The Morning Post from Raleigh, North Carolina on January 1, 1904 · Page 5
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The Morning Post from Raleigh, North Carolina · Page 5

Raleigh, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Friday, January 1, 1904
Page 5
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aloops Closed. - ,..... THK MOKNTNO POST. FRIDAY, JVyXJARY f I$Q4 o 9 ispens&ry Opens freasuier Denton's Itemized Statement of What Saloons Are Worth Financially to Raleigh-Spend $74,-OOOinBusinessHere. Dispensary. Les- sens Drinking, Says Chairman Ja'nss Water rents Rents for resldn sn T ' WW Payees averaging $120 per year per house Coal and Ice 4C0 9.6C0 e!JTeVwan1 lessen drunkenness," 1 county a "sold medal for the-best his-wa Mr. w. N. Jones, chairman of the torical sketch of any event In North MerJZ. . A oeueve inai me Carolina history, preferably some event rwttM. ucwease uic saae oi liquor here fifty per cent, at least, for there will be no selling- by the drink or at night." . Total The above does not include what those engaged In the saloon "business have spent In Raleigh for groceries, dry goods,, wearing apparel, medical ttuenaance, medicine and 'other penses. "Hence, to satisfy the L . e aisPensary Is a success It must least 5100.0C0. Masonic Meeting Regular communication of Raleigh Lodee. Nn. knn a tj . a h m . ftf ; - '". xuuay January asi, .BtO;lS04, at 8 o'clock. All Masons Invited: I Lodge anniversary business to come "P. W. R. SMITH, Master. W. E. FAISON, Secretary. American Hardwood Co. A charter was crnntprl vpsfrrrtnv for the American Hardwood Company of ..$74,000 ex- in pitt county. Then there are the Grimes and Cunningham prizes of srold medals oHered by Col. Grimes and CoL John S. Cunningham, the conditions of which are well known to readers of the Post. , STATE PENSION Dlr RECTORS TO MEET Mr. J. G. Hackett arrived yesterday from Wilkesboro and will attend the regular monthly meeting of the board of directors of the State Penitentiary taX payers Wown.o.HIU HPT- - s i iv1'iv o t that- fnotltiitinn Thpro! will wu T ad the incorporators are J. E. j be principally the regular routine jbus- i . . '.. ' ' nidi : n -p, t t-4i, o T7 ir linKF; It la erratifvinsr and esDecially that the dl,npnCn ,i,,rr?:lC ?a iThe company has authority to do a ; complimentary for the management of " vv il CCt4AiC do a busi- "The Dispensary rrmst earn -at least JIOO.OCO a year net to compensate the tax-payers for the financial loss in abolishing the Falcon." Mr. Ed. V. Denton, treasurer of the Raleigh Liquor Dealers' Association. "The Dispensary was established by the people to lessen bs far as possible the evil- of strong drink, and I believe it will decrease the sale of whiskey 50 rr cent, .the first year." Mr. VT. N. Jones, chairman of the board that they expect to. show at this meeting about S1CO.0C0 surplus to the credit of the institution in the state treasury as earnings for the year over and above .ruhniner expenses. All the proat of more than 525.000 or J30.0CO ceneral furniture manufacturing per annum. This win eot. V ' ness. iai P3.yer ana win not make up the loss in trade by a large amount. "A principal reason that greater prof- can oe made by the licensed saloon negroes or wis city wm -ooserve 6 attend the Yy, J", i Ka l8CWl,W retailing toy ; Jf" board meeting today. -- iiiv. bn cs a larger pront tnan vv.u.ii iium uc0imi'j, selling by measure; (2) draft beer, promptly a.t noon. There will also be soft drinks, cigars, cigarettes, tobacco, a Parade on Fayetteville street begfln-cold lunch'es and fancy mixed drinks jnIns aDOUt H o'clock. The principal are. sold in saloons and they can not be FPeaker ln tne hall will be Rev. H. C. sold in dl?pe-nsaries; (3) the profits on MaDry' D- D-. of the colored Presby-empty bottles is a big Item and this terian. church. There will also be the can not be made in the dispensary iusual adoption of a series of rcsoiu- HUVIUER9S CANDIES-;-' Boxes of 1-3, i, a, 3, 4 and s lbs each, 8pc lb.. ' CHRISTMAS TURKEYS, 35c each. . CHOC. PEPPS, ao and 40c. ' '! BURNT ALMONDS, 302, SALTED ALMONDS, 30c LEAD PENCILS, 35c, CANNON CRACKERS, 35c: Wo H, iCipg Drug; 201 Fayetteville Street, - Raleigh, N? C. Emancinatinn Dav rjr. . ... , . members of the board are expected to The negroes of this city will observe 1n thp ritv ln tlmA trt nttpnd the A LIVE SNAKE GAME BY MAIL since liquor can not be drank on the ;tlons- premise?; hence with these facts, with 1C0 to 123 r(?or!f j that makes good profit and pays liberal rents ana wage3. all of whom snnd the Di?penry Board. , Uhelr money freely in Raleigh, the lo The twenty-four saloons of Raleigh cai business and real estate rents mus Have 242 Children Dr. E. McK. Goodwin, superintendent - .of the State School for the Deaf and 1 A live copper-head snake was received in the mail in the Raleigh post office last evening". - j The snake was carefully wrapped in a piece of brown paper and was seem- txur.r money ireeiy in Raleigh, the lo- iae ocnooi lor me ieai ! under the influencG of some dru1' rii Ktietn.o 1 1.-. a. Tnr-.K of nf rvn txtVi lo in thA Mtv mgiy unoer tne lnuuence or some aruQ .c ,0 ic :r " " . 1 I " Postmaster Bailey stepped on the v-n i. U1 - .x.. . euw a. very perceptiDie decline As AV1 AC NV uaa w vu.v,nwn, . , ,. , . , , r'cht and the dispensary, which p- evidence of thVhtL said yesterday that there are now.242 ! Package accidentally and thta reyea ed ,'.mts them, will be opened lor busi- that rented for $117 nor mAnlVi rnm i children in the institution, their ut J - ItiVllVU IlVM I the presence of the snake. He 'was kill ed in short order, so the Raleigh persons to whom the parcel was addressed will never get that snake. Many cur :e5(i at sunrise tooay. rents ior oniy $93 per month to thedis- aptny ucme wacu, unu ma. The saloon men have been winding pensary.. a difjerence of $22 per month, "work is progressing satisfactorily on 5'P tneir business bere for weeKs tna me aispensary, as I understand it. is.mrowns 01 , ine uuuums uc ; ious thlnea come through the mail but ... ... . : T 11 j . o moMm fnr Via ciinorin. loustmngs come inrougn tne raau, uui Forre or tnem am not nave cvagn . ioCu w sen -more tnan a quart . Z r:.T,rr Vi, this is the first time the clerks have . xv a. . 1 A. fT T i-V C-Hf n Mnl v-m a 4 M A. V . A Tnfl Mil I . I M X Pr 1 IIP Kf IHI f fJ 11U1I Ulll ftocK on nana inst nignt oau r - - p - . x KI10w j ft - fftr run up against a reptile. tc'r trade. Only live or incm nave ny tunsumera wm oraer uquor out- ""'vv ...vw.rf .ww... - ----:; omofn in tM siae ot town ana Dimci tisrers win aiFO i"ifcJ' w"u,c KIWSTOxN. N. C, March 12. 1903. J. D. BOUSHALL. Manager iEtna .Life Ins. Co., Raleigh, N. C. : DEAR SIR: I have j been carrying Insurance ln the Aetna for thirty years on the ten-year Renewable Term Plan. I have Just renewed the same for another term,' It being th fourth time it has been renewed at tha same rata I paid when I took out the policy. I am well pleased, with the Aetna and recommend It to any one desiring insurance ln a reliable company.' Very truly yours, W. E. SUTTON. For Rates, SccM apply to J. D. BOUSHALU Manager, Tucker Building, Raleigh, N. C. "The nicest and pleasantest medicine I have used for indigestion and constipation is Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver Tablets,", says Melard F. Crig, of Middlesrrove. N. X. "They work like a charm and do not gripe or have . . 1lt irfr f Via rm I Vi rT 4Immammm4i city Sixteen will leave Raieign, two ic. ui-n-u v ill move to t!-o country and. one has necessarily have to employ at Inst ,.ot matured any plan,. X ?dd;tto" , to ,t1he fce There was no concerted dernonstra- : at not. less than $600 a lion Vhcn the bars closed their doors eafch' e claries rents etc, 1 ' . . . ... TSTr w,n cost th dispensary about $5,000 a for two years, at least, last night. No jrreat amount of drinking was b" cear that the busInes COTlducted m a any unpleasant effect." For sale by Ferved but nearly all the p.aces had dlJ:DGnsarv p-, not elA the nroflt JniW. G. Thomas and Robt. Simpson. calls for roods that they could not sup- the communlty that the HCenge sy8. w ply. Son? 1 farewell orders from other t doeg and keeps ln free ircuia. Mr. TV. F. Moody, chief clerk in the f - i.wl V I it I . . . yri tion. ' 1 state traesury, retumea trom t-nar- "The dispensary was established by 'lotte, where he spent the past several the people of Raleigh to curtail the days. . 1 . - Superintendent E. McKee Goodwin of the school for the deafat Morgan-ton, returned home .yesterday after a (owns came in during the day. WHAT THEY WILL. DO. The saloon men here will, so far as could be learned, engage in. the following business in future: E. V. Denton to continue his restaurant at his present stand; John T. Quarles lias gone tc Wilmington;. George Miller has gone to Greensboro; W. H. Croughton to go to Charlotte; S. T. Smith' will lejTVe Raleigh and his .location .will "probably be In Richmond; John U.'SmUh- goe-. to cJrrhond;R-; Wl Young will leaw Kaleigh andt pTObably locate In Cimr lotte; P. B. Grifns Intends to conduct 1 drug store in his present saloon next 0 .the dispensary; J. M. Dixon goes to Tarboro; A. L. Bailey goes to Ppving Hope; R. C. Bachelor goes to Richmond; L. N. White Is undecided; J. A. ?heek will go to his distillery at Hamlet: T. J. Fuqua, agent of the Robert Porter Brewing Company, goes to Rocky Mount; A. O. Wadford will farm; W. D. Bright will go to his dis Board' of Examiners of Trained Nurses Officers Have Been Elected BARGAINS Two heavy Flooring Machines. Two Plainers and -Catcher. One Timber Plainer. v Two 4 by 8 inch four-side Moulders arid -Plainers, light Matchers, and Sur-facers. : . I One Thirty Engine, Forty Locomo tive Boiler, Saw Mill Saw, Belts, Shafting and Swing Saw. and Constitution 7 and By- laws Will Be Adopted Soon The Board Miss Mary L. Wyche of Watts Hospital, Durham, as secretary and treas- illery J D Carroll will continue nis urer 01 uie uim uuua restaurant and enlarge his business: Nurses Association, announces that in Bprson and Kelly intend to leave Ral-. accordance with an act of the Lefais-5h; James e! Hamlin & Co. will run lature of 103.. as provided in the nurses, a billlardand nool room in their place; registration et. there has been estab-LblW.aHoove; will continue his pool "SL irA billiard rooms. hoard consists of five members, two The only places now rented l far . phygIciaxiB and tnree trained nursees. rould b learned are as follows. The J b h state Medical go- Western Union Telegraph Company Carolina State :akes the Acme Wine Company's . places Assoclation pectively. . '.he Yarborough Hotel 111 use its tor- membrs are: Dr. J. W. Long, saloon for another purpose. tne 'Greensboro; Dr. W. S. Prtmrose, New lispensary takes threejaloons; an op- cern; M M h; Rex Hos- tion is held on Wadford saloon. K. lu. Raleigh; Miss Constance Phohl. -rince secures L. N. Wblte stand for aJ i. Wychef i r-o v ctow Tjwrir i. w uuer set- . . . A. L. Bailey's place; Denton, Griflls, j ?arroll. Hamlin and Hoover keep their : stands. - Watts Hospital, Durham. This board met in. Greensboro De-pom ifith. for onranlration. All the ' members were present except Dr. Prlm- T.'ILL THE DISPEN'SART PAY RAL- Irose, who was unavoidably detained. EIGH ? I Dr. Long was elected chairman pro Mr E V. Denton, treasurer of the tern, and Miss Wyche secretary. rJdeighLiauor Dealers' Association.: Many Important tl: hn asked last n!ght what the Hnan- .were discussed. A ft constltuUon and value of the liquor business here adopted at a later ua,. gave these carefully prepared flg- .meeting. Mrg . . I All mv. ... jti ' - . i I ao o Cfnament rf rr.onev values Lawre."e p-h!ch have, under the license system, ir. moving from one to another in ir ulation here at home, exclusive of purchase price of stock, the fol-''ir, is carefully prepared from a i -?t reliable estimate and consldera-5'v below the actual figures: ' ts for v saloons $11,CC0 -trene. ad valorem and pur- r-hn-a tax ".. 1D.O00 :.hty emnlovees. average 5300 r :r annum :"n" Ucht and fans .. .. was chosen president and Miss Wyche secretary ana . treasurer. The first meeting of the boar1 for examinations will be held Ijj. Raleigh Tuesday and Wednesday of the we?k of the meeting of the State Medical Society, and Just preceding the meeting of the State Nurses' Association. Due notice of the time and place of this meeting will be given through the papers. No nurse con register aner 4 rno bcr rist without a certificate from this V.OfO beard. ResistrMlon is - not compul- lights ard heating 2.CC0 son. y - '" 1lir TX IT Perfect beverage, tight and delicate, M 1 invigzrating and sustaining. Y WHO WILL START IT . Suggestion to Parents About Discarded Books "And u little child shall lead them." We might add and good men guide the little children- A good -man offers to secure me space in a paper for a few suggestions. Before Cnristmas there was an article from a friend of the day nursery well written, and for the pur-nn nf e-ninlner more interest in and V O W tVia nnrsprv. I aDDrOVe OI gtlia .- - - - the article, the work, as one of the be3t nr. T-atest beiner done in Raleigh as v,o PrMt o. W. Holmes says "feed children well .and make j their environ-mpnta frood. and you can save, by these means, seventy-five out of a'hundred." In this New Year when we are ready v.a pImti np-w leaves, to be iw vuiii w""- -.-w - fiiifi with erood resolves, my mind has framed the wish, that every charity in Raleigh work as one, each denomination of course, thinks, first, of the members of its own flock and, "feeding their lambs" but that all personal fwiinc may be laid aside. that no pet ty personalities may come in to mar the harmony of work that should be done in "His Name" and, if in His Name, then with the true spirit of Christian love.. Each presiding officer, and officers should consider it a privi leire to hold the position, the scales -hmild be evenly balanced, all decls ions carefully weighed, judgment passed as we would have It "meted to us" each member, of each organization, working as a unit, and the charitable r-ir fionft for 1S04 will be the greatest TTrrtir Anna for one year in Raleigh's In closincr. I would like to make this suggestion that the parents of all the children at ending the graded schools, trin ns 'thelr children finish the gradea, spnd an hour in getting all the books thpJr rhildren are through with, and send them to the office of the Associat ed Charities, where they will be received by the superintendent and some j ladies, carefully arranged on shelves. mil given out wnencvci x ium.. -..a. w. his teachers will send an or jt ior them. Who will start the book collec tion? ;': December 31, 1903. ' O. I. HISTORlGALSKETCHES OUT FOR health and pleasure: nro- Every day you can go when yoa cure your eaulppage at our Hvery at ble at our low prices. Our horses ar all well fed and well cared for, and our carriages handsome, stylish and up-to-date. We have any kind of a rlj tht j-ou may deMre, and will rent : with or without driver. Our telephoi, call Is 81. Funerals, marriages. Theuters, and receptions. .Heavy hauling and cavatlng. UPGHURGH & HOLDER One Twenty-five, Forty LKJComotlve Boiler. One Twenty-five Automatic Engine. ; Thirty Stationary Boiler. One Twenty-five Engine, Thirty-five Stationary Boiler., Saw Mill and Saw Belt. . The. above practically new, and good. For new machinery of every kind, se or writa . Carolina Machinery ,' .; Company,. GREENSBORO. N. C. Doblbim Perrall. M m COOPfiR BH05. Ralclgh. N C tVrlt for rntalojrn. W iiay tb Iraifibt Sweeping R Mark th 2 Closing Week of 1904 ; FINE- FL' R Every Tailor-made Suit, Every Child's and MONUMENTS Misses' Coat .) Every Ladies' Coat, Every Ladies' Rain Coat Every Ladies' Waist Surplus Holiday China II 3 CD 70 o CD Dobbin & Ferrkl TT A IT ALE r -.1 Information has been received in the office of the state superintendent of public instruction that Mr. H. Mac-; Millan of Lumberton has offered "a prize in the way of five dollars in cash to the child in the public schols .of Robeson county who will write the best historical sketch of not more 'than 2,eC0 words on some event in tbeistpryiof that county. The sketches (iu to ;be in hand by April 1st. . It will be of interest tc-ftote also in this connection that Col. .Bryan Grimes, secretary of state, is offering in Pitt Co-nmeccintj today and during ne-ct wee' vvc will have on sale lha 0rntest line of O ercoats ever seen i i miaibh. At, importation over. S 2 030 of OVERCOATS to our already complete stock makes a selection vry easy. These are all new, of the latest styie, ana m cvu; t, R THIS SAL we have made the prices seem absurdly low compared with the regular prices that they ' ' " i . ! ' . i' -r' " ! ' " SeMBER, this sale CLOSES ; DECEMBER 26th. Come early, if you vish to get the pick. Other Christmas' goods being added daily; .CROSS LINEHAN UP-TO-DATE CLOTHIERS AND FURNISHER, S GO

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