The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 13, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 13, 1936
Page 3
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FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 1930 BTZ Kverylhj'ig for,your entertainment and comfort J _BIAT1IEVIL!.E (ARK.) COU «IER NEWS ls Admitted for Price of 1 with Increased .fflicel leverage. , ].' Increased comfort; including -new !„, ', .. _ _.- ••' ••• ; quietness, of operation. ... j. i-VVO lYIo'ol' Dl^CS Availci- l-'roui a mechanical' ivanjpolnt •••'•-•- -"-' . . the mast importuiit development in ^IHC.'()!o ne«- Ford is the (iO hor.wpawer i'V-8 engine. .Allhoinjh new to America, It,has .IIMIV.built Ii " closed body types Imve clear-vision (i nv ' O f Wr daughter, nolju Jetiii ,Wi la loiv.system. ,•, ;..;, .,-' , The.birthday cake, nnrt cream Y.VIP •AIMfpl body,,lncUidlng-ncw all- „, |)lnk n| ,J, w) ,,, c w||h re( , ^ tl slocl top,-as well us. slcel'stvueliiri', nll ,| )j) uc ^Hoo'iis us fruois £t*;>l panels and-all-steel floor. | Hctty.jean colonmn nnd btan- Iinproved "(inger-tlp Mcurlug^iry JQHOS were wliwis In th" tio.ii- '"" ' '"'""' """" " ' key contest, and Gene TompMns and Peggy 1,011 Cirlgsby voiv llin i \» <i <•' .„ .; '""in <I*.m iT V n' VC;lr fal '" ml " s " l t'^ company here mid ,,.. . -liiml and France for more Hum n Comedy—'triarp; Deviltry" Also . Sovdty SUort . ^ — Adriilssioh^- : Matinet—10 & 2Cc Night—1C & SCc Saturday ffinly Alsj Cartoon and Serial — "Ace Drummoud' 1 — Admission — 'Till 5 P. M. 10 & Z6c After 5 P. M.— HI A 31c dcsi'{i!!rt Im- the --,, ,- , TJlJI'2. It ll'.Vi been an outstanding success: - 'The engine \ias developed pii- marllyto give the. American inu- lorlng public jnnximiim fiu-l economy. ! Its'Miitrodiic-tlon marks iin lni;xirtr,nt (levjutlon fi'Oni ihrf eon- tlii'.ions trc-ii;I during rss-Jtit yours toward higher liorsopo'ver anci extreme pc.rfotmanrs. It permits a „ ,„ lighter car with . lasuHlns grauer er.V.a. .vj' () «""<"">•. .'.--.. it rennemeiits. Emi'i'r IV'ji Major Improvements also Imv? „- '» .t'ljiSini'le','pliH^is.. . liecn made liv'tbe 85 lior.wposve' _.• wjw • cablcl-niid-cdndidt cohtrol qnaliw. ' p/om an' cn»lii3jriti'j '_]sott easy aottoi" brijkes, wUli tlin, standpoint most important, is'th- *!•• ?. Ste:!l from > ikdrtl .''ID, jisc of new cast nlloy steel piston's wheel." . . . •/, M ,j . ;, . - (.Having approximately 'the; . Njtw.bcxly lines In which i-ho "tear!I 1 -" 10 of exnnnslon nndsi' lieat as irop" foi-in lias lisen used whsrover) >' n mclnl of !»-'cylinder blocks (he Sli'3. Pi^s was as.5lslc<l In onlor- Inlniti'; bv h-r «|i>iiv Mis Jjo'uil Green <if lilytlioUlle- and Mp Clmrlcs SlionlK of Louisville, Ky, •The BiiMls wore;. 1'osoy un Nancy, Jane and Jlminle Sciilenic Com ( Pas I Rocoul Pionovincccl Aflei lotus Olfcnclei's ^ . i •sliowroonjs. of Ford: dealers tl)rougl,oui the United -SUle.v , , T.iu new cars present 'a numhai' o( outstanding feature?, principal (Huang wnicii HIV: - . "1'ivo ' engine slies. a 'brand-new !0 !ior.s:'|>o«'!t V-8 which makes it's firjt bow 'In 'the' American -motor cur market, and tlis ftimous ^ r _^ Driver, iie'ity Jean Colemni), Joan Jiikw. jonn .Unet, Ann'j M.ils assey, Carolyn Rose Splice, HI',y »«l liuddy Van CKayc, I iuia Louise and KtiUiryn Pope, cliiilss Lo'.tjtnico. Hetty Joe Woodavd. ll- •r.nnpiflr.s S'c\" Rilp'j. Mm- l>racticabln: . • • . , de luxe! flve-pfec-iwcr ciiib fonps is the newest .of .tlia clevsn ''ody types available,, five 'either \vltli or without de luxi- equip:nent Illld lvltll'i!Hhci''«nil!lB-si7.\ Six with de Lhi.<ie cqnipnicut nnrt t!ip i', V-S cnjlnc.pnly. All new pbtoiis can be fitted more closely. They are also more rcshl- nnt to wear. Thes;; two features result in maintaining tow oil con- ,Sumpt!on over longer periods. The engine Is also quieter during warm- up.' •• . • :: - .- ' Virtually as importaiit m:cli3nl- cally as the now smaller cnjln; I .—c Tax i'.vrrv ' Nt;ht'--•'• " re? Friday. Snturiliiy, Simd-ty v & Sunday nlnMiiers— Z: 15 tlny. Mathicc ,— Continuous in': —.'•1:ilO.'.Tiii";.l'l:b8 .iv. Friday - Saturday Coutinunus M. Shelving — From 'Till 11 I'. M. 11 A. Sunday--.Monday Edna Ferher's "Come And Oet It" AVilh Edwarti Ernold,. Joel JMcCrci mil frauds Taimei -T1RAMA AS OKE\r \S ITS IlIIGlin btlll\G Irom t U e ' jjrcal \oilhwcjt forests cniuts this l!iifcrfjctt"ble motion picture tri- unipli \\ilh its h«ail willomn^, lala of mt.«i and women Icckcd in struggle (o the death, for timber geld and primitive love..'.It brings new s'ory to tlic name cf l-Mna Fcrher.. .already world-renown c U for ''Shniv Boat" and "Ciniinai-ron . It lias greater stopping elfl- .clfney, .with .oaslsr pedal action. : Operated through cables In eon- dulls; i the brutes: have con'.roHx 1 F?!f-eiievgirfne aclion.- Rotation of wlicsls assists in increasing (ho braking force. onc» the brakss nrr applied. This action is controlled effectively, 'giving th 3: driver at all times complete control. ..- The llilnl injiwrtant mccliaiilcal 'iinprovenicnl Is "flnger'-tip" slcer- in?. This is accomplished by two refinements in the gear deslsn. One is to sjiv.™ the driver greater levr- age through the wheel by increav ins thD steering gear ratio to 18.2 ;fn 1. Th« gepr is "nlso of a HEW -.worm and roller type, rednc friction. The combination gives Ihe driver a pleasing new casu of :te-;ring.; . . Also Cartoon and Serial—"The Clutching Hand" with Jack 1'arainoutit \c\re and Musical Shorts -•AdmissiOEl— Sunday Mall'ice & Night—1G & Me Monday Mnllnrc—10 & 2Sc - I Monday -Ni'lil—1C « 35c TUESDAY, NOV. 17— $300.00 HANK NIGHT! ' ' Fo? A T o\]cfone Neu"^ ind Comedj Osceola — Personal li«,-Ja!ia 'liiiiVn. Jicklo 3il\ein'U dary MareaMt Shonl/ im/. liiagg. Stanley Joacs, Joe Wellboiu Bllli iiie Anderson, nick llclchei, Cbn narclyn ai"j .ii cr , v Dnishs Mil} lisp Ashmoro ami I'i'ijj l,on ,, Mr. nml Mrs. E S son. Edwin. 'of Aniailllo. lex, pieiuias 111U T Vic Mutlhcfts, tKijio, was niMii a (Hi>-\,iu p"niteiitl,\n sriHuigu on lil^ plea of eiilltj to bmgimy l>> ohcult imipo o P KcU litiD thli inuinlii|> before court lUllonrnul uniil D i 17 ^lilt'ifts imd been sUon n MIS- iwiidul s'ill'lire on a hlmllai (iiiut u u pylons tciin of (oini (iHolIm ihiitje wis p-ndiii;; iujnliiM Win and ho Imd b(en coiulcltil ot P^lll lauenj OM u n|ou s occuMoiw, <•"<•• I'Oint. was told Move pro- Jioinnlng sentence On tlu> iwoninu'iiOatlon of Den- vei l)udl L \, pro.stiutlng aitoriry, I he coint i ij lu> i | 0 su<,]i-ii| t«o ><'.iis of n me \ear teiin \\hlch i Jury fixed In llndlng "Joo I'nrr »etio B uhtj O f , lsi mil B m, hu « nl j T> ' 1|111 ' «f iln\ Hun nml lilo<k liibinanco iixrnt' LauBdon lor obhinliu inoiiLy mulei faho 'oifieij, hus b~"ii set Ship's toll ill School 11ULAWAY, Hhotlosln (Ul>) -A Mil|)'i bell culls l!i« schohifi lo sehcol nt Onlaonni/ in tho_mlditlo ot SoiillK'rn Illioilealn, mail) Imn- disXls of miles fiom the ne.nest, W'l. Gi|ltl balls (rings Iho slnrt •li school In t)i6 monilnj mid bolls follow at' IniU-liotii' inns III MH, Head Courier Mows Ailn- BLACK-DRAUGHT A Good Laxative J Until You Have Consulted' U. W. MULLINS •'! "" ''','>. ii "Auto 1,01111 SiMKialM" why will arrange a. loan for „,/,?..' \»ti untl assist jou In Determining When and ' % How In Repay, ,t for n ire hero for a tlncc weeks \Isil with Mrs. Liincdons patents, Mi ::1 Mr.s. A; J. Langdon si. Mrs. ft. M. McGntol) an<l clauBlii 'er. Miss Irene, and Mrs. M.:McCain, Mrs.' Enrl Rufflti rind Mrs; Tom Ray shopped in Blytlicvlllo Friday. •.. i | Enrl Wayne Konnntt was called lo Sikcston Tuesday" (o accept si ocsilion with the government. Mrs. Pat Bui'leson and Miss Yelta Mac Glass shopped in Dl)- lievillc Tuesday. Mrs._ Vernle Hatcher drove 'to Ulylheville Sunday lo meet her son. Hue), who icUirncd from n two weeks: visit with the family if his.'fiiint. Mis Ro\ Sloan, nt Orniervllle, Tcini Mrs. Carl Cannon: of Lyons • Kans., nitlvcd';Mondas foi a two NUlt ' ro lllc y . visit with her parents, Mr i inel Airs. A. J. Lnngdon si , hci to, Miis sister, Miss Maud, and the family v,eic in st her brother, A J Langcton ji Mr. and Mrs. Ilpin Mr. and Mrs! tlie adjomnul ftL^sion of court will open feo fai I'w pili lime b.en unable to mukn bond s;t nt $10.000. '(rmoref News As n rewind foi obtaining Hi- ilrst 100 pa r ecl n. ncor< \ f or mo n,. crs Ixtaiiliijr to the Paieut-'leach- ci- Assucintlon, studcnls ot Miss Mh Parties loom of tin- Armor*! school ucic ghcii a pailj 'luesdiy ipmlul b) Miss Pnrtlc Mis Tmnci, the i'-r A pio- onsoi, and Mtss Mailjoi'j the pupils had a \UQIIUJ least nt Armorel paik nnd lal=r the carnhnl at Bljllievltlc in the uttiauioiu I! : Jcct . Lou _....„ --. -. lonls lust week on . bushier 'ihev spent the week end Slicphcid, nt St Cbailes with Miss L"Vcine E'ete Calhonu nnd Langdon a bludcnl nt Llnduiwood daughter,. Ruby, v,cie In Memphis .college Saturday where Rdbj rccclicd Mn Robeil Clark of West -nsdical treatment at Baptist hoi- Plains Mo spent sescnil clnji, ''"'I 1 -. . "me iccenlly \isltln« hci slsteis, Mrs. A. J. Langdon si, dangli- Mis BcKha Klnsolvlng and Mis .er, Miss Mawd, and granddaugli-, Leonaid Edmonslon SPECIALS All llay— I'tlilii)-)) iliii;l:n-Siimla) t I»INBA>>I*1,B -IQO I.AYKU CAKK ., I* KliUIT DAKS |nc lit)/. l£ KAISIN liHIOAl) 70 l,D:if I 14° ClUII.l.KHS ,1KL1,V IM)1,I, Hadi SliixJuls for Iloui - l<'ri. - Rut. & Sun. fJOCONU'i' WAl'UKS. Do/. , CINNAMON KOI.LS. Dot. ... ttONUTS Do/ COCONUT .IMKS PLAIN KOf,LS J)n/. .' Sriuiu Alkntlon Gl\cn All Hpoclal. Orders - I'lionc 11!) BLVTHEVILLE BAKING GO. J^L ^'lio i» iiitcioilcti in' mnkliig it possible for you , ', to hoiiow on your cur nnd still pnablc'yoi'i (o repay • *, in smnll monllilv pnyinonts to suit your income on i/'i* "^C 11 (Into wliich will lit voui 1 jwyday. " ,' « ",'', , ^ Features i Yon cull pity oft yoiit iircsont balance; '" You can i educe yotu jncxcut payment 1 ); Oi you may Kol at'ditionul caih, niiJ •^ still lodiR'c vour niesent W 12 C 4° <-ri i $"' 'i $50.00 to $ 1,OOO No Payments for 30 Dans or Logger Your Car Need Not Be Clear "Ci edit i-$ foi those who have money to meet cur- iont hijlb, luit who find it necessary to borrow \ylicn an cineitfoncy auscs, us well as for thote uho need cnsli tor mrrenl bills." .»-., Why bodior vour fiiciids and embarrass yourself , ' [>y asking them to cndotse your note when an, "Auto Loan" will ptovide the monev and renuires .ri'sr YOUK OWN SKJNATURK. ' U.W.Mullins I Phone <1!)5 Sudbury Bldg. " Blytheville, Ark. .'- "I.' S. Benjamin of Cincinnati, o was n business visitor in town ves tcrday. Mjron Nulling Is in Chicago fo 10 da>s on business.'"-., -i : - ' Funeral services Vf o f : tlie 'infant sou of Mr. and Mrs Walter Eman- uel.of Memphl^ «eia conancted jesferdaj inornin 0 at tha Ermea- cemcterj ]>y the Re\ E ^ Cole Mr and Mrs Emnnusl tormerlj hied in o ceotn \ here he was con neclal with the government v,orl Tli- follow 111,5 Osceoli couples drove to Dillii, Tf\ yesterday to at^nd th" cenU>nnhi celebration and to-sec the Arkansas-S, M U football game there'Saturday- Mr' auct.Mrs. Pen Butler. Mr.'and Mrs C D Driv i Mr.'and Mrs. Buck Gniith, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Coleman, Mr. and Mrs'.' Charles' Rose, nnd Mr nnd Mrs: : Guy : Butler ''of Lepanto. . VI— , : Mrs. J. A. Pigi*:and daughter. Evelyn J;an, and Roland Green' of Blytheville ar-; in Memphis to:lay. Mrs J A. Pigs; entertained 30 | 'man guests at her home Armistice j Day m honor of the .seventh birtli- It's BUT family's whiskey/ineighbor—and Neighbor, ii'i'your price! Us Wilkens picking up our mail Tliat's old Tim Stiles reaching the mail to me, and_Tom toting Ihe bag. You can't hardly see \Yilliani coming out of the door on account of the picture not being lit up so good. Harry E. Wilkcn m I sometimes wonder who isrft ordering our Family's Whiskey! Judging from how most everybody took to our Family's Whiskey the moment they fourid they could have the same whiskey as us distillers enjoy ourselves, there must be mighty few w h° taste it without ordering some just so quick as ever they canl Well, I suppose by rights you couldn't hardly expect different. All that the three generations of us picked up relating to mildness and tastiness, we put into our Family's Recipe- P. S.-F«e, n ccor of our Wllktn Family Cooklrr Album If r""'" «;('*J 1 1= " — ' Th=M]ptcs,H.F7D.Nll.3.ScIiciiltr,P'. --i iij You know that a cigarette can be mild; that is, when you smoke it it's not harsh or irritating. You know that a cigarette can have a pleasing taste and aroma. When you smoke a cigarette and find that it has the right combination of mildness, good taste, and aroma, it just seems to satisfy you . . . gives you what you want. / smoke Chesterfield all the time, and they give me no end of pleasure. T <S * i V ^ ', ,y^ * \"j

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