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Raleigh Christian Advocate from Raleigh, North Carolina · Page 2

Raleigh, North Carolina
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Thursday, September 3, 1857
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XJ flortlj Carolina jristiau Jpbocaic. locate. RALEIGH, X. C. . LSDAY, SEITEMBER ' THU Editor's Office: a 7nj redmce, one quart-, vosfl, eaxt from, the Capitol. SiLu:rlhert vrliose papers hatt a croit mark on them, art thereby in formed that tJteir subscription yar it ibovt to e.y.pire ar"l ar" r-ypectully reqnrzt-.d to ruts by forwarding ?1 .a') to this rtirf irAVylfit'iy. Bry The X. J. Clirintian Advocate trill Wrmflt:r be sent to none, esc-pl to thse who Jt'lic 1AII IN ADVANCE. En co tracing. The friends of the Church will be pleased to learn that our return to the cash system meets the approbation of the patrons of this paper. Of coarse a few, who Lave rot paused to reflect upon the propriety of the measure may have expressed disapprobation ; but the general voice is fr.w L- -1 - number of o'd subscribers who were discontinued, have already renewed ; and we arc-frire that -a little effort oa the part of the preachers and frienda would easily extend our circulation to five thousand. (jive us five thousand paying subscribers; and we will engage a clerk, to enable .us to devtlc our whole time and energies to the improvement of the X. C. C Advocate. Give us five thousand subscribers; and the typographical appearance of the paper shall be improved so as to please even the fastidious. Shall we have five thousand subscribers? When ? .Brethren, send them on. Let all do like the -P. K. of Salisbury district : Le presets the claims of our own Advo-cate At a popular hour ; and then in the recesses of public (services goes round and .gathers up the names and the money. 'That is the way : work for the paper ; or else come out with your opposition in a manly sort, and gives us a chance to meet it in open day. Let brethren work for .their own paper. "iBiiliop Early. A paragraphiis going the rounds which states, that. Bishop Early is lying dangerously ill, at a Camp-meeting near Lynchburg. To relieve the anxiety of the church, .we extract from a letter written on the 27th lilt., by Rev.-II. 1'. Bibb, who was at that time in Lynchburg, on a flying visit to a relative. He says : " On Sunday night -of the meeting Bishop Early, after having preached twice during the -day. wan taken is now better, and it is hoped he will soon be well." All men are mortal, and it is reasonable to believe that this faithful servant of the church wiil ultimately pass into the portals of light, and " rest from his labors." Nor should we be at all surprised if the messenger at last should call him up from a Conference or a camp-meeting. It will be written of him, "he fell at his post." May the day be distant ere the church militant shall lose him 1 A Good Subscriber. 'A subseriber-in ilowan who lives on his monthly wages, -writes thus : "I enclose SI. 50 to pay for the Advocate. You did right to stop my. paper when the pay was out. But I must have our Advocate. No one shall ever say I took the paperwithout paying for it. Though hard run for money, I will always save the, price of the Advocate out .of my hard e&raings. I intend to take ft as long as I live ; and when I die.'I-intend to leave money enough ;to my widow, (should I ever obtain a wife, and leave a widow,) to enable her to pay f r the paper as long as she lives." He wiil make a good husband ; we beg leave to put in a good word for him and far all like him. A faithful subscriber deserves a good wife ; he will take care of one. .Our frienda, .the bachelors, will please take.the hint. Texas Christian Advocate- The hist number comes out in a new dress from head to foot. It is one of the .best .looking and best conducted papers in -the churoh. Under the editorial management of Brother Gillespie, it merits the position it occupies in point of circulation ;the head of Texan periodicals. Appointment. The funeral sermon of Mr. Samuel Baily, sea., will be preached at Good Hope, Granville county, by the Editor, on th second Sunday in September. Auspicious. A friend informs us that a fine religious feeling prevails among the pupils at Greensboro' Female College; one professed conversion a few days ago. This, so early ia the session, is auspicious of good. "Zephyrus." The communication of Zepbyrus would be admitted ; but for the reason that another notice of the deceased was published two weeks ago. Bishop Pierce. The friends of Bishop Fierce in Mem-I phis offer strong indu-iemecU for him to ifix bis residence in that city; and the Bishop had njanifested symptoms of yield- iog to their wiL. Thereupon the Quar- . leriy c.oriiereu':r9 iu " - - - , themselves to preambles and reflations, J a copy oi tnese proceeuing was lorwar-i highly complimentary to Bishop Pierce, ! M to Raleigh, to be presented to you for but deprecating his proposed removal- ! publication in the X. C. C. Advocate, more This is all very kindly meant, n', dobt ; than a &th tut the letter wi5 mi-but it strikes us that Bi.hop Pierce should j "med. TLw will, explain the delay cf be permitted to decide for himself in such j PLt comuiunicat.oD. a matter, without being embarrassed by Respectfully, public, form!, olliciU appeals, map . 1 Andrew was permitted t leaie Georgia without such proceedings to hinder him ; j and Bishop Pierce should have equal liber- j ty of choice. Oar only interest in the , matter is to forestall such precedents j in Georgia, as might hereafter impede the emigration of a Bishop to Xorth Carolina. We fchould like to have a live Bishop among us right well; but were we to show half the amiety for such a favor that is exhibited by our Georgia and Memphis brethren, we should be straightway accused t nA : - - T' 1 ' in truth, our brethren out there would perhaps do well to recollect that the Bishops do not belong to a Conference, bu to the whole Church. Personal. We leara that Rev. B. T. Blake suppos es that our reply to his article on "Conference Boundaries," last week, may make the impression that we regard his motives and feelings as hostile to the true interests of the Xorth Carolina Conference. V e ! think that in this he is mistaken. But to prevent the possibility of inferences so unjust to both of us, we take occasion to say explicitly, that whatever objections we may have to the theory propounded by him, we know him to be incapable of mo tives incompatible with the prosperity of the Conference of which he has been so long an honored member. The publication of his article laid upon us the necessity of a reply. But that reply was first submitted to a mutual friend, as it would have been to himself, had he been in the city, with a pledge to strike out every word which could be construed as unkind or unjust to Bro. Blake. Xo word of unkindness was found by this friend, and it was published as originally written. And now we can but disavow any construction of our language that can by possibility afHict our friend and brother. As to the question at issue, we differ widely ; but we differ as brethren. Both have been heard, and we trust there will Peace Making-Heart divisions destroy the work of God. " Blessed are the peace-makers." Bishop Potter, of Pennsylvania, in a Conventional Address, thus pertinently enforces the du ty of peace among brethren : "Little can be hoped from our agency as peace-makers in the Christian world at large, unless we can point at home to a house with substantial as well as nominal unity, to brethren, who dwell together in the unity of the Spirit and the bond ot peace There is amonjr our clergy so much sub stantial agreeme'nt, and so little even of unimportant difference among our laity, that continued strite and recrimination would be alike gratuitous and suicidal. Let us, then, pray more and more 'tor the peace of Jerusalem." Letourstrife be who shall most advance the things that make for our peace. Whatever breeds mutual distrust or tends to animosities, let us dis countenance. In respect to real or suppos ed evil or error in others, let us be slow to speak, and slower still to wrath. Let us endeavor to recognise and honor all the good we can find in those who are honestly workins ior souls, ana 11 tnere are tnose who -will not abstain from evil speaking, whose element is discontent, and conten tion and change, let us leave them to their ignoble and unenviable work, with the prayer that God will give them repentance and better minds. A Good Meeting. By request of the members of the church at Bethel, six miles from the city, we spent two days very pleasantly with them last week in the labors of a revival with which the Lord was blessing them. The congregations were large and attentive souls were converted, and believers were filled with lovo and joy. "The unity of the spirit in the bonds of love" abounded, and it was with great reluctance we yield ed to the necessity of returning to the chair Editorial. Bethel is one of the old est Baptist churches in Wake county; and we trust that the revival may result in great good to the neighborhood. The "Spirit of the Age." The last issue of this periodical opens the ninth volume. We take the occasion to congratulate friend Gorman upon his merited success, in furnishing his readers with the best temperance and literary jour nal in the South. A Business Item- Receipts will be given next week. Also by that time the new mail books will be completed, all corrections made, letters an swered, and arrears of business generally brought up to date. Until then our friends will please wait a time with patience. For tL e X. C. C. A I vocal e . NtTBEKJiE, Ac 22, lo7. I Dear Sir : Sub joined you will find a ; copy of church proceeding, of tie Baptist CLarch of this place, which I s-esd you in . . r . i . r.i . . t . we oi e Knn . i- ReT. R. T. llEiXI-V, Raleigh, X. C- Baptist Church, New berxe, X. C, ) J uly 8, 157. j" Preamble and Resolutions. Whereas, The X. C. C. Advocate of: 2d int. July contains an article headed j " Tidings from the East," signed O-sis-so," and dated " Rest, X. C," in which article the writer refers to " a church trial ; and its results," which was reported to him during his recent visit to Xewberne; and also specially refers to the Baptist Church of this place, as the scene of this church expelled not believe baby sprinkling was a dn ;" 1 one ot her members " who did and, whereas, the tenor of said article nec essarily implies, that the church had excluded said member b'cauxe he "did not believe baby sprinkling was a sin," and for no other cause ; therefore, Resolved 1st, That said article i3 a caricature, and therefore a misrepresentation of said " church trial and its results," as the proceedings in the case will show, a copy of which was given to the excluded member at his own request soon after his exclusion, (in July, I80G ) If"Ossisso" did not see the document, the fault was not, therefore, ours. 2d. That this church does regard " baby prinkling" a sin, and its practice, by a member of a Baptist church, as a sufficient ! ground for discipline; and it is no compliment to the intelligence of a Methodist, to say he did not know this to be the faith and practice of Baptist churches. dd. lhat, as the writer of said article has concealed his real name, we hereby request him to review his course and pub- ldy repair the wrong he has done to the japtist Church of Newbernc. : 4th. That, while this Church does not '. wish to give publicity to her action in the case in question, yet, if " Ossisso" refuses to do her the justice she asks at his hands, she claims the right to defend herself, by a publication of the proceedings in the case. 5th. That the Editor of the IN. C. C. Advocate be, and he is hereby, respectfully requested to insert these proceedings in his paper as an act of justice to an injured public. J. C. Stevenson, Cl'c Remarks : The above is inserted cheer fully. The Editor entertains respect for the Baptist Church in Xewberne,and has grate ful recollection of the hospitality extended l j.6..gi;uu iuem wroog, and willingly T give them the benefit of their own explau-j ation. If "Ossisso" shall see that be was misled; by erroneous information, he too will do right in the premises- He i3 liable tabe misled, but we do not think him cajahle of intentional injustice. We cannot help thinking it hardly 10m- patible with the dignity of a church to pay such attention to au anonymous aews-par per article. The explanation might have ctme with' better grace from some member of ths church; at least the prying public will be- apt to think so. 1. The gist of the supposed wrong done by our shadowy correspondent to the Baptist Church in Xewberne is thus set forth in the formal proceedings : "The tenor of said article necessarily implies that the church had excluded said member because "he did not believe baby sprinkling to be a sin," and for no other cause." It is apparent that the church felt called upon, not simply to correct a partial state ment of its actior, but to relieve itself from the odium of of excluding a member for no other reason than that he "did not believe baby sprinkliBg was a sin." 2. And yet in the same document which repels the statement that the church has expelled a member for such a cause, it is added, in formal resolution, "That this church does regard baby sprinkling a sin, and its practice by a member of the Baptist church as a sufficient ground of discipline." If infant baptism be a sin, it is sinful to approve it; if to practice it be ground for discipline, to approve the practice also calls for discipline. And in this point of view, ! we are at a loss to perceive how the Baptist Church in Xewberne could feel so aggrieved with our correspondent, only for erroneously supposing they had done that which their opinion of infant baptism would necessarily lead them to do, in the case of a member who should "approve such things" as it denounces to be sinful. But is infant baptism a sin ? If so, then the Apostles and first christians, and multitudes of believers in Christ, who have gone to heaven, were great sinners. For they approved and practiced infant baptism and died without repenting the evil. In fact, our Baptist brethren are honestly mistaken on this question. Apart from anything that has been, or that may be published by our Baptist brethren, we shall take occasion soon to present the reasons upon which we believe infant baptism to be right and scriptural. Here, however, having given the Baptist Church in Xewberne a place in our columns, we trust this matter will be per mitted to rest. Iditcr't Tatla- "Peimitiye Emscopact : n attempt to: ascertain the Oririn, Powers, nd dalles of Cbmtlan Bioj. ai resized by the ApoUe?, i'ntnitiTe LEarcn, ana Protestant Reformers; an-1 to determine'" with this primary 24odt. By M. 31- j ideoey of the Rev. Ir. Catsain?, i is a Heoile, J). I. Xa-hville, Teen.: Pub- j tiJy prper&r.s eosditios. hariti ceaily lihed for the autb:, by Stevenson itl(f . ' ., Snob is the title, in fall, of a book of j 2SG races, for a ecrT cf vibich we are io-j -r i debted to the author. It is a valuable ad-' A notice of everv revival is the Cosftr-dition to that class of 3IethodUtic litra-J eace should be sent to this paper, giving a tare which ha been elicited by the assaults ; short plain mieniest cf the re3l:s cf each of High Churchisro. The learned author j meeting. If brethren will attend to this, ba succeeded admirably in condensing the j it will be for the edification of the lover? of result? of deep re-seirch, and the Jinks of 1 Zion. We gather the following good news a coDclu?iTe argument, within such limits : of the work cf the Lord in our Conference a to lay the whe question in reach of ev- try reader. Tt.e preachers, especially the yeurg preachers,shouM study this volume; ; atd it sh u'd b- rad by all of our mem- ' Urs who wi,h to inform an! fortify them- , . - - , fie;ves incorrect v.ews of Primitive Methodist Episcopa?y. While we heartily ( eammenJ J proper to say that! we are not que able to endorse one or two. bordinate positions. It may be obtained at the Depositories, ' and should find a place in every library. j i Lidiieix's History of Rome. N. lork: ; letter dated Aug. 2t1th: "I am just from a Harper Brothers. 12 mo. pp. 763 . ; camp meeting at Rocky Spring. A num-Wc are indebted to the Publishers, j ber were converted; 20 added to the church, , ... and the missionary collection amounted to through H. D. Turner, for a copy of this ; upward of Qne do,ars book. It is a clear condensed history of j Barringer. Rome from its foundation to the establish-: Roanoke Circuit Ausr. 28. -ment of the Empire, illustrated by about a j jRQ Heflin: Our meeting at Edward's hundred engravings two chapters of liter-j Chapel, closed yesterday, having resulted j , Th( ; in the conversion of 13 souls. To God be . m.iii 1: itiiu nil. a X-'- u lkj j - - name of Lr. Liddell is a guarantee for the j a11 thc gloi7-vnlnfl r.r th book. It is bv far the best S t; ,.wta onri ac. .leges, and should find a place in the libra- j ed some time since was mislaid; buthavmg :ry of every one who aspires to a general j teen found, the extract is given : knowledge of history. i "Our 3d quarte-ly meeting was held at i M t. Tirzah. It was a time of interest. Our South West Coast Three Years Resi-! P. E. had to leave cn Monday, but tbe dence in Washington Territory. By meetidg was protracted to Friday; and re-.Jas. G- Swann. Xew York : Harper & : suited in good to the church ; 8 whites and Brothers. 12mo. pp. 435. j colored person professed faith in Christ. .... 1 May the Lord continue to revive his work!" W-e are indebted to the Publishers, j Ang 17th lg57 j jjuxt. tthroch 3Ir. II. D. Turner, of the Xorth ' ( e learn verbally that lo souls were vCuroxna Book Store, for a copy. converted last week at Salem, Granville Mr. Swann resided long enough on that ! circuit. Editor.) part of the Pacific coast which lies between . t, rr, , . ,,-,, - 1 Tar River Circuit. The Editor has the traits of Fuca and the Columbia river, ; beeQ inforincd by pt.rS0D9 who were pres. to hi enabled to give much reliable and ent tat a gracious and extensive revival interesting information of the country, and has taken place at Piank Chapel. 3Iore of the Indians. These latter he shows ; than GO souls were converted. clearly to have been of Asiatic origin. j Columbia Circuit. Bro.Ileft'm : The natural features, the resources and the' While writing on business, I would say to . , ..1 . . j , .1 -4i the friends of Methodism, that the Lord nistory of the terntory,are delineated with ; 1 .... , ' . . T , ' , ,,, ! 13 reviving his work on our circuit. 1 have clearness and apparent trutuiuiness. inat tt. .,ceu iiietiiseiVes with n-Troit"ifiitjry"anu arrrndex, increase the the church. Being worn down by exces-value of the book. It is commended to ': Blve labor, and in view of another appointor readers as an interesting volume of!ent' .the "ieet,iDfe' was bght to a close , , , . . - i after nine days continuance, very much to facts about a part of our own vast country ,t ni. nf u xt 1 r J i the regret ot all. .None reeretted it more hitherto but little known, but hereafter destined to form several prosperous states of tbe confederacy. A Child's History of Greece. By John Bonner. Xew York : Harper & j Bro Heflin: I am glad to inform you Brothers. 18mo. pp. 315, 292. j and the readersof the Advocate that since I The author is of established reputation m,?ved from the an of Cape Hatteras to v-ir- pi,; ,1,.., tv, i 1 this place,the good Lord hs been gracious- ln books or this class, lhese two volumes 1 i- , w, T , 1 , r , o . 1 ly reviving his work hen I preached my tell the story of classic Greece in a clear i first sermon here, (Swan Quarter,) I only simple attractive style, admirably suited to ! had one Methodist brother aid a few eis-young readers ; and indeed maybe read by Iters that had joined the church, but did the seniors with jrreat interest. Thev are adorned with numerous illustrations. For sale by II. D. Turnt whom we have received a copy For sale by II. D. Turner, through Married or Single. By Miss C. 31. Sedswick. Xew York, Harper & Broths ers."l2mo. pp. 261, 284. The author thus intimates her design "The object of this book is to raise thelieTe that tere 'd cbaDce t(do '& 1. .e . ... ... P. . single women oi our country to tne com- paratively honorable level they occupy in England, and do something to drive away the smile already fading from the lips of all but the vulgar at the name of 'old maid.' " "I speak by permission and not of commandment. Every man hath his proper gift of God, one after this manner, another after that. I say therefore to the -unmarried and widows it is good for them if they abide." 3Iiss Sedgwick i3 a maiden lady, not fuite so young as she was many years ago. She is well known as a writer; and her -views of marriage, are sensible and ortho dox the book is interesting, and marries off it3 personages in the old way, True, it has the inevitable fly in the ointment of northern literature ; the heroine is touched with the negro mania; but like a sensible woman, she finally turns her attention to her own affairs. 3ir. II. D. Turner, through whom we are indebted to the publishers for a copy, can supply those who wish to purchase, " Address before Holston Female College, delivered on Commencement day, May 6tb, 1857. By Rev. Erastus Rowley, A JU." The Publisher, our friend of the Herald of Truth, will accept our thanks for a copy. It is good very good. The following view of a complete education should be written upon the hearts of all who have charge of daughters : "Whatever may be one's natural gifts, or intellectual attainments, no mind should be regarded a3 properly educated, until regenerated by ihe Holy Spirit, and until God is re-enthroned in its most devout affections. Never, until this divine transformation, this thorough renovation, is science rightly appreciated, and every ae- qai':La ssde tr-h-tarr to ee b:"t -harpine. TLea will the cia-d, tatriru- seDedM before. It it der-raritr, sake mitTe rs -; j prr mh. r e ever i;. r itT z. xer the Pre?- EeTiTals. from the correspondence and exchanges of the psst week. Leasbvrg Circuit. A letter from the preacher in charsre, in the R. C. Advocate of the hist week eavs : "We closed a meet- in at Coaoliy s oa Leburg circuit a lew da3 ag0j which .j in the c nversion of C3 g0Ui3." J. W. Lewis. SjLfpwx r.iT, An- 29tb, 1857 . There hag beer and u a rac;onj re. 1 vival on this circuit. About onr huwfi'd souls have been added to the church dur- ng tbe PastJear- J n -Martin. iTrTivr,r CtprriT V-rtraft frr.m J. X. Andrews. O. J. Brent. I Granville Circuit.- A letter receiv. j than I did, as the prospects were eood for a very extensive revival. James B. Baily. Columbia Circuit, Aug. 20, 1857. Mattamuskete Circuit. Au 24. '57. I . KD?W tnat tDey naa SDJ tlass DooJi since that time, I have preached to them about twelve tiinps. and thpv h.ivp Vippti : hnilt un in the fV.hh Tph nth r l,Mn happily converted, eight of them are standing ready to join the church, the other two having joined; and three very respectable and influential young men have taken up the cross of public prayer, and there seems : j Sreat cDC"n about religion mani ! qmnnr Vi a ror.nln onrl T r. -i I it V. r great and glorious work here for God My dear brethren we want your fervent prayers in our behalf; for the devil has got a large number of this people asleep in their sins, and they must be aroused, they must be converted to God. The Lord grant it, and his name shall have all the glory, for ever, and ever. Amen. Yours in Christ. II . Farrow. MISCELLAXY. Camp Meeting. A camp meeting under the charge of the venerable Bishop Early, of the Methodist Episcopal Church is in progress at the camp ground, on Ward's road, seventeen miles from Lynchburg. The Courier, in its issue of Tuesday, thus alludes to it : We were there on last Sabbath, and listened with great pleasure to two finely delivered discourses from the Bishop, who appears to be very zealous in the good cause, and whois doing much to bring sinners to the altar. There was a dense concourse of persons drawn together from Campbell and the adjoining counties, and every person that could get a team from Lynchburg, was there. The attendance is a great deal larger than last year. There have been but few ministers as yet, but a good number are expected, among them Rev. Messrs. Hall and Carter, of this city, and the Rev. Mr Rosser, Presiding Elder of this district. A good time is anticipated. The tents are very comfortably fitted up, and those who have been there during the progress of the meeting, speak in high terms of the excellent accommodations. We were sorry to seo the preacher interrupted in the first part of his sermon by gentlemen taking seats with the ladies. A kind reproof from the Bishop had the ef fect to move the gentlemen to their own side, and the sermon was listened to with marked attention by at least two thousand persons. Y e douot not they are having an interesting meeting, and hope great good may be the result. Z V ',r, l at Lii Tbs Spirifi As 3 e-r;rsn of 'b Per-rV IlVr -r .v T. s.-,4 r.fi-. Baptist Church. B . kTi. as a 1:k:: cf tv. ir ' fi-h." The "A: iT tec rerr?n 1 r-"--' ! 1 b -arcd it. It a -cd it It a 'p'r? ir.!i;"-n o idisto hi. tr.:o3. the sTir:t ct difla-Tte, a Mr. B. V. Ptrdj. hil a---.t3r-3 bimof the natare of the bappiuc r.f IlrTfn : that it r--nited in barnoni re' at sot. aid iatercoarje re atsots aa-J iatercfare iia nuir i lure, ml the abidin; oonaane oft.i? rith tindred na- IiTioe Lvve. which : s.. pcrraiM Piviae .j-irit aod rrevacel" There ; now we all know all about it . C.ear a mud ! X. Y. Pojr. A IsnrT.'d J' !,'! The Coorregnti-n- r..-.ta njwiMr.fr which rrave an : account rT the conferring cf the decree of ! man by an Eastern collie, and the .aae ' par-er pabli.bes a letter from tbis same cle'rcyman of fifty-one line?, cootainmc ! nine srros errors in srei.ing, ;iu i.iv. ;mc. ana more j than' twenty, equally gros, m ponctua- ticn. -. In the L.nd n Times of the 27th we Sad th fallowing :. "TV, pmv Ke.-nments are rcafiv c ' . ,.t . V r.r-n .-. nA r-i'Ti,,r nrhn 1 teach tbe young men from England the Iroutioo of amy. The latter learn to lo k I upon the service with their regimenti a a vpraticn. and aftrr a time, as a huniiiia- tioo c-ry one whois anybody is dru.-lt- j cd away to something else, and, of course, i it is b-th onerous and rnortifvine to remain When seven or tu'Te ot the .senior facers are away, srettinr higher pay and with the ; prospect of an indefinite advancement, it, j cannot be wondered at tht the regimental ; service should be demoralized, aui ai lit-, i tie thut tho Hindoos should discover the; fact." -1 Mark Bishop. The Bishop cf Sierra i Leone, Rev. Ir. Weeks, having recently 1 I deceased, the London Star gives general i currency to the rumor prevalent in clerical j circle, that the appointment to the va-j cant See is likely to be conferred on Rev. i ?nmnp! Prnwthpr. n man of polor. whf-e history is well known in connexion with religious efforts in that latitude. The late incumbent was universally respected, and bad been Bishop only eighteen months. lie had just returned from a visit to the Abbeokuta Mission, and his subsequent landing at Accrapong, and bis exposure there, are supposed to have acted fatally on ! his feeble frame. I j Against Tobacco. A Berlin correrpon-I dent of the Stettin Gazette, nsserts that Vi ra T'r-it numn r. n-rnrr Vvrn v r-i r 1 1 1 rr if-an requested by the nijlher authorities to ab stain from smoking in public. A Literary Girl. A young lady at a ball was asked by a lover of seriom poetry whether she had seen Crabbe's Tales ? 'Why, no,' she answered, 'I didn't know that crabs had tails.' I bee voir pardon, Miss,' said be, 'I mean have you rrZj.Iso recently ut Bryant's ti.ill near the Crabbe's Tales ?' 'And I assure you, sir, ; Fame place, Mr. Joseph Edward chot and I did not know that red crabs, or any ether, : killed a turtle at a di-tance of 2-10 y-r. had tails.' w If;rrr,v n nashr uwnwea in Morgm's BrigVU at'fhe been mentioned that the life of'the Earl defcat of Tailcrcn, in the batth of the cf Mornington lately deceased in England,, Cow-pens, Jan. 17th, 1781. was iusurred by his creditors for about a j Th" M'tholist Church. The fV.wr-million of dollars. This nobleman was a ' Stone of the new Methodic Church wn nephew of the late Duke of Wellington, laid on Saturday last, with appropriate and was formerly known as Long Pole ceremonies, in the presence cf a gooiy Wellesly, and has been long living in pov- number of the citizen- of the town, erty, brought upon him by improvidence ' The services we re opmed with prayr hy in early life. He died very suddenly, and the Rev. Win. G ron-cWe, of the Lutheran on the inquest his valet told the jury,wich Church After which the Sali-bury Bl8s tears iu his eyes, that his master had frc-, Band performed several exrdh r.t pu-e of quently lacked the common necessaries of music. A uumber of articles w re t! f-i-life. Hi3 countess, from whom he had ted in the box, viz : A copy of th- U'-ly been sej ara ted for thirty years, has r.cca- Bible, the Discipline, copies of the t Kr.-o sionally been dependent upon parish assis- paper published iu town and of the North tatjCe- Carolina christian Advocate, besides c(in Long Pastorates. Dr. Gill was pastor of of voric"1 descriptions, and ether iti-l-s. the Baptist church, in Charter Lane, Lon-' Af,cr this wa'' concluded, Luke lsrk-don, for 54 years, and was succe-ded by Dr. rn'?r' at the request of the authorities Rippon, who filled the office C3 years. of the Church, favored the auditix.e with That church, therefore, had but two pas- eor"e iite resting and instrue'he r-markft tors in 117 years! oa the occasion, which w re well reeied r by thc present. Ibehrrvics were --n- Dcalk of John Wdson Croker. The cloded with pray er by Rev. Mr Gro-e I -0. Enghsh papers announce the death, in The rrembtrs of the Band ae-ouif'-d London on the 1 1th of Augu.-t, of the themselves admirable. A .tr.r-r w uil lugbt Hon. John Wilson Croker, the we!! conclude from their' proficiency that ti.ey known reviewer, at the aee of sevc-Lty bad been praetieir h,r 3 ear-, while- in t seven He was one of the founders of the jt appears but y.Verday since they cm-E linburgh Quarterly Review, which was rjuenced. Solil,v, y Ihrol.l. starteu in ibVJ, his associates in the enter ptise having been Scott and Canning, lie b as continued to be one of its principal ontributors, and has for a number of years rjnfin-d bis literary labors chiefly to that CO con periodical. St. Helena. "We learn by private advices ! from Saint Helena, that the F. Louis Xapoleon has purchased tbe site of! Serious Charge. A. Kaufman, of Wil the tomb of bi3 uncle, tbe great Xapoleon, I miogton, X. C, has been e-vromittod t for 83,000, and Long wood, the farm oh i ja'l 10 default of $5,000 bail, on the chr -which the conquered conqueror's laat years t feloniously setting fire t ) the prriii. were passed, for 818,000. A cornmissoin 'consumed on the morning of the 21th ult is expected soon to arrive for tbe purpose OTputtius Jongwood in cnmr.rf.ro r,rrf-r nr,r? 3 . V - - ucu'jiduug me grounas. a. hu DiOEumnt .1-. ... . ... 1 . ia di.j 10 oe ereciea over tfee tomb. X.'Y. O. ourier. Southern Presbyterian (Xeic School) Convention. This body assembled in Richmond oh Thursday evening. There were IZ delegates present from lo presbyteries in lennessee, lissoun, Kentucky, Vir g:ma, .Mississippi and Maryland. There were in addition two corresponding mem berg from Philadelphia and cce frora Xen Jersey. The Hon. Horace May Lard, of 1 en nessee, was chosen president, and Rev. Dr. Bell and Philip B. Price, secretaries. Nothing was done beyond the appointment of one clergyman and one laytuan from each synod, to constitute a business committee. Free Xegroet Purchased ly a Slave. A few days ago several free negroes were put up at suction in Xorfolk County, and sold to labor for a term ssfHcient to" liquidate their taxes. Singular to relate, four of them were purchased by a slave in Portsmouth, who fslt quite pr&nd of the distinction ?md mad -- kD jwn his determination to get tbe full value of bis money the negro worshippers at the Xorth mat- iuem vi tuuvr me reason who 1 a note of thi3. Appointments by tlm President, yierer-ly Tucker, of Virginia, consul at Liverpool, in place of Xathaniel Hawthorne, resigned. Henry W. Spencer, of Xew York, consul at Paris, in place of Duncan K. McRae, resigned. ' This T'ioa t r- rr -; 1 Jiv5'i-a- A 1 i m-rcaa wr: Xs;:-rus Ir.t:irc?nrf tUi Y w r. qrj fr:m ?pirk f. 1 "In th3 jlaee. wrh rejar i t: fh ;i : i- ! rt d'. ro-T r.rt'i si x : ' 1 Mr .Y, ,'! Lire nr. whs hi 1 him a v-lj v.e c( p"m. !-c sn eir r t'r' jT-.tij r?r ei qth r.tj. 'It U-fcrote n e. . i t t Xj I,rL r.t. t c rr- :t a r. i'tik in -.t rrjn;; j a !rCi, t'-.e iMr:r 'fir. - t ;re Art aai n ; j Var-Ll . f Fr..--. r r j r) j anv c'.;r.'is"!iia r r 1' ar-y 5.- un!-r tht covermnn? t-r any thr tt- evr.' Ta.VI Th- i 1-a tbit G-r' w: r.i' r. ui ..y Marshal of Franc- jrM'x frfnv oanded Count Je I., chamb- wh.:e tr.u officer wa ia Arr.cr ca. ' ,-,vy,. An tntere-inc r-Tiral .-f r. ... . . .) f.v. . i: nrt in nr.-cre! at tt arch in lbnvi;le,' Va. Krynu. t v- i:?r l vrc 01 r- fulk, ontnatct a r'p r: tr.u i.e mi . oLur.'h He iv : It ba be- i t: i f T om one. hat thcr . nMhioc cmryn -r Wlow. but df-th .xp Vet I thyu it very certjia that I -hj.l norer be a )r- tlrt. Htviridat ',rfsin'h. Th- Tr int- r j' of Friday, c iys : The reivl of re'-i , at Wesley Chapel i still in s.ucctfu! r.. tiun and tli? p respect is that, bt-fore it c D-i - , l..l.J !,(( f,;.Uni j,t n;.ht there w n n t les thn t u ty pcekers'of religion and some eight or tea C1UMOU. 1IUU ' ' ..... converts. NORTH CAROLINA ITEMS. ',7t Mountain J'. O. A n.-w V. ( ) with this name has been e-tnb!ir!icJ r;i .ir Pilot Mountain, in Stokes cf-unty : Jau.M B. Pace, P. M. Mr. Pace keeps an txc 1-lent house for travellers who vi-it lio mountain, well furnished with the ou.f .rt of life, and near the peak. He also keeps a hack to send travel"' rs acros to Rockford. or to the rcgint.s round about, any day ia tho week, Sunday excepted. The Editor begs leave t . think Mr. P. for his kind invitation, and to accept it prospectively. Shooting in Xadt A pefitlemin in Ni-h county requests the insertion of the follow-in" remarkable hi online it'!!! Mr. (i.-o. Pitts shot an Eajla near lYaeh-tr e nv, on the 10th July, with a rifle at the J i tance of 115 yards. Th Eair'o rm a-ur. 1 7 feet from tip to tip of his wings, and Ln toes and claws were 7 inchc long. Dr. S., n.-ar the same place, hot a hnwit which measured 5 feet from tip to tip Pom 1'ivrvt. We are sorry to b urn that ,Lc barn of 'JboriBg Rankin, a few eafet of Greensboro', was consumed by Ire oa 'ast 3,)ay. 'The barn contained large quantity of wheat, ail of which destrce.d1ma;Dg the loss very htnous. Ttn. ' 1 13 intimated th;tt tee act was commit': to avail Bimsell 0! the amount ot ia-urar.c 1 . -tr. 1.. . - ;,fi 1,,;, TK Vf,t Ar,al F.ir o tbe X. C Sute Agricultural viety wil be held in Raleigh on tbe 20, 21, 22, 21 dys of October next, with promi -es to ex eel any previous cue ever Lell in XortJ Carolina. A'xident. Mr. John Hall, of Mon' ery coutity, X. C, while working at Li mill recently, got Lis left Land and arn caught in tbe c-gg wheel, ar.d borribl crushed and margled. Amputation abov the elbow wa.s decided id by pbyieiar.s. Warren County Court. On Tue-da tbe Court, on motion of the Hon. W. N Edwards, gave permi-sion to tbe Rev. D Hawks to have access to the ancient re ore of Warren county, and to take copies such of them an may be useful for bis f rtl coruicg History of orth Carolina Xec C'oj.yr Disroc ry. We were fbf.wn Tburs'Jay last fne very r:-b and beautif fpecimenis of Coiper, jut o'isovered abo l'J miles west cf this time, on JJcn.ii Creek, in Hay wood cutty. These dicov ries have been tLorougb'y tested, and y ie from twelve ar.d a half to tixty-five p cent, of pure Ccpjr. The vein is aid be the largest tver discovered in this ecu 9 try being f ur ft et wide and of ur kno depth. The fortnEiitedi-covtrersare Mtts: II. Bonham and M. CbaprjiSD, the fcrta of Smyth, ana) the lat'er ( Giles count a. lhey rave been working in the ntig borbood two yean, and success at lecg erowts tbeir effort!. Aihtt ilk Xvt V

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