The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 12, 1936 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 12, 1936
Page 6
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, 'y' x" ^PAGE-SIX-,' BI/rmEVTU,R (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 193C Reserves Do Well With jSeai-cy Passes But Run- filing Pkys Collapse fs ' !>y rushing The JoneS- borc.' Qolden Hurricane wllh ten led the field, sl\ by running ' On the oilier haiid the Chicks jha\e .stenm-rollcrcd 126 first downs, and only 14 were by passe? B)y- thevllle has been so successful advancing the oval on tho giuoml that they hiu'e tried only n few forward passes. But the few they have tried 1 have been-. effective. Searcy has a hard charging line, not quite ns large as lh» Chicks but quite a : 'formidable outfit. De- £\>l(c the mislcly field, Ihcy- we're able to ; check; Jonesuoro's running OSCKOI/A, Ark. — Traditional attack, lioldiijj them • four times ' rivals will be sculping at each iiithln the five yard line. Only, other when the Slmwnce Indians Soninolcs Out to Avenge Last Season's Defeat By Shawnec f B) J P White the ic£l of Ihe clly wvs .celebrating Armistice Day, Coach"05 'Carney Lislls nnd Jnmos Puck- eltand the Bis thcv Hie chicks slient l»J> hour:, going over th; uc<i}K>ns| of. warfare vhich llicj plan to cm- ploy against, ilia SKucy JJoiis Frl- da^' nl?hli nn-l reUcwed some of the formations Uie Uons nre llkc- Iv (o'uw agalnit them ^Js has Wen the case nil season, - th* Chicks vieie not especially eft ._ fcetlxe!n:>l Lion passes With jHoland "SHecter ' Bishop doing the - having, Ihe resales repeatedly ./completed aerial heaves. liut :be- lot the 1^-mlniile drill was com\ |>leted th* varsity Mcks were cfilch- )ij? on and breaking up most of s 'thcm jit \\fls a dlflerciil 111* Invudc the Osceola Scitilnolc Juiul- grounds Frlilnjr, The Bemlnolcs will be three, touchdowns; hnve been ro corded.'agnlnsl them— the same as nivlhsvllie— niid they have scored 200 polii'.sr Ths -locals have tallied to avenge a Inst Mason's defetil 237. The Uons iittcmptcd only two nt Slmwnce, nnd nre hoping to forward passes n'calnst Datesville, (urn the trick ns Ihcv did In 1031 •econ'lng 23 flrsl downs. They , w|] C n (licy turned In a surprise 'Uth the they -rlm- *• rtuinin? attack. Alt'i m \ ivere merely using du, u " ~ irtige, Bishop Roteu *_, Sfoti. D;c Locke and H 1, Lwt were not foolliK- ti •»' ijncsmcn with the Senrcv i tiosis Wnlle Laslle \\as pjnstlni? 3? a\\\ 1113 various, defense!) tub locals 1 were to use on various plajs, Puck- J <iu4' who witnessed the Searcj- '\ Jotesboro, and S"nrc>-lJitc'f(}lle RjTrhcs. \\as directing the offense l|nfeis llio Maroon and White foi- ^ l lj>Pi1;rs nre badly fooled the Lion ,£ «i)|ck \t not going to dent the ' Efrone ohlck fomard unll j^Htlstic'i reveal that sc\en op jWsnls of the chicks have made ,' 1^40 first downs and only 2f '• through the line, or ni. average of -" hn than four n"r gams. The strpiig rled only 8 in the. Hurricane bat le, Max Hulchlns anil I>oHoy nrown, victory over the Indians. ' Coach Sanders hns hud his son line crossed hi only two On the Outside—Lookirip; In ,•• - -.-. ; • - •.• '• • ;; ••.',; -. / /. • 'D "ny DUKJT- Ilesl Proposal V«l i To our way of thinking the nvo-' posa! of the Hot Springs Clvllati' club for the singing of n nlyUic-. vllle-ifope/itatc championship game- at. not Bprliics on Thanksgiving Day has the best prospect of reali- mllan'of any made during the fu- llle Ulythevllle-Plne Blurt conlro- vcwy Inst year or so far this year. In oUior words U oflltlals ot Hope, find lilythevllle high schools really want, their football players to have the opportunity to settle the question 01 supremacy, provided both continue undefeated, such a. gaum would be the, Ideal solution. C'ivlUn C'luli Deserves Tlianks Of course, the prgposa! Is conditioned first, on thu agreement' of Couch Mcrvlng Perry of the Hot who JUNO been a l|lug wilh n bum ihfs sen™ hut lie will no Inlo _-.. v « ..... „. „,„ „„„ teg nnd shoulder, ictpccUtelv, wen [this g.ime without the SIM vices ol Spilngs Trojans to ttmcol lh» unnliiit fairl) well f.i slgnnl drills niuik Hiillei. ace b.ill,\irlci who • • - - nnd with l\io more dnjs Co rccup is nursing H cracked up collai crate should, lie able to so In Hie | bone I his Is almost nn hicmia- cicnl that tlie MBiilh flnsl] h ron- |,| c \ 0 ^ fol snndcis smiad, IIow- dy hr will likely get f.hc call o\cr' TOr his men nre prepared to nrown because ot Ills superior give the Sliavnee boys a hard run blocking.. In Hint event Homcrllc- for .tlicli- money slmrso will hold down light liulf-' back niul Drtn Wnrrington will go to the right Icrmlniit. It is probable Hint the shock IroopX "Bab' Roberts />ml, Jnnu^j Burioii nnd Llojd "To.u ' wise, tackles; Oneil Crnlg and Calvin "Hlckernut Himd" Moo:ly, guards, find-Captain hyron "ntppsr" Wnlk- er wlH team with wnrrlngton In The Indians have had n most successful season and come ;to ' Osceola with nn uninarred record, '"° l ! son J|irK bo<Iy lost n aame this from ,|, nnd from town to boost for (hem. The Osceom tenin will be Ihf Stirling lino Russell Moslev [ '"f ^ 01 " homc-comtng ciowd, and and Alfred 'Slick" Meiedllh will''" 1 '' elected nonnn Rue Diivci as team Besjinrsc nnd the fullback 05 ball carriers. Conch Lnsllc »-pccls to tnkc the entire squad ol 31, two student mamwers, niir) coach. Pueketl 'they probably will leave enilj Pilday It.s home-coining queen, W'llh Ihe following maids: I'miiccs. Conwny, Kilty Dagcs, Ruth Edrlngton Mary Virginia Cromet 1 , Jnckle Ut- tle..Mnrlfi Mnyo. Adcllc Hook nnd Mn"thn Krile Urynnt. moinlnu by bus nnd will inukc the i The game will be preceded by Mayfnlr Hotel their licadqtlaitars n pnrnrto niilnwn led bj the queer In S'lrcj . nnd hei pnity Mothers of the players will be BHds prefci not to fly They <"'f"-ls of the school foi Hits flv to obtain food and to escape gnmc fiom Ihch enemies. Bints llvliijj In icglons free from .carnivorous \ tir£.m\ood, Ml«7 ' eilm boistlii 0 - - - — ---. '-> sufth l)acVs_ns II A Iloffmnn nrfi jnnlinnh loud to lose thcli njh>g clcplmnl Inintlng. h: '" lie Abraham, failed to muke a nM'Iti liowei of 2". loiib The .500 expve&s bullet, hns a used , In striking O7ZIE OSTRICH SAYsJ'WlNTER'S HERE IT') TIME FORFAL5TAFF WINTER BEER/' WINfiR BEER in Bottles f 'HJPE THE FACTTHAT^ ITS HIGH TIME TO ORDER FALSTAFF, WIKTERBEER.|T STIPJ YOU UPAHDf V \¥AR/AS YOU UP. I Get The Jump On lack Fxost With Winter Beei! Dou'i !cl cold weather give you the blues! Keep in the pink with Falstaff—the original Winter Beer. It steps you up and peps you up! It's a tingling taste treat that can't be beat! Order by case from your dealer today, or ask to : the handy sivbottk "lakc-me-homc" bags! • The Choicest Product of the Brewers' Art Coming Saturday, Nov. 14th A Great New FORD V-8 Ford lines will make headlines. Important .'improvements all around. The greatest operating E C 0 N 0- M Y in Ford history. And a NEW LOW PRICE! See It Here Saturday for the First Time Phillips Motor Co. hnnksglvlng Day game his team >s with Hope nt Hope. No doubt but that the Civllan lib does Imvc In mind the busl- Hint would go along with the guess! nglng of a championship (or jout as , nearly BO ns you'll: find :ie) game, Hut It l,s also true tliat lot Springs is neutral territory, a red-hot football town and that 10 Hot , Springs stadium 1 , would old a fni gieatci i,ipiclty ciowrt inn the Hope 01 nlythcvillo field Say wlmt yoii: wiint'lo about the jtiilnc-a," angle of the Hot Springs ivllan club offer, thLs column beeves the Spa club deserves a vote f thanks, for .submitting the best roposnl yet put forward for solii- lon of a championship, muddle. game nre two very formidable op- jxments—Searcy and rv)rrcst city. The Chicks piny tearcy at Searcy tomorrow night and they will have to be at top speed to finish ahead of the powerful Lions who ore keyed up for the game as they have been'for no other game this eeason. A large number of fans from Little liock, I'lne Bluff. Hot Springs and otli^r cities of the so-cnlled "big ton" or "big twelve" In Arkansas football will be on hnnd for p. glimpse at these Chicknsaws they have rcai! and heard so much nboiit. Kcitrey Is by far the farthest west the chicks go this season or have been since their sensational winning strenk started. And the ma^ie Attraction of their record, phr.s the c'nancc that: the best bcarcy team in years may ba able to upset Ihcin nnd stop the title claims of their .supporters will have grid fans out by the thousands to unless we miss 0111 Cloy {Five Vards) Evans A Pine lilull' fan writes Ben ISp stein, Arkansas Cin'«;lts sports editor, that lie wants to bet cvei money that Cloy Evans, 205-pound Searcy fullback, will average flv yurds for every time he carries the :7-(i, by the Joncsboio Wlihhvlnds. will have a twenty pound weight They'hold,tiluniphs over Annorel advantage nnd are expected to and (,!!« Ncwpott leservej, jThcy finish ahead. ; " , Capacity Crowd of Middle Arkansas Faiis Kxpect- ed to Watch Game ball nig hi. tlic chicks Friday There !s no question but that Evans is n good ball carrier. But the Chicks have stopped other touted line plungers this Abraham of Greenwood highly season. came licr» with nn excellent reputation as a fullback and plenty of heft to back il up but he found It a difficult job to crnck. that Ch,lck- nsn«" Hue. Evnns will have a heavy, power- fill, hard charging line in front of him. Pi'obably the best line the Clilcks linvc yd met will be opsn- in<; tlie way. The Chick forwards will be in for the bttlll? of the sea- manning Wanls Lnlcr Date Coach Lowell Manning of the Joursboro Golden Hurricane wanls no more etirly season games with tr« islvtheville chickasnivs. Manning has already inndc the Etnbinent llial he would like to the game staged BlyMievHlc-.finssb no earlier Ihnn the rcroiul week 111 November next year nt Joncsboro. .• To Give Plav-By-Plav Account of Grid Game Olxtielis in (he W.iy Wo realbc one seiloiis lilteh tlml my develop in the plans even if he Tiojnns ngicc lo cancel thch lope gnmc. Is tint, nope nm> noi •I willing lo do so. Ine gnme Is slated lo be plnjed til HOIKS rtlid n Hot Springs-Hops ;nme ' would undoubtedly draw a hie crowd lo the home Held swell he...coders of the Hope athletic fund niifl. bring business to . the own Hops has been looking foi- 'itid to staging such a gnme ns a natural.' But on the other hnnd a Tlitiii'ks- lihig Dny game hero certainly iicnus mone\ for tlie Bljtbevllle athletic fund nnd Indliecl bshcllts o( no tnmll sUe foi Blslhevllle biis- ncss men. True Dlyllievllle hasn't obtained a Thanksglvin? opiionent set. having held its 'linkjv DIV late open cspecinllj foi o plnj-off game )>ro|x>sal—such ns • fell tlifu i lien the Aiknusis Allilctlc Asso- clnlion (Motto Right 01 wioiig .yc'll not bn dictated to) put Its .col- lectlie fool, down on UK late la ncnled Olaiy plnj oil plnn Bui tl'a Chicks call secina n icrj woithj 'pponent foi Ttinnk^lving Dny, ivcn this lute. A good crowd nnd n BOW! profit Is practically assured lil>the\llte ns well us Hope \Mth Hume gnmes on linkcy Div Pnch Icnm \\ c belicie, will piont 11010 noin a fhinncinl viewpoint by playing at Hot Springs Hum nl home Because.of the ,tremendous 'pull at ll c gate such an aUinc Uon would have Iheic will be the mattci of dlUslon of llic gate receipts to be ivorkcd out but surely this can ba doii" nntl \ic do not b-- lle\e Hot Spilngs would Insist ol any: large cul for tlie : usa of the sladlmn bccniise of the bus-incs-i thnt would icsult Indirect!} And nside from tlie .'nniinclnl nn- 3lc the gnmt: stiould provide a R!O- rlons .ending fnr the season and jive the funs or'the state at bsist I WVKNINC! ORUFR pine idea of the respective strength Amos N. Clifton and Sue D Cllf- 1 learns the state riinm- i,;» a rc warned to appear in the Jlonslilp Hope and. Hlythcvlllc Chancery Court for the Chlcka- :ecm lo have the most support for fa wba District of Mississippi Coun- By JOHN rONDKlt SBAROY, Ark., Nov. 12.—After .. series _of- hard practiej s?ssions, Ccnches E. Mnc Trimble und Tommy Shaver will permit their Rcar- cy Lions lo laper off vs-lth signal drills thl; aflcrnoon In n final preparation for the eminently Imporl- nnt Invasion of Conch,Carney l/is- lic's lilytheville Ciiickasnws, 'prldav nlzht. Tlirougliont Ihc cariisr days of the week the Lion squadron lias been worked.hard in an effort (:• (IcvclOD an effective defense against forward. passes and end inns. Individual blocking and l.-icklin" h:i ; been emphasized as well. SnircyV powerful offense, made possible liv Imrd running backs,.a fnsl, charging line, and effective blocking, l!a.« not been overlooked. ' '. . in splto or the fact (perhaps because of Ihc fact) that tills is the first meetlno; of these two teams a great rivalry, a keen Interest over Ihe Impending contest, has alrc'adv arisen. A capacity crowd, comurls- cd of fans from various pirts of the state, Is anticipated. : The Searcy llne-iij), tentative wlP be: Herbert Walker and D^nn'.' Garrison, ends; Hubert Singleton nnd Hnrry Grnbbs, tackles' Captain Ralph "Dull" Williams nnrl Alton Cooper, guards; Elnert Lensm-c center-; Buddy Wood, quarterback: t^eo Wood and .Charles Nichols Imlfbacks; and Clov ijvans fn;i- back. In reserve will be- James DANCE At i'lifr Armory SEARCY,.ARK. lw Gnnw, Friday Nov. 13th Admission §1.00 Liles ends; Morris, tackl' nnd B a r n c y Hnrrison Lowell' sinaleloii aild J. H les; Walter Carver and Carl Huddleston, Mitchel. icenter; _. niiarlerbnck; Jack HnTl' and" me Quntllebaum. halfbacks- Ivnn McFall, fullback. guards; Bdwii L. C. Nuchols Conand .'Die Hl.vUieville-Seiu-cy foollrall '»mc nt'Seixrcy'-Fridny night', will be clctnllcd; plny-by-plny over a "oublie address system in front cf .Local Juniors Have Yet to Wm Game; Underdogs Tomorrow Defeated in Ihcii- [lirde starts Iliis' season, Coacli Slanilll Cutch- iu's r Junior, Papooses will be "seck- ingf tliclr nr'st victory tomorrow afternoon when they, clnsli with Hie strong Pfiragould ;Dullpups. Bounced by Joe Applebniun, who has aimounced other out-of-town !•„?! lames tills season. The .play-by-1 V: account, will be given-direct: .° c >lny from Ihc Searcy ; field by Friend over long-distance J. tele- Sponsors of the game account: arc Tom Little Chevrolet com- nany, ficcinson' Drug company, i'ln-Mor bowling parlor, Palace cafe, HuVaard Tire nnd Battery company nnd the Famous Slorc. and ma- tliat Tom- had been a loss bv his books and would nimble lo plnv any more thl- year. Young Warringtoii.- who is a southpaw passer and kicker, has "•fen counted on slrongly looks like promising varsity leriru In .a couple of years. (he i ;Aiinbfcl Rcddies, 28-0, anci 32-(?i I nnd were smothered, 50-6, In their only appearance 'against Paragould. Para'goulrl boasts one of tin rangest Junior teams In tlie stale, nlthouch they v«re bealen ll!s consideration, Hope being tl-sd! but undefeated so frir nnd Blythe- villc bVing undefeated In 2G straight games.. /.'"" • If the Hope-Blytheville game nl Hot Springs can possibly be worked out, Jet's sec that'.It Is put on. All. Eyes on Searcy Between the'Chicks nnd such a ty, Arkansas, within thirty days, to niiswer a complaint filrd against them by Commoiuvealth Fedsral Savings and Loan Association; Dated this November 12. 1930. '.• . H. M. CRAIG. Clerk " • Uy A. ,F. Smitli, Deputy. Reid & Ev-rard, , Attorneys for Plaintiff. ' ' :f . , 12-10-26-3 Before Von Bny Any Oullioiird - g cc (t, t NEPTUNE 2 n. r. <£ 4 e; Single Cyl. 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