The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 13, 1936 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 13, 1936
Page 4
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«"i til BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS *H ' P> ~ * f~, ' i ^' *' ,TOE,?LYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER* NEWS CO, PUBIJSKERS /,'\i & C. B BABCOCK, Editor , ' j' <•'j<H',W. HAINES,'Advertising ^lauager ' • « 8okfN»Uon*l Advertising Representatives: ArkantM Dallies,, Inc^, New Voik. Chicago, , Detroit. St. Louis, Dallas, Kansas City,'Memphis , > Published EVery Afternoon Except Sunday ,'• " Bitcnd as second class matter it the post oOice at .JJUythevlJle, Arkansas, under net of Congress, October S, 1317. ' Served by Uio United Press 7 , , , SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier In (lie City ot B!yllie>'llle, 15o per »eek, or 65c per month. * By mall, within a radius ot 5fl miles, $300 per, * year, £1.50 for six months, 75c for three months; by mail in postal zones two do sin, Inclusive, *650 per year; in zones SO\IMI and eight, $1000 per year, payable in advance. ' Real Recovery Evidence thai the induslnal'recov- ery now under way is ically substantial is contained in ft icccnt report by tlio U. S, Chamber of Commerce. Npting the gains that hnyc been made'since May, 1935, the chamber's report icmarks that "it is necessary to go back « decade to find another period in which business momentum r-had-vithiu itself equal elements of strength." Fiu'thermove, the improvement i.s balanced. The relation of capital goods 'production to consumer goods production is now approximately 90 to 300;-and, as the icport points out, . u "an advance \vliich permits such improvements in balance among fields of enteipnse obviously produces an increasingly shong basis for the future," ' Apparently we can face the futiue with a good' deal of confidence. Unless something: unforeseen turns up, we should have some yeais of better and belter times ahead of us. *- i New Neutrality Law It ^ould be well to remember that among the impoitant tasks facing the (new Congress is the framing of a waterproof neutrality law. The existing law is a great deal better,than no law at all, but it is admittedly imperfect. It has served as ^a stop-gap measure, but it needs to be ^replaced as speedily as' possible by a well-reasoned, statesmanlike measure - which will insure America, as far as any law can insure it, againsfmvolv- --ment in foreign wars. Such law cannot be put together overnight. The job deinandt) lonf; 'study and the best thought that can possibly be given to it. Since the European horizon seems to be growing" steadily darker, and since even the imperfect law we now have expires in May, the sooner the 10- sponsible leatleis at' Washington be' gin preparing a new law, the moie secure we can feel. My ideal man must qualify as to masculinity, personal charm, sjmpathy, strength of character, distmctiveness By the way, Introduce me to such a man-if jou can find him —Nfao West Let us declare a moratorium on political clip- Irap, abuse, and personalities —u. S Representative Hamilton Fish jr, New York OUT OUR WAY ;,' ,T' Tetter Consciences In the United SUlCs treasury ib a "conscience fund" of $628,313.64, made up of money letuincd by citizens who believed' they had done the, goveni- Tncut uhoug in the past. Within (recent weeks, eit'lit such contribulions hiivo been received, ono of which was a nickel scnl in by 11 man who, yeais before, had used si postage .stamp twice. It is not. hard to imtufine the relief such refunds biiiie lender consciences, hul sophisticates uill probably chuckle al people who lot such small 'dishonesties prey so heavily on their minds. Nevertheless, we could do with more people who have the ability to be woiried by their minor sins. Wind iii ihc Straws Oilt of the wreckage of straw.ballots wrought by the election, Americans have been constructing ninny n Joke. Quips such ss "As gocfi -Maine, so goes Ihc Digest," mid "Donkeys cat straw, bill elephnnls Jlnd it Indigestible,'' seem to liavo unaslinnied authors In every newspaper office. But behind itic fun mid the usiml picas- lire. rion-pi'OphoU'i fliid In the confounding, .ot' would-be, soothsayers, lies a ccrbln nubile satisfaction : In the fact Hint elections Imvc again become more Important than forecasts of. elections In it should he iccojniicecl that scnio of the polls were more accurate than others, an<l cloiibllcts sliaw ballots will persist Hut If so it will be frankly!.'as pur- vejors of nmteilals out of which guciisers may fniliton theh ijiicr,scs Any claims that the ixilnllng of stinus &civcd n useful purpose by ambling biislnew men to plan ahead can Imrcl- ly have survived the "big viind" of last week. Polls recognized frankly ,ns tUillnlors of cuiloslty, as food foi iinintciii foiccaslers. may bo haimles, enough nut If forecasts were to become- accuintp they might Injure free elections by encouraging the UiougliUcss to Indulge a too-common taste foi band-wagon climbing. Fiom that viewpoint lust week's casualties among the straw balloti nuy bo considered a public, gain —Christian Science Monitor. The World War puL the public llbrars'-ost the map Foui million books wcic iv\ailnble'to service m»n 'through (lie libiaiies. Their"circulation created a demand foi useful reading thai has persisted —Clicif Librarian Call D. Uoden, Chicago Public Llbiary * * » l'\e had 12 children in Hie last 10 years, but I'm throwing out one and claiming only 11, Just, to make II casiei^for the other mo- llieis —Mrs Lily Kenny, entrant In Toronto baby ^ derby. President Roosevelt hni moie power now- llian any olhei man ever had in the world.. In the future, historians will devolc less time ^ to Cncsar and Napoleon and moie to Franklin Roosevelt, -Tlic Hev tt. Chailes E. Coiiglilm. The fee! of the nice warm \\atci, the smell of bath salts, and the words on the page— I iisfc yon, v,liete ehc do sou get as many pleasant thing-; at once/ —Marjorle mills, auUior, recommending reading in bathtub. Aftci talking with air leaders of Germany, Russia, France, Italy and England, I believe that \vc should thank providence for the Atlantic and Pacific oceans —Maj Lester Gardner, secretary, Institute of Aeronautical Sciences. IIV DR. MORRIS Editor, Journal of the Afcdlcal *A<aw,Mtoa, arid of Jlygeia, Hie Heallh Mi»»rJne A sty is among Liie most common infections. of ihc eye. Usually it represents fln invasion, by cjic of the common pus-forming germs, of the glands on the eye-i lids, or, occasionally, of a -hair 1 lolllclc, loo. The ety may occur, nil nil ages, but, is most common hi children. They often appear in crops. Sometimes they aie associated wllh innamiimtlon of the eyelid, and frequently with uncoirectcd errors ot vision, in these cases! The family Doctor Sly, Eye Infection, Occurs Most Commonly in Children the eye lias not ucen able to protect llfdf as well against germs as 11 can when errors of vision have been corrected. A sly usually acts like a pimple or a small boll. After a day or two, the sly gets soft and tursts, the Infectious material-is discharged from It, and recovery follows. Before the .sty has softened. Its development can sometimes be prevented by pulling out the hair that- runs through It and by treat- Ing the spot with some antiseptic 'hat is not dangerous to the eve Ifr-lf usually It Is wise to apply hot . FRIDAY,. NOVEMBER' 13,- 1938 compresses to sties to hasten development of the infUiniimtton Then, us soon as a yellow spot Is seen; the infectious material should be released, since the eye is so delicate an organ .special attention of this sort should be supplied by a competent phjslclan. . Repealed formation' of sties indicates that tne oody his litlle le elstancc to infection The iusccp- llble person, theiefoie, should lime n physical examination and develop suitable hygiene to overcome the lack of resistance. The diet should te coriccted to p'o- \idc, particulaily, correct amounts of pctelns, mineral salts and vitamins In some Instances, when sties form reoeatedly, physicians collect the gcims icsponslblc, make a vaccine of dead germs, nnd rcln- Jict Ibis Into the patient, tlm], developing fpeciflc leslstnnce against the germs that caused the sties Sometimes lepcatcd sties icsult frcm Infeclloiis in the nose and throat, or the sinuses. In tile investigation that is mode when sties occui repeatedly, this point should be kept In mind > Hen Appears In Court AT-AMEDA, Cal (UP)i-A little red hen named Bridget appeared "i court In the amis of Patrol, "inn William Pries as'a witness •when Herbert Lenz ^ wA trial loi her abduction The hen vial, uied as h<j was fined $100 and sue didn't even flutter. »s«-f'irp You Her Any | Outlmart . s« tlx NfiPTUNE Five babies are born every minute In the United States. DM. Wert'&Werti " OPTOMETRISTS Over Joe Isaacs' store "WE MAKE 'EM'SEE" Pl\one 540 Single C>> (Other fc,l«i la IH H Pi IIUJJIHUB TIHB & HAITEKY CO. THE COMPLETE ELECTRICAL STORE Fealurinj tl«(rifal fixtures '(rum SI up, IVesfiiijhiiisc appliances, nil kinds <tf lamps,' inexpensive brliigc prim nnd a line ti bcttc trade. toys. WalpoSe Electric Shop 208 W-.-Main ..,: . .phone 311 £7^ THE FORD V-8 FOR 1937 . .§ j By William? .VOU GOT IT RIGHT THERE, WES-IT'S SO VOU CANT BUST OUT O' THEM WHEN TH 1 RIVETS VIM BEEN 9TUDVIN' TH' ART O' TH' iNPIANS/ WES, BUT VUH SHOULD KEEP UP ON SOME O 1 TH 1 MODERM AUTJ IT'S QUITE AN ART TO KNOW ROW CLOSE TO STAND TO A FIRE SO TH 1 RIVETS WON'T GET HOT. >OO-COH-VA-H—• WHY IN HECK DO TMEV PUT RIVETS /THESE DURN COWBOY OVERALLS? rpHE New Ford V-8 for 1937 is the most linauti- JL fill Ford car ever offered. It is built in only otic size — with one slnudard of roomy comfort ami modern appearance, may-have cither the improved 85-lioreepowcr V-8 cnginrj for maximum performance — or the new 60- liorsepowcr V-8 engine for maximum .economy. The smaller engine makes possible a lighter car — with lower operating costs. Improve^ 85-horsepotrer V-8 engine — Drive it and tralch the speedometer! '•••:. -:' ; ' !'-'•• When you drjvc llie 1937 Ford powered with the 85-horscpower V-8 engine, you are master of a modern power plant thai gives you cvcrylhing ynn can possibly demand in speed ami accelcra- *'""• It is a better engine tlitm ever — ivith a better cooling system and new ^smoothness of operation. Yet improved carburctipn enables it to deliver its thrilling performance with unusually good gasoline mileage. New 60-hortepoKcr engine — Drive-it-and natch.ihc fuel gage! The new (30-horsenpwcr V-lype S^ylindcr engine is. almost an exact replica of the "85"—except rfpr size, weight and power. Il delivers Y^-8 smoothness and quietness — even at speeds up to 70 miles an hour—with gasoline mileage so liish that it creates an entirely new standard of economy in modern motor car operation. We invite you to sec this new Ford car, and arrange to drhe one equipped with the engine that fits your own needs. PRICES T«e S/i Deli»t r y end Handtns, Bump«rs, Spare Tire and Accessoms AcWjtiexul Body lypco availablo willi fiO or 85 horsepower enicine l» illioul <lc Inxe ennipmenti : Tudor Sedan, Tudor Touring Sedan, Torilor Sedan, Fordor Touring Sedan, Five-window Coupe . . . DC 1ji\c typcg. uith tt horcrpoHcr engine Tudor Sedan, Tudor Touring Sedan, Fordor Sedan, Fordor Touring Sedan, Fnc window Cpujie, Roadster, Tlnclon, Club Cjbnolct, Con- vcrtililc Cabriolet, Club Coupe, Convertible Sedan. AUTHORIZED FORO FINANCE PtANS t Ford JtaTcr rt«l Cr»dU O. '. 'tp u,o»l .«.^,ir« "."fcl 19 « lorJ V.B C«— rr.m ,-r » »"I»h«rc In Iht Vnli,J Stilts. Ask loot •bwnt the taiy pajmrqt pT,,, 0 £ ih, u*trcr HEW FEATURES OF THE 1937 FORD V«8 CAR APPEARANCE— A newly designed car—vride and roomy,' vith a low ccmcr of grauly. DisUnclue front end, Vii'h •" licadlnmps record in fender aprons. Modern lid-type hood' hinged at Ihe IracL. Larger Inggagc space. Spare tire ta . •- fWd «,ifa, n i,od>. ConplMely ne,v interiors. The Blamift'g .< Vljpe windshield ontns in tlo=cd cars. • ENGINCS—A cholw of the improvca .V-8 Sa^or-cpjwcr engine or tlio nc* V S 60 hor^rwwcr cngme More cffi, ,cn[ cooling Quieter performance Ne» ecorony. COMTORT AND QUIET-By every modern standard of design, the 1937 Ford V 8 ,„ a b, s , roomy car E,t ra 5p K q ; n in Ihc l)on\ ^l, crc yon wnnl it — not laken up hv the I cnjmc u,ij cr u» hood Comfott of Oic Ford Hide is further iwrca cd hj snioolhcr action of tbc long, tapcnne spring-, ^nli new pressure lubr.rntior, l\c« mclh. ods of mounting lod> and engine make this a qc.ctcr car. SAFETY MAKIS — ^cw Fa-yAction Safety BraU=, of |J« cahic and conduit control type Positne nnd direct-"the s>fely of 'l<xl from pedal to ^IiceP Scrf-cnergumg-ar morncn- turn i s u , c d to help apply the brakes. About onc-thirtl !e« ptdal pressure 15 required to sl»p tic car. ' BOOT— All steel body construction ISol «n ounce of wood u cil for structural urtngih Frame' structure i- all «t«I— ehcallied >>nh <tccl pincls lop, ijidci and floor Alt iro welded into a single steel unit of great proliclitc strength. Safelj Cla's all jround at no extra charge. DISPLAY TOMORROW AT FOKBgEALKRS' SHOWROOMS We Invite You to Call Us Today for a Demonstration-Phone 811 PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Authorized Ford Dealers

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