Newport Daily News from Newport, Rhode Island on December 23, 1958 · Page 3
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Newport Daily News from Newport, Rhode Island · Page 3

Newport, Rhode Island
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 23, 1958
Page 3
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THE NEWS--NEWPORT, R. I., TUESDAY, DECEMBER 23, 1958 TERM Experts Criticize Air Force's Handling Of Flying Saucer Facts CHRISTMAS SCENE -- This panel is one of several erected by Newport Council Knights nf manger. (Daily New Photo) Commuted Sentences Sought For Killers BOSTON (AP) -- Three prison chaplains--a' Catholic, a Protestant and a Jew--have urged that the hfe term of .a convicted murderer be commuted so he could be eligible for parole. The clergymen spoke in behalf of Myer Goldenberg, sentenced 16 years ago for stabbing his sweetheart to death in Franklin Park. The viclim's sister, Mrs. Israel Chudnofsky, testified, however, at the Executive Council hearing that "A murderer should suffer and 16 years isn't enough. If this man gels out he will kill another victim .... I fear for my own life." Testifying that Goldenberg has been punished sufficiently were Rabbi Leo Shubow, the Rev Edward C. Bailey (Catholic) and the Rev. William B.. Rice (Unitarian). The council heard testimony on Christmas commutation petitins Study Group Urges Revision Of Local District Governments SPECIAL TO THE NEWS [Public PROVIDENCE--Provision for ultimate control of special local districts by the governments of the towns in which they are located was recommended in a report re leased today by the state - Fiscal Study Commission. In the meantime, the report proposed enactment of legislation requiring these districts--created to provide fire, water, light and other services in limited neighborhoods or areas--to adopt and maintain uniform records and accounts as prescribed by the state Bureau of Audits in conjunction with the state administrative agencies whose functions are most closely related to the districts. In addition to Goldenberg's the Council heard testimony yesterday on petitions for John ~E. O'Toole Jr., convicted Oct. 19, 194S, of being an accessory in the murder of a Boston auto dealer; Frank E. Amaral of Fall River, sentenced to life on Feb. 21, 1947, for the beating death of a man during a robbery, and Flower Fresina, a disabled veteran now 62, who was convicted Oct. 13, 1943, for Wiling his second wife. Police Shoot Youth In Escape Attempt MIDDLEBORO, Mass. CAP)--A youth was shot in the left shoulder early today by one of a dozen bullets fired by police during a 20-mile chase. conducted by the Institute of Lenthal School Pupils In Yule Pageant A Christmas pageant, "The First. Christmas," was presented by children of grades 3 and 4 at Lenthal School yesterday afternoon for the school assembly. Carols were sung by pupils of other grades between the scenes. Robert Mclntosh and Helen Sumner appeared as Joseph and Mary. Others in the pageant were Patrick Surbert, Paul Mayberry, Gerald Deasley, Charles Carpenter, Michael Cosmo, Miciiael Pinksaw, Robert Watkins, Joseph Creador, Frank Ferris, Leona Hill, Jackie Hughes, William McCollum, Pam- The tax bases vary, the procedures, for tax administration are substandard and the individual enabling acts creating them lack un- formity as to the classes of property that may be taxed, the 'report said. In some instances there are no limitations on tax levies or rates and the tax collection procedures lack uniformity. Even their borrowing powers vary since they are established by specific statutes, the report said. The victim was identified by no I ela Douglass. Linda Janior, Susan lice as Richard Westgate. 18, of Shenk, Donna Smith. Linda Chate- Middleboro. He was taken to'St. lain, Dianna Staats and Faye Luke's Hospital, where his condi-' Didaskalou. tion was described as fair. ! The narrators were Robin Ander- He was charged with drunken- son, Sandra Field, Donna Millington. Sharon Silveira and Constance ness and assault. Tho operator of the car as' Zeni. identified as Manard De Moran- Carols sung by-the Kindergarten ville. 18. of East Taunton. He was I and grade 1 were "Christmas Bell" boorced on charges of operating | and "What Child Is This?" Grades without a license, operating to e n - 1 2 , "Away in a Manger," "My danger, failing t o stop o n signal ~ "" - - - - - and assault and battery with motor vehicle. Sgt. Benjamin J. Mackiewicz and Patrolman Wilfred J. Lavalle said at a junction but the "car swerved they tried to stop the youths toward them and raced on. Sheep Were Grazing." Grades 3, "The First Noel," and "We Three Kings." Grade 4, "O Come All Ye Faithful." Opening and closing carols were sung by the school. Miss Marion Sullivan, principal, ,, and Mrs - Robert Coulombe, a b'S teacher supervised the program. MIGHT CLOCK HIS FALL EVANSVILLE. Ind. f A P ) -- If the mysteriously motivated theif who sto'e a clock and a parachute from the Von Behren Manufacturing Co. plant decided it's time to jump, he may find out too late Owner Allen Von Behren said the chute is very old and probably will split if it is used. ·JEWELS STOLEN P R O V I D E N C E Henry Siegle, 41, of fAP) -Cranston, manager of a downtown Providence jewelry store, reported to police the disappearance of an estimated 51.500 worth of jewels last night. Sudden Thaw Warms Newport Overnight A sudden and welcome thaw hit Newport overnight, with the mercury at 40 degrees this .noon after a season's low point of nine degrees yesterday morning. Early last night, the wind shifted and blew strongly from the West. The temperature began to edge upward and the sky became overcast. By morning, the mercury was well above freezing. Tomorrow's forecast is for fair and c o l d e r weather. Christmas Day will probably be fair, too, , , without much chance of any snow. V y y y DINNER A deliciously prepared 9 Course Dinner to make your Christmas a most enjoyable holiday . . and at a most reasonable Drice _ Served ' from 12 to S 3 75 Reservations Now Being Accepted Fiscal Administration for Study Commission the basis for the latter's recommendations for improvement of relationships between the state and local governments. The commission will report to the governor and the General Assembly in February. It may or may not agree with the survey's proposals. The survey lists 46 special districts which are, in effect, special more of them than the 39 cities purpose governments. There are and towns in the state and they exist, with one exception, exclusively in towns. Lincoln, for example, has seven and Cumberland four fire districts: The survey points out that there is no general state law regulating these districts or prescribing uniform budgeting, accounting, auditing or reporting procedures. They were created by individual special acts of the General Assembly which promptly forgot all about hem, the report; said, with the result that "there is probably no similar hodgepodge of special "local Iscal legislation in any other _ J^This is the second of four articles about the unidentified flying objects and Air Force information on them, written for the Daily News in the light of our discovery of space travel. 1 BY BULKLEY GKIFFIN WASHINGTON--This article will mention some of the experts who are critical of the Air Force handling of the investigation and evaluation of unidentified flying objects (UFOs). Rear Adm. R. H. HiUenkoetter, USN, (ret) headed the Central Intelligence Agency in 1947-50. the flying saucers began appearing in that first year and it can be assumed that Admiral HiUenkoetter obtained all available information and deductions about them. Today Admiral. HiUenkoetter is on the board of governors of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP), a responsible Washington organization actively attacking Air Force secrecy on the UFOs. Also included on the NICAP board of governors are Maj. Dewey Fournet, USAFR, formerly with the Air Force Directorate of Intelligence, with special assignment to UFOs; J. B: Hartranft Jr., president of Aircraft Owners and Pilots Assn.; Rear Adm. H. B. Knowles, USN, submarine expert, and Dr. Earl Douglas, religious writer. The listing of special advisors to NICAP includes Capt. R. B. McLaughlin, head of the Naval Ordnance Laboratory, Corona. Calif., who in 1949 said he thought certain UFOs were intelligently controlled space ships; Capt. W. B. Nash, pilot, Pan-American Airways; Capt. Clarence S. Chiles, Eastern Airlines pilot and Albert M. Chop, former Air Force press man assigned to UFO queries. Nash and Chiles each had/an important UFO sighting. Rear Adm. Delmer S. Fahrney, USN, (ret) was commander of the Naval Air Missile Test. Center, Point Mugu, Calif., 1948-50. Hu told' a press conference here in January 1957 that the flying saucers could not be inventions of this nation or Russia, that radar had tracked UFOs at 1,200 to 20,000 miles-an-hour speeds, and that the UFOs seemed to be intelligently controlled. He briefly joined NICAP as board chairman. John L. Cramer, director of bal- I ahead- of us. Someone may have solved the p r o b l e m of flying through space and may be visiting us." . In July, 1957, two airline pilots reported separate near-collisions with unknown objects over Texas. Commfmting on this, Astronomer Clyde W. Tombaugh, discoverer of the Planet Pluto, who was then engaged in specialist work at the White Sands missile test center, said: · "It is not out of the question that the phenomena observed by these airline pilots may be related to the question of space travel." A somewhat similar opinion was voiced by Nathan Wagner missile flight safety chief at White Sands. Sen. Barry Goldwataer (R) of Arizona, a USAFR colonel and a pilot in wartime,' states: "I am willing to believe these objects are our inventions. I am willing to believe they c o m e from outer space. I am convinced they are something real." He said the Air Force, when queried, "clams up." This list of names could be extended. It is impressive especially because most of these people .have had personal experience touching the UFOs or in the general field of our atmosphere where the UFOs appear. County Radio Club Elects Its Officers Officers, headed by John Aldrieh as president, were elected last night by the Newport County Radio Club at the Seamen's-Church Institute. Other officers named were Arthur Sweet, vice president; Miss Estelle Hopf, treasurer; Mrs. Linda Aldrich, recording secretary; Philip Gaudette, corresponding secretary. John Teehan, a member of the 10-1 (-year-old group of the club announced that they are taking over teaching of code and theory to the beginners' class. Advanced theory will be continued to be taught by the engineering group. Christopher Dodcls of Jamestown was admitted to membership. Dr Gerald Femberg, president, con- Fall River Couple loon..research for General Mills, DlC III Crash which holds more than two dozen Air Force research and development contracts, told a Minneapolis gathering last April; "Someone in the universe may be 50 years Accused Assaulter Can Check Statement! A motion by counsel for a Navy man to have his client furnished vith a copy of alleged statements ie made to police in connection with a carnal knowledge charge was granted by Judge Arthur J. Sullivan in District Court today. The motion was made by Judge Matthew J. Faerber on behalf of Jerry Raymond Whittlesley. 24 of the USS Myles C. Fox. Whittlesley s alleged to have criminally saulted a 14-year-old girl in her At- antic Street home on Nov. 30. Davisville Plans Layoff Protest Representatives of e m p l o y e groups at Davisville, wh°re 203 workers are scheduled to be laid off by Feb. 15, will meet with Rhode Island's Congressional delegation in Providence on Saturday in a bid to halt the layoff. The SeaBee Depot at Davisville is one of numerous naval installations throughout the country affected by a recent Navy cutback order. As far as is known, no other naval facilities in the state will be included in the current reduction. A spokesman for the Federal Employes Veterans Assn. at Davisville said an all-out fight would be waged to save the jobs. Carmine Rivera, commander of FEVA Post 14, said "The action on the part of the Navy was an arbitrary move." Groups to be represented at the conference at 9 a.m. in the Narragansett Hotel include the FEVA, the American Federation of Government Employes, the Federal Employes Benevolent Assn. ai the National Supervisory Assn. SHIP-PARTY FOR CHILDREN The crew of the USS Hugh C Purvis is ·--·-"--- ~ · o furnish whittlMlpv « t h ren £rorn New P°rt aboard the ship J w «y. and rpfrpchrnnn+i? and refreshments. CHRONOLOGY ISSUE ANKARA, Turkey (AP) _ The death of Air Force T.Sgt. John Arnold, SD, formerly of Fall rivfr Mass., and his wire, Gwendolyn! m the crash of their car and" a farm tractor last Saturday was disclosed today. The Arnolds' three young children also were in the vehicle hut suffered only minor braises. They were taken to the U.S. Air Force Hospital in Ankara. Mrs. Arnold was the former Gwendolyn Berry of Boston. The Air Force said it has reached relatives of the dead couple' to arrange for the return of the children to the United States. TEACHERS SING CHRISTMAS CARCMU-These.Rogers High Soho 3! stall members gathered about piano singing during faculty party held last night at the Hotel Viking are, from left. Miss Helen Walowiec, Miss Patricia McCabe, William Underwood, Miss Sheila Winter, Bcrtil F. Bro- dm, and Dr. Stanley Hethering ton. Miss Edith Trigueiro is at the piano. (Daily News Photo) Rogers High Faculty- Has Christmas Party More than 60 members of the Rogers High School faculty were present for their annual buffet dinner and Christmas party last night at the Hotel Viking. Christmas carols were sung, with Miss Edith R. Trigeuiro at the piano. 'Games were pjayed. In charge of table decorations were Miss H. Marie Sonne and Miss Patricia McCabe. Wardwell C. Leonard, general chairman, was aided by Capt. Ellwood W. Brown, USA; Frank Olson, Edgar W. Olsen, Mrs. Mary Davis, Mrs. Ethel E. Kelly, Salvatore- Petrillo, Mrs.' Constance K. Olson, William R. Loughery, Mrs. Gladys G. Sullivan, Miss Alice H. ·Monsen. Miss G. Ruth Westall and William H. Nilsen. Police Grab Youth Who Shot At Mother LYNN, Mass. (AP)--A recently discharged veteran who fired three wild shots at his mother was captured last night by police after they flushed him out of the house with tear gas. James Roche, 22, tried to escape in an auto after he ran from the house but. surrendered quietly when police fired a shot over his head. The man's mother, Mrs. May Wallin, 42, told police her son approached her with a gun and that as she' ran from the house he fired three shots at her with a .30 calibre, carbine. Police said that when they arrived the man climbed into the attic and shouted defiance. He was forced out by three tear ;as shells. Mrs. Wallin. who remarried recently, said her son had been depressed for some time and had applied for admission to a veterans hospital. Police said Roche probably would be committed for observation. 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