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St. Louis Globe-Democrat from St. Louis, Missouri • Page 3

St. Louis Globe-Democrat from St. Louis, Missouri • Page 3

St. Louis, Missouri
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14; 1959 ot iconts 05:13 3 Urns. Most 01 the company's em- ers Son mi. 4,..,......,.....,..,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,4.,,,, I ployes live in Granite Ci IC 1M 0 096 orna tY' Ou 1 ison or Venice. III. 1 ft Six ears or ft 'Gives es 1 1959 Sufferers 11 to 'l AtrzutruYS Dws cialSe A SOMPte Ceillatitill tiR ce -J ge bIl' I- Among the many donationa'received by the St.

Louis Bi-State Chapter of the Red Cross to'aid tornado victims was a $2 anony-1 For Gifts mous gift signed, "A Widow, of the 1896 Tornado." Fr. Gift Wrapping of Course! tuetesClisooub'f'oyresitLerizdauyisvototeolfl. 1 irlim I a .4 In The 1896 tornado wall the worst 1Y Cld He Ou ouaieen a Fine, that ever hit the city; taking 306 ...) 44' nado reliefwith the money to Mrs Gertrude Green, lives. A 17 Upstanding Mang Harper Tells Him Green, of I 1 mont, whose home was re- be divided equally between the 411111 ivilit hu tha Rad Crrtee after: a Red Cross and Salvation Army. Sargl'teba 14; 1959 'You Could Have Been a Fine, iv ICtiM Ot 1,096 Tornado 'lives to 1959 Sufferers Among the many donationa'received by the St.

Louis Bi-State Chapter of the Red Cross to'aid tornado victims was $2 anonymous gift signed, "A Of 'the 1896 Tornado." I The 1896 tornado wat the wOist that ever hit the city; taking' 306 "30-Minute Club" yesterday voted lives. 44' to donate 81500 for St. Louis tor- Mrs. Gertrude Greeri. of Mo whose home, was rebuilt by theT Red Cross after: a "30-Minute Club" yesterday voted to donate $1500 for St.

Louis tornado reliefwith the money to be divided equally between the Red Cross and Salvation Army. ems. Most 01 the company's employes live in Granite City. Madison or Venice. rrs AtILATU CI.

a go Delmosetwa Cieytea Colombia For Gifts Fr. Gift WropOing of Course! I YOU GET MORE VALUE FOR EVERY DOLLAR YOU SPEND FOR HOME FUR. NISHINGS AT CRAIG'S Granite City Steel employes who belong to the Club which, in turn, supports charity and welfare drives. Walter Klostermeier, chairman of the board of governors, said the Club will also set up a clothes collection drive for tornado vic A scathing lecture from the bench accompanied a six-year prison sentence handed down yesterday by Federal Judge Roy W. Harper to Louis D.

Shoulders, hoodlum son of former Police Lt. Louis for theft from an interstate freight shipment The verbal blistering came on the heels of a plea for leniency by Shoulders' attorney, Bernard Mellman. Mr. Mellman had pointed- our that Shoulders was honorably discharged after two years' non-combatant Army service "You could have been a fine, I upstanding man," Judge Harper told the 28-year-old Shoulders. "You were a good soldier.

Good soldiers make good citizens. But you didn't. i es, 1 4 JUDGE CONTINUES A scathing lecture from the bench -accompanied 'a six-year prison sentence handed down yesterday by Judge KO W. Harper to Louis D. Shoulders, hoodlum son of former Police Lt Louis for theft from an interstate freight shipment The verbal blistering came on the heels of a plea for leniency by Shoulders' attorney, Bernard Mel Imam.

Mr. Mellman had pointed- our that Shoulders was honorably discharged after two years' -c dmbg Harper service "You could have been a fine, I 11 upstanding Judge told the 28-year-old Shoulders. "You were a good soldier. Good you dieirsdnrtake good citizens. But 'Ts 4 JUDGE CONTINUES tol, CIMJ "5 1 301 yol I Ai, 4 .1 I' I "If I were to take into consid- eration some of the things that 1 I f': 1 eri 'If I were to take into consideration some of the things that PI trio 1 i ha' 0, wo .1 sex i st YI 371 A vic have Jan.

AT CORONERS INQUEST into tornado deaths are Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred Campbell, still dazed by the disaster 4n which they lost a daughter and five grandchildren in the house which collapsed at 4202 Delmar bl. The Campbells live at 3951 'Evans ave. Globe-Democrat Photo by Ed Meyer Aldermen Approve $4 Million in Projects FOR WINDOWS DOORS WALLBOARD --ROOFING GLASS HARDWARE WE DELIVER The Board of Aldermen yesterday approved ordinances appropriating a total of $4,097,000 from 1955 Bond Issue funds for flood control, street and bridge improvements, playground planning and construction of a hospital laboratory.

The board apropriated 000 as part of the city's share of Workhouse and a children's de- the $133,000,000 flood control tention building. project soon to get under way on the St. Louis riverfront. The board appropriated Workhouse and a children's detention building. The board appropriated Our Wrecking Division AVAILABLE! For Complete Wrecking.

Partial Wrecking slid Debris LOMS D. SHOULDERS Auxiliary Police Join Detectives -011 County Beats Eight hand-picked auxiliary policemen joined the St. Louis Grimly detective bureau last 000 to acquire land for a new 3-acre park on Taylor avenue between Cook avenue and Page. It also authorized acquisition of property for a 3 15-acre park in the area bounded by Hodiamont avenue, Catalpa place and West Cabanne court. HAS IT! 423ti Ilati ErLizi JE; 1-63613 -4 been said about you, I would consider a more drastic sentence.

"Let me tell you something, son. When you get out of prison, if you don't change your ways, you will most likely spend most of the rest of your life In an institution. You have a sad, sorry record." A federal jury found Shoulders guilty of the theft charge last 27. -Maximum penalty provided by law is 10 years. The six-year sentence is to run concurrently with a four-year prison sentence given Shoulders Jan.

30 by United States District Judge George H. Moore on Shoulders' plea of guilty to a federal charge of harboring a fugitive. ADMISSION Shoulders admitted harboring William M. Clubb. now an Arkansas convict, when Clubb was wanted in East St.

Louis on a robbery charge in 1957. The jury in Judge Harper's court found Shoulders guilty of participating in the theft of 20 automobile tires from the Fischer Trucking Company, 905 South Second on Jan. 9, 1957. Shoulders is under indictment in Madison County for the killing of Bobby Carr, an associate, in 1955: Last August the Senate's McClellan Committee called Shoulders as a witness on the charge that he was a paid "muscleman" for the Teamsters in St. Louis.

Shoulders took the Fifth Amendment. The convicted man's father was the police "hero" who made the arrest of the Greenlease kidnapers but later went to prison in connection with the investigation of the disappearance of half the $600,000 ransom. Capita' Airlines' Ne In '58 Is $213,262 Capital Airlines, which sustained a net loss of $3,210.355 in 1957, had a net profit of $213,262 in 1958, it was announced yesterday in Washington, D. C. by David H.

Baker, company president. The 1958 operating profit amounted to $3,058,189 as against an operating profit of $42,040 in 1957. A strike shut down operations for 37 days in 1958. PedestriOn ithdrawn Labgrer Drops Plumbing Code Dispute Suit A suit challenging the validity of a controversial amendment to the St. Louis County plumbing code was dropped yesterday by the plaintiff's counsel.

The attorney for Harry Peterson, a laborer employed by plumbing and drain-laying contractors, said be is hopeful of negotiating an agreement on the dispute. He also said there is no need for further litigation, as an examination which was to be held under the amendment for licensing of master and journeymen plumbers and drain-layers was not held. A spokesman for the County Counselor's office said there had been a misunderstanding as to interpretation of the plumbing code but that this has teen clarified. The license examination was to have been held last Saturday but was blocked by a temporary injunction issued by Circuit Judge Virgil A. Poelker on Mr.

Peterson's petition. Last Monday Circuit Judge Fred E. Mueller quashed the temporary injunction at the request of the County Counselor's office and set the case down for a Cetring next Wednesday. Princess Margaret To Visit Nigeria LONDO' 410 the request of Nigerian officials Princess Margaret, now 28, has been named to represent the royal family of celebrations of Nigeria's passing from colony status to nationhood next year. tornado struck that community on May 21.

1957. sent a Si contribution. An anonymous donor om Beaufort, S. C. sent two $1 bills and a $1 Confederate bill.

There were other donations from Alabama, North Dakota, Arkansas and Massachusetts. Two Boy Scouts walked into a Red Cross shelter Thursday night with an envelope containing $3.40 as their contribution. 1 Donations made directly to the Red Cross totaled $59,000 yesterday, with some still to be counted. Tornado relief pledges made through Radio Station ICMOK had reached $60,000 yesterday. Although the formal campaign ended at 5 p.

rri. Wednesday, the station is still getting some donations. The Frisco Railroad yesterday gave. $2500 to the Red Cross to aid tornado victims. GM Gives $2500 To Tornado Fund I A General Motors contribution of $2500 to the St.

Louis Tornado I Relief Fund was announced yeaerday by B. H. Sweeney, plant manager of Fisher Body-St. Louis, and chairman of General 1Motors Plant City Committee Louis. The contribution was made 4n behalf of the various General Motors operations in the-St.

Lo is I area. Granite City Steel Club Gives $1500 board of governors Granite City Steel Compan vs 10 Jim Kooks Motors. Ins. 720 IE. lig lend Blvd.

Webster Grovits. Mo. Kirkwood Motors. Int. 1040 No.

Kirkwood Rood Kirkwood. Mo. Metro Meters. Ise. 1085 Kirkwood Rood Kirkwood.

Mo. Midweed Meters. 10906 St. Charles Rook Id. St.

Amour-Me. SOUTP1 Monitor Plymouth. Ifte. 2323 Se. Jofferson SEE 4.

ST41 nightm an effort to combat the recent wave of burglaries in the county. Raymond Hensley, County Superintendent, said the aurdliary policemen rode with county detectives in plain clothes, In areas where most of the burglaries have been occurring. This practice will be continued every night, he said, so that two-member detective crews can be split, doubling the number on duty. number of burglaries in the county was pointed out by a series of articles in The Globe-Democrat earlier this month. Cot, Hensely has- requested 25 more men and eight automobiles in his 1959 which was turned down by former Supervisor Lumen F.

Matthews. Newly-elected Sup is or James H. J. McNary said yesterday if funds should be available befor e. final adoption, of the budget nixt August that the county police will be given "every During the first 11 'days of February there were 30 burglaries ii the unincorporated areas of thit county and a small number of municipalities patrolled by county police.

This is far above the average number of burglaries for such a period, police said. The police believe at least two burglary rings are operating. 1 1- go- FOR STREETS Funds amounting to $1,025,0001 were appropriated for acquisition' of property to widen or extend the following streets: Jefferson avenue from Scott avenue to Market street. Spring avenue from Olive street to Page bouletrard. Fourteenth street from Olive to Mullanphy street.

Park avenue from Gratiot street to Mississippi avenue. The board set aside $750,000 to construct and equip a new laboratory building for City Hospital. A total of $184,000 was appropriated for engineering and planning on the following projects: -PLAYGROUNDS Development of a playground at Nineteenth and Cole streets. Development of recreational and playground facilities at the intersection of Twelfth street and Lafayette and Park avenues. Widening and repair of the Jefferson avenue viaduct over the Mill Creek Valley.

Widening the' bridge over the Terminal Railroad tracks at North Broadway and East Taylor avenue. Widening the bridge over the Missouri Pacific Railroad tracks on Southwest avenue just west of Kingshighway. Construction of a new City n4'9111411 Tt -Tr WIRS111141P1 I I IrJ 1311k I DOWNTOWN ST. LOUIS HILLS CLAYTON tl ssrreavmrLsrmwiwmmmnsa 1 ---i---------- lotiw '7(7- BE ow I 11011106101160 --11, SISIMP0010- I I iti s- am I 0 017.13 1 a 1 1'0' Ei II 4 lup .3,, I 11 00 i q- 41 1 1 1101114,11 log 1 i I 13iiil ,.11 It latety Bill Under Fire ET) avn E-3117111iTIEDS of DoLlans 0111 IN pEILLEpS' I 1 1 i 1 1 il 1 1 FINTRAI, Metere 6300 Wells Ave. St.

Londe Melees 317410 Lied It $led. West led Meters, lee. 276 Dello' liviere Meer. leo. 1111231 Delmer Sled.

A proposed yesolution calling for greater effort on the part of police, City Courts and -the City Traffic Division in protecting pedestrians from automobiles was withdrawn after opposition developed at yesterday's Board of Aldermen meeting. The resolution, introduced by Alderman Joseph F. Noel complained of danger to their Twenty-Seventh Ward, noted that employes from this source. of the 84 traffic fatalities in the Mr. Noel withdrew the resoucity in 1958.

52 victims were pe- tion after Alderman James E. destrians. He said futher that as Geiger Tenth Ward, took of Feb. 4 seven pedestrians have issue with Mr: Noel, saying that been killed by cars this the pedestrian fatality rate has The proposed resolution, which been decreasingnot increasing probably will be considered at year by year. He said the ponext week's caucus of the board.

lice could not be blamed after would have urged the Board of 600 stop signs have been removed. 15olice Commissioners -inquire Alderman Joseph P. Roddy into the reasons for evident dis- Seventeenth Ward, said regard of the Police Department that the purpose of the resoluof its duty of enforcing laws ex- tion was not criticism, but as a isting for the protection of pedes- means toward more diligence in trians from motor vehicle traffic, Protecting pedestrians. and thereafter to take indicated measures to insure that such duty is performed." the smartest It also would have urged that 3,1 City Court Judges impose stiffer I 4 fines a penalties to insure homes wear greater respect by motorists of '4- laws protecting pedestrians; that the City Traffic Division be more wAttpApER diligent in marking cross walks and safety zones a keeping them in repair, and that the traf- from fic commissioner, police board ,141 A and city judges meet to devise a 1:1 plan to more adequately protect ik4 pedestrians. I Alderman Noel said industrial ,16 plant officials in his ward had Ir ti the smartest homes wear 1 YOURiPLYMOUTH DEALER FOR SERVICE AND USED CARS! LOUIS PLYMOUTH DEALERS ASSOCIATION Fees $175,000 In Bode Estate Circuit Judge Fred E.

Mueller yesterday approved $175,000 in fees to attorneys representing the trustees under the will of the late George Bode who died here In 1955 leaving all but $39 of his $3,000,000 estate to St. Joseph, for recreational purposes. In his application for the fees for himself and the firm of Thompson, Mitchell, Thompson SC. Douglas, Attorney James M. pougUis said that he and 14 associated attorneys had spent 4368 tours in defending the will against contests by relatives and friends of Mr.

Bode. The contests went through several courts before final allowance of the will by the Supreme Court Judge Mueller found that the fees were "fair and reasonable" and ordered payment by the trustees. Mr. Bode, -a 'former bank examiner and 'purchasing agent for tbe; Federal. Reserve District in St.

12)uis, was a former resident St, Joseph. His will directed that his money be used for public parks, playgrounds, athletic fields, and a zoological garden. 4ffi NORTP4 Kr Ms Motors. lot. 3205 Noptorol Mg loo.

4232 Natural Bridge klbock Motors Ina. 51411 Natural Sr Moo Porde Motor Co. 1131 Eattoo Clayton Mrers, Inc. 8455 Mary and Avenue Clayton. Mn.

L. M. Stewart, Inc. 8012 Maryland Avs. Clayton.

Mo. 1 M. A. born Motors, Inc. 1150 Se.

Big Imod Richmond Hicights, Me. Tod't Motors. Inc. 7486 Manchostat Ave. Moplwood.

Mo. 54513 ED; 0 A.U.GEORGE PAPPAS FORD YOU CAN BUY A- NEW 1959 ennn elieffmka FORD CUSTOM DEMONSTRATORS 300 For as Low as I. INCLUDES ALL STANDARD EQUIPMENT! GALAX1E HARDTOP I Per Month! 36 Months Including Interest Plus Insurance Your equity in Your old car may COME IN TODAY! "11' th 12 down payment! Ells.

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