The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 2, 1939 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Saturday, December 2, 1939
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER . ni* ••ann-mm'*™ .r, * J "-*" » » P^^ VOLUME XXXVI—NO. 218. BIytheville Courier Blythevllle Hcruld Blytheyillo Dally News Valley ^DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND (SOUTHEAST UTS3OUIU 'Moral 1 Embargo On Airplanes Sales To Russia Is Invoked WASHINGTON, Dec. 2. (tJP)-President Roosevelt fo- oay invoked ;i "mom) embargo" on .sliipmcnls of airplanes V o ns which bomb civilian populations. Mr. Roosevelt did not name So-*—— Viet Russia not name So-* , , specifically in his- statement but declared 'it was issued in the "light or ,-ecent recurrence of such acts." "The American government ntxl Ihe American people have for some time pursued a policy of wholeheartedly condemning (he unprovoked bombing and machine gunning of civilian populations from the air," he said. "Tliis government hopes lo ilie end (hat such unprovoked bombing .shall not be given material encouragement in Ihe light of recent recurrence of such acts, lhat Amei-icuii manufacturers and exporters of airplanes and aeronautical equipment and materials essential to airplane manufacture wiir-bcar Ihis fact in mind before negotiating contracts for the exportation of these articles (o na- Take Your Pick- But Don't. Try Reading Aloud By United Tress Most Finnish place names have two s]>cllines, Finnish ami Swedish This Is because Swedish was for a long time the cf(icla) language of lhat part of Scandinavia which, after the World War. became the Republic of Finland, or Stiotnt. Now. however, both Finnish and Swedish are "official languages and both spellings theoretically arc c'r- rect, although Ihe Finnish is pre- _^ J ™' ;VIU ' 10 ' ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, DKCBJIBKH 2, 1039 The president acted quickly after- Bl]1 it became known that an official i „ , ?' Russian mission was in the Unit-' H „ ed States offering airplane maim-' v 1 ??' faclurers large sums of cash for 1 Kl>skmen airplanes, parls and motors. He Issued his statement aftei Immediate Effect Is Bad For Slate, H o w ever, Bailey Claims LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Dee 2 — Southwestern stales should redouble their eiforU for equalized freight rales n.s n result of Thursday's interstate Commerce Commission order revising downward rates on northbound sliipmcnls of specified commodities originating In certain southern stntes Governor Bailey said-yesterday. ' The commission ordered rate reduction ranging from five lo 35 per cent on a list of ia commodities manufactured or processed in Southern states east of Ihe 'Mississippi river. The new rates will be effective March 1. "The decision sets a precedent that offers hope In the other penalized territories," Governor Bailey asserted. "The Immediate effect of it i lowevcr, is thai we in the South-' I west are at 'a further disadvant- Sccrctary of a conference with State Cordell Hull. A similar ban on airplane shipments lias been in effect against Japan for over n year although this nation never has declared formally that a state of war existed between Japan and China. Tiie slate department arranged Die embargo against Japan Chairman Key Pjttman, (Dem., Nev.), of thc senate foreign relations committee, who. was one of those who advocated recognition in 1933, now publicly advocates severance of relations with Russia. Sen. William E. Borah, (Rep., Ida.), however, who was chairman cf the senate foreign relations committee during the Coolldge and Hoover administrations when Soviet recognition was withheld, today recommended a continuance of diplomatic relations. "I cannot sec that breaking oil diplomatic,.ielaticns will serve in any way the .cause of, peace of assist the people of Finland," he said. "It will not save a single life nor stay the wings of a single red plane. "The attack upon Finland is shocking beyond words to tell. But I think it worth while to remember that the time will come, must, come, when seme effort will have to be made to bring about peace lo end this saturnalia of war. The United States is the only nation in thc world which, it seems to me, is, or will be, in a position to have a commanding voice in that hour . . ." Stock Prices NEW YORK, Dec. 2. (UP) — Leading issues held steady in light trading on the stock market today while special stocks were mixed. A. T. & T ....... . ........ IBS 3-8 Anaconda Copper ........ 30 3-4 Beth. Steel ........... ... 79 i-a Boeing Air Chrysler . .... General Elect General . Motors 22 5-8 841-2 38 3-4 52 7-8 Int. Harvester ......... . . 571-2 Mont. Ward .............. 53 7-8 N. Y. Central ............ 18 1-8 Packard ................. 35-8 Phillips ................... 39 3-4 Radio ................... 53-4 Schenley ................ 13 1-S Socony Vacuum .......... 12 1-4 Standard of N. J ......... 44 5-8 Texas Corp. .............. 44 3-8 U. S. Smelt ....... ; ...... 63 U. S. Steel ............... 65 7-8 - Vlborg; Knsfc:- . TurkuAbov Oulu-Ulca- borg; Krislilna-Kristine.slad; Por- voo-Borgii; Mlkkell - St. Michel Tampere-TammeiTors; Knklsalmi- Kekshohn; Rnahe-Bralirstad- Lap- peenranta-Villmaiistrand. The Russians early In this century made an effort lo establish the »'° sc items, the entire territory enst of particular Wartime rationii Ihe Mississippi river lias an cnor-l" es ' Thc J'' |le taking lo these "Vcldcnrs," E of gasoline Is forcing I^ndoners to pedal extreml- mous advantage. "That should serve lo Intensify! efforts In all territories west of' the river for-equalization of freight rales." motive power through pedals. in which riders create lln-ii , J ' ,. C I or le Mun ' a y. traffic manager L1Ulc Rock Chamber of Russian language in Finland but c ° mmorc e «'«' freight rate con- failed, sultant for the Arkansas Corporation Commission, said thc I. C C decision, which was by a 5 to 4 vote with two Ministers Asked To Refer To Seal Sale Ministers of this section are asked t:> call upon their congregations to support the Christmas Seal sale at services Sunday, which lias been designated ns "Christmas Seal Sunday" by Ihc National Tuberculosis Association, according to Mrs. Rodney L. Banister, general chairman of the Seal sale In this locality. Referring to thc relationship .:f the churches to the campaign against tuberculosis, Mrs. Banister stated:. ' 'Protect Your Home from Tuberculosis' Is. the theme of this year's campaign. This idea "is of special significance to churches which realize the imprrtance of united family life. Tuberculosis loo often is ft misfortune which separates a father or mother from the family group. "Christmas Seals for many years have cionc effective work in "culling dcwn the number of tuberculosis fatalities. One indirect result of this has been the preservation of many homes which might have been dissolved, if lives were lost today in Ihe great numbers that were recorded 25 or 30 years ago. "Let us all unite under (he emblem of tills double-barred cress to carry on an effective warfare against tuberculosis." Roosevelt Will Not Attend Army-Navy Game WASHINGTON. Dec. 2. (UP) — The White House announced to- dny that President Roosevelt has cancelled his trip to the Army vole with two commissioners noti participating, was "significant." " "The important •the commission liiing is lhat recognized Hie principle on which we are basing our fight," Mr. Murray said. In Its decision, the commission said: "It is a fair conclusion"* that the cost of transporting the iirll- cles named*"from producing point'; in the South into the North docs not justify the maintenance, thereon of higher levels of rales than are applicable on like articles \vllh- in tile North." Mr. Murray said this was the most significant part o[ the decision. "Good As Admitted" ATLANTA, Ga., Dec. '2. (UP)— Rep. Robert Ramspeck (Dem., Ga.) said today the Interstate Commerce Commission had "ns good as admitted" freight rates were discriminatory against Ihe South mid predicted all such "barriers" would be removed by Ihe nest congress. Settle Differences Over Right Of Burial A dispute over right (o the custody and bmial of thc body of Mrs. J. p. Clark, which developed into court action, was settled by thc parties involved. A nephew of Mrs. Clark's lale liusband and n nephew of Mrs. Clark's \vcre Ihe relatives interested and their differences were settled amicably after the suit had >bb Un- had been has! bcc " fllKl 'n which Die Col ml y. delinking Company, inc., lin Navy football game in Phlladsl- named a party defendant. New York Cotton NEW YORK, Dec. 2. (UP)—Cotton closed steady. open high low Dec 1017 1018 1097 Jan ....... 1011 Afar ........ 993 May ....... 968 July ....... 936 Oct ........ 895 Spots closed off 1. clcse 1009 1004 n 984 859 927 8D2 nominal at 1028, 1014 995 909 940 898 100C 980 957 925 888 phin because of bad weather. Officials said lhat Mr. Roosevelt would remain in Washington over the weekend. He had planned to go to Hyde Park, N. Y.. from Philadelphia. Mobile Area to Plant Big Watermelon Crop MOBILE, Ala. (UP)—The Mobile farming area is preparing for thc biggest watermelon crop In its history next spring. The area shipped out 70 carloads of melons last summer and increased demand will motivate coming season. planting of larger acreages for the coining seas:n. • Burial was made yesterday at Jonesboro by Ihe Cobb Funeral Home. Coal Truck Driver Errs, 15 Tons Dov/n Manhole ,\ew Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Dec. 2. (UP) — Cotton futures closed steady and unchanged to up six points today due to domestic and foreign buy- Ing. open high low cl:se Dec ........ 1026 1020 1015 1019 Jan ....... 1020b ...... 1013b S*ar ....... 1000 1005 992 995 May ....... 975 973 9CG 956 J"ly ....... 942 948 938 938 Oct ........ 895 903 891 892 Spots closed steady at 1017, up 4. Chicago Wheat Dec. May Dec. May 93 89 1-4 93 3-4 90 1-4 93 3-4 89 1-4 93 89 5-8 ij_ Neb. (OP)—A building superintendent exictedjy phoned a coal company, demanding. "Where's that 15 tons of slack I ordered?" Investigation disclosed that a new coal truck driver had dumped the 15 tons of. cral down a sewer manhole located close to the store's coalhole. State Rice Acreage Allotments Announced LITTLE ROCK, Dec. 2. (UP)— Rice acreage allotment for Arkansas during 1940 lias been set at 154,527 acres, it was announced today by C. C. Cox of Stuttgart member of the state agricultural conservation commission. Allotments by counties include: Craighead, 4,932 acres; Jacltson 5,220 acres; St. Francis, 3,676 acres and Lee, 1,899 acres. Sixteen Contractors ~Indicted By Jury NEW ORLEANS, Dec. 2. (UP)— The local chnpler of the Associated General Contractors of America and 1G of Its membeis were Indicted by thc new federal grand jury today on charges of conspiracy to Suggested Raise Arkansas' Literacy Ranking Before C ensus An effort will be made lo leach Illiterate persons of Mississippi County hoiv lo write their names before the 1940 census is taken with schools cooperating In the movement. Teachers of a number of schools will have first cf a scries of classes Tuesday, which will be followed on,Thursday, Dec. 7, and the foli lowing week on the same dayi-, when persons .wishing to. learn f V ! write their" na'mes' nmy ~doV(lo° Classes, which will begin at 7:301 P. m., will be held for one hour. It Is estimated lhat the average person can learn to write a signature in 30 minutes. According to the last census, Mississippi County had 1,535 white persons and 3,830 negroes who could not write their names and an Improvement in this number would result in a betler rank in literacy. Similar classes are to be held throughout the state in nit effort to raise thc rating of 3Bth In illiteracy which is Arkansas' present rank. German Crew Scuttles Ship Off African Coast CAPE TOWN. South Africa, Dec. 2. (UP)—Thc German steamer Wnlussl ivns scuttled by its crew off Cape point Ibis moriilng, it was announced officially tonight, The vessel wns sighted by South African bombing planes -ami wns stymied t:, proceed to Simoustown The crew scuttled thc ship rather limn put inlo a South African port. Survivors were picked up by boats from the shore. CBHIGIZEBBT Says Dies' Committee In- vcsligiiloi- Used Unfair laclics WASHINGTON, Dei-, a. IU1') — Mrs, Franklin l). Roosevelt .sharply criticized J. li. Matthews, chief Investigator of tho Dies commuter, todny for questioning a witness us though he were u "prisoner considered guilty Mug (rlc'd n (, t nc bar." Mrs. Iio:.scv(!lt,'s rebuke was made In JUT m>w.s|»i|icr column "My Day." after her third visit to com- nltlec heavlnas yesterday to H.slcn lo lc.sllitioiij- by officials of (he American Youlh Congress inul other y-.uth organizations. In her column she again crlilcr/cd the committee for not having noli- lled witnesses sufficiently In advance (o prepare! nil documentary evidence but commended those < members "whom I have had the pleasure of cbsei'vlnu" for their "genuinely courteous mid helpful" attitude toward witnesses. Except for (he questioning by Miiltheu's. Mis. Roosevelt said that the hearings wore n "heartening exhibition of government* operating helpfully." , l)ul <[ Matthews she' siild; "His whole allttudc, lono of voice itml phraseology made one feel Ihal a prisoner considered guilty was hclng tried at Ihc bar." Paul Brooshtine Of Newport Dies Today NEWPORT. Dec. 2. (UP) — Paul merchant <f Judsonia mid Newport, died suddenly nt his home here 1 today. --• " .-.-<: SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Finnish Troops Fall Back To Fortified Line Of Defenses HELSINKI Dec. 2. (UP)-Piunuih troops today ovaeH- fetl livn Knrolinn border villages north lhelr ™ .Kcl'ugoc's Roach I World's Most Northern City KIttKKNAUS. Norway (Norllioni- niost clly in the world), Deo. 1 (UP) —Finnish refugees arrlviiu; here today from Iho Hulmljacrvl dls- Irlci, repcrlcd Unit Russian troom wore only 12 miles from Ihc Norwegian border and lhat some Uus- + After announcing th a t in three dnys of war they have shot down 10 Soviet planes, the, Finns said (licy believe that the new 8500- . ton lUissinn tauter icirov was ' wink in a bailie olt the Island of Ifanko yesterday. The Kirov, It was announced, did not return to its baBa. Thc Finns said that u Soviet destroyer had been disabled mid (lint a Russian subma- W ere believed to ui> driving south through Finland. Accounts of ii desperate flghi bc- Finnish Soviet tiotps In Funeral Rites Held For Walter Mizeil Walter C. Mlzell, brother of Mrs. J. W. Sykes, died nt his home in Horwrsville. Mo., Thursday after a lengthy Illness. He was 48. A military funeral was held yesterday afternoon at Hornersvllle which was attended by Mr. and Mrs. Sykcs, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Thompson, Miss Mary Hatcher and Miss Clara Bell Kenlon, all of tills city. His nieces served as Mower girls. Mr. Mlzell, who was .1 private in the army during the World war. had been in the Veterans hospital at Memphis where Jie wns treated for heart trouble and had ortly returned home Monday. He made ills home, with a brother, Tom Mizzell, who with 1 Mrs. Sykcs, were tives. . his only near rela- Prisoners At Penal Farm Will Pour Concrete Culverts Mississippi County will go into Brooshltne, 08, native of Russia; lllc business of making. concrete but for ninny years a well known j culverts next week when prisoners '"""' - - - • ' nt tho county penal farm will begin operation of u- permanent. ; pn>Juct {f tills kliid, it.was announced today by County Judge s, L. Olndlsli. Theso culverts will be wed on all small drains of county roads with the first In be laid ns roon ns they Jan Sibelius Safe At Home Near Helsinki H1SLSINKI, Dec. 2. (UP) - Jan Sibelius, famed Finnish composer, ndvlscd the United Press by telephone todny that he wns safe In his forest home in the suburb of Tusula. outside Helsinki. He had been reported either wamded or killed as the result uf a Soviet air rnld. He said, however, thai he wns well mid follmvlni,' development in Ihe war In detail. Claim Two German Ships Have Been Seized arc completed. It Is estimated that several (UP) — Two thousand culverts nrc needed now and while these concrete drains will lust Indefinitely, It Is estlinnlcil that it will take ninny mcuths to supply the needed amount. By timt time It will be decided whether Ihc project will be continued. Judge Cllnd- Ish said. : From eight to ten convicts will be used In the making of Iho culverts, which will be supervised by one of Ihc guards nl thc farm. The | work will ]•;. on dally except Sunday and clurhitj the cotton chopping and picking seasons when the workers will bo lempornrlly transferred lo thc fields. When one convict lias hnve been ! served Ills time lie will be replaced 1 LONDON, Dec. 2. more German ships _ seized by the Rrillsh navy, II was 1 by another who Is adapted t: this announced today. Tlicshfpsbroiiglrtj work, It Is said. lo British ports were the Ellbck, J Decision loi make the culverls 2185 tons, out of Hamburg and a 215-ton German trawler. Medical Group To Elect New Officers . Officers of the Mississippi County Medical Association will be elected at a meeting of ihat group Tuesday night at elfiit o'clock at the city hall. This Is the meeting of Ihc annual business group nl which plans for next year's work will ba dfecusscd. Men and Boys Begin Hazardous Task Of Gathering Mislleloe From Trcctops Preparing for the holiday market i because they nrc brittle and a 50- for mistletoe, hundreds of Missouri j foot drop would doW tie m con- men and boys arc gathering the isidernbly ,„„.„„ ,,1.,.^ ,,__.. ....... - rc | nfc , . j^ cutting small pines and cedars for use as Christmas trees, and, In the delraud the government and Illegal [lowlands of Southern Missouri, arc diversion'of PWA money in thc | collecting holly, but the gatherers building of New Orleans' $12,000,000 of mistletoe have the most difficult charity hospital. Dr. Phelps Optimistic Over Deluge of Books Fraternity Honors Ford DETROIT (UP)— MM Sigma Pi ! ' vocational educational fraternity' CLEVELAND, o. (UP)—Dr. Wil- at Wayne University, has pre- i llam Lycn Fhe| PS. famous teacher sentcd Henry Ford with an honor allci lecturer of Yale University, key in recognition of his achieve- '• believes lar loo man; ment In Industrial and vocational '"'"" education. task. The mistletoe is one of the world's strangest plant-i. A parasite, it Is found only In the tree- mostly the sycamore mistletoe hunters and some killed each year as a result of falls from the trcetops. The plants arc easily seen after the lives- fall, because thai fur northern region were spreading through Scandinavia. In Bergen, Norway, It was reported lhat n pllchcd bailie was under wny nt an unnamed Finnish seaport, lhat the Finns were surrounded and ilsnUng ngaliul overwhelming odds liul were giving a go;d account of themselves as they relrealcd westward toward Norway's frontier. One Ilitic Finnish group will) one mnchlni! gun was siild to hnvO slnfn 13 Russians. Reports (it I3ev- ncn indicated the ! HIU,H|.II] ] osses wore extremely heavy. Till) Pimls , ilglitlng for their lives tuul home, were on familiar nrcmul mid were still clinging to outlying sections of the Pctanmo district. It was said Ihc Russians had moved In west of them and thc Finns would have to fislil lhelr way through thc Rus- .smu Hues lo reach the No-woiilaii border. Ono of the American refugees "ere, I. a. Blntox, a' native of Ohio and lately manager of Iho Pclsniiio nickel mine, said: "I left Koroshlkl last night. Nothing was destroyed there Ihen but I am prepared i-:r the worst. We were forced .lo leave by Finnish military iiulhoiUIe.'i who wanted Iho area evacuated." Olscn and W. E. Ellis of Oop'pcr- smllh,, Canada, -HIKI; vy. Ibbogson and W. H. Turns anil Ihelr fninlHc's all were safe, other British clti- KCIIS, K. O. Koiils and -Mrs. 'Coopo, worn said to have left Finland safely. Funeral Services Held For Holland Infant HOLLAND, Mo., Dec. 2.—Funeral services were held yeslcrday for Lloyd Coulson, mile live month's old sen of Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Coulson oi near this city who died Thursday afternoon at the Ulylhc- villc hospital where he had been taken Wednesday. He had been 111 for a week wllli pneumonia. He Is survived by his parents and severnl brothers and sisters. Man Carves Model Villages With Knife was decided upon by Judge Clladlsh RAVENNA, o. (UP)— Ralph M. after an experiment of llils type j Fleishman, bicycle-shop pKprle- ...... wns carried out In the recent building oi thc penal barracks when it was found that much money could be saved in this type •:'. cement work. Some of the equipment Is already owned by tiic county, having been purchased Inst spring for the barracks building, and there Is also tor, ha.? completed a model vlllago — each piece of which ho whittled wllh a pocket knife and glued together. Thc village Includes a church, school, farm, general store, grain elevator, factory, dcp:t, railroads, trucks cnrs, hotel, cemetery, bicycle shop, homes, fences, trees on hand a large amount of sand i and telephone lines, hauled from the Mississippi River the river, in coimly-oivned trucks, making ccuicnl and n few more forms for the only actual expense before work can be started, It wns pointed cut. This, project is expected to aid materially in Improvement of thc 1500 miles of Mississippi County- owned roads, many of which need drains very badly, according lo the o:unty engineer. for thc new building and net used. Gambling Onps Gravel will also be hauled from j udil!D " n K U06S Arizona Voters In 1940 Collector's Specialty Is 4-Leaf Clovers thev W K N A TC H E E, Wash. ' <UP> —Anybody can get all (he four- rine chtiser had been sunk. The Finns paid they evacuated me five border villages in accordance wllh previously prepared de- fcnso plans. The Russians, (hey said, on tho third day of war continued to u- saull, the Finnish lines both norlh and west of Lake Ladoga without results.- The Russians, the Finns announced, were Mirroring heavy casualties. 'llic American legation here Is preparing lo evacuate from 40 lo 50 American wives to Stockholm tomorrow. Some of those lo be Optimistic Finns Would Refer Matter HELSINKI, Dec.- 2. (UP)—The Finnish cabinet tonight decided to refer the Finnish-Russian dispute lo the League of Nn- llons. The cabinet, contrary to re- iwrls published abroad, remains In Helsinki, it met twice Uxlny In an undisclosed' underground shelter. cvncunlcd arc wives of thc mem-" bcrs of Ihe legation staff, some are tourists and, others have been permanent residents of ifclslnkl. i It was understood lhat the Rus- ' slau.i would refrain from bombing Helsinki today and lomonow following German representations at Moscow asking for ilmc to enable llio Herman colony to-flee. A Gorman steamer,was lying off Helsinki ana It . was - understood ' Hint, others were cnroulc (o em- ' bark- i-'dcrnlans;: Memb'ers • of the ' Swedish colony were scheduled to icavo for Sweden tomorrow. There, was a five-minute air • alarm beginning at 9:20 a.m. when ' Etrect traffic halted and. people ' sought refuge in cellars. No' Soviet planes, however; appeared and no bombs were dropped. Thc capital has been quiet since Ihe air raid alarm. Banks' and most shops were open during tho llfiy and truffle appeared to be normal. No afternoon newspaper.'), however, were'' published. H was 'announced that Soviet iillots, captured after their planes hud been shot down by Finnish (inti-alrcraft guns had expressed 'great surprise".over'the strength of the Finnish defenses. The Huns quoted Russian pilots as saying that before they left their airdromes their officers .had told them that tliey could bomb any place In Finland without danger since the Finns had no anti-aircraft guns. Fighting between Russian and Finnish troops extended to all iiarls of the country. Finland's new government insisted that it would, not yield but would "fight alone and win" against Hie now apparent Russian plan to make this a Communist stale. Many persons were fleeing lo .he snow covered woods. Less han a third of Helsinki's normal 3C0.COO remained and those still iere had spent thc night digging air raid shelters. In the far north, above the Arctic Circle, Finnish - soldiers were hurled back into Ihe Norand civilians were Norway by the thou- PHOENIX, Ariz. (UP)—Arizona voters, wljh an eye lo lucrative re- VVCB "J" turns In the neighboring state of "°7v" g Nevada, will be afforded a chance lo legalize gambling In the 1940 general election. ! The hill to permit gambling has been Introduced In inltlalive form by Rep Dr. Nelson D. Drayton of mmo rcglons niMe workS| „„„ he state legislature and specifies expected today to reach Kirkenacs that all revenue from the games .. tnc northernmost city in the must go to thc State Social He- world." curlly Board and to county and ' municipal governments, . . „ , D . Dr. ' Bayton charged that de-! Judge 5>611QS JflSOnerS could best Be Imagined when considering that in the midst of winter some of them, including Americans and Britons from the Pei- were spite thousands of dollars spent; arc evergreen, and stand forth , lcnr clovcrs ho ,, cc(L ,_ or W anls- annually In an effort to prohibit y in the care branches; but if he knows where to look, says ! gambling. "It still nourishes and .1?. ,I".? 3 1 " 1 ''°^! l)le to findJAvory Brown, who once found 925 ] always will." I of the supposedly rare species In! Revenue from legnlized To Jail He Prefers WATERBURY, Conn. (UP)— m. i ., . , ~ ~, - " ," /"' ***" >>\ii'iJU3f,inj juii,- ^j«;tiL-^ tit nu-*L-ii«c iiom icKnuzcu EQin- When Michael DeCicco, 34, came ihc mistlctcc has ben a Christ- less than eight hours. 'bllng, he said would have a ta-i bcforc ci ^ -MEC Theobald Con^ | mas symbol for hundreds of years. In one hour, Brown picked 370 vorable cftcct' on the state tax wn V on a disturbance charge, the " •—'--- • - highest in prisoner pleaded to be sent lo New assessed ITllvcn County Jail in lieu of payment of $10 and costs. Chicago Corn 53 1-8 ,i3 1-2 52 3-4 52 3-4 54 1-2 54 7-8 54 1-4 54 3-8 Deer on Golf Couise sffjafja- ,^jsjrs«» - - «?~ ~ : ™i«s? •• st-a a t *-? iff'.;?au?!ri-rc! *££u£fs ~s it was regarded as a once and for all Ihc endless search' gambling is controlled b'v and sacred plant. It Isjof others for thc asscrtcdly •• uMiironcn uy "lucky" symbols. where piece." "People have ccmplal'ncd before about this deluge of books" Dr paris, one r ™ a d "co h uVse ta ,r«Lr S ba e n ^ - ^ -'"> '"^ ' *"**'• B ™' U " WhUe ^ Women Huskcrs Cortipcle WAPAKONETA, O.. (UP) — At- Clllllbcrs atteinut In irof thr. nlrnts M. . au " s '"'"-"'-« "» ulu °»i> «» W'vrnK.UNBrA. U. (UP) — At- •Mcti and1 boys usuallv work n'rt ,1"°' A fCW planU '" n trcc tlred as '"'noreltBS, women attend- oaris one rcmaS ,, m t i M° ^ e trec "° lmm ' 1>ul whcrc ln B n " ladl(;s ' «™ h^hig bee- pans, one remaining upon trie.'the | n f«,t-Hn« i, *„!•»,.,, ih« «r»« • i.«..~ i.-.t rn ,....,..,_ ., _?.. ... l d 'upon the J i|,e climbs thi! 11 Parm a a nlne^S, I" „ sub ? rt S n "P C " '" th< ! liwt ^apter of EC- Tree and breaks off Uieml.Setoe 'Terminal Tower—Ih i r ltu . y - ' flntl ll 'e stalcnient twigs and lowers them lo Uic . . l L Heart. 01 dial 01 makUltJ I'.OnkB ll^^^n Ic. .in umillH 111 KncVnfc /M- ^.l\i. ftt S b °° ks lhore gwund ln or by means of string. This is necessary to prc- Ing a "ladles' com Is severe, the tree here husked 58 bushels ... In fact, starved to'a few hours. Prizes were awarded death, ns thc plants use the tree's lo thc huskcrs who shucked the largest number ot bushels; wh:- had benefit. mifl vU*Hll. frt.. tl.ftf^ rMi.n ""B*- J ^ "Ulllyfl Ul UIISUUL3 \yll;. natl and vitality To, their °^" the cleaned ears of corn and whose there are no excise taws such as ° ctl .' / f roOK i" srie those we have in Arizona. Neither l ";. Ihar f nn ^?g red arc there sales and luxury taxes, l don l llkc DeCicco told the Judge he much preferred the county jail to the local Brookslde Jail, from which and tail of white, Ivory or silver, Brayton said. A similar proposal which Biay- ton Introduced Irt the 1937 state legislature passed the lower house but was killed In the' state senate. The American possum Is a wp- ib\.shcl.<) contained the most ears.lily. resent alive of the kangaroo fam- side," he said, granted. > diet at Brook- Hls plea was WEATHER Arkansas—Fair and somewhat, colder tonight. Sunday fair and warmer In north portion. » Memphis and vicinity—Fair and slightly colder tonight, Sunday fair. •

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