Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 5, 1891 · Page 9
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 9

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 5, 1891
Page 9
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REDUCTION SALE C u t an d Slash, The entire spring stock must move. We do not make reduction at the ead of the'season but now when you need the goods. SALE COMMENCES TUESDAY. See Mils. Tbe entire stock will tie maricel flown. PAY USA VIS IT . This sale we propose to make equal to our great January sale which was a "HUMMER." Come and see how • cfieap goods can be sold. GOLDEN RULE, I SCHMITT& HBFPLBY. TRAVELING MEN, Please Take Notice I have Secured a Choice Line of Gray Mixtures for Business Suits Just the Thins for the Road. Call and Examine Them. Respectfully, JACOB HERZ. Go to Headquarters For Your Spring Suit. Harry G. Tucker, THE PEARL ST, TAILOR. You will find all the Latent Novelties in Spring >tyles Yours Truly, "PUCK." For the Next Four Weeks I will sell you an eleganif suit for .00 CASH. f I do this to make room for the finest line of Spring Goods v ever brought'to this city . Dally Journal. TUESDAY MORNING, MAY. 5. T « U« The tailor, 323EPearl - Street. Subscribe for the Journal. Try J. B. L. Catarrh Cure. eod&w The polls open at six o'clock this morning. Greatest cut on spring dress goods at the Bee Hive. Mrs. G. H. Button is visiting friends in Chicago. The very acme of absolute black hose on sale at the Bee Hive at half price. If you want the most durable smoke buy the Gondola ci<rar atD. E. Pryor's drug store. mayGdGt A change of administration in city affairs means economy and a redittx tion of the tax levy. Bert Thornton, returned yesterday from a several weeks visit with relatives at Fort Worth, Texas. The boys at the city offices will take a holiday to-day, election day, and the doors of the offices will be closed. Mrs. H. L. Troxell returned on Sunday from a several weeks pleasant visit with her sister in New York city. • Mr. F. W. Munson departed yesterday for New York and Washington on business. He will be gone about three weeks. George Strecker, jr. has purchased the bakery of Jacob Tussing on Twelfth street and will personally supervise the same. The .Bee Hive was crowded all day yesterday with eager customers to take advantage of the big cut in prices on all spring dress goods. Fort Wayne Gazette: Mrs. James Sheridan entertained a number of friends in honor of her. sister, Miss Maggie Hilley, of Logansport. Vote in the morning if possible that the volunteer workers at the polls may not have occasion to wonder if you have forgotten the election. The clerks of the various Boards are requested to bring the returns to the Journal office as soon as possible to-night. The Republicans will receive returns at tBe club rooms over Keesling's. The Republicans of the city will stand solidly for Mr. Webster. It will be the privilege of the laboring men to elect him if they see fit. Whatever you gain by legislation will come by reason of a display of independence at proper times.. No party fears an element in its ranks which it can rely on through thick and,thin, in., bad work as, well, as good. To-day you are put .to.a test. It is with no. little show of complacency that Logansport traveling men tell their friends, that the next-annual State convention of the T. P. A. will he held in. this city. Logansport 'drummers 1 ' are- hustlers and wide awake citizens who never .lose sight of the interests' ot their own town. Logansport was also remembered in the new list of officers of the State Post,•both elective anc .appointive. While losing the President it gets in the person of smiling, genial, accommodating Harry Elliott, : a vice-president who is all right. Long live Post F. JUike Cicotc and BIu Flnli. The suggestion made by tlae Journal a few days ago that some one interested in the matter take some steps toward stocking Lake Cicott with bass or other good fish caught Major McFadtn's eye and yesterday he expressed his views on the matter to a Journal reporter. "Big fish will not grow or thrive in Lake Cicott," said the Major, 'it has been tried any number of times, but never with success." The Major then fell into a reminiscent mood and he- gan to drag .out incidents of the past. "Fifty yearg ago," said he, "old father Shaw made an unsuccessful <it- empt to stock the lake with pike and bass, but they would not grow. Many times since efforts have been made in that direction but with no greater success. Large edible fish will not grow there. There is -a peculiar alkaline quality about the' water that kills them off and the lake is given over to the mud cat, turtles, frogs and goggle-eyes." Of the peculiar physical conditions of the lake, its great depth, the absence of outlet or inlet and the high banks surrounding it the Major has fixed views. Said he "LakeCieott is but the crater of a long extinct volcano and the ^alkalies on the bottom impart to the water a quality which, the less hardy fish cannot withstand. "Another thing," said the Major, "is the extremely high temperature the water of the lake attains in the summer. Frequently the water becomes so hot in the warmer summers that it is impossible to hold one's hand in it, and little fish, frogs, and turtles by the thousand are cast to the shore, dead and all but boiled. Talk then of stocking the lake with bass or pike. I tell you it can't be done. "There is another peculiarity about this lake which all older residents down there have observed and that is its. septenial rise and fall—the ebb and flow you may call it. I have intimately observed this pretty little lake for the past fifty years and I know what I am talking about. I assisted in the burial of two Indians down there over fifty years ago—they were nearly related to my lamented, friend Aubenaubee—and no one has a greater love for the limped lakelet than I, therefore my observations of its peculiarities are close and accurate. For seven years the waters of the lake rise, until at their highest they overflow the east bank and have at times cut a channel_into Crooked creek, then for seven years recede until not more than •half its former shining surface is'pre- sented. This is a well known fact, yet has never received a logical scientific explanation. You will remember that at one of our Mexican veterans picnics there a few years ago the lake was so high that . it jovered the woodland road clear up to old' man Burk's cottage in the grove, yet two summers ago the waters were so low that the boat houses and ice chutes were left high and dry. The banks are again filling however and this summer the lake will be a very pleasant breadth jusiVight for pleasure parties who love to pluck the beautiful lillies which dot the surface of .the lake in season. These.lillies, by the way, arc the finest water lillies grown any place in the west and are in .great demand every summer. They will be in beautiful bloom at the time of the Vets. picnic down there the 8th of June." Major McFadin'must be accepted as authority on anything pertaining to Lake Cicott and his views above noted are worthy of pasting in your hat. Election Inspectors. The Pharos last evening " accidentally-published its city committee as the election inspectors. The following is the correct list. FIRST WAKD. ' .First precinct—Thos. Barrett. Second precinct—Robt. Ray. Third precinct—John Minneman. Fourth precinct—Ed Carney. SECOND -Yi-A.T3.-D. First precinct—P. Mahoney. Second precinct—John Jackson. Third precinct—M. Garrigan. THIRD "WAHD. First precinct—John C. Eisert. Second precinct—Jerry Sullivan. Third precinct—Wm. Burgman. FOURTH WARD. First precinct—Wm. Enyart. Second precinct—Robert Reed. Third precinct—Zack Taylor. FIFTH- WARD. ~ A First precinct—Jos. Guthrie. " Second precinct—David Fickle. Third precinct—Edward Gormley. Fourth preciact—Chas. Peuzet: Fifth precinct—Rudolph Berndt. An Excellent Organizatlo n. Fort Wayne Gazette: The Gazette was honored last evening by a serenade from the band which accompanied the Logansport post T. P. A. It is an excellent organization, and the music was highly appreciated. Every member of the band belongs to the uniform rank of K. of P., and each one is a perfect gentleman in all his bearings. ——*• D. E. Pry or's drug-store is headquarters for Gondola cigars. may5d6t Our Business Bazoo Must not be permitted to get rusty for want of exercise, so HERE^S A BLAST OF THE BIG BAZOO. Just to prove ourselves ^ friends that we have'nt lost the knack. We propose to'sell you springover- coats at a song or one-third tailor price A Fit is a sure thing. $6 98 will buy a black Cheviot worth $10 $7 49 will buy a Kearsey worth $11 $8 25 will buy a Melton worth $12. A Great Line of FurnlsMtigs. SEE DUMMIES ON OUTSIDE. Harry Frank TO BE SURE.' The Rival Cabinet Letter File $1.60*For Eacl Cabinet FilingJTray. A12-File Cabinet $18 Call and See Them, at Wilson, Humphreys & Co. Three Kinds of People! There are three kinds of people who are not customers of McCaffrey's, and each kind has a different reason for it. These probably are the. reasons. Don't Believe It. Some may figure that as every dealer advertises the lowest prices and every dealer cannot have them, all misrepresent themselves. We* publish our prices, though we hand you a sheet every fortnight. If we are not correct, you can prove it. If we are, you most believe us. Think Something is Wrong. There are those who know that are prices are lowest but_ suspect that the quality is lacking. No! that isn't where we cut—for we guarantee our qualities. We save by buying in Jarge qualities . ' and buying for cash—by selling in large : quantities' and' selling for cash, we save you nearly a third by that. We do not need-to scrimp on quality.'_ •••:, '- . : ' ; ; •;'.' ' ^''j Don't Think About it. . - .-: - .-•'••;. ' " ; • ' ."' There are those who do not think aboutsit,: yet:Bome of them'work for days, to earn what each month' they inight-s'ave if they 'only stopped to think about it. . TO WHICH DO YOUrBEltMG? M. McCaffery

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