The Raleigh Times from Raleigh, North Carolina on June 23, 1911 · Page 5
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The Raleigh Times from Raleigh, North Carolina · Page 5

Raleigh, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Friday, June 23, 1911
Page 5
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MfflBT&BY TOE, CT0C28 COTTON GRAIN . PEOVISIONS .'. New York Stock Letter. -; : ' wi Vni-ir iiina nTk. was on a v.ry limited Male but the tone wai good from the opening and th. market grew stronger as the day a.Mimn hia h trop reports. The political outlook presents much confusion and It aeemu fcxiremely doubtful whether the ores - enjUftUJance, hetween the democrats and. V It had originally v beert, planned to Insurgents - teputtlicans Will hold. dld tne ceremony; on the top of ln-Shoujd." (hi; be dissolved and should dependence Rock, which towers more there be any chance of an early ad-',tnan 600 feet ln the. air,- the pinnacle jaurnment of congress. ; Wall street would, probably feel greatly relieved, . and the' market would respond, .V Closing Stock Quotations., Anaconda Mining Company .. ... . J3 Atchison ;; r.. u i .. 1.115 American Smelting V Refining 81 Brooklyn Rapid : Transit . . . . . 80 New ; York Central. ..100 .. 83 .. 36 ..14B ..13614 '.. 17 .. 36 .. 4S Chesapeake' i. Ohio .. .. .. Erie:.. .. Consolidated Gas .T .,V.'.. Great Northern,- pfd. - .. '.. Interhorough R.' T. .. .. .. Missouri, Kansas- ft Texas - Missouri Pacific ,v Northern Pacific , . .. Ontario & Western .. Pennsylvania' .. Louisville Western .. .. Rock Island .. .. .. .. .. .. Reading- l.' .j .. Southern-Pacific ...... .. Southern Pacific .. .. .. .. St, Paul r.. ..v .. .. .. .. .. Union Pacific .. .. United States Steel .'. .... Virginia-Carolina Chemical . ..133 .. 4!i ..124 ..149 .. 33 .159 ..120 .. 70 ..126 ..186 . . 78 ...65 Chicago Grain, ; Chicago, June 23. Wheat Open. High. Close. : Dec. ... .. . , - .92 v .93- .92 July . . . . .89 .90 , .89 Sep. . . . . .90 .91 .. .90 Corn-Dec. ... .58 .59 .67 July . . . ... .58 .58 .56 . Sep. . , . .59 .60 .58 Oale Dec, . . . t . .45 .45 .44 July . . . . .42 .43- .42 , Sep. . . . . .44 .41 .43 Fork-r- ' , Sep. . . . . 15.55 15.75 15.67 . July v . . . 15.75 15.80 15.60 Lard. - ... Sep. . . 8.35 8.40 8.32 , July . , . 8.25 8.25 8.20 Ribs , , July ,' . ; 8.35 8.35 - 8.30. . ' Sep. .... 842 8.42 8.37 i ; ' ' s New York Cotton Letter. ! '.ew YorkJune 23 Covering for ,'thet!treek-end , imparted a rather , steady, to the cofton marked today, but further rains, in the southwest hive uweaseti;onfJdewPiln, bear-. lsu juiy Tepori kuu uio uinmci una shown a 'tendency to sag off.: If foreign spinners are buying contracts as a' hedge against new crop requirements, the south is selling as a hedge against prospective crops, and it remains to be seen whether spinners will continue to tlx the price around 1$ cents if crop accounts remain favorable. The opening was 2 points higher to 2 lower. The appearance of trade buying made scalping shorts a little more willing to take profits for over the week-end and during the middle of the day prices sold up to a net 'advance of about 7 to 10 points. The official detailed weather report for( the Houston district showing rains or showers at 26 stations prevented a scare of shorts, however, and during the afternoon the market again showed a tendency to sag oft with trading much less active. Trading today has probably been larkely In the way of evening up and the advances" from' the low point would ' seem to have reflected a little more than technical conditions. Open." High. Low. June . . ..... . . July . 14.72 ' 14.78 14.70 Close. 13.68 14.72 14.55 13.37 13.03 13.02 13.14 13.02 13.09 13.14 Aug. . 14.5Z 14.63 14.5!! .Sep..,, 13.38 13.43 13.36 Oct. . 13.02 13.11 "12. 99 Nov. t ' ; '13.20 Dec'; .13.02 13.12 13.00 3anr . 13.01 13.11 13.01 Mar. '. 13.07, 13.18 43.07 May . 13.15 3.20 13.15 -Market closed steady. . Hubbard's Cotton Letter. New York. June 23 Liverpool 'continued closed today In celebration, of th coronation festivities, but the annearaace on -'' the man of good .rains In southwest" Texas, brought a Joe TmflrKet met prompt support -fptrai Ane larger longs, who continue .market Just above 13, centa in which they are aided by a moderate trade demand. Our advices are to the ef- feet that southwestern Texas Is now in excellent, condition as a result of these raios, but west Texas still. needs' rain and as the usual wop scares are to he anticipated a steadier market is likely around this level. . lUleigii Cottoi XUrket. (Reported Daily , by Chaa. . John- - ...Vr',i'.fa . 8o.) '.;.-;; : ;; Good middling, 16 3-4c. ' , . fitaet middling, 15 6-8. . . ,' . Middling. 15 l-ao. j-. Receipts today, ,13 bales. ,i ( cniyi'i ."Vin'i'l ihm Jul "'v'' " ; tf WED ON MOUNTAIN TOP; .Grand Junction, -" Col., ? June nfanrtin. natorfe an rtltat '0t AtfaTta add' 'Hand.;. the brlda, on nwowdge, 100 feet from the ground, and reach- by a trail hewn but of the solid ck by the bridegroom,MI88 Beatrice "nra"m'ul f ar"Bl a"u "'P' tref and, Jn" P"?; hermlt' proB Pector and trail builder, were mar rJed yterday; in the Monument Na- tional Park,' of which Otto has recently ..en appointed, superintendent. jP" wnica no one. nag reacnea oerore except Otto, who for months, has been .cutting steps In ihe, side of the rock spire, but the minister balked and a compromise was, effected. V . Before the ceremony, the bride cooked the wedding feast oer a camp Are, then. donned her gown of white satin with iohg veil and made her way to the foot of the dllff, where the groom In- blue serge coat and khaki trousers, waited beside the minister, who was clad In the full robes gf the Episcopal clergy, - '. - Later, when, the wedding gown had been exchanged for a mountain-climbing cotume, the newly married pair scaled the Independence Spire, and, on the pinnacle, where thed had planned to be wedded In the first place, repeated a, marriage ceremony of their own devising. : BEGGARS AT CORONATION. Swarm on Fringe of Crowd on Coronation Day. London, June, 23-One of the . most remarkable features of the day; was the striking contrast between . the fashionable crowds in the expensive reviewing., stands., in., the., untold wealth represented In the procession and the poverty of the masses on the sidewalks and the actual beggars who hung on the fringe, of the crowds. Despite they'fact ' that 'most of those who crowded the . sidewalks were dressed in their best clothes, their poverty waa all too apparent. The contrast would have been painfully acute had not the police early In the day driven the army of beggars from the vicinity of the processional route; These human : wrecks, however, pressed forward whenever the police relaxed their vigilance. Thousands of those on the reviewing stands brought their lunches and the beggars scrambled for the scraps that were thrown away.. Some of those in the stands seemed to find great amusement In watching 'the scramble for scraps of foodand In watching the beggars tear the. clothes off one another in scrambles for pennies. -A violent outcry is also being raised against the,, wasting of $250,000 worth of fuel ln the 2500 beacon fires that are tp blaze tonight on as many hills throughout K the empire In celebration of the coronation. "' ' -..'' : ' .0" Captures Bear On Fishhook, "Sheridan, Wyo.. June - 23 While James W. Wlthrow, city clerk of Sheridan, was fishing In the Big Horn Mountains yesterday he let his line slip around a -boulder and the hook was swollowed by a big grizzly bear, which waa also Ashing. Wlthrow Jerked on the line and ' promptly the bear made its appearance. Angered by the pain of the hook In Its mouth, the bear started toward Wlthrow, who sprang up the bank of the stream and es caped. Three Die From Heat. Chicago, Ills, June 23 Three persons died and a score were prostrated today as a result of heat. The ther mometer registered a fraction under 95 degrees. The humidity was ex cessive. '. V:. Week-end Excursion Tickets' to Nor. folk and Virginia Beach Now on Sale via Norfolk-Southern Railroad to Norfolk, Va., and Return. From Saturday Week-end. Raleigh . . IS2.50V 4.75 Wilson. . . 2.50 5 3.75 Farmville , 2.50 ' 3.75 Greenville . 2.25 3.75 . Tickets to Virginia Beach 25c. higher than furnished to Norfolk. . Rules in same proportion from all intermediate stations. ' ' IKirst selling date July 8th. "Saturday Tickets" sold for trains 6 and 16, due to arrive Norfolk Sunday morning. Good to return leaving Norfolk until train 1, Monday following date ot sale. "Week End Tickets" sold for trains 6 and 16 Friday night and Sat- urday trains. Good to return until train 1, Tuesday following date of sale. ' Get complete information from nearest agent. . ' W. W. CROXTON, G.P.A.. .i, ; : N.-S. , R. R., Norfolk,1 Va. Pnmnie'r Kxcursion . Ticket to the! j heashre via Norfoik-sonthern Now on Sale to Morehead City and , Return. . ! .' . ' Frni Wilson . . Greenville Week End . . 3.50 . . 2.76 3.00 . Season 5.10 3.65 4.35 4.00 . 6.45 'armvuie Goldsboro . . . . 2.25 Raleigh . . . . 4.50 Rates in same proportion from all Intermediate stations. ' Rates to Beaufort and return 20 cents higher than fares shown to Morehead City ... .? . Get complete information from nearest Ticket. Agent. ' ... W. W. CROXTON. G.P.A. A man can always please a woman by telling her that she pleases him. Remorse and economy are faithful follower!, ftt.mjr!e9v THEIR CAR HIT BY LOCOMOTIVE. Boy Killed; Father and Mother Badly Hurt Near Perth Amboy. ;; South Amboy, N. J., June 23 Norman H? Cottrell, 16 years pld, was killed and his father and mother seriously,- injured last night when a light engine on the ' Pennsylvania Railroad struck their motor car at the crossing at Runybn, near the waterWorks of the city of Perth Amboy. The man injured Is Joseph Cottrell, chief engineer of the Perth Amboy water works. Mrs. Cottrell is not expected to survive the day. Two other children who were- in the car were not badly hurt., r , Mr. Cottrell had taken his wife and children out in his car last night, when he started on a tour of Inspection, which Included the pumping station at Runyon. He left the station about 10:30 for Perth Amboy. He was driving the car. At the road crossing, not far from the pumping station, he halted to let a freight train go past. As the caboose reached the crossing he started ahead to get across just behind the last car. At this point there is a steep grade, and the long freights have to be helped up the hill by a pusher engine. There was none behind the train for which Mr. Cottrell waited, but one was coming up. Mr. Cottrell did not see it, and drove on to the track directly in between the caboose and the light engine. The latter struck the automobile squarely, hurling both it and its occupants to one side. , The boy was killed Instantly, and his father and mother terribly injured, and the car wrecked. When the car was struck Mr. Cottrell was pinned between the steering post and the seat. The oil caught fire and he was enveloped in flames. He was badly burned before he could be resetted from the smashed car by the engine men and others who went to the rescue. ; The Pennsylvania Railroad authorities acted promptly, and before other help could be obtained a special train was made up in the yards near Runyon and Mr. and Mrs. Cottrell and the body of their son were taken tb Perth Amboy. The crossing at which the accident occurred is not guarded at night by a gntoman.' THE "ARMY'S" NAVY. The Jerry McAuley Going to Sailors in Many Ports. New York, June 23 A crowd of 1,000 persons attended the oalvation Army mass meeting at the band stand in Battery Park this noon to listen to a musical program and an address by Bradford Lee Gilbert, who gave the yacht Jerry 'McAuley, the initial ship of the Salvation navy ln this country.' Mrs, Whlttembre, who addressed the crowd, told how interesting this event was to her, as she had been converted at that very place and by the man the boat is named after. . .-. :..;.'.' Commander Eva Booth of the Sal vation Army and Navy then dedicated the craft to the service and in troduced its commander and crew. The Jerry McAuley is 35 feet long, has 12 foot beam and will accommo date six persons aboard. It will be her mission to cruise along the Atlantic coast, dropping anchor in many ports. . In these ports the Salvation Navy crew will hold meetings among the seafarers or dwellers in the shipping districts. The Jerry McAuley is not a graceful boat but is built for one purpose and it is expected that hers will be a successful cruise. ; Major Erickson Is in command. with Mrs. Erickson, and it Is thought that the work of the two Major Erickson is a fluent speaker and Mrs. Erickson has a beautiful . singing voice will more than repay the per sons who have worked to start the naval branch of this organization. Miss Booth, when asked of the venture, said: "I am convinced that this will prove a great success. At present and heretofore our men have been doing work on various different ves sels, but this is the first ship of the Salvation navy.- Major and Mrs. Erickson have their Work before them and while it Is the hardest kind of a proposition to convince the ma jority of the seamen, who are entirely without restraint, I look for nothing but success." ; The Jerry McAuley steamed but of the Battery Park stone dock basin with her crew at attention, while the staff band and Salvation Army representatives. waved a farewell and Godspeed from the shore. Aid From Rockefeller. Atlanta, June 23 John D. Rocke feller, who some time ago subscribed 50,000 for a Y. M. C. A. building on the Georgia Tech campus, has sent the first installment of that sum in the saape of a check for 14,000 pay able to the school's advisory board in charge of the building work. The work has already begun and the contract for the new building has been assigned to R. M. Walker. The gift was made on condition that 125,000 be raised by subscription, and this condition is being compiled with.' Any subscriber owing and refusing to pay The Timen inspector when he calls, will he cut off of our list Imme diately. 'The Inspector with badge has the same right to collect as rar- tle- . v ... . . : SECOND .OPERATION. Mr. J. P. Kramer Undergoes Another Operation . for . Appendicitis Con-vlct Captured. (Special to The Times.) Elizabeth City, N. C, June 23 News from Norfolk yesterday afternoon 8tates,t,hat the condition of rM. J. P. Kramer, who has undergone a second operation, and a very delicate one, is a Norfolk hospital, is rapidly improving and he has the brightest prospects for complete recovery. Mr Kramer was operated on more than a year ago for an attack of appendicitis and since then he has been In poor health. Recently his health became so bad that he had to undergo another operation to save his life. ' ' Henry Saunders, a negro convict, and a long-termer of the Pasquotank county chain gang, made bis escape last Monday afternoon about four o'clock, eluding 'the guards and taking to the woods. Last Tuesday, morning about 3 o'clock he was arrested in Washington, N. C. ; Soon after his escape he managed to board a freight train and beat his way to Washington, riding '' under' the .- car. When he got to, Washington he-was walking around looking at the locomotive and the engineer spied the iron ring around his leg and held him until an officer could be called. He is now back in the chain gang, having scarcely lost a day In his flight. KING GEORGE REPLIKS. Reciprocates President Taft's Good Wishes Washington," D. C., June 23 King George of England sent the following reply to President Taft's congratulations upon tue occasion of his coronation: "I heartily thank you and the people of the United States for the kind congratulations you offer me on this great and solemn day, and for the good wishes you expressed for the prosperity of the British dominion for the welfare of myself and family. I heartily reciprocate your wishes that friendly relations between the United States and my country may ever continue." PROMINENT LAWYER DEAD. W, B. Snioot, Salisbury Lawyer, : Dies in New York'. Norfolk,' Va.," June 23 W. B. Smoot, a prominent attorney of Salisbury, N. C, died In New York today, following an Operation. He .was : a brother of Rev.' Thomas A. Smoot, pastor of Epworth Methodist church here, and formerly of Wilmington, N. C. :S::"l'' .''' Arrested For' Murder. Biddeford, Me., June 23 As a result of information given the authorities, supporting the 'allegation that Charles Weymouth, a butcher who disappeared September, 1908, "was murdered, the sheriff arrested Joseph Buzzell, Olney Merrill and Mrs. Maud Snow, wife" of Dr. Fred B. Snow. The alleged murder is supposedly the outcome of Weymouth's reported infatuation for Mrs. Snow. Would Amend Constitution. '; Washington, D. C, June 23 Del egate Cameron, of Arizona, requested the senate territories committee to amend the Arizona constitution by eliminating the provision for the recall of judges. The request is based on the president's, opposition to thi3 feature of the constitution. He said he feared Its retention ultimately would defeat statehood. Arrested For Lynching. Cameron, Texas, June 23 Warrants have been issued for four persons suspected of participating in lynching of the American- boy at Thorndale recently. More warrants are probable. Names of the suspects were not divulged. ny subscriber owing and refusing to pay The Times inspector when he calls, will be cut off of our Hst inime. diutely. The inspector with badge lias the same right to roltect as cur rier ' ' '.'.., HUBBARD BROS & CO ' COTTON MERCHANTS, . Hanover Square, N. Y. Members , New York Cotton Exchange. New Orleans Cotton Exchange. '. New York Produce Exchange. Associate Members Liverpool Cotton Association. . Orders solicited for (he purchase and aale of Cotton and Cotton-seed Oil for future delivery. " : . Special attention and liberal term given, for conaignmente of Spot Cotton for delivery. ' Correspondence.-invited. , FOR SALE Owing ,. to the owner having bought an automobile . he ' la offering for sale a nice chests ut ' sorrell saddle mare; She hat iak n the'blue ribbon every, time exhibited, and can do so again at any time called upon. Haa all the gaits and can be shifted from one to another at will of rldet She is gentle, sound, and an ideal ladies' addlef. Kentucky bred. This elegant mare can be eeea and shown to prospective buyers : ' at Plum-mer's Stables. , 22-tt ' ..... ... ....... .- . m..;.. ... . - THE GREAT. SEMI-ANNUAL EVENT HAS ARRIVED Tlie Beraanger Clearance Salo Of Spring Suits, for Men, Young Men and Boys A little earlier this season because of the unusually late Spring. Most people have worn their winter clothes up 'till five weeks ago, and this condition has" resulted in our having a much finer and larger stock of fine Spring SutjTtfian tve should have. There was but oneralternative this is it cut in price.'"re it is: Men's and Young Men's Suits $ 7.50 Suits fop , . . . . . $ 5.75 $10.00 Suits for . . . . . . . , 7.75 $12.50 Suits for . . . v . . 9.75 $15.00 Suite for . . . , -. . . . 11.75 $16.50 Suite for .. .. .. . . 12.75 $18.00 Suite for . . ... . . . . 13.75 $20.00 Suite for ..... . . . 14.75 $22.50 Suite fr . . lfl.75 $25.00 Suits for . . . . ... . 1.75 $27.50 Suits for . . . . . . 21.75 $:tO.0 Suite for . . 22.75 $;2.ftO Suite for .... .... 25.75 In the Sale ot Men's Suits are included all the regulars SLIMS and STOUTS also a few extra large sizes. : 1-3 off on all Cravenetted Mohair Suits 1-5 off on the Crash Suits 1-4 off on Straw and Panama Hats Terms of Sale Spot Cash. No goods will be sent on approval none charged alteration free money back if you want it. The Sale Starts Thursday, June 22nd. , Semi-Annual O n Clearance of Suits 1 mmv t, cvf u- 31 CENTS DOZEN Thin glasses; Saturday. "Toyland". It WE CAN FURNISH VOU 5,000 N. C. Sides and Shoulders at 15c per pound. W. B. Mann & Co. 22-3t COUPLE CAN GET ROOM AND board; modern conveniences, near eapitol. Box 467, 19-0t ASK YOUR DEALER FOR LASSI-ter's bome-made Meal, or he may give you some other meal so-called to be as good. 22-t. f. THIRTY-OXE CENTS EACH Glass Pitchers tomorrow. "Toyland." .It OCCON EKCH E E TltniE NO. 16, I. O. R. M. wants every member present this, sleep to consider having ; a barbecues By order of Tribe, Geo. L. Tonnoffski, Chief of Records. '' It -' FOR SALE My residence, corner of ; Hillsboro and Harrington, streets. Mrs. Rose K. Smith. 20-4t SAVE MONEY as well as Earn it. We pay Interest on the Cash . i : Spent Here. ' Return $30 in Cash Coupons and Get $1 in Trade Free. THE BEST Groceries of Quality. Whether You Order by Phone (No. 28) ' Or Call ln Person. SATURDAY ONLY. Eggs, 20c, Doz. H. J.JOHNSON, 1$ E. Hargett St, RALEIGH, V. O, . Sgaarferagggft' IVORY CEMENT PLASTER AT fcrjv; KrvSf ilaj Powell & Powell's. 16-tf r tMxcoZ RS.'S'g WANTED A partner with a few Ifci rS'.na L"i,cZ'J" hundred dollars who can give part k' fWfiBe wrniStTTG or all his time to business. Sal- l.vIyH.'g 9 ' ary and part of prints. Merchant, KS&. SM5S :t.?r&E3 2fl ' care Times. 21-4t Boys'KtrickerbocketSflitsReduced $9.00 and $8.00 and $7.00 and $6.00 and $5.0O and $4.00 and $3.00 and These are IT fl IWf A IkJ IP ANYONE, ANYWHERE, CAN START a mail order business at home. Wo canvassing. Be your own boss. Send for free booklet. Tells how. Heacock, A 6262 Lockport, N. Y. THIRTY-ONE CENTS A DOZEN Glasses tomorrow "Toyland." It KM) , JIONTHLY AND EXPENSES to travel and distribute samples for big manufacturer; steady work. S. Scueffer, Treasurer, 243 J. Chicago. It EVER USE RUBBER STAMPS? Swindell makes the best. 107 Fayetteville St. 1-2 6t EXl'ERIENCED BOOKKEEPER wants position. - Best reference. Not afraid of work. Address S. M. B., care Times. 22-2t WANTED Man to travel in North Carolina. Good pay and tailor- : made suit in 90 days; experience unnecessary; reliable firm. Write for particulars. J. E. McBrady & Co., Chicago. It PROFESSIONAL FURNITURE packing, China a specialty. J. M. Buffaloe, 204 E. Martin street. C. C. phone 57. 19-6t GOING TO BUILD? Red Cedar Shingles at Powell & Powell's. 16tf WANTED Housekeepers to call at 806 South Saunders street and at factory price the self-locking Aluminum Steam Game Roasting and all purposes kettle Is , theirs H. E. Stephenson. 17-6t FOR RENT Three nice, comfortable furnished rooms, 506 E. Hargett street. Mrs. P. H. Wain wright 24-26 . :' .. . AT J. C. BRAAN'S TROPICAL Fruit Stand can be found choice ppaches, western apples, . cante-loupes, oranges, bananas, . pineapples, and other fruit pleasing to eye and taste; also 'watermelons. 208 Wilmtntrtnn atreAr. - S3-2t $8.50 Suits for , $7.50 Suite for . $0.50 Suits for $5.50 Suite for , $4.50 Suite for . $3.50 Suits for . $2.50 Suits for . the Suits in sizes . 3.75 . 3.25 . 2.75 . 1.75 3 to 18 Ywirs, in CaKsinieres, Worsteds, Serges, Cliavlote and I'nllnishetl Worsteds V C Semi-Annual Clearance of Suits' SPECIAL SALE TOMOBBOW-v. Everybody can eat spring chickens and fresh fish now. Small chick-ents, 25c; medium size, 30 ' to 35c; large chickens, 40c. : each.-,-Fresh fish, large bunches, 16c. : Prompt delivery and satisfactign guaranteed. W. D. King, 335 S. Wilmington street. C. C. Phone ' 215. ' '. ltwa: WANTED TO BUY Several caeapl dry cattle to be fattened on my farm. Call Dughi's Farm over Raleigh phone, or address' A. Dughl, Raleigh. 21 - for sale. Used only six weeks. A-B. Andrews, Jr., 2S0 Fayetteville street. - ' 20-5t WANTED Nicely furnished room in. first class private family. AflV dress J. B. Henderson Raleigh, General Delivery. 23-2t-. CALL OLIVE'S TRANSFER, PHONE 529, for quick service. I have 5,000 yards of sand in tne city for sale. : . -.- 19-6t,.'- WANTED TO BUY Figs. Address A. Dughl, or call Dughi's Fatm. over Jlaleigh phone. 21 , WANTED Salesman, calling on hardware and manufacturing trade. Salary or commission. Give full details when replying. Replies treated confidential. Box, 373, care Times.- 21-6t BIG SALE SATURDAY, JUNE 24TH. 1,000 spring chickens at a special low price tomorrow only. Call a'nd see my stock or phone me for what you want. W. D. King, 835 S. Wilmington street. C. C. phone 215. It PATENT YOUR IDEAS AND MAKB : money. Send for my new book, How to Get Them." Best service. Joshua R. H. Potta, Lawyer, Washington, D. C, Chicago and Philadelphia. 10-28t FOR BENT Six-room cottage, eor-ner Glenwood avenue and Worth street Water and electrio lights. Apply to Realty Loan & Trust Co., 313 Fayetteville St. 16-tt FOR RENT Furnished room, half block from eapitol. Elderly per- : son or couple preferred, 114 Fay etteville street. lfct f. RESIDENCE FOR RENT, POLK street, 7 rooms. Box 624 City." 9 t. f . . : NOTICE TO CREDITORS In the District Court, Eastern District of North Carolina. .- In the matter ot . Robert B. Phillips, bankrupt ThlB petition ot Robert B. Phillips, of Carthage, N. C, for a full discharge in bankruptcy, having been filed in said court. It is ordered by the court that a' hearing be bad on the 7th day of July, 1 11, befpre , the referee, V, JHBoyden, of aaid court, at Raleigh, N. C, at 12:00 . o'clock noon, and that all knon creditors and other persons fitter- ested may appear at said time and , place and show Just cause. If any they have, why the prayer of the said petitioner should not. ba granted. This 22 day of June, 1911. H. L. Grant Clerk U.' S. District Court, Raleigh, N. C. It 23 WEEKLY AND EXPENSES TO trustworthy people to travel: '.audi - distribute samples for big whole Bale house. C. H. Emery, 343 K, Chicago.. " -,lt jf

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