The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 5, 1941 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 5, 1941
Page 3
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, APRIL 5, 1 We'll Worry For You," Say Girls Who Make A Regular Business Of It _BI£T]TCVTT.LT5, (AttK.) COURIER NEWS Mairila Society—Personal New Light on Gay White Way Jane Acheson prepares a dinner service for a client. Photographed tlu-ou,-!, window of in, » As Vou Lik, if , m reau, Frances Van Keurcn is SCPII typing : , manuscript for :i .lane Acheson knits and Frances Van Keurcn art- el resses cnvelopes-both chores being- performed for clients of their service. NEA Service Jane Acheson goes off to the cobbler with a load ot shoes to be repaired for "As You Like lit" clients. maybe someone will .start .such WASHINGTON - Does vour do" Se !' Vi ° e in your cit - v - n .-l ^ i - * S ' AQ "Vrtti T ;i.~ -r- they perform: dinner preparing- knitting clients- Frances Van Veuren Tiv«ri r i r: . = 'A ""™ 1 thjny.s in general? 4uS £ ^ w -"^ - F^'f = *°- personal service bureau ^H take ! ™° m ' '° those worries off your if yon don't live homes, servants. and dropping clients' calling The .slogan of these worriers i.s: "WHY WORRY? Rattlesnake Ranching Pays; Never Bitten, Says Owner the accompaniment, of more to rituals. When Evans kept asking the ' Mr. and Mrs. E. T Odum are visiting relatives and liiends in Dyersburg. Tenn. this \ve,>k. Mrs. H. D. Robinson .'Mrs H D Alston, Mrs. Clyde Million and Mr. and Mrs. Woodrov, Huuon spent several days this week in Memphis. Tinn. visiting \\^ f u - iher. J. M. Hut ion, svhu is :1 patient ut the Methodist hospital. Mr. Hutton is confined there after si major operation .several days ago and his condition i.s reported to be slowly improving. Mr.s. Frank Isaac* i u ,.-, accepted a position in tin- Manila ]> os t. Office to succeed Hugh Miles who resigned last week. Mr. Miles will be employed in Osceoht, Ark. it was reported. Dr. and Mrs. W. \\ Hutchins, who have spent the last six week.s ; :n Hoi Springs. Ark. returned to | i Manila this week. , Mr.s. E. L. Caraway, who lias : been visiting several months in i Washington. D. C. will return to J Manila, this week-end. Mrs. Carai way is the sister-in-law of Senator i Baltic W. Caraway of Arkansas ! Mrs. Jewell Williams of Corpus Chris!]. Texas, i.s visiting her mother. Mrs. Dora Williams. Mrs. Wilson Underwood a nd daughter of Punigould. Ark. an- visiting relatives and friend's in Manila for a iew days. J. L. Horner i.s reported to be ill stmering from pneumonia. His -jon- dition is such thai he will remain under a physicians care for several days. I. D. Shedcl and Joe Edwards attended to business in Memphis Wednesday, attending a Tailors and' Cleaners Convention in that dty J. D. Scott who has been employed in Oran, Mo., for the past lew weeks is visiting friends and i datives in Manila for a few clays. J. P. Downing left Wednesday for Detroit, Mich, where he will •seek employment. Demonstration Club News Notes Defense Is Theme. The defense program of the home demonstration clubs was the theme of study of the Shady Lane Home Demonstration Club Wednesday af- teincon when H members and cue visitor met at i.he home of Mrs. A. Scott. Roll call was answered with each member's telling what she nad for the better homes tour Mrs. Vance Dixon gave the devotional after which Miss Cora Lee Cok-hiiii). county home demonstration agent, offered prayer. Miss Elfa Scott read a poem. After the defense and mattress program had been discussed by Miss Coleman. a demonstration on comforters was given by her Sandwiches, cookies and iced drmks were served during the social hour. PAGE THKEfc nnd Mrs. Bud Blnko in Double Springs, Al:i. Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Taylor nnd Mr. and Mr.s. Honry Adams spent Tuesday in Memphis. Mrs. B. R. Mooro. who 1ms b«e» vlsllmtf IHT daughter, Mrs. C J •John.son. in Memphis for the pnsl week, returned homo Sunday. Mr. mid Mr.s. R'ugene Colin and Leonard StrusuiMy, sptint last week end in Memphis with Mrs Cohn'.s, Miss Mabel Hirasbcrij. Mrs. c. B. Mile.s spent the week «ml in Ut HP Ro^k with her parents, Mr. and Mr.-;. <J. N. Stornes Mr. Miles and his brother, Russell Miles, drov.- to Little Rock for h«r Sunday. Mrs. E. ir. Robinson and da«g)i- ter, Patsy, .speni tin- \veok end in I.Utle Rock with Dr. and Mr.s. Charles Wieker and children Mrs Wicker is the former Miss Mar' ilTto in ^ , hnfiht " Khts ' foolli ^«-". l^Hlliyhls and shining .form o M, Cr> r ilS n ° W " fcw ndclitio »»» thousand candlepower in luim of ann-an-cralt searchlight, mounted in Times Square i Mde dom plane as lure to air corps recruits FUNNY BUSINESS Or of the inhabitants. national rug COLPAX. Cal. (UP)—Seem' rattlesnake ranch with its 2 This 3.000-acre ranch, one mile No. 40. literally crawls with va;- tfers "ait nature!" and in confine-, mcnt. Believed to be the largest, slenk - «'hicn Evans calls n "thrill of its kind in the world, the farm L djsh -' outweighs the supply HP is owned and operated by S E l " as sta »ding orders from distrioi>- Evans and his wife, both veterans' tcrs for rhe fiel 'cacy. in the delicate task of handling! Oil. rendered from (he carcass '-TipL-ramemal charces. j* -sold for its alleged" curatiVe' has handled ratf.Iers for! powers. skins are valuable mostly «>^[^w lAorkiiie^ Chinese why they did this they Phed. "We buy snake. You got | money." j All of which is part of the busi- I •'"of running a rattlesnake farm. The next meeting will be a social in the form of n backward meeting at the home of Mrs J T Hipp, April IG. . The Ekron Home Demonstration Club met at the home of Mr.s S B. Walker. The 10 members and' one visitor. Mrs. J. E. Previti who joined the group later answered roll call by giving the'name "Now jusi w j,al makes you iliink I'm a Inivclinij salesman?" her favorite flower. in the v "-' * ^- years and has neve'- ten •SCHOOL NEWS JUNIOR HIGH NEWS The 8A-1 class of Junior School had a program in their home room Tuesday. Mrs Ira Gray, from rhe city library,' gave - <«.« nas never bren bit - The skins are valuable mostly Gray : from ' he city library, gave ' , , - ' fa>' their decorative quality Person> a tnlk on " Wn >" We Like Books" actual management of the desiring a pair of uenuine rattle- 1 ;'" 01 rcview «l the book entitled, men is a humdrum business, snake shoes mav nrrW tv,™, nn T »e Life of Will Rnpor«s •• .csh* ranch IK a humdrum business according to Evans. The interest m the unusual enterprise comes from visitors to the ranch averaging 100 to 200 during the weel-- and 1.000 on Sundays. Reptiles Arc Nervous When he first, started the ranch Evans allowed the public to view the pens, where he keeps thousands of the reptiles. But he lost hundreds of snakes, which are "highly nervous creatures" and can't take the stares of a sapin? public. Now Evans maintains a snake pit esoeeirtlh- for visitors, where some 25 to 50 rattlers are under the limelight for show-off purposes. Even so. the loss of snakes is -still large. Life in the pit virtually is a death sentence to the rattler, who will usually die within GO days after its contact with the curious public. Feeding time draws the * — r**-»»^»*»*^ tui/tiv snake shoes may order them on tho spot. Eigsresl. source of income is the snake's venom, used chiefly for QPt'lIm "\Te\ »•*n»-vt :_ _ _» * . Will Rogers." She then rend., an approved list of books for 8th grade students Seven A-l. ~ """-u tim;uy 101 ^, , „ , , , serum. Venom i.s sold to medical ' ! honie room club which laboratories "by the snake." says mpt Tuf '- sda y decided to sell candy visitor.s. The snakes are fed live mice, as they like to kill their own food. When the rattlers get "fussy." a special meal of raw hamburger is provided. Revenue from the snakes is derived from four sources — meat, hide, oil and venom. Last y €ar ' .12.000 snakes were slaughtered "for market purposes, and this year Evans expects to kill twice that many. The average litter of the female rattler rims from five to a dozen, according to Evans, but last year one mother presented him with 64 offspring. The demand for rattlesnake -,- • - .x, Oi l<A f\t.. O« V.> Evans, because it's just as dangerous to handle one .snake which may 21 ve two drops as one that gives 30. the maximum. The snakes are 'milked" about, once every three weeks, from May to October. It's Dangerous .Tob Evans and his wife personally do all the "milking" for the venom. They can't, get insurance for their workers, the job being considered too dangerous by state authorities In milking the snake, Evans holds it back of the head, placing the fangs through a chamois covering a jar. Evans 1 22 years of handling snakes and dealing with curiosity seekers has brought him financial security and the habit of not asking too many quetsions. His favorite story deals with a group of Chinese who make frequent pilgrimages to the ranch. | With great ceremony the Chi- 1 nese select a snake, place it -._,, »,»j, ,^i_| t \_ to pay the expenses of the tric festival. Carol Chapin and were in charge of a quiz on the names of people in the class. Chester Caldwell won the prize. Scripture readings this week -.-j», i/iiio "t-tiY were given by Billy Sue Burks and Wynona Burns. Seven A-2 The 7A-2 class which met Tuesday was called to order bv Fred Fowler. On the program was a play written by Maxine Jones and a quiz by Marcclle Humphrey Berton Hampton and Dora Milbhorn won prizes. --- — • j * « v» ^ x- *v k^l C*. jar of alcohol and watch it die • rr RADE- Your Old Furniture in on New, or SoH it (o Us For Cash. A bin Hardy Furn. Co. 301 E. Main Phor>c 1220 HARRISON'S AUTO PARTS & GARAGE SFRVTCE STATION 45-Minutc Batter j Recharging General Repairing Welding Across from Red Top Gin Sears-Roebuck RADIOS AT DISCOUNT FOR CASH: Radio Hospital Ingram Bldgv jo3 E ----~ ••^•>-,» - m nil business session, presided over bv the president Mrs. O. R. Bedford, the group voted Mrs. J. E Previti "Better Baby Chairman." The Home Industries chairman, Mrs. S. B. Walker, gave a demonstration m refmishing and upholstering furniture, in the social hour the group enjoyed games led by the recreation leader. Miss Harriett Payne. The hostess served a sandwich plate with hot drinks. Mr.s. Ned Rice was hostess to 18 members and two visitors of the Skidway Home Demonstration Club Pillow slips are being made to raise Reiser News Have Hamburger Supper Mr. and Mrs. M:mrice Little entertained eight gtiesLs fit their home Thursday night for a hum- burger supper. Bridge, dominoes and other games were played following supper. Honored On Uirthday Mr. and Mrs. L. Sharp complimented Mrs. .Sharp's mother. Mrs Molly C.irr, with a stir; Okolona. Miss., Miss Mary Alice Aycock of Bui-na Vista. Miss., and Johnnie Lee Ay pock, of Memphis. Beulnh Seymour and her mother had as their guests Sund;iy Mr. and Mr.s. O. C. Croft of Hilton, Ky.. and W. D. Croft of Memphis. Mr.s. W. G. Childn-ss and children of Ward.-i: spunL Saturday with Mrs. ChiUiress- parents. Mr :ind Mrs. A. O. Corley. Mr. and Mr.s. Relley Gardner and children visited Mrs. Gardner's parents. Mr. and Mrs. S. N. party Sunday on the occasion of her ?5th birthday. Guests included ...... - ......... »,u •««« o N uic following from out of town: ' Kl »«4 i" Camdnn, Tenn.. last week Mrs. Carr's .son. N. c. C'arr. and I CMd Mrs. Carr of Memphis. Miss Mrs. Henry Adams E. Sharp r>r Lula. Miss. Mrs. M. IS. sharp remained for .several weeks' visit in Keiser. n -r^ K. Ferguson. Mrs. I for- sister. Mr.s. W. M. Taylor, and Mr. Taylor. Mrs. Prank Hudson visited her parents. Mr. mul Mrs. Adderberry in Portageville. Mo., last week. Her sister. Miss Georgia Adcierberry. . . . - . orga man Montgomery. Miss Kathleen ! returned home with her \'Inil t irrm-xM-t* A<T..,. A ..„,-.. T ^ » i ^ »__ . ^ _ Montgomery. Mrs. Ansel Montyom- * " V **'Q *n<lvil. HJ **.ll**t. funds for the club. Five of the ory and S0n - Travis, spent club members are preparing an j wcok OIlcJ m Cleveland. Miss, entertainment at Skidwav" for Wlth Mrs - Montgomery's sister. Mrs A 111*11 IT *-TT_ -._ _ --. ^ i (~lf*r\Y-rr^ Tir:il; _ __ *_ "- ^4m.t»<.ty ii/| j r3 •"••-».,• ••» April 17. These five members are Gcor Se Williams, and Mrs. Parker Osborne. Mrs. Brent Iiatlls Osborne. Mrs. D. R. Rj C e. Mrs Ned Rice and Mrs. Richard Swaf- f orcl. Mr. Wil- Roostcr vSacrificc to Peace PASADENA. Cal. (UP) — Haled I into court on a charge of harboring a crowing rooster. Mrs. Prank Blam informed, the court the! rooster would crow no more. The i judge seemed dubious. "We ate it for supper last night," was Mrs. Miss Betty Lou. Brock and Mr and Mrs. Hal Bedford had as their guests last week Mrs. John Aycock. and Mis.s Virginia Aycock of PRESCRfPfiONS Freshest Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Mr. and Mr.s. Jack Bcneficld and •son. Eugene, and Mr. and Mrs. James Harris and son. Billy Rue are visiting Mr. Bencficld and Mrs. Harris' parents. Mr. and Mrs J. Bencficlrl in Holeyvillc. Ala.. Blain's convincing testimony. K E Y S T 0 N E Field & Hulk GARDEN SEEDS BAHY CKiCKS PURINA FEEDS POULTRY LK.AshcraftCo. Thone 154 Dr. W. S. Eastburn Chiropractic Physician Day and Night Calls Office 801 Chick. Phone 801 BLUE RIBBON Tractors & Equipment ALL GUARANTEED DELTA Implements, In c. COTTON SEED Coker 109 Strain 3 State certified, re-cleaned and Ccresan Ireatcfl. Stoneville Ambassador Stoneville 2-B R. D. HUGHES GIN CO. Blylhcville, Ark. County Essay Prizes Go To Dyess Students Evu Joy and Maryarei Buuinr/. of (he lUnh school, have been named llrst and .second place eotinty wiimer.s, respectively, in l he essay coniest .sponsored re- i-ently by Hn> American LCIMOD Auxiliary. Comity prl/es wt-re awarded by Hie local anxiliary in conneeUon with a con lest .sponsored throiiKh- cut the sbtle by the slate uuxil- iary. Mrs, K. M. McCull In ehtilnnati i ol the Americanism eoinmittee 1 which condueled t,)ie es.say con-, i>rl-/,e.s will be awarded next week 10 the winners in a program ft I Dyes.s school. Subject.s of the essays were "My Responsibility to America Today and Tomorrow" written by Miss Doslor. ninth grade student, ana "American CitixetiKhip, its Advan- tuiies ami ObllgaUons", written by Miss Uaiime/, nth guide student. At The Hospitals Joins Chase Mrs. liurthti Hall, clly, admitted. Eugene Mess, city, dismissed. Wulls Hospital Mrs. j. j. Skujrys, city, admitted. Betty Jean Howron, Holland, admitted. Elmex.e Stone, city, admitted. Born to Mr. and Mr.s, Frank Meyers, city, a son. weight five pounds, 12 ounces. Born to Mr, and Mrs. Max Logan city, a son, weight eight pounds! lf> ounces. t Born to Mr. und Mi's. Everett Craig, city, n daughter, weight seven pounds, seven ounces. Mr.s. c. E. Sharln, city, dismissed Carl Glnsscock, city, dismissed. James Boner. Manila, dismissed Memphis Baptist Hospital Elmer Trceec. Cnruthersvillp admitted. Admiral Sir Andrew Browne- Cunningham, commander - in- chic! of the British Mediterranean squadrons, chalks up another line victory after his war- bonls blasted Italian navy in one of war's biggest engage• ments. and wns immediately sent to the station hospital. Meeting Is Called A special meeting of the W. O. W. Im.s been called for Tuesday night. 7:30 o'clock, at the Hnil Announcement was made today by .John C. McHnncy, secretary. One nil-lino now has planes fly- Ing freight between Chicago and New York. Tlic freight Is piled on the seats and in the aisles. Hospital Joe Alexander Ptiyne, Olythe- villc, admitted. Mrs. \V. A. Butler, Osceola. admitted. Mr.s. Prank A. Robertson, Oscc- oln, admitted. Quick Change—From Bad Cold To Measles CAMP ROBINSON, Ark. (UP)_ A bud cold quickly changed to a case of the measles when a private in Company K, I53rd Infantry walked into the infirmary on "-Sick call." Lieut. C. L. Hyatt, medical officer clhitfnoscd the private's ailment a.s sore throat and a touch of the flu. After receiving the necessary treatment, the private began giving the clerk the required information for records. "Let me see (.hat man again." demanded the medical officer after .scrutinizing him closely. "You'll ha*, to change my diagnosis on this man. He now has the measles." Strangely enough, the private hud "broker) out" with the measles while standing in the infirmary LUX THEATRE LUXORA Phone 42 Mat. Sat.-Sun. 2 and 4 l\ M Every Night 7 P. M. Always We - 20c LAST TIMES TODAY jf.• ^^ ^^ ^» • »• ^BORDER; i* ——• • ««M^«* ^ Dr. W. F. Urewcr Dentist ItlytheviHc, Arkansas SPECIALS! Extractions $i.0fl Full IJpV & Lower Mates $25.00 (Extractions Included) Chap. 10 "Drums of Fu Manchu* •SUNDAY AND MONDAY LITTLE NELLIE KELLY starring: JUDY GARLAND with GEORGE MURPHY CHARLES WINNINGER DOUGLAS McPIIAIL COMKDV and NEWS At Stlld RED MCDONALD DARE Reg. No. 13503 This Registered Stallion will make 1941 season at Blylheville Fairgrounds. For fees, bookings, or information write W. L. TATE, Blylheville, Ark. Get the Facts and You'll Buy An ANN AR80R The Baler for Business "18" JUNIOR PICK-UP BALER 14x18—16x18 Embodied in the construction of the Ann Arbor "18" Junior Pick-up Baler are the many approved and lime tested features which for more than half a century have given Ann Arbor Balers the enviable reputation of being- the leader in their field. It produces only smooth square cornered bales of uniform density and weight. No loose wires or broken bales in handling- and transportation. Paul Byrum

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