The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 1, 1939 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 1, 1939
Page 7
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FRIDAY, DECEMBER 'I, "1939 13LYTHEVILLE, -(ARK.)' COUlUER' NEWS PAGE SEVBW CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally vale per line lor consecutive Insertions: One time per line 10c Two times per line per day 98c Three times per Hue per day...CGc Six times per line per day 05c Month rate per line COc Cards of Tlianks SOc & 75c Minimum charge 50c Ads ordered for three or six times nnd flopped before • expiration will be charged for the number of times the add Appeared and adjustment of bill made. All classified- Advertising copy submitted by persons I'l'sldlng out- .-Sirte of the city must, be accompanied by cash. Rales may be ens- iiy computed from above table. Advertising ordered tof Irregular Insertions takes the one time tan'. Np responsibility will be taken for more than one Incorrect Insertion of any classified ad. For Rent For S For FULLKU 1050. 28-ck-5 240 acre farm. 1 room liousr. Burn. 2 leniml houses. Will ma!;e more (linn tmle of cotton to the ncrc. Wrlle or phone, John E. Rl- Icy, New Madrid, Mo. 28-jik-G GOING HUNTING? Shoe Rcpaiving QUALITY >nvislMc ball-soling, soU-s If you're hunting for a good 1 ™! 1IK ' r ' l 'ubbcr, or Grocont. siuws N C \VS" IfiO acres at Sandy nidge all In cultivation, good improvements. $80.00 ncre. Terms. Off market onl' 38 I ' ori1 Dec. lOtli. ! lor every shoe nnd Loot. Orcjii' h'ulliiT, rubber, or Grocont. Sluws nr It-tick vim ,lm,'i d) ' cl1 "">' mlm - I'ullsli, laws and I, " < ii r ^ , !l 'i''' s ' Sllol ' s «lvcd tliick-SSi' ( havc (n look lar. Our lol is antmi, w« «iu tor and d<>liver. Htll Of Holiest-lo-d'oorfnoss W'onc 120. H. H. Cainplicll. Two Mnl ring Found iitomubllc keys, of CIcMiernl lfi niuke. On smiil! wire J^ncr may hnvo kcvs tjy "wt of this ad. Courier Tudor ....... $195 2 room fiiniislied apartment. Also bedrooms. 102 W. Davis intone 385. l-ck-8 i) room furnished apartment. 127 Dugan. 29-ck-S Btmnalo*' on Kentucky, near City Park. S18CO. 10 casJi'. Beautiful Bungalow on Hcnrn. Butane gas and sloi'es, Vcnlllnn Blinds. Has shade, shrubbery. 2 lols go with it. Possession today Price $3500. Can make terms. C room bungalow on Chlcka- sawba near High School. Has :i bedrooms, 2 fireplaces. Lol has 75 feet frontage. Pi-ice $3000. Thomas I.aml Company [ 2 .suburban groceries. ThomasTand Co. 25-ck-2 i Stucco dwelling, six rooms, mod- I em. vn East Davis street,. Priced ! to sell. Convenient terms. Write Clarence Snowden, Scarcy, Ark. k-2l '39 Plymouth Touring $(,55 '37 Ford Deluxe Tudor §1197 '31 Terra plane llllllly Conpc SM '3(J Clicvj'Olpl Coae'li S198 '34 Tcrrapliine 2-l)oi)r Jim '35 ford Tudor $isj '38 Ford 'W Tinier $118 — TRUCKS- •31 Ford "CO" I'k-Up ?3l. r i '36 Olicvrolel l'ick-U|i •35 Clii'froliif J'ick-U|) •37 Chevrolet I'/. Ton $311 I'SCForil 115 Ton $315 Repairing Expert Gun Repairing, sec 13, 7.1. Damon nl the Blyliicvlllo Armory. Lost HKWAlil) for relinn of mule nca ele hound. White nnd Tan Cruxton OHI, Dell, Ark. l-pk-8 1930 Arkansas y. Ton Trailer Lt- eenw. Number 2BI-3G8. Owner ""V h ? v « snmo by paying cost ol tills nr). Courier News. Help Woiilcd Atllo iiartx siilesmnn7~Mu"st~ have car. llox "W", Courier Ncn-s. l-pk-0 ri'oiii "0 to 30 sinuses arc coiv tnlncd in a htunnn heiul. 2 room furnished apartment ad-IP'Bs, shoats, meat hogs. Vaccinat- joiniug >jath. VW W. Ash, Phone' ed. D. R. Garner, Armorel, Ark. Front bedroom. Adjoining bath. > Beautiful Grand Piano. Perfect Oulsidc entrance. Kione 83B-NV.J condition. Value $1200. Will sell 627 W. Walnut. M-ck-ft'for $500 and cnn give terms Tele- T I phones 571 and 197. 15-ck-12-15 Large bedroom, u r ln beds, iwo closets, sceam Meat. Men pre-1 Nloe fat chickens. Live, 15c pound, ferred. Phone 1. Mrs. Suiibury, loth | Pul1 dressed, 2oe pound. 1415 W. Street, lo-c*-u! Mnl «- Phono 125. l-pk-12-l •Comlortable bedroom lor business woman. 1028 W. Main, Phone '239. 27-ck-tl. Nice bedroom with twin buds. Convenient, to tetli. Men preferred. 900 w. Main, phone Tlfi. 24ck2-24 6 rooms furnished or unfnrn. 3 Furnished. Bath. 914 Hearn. ComforSable bedroom. 1017 Walnut. Phone 102 after four. 17cktf Unfurnished "apartment In Snane Apartmeiit Building on West Main St. Call 571 or 187. 8-ek-lf Nice bedroom. Convenient to baih. Sieam heat. I'lioiie 280. 10-ck-ii Washing, Irotiiug Expert washing and. Ironing. Cheap. Rough dry.iuid' finish. 6 quills ?1.00. One"dfiy, service. VViille dell' Green, behind. city'' Ice' Plant. Persona] Several good mules, maros and young horses. Paul Eyrum. 2Gckt: I-atc model tractors. Rebuilt and refinished. Good as new. Paul Byrum. 2C-ck-tI 6 Allis-Chalmers Combines, Easy Terms. Paul Byrum. M-ck-tt Notice NOTICE—1 am now salesman for Thomas Land Co. .Have good buys on farm and city proocrty. H. C. Campbell. 10-pk-12-lC Bargains In USES TIRES all Dan McLean, phone 1050, for your Fuller Brushes. 27-ek-4 rtrnusc Sluggish Liver, uorli ofl the bile to rid yourself of constipation, gas pains, and that sour, punk feeliiiB. Take one box of 1UKI5X-S ACTIVE LIVER PILLS 25c al all Klrby Stoics Sonic tteposscsseti, Good as New. SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE Co. PHONH 35 PHILLIPS MOTOR GO. Corner 5th & Walnut Fhone 810-8U for ncinoiis'J lllytbcvlllc, Ailt I AOMiSE TKOSf WAVE P^TRIOfS WHqAFOU3HTTOMAXE US FREE BUTTH6HENWHO5IVE mil DUH3LE CUM MAKEABK&EnmrwiTHUE Call Us For Prices Before Selling Your . —«..,., t.,,1, kll/ ^vw i A vacuum f",,^ 0 '! 1 , n S"«"L^»»- * st) f "w""""'"'» trmmtelon, 0|BOiind caiuicl. .Iravcrso u va'«uurti, '. since II depends upon havlns a *"" PRESCRIPTIONS " " shesl Slotli ' ' ecd Hwl I'rk*. Drug Stores Freshesl Giwrnn(ecd Hwl H APPY HOUR CRO.& n W. 'DKUVKIlV St. • I'honc 16 Lee Wilson & Co. Wilson, Ark. medium, D1BSEI, AND TItACTOIl KUKI, Oil Number One Light Domestic FUEL OIL FOR Stove and Furnace PHONE DAY :ififi DAY 971 NI<;HT C. B. Wood, Jr.. Agent ^"^•^^•^•^•^•^•••••••^^••^^^^^•^ •-- ' - ^*T ; Land For Sale Tailors Wear a tailor-made suit this CHRISTMAS. 523.50 up. George L. Muir nlylhevillc's Only Tailor GREEK DIVINITY LAND FOR SALE iti MISSOURI 1G5 acres all In cultivation <m fravrl, liulf mile (o good school, five acre grove. CJood house and barn, a rcul iitaoe. I'rice, 550.00 per acre. 125 acres, 100 in crop, nice grove of 10 acres, good house ami barn and an extra Rood piece of land, some fruit on place. Trice 500.00 per acre. 255 acres, all in cultivation, on Gravel roml, two large barns, (wo good houses ami two small ones. »\'o tictlcr lanti and lurattnn wonderful. I'dcc S70.00 per acre. These three fami.s are real bargains, .one fourth cash, .balance (our years. . We have cut over land well lo- rated on Highway, no cash pay- mcnl, six years lo pay, only to '. those who cnn liuild and stall (clearing. 40 acres, six mtlcs from Blytlie- villc, all in cultivation, house and barn. Price 560.00 per acre. Conway & Houchins lUyllicvillc. Ark. WINTER CONDITION Your Car THE PHILLIPS WAY Here's What We Do: ' 1. 'Drain old Jicavy, W0 rn lubri. d"fT r""'! """ '"'"""'^'"i ""<> Ocar Oil-up to'ij pound* "p" Ira cbaree tat evlra quanll. 2. Drain .nil K1 i lnnil . r ,i,,) B ||( ,,,) »«'! rrflll cr,-»,kcaie «lih lh« correct Rr ail c of fresh, clean .ivliitcr oil-,,,, („ s ^ llar(s ei ittc nil. Ex( ra cimrKo for over for'TlS ilrc """ ni B"" 1 ". or .1. CniniiMc liilirlc.illon of ehasnis ami all moving purls. 4. (,'lcan am) inspect spirk pluj;a *,"',. " >Ml '<" on ''l Mfallier ». ni-inovi! Imltcry from car 'inf. Iiiiliil rnrrlcr, (cs! celts and en-mi Irrmtiinls. 0. Flush raillilor wllli Bpci'ljl ra- flliilni- cleaner and Insiici* all h"sc anil coinii'ctlons. Iiispi'cl licaier ami wlndshlelil COntt'LKTK SKliVlCIi: •' $3.95 „ , F , n f Ihiticr Pcrformnnie Use I'hllltps Safcly-Chtck Service PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. IIORIZON'TAI, 1 Pictured Greek god. 6 He was in charge of the s or posts I o£ the sky. 12 A moment. 13 Bird house. 14 State of bliss. 15 Sloping ways. 16 Enormous. 17 Cow-headed goddess. 10 Natural power 20 Mystic syllable. 22 Hops kiln, 24 Street. 25 Shrubs. 30 To say. 32 Eon. 33 Decree. 35 Fifth month, 36 Toward. 38 Postscript. 39 Greek loiter. 40 Typo standard 41 Flannel. 43 Doves' home. 45 Myself. 46 Chum. 47 Disfigurement. Answer (o Previous Fuzzlc 49 Conjunction. 51 Disorganized flight. 53 Small wild cat 5S Platter. 5S Branch. 5!) Indian food plants. 61 By way of. 62 His punishment for warring on Zeus was to uphold the 03 He symbolizes a bearer of VL..TICAL 1 Preposition. 2 Footstep. 3 Covers. 4 Kclone. 5 Measure. 6 Drawing room. 7 Bugle plant. 8 Restricted. 9 Drinks dog fashion. 10 Musical term. 1! Railway. 1C Any or book of maps bears his name. 18 Marble figure. 21 Human. 23 Midday sleep. 25 Eye tunior. 28 To exist. 27 Unit of work. 28 Sun god. 29 To perch. 31 Beret, 34 Eccentric wheel. 37 Upon. 38 Italian river. 41 Upright shaft. 42 To accumulate 43 Fragment of bread. 44 Finish. 40 The cougar. 48 Data. 50 To penetrate. 51 Hurrah. 52 Gold quartz 53 Males. 54 Romanian coin. 56 Crime. 57 Possesses. 59 South ens t. ,60 Senior. Farm Loans Large Or Small At Low IiHcrcsl Hales. We are equipped to handle large or small loans on any sized tract i of farm land, at low cost, nnd at' a low interest rate. TERRY ABSTRACT & REALTY COMPANY 213 Walnut St. Blylheville, Ark. \Vaiited~To Buy Want land. Have buyers for 20's— 40's—UO's and larger tracts. Sec us at once. Thomas Land Co. lG-cfc-12-IC 2 or 2V; carat diamond. Must ho blue white, perfect, and worth money. Advise size and price. Write 'Diamond", Courier News. 20-ck-T Welding _^ o EXPERT KLECTKir ANT) ACETYLENF WELDING )rag line and Barksdale Mfg. Co. 1'honf ID or Res. We Are Hu.vcrs For All Varieties of Soybeans. See or I'hnnc Us for Highest Daily Offer. Biyfheville Soybean Corp. So. R.R. St. Phone 555 Now l.iiLiUnl nl 101 Nnrlh Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU BON EDWARDS, Troprlctor All Makes or Kcbullt Typcwrllcre, Adding Mnchln?. t,,4 Calculators—llcpalrlnit—Parli—Hlbbonj LATE AND I'M THE 0,S<LYONE * ULYSSES WHO SAID ANYTHING r OOOLAT GOSa/ABOUT SWIMMING? BE A M1SHTY rfcOME'. WE'VE WORK TO LOM6 SWIM,' -^ \PO AMD NO TIME TO LOSE! KY V. T. HAMLIP Family Affair VVAKM '('UKBS on. 1^911^6, 'now abob'rt'vs TO VOU A.6AVW He Hiuln't Counleil On BETTER <30 IM THE UBRARV, TWft OOZV-WOOZV •STUFF DR.WES ME B1PPV I TO TOO. HER (JUITE A RUSH. . HAWDSOWfc PEVIl ' THOU6W VOU'D METIER COME HOWE, CACOL. 1 WASH t HAVE BEEU FICED PKWKI.KS AND HIS FRIENDS The Search Goes Oi THIS SHOE FITS CARDBOARD EXA.CTL.Y-~— AMD THE SIZE IS 2 4r TRiPt-E A. ! Vs & vew SMALL ~*-- ' T NOT A Cl-JOERELLA WHERE YOUR- BAND • PLAYS , OFFER. A PRIZE TO TME GIRL WHO CAN WEAR THESE SHOES ? weu., ALL £ HAVE TO OF?£<? RkSHT" NOW B A STAMP COLLECTOR, A HORSE-HAIR.HAT BAND,AND A size? Do YOU ANYONE? WHAT KIND OF A, PRIZE ? M3UD FURMISH YOURSELF/'

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