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St. Louis Globe-Democrat from St. Louis, Missouri • Page 28

St. Louis Globe-Democrat from St. Louis, Missouri • Page 28

St. Louis, Missouri
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7m(ol's PaFsi- 'JMyeFSQiry, FSimdls Sffy's Sews Mealed, MA' X. i- is iimfrmwAwip 4 a ill' I I If i I fTITTIW i T. i it 4. If1 i 11 -4 0 Air: 3. Jai Ripped open by the tornado which struck St.

Louis ir the early morning hours of Feb. 10 a year ago was this apartment building at 4945 Buckingham ct. The same view of the Kensington Court Apartments today shows the ew rear wall, which has completely repaired the damaje. i Buckingham Court Midnight Earl In Our Town i i 1 By-EARL WILSQN NEW YORK. "Frankly," said Sterling Hayden, the ex-sailor who becam a glamour guy, "if I had the dough; I'd buy up the negative of By BOB GODDARD BEN BLANKE of City will have a lot oF nostalgia to think "over come Feb.

17. That's the twenty-fifth anniversary of his greatest ac every movie I ever made andj start a hell of a fire that would i 7 A V. light up all of San Francisco' Bay some pighi" "And I don't intend to act complishment in organized ice-skating his promotion of the Wof Id's Professional Ice Skating Marathph 26-miles, 385-yard race that was held at the St. Louis Winter Garden on Feb. 17, 1935.

This major event received world-wide acclaim. Win- lis i anv more! he announced. "I've got great respect for this story I'm doing now'' he's starring! i i k. marathon was Ray Strodel of Jji) Mi in "Ethan Frome" on CBS-TVS Feb. 18 "but to be blunt, was written in 1911.

I'd rather do something I-M interested in. Oh, I do a picture to make a few bucks, bui'T hate my guts Syracuse, N. who still holds Ik the world's record. His time for the 26 miles and 385 yards I U- C-C I- 1 II Hayden for doing it. 1 The handsome, 6 -foot -4 adventure-lover, whose marriage to Madeleine Carroll was a big movie sensation in the early 1940s, said he has moved to San Francisco to rear his four children, -whom he took on a forbidden 1 trip to Tahiti.

1 1 "I'm delighted I took thef tfip, but I'm in hock $90,000," he admitted, "I Wed Hollywood ij I can't stand to look' at alnthjose buildings all those miseries inside of them. And this town; everybody's so franticij Where is everybody hurrying; Iff .1 Hayden's custody -battle wth! ex-wife Betty Ann De Noon' comes up agaiA Jeb. 29. 'T Hn'f fViinlr it'll inrl finrn-i iH hl Via ri v. in.uu...v a.v 1 i I I 1 1.4 i volunteered.

I xtensive repairs have been completed on the Musical Arts Building at the southwest corner Boyle avenue! and Olive street; Much of the third floor was destroyed by the twister, BOV THE MIDNIGHT EARL Ot Boyle and Olive which struck the! intersection with its full forced Blanke on the smooth ice was one hour, 32 minutes, 27.8 seconds, in which he went 419V4 laps around the Winter Garden jink. )-! Blanke, a top-notch skater from way back, learned to skate in his boyhood days on his Blue Streak racers with such pioneer ice-skating satellites as Harry Lang, John Mooney, Harry (Happy) Furman, Bob Farrell, Otto Bratides and Chick Lohapp on the frosty Forest Park lagoon. Ben was also one of the associates of Joe Forshaw, former Olympic mara- thon runner, who introduced the first St. Louis Silver Skates Carnival on the lagoon at thejfoot of Art Hill in the winter of 1925. Ben formed the first organized amateur ice speed skating club in our sector in 1929 with the aid of Bobby McLain, the world's speed ice-skating champ of that day.

Also officiated at the Winter Olym-pics at Lake Placid, N. in 1932, and has been right in front of. darned near every major ice-skating event held in our town through the years. Happy anniversary, Ben! 4 Hear tell Britton H. Taylor of Ralston Purina found out a war Jjuddy of his, living in Oklahoma, was drilling for oil.

Britton sent him a get-a-well ADD A NEW glamor touch to the Boyle-Olive Gaslight Square area: Montileone's presso c6ffee house and fine Italian Restaurant at 4237 Olive. The fancy menu is all written in Italian, so heaven knows what's on it, but it listens mighty good. Montileone's, by the way, doesn't serve liquor, so it'll be open on Sundays, too. Posies to Eleanor Blase, busy real estate operator, for her warm-hearted gesture in calling for children from the Missouri School for the Blind every Sunday morning to take 'em to Messiah Lutheran Sunday School. It looks like wedding ferj Inger Stevens and Alan Livingston, the NBC iexec, when'he and Betty Hutton divorce.

Lemmon broke a leg in London. Dan Daley's wife, Gwen, is visiting, her. i Roberta Sherwood usd her handsomesinging son, Dn of the University of Miami, in her act at me, Latin Cjuarter. The eals'H love Roberti siaid: ''And I've got two more; at home." CBS'TV wouldn't let Maurice; Chevalier plug i lit I i 14 v-S -s i i an M-G-M record, album he 'irislsted so CBS turned up the noise on his special and muffled the At the end the Chinese New Year's (Year of the Rat) party at the. House of Chan, Bill Plante said, ''Let's have one more for the JacUe Glea-son, vacationing from Along" Mar.

5-14, heads for St. Augustine. i- i A. LIBERACE'S, on: a high-protein diet to stay 1 CO Tiviu MMftnSI. flAW in Wit son, Billy, Steve follows shorilyi DiskjOck Jim Lowe, who saw Jane FrOman's Persian 1 act seven times, is long -tdistanang ner.

Rm. Whit Connor'll replace the lafe Louis Jean Itevdt in "There Was a Little Girl." It getting' so (reports model Viigiftia Hebel) thit a man thinks he's pioneering His power mower breaks down. William Bendlx's Lorraine, Is turning SLENDERIZING TIPS from Rosario Galan, the lithe Spanish dancer who'll appear here Feb. 15 at Kiel Opera House with the Roberto Iglesias Spanish Ballet: "Like a cat I stretch myself, every muscle, upon arising," says Rosario, "and repeat this several times a day. When I get out of bed I throw wide the window and breathe deeply for five minutes.

Then I stretch for 10 minutes in simple exercises." Here are her daily exercises: (1) Arms over head, bend to right and then left as far as possible. (2) Bend backward as far as the spine will allow. (3) Bring right foot up straight, keeping left leg vertical, and touch instep with left hand; reverse this movement. (4) Bring knee to chest and hug it tightly, bending upper torso silghtly." (5) Bring leg up in back, grasping right ankle with left hand, and vice versa. (6) Slide left leg out to side, keeping it straight, at same time swing right arm over head, keeping left arm almost flush with extended leg.

Opposite leg is bent at knee. Repeat in reverse. (7) Stretch up as far as possible several times, clasping hands over head. There it is, gals Rosario's anti-tummy formula. press agent.

Dean Martinis a backer of, a forthcoming N. Y. cafe, the Velvet Room. A H'wpod star Is preparing a night-club singing act, but, may have ftp! shelve It because she's so sclred. I Castro'H forbid Evans Avenue lVtMUM lWJ Paulette Goddard's showing off her new coat made of swan feathers.

pa Zsa Gabor was accidentally banged and bruised by sword on the Pat Boone TV'cr. i 1 -I Walls were sliced away from homes in multiple-family dwellings in the 3800 block of Evans avenue, but contents were left largely intact. Today the buildings are even better than they were when the itorm struck. Photos by Howard Vogt I (reconstructed buildings), Ed Meyer i (Boyle and Olive and Evans avenue and Richard C. Finke (top left).

i BULLETS DURGOM (Jackie; Gleason ex-, mgr.) wants to sell his N. Y. co-op open an i office in L. A. Proceeds from Pat Boone a book, "Twixt Twelve and Twerity," go to the Northeastern Institution for Christian EducaUon.

i EARL'S PEARLS: Every day (says H. Diefcnbach) money changes harid and changes people. I TODAY'S BEST LAUGH: JA visitor from Nevada said it: "Ours is' an unusual state. In Las Vegas, people overdo it: in RenoL they undo it." WISH I'D SAID THAT: It's strange Jiow a guy with no sense of humor) can come up with such funny answers on his income-tax returns. Buying a car is getting more complicated au the time.

Now, besides color and horsepower, you've got to choose nationality. That'a earL brother. Phil Rola, manager of the television depart-1 ment at Sears Crestwood, has swung op onto the "Carousel," student production of Webster College, as leading man. Two of his six children, Jeff, 6, and Becky, 5, are also riding on the "Carousel," cast as "snow children" in a ballet scene. Phil plays opposite Ann Jackson, Webster senior.

Curtain time: Friday and Sunday at 8:30 p.m. and Saturday at 2 p.m. at the college gym, Lockwood and Big Bend. 0 i'ERIlEARD: "I went into this night club it was so dark that 1 ordered shishkebab and told the waiter to keep the flame on.".

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