The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 1, 1939 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 1, 1939
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT ELYTHEVTLLE, "(AUK.)' COURIER NEWS •p^ II V • B^M ' " ~" Blvtheville TrounGesj'prrest City, FRIDAY, DECEMBER Chickasaws Indulge In Scoring Spree To Close 1939 Season Boss Joe Uikly's congress of i'oup;li riders put on n grid rodeo for the folks over at Forrest City Wednesday in'uht, and when the show was over the' rampant Mustangs wore just ;i herd of good ok) fjimily w)<l<llo bosses, milling around in the corral of (he Blytheville Chicks, just as they liavo every round-up since. Old Pain! was a coll. For those who insist it was nothing but another high school foothali game, the score: Blythcvillo 3!), Forrest City fi. At any rate, the win left mytlir-t ' — [S MIDI, DUE ELM Outnlavecl Jn First Half Osceola In Second Half ?, ...iporlant conference losses. It Iclt Ihe big maroons with n season's total of nine games won nnd n respectable but n:t Impressive conference record of four wins and three defeats. In twelve games the Chicks collected 413 points, hold- ins the opposition to (i4 for whnt Is believed the greatest sccrlnj record made in the state tn seveini years. Chief broncho-buster In Wednesday night's game which closed the 1939 senson for the Chicks, was Norman of the brothers Mosley, who eal- toped through the Muslnnss "fcr more yardage ttian Adolf gained 'against Poland and who electrified the huddled patrons with half n ««' '«"« k lo speed gnme. Alter lor Iho ccore. It was the longest and mosl spectacular run of the ) kicking off it, took Iho Chicks less than three minutes to add iinoiluT score. P.'rrcsl City was held for downs and punted U) Mos- lev on liis 30. On the first pby Hnrbert shook loose on n (i2-ynrd rim thai VJUF. un .i iw-yiirii u.iji uei compared with Hint of I second. OSCEOLA, Ark,. Nov. 30, — Ten .seniors played their tasl football game fcr Osceoln Thanksgiving nf- Irrnoon In help Iho Scmlnolcv defeat Iho Hughes Blue Devils 14 to 0. Prank Sanders, tlie Hughes coach, formerly of Oseraln. gave most of these boys their slnrt In fcolball. Osceola scored once In the third nnd once In the fourth period, both times on runs. Morrison carrier! the tall over the first lime nnd Hnck- nbv the scc:iul. Mears converted n line plunge for the first i point nnd Bryan booled the between the goal posts lor tlie , Moslcy. It seemed that nothing . sasane a nec could prevent Hnrbert from cross- Injury on the last play of the first ins; the goal line untouched on the half nnd iwi's removed fmn the "'" ....... '" ..... "~"-" ""- •--'- - . . but some Forrest. City back made- n desperate luirge, barely bringing the runner down on the me Huddled patrons with half n I \ Il f n " g clBllt ,^ rA lh \ e ' U: >' (1 r rsl " nlr . »««* ol the play taking dozen "news-reel" run,, two of them l' lcke rt''l> «V««1 t«n Hnrbert look nitre on the Osceoln end of the for touchdowns. The little wlll-n'- "" f tttckl ? sllmt "'"' wcnt (lliv - fiel(l - Osceola received the Initial for touchdowns. The 11^ W | ,?£ ?» °<! *«** s ">»' »»« ™ Ihe-wUp turned In what many Bly- '»» nc , r °1 or l * score, thcville fans thought wns his best," 8 "" T'" 1 " <ir °"- klfk all-around perfonnancc of tlie year. 1 ,,., "'IVr, 1 ,'': . . the most thrliiin? pnri- of which was ,- Ihe , |)ln * of . 1 his 80-yard , pm I return fern ' er asal " s ™ ila ', hc f • -..-...,-.•.__ ... ' . j long run into Muslan» territory touchdown in Ihe —.. ,, u .,,,v.. Besides luunto?. Monk dropklcked two extra points, did .some timely Foimy Lloyd by sharing the pimllng duties. But Moslcy dWii'l rent) all Ihe nlorv. Ll:yd, playln? with his Infected Uninili In n cast, came through in spite of this handicap, scoring one of the Chicks' touchdowns oii-^a. 2C-yard dnsh through the center of the line and setting thf! Mustangs .tack time and n^nln with his powerful kicks. Thirteen niytlieville seniTs who were tread- in? thin November turf for the last time as high school plnyers. wound un their prep en rears with definite contributions to the Chick cause. Three of'Mhem. Hugh Harbert. the best passer on tlie squad. John Paulk and Eugene Hood, blocking barks, made touchdowns. Ev-~using the last. half. U was not n hfu! ~nme. fJonesboro nlmsfl iiMe), The Mustangs succeeded In holding BlyEheville to a lone lour'irr-'-" in tlie first two quarters, but Blythc- ville's envied power cnu.5cd such n slamnede in 11-..- Mustang ranks in the'third nut! fourth quarters (lint it over.ehsdmvert Forrest city's desperate touchdown drive In the closing minules. E\ r eu the mc-sldccl licking the Mustangs took could not conceal the heroic .icraonlnv of Coach Bill Irvine's boys. McMnhon. Forrest City center, was n defensive demon until the last whistle. In the blue-nnd-whitc backdcld Turk nnd H'pe keut the spark burning and it was Hope's ripping rjlnngcs Hint carried the Mustangs third quarter ! „ " rl "! i', , M> !Jc wls l " cklcl °" across for n score. However, It was really the smartly turner! out Mustang band that saved — ,••• the (lav for the Forrest City cham- Baxter ber of commerce which still had | Johnson plenty to brnc nbout nfier the I Paulk 33 points, Moslev took Turk's kick lo Forrest City's 40 then fired another pass to Jenkins whr. latcralcd to Godwin for n first down on the Mustang 22. Moslev sliced through the line 12 yards for another first down, Hnrbert 'added eight and Pnulk bucked It over for the final Blylhcvlllc sccre trom the two ynrd mark. Here the Mustangs showed their first nnd only sustained drive. Turk grubbed the kickoff nnd bnltled his way up (o (he 50 yard line. Blylhcvlllc drew n 15 ynrd penalty for roughing, giving Forrest City a first down. Hope charged right, throng)! Die Chick forwards for nn- clher Ilrsl down on BlvlhsvUlc's 20. Tn two more line plays Hope rnmnied It right up to Blytheville's six yard line where another Chick penalty for offside nut the ball dangerously near, but Turk was held for no cntn nnd finally JTo:)e plunsed it over. Slcwnrt's placement went wide. In the last fair minutes there wns n touchback against Blytheville which the Forrest City Scoreboard operator mlsinterureled fnr n safety and he gave the Mustangs two points erroneously. A Chick penally pave Forrest City the ball en Diy- thevillc's 38. Stewnrl. fumbled n IMSS from Freeman which bounded across the Blytheville goal line where n Chick covered it nnd lhc bnll wns again put in play on Ihe 20. linc-uos and suuimarv: splendid manntivers between halves. The ball name- was less than a minute fid when Monk Moslev with a 35-yard nm put the Chirks on Forrest City's 26 nnd in striking Wnrrington (c) RE Sossnninn distance of s score. A five yard penallv on the Mastnngs nnd nn- slher run by Monk gave the Chicks first down on the 11 Irom where Harbert passed to Blncfcivo;d for 3. However, nflcr Harbert got up to the 2. Blytheville chose to pass on fourth doK-n and failed to connect, !:sing the ball on downs. Turk punted out tn the Chick 49 to stave off the threat Late lu the quarter tbo Chicks took possession in micifinid au ,i Mosley ripped tjuo\i?h the line and Godwin Bickcretnff Justice L.E LT I.G Q RO RT Fnrresl City Stewart Clnlllng Seny McMrthon Harris (c) Williams Ho:d Mosley Harbert Blnckwood QB LH lill Cope Turk Hope *'as not stopped until he had g:Hcn down to the Mustang 19 where a 15 S'nrd pcnaltr gave the Chicks first down on Die four yard stripe. On the next play Mosley wcnt over tackle for the touchdown. The Chicks were turned back again in the sec:nd period alter Bill Godwin had intercepted Turk's cass on the Mustang 38. Mosley gained 28 yards on two plays but the Forrest city line buckled down to business and it no soap as Warrington's fourth d:wn pass was Incomplete. A minute before the half endsd, however, Substitutes: Blytheville—Blackwell, Jenkins, Uoyd. Ross. Snllba Roumaville, Alley, Cramer. Ccp- pedge, Forrest City—Wliiltlngton. Coffey, Woody. Ostrander, Wilson, Eldridge, McCown. Vincent. Scoring touchdowns: Blitheville, Mosley 2 (line plunge), (80-yard punt return): Llcyd (2G- •-rd runt. Hnrbert. (line plunge) v ( i (80- d 5 ' ar <line plunge). Forrest city. Hope (line plunge) Extra Points: 'Blythevillc. Moslcy 2 (drop kicks) Warrington (place kick). First Downs: Blytheville IG For rest City 6. Edrtngton neck gnme., His Injury was nol believed ;erlons. Hughes outplayed Osceola the klckoff nnd made n first drum on :he first play by a pass. Willinms lo Ijickncr. A quick kick on Ihe icoond doivn enve thn visitors the ball on their own thirty. Alter one down they kicked lo (lie n the 20. Then n 40. After maklnir a first d:wn on two plays, the Scminolcs lost the ball on n fumble on the 50 yard stripe. Ifuglics advanced to the 35 making one first down and then l<i"l. the ball on downs. The remainder of the first hnlf wns n puntlrur duel with Brswell ol Huehcs Betllnu lhc heller of it. Osecoln tumbled four times In the sccorld nuarter nnd was unable to advance the ball, only two passes were attempted, and In both cases (he passer was (tickled behind Hie line for n loss. The linlf ended with the ball In Hushes' possession en their own 20 yard line. Osceola came- linck fighting in the second hnlf. They kicked off, )nt the kick was bad. A Hughes Ihicsmcui fumbled and Osceola" recovered on Hughes' 45. A series of nine plays, all lino bucks or end rims pave them n touchdown. Mor- :lsnn took the ball on the 10 and .vriocled throueh center, twisting to the left and crossed the goal line on lib feet for the flrsl score cf the gnme. Mears on n fake line plunge barely got over for the conversion. Osceoln kicked short ncaln nnrl Huchcs had the ball on their cwn 40. A fumble nnd a passer tackled for n ten ynrd loss pushed them back to the 25 and thev were forced to kick. Osceola received on Ihelr 45 nnd in spHc of n fumble we.rc well on the wav to nnotlicr truch- dowu drive when thev lost the ball on Hughes' 20. on nnolhcr fumble. Just how the rule will aflect high school football Is best shown by reports frcm the larger institutions, schools like Little Rock, North .ltllc Hock, Fort Smith and Pine Blurt. made twn first but wns forced to kick. \y!lliau>5 rnn the ball back 12 yunts fr'ni the 50 bnl lost It on n fumble. Tlic nuarter ended with the bnl] In Hughes' possession on their own 35. On the first play ot the ounrler Williams 1 , rnn m kick* last .juj», 11.1 »Tn-«uiiiy-, i ml *lt .KICK* ultcK 25 yards. ; NTorrisbu advanced it '12 more for n tirst down. A 25 ynrd penalty Dili the Seminclcs In scoring position nsnin nnd alter n series of advances by Morrison. Bcal, and Mears.' Htrcknoy' rail the ball oVef for n touchdown from his own three ynrd line. Williams held and Brynn kicked the conversion. For the remainder of the gnme Ihe ball remained in Hughes' possession mosl of the time. Thev attempted -six forward passes, but onlv one wns good, simms t? Johnson for 20 yards gniu. lu Ihe finnl n'ny of the gnme Rutlcr intercepted a Hughes pass but was downed on the Hushes 25. This game ended high school foot- jam rum. unrticrt. (line plunge) tms game oncrcn mgn school foot- Hpod (lateral from Godwin), Pnulk bn " for nnl >' Edrlnglni. Frank Edriugton. Bnnnlster. Inckner, Wil linms. Mears. Huckabv. Morrison Hunn, nnd Benle. Eight of those seniors plnyed regularly on Ihe first loam, Line-ii|xs were as follows: Osceoln Pos. J.W.Edrmgton LE The Dope Bucket By J. *. t-HIEND The Arkansas 1939 grid season paused Inlo history yesterday but nlrendy attenlion Is being directed to next year. The -chief concern surrounds the new six-semester eligibility i-u;e which goc.'; Into effect In 1010. Allen Tilden, Sports Editor ol Ihe Arkansas Democrat, gives a helpful nnd Interesting discussion en Ihe rule -)n hi.s column, "Every Noiv'n Tlinn." It | s ns follov,'s' " high .school football In for the next few years at least. "It Is hound to mean Inferior football next season nnd probably lor the next two or three," lie explained, "hut after that I believe things will adjust. themselves. Caichrs will lie forced to devote more ultenlion lo Junior high Si-ads during liieir /list semester in school, and count on bringing ! players to their peuk In their third >'iisoi>, rntlter than tlicli- fourth. And the rule has its good points, It will eliminate the 'old men' In Arkansas High school football. After It's been In operation a- year or two you won't, find 15-year-old boys: competing against 21-year-old men. It provides that lu slx.semc.slf-r high schools- n student shall lie eligible for nthlellcs only during the first six semesters of his enrollment. Aclnnl competition hns notli- ln« lo do with It. If a boy u-nils until the fall of his third year t« piny football, his eligibility is limited to one 1 season. "Too." Quigley pointed out, "it llffccts us !l ". so wl 'ilo the fcot- lwl1 l )1:i y«l '" n y be a bit inferior tor !1 J ' ear 01 two ' tllc t(lflllls should sti " |J(! eral| 3 r "intched," Qulglcy admits Mint ho Is worried nljout the effect the rule may have on basketball than on foot- Under ,he new iliirteiil Is allowed the present, rule, four ye which fall, a irs of 'ta. cmnitc . an n ' OI COUrse ' ma '' yenvs ' lo two of ~ whirl, nrnvlrle<! ss, = all plny- »™««l In high high prof.s and get 'em to bear down on'footUall players. If we can flunk 'cm a couple of limes in junior high then maybe they'll lie lilli enough to play football when they finally get to high school." It's an Iden. "And," moaned a college mentor, "It means that our freshmen nrc going to lie 17-year-old kids Instead of ia nnd 20-year-old boys It's going to alfect college football too. Guess we'll have to stnrt .sending 'em to junior college for a couple of years while they grow up." Trims North Little Rock LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Dec. 1- A crazy bounce early In the second quarter preserved the Little Rock T'gcra 1 Thanksgiving Day football record against the 'North Little Rock Wildcats nt the High School stadium yesterday afternorn, The Tigers converted that bounce into a touchdown for a C-to-0 victory. It left the majority of the oioivd ct approximately 5,000 persons In n jubilant mood despite the rain. The ;iilnorlty, .constituting wildcat supporters, had little lo be thankful for. 11 was a climax of a none-toc-successfiil season. After stopping the Tigers in the first nuarter nnd holdin» them on even terms, the Wildcats suffered the misfortune on Ihe second play of the second quarter. Among- the oldest of dyeing processes known is that used In French West Africa. Indigo leaves chnrccal, and water are placed In a 30-foot pit. The cloth to be dyed Is then placed In the solution and left from one to 10 days. ..." - • "There's just one thing I see to 'IPfore playing his fourth year. Under the new rule, If n student 'flunks" nnd misses n season of Football, his actual competition is ^ut to two years. Eighteen of the 22 players on .he first nnd second Tigers squads will be Ineligible for competition n 19-10. Not n lew will still be in \igh school, hut not, eligible, for foolball under Ihe now rule. -. .. Al Pine Blulf, Coach Allen Dima- way loses 18 or nls first 20 men. Practically every player on Ihe ^oit Smith sqund this year is n 'three-year mnii," nnd conscfiiient- y will not be available for 19-10. At North Little Rock nil but hreo of 35 players on the Wildcat 1st Id- Ttnu-sdny's Little flock game were named on the :core cnrd for the 1937 engagement. The Chicks lose 12, seven from he first string by graduation nnd the new rule combined . . . Ed. The same thing applies in practically every school in the Arkansas High School Conference. It simply menus that letlerinen are johig lo he as scarce as the proverbial "hen's teeth" when 1940 rolls around, and that ccachcs mist start from scratch in building for the campaign. "Boy. will u 150-pound tackle look good." one leading conch moaned "We'll have to go in for deception in n big way r.ext sea- sen. We certainly won't be big enough to run over anybody." Em! P. Quigley, athletic director BOTTIED IN BOND UNDER U. S, at utUc Rock High nnd Hie dean GOVERNMENT SUPERVKinM ji Arkansas High school coaches >*•"» */w r UE\V i jivii hns given the matter considerable' thought, and frankly admits Hint the new rule will mean .utcrior cr£d n fumble on Forrest City's II ! Forres t City 55 yards Blytheville attempted 8. completed Mitchell four nnd hnd one intercepted. For-' B - Edrlngtcn rest City attempted 17. completed Bryant 3 and had one intercepted. | F. Edriug Yards from scrimmage- Blythe- I Bannister villc 388. Forrest City 123 Penalties: Blytlievitl •10 yards, . Edriugton | Ln'ckner yard line and the whistle saved what might have been another Chick tally as Moslcy paved seven yards to Blackwocd on tlie four The Chicks started their third Quarter scoring after marching do?.-n the field from their own 35 on runs by Blackwooci, Mosley nnd Hood. Wi!h the ball en the Mus- Scorc by Quarters- Blytheville Forrest City C 20 0 0 13-39 C-C Hnckaby (c) Willinms Morrison Pine Bluff Zebras Beat Hope Bobcats PINE BLUFF. De.. . _ ,..,„. Blulf High powerful Zebra with a dr:p-kick. Divine n™,,> n ii».>.i.... ..;. ". / aucr " converted with a dr':p-kick, giving the Chicks a 13-0 lead. The Mustangs started their own noon. clinching Arkansas* 1939 a i the onrushinj ends and cut f:r the grund ™ sidelines. Three or four luklers closed hi but it was apparent that Mosley was well under way ns his Intcrfciencc b'egau forming. : K sid«- stepperi one would-be Utckler and b» , °" J> ul »'e masterful , _• "' -"- mv. uitinitjl I IK play of Robert Hul-son, \v. s. La- Fitlc and Alex Leflwich gave the Zebras their two touchdowns and Uwk them to the Hope one-yard line on cue other occasion, Hughes Martin LT Bean LG Foster C McGaugh RG Pilklngton (c> RT Tucker" RE Johnson QD Green HH Vigo LH Boswell FB Simms Siitetltutcs for O.sceoln were Ivy, Wealhersby. Baiblers" Driver. Bowen. Butler. Ecnton. Bunn. Benlc nnd Shamirn. SubslltiueK for Hughes were Wynn. Mill? nnd Talc. OITicails were Joe Dildy (Ala,!. referee; Best (Ark. stntc), umpire; James (Ark, Stntc). head linesman: and Scgraves (Tenn.). time keeper. Started to provide an interest In life for old people, one school In Oklahoma has a student body m:re than seventy years of age nnd live pupils more than ninety. • "Yes, sir, it n p ,,,,| ! ml ,ii, ls ,| ay _ clcnr nnii cold. And I ran u-ll you 1 wn= 6 l«d I had clinupnl fr,,,,, Summer uncU-r- «-mr. viili HANKS iii!<t,li,-m-l«l,i \ in SKI'S, I felt us smiBjis 01,. Ihuuhlcr. . , .Ireaming liy lhc fir,-. .M:ilicr of fad, I doa'l feel nil piuldcil up h,- rt . i,,,l, )llrs cilhcr," Thill's Itic liig point almul HANKS \VlNTKR SKTS. They're ini,/,)/,.,,-,;,.;,,-],,,],, «,,, n )i zo yu 1 irlKHly!lcalmdoor.s: 1 ,, l !, ) ,,t.Y 01 if,- t -l.«,,rl,cc nnd trim, luo . .. ,,U1, tin- gentle, nllilclicsim. port of the )!,IM:.SKMI Crolch-Cunrd. This reinforced vent has m, luillons 1<> Imllicryoii. I u:k one of !hc ,,,, im l ;11 . \v, vrw , Sf;r slvlrs. Hnvo vonr HANKS I),-:,l,r sl,,,w thnu lo ">„„. l.lI.llancsKi,itti,i b -(:o.,\\i,,stoii-Salem,i\'.C HANES WINTER SETS 50c to 79c THE GARMENT HANES HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION Safe - - Accurate Your Prescription Druggist Fowler Drujr. Co. Main & FJnt Phone Ul ==THE HOUSE OF MEAD; HOME OF HART SCHAFFNER & MARX CLOTHES **^^*™^ S ^ S ^^£^SS£SS5£S!SS^&&S&SS£S Tailored with far more concern for QUALITY than forQuantity! t " nrds ' 1 * * lm ™* »P <f" ^ nc ^ nvo * which Hart & Marx clothes arc made. Tailored with far , more eon, ccm for qnal, y thai, for quantify, they represent an honest, skillful effort l« .shorten the cost of vm,r Wil ,, irol)e „ leug(h enin & the period ol satisfactory wear. And Mead does its part by taking special pauis lo make sure your clothes reallv fit! Hart Schaffner & Marx RAMBLER TOPCOATS $ You don't have to wear a bulky, heavy, tlnig-you-doivn overcoat to get snuij protection from winter's coldest winds and weather . . . not when you c;m buy a Humbler liy Hart SchatTner & 1 JVUirx. For here's a coal that's snugly warm nn frigid days, yet comfortable on days when (he weather (urns from wild to mild. Made of three all-purpose hair fillers . . . wool, alpaca and mohair, if is unquestionably the out- slandimj buy ol' (he season at $35. Hart Schaffner & Marx TRIPLE TEST WORSTEDS $35 Triple Test Worsteds hold their shape like a movie actress because of fine tailoring plus slalwnrl all-wool fabrics. Triple Test wiH year and wear for every fabric is thoroughly tested on a "torture" rubbing machine and it must withstand the equivalent of months and months of wear. Triple Test is authentically styled for all the smart ideas of Hart Schaffner & Marx style scouts arc incorporated in (he. patterns and the designing of the models. Drop around and choose your new Triple Test while the price remains at only $35. As Usual The Best Is Always At AD'S 315 • MAIN • •31S

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