 35; Mulletts 8.50 per burrel; N. C. herrings 11.00 : Dried apples 1.50 ; Corn UO Meal 1.50 ; Fodder 1.75 to 2 00 ; Flour 7 50 to 8.00; Leather 35; Molasses 50 to GO; Nails 7J to 8 ; Irish potatoes 1.50 to 2 00 Coffee 25 to 30; Cotton, yarn, 2.00; Rice 10 tol2J; Sugar, crushed, 20 to 224; Extra C 174 to 19 ; Kerosene Oil 50 to CO ; Golden Syrup $1 per gallon ; Cotton 19 to 20; Cher rics per quarts to 10; Strawberries 15 to 20. Ode to my wash-woman 50, a Dtvorced Wife and Husbakd. SfAHSri . Again after a Separation y jTroarW three Years. A story of real Jife shroud-; ed somewhat in -"romance, ruBneth in . this' wise : About thirty-three years ago, a young lady, about fifteen v years ? of nge beautiful and accomplished, but specially noted for her musical talent .(for. she could singr r like a bird) was wooed and won by a young mechanic, who was also a noted singer. The union did not provc harmonious, and after an experience of about six months the young wife returned to her parental roof for support and protection. A committee was selected to confer with the estranged parties. One of the committeemen was Hon. D. R. Tilden, of Cleveland. The committee effected nothing in the way of a reconciliation. The husband went his way. A divorce was obtained, but I have not been advised which was the complaining .party. A son was born, in whom the pride of the mother Was centered more and more as he grew from infancy to childhood, and from childhood to manhood, for she was in him rewarded more than mothers often arc. The father married again and reared a family of children. His name often appears in print for he is an author of music and a singer of note. More than thirtv years have dragged their crooked lengths along and disappear- nrl lirliinl ttornif v' vnil Tlnrincr nil this v. ' . . . . . v. v. . u . v j t v. .. ' - - time. I believe, the actors in this drama met not: but strancre thinss do happen. The second wife sickened and died; alter a 1 1 . while the husband sickened, and as -he lay on his bed, uncertain of the future, memory called up the past in long review; some little wrongs may have tingled his conscience at all events, he longed to see her around whose life he had wantonly wrapped the dark mantle. Efforts were nvde to get her by his bedside; they were successful; a reconciliation was effected, and she administered to him during his indisposition. When sufficiently convalescent, together they visited her old home, kindly words were spoken, the dark past forrotlen, assurance of fealty in the future made, and again the hand was promised. Last night, May 5, they were married the life journey, so early begun, soon disconnected, was commenced anew. The Runn of Cutch. The Runn of Cntch is a curiods regiou in Western India. It is a level plain. 150 miles long, of sand saturated with salt, and so firm that the hoofs of horses and camels make scarcely any impression upon it. It is so flat that a heavy fall of rain makes a vast slop, which is blown about on the surface until it evaporates At certain seasons the winds blow the tide from the Indian ocean in upon the plain, and cover it to the depth of one or two feet. There being absolutely no landmarks, caravans and travelers frequently are lost ; and, to guard against this peril, a beacon fire i regularly lighted on the side of the hills of Cutch by a Mohammedan family who live there, and to whom has descended the religious duty of thus guiding the wanderers oyer this remarkable desert. These facts are related by Sir Bartle Fiere, a member of the council for the government of India, and long a resident of that country. The kola nuts form an important article of commerce in the markets of Western Africa. They have an agreeable bitterish and astringent taste, and a recent English travel er thus describes their singular and valuable qualities: "They have the effect of preventing hunger, strengthening the stomach and enlivening the mind. A man can perform a day's journey upon a single kola nut, and if eaten at night they prevent sleep. I have long wished to introduce them to the notice of literary men and those who Imve much mental work. I can testify myself to their restorative properties when fa'igued by mental application and oppressed by the heat of the climate. The way for Europeans to use them is this: Take half a kola or a whole one, well masticate, swallo.v the juice, eject, the residue, then drink cold water ; and 'the bitter water shall become sweet,' for a peculiar and pleasant flavor is imparted to it." The tree furnishing the "nuts is also cultivated in the West Indies and in BraziL Death oy ajj Oddity. " Aunt Lana" was a colored woman, well known to our citizens by reason of her amusing oddities. For years she has labored under the haluci-nation that the property of the city belonged of right to. her, and many and amusing are the freaks related of the old woman while in pursuit of this idea and endeavoring to possess property-holders ot its truth and justice. Though unsuccessful in this, she nevertheless managed to secure a sup port, for rather than be subjected to hcrun portunities our citizens would generally d is- j miss her with a gift of some kind " Lena " will never annoy the good peo- j pie of Newborn more, for she died, on Tucs- J day morning last, at her domicile on the ; outskirts of the city. The disease which terminated her existence is unknown to us. , yew Berne Journal of Commerce. Information Wanted. Kilby White, an old colored man from Onslow county, N. C, called on us this week and asked our assistance in finding his son Ca-sir. Cesr is about eleven years of age, and was living with a family in Mocks villc until last November, when he left, saying he was going to work on the railroad to get money to go home, since which time nothing has bi-cn heard from him. His father lias come four hundred miles in search of him, and is in great distress at the loss of the boy, and any one knowing his whereabouts would do a christian act by informing his father who is going to work on the N. W. N. C, railroad fur the purpose of getting money to get home on. Wimton Sentinel. A Curiosity. A curiosity has come to the surface at Wytheville, which would form a valuable addition to the collection of Mr. Barnum. The Disvatch reoorts it as follows : A petrified snake has been left at our office by a friend, which was found, a lew days since, in this county. It is about half an inch thick, coiled up, has perfect scales on its body, head and eyes perfect, and looks as if it might have been two feet in length, and is of hard, white rock. There is no doubt that its snakeship, at one time, was alive and crawling on terra firma. Miscellaneous. In Constantinople, where the dog-muzzle is never used, hydrophobia is ujiknown. Litchfield County, Connecticut, boasts of a child with eleven living grandparents. Maine now boasts of a matron in her 17th year the mother of lour children. Santa Anna is the Judas Iscariot of the Mexicans in California. After a service of eleven year?. Senator Saulebury introduced his first bill to the Senate last week. Miss Morgan, an English lady, has ad vanced to the .degree of M. D. in the Uni versity of Zurich. In San Joaquin Valley, California, butter is made by placing the cream in a thick linen sack, and burying the parcel in the earth overnight. An Indian woman in California, 100 years old, has declared in a trance tha. San Francisco is to be destroyed by an earthquake in 1873. ' A society has been formed at Paris, the members pledging themselves to bequeath their bodies to the medical colleges for dis section. - 6 . ,A-drTer in,Merian, Conn., having kick-ed his horse for some minntel, the animal returned the compliment and noarly killed the two legged brute. ; ,. 3 TELEGRAPH . . :.t.,; . Washington; Weirs. ; '. Washctoton, May 23.ReportB from -. Sault $t Marie, Montpclier and Buffalo report, "the presence of strangers, "supposed to be Fenians. ; , Senate Ferry asked leave to present memo rials from the citizens of Dominican Republic; r protesting annexation. Poraeroy objected and the permission was refused on the ground that, petitions, except by unanimous consent, cannot be received from citizens of the United States. . Harlan spoke on bill for the sale of Qsage In dian lands. Legislative appropriative bill taken up. "" -'. ' . I House Lynch's bill for the revival of American shipping was discussed all the morning and at 1 o'clock defeated. Yeas 87, nays 95. ; ' m V a. . i From Buffalo. Buffalo, May 23. Some activity among Fenian leaders. Men are quietly concentrated at the rendezvous here. It is impossible to say at this time where an invasion . will be made. Point First being attempted may be a blind. It is thought the lrontier is lined with men. It is reported that the United States 6tcamer Michigan has taken ud a position at Port Col- j borne, Canada, and is in the harbor to protect I t, uraiio .ar.ul , bLl j 1 u MUlli J From Kentucky. Louisville, May 23. Huntsvillc, Ala., is chosen as the next place for the meeting oi the General Conference. The delegates from the Associate Reformed and the Cumberland Presbyterian churches were fraternally received. From Massachusetts. ; Boston, May 24. Three thousand red men, supposed to be Fenians, left on the Northern , trains yesterday afternoon and evening. From ojsw Orleans. New Obleans, May 24. Joseph Magulre, foreman of the Jackson railroad, was killed by the explosion of a train Sunday night From Missouri, St. Louis, May 23. A terrible lightning storm passed over this vicinity to-day. So far as heard from three have been killed. . From Maine. Calais, Me., May 23 The timber between here and St. John's river is burning. Great destruction. From New York., New York, May 23. The "Alleghania" takes a quarter ot a million treasure to Europe. From Rochester. Rochester, May 21. A car load of Fenians passed North last night. Markets. New York, May 24. Stocks heavy. Governments weak. Bonds 11. Gold steady, 14. ' Exchange, long, 9; short 10; Money 4. Tenn. ex coupons 60 ; new 55. Va. ex-coupons, 69; new 75 asked. Missouri 6's 44. Louisiana C's old 76. Levee 6's75; S's, 03. Alabama 8's 1.01); 5's 75. Georgia (Ts 87. Ncrth Carolina old, 47 ; new 25. South Carolina old 95; new 80. Flour more steady. Pork quiet at $29,55 to $29,63. Lard dull. Cotton quiet. Sales ot 600 bales Middling Uplands 21: Orleans 23 to 23. Spirits Turpentine dull at 39) to 40. Rosin dull Freights dull. Marriages. Married, in Charlotte, on the 19th inst, at the residence of the officiating clergyman, Rev. N. Aldrich, Mr. S. A. Harris, of Catawba county, and Miss Anna J. Hicks, of Augasta, Ga., formerly of Catawba county, N. C. Married, in Union county, on the 22nd inst., by . S. Harkness, Esq., Mr. Valentine A. Starnes and Miss Margaret Query. Married, in Milton, on the 8th inst., Mr. War. B. Ellison to Miss A M. Broocks, daughter of j Dr. Wm. K. Broocks. Deaths. Died, in Charlotte, oivthelBtb inst., Ronsana, daughter of Wm. A and Safrona Hanuon, aged 7 years, 3 months and 13 days. Died, in Mecklenburg county, on the 20th ult., Mrs. Uslet Hodges, wife of Mr. Patriek A. Hodges, and daughter of Mr. Charles Taylor. Died, in Union ponntv. on t.h 13tli inst... MYa Maky w w5fe of tuc late Danicl Went- aged 77 years. Died, in Waterbury, Connecticut, on the Cth inst., Mrs. Anna Maria, wile of Hon. Green Kendrick, formerly of Charlotte, N. C. Mrs. Kendrick was 72 years o!d. Died, near Ruthenordton, on the 9th inst, Col. Wm. Long, aged 77 years. Also, Mrs. Cyntha Walker, aged about S5 years. BY TO-DAY'S EXPRESS ! WE have received a beautiful assortment of 8-4 Organdies, ' Plain Peques, Satin Striped Peqnes, t IVansook and Mull Muslins, - Real Hair Cluster Curls, Wide Sash Ribbons, all colors. ; PRIMROSE, PETTJT & NEWSOM. ' may 20 117 i Hotel, Bertie Co., N. C, . " May 16th, 1870. . Capt. A W. Lawbencb, General Agent Brooklyn Life Jvsaraiice Co : Sir: I acknowledge the reception of the sum of 5,000 from you, in full payment of Policy No. 6653, under which the late Grandison M. Mitchell of this County, of whose estate I have ; been appointed receiver, was insured. I append herewith a formal receipt for the t amount. I desire, at the same time, to bear my testimony to the fidelity with which your excellent ' Company meets its engagements. ! I am, Sir, i Very respectfully, &c, ; F. C. MILLER. , Hotel, Bertie Co., Mav 11th, 1870. j $5,000. Received of A. VV. Lawrence, General , Agent of the Brooklyn Life Insurance Company j of New York, Five Thousand Dollars in full sat-, isfaction and payment of loss incurred under '. Policy No. 5653, by the death of Grandison M. , Mitchell. (Signed) F. 0. MILLER. Receiver ofthe Estate of Grandison M. Mitchel, deceased. lm May 19 LATEST ARRIVALS. niTE AND BUFF PEQUE, andlinine ufalins. Also a beautiful assortment of Prints, may 21 W. H. & R. S TUCKER & CO. US Convention of the 1st Congressional District. rFH? Convention ot the 1st Congressional X District, to nominate a candidate to represent said district in Congress, will be held at Plymouth on the first TLursday in June next. By order of Committee: S. T. CARROW, Chairman, may 21 - H8tf CANNED GOODS, FRESH, at Stand 25, Metropolitan Market, mav 18 tf WEST- & CO. WILL PAY THifi HIGHEST CASH PRICE for Country Produce, at Stand 25, Metropolitan Market, i-.. - . may 18 tf , WEST & CO. FOR RE AT. A NEW AND COMMODIOUS DWELLING House, adjoining my residence pn BilleborOn street. It has eight good' rooms, and.a well of excellent water In the yard. Apply to- ' may24-t Mss. HARRIET ANDREWS. Attention ! RepubHcaa's of the Western .4 MEETING of the Republicans ofthe WesH jfxl era Ward will be held in the Qourt Housef on Monday evening, the SOth Lost., at 8 o'clock for the purpose of making arrangements for repi reseatation in - theCounty Conveutlwi Jo be held may 24 td " Chairman Western Ward. J Attention ! Republicans of the Middlq . . . ' " Ward ; -ll;-5r.vvi;.i A MEETING of the Republican of the Mid Am Ward will be held in the Court House on Thursday evening, the 26th Inst, at 8 o'clock; for the purpose of making arrangements foe rep- on Monday, June 11th, and other Important bur siness. , -' Ci M. PARRISS,' j may 24 td' ' Chairman. Middle Ward. ' NOTICE. ;H ' . 1 , : THERE will be a me ting ot the Republicans of Raleigh Township hi the Court House on Wednesdav the 8th ot June, at H o'clock. 1 M.i for the purpose of appointing dch-gatts to the Convention uud nominating candidates for Township oflievrs. ! W. R. rtlCUAllDSON, ; may24-td Chairman Raleigh Township. The First Congressional District, j I rpflERE is called a Convention of the Delegates X from the counties of the First Congress lonal District, composed of the counties of Halifax, Northampton, Hertford, Bertie, Martin, Hyde, Beaufort, Tyrell, Washington, Dare, Chowan, Gates, Perquimans, Pasquotank, Camden and Currituck, to meet at Plymouth on Thursday the 2nd day of June, 1870, for the purpose of nominating acandidate for the Forty-Second Congress. ; The Chairmen of County Committees are referred, lor farther information, to the Articles of Organization to be found In the Daily Standard. SAMUEL T. CARROW, Chairman 1st Cong. Dist. Com. may 24 - 120 td NOTICE. THERE will be a Republican meeting held in Louisbnrg, on Saturday, 11th June, 1870, to nominate candidates lor the Legislature and Countv Officers. I All persons feelintr an interest in having true and competent men for officers, and willing to aet with the Republican party, are respectfully . invited to attend. Each township is entitled to three delegates. J. H. WILLIAMSON, Chairman Ex. Com. Franklin County. mav24 120 td Miscellaneous. JUST RECEIVED, " GENT fc5' 81 3L, 351 TT.A. T S ; VERr LATEST STYLES, MANUFACTUR-ed especially to our own order. PRIMROSE, PE l"TT & NEJVSOM. may 18 115 fapl 19-Sm NQTHER BEATIFUL ASSORTMENT OF SPRING and SUMMER PRINTS. ; PRIMROSE, PETTY & NEWSOM. -may 18 115 fapl 19-3 in JQRESS GOODS I DRESS GOODS ! PRIMROSE, PETTY & NEWSOM. may 13 115 fapl 19-5m WE HAVE A FULL ASSORTMENT OF Goods usually kept in a first-class Dry Goods House, and offer them at as low prices as any house in the State. PRIMROSE, PETTY & NEWSOM. may 18 115 fapl 19-3mJ 1,500 Bushels Prime White Corn just re ceived A. G. LEE & CO. 50 ?( Barrels various grades of Flour. A. G. LEE & CO. PA Barrels Mess Pork, choice Molasses, old tj J aud new crop, in hogsheads and . barrels, very low. SO kits Family Lard Leaf, Choice. A. G. LEE & CO. -i A A Bales Clean Western Hay, just arrived. llU Cheap send ia orders. A. G. LEE & CO. O LD NASH BRANDY on assignment. A. G. LEE & CO. FINE APPLE BRANDY just received. A. G. LEE & CO. NC. CORN WHISKEY, in barrels, good and cheap. A. G. LEE & CO. NC. FLOUR, in sacks, best quality, fresh from the mills, at low rates. , A. G. LEE & CO., South side Market Square, Raleigh, N. C. may 23 119 3m THAT MAV IS 1 STRANGER, BUT he is smoking a very fine flavored Cigar. Where do you reckon he got it ? Yes, he is a stranger, but he has heard of Pink Hardie's, and he got it there of course. "VTOU can get one just like it, for I keep plenty JL more oi tne same sort. PINK C. HARDIE. FRESn ARRIVALS BY EXPRESS THIS day, including Michigan Fine Cut Chewing Tobacco in bulk, Big Bug and. Whiff Ciifars. Try them. If they don't suit, I will reiund your money. :. PINK C. H IRD1E, ! Onosito Tucker Halb may 21-(marl3) Sign of the Indian Girl. BY EXPRESS THIS MORNING : 10 Doz. HANDLED CAST STEEL i COTTON HOES, 7 to 10 Inch. may 21 (feb 23-3m) JULIUS LEWIS. z ' 1 ' r TOILET WARE In most Elegant Designs, at exceedingly low figures, may 21- JULIUS LEWIS. . . . j SAWS! ' EVERY Description, by HENRY DESST 3N, and other good makers. may 21 JULIUS LEWtS. FRESH ARRIVAL THIS MORNING. 5 Doz. Grain Sythcs, I, 2 Doz. Grass Sythcs, i 3 Doz. Bramble Sythes. ! may21-(feb 23-3m) JULIUS LEWIS. JOr-ySl S. HARRISOtSl, (At HandLochharfs shop, Soutlteast corner of Capitol Syuare.) RALEIGH, N C. Upholster and Paper Hanger. mattkesshs made in fotjb hours' notice. Special attention given to Making and Potting Down Carpets, Hanging Cnrtams, &c. LATEST may 16 STYLES RECEIVED MONTHLY. 113 lm. WANTED. PEDDLERS GOING INTO the Country with horse and wagon or atoot, and these Peddling in Cities, will do well by addressing a letter to W. F. R RIVERS, i 11630 North Seventh Street, Philadelphia, Pa., fro m whom they can got some very SaleahU Article affording very large profits. Enclose a postage Stamp to insure an answer, may 23 , ; 119-St " ANNOUNCEMENT FOR THE LEG IS- '1 IiATURE. J-... : . I ANNOUNCE myself as a Republican candidate to. represent the county of Wake in t he next General Assembly, subject to the action of the nominating convention to meet in Raleigh on the 4tn day of June next. - v - -. " J. T. ANDREWS.' Raleigh, April 28, 1870. . - OftU-t.:' , . ' ' -1.'" , i . - i 1 . '. : " THRESH EGGS by the "dojseri iQr barrel a Stand XVSfv Met-opolitan Market. r may 18 tf . j WEsr& co. THE . ' "MOST POPXfsVA'-f MEDIClff J5 'X . extant". Si 5 :. X applicable and eflicacioas' to 'yooag or old; THE PAIlf KILLER X Is both an Internal and JSxteraaFKemedrv ' I rpHE PAIN KILLER should besed; f j JL at the flret manifestation of Cold OT'Cofh. rpHE PAIN KILLER r v ; v 'JU-Js" ihe Gi eat Family Medicf ne of the age. t npHE PAIN KILLER - - I JL Will cure Painters' Colic. ; rpHE PAIN KILLER I ig ijooajorficalds and Burns. , THE PAIN KILLER V X Has the Verdict of the People in Its favor. . HT HE PAIN KILLER . X Gives Universal Satisfaction. rpnE PAIN KILLER . V JL Bewareof Imitatiojcs andCoujtTBKiMTS. ' rpHE PAINKILLER '" - - ' : X Is an almost certain cure for CHOLERA. r and has, without doubt, been more successful i in curing this terrible disease than any other known remedy, or even the most eminent or :' skillful Physicians. In India, Africa, and China, where this dreadful disease is ever more or less t prevalent, the PAIN KILLER is considered, by ., ids natives as well as Jfiuropean residents in uese ehmates,,A SURE REMEDY. THE PAIN KILLER each Bottle ' is wrapped with full directions for use. rnilE PAIN KILLER ia sold hv all i X Druggists and Dealers in Family Medicines. may v iw im "A STANDARD REMEDY." " , Such an article is " Dr. Tobiaa' Venetian lini ment." It has stood before the "public for 22 years, and has never failed giving satisfaction in ( a single instance. Every drop of this valuable t compound Is mixed by Dr. ' Tobias himself; therefore it can always be -relied upon. It is warranted superior to any other for the cure of Chronic Rheumatism," Toothache, Headache, Sore Throat, Vomiting, Frosted Feet, Mumps, Croup, Burns, Cuts, Sea Sickness, Insect Stings, Sprains, Cholera, Colic, Spasms, Dysentery, J Bruises, Colds, Coughs, Old Sores, Swellings, Pains in the Limbs, Back and Chest. There is no medicine in the " World'! that stands more on its own mei its than, the " Venetian Linir ment" Thousands of Certificates can be seen at the Doctor's office, attesting to its rare vir tues. Sold by all Druggists and Storekeepers throughout the United States. Price, 50 cents and one dollar per bottle Depot, 10 Park place, New York. may 12 dfewlm Scrofula Cured by Brandreth's Pills. Brandreth's Pills penetrate the whole mass of blood, causing the expulsion of impurities. The body feels relieved from a single dose ; whatjthen may be expected from twenty? By continuing their use, the whole of the blood in time, becomes purified, and the body reconstructed from good materia, and a new lease of life secured. Sing Sing, March 25, 1808. My Dear Sir : My daughter Alice, thirteen years old, has been completely cured of that horrible disease, Scrofula, which sor years rendered life a torment; after all medicines and many physicians had been tried, and failed, I commenced giving her your pills. She took them almost every day for three months, constantly improving. , She has now entirely recovered. Yours truly, DANIEL, LUTHER. Hon. B. Bramdreth. may 12-d&wlm ETERNAL VIGILANCE Is the price of Health as well as of Liberty. Be on your guard against poisonous hair dyes. Cristadoro's Excelsior Hair Dye Is the only one that has stood the test of chemical analysis. At the store of the proprietor, 6 Astor House, New York, may be seen the certificate of that able analytical chemist, PROFESSOR CHILTON, testifying that it contains no harmful ingredient. Ou the other hand, in the "Journal of Chemistry" may be found the statement that there are upwards of thirty pnisonona hair dyea before the public. Choose the only safe and sure one. CRISTADORO'S nAIR PRESERVATIVE, as a Dressing, acts like a charm on the hair after Dyeing. Try it. may 12 d&wl MANHOOD & WOMANHOOD! Essays for Young Men, on the passional attraction of the sexes, and the happiness of Trub Marriage, when perfect manhood and perfect womanhood unite to consecrate the union. Sent free, in sealed envelopes. Address HOWARD ASSOCIATION, Box P, Philadelphia Pa. 24 dSm Ho! Tor the Atlantic S&ore. The sea, the sea, the open sea The blue, the fresh, the ever free 1 BEAUFORT HARBOR and the ATLANTIC 0CEAN! The Finest Bathing, Boating and Fishing in the World! THE MACON HOUSE, Morehead City, N. C. TlfESSRS. PEPPER & O'CONNOR, OF 1VL Raleigh, N. C, have leased these weli-4 known premises, which are now undergoing thorough repairs and printing, and beg respect-' fully to announce that the place will be ' OPEN FOR THE SUMMER SEASON OS OS ABOUT ; June 1st, (870. The premises will be under the sole, immediate control of Mr. W. R. PEPPER, well and. fa-, rorably known to the frequenters of all the most celebrated summer resorts of this State and Eastern Virginia. His reputation as a caterer will be received as a sure guarantee ofthe manner in - which the Macon House will be conducted. . Everything conducive to the comfort and eon- veniencc of visitois will be supplied. Niw Bathing Houses, Boats for Fishing and Excursion Parties t Fishing Tackle and Bait, A Cotillion Band, &c. &c dtc. Nature made Beaufort Harbor second to no i surt and deep-water bathing place in the world. It will be the aim of Messrs. Pepper & O'Connor to establish this tiuth. Visitors may rely upon an earnest, honest effoit to make their stay pleasant and agreeable. Arrangements are being made with the Presi-' dents ot the several Railroads of the State with . a view to WEEKLY EXCURSION TRAINS . at greatly reduced fa-es. Bathing and Excursion , parties for the Banks will be organized and con-' ducted by skilful boatmen and experienced fish-j erinen ; also, parties for the celebrated Pony , Pennings 00 the Banks. , Dne notice will be given of the Opening Day ; and Opening Ball. , w. r. peppek. 1 WM. R. PEPPER, : JOHN o'connoe. ) Sotekintesdbht. may 23 ' U9 tf. SHUES I ' "ITCE keep the best Brogan Shoes in the mar- 1 t T KeU Jfivery pair warranted. Feb 16 LEACH BROS. . COW WANTED. ' T WISH to purchase a good Milch Cow. 1 DOUGLAS BELL. april23 :' 91-r- 7" ( !)kf POUNDS ROSIN SOAP FOR ; 1 VJUU Laundry uses at UPCHURCH & DODD'S. JUST RECEIVED, AND FOR SALE AT Stand 25, Metropolitan Market, 10 Tuba of Orange County Butter, i may 18 tf :i WE8T & CO. ' "VTORTHERN- BUTTER for sale by single ' 1Y pound or-Quantity, at Stand 25, Metro : oolitan Market.; . , v WEST & CO. '. Beneficial to all vbom it may Concern. PERSONS INDBBTI.D TO -THR UNDER-, signed will come forward and ettle within 15 days from date; if not, their nnraes, amounts (and what for) will be published for SO dnys. -may 20tf , w . , PHIL, .THLEJ4V 1 DryvGoods. :o V ICH IS THE ONLY ESTABLISHMENT i i or tae Kind in tu state, and AO RAND 8UCC38, 5 They have made large additions tp'uiitir alread extensive osflortaaent of y (frodxrv and Stone Ware. r RirianMarlU War, :; y Fancy tatd Trikt ChodM, the most pert efttteir own Importation. . They offer tbl really flint class , ware at exceedingly; moderate prices: . . ' . Thankful for the-liberal patronage heretofore extended, they respectfully solicit continuant of the came, with an. aesuranc of their best eU forts to give entire, satisfaction in every branch of their extensive muln9e k- i 18TO, Spring aM Smier Goods! S. KLLNE & CO.,! RESPECTFULLY INFORM THEIR Friends, Customers and Public, that they hare just received a very large and choice stock ot DRY GOODS, HATS,' BOOTS, AND SHOES, GENTLEMEN AND LADIES FURNISHING- GOODS In fact, everything kept in a flret class DRY GOODS aqd CLOTHING HOUSE, which they offer at remarkably low prices, and will not be undersold. They respectfully invite the public to an inspection of their goods, and assure themselves of the above tacts. . sp!27 8m J. E."1T-A. SH, NEW BERN, N. C, SOLE AGENT. , THE INSTUMENTS WE OFFER ARE NOW acknowledged to be the 33 DE S T Piano-Fortes Mannfacturefl, BY THE FIRST MUSICAL TALfiNT IN THIS iCOUNTRYand ELSEWHERE; ' BY THB Conservators of Music of New York and Brooklyn ; BT THB . Leading Mnsic Schools and. Seminaries' in this Cofntry ; ( BT TH ! Unanimous Voice of the--Press of the United States, because of their Great Power, Sweetness. Brilliancy, and 8inging quality of Tone j the perfect Evenness throughout tho entire Seals, the Deli-; cacy and Elasticity of Touch, the Perfection of , Mechanism, the immense Durability, aid the . General Excellence of Workmanship. Beantv and Finish. . t Send, for CIRCULARS, PRICE LISTS, ; 13?" Liberal discounts to Schools and to Cler gymen. . may 11 feb 17-ly WILLIAM D. ROGERS, CARRIAGE BUILDER. ORIGINAL AND ONLY ! HASUFACTIEER OF THE CELEBKATED Rogers Carriagcis, 1009 and 1011 Chestnnt StreeUf PHILADELPHIA I LIGHT WAGONS AND PHJETONS, . FOB THE ROAD AND PARK n: A Speciality. ' 1ST NEW AND ELEGANT STYLES OF CARRIAGES CONSTANTLY PRODUCED. - may 4 . i .'"w1" - ?- IT Bm Cotton Seed Oil p YJITE HAVE, ON CONSIGNMENT, 1,000 v v canons oi mis aesiraoie anaunetf UU, suitable tor att kinds ot ouUlde iwintlng. , Call and see It, at - ; - i -- . March4 ; UPCHURCH & DODD'S.'; ' BEST FAMILT LARD for sale at the iiwest prieea, SUnd 25, Metropolltsn Market, may 18-tf . s. WEST A COl" ' . . . ' 1 . 1 1 1 . " 1 " may ia tr - v. i:-;';?; ' - WEST.4E CO. NEW, Cn4gEsV STAND 25, Metropblitan, market. ; . ;U;V,-.H.; 'WEST dt.OO.-.-' (nay 19 jll Phdagrafa wJ, ip tiXhw&itpir than JUST KECEfVED ' Ik ii&OTtiflCZH? '18- onntor .PhotograpB .Tnntt, AlJmma, .inwhlcapidorfwlilbeBliiriirTowrr!.- ' Card Thotogrtpha, G,m, &c ao, QH PortralU, made from .old JJag&errtolrt. , Ail Mbik. warranted to glv entfr satisfaction.' ' ! . j Tor vcrthMilaM eal L at Lh Galittrv. r&TMrui Street, Raleigo, 54 Ci ATERY onv8lut mrtkfe 4or CUoc and , M Posn1r .LeUi,,JiocnjaenU anl kind of Pape.;.... , ... . r f. oat received and lor mi at the Book Ptors of at Dnsung Bftttv.:;vi,r:;;-, ; CkmatwBnhesVf,N kvj i rj.'- ' '. .v .iTloor Brashss, :r .,T : ' ' Scrub Bnshsa,- '-. , '- ''-'.iW ratal BraskesT ' " . vt it. ; au ainus oi wnsass. r-r j . . : . aat- m . r 1TANGIJTO DASKETSV UW! U iv I A '; . ; ,i Wlr DUa atMi -JkWt 'r r.i?! i. -Wire Meat Cotars ivi'T , . '..,v;'.-.r ; h Water OoolenC;; . :: ; ..(-!; '-,';! Wlr Caststm, , A urge assortment of Flatsd War Gaods. V BET OF BOHEMIAN WAiH Pr flOO. ; may 17 Si ' i-t. juuuft Lxms. 1 1 t, Rv. rTORFLJCET Wc' CO i TartoitfHoKTanJ Grist IZi- HNTTL FURTHER NOTICE IS OrVEir, jwe win sell Corn st f 1.10 per bethel of M Ids., and Meal st ll.lo for U Iba.. Juvsrd on the-eam.;. Cssi. b 46Httf lm lfl tut; Bscs lurnlshed for 1 cent rrer the coat. tny4 ,v . f: , 10J fmaria-14 . ...j ' i iii , f, '. .1 f ANUAL8 OI.. THE, FOLLOWING JSCB- xi-i. 4 n-uiq Mi) cents scnk seoi fj ,sail , Mathenatieal Iastnmseasw ' lv& pan Optical Instranants, ,. hMpagw. Magic Iiantemsds 8tereopiMny 4 ,it Philosophical Instrnnsents. r H mcs. JAMES W. QUEKX A OjSt insrco i era ... , f hiUdslpfcJa. Pv THREE STAKOAKO CHURCH MUSIC BOOKS THE TEMPLE CUOIR xlUw-rd. Dr. .Lowell Mason, sad. Was. & tndlmrj. Containing an nousasl vsriety la lis svBtimU for ta w ot choirs.'. Tits Singing School Department is unci called, being very clear Is Its DTOgrcsslon, sad especially sttracUMia tat M, THE KEY NOTE.' By Win. B. Brsdbsry. One of the more recent of this celebrated settlor's works. Attractive and complete In ail lu dc pertinents. , - , .. THE JUBILEE. Biedbory'. best book of Church Maslc. More than 200.000 bars already been sold. Price of Single Copies of the above SI 80 sMh. tl8 60 per dosen. specimen Copies sat soet-age psld on receipt of pries. ... , - Oliver Ditson 4c Co., Boston. '! m C. H. Ditsoa A Co., Now Tort. - . , . : ... ., t(-w PEOPLES' B. A L. ASSOCIATION. THE recnlsr monthly meeting will b bold st the Court House on Friday evenbrtVaoia Inst, st 8 o'clock. ...-,-., i t Members can pay their dncs U Ttl tL C White. Teller, st the Stats National Ban It, or to the undersigned. All does rout be paid by or on Friday night, or delinquents wfll ssbleet themselves to inc. as prescribed by the BV'Laws. Members whq. hsve not obtained certiflesten of stock, csn do so by calling on the Sermsry. may 17 TO RENT. FIVE comfortable n4 pieseent Koons, farw i shed. or aniarolhhed, so U one story brick building next to the Nations! Hotelw; Also, two rooms in the old government Wooden baUdlng. Apply st the National IJoteL .: ; - , msy 17 tt f , A, J.JlUTJEa. ' ' '' ' i i 'l MILLINERY GOODS. .-. I HAVE JUST RECEIVED A LARCe'anD besntlful stock of Bprlug sod Bummer MU linery Goods. A greet verlety bl lists aqd Bonnet, ot the Isteet French styles. ,...,. - Prices very low lor cesh. Persons wfahlur In thU line, are Invited to calL over Pcscvd's Drag fitra,:i, . , . , , . , . . , Mas. M, J. BtiSlT. vuv '- .:'. i 1 FRESH COUNTRY "BUTTEB, 'seWtng et less than It can be bought st Urst hsBds, Stand 25, Metropolltsn Market.- ' - .- msy 18-t! 1 ! ' WEST A CO. ", r NOTICE I' '""V ' , TIE ANNUAL MEETING oi Um fitocihold' ers of the Bank ot Cape Fear. wUi b beld at this place on Thursday the 1Mb Mey, 187a "TO . . J- - MRR. Csshler. . Wllnilngton,'anrU MT0vV .vftUlawiw. Annonncement far tho leglslatarc. I ANNOUNCE MT8ELF AS A CANDIDATE lor nomination by ttie Republican nve lion, to meet in Kaiefgn on the let Setttrdsy In JUiie, to represent the County of Wke1a tho il8'tDr-1 r - . THOS. W: TOUNO. MorrisviUc, April 18th, 1JJ7U. VOHd. ANNOUNCEMENTrFOR ' BHEUIFP. I ANNOUNCE MTSELV ;A CANDIDATE lot the nomination for Sberra, st th BrpSbUcsa Convehtlooto be held In 'this City estte 1st Saterday In June cert.- ' -x.t splSB-td CLINTON W. WILLIAMS. Spring "iiid 1 iiimeF ttBjiery. '.. vt . 1076.M -.v-.. A FULL STOCK OF BONNETS, FOR OLD, 2x. middle aged and yoang Isdies; lists lor Ladles, Misses and. Children, Flowers, gibbons. Silks, Satins. Ornaments, Son downs, sad la-tact every thine, In the Milllnfrt llnslta ba ibundst ' . MES.:OXTtrN3XE'8.- Openiag day on Thursday, tha 7th of April Raleigh, April , 70. T-iem COUNTY REPUBLICAN J COIf EN- : tion -: ; . WILL BE HELD AT THE COURT H0U1X In Ralelch. on fUtnrrl. Jn, tlih 1 trrrt ?urtho purpose of nomlostlpg gentlemen to fill he diflerent County of&cee. A fall, delegation from tho different Townships is earnestly requested to be present. r . . ; oy oraer oi uo, juccnure commilte of tho Conntr. . T, F UtE, Chslnosn. 'r.wafn. .,..;.-.'v r'4Uid " IMPORT A HT.' FEED YOUE 6T0 OK. ' A NOTHER ARRIVAL OF TIUT KICIL-ytV. lent -Tlmathy Usy.? No weeds, nostrsw, wot pore Hay. lOQalee lor sale by- msy yo T ; u- i UPCHURCH A DO DP. 7' LIME r LIME V MME I A NOTHER SUPPLY Or JEOCXLAZfi) UMI - sy 30- v , .jjUPCHURCH A DDpDS. ; "1VA.LT.ysALT! SALT! '"-. '' JTi ENUINE LIVERPOOL SALT st - AJT ' - f v- ' - 1 UPCHURCH A DODD'S. . nf ,'t - A 1" W AND OLD CSQPCUBA'ifoLASSZA VrciiuB'cii dodd. ' i. lm 1 11. ' ...,. ( . . , I,, . 11 i'siy sOAPr WOAP 1 W)AP f . A MElCAlr;U.ONET.BOArrToliet: . ( ;;;VtJTxn DODD'S. x may 20 4r-' SMOKING TODACCai CLENUISEDURllAMSMOKINn a kT. wlNriosale and rptll.'t 1 7' : ' msy 30-'- ' .UJTCUURCU

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