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St. Louis Globe-Democrat from St. Louis, Missouri • Page 1

St. Louis Globe-Democrat from St. Louis, Missouri • Page 1

St. Louis, Missouri
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Showers, Colder 4 4 4 Mostly cloudy and cokier tOday with' scattered showers er pos- i. ortettAilbr d.6 I I 1 1410 4 0 Grab Bag Bible 'thundershowers a a I a Iiiiolnittok 1 4 s- early la morning; low in morn- III Bond Plan Ing71ear 41 -with afternotm big!) 1 TEVIPERATURES, WEATHER One--Hundred and Seven -Years of Service An Editorial. Page 6 24 84No. 11-, St. Louis, February .14, Pages I FIVE CENTS 1.11 ST.

LOI. IS I 4 111, 1.) (111 a 1 i .....1 I 0 1 i 7177' I 4 1 r. i 4' 4 4 i '4, i rt I r(71) 1-; 1 nu rr 1 11 Lut rr '''Ik9' 111E0 ir Mostly cloudy and colder today with scattered showers or possible 'thundershowers ending early in morning; low in morning' near 41 with afternoon high In the 30s. TEMPERATURES, WEATHER FORECASTSPage 7. 84No.

248 r4 GlizATIrs 801 84No. 248 St. Louis, Saturday Morning, February 14, 1959-2, Sections-26 Pages FIVE CENTS ST. 1,01: IS 0 VNI, VW k. akt: 1 1 1 till 1 .11 1 MflU 0 Fief 1 a5lrill St.

Louis, Saturday. Morning, February ne Hundred and Seven 14, 1959 1 I its eat) ,4 I urgery are DUG OUT ON FR.IDAY THE 13TH '11 ucity Dog Survive, alfy urnius te, cer, Can Sets ,.,,40 Range Surgery Bared Dulles Cancer, DUG OUT, ON FRIDAY THE 13TH. 4.0:4-.iiHi...:p.00.:.'so--i.:i....,:i.T....0040....... Navy Surplus Set's Range 'ow I -A DOWN AN cl -aliiftged in the tornado, Rescue Squad No L. -o- A I 4, cr i' 1 i 1 1 cl: I ,5 .0..,,,.

1 I i 1 i e'. I I 1 I 7 I tl 1 is i It 1 I- I r- LI atte.11 DOWN AN Clatia--ged in the tornado, P4.4,-,,e, 1 7. N- 4 i capitol Fears I i I. 1 I ,,...1............: M'' I I I Inadequate 1 I ti i i' I gni ri nrr I I 'LAP lid I I GUI 3 I i N. vott-' I I Capital Fears Inadequate 7 1....

1 i Equipment ci .4. uipment le''' 5 I Could Have 4,, Noo 4'- 4 t. LI 1, 1 ti Hour 0 I. Word 1 A 1r or For Any --s Today Set New Growth cGeive7 k12. 1 'New urowtn nour PlOriCe Noon Today Set For Any Word Of New Growth New Equipment Could Have Given Hour's Notice 4 1 --e-.

4 1 4 A1.4.4 4,,, rso. By Associated Press A By JOHN J. SPANO -0001' WASHINGTON, Feb. 13 Mount- 4 Globe-Democrat Staff Writer 0.... 1- ing concern a Secretary of State Dulles may have a recur- rence of cancer spread through 1.

4) ,01044,,, There is a strong possibility St. Louis could have had an 3 mss hour's advance warning of the 4 00. the Capital tonight after he onrushing tornado Tuesday if the .1, Ir A4 I ft.13117''ta 46- INVIZadto derwent an operation for hernia. A .00, Weather Bureau here had UNSAFE HOME at 3838 Evans which was The operation was termed a ern radar-tracking equipment. 0 4,16.

are firemen of Hook and Ladder Company No. 13 and success, announcement of Weatherman George N. Brancato 4 said yesterday. 131- a any other findings by the doctors 11'4 UNSAFE HOME ai 3838 Evans which was badly are firemen of Hook and Ladder Company No 13 and Pe- .41 Vika41101 By Associated Press WASHINGTON, Feb. 13 Mounting concern that Secretary of State Dulles may have a recurrence of cancer spread through the Capital tonight after he underwent an operation for hernia.

The operation was termed a success, announcement of any other findings by the doctors By JOHN J. SPANO Globe-Democrat Staff Writer There is a strong possibility St. Louis could have had an hour's advance warning of the onrushing tornado Tuesday if the Weather Bureau here had modern radar-tracking equipment. Weatherman George N. Brancato said yesterday.

Globe-Democrat Photo L- LIU LciP 11A72; eiplgvgrql tn-morrnw I I 4t, wasP delayed until tomorrow. A I Chi thair rorittrt chnut now Should their report show a new 2300 STILL NEED ASSISTANCE "'Inn-VI-II I' kIFFII.AccItTAKIrC diko ea Ihf dr 40 I Om Gm ArN, NI, 1 a.Pvulaa,a lb lam te I attack of cancer it could mean attack of cancer it could mean Here How Stor brICTIMS the imminent retirement of Mr. Dulles from the No. 1 post in President Eisenhower's cabinet. Mr.

Dulles thought of quitting diellammemoonimmaloodwo5mwmokombot the imminent retirement of Mr. Dulles from the No. 1 post in President Eisenhower's cabinet. Mr. Dulles thought of quitting before, when he underwent I 11 el el PI IF sere IPS 01 'Eh al.

Oa I (iv mmavatlimm fess. once before, when he underwent for wow New NEP' Win Ph oda Ulm dilboarl MMA.702M-MM GETTING A SQUARE MEAL is a dog found in wreckage atop the Golden Eagle by roofers Hollis Cooper (left) of 2926 Ohio and Doyle Sander of 4278 Lee crve. Mr. Cooper, who renamed her Tornado, will keep the dog unless the owner claims her Globe-Democrat Photo wpm MI NO "MP' IIIPE WWI moner mop Now, au mem anon ger 1 rrkl I I Approximately 1700 per son si headquarters at 4901 Washington here already have applied for tor- the Bricklayers Union nada relief aid and an estimatedillall, 4020 Page and Samari 1 2300 mpre are in need of aid, it! tan Temple Methodist Church, was announced yesterday. 4334 Washington.

More than 300 families about These three places will be 1200 personshave applied to the open all day today and from 8 Red Cross for assistance, while; nl. to noon tomorrow. The tealni of Salvation Army workersi union hall also is being main-who are making a house-to-house; tamed as a shelter for housing canvass have -registered 123 1imi- and -feeding- homeless' liesabout 500 personsfor aid. Col. Milton S.

Agnew, divisional Ralph W. Owen, director of dis- commander of the Salvation aster services for the Midwestern Army, said families registered by who are making a house-to-house, canvass have -registered 125 liesabout 500 personsfor aid. Ralph W. Owen, director of disaster services for the Midwestern ti tt a a ni I dl 4, on by to see somebody. a sight to see." The pooch ha( cramped quarten fi nor wreck a ge to see somebody.

It was really a sight to see." The pooch had been in its cramped quarters in the third floor wreckage of the apartment building for about 80 hours. The workmen, Hollis Cooper and Doyle Sander, named the dog 'Tornado" at least -UntIl its owner could be located and promptly gave it a bowl of milk. The dog was found in an apartment above the Golden Eagle night club. The St. Louis Humane Society reported that later four sick and injured dogs were rescued from a garage in the rear of a demolished building at 3872 Page Mr.

Brancato made the statement in disclosing that the destructive tornado may have been in existence as far southwest of St. Louis as Sullivan, Mo. Mr. Brancato also disclosed that a new 1100,000 tornado-tracking radar set has been ordered for the weather office here. "We have reports that it sctually may have been in existence as far away as Sullivan," Mr.

Brancato said in reference to the tornado. "There are indications it was aloft at that point." He said he received a letter from a woman at Sullivan in which she stated that she heard a terrific noise which she be. lieved was a tornado. She the noise shortly before 2 a. m.

Tuesday. After she heard reports of the disaster in St. Louis later, she felt even more certain that a tornado had passed above Sullivan that morning. Sullivan is about 68 miles from the mid-town area. Twenty-one persons were killed and 300 hurt by the tornado which caused 112,000.000 damage here.

NEW MAN ON JOB Mr. Brancato, who has been criticised for the failure of his staff to forewarn St. Louis of the impending tornado, said that at 1:49 a. m. Tuesday a "new man on the staff" of the Weather Bureau was watching the radar set in the bureau office at Lambert-St.

Louis Municipal Airport and observed an echo with what appeared to be a "hook-like" shape. This hook type radar echo was coming from a location about 21 miles southwest of the airport. he explained. "All observers," Mr. Brancato said, "have been taught to look for this type of thing." Be said further that the hook Is indicative of a tornado.

It is not a positive sign, however. Mr. Brancato related that the observer called to an experienced forecaster who looked at the radar screen and saw an odd-shaped echo, which quickly disappeared. The forecaster decided It was not the hook-like echo which is thought to be a tornado Idanger signal. The Weatherman said a stronger radar set would have left no doubt whether the odd.

shaped echo was a tornado book echo. Mr. Brancato said that the set in use now is only capable of picking up storm signals 90 miles away under ideal conditions. Under the conditions Tuesday morning, be said. the radar was able to receive signals only 30 or 40 miles away.

A new radar set which scheduled to be in operation at the Weather Bureau station. Continued on Page 7 L.I I 1 1 I 1 an operation cancer. The hernia operation was per-1 formed between ft and 9 o'clock this morning at the Army's Walter Reed Hospital. During the operation, tissues and fluids were removed for microscopic examination. What this may show as to the presence or absence of cancer is to be disclosed tomorrow, about noon.

REFUSE COMMENT Neither the White House nor the State Department would say anything pending tomorrow's announcement. The White House would not discuss the nature of a report Mr. Dulles, given to President Eisenhower this afternoon his personal physician, Gen. Howard M. Snyder, who witnessed the operation.

There was an interval of more than 24 hours in 1956, when Mr. Dulles was. operated on for trouble with his colon, before it was announced that a cancerous condition had been found. That condition was said to have been cleared up by the operation then. Newsmen asked in vain for some official explanation for the wait of more than 24 hours for a full medical report.

Normally, at least a preliminary pathologist's report is made to the surgeons before an operation is completed. CONFERS TODAY It was disclosed that President Eisenhowerwho seldom has formal appointments on Saturdaywill confer tomorrow with the acting secretary of state, C. Douglas Dillon. The President also will see Loy W. Henderson, who handles administrative affairs in, the State Department.

Mr. Dillon would be -among the possibilities if President Eisenhower had to make a selection for a successor to Mr. Dulles. Under Secretary Christian A. Herter outranks Mr.

Dillon and would be another possible choice, but he is afflicted with arthritis. Mr. Herter is to reach Washington late tomorrow from a cut-short vacation in South Carolina. Mr. Dulles, soon to be 71 years old, has been the top foreign policy director as long as Mr.

Eisenhower has been President and President Eisenhower has never ceased praising him. However, if it turns out that Mr. Dulles has been stricken with cancer for the second time in three years, it seems certain to remove him from the public scene before very long. scene before very long. ave.

They are now being cared for at the Society's animal shelter at 1210 Macklind ave. One was 'a Chow with an injured hind leg and the other three were black mixed breed dogs, one suffering from distemper and the other two mostly from hunger. They were loyal to the property, and the Society people had a little difficulty in getting them to go along to care and comfort. The Society agents said there was no clue as to ownership of the dogs, but that they bad left notes on the property to inform owners as to the whereabouts of the animals. mentioned on the Democratic side at this time is Congressman Charles H.

Brown, who was elected to Congress by a lop-sided majority In a district normally Republican. How- i ever, Mr. Brown is not well known ioutside of southwest Missouri, and Continued on Page 7 Dallion-lSure' ily4:) Governor Nominee Governor Nominee I. .1 I an PI I Start of Bdndwagon Seen in Backing By Kansas City Democratic Leader Salvation Army workers are given' cards specifying their needs. These cards then are taken to the agency's disaster headquarters at 3949 Forest Park ave.

to be filled. MOBILE CANTEENS Most items can be furnished from stocks, but some, such as shoes, lave to be ordered, he said The Salvation Army's two mo Continued on Page 7 Electric Traffic Signal Proposed The last major stop sign halting traffic along the GravoisTwelfth street route downtown would be eliminated under a bill introduced in the Board of Aldermen yesterday. The measure provides for replacing the sign at Twelfth street and Clark avenue with an electric traffic signal. Signals. would also be installed at 13 other intersections under companion bills.

Heavily traveled Washington avenue intersections downtown would also have electric signals under the ordinances. They are: Along Washington at Fourth, Sixth, Seventh, Eighth, Eighteenth streets and Broadway. Other intersections to have electric signals are: Broadway and Meramec streets; Seventh and Cherokee streets; Chippewa and Hereford streets; Fyler and Hampton avenues; Jamieson and Lansdowne avenues; Twelfth and Spruce streets, and Twelfth and Walnut streets. Measures were also introduced yesterday to erect church stop signs at Halls Ferry Road at Veronica avenue; at St. Louis and Name avenues and at Thekla and Plover Another bill would make Lawn avenue a one way southbound artery between Fyler street and Parker avenue.

Baby Fatally Burned in Home A 7 month old baby, Linda Marie Jones, perished last night in a fire that broke out in a two-story- brick tenement at 2215 Randolph City Hospital. Mrs. Jones not home at the time; was taken to City Hospital for treatment of shock. Police said two other children, whose names were not obtained immediately, escaped from the home without injury. estimated by firemen at $500 to the building and $200 to the I workers are their then are gency's disaster 3949 Forest Park ANTEENS an be furnished some, such as Alave to be or Army's two in on Page 7 Traffic )rOPOSed For lith Clark The last major stop sign halt-Mg traffic along the Gravoisrwelfttt street route downtown would be eliminated under a bill introduced in the Board of Aldermen yesterday.

The measure provides for refk I ivi rs on 1.41 tam nnt hnmo area of the American Red Cross, and William R. Ebbinhaus, home director of the St. Louis Bi-State Chapter, made the estimate of the additional 2300 in need of assistance, following a tour of the stricken areas. They said homes occupied by about 1800 families had been destroyed or severely a in a while dwellings occupied by an. other 1000 families suffered minor damage.

In the meantime, the National Board of Fire Underwriters of New York Is establishing an office hire to expedite the handlini of insurance claims growing out of the tornado which are covered by poliCies held with capital stock, fire insurance companies. B. G. Gregory, executive secretary of the Insurance Board of St. Louis, said about 80 per cent of the losses here are covered by policies with stock fire insurance companies.

B. P. L. Carden. general adjuster for the National Board of Fire who came hereql, set up the office, said about 75 adjusters will be brought In from other parts of the country to supplement local adjusters.

HOW TO FILE CLAIM He urged persons with insurance claims to follow these instructions: ONE Report the loss to his local agent immediately. Prompt reporting will expedite TWO; Take precautions to presetVe the property from fur' ther damage. If shingles are off, cover the area with tar paper. If windows are broken, board them up. The cost of temporary repairs constitutes part of the claim but be sure to get a receipt for cost of the work.

THREE: If the loss is a sizable one, get an advance estimate from contractors on cost of the the insurance adjuster it immediately available for checking. The Red Cross is taking applications for aid at the chapter autmt adz I 1 structions: ONE local reporting TWO; presetVe 1 ther dame cover the If- windov them up. repairs. claim but for cost ol THREE: one, get from cont work wilthave able for The Re, plications $1500 IN PANTS DISAPPEARS AS OWNER SLEEPS Henry Hilderbrandt, a newspaper distributor, told police yesterday morning that he had gone to bed with $1500 in his trousers and woke up at 5:10 a. m.

minus the money. Mr. Hilderbrandt, who lives at 5734 Wabada said he had withdrawn the money from a bank the day before to pay a debt. He retired at 8 p. tn.

with the on a dresser, and awoke to find the trousers rolled up on a window sill. Police found a broken window latch and some footprints in mud below the window. 10 Feared Dead In Ashland, Apartment Fire ASHLAND, Feb. 14 fire swept through a combination business and apartment building here early today. Police, Sgt.

Fred Gearhart said, "we'rel pretty sure at least 10 are He said a number of persons were injured. The fire department reported the blaze almost under control, but said it might be several hours before an exact count of the dead could be established. Gearhart said the police count was arrived at by checks with persons living in the building. Cause of the fire was not immediately known. Red Cross By HUME B.

DUVAL Chief of The Globe-Democrat Jefferson City Bureau JEFFERSON CITY, Feb. 11Attorney General John M. Dalton was believed'to have been virtually assured of the Democratic nomination for Governor next year with his indorsement today by Ben Nordberg, top-party leader of Kansas City and Jackson C01111 ty. I In a statement issued here indorsement is the be- day, Mr. Nordberg, whose organi-igirming bandwagon move for ation controls the Jackson CountylMr.

Dalt and thathis nomina- Democratic Committee, said Mr.ttion is virtually assured. 1 Dalton would have his full support LONG ANNOUNCEMENT for the governorship. He said he Lt. Gov. Edward V.

Long of had not discussed the stand with Clarksville, who had been men-Mr. Dalton prior to making hialtioned as a possible candidate announcement, but would PaYllor Governor, is expected to an.j I the Attorney General a personal nounce at Springfield that be will visit before returning to Kansasiseek re-election to his present City. office. Mr. Dalton, who has been con- Democratic National Committee-ducting an active but unannounced man Mark Halloran of St.

Louis, campaign for the gubernatoriallwho has been flirting with the nomination for several years, said idea of running for he was surprised at Mr. Nord-I now Is said to be interested only berg's indorsement coming at in becoming a candidate for May-this time or of St Louis in "Of course, I'm very grateful," The only other gubernatorial I Democratic National Committee-'man Mark Halloran of St. Louis, lwho has been flirting with the lidea of running for Governor. now Is said to be Interested only in becoming a candidate for Mayor of St Louis in The only other gubernatorial A whimpering, tail-wagging I mongrel dog was dug out of smashed building at 4267 Olive St. yesterday, three days after it was trapped by the tornado.

Friday the thirteenth was a lucky day for the small, black female, which appeared nearly starved but otherwise all right. Workmen who found it said the dog owed its life to I a small sleeping box in which it was trapped by falling beams. "It started wagging its tail and licking our hands like mad," said Russ Frederic, vice president of a roofing firm working on the building. "It was so glad HAVANA, Feb. 13 Fidel Castro, 32-year-old revolutionary chief, was named Prime Minister of Cuba tonight It was his first move into political office and it came at a time when there was wide spec6- lation that he was on the way to becoming president.

Up to now the bearded, 32- year-old leader has served the provisional government as commander in chief of armed forces. His appointment as Prime Minister to take office Monday followed the mass resignation of the Cuban cabinet. Provisional president Manuel Urrutia immediately announced his choice of Castro for the premiership. That job 'normally means head of government under the president who is chief of state. Castro replaces prime minister Jose Miro Cardona.

I The outgoing prime minister told reporters the cabinet resignation was handed in this morning and accepteu During the day Castro had accepted an invitation to visit Chile within two months but told a visiting Chilean delegation he I first had to act on measures essential to the He did not disclose then that he expected to I become government dants in the air on the moist shell of the newly laid egg. Cuban Cabinet Resigns; Castro 1 1 III MI. An I 1 Inside Headlines 1 resoul inot tal NI S01.43 these to tot In 4 --not NO SOLD --If these to your I KancirtInh cf. -c I 1 1..0 IREE St. The child, daughter- of Mrs.

Ewa Not 064 tio W. 1110 aside for Gov. Blair. biNIC5, 6 DEAD Hattie Mae Jones, was found on 0.14 1 111 API "Mr. Dalton is a man of am STORY ON PAGE 3 Disnster Services couch I th a front' room on mom goo peccable character and reputa- ME I AIM 1 AI 4.

411 Mink REM AIM 4111111 vnuNa sHnIJIMERS GETS 6 YEARS The child, daughter- of Hattie Mae Jones, was found on couch in a -front- room. on the 0 to aside for Gov. Blair. I' "Mr. Dalton is a man of im, 1' peccable character and reputa- Green leader SINKS, 6 DEAD STORY ON PAGE 2 YOUNG SHOULDERS GETS 6 YEARS the Attorney General said.

"Mr. is one of the most limportant Democratic leaders of state and anyone would wet-'come his support. "I have not as yet made any positive public statement as to my future political plans, but I expect to do so at the Jackson Day. Dinner in Springfield, Feb. 121." been regarded well out in front las a candidate for the nomina- VENEZUELA STORY ON PAGE 2 .1 WPM VIM MIIF first floor where the fire spread from an overheated coal stove "-my 1 ti 9 cc 9 said HtleIv has done LYgocacclaujocbg STORY ON PAGE 3 to disaster sufferers without other Iremen said: She' was pro: years.

aesAsttorne knoweyGes the affairs air es of eight ces is GIVENnot loanedTO MEET NEED rintInpAti elosA LOS Ahl GELES, Feb: 13 Brigitte (213.t the little red hen looked Important Inside Features to disaster sufferers without other is GIVENnot loanedTO MEET NEED first floor where the fire spread from an overheated coal stove, firemen She. was pronounced dead at ay ing Eggs don. City said. "He has one a good job as Attorney General for eight 4t4 LOS ANGELES, Feb. 13 M.Brigitte the little red hen looked years.

he knows the affairs of I4t, LOS ANGELES, Feb. 13 (213.Brigitte the little red hen looked 6 STORY ON PAGE 3 Important' Inside Features I chief. 1 1 FAVORED IN 1956 1 Mr. Nordberg said he was fa- SMOG TO BLAME FOR SHAME vorable towards Mr. Dalton in 1956 and would have supported him for the governorship at that itt e- eh-- time had Mr.

Dalton not stepped the Kansas ex-Green, bright green. Her owner, Mrs. C.1 Martine, cellent Governor. We are going It just wasn't respectable who had been observing all this to support him wholeheartedly." appealed to The Nordberg organization con- With a surreptitious swi sYmthecailY' sh she poultry Paelpemcharles Salverson trols the single biggest bloc of flipped the offending egg out the University of California ex-Ivotes In heavily Democratic Jack-her nest and settled down to tri tension service. Ison County and is expected to be again- He advised Mrs.

Martine to tell followed by other Kansas City Green, bright green. Her owner, Mrs. C.1 Martine, It who had been observing all this just wasn't es pectable ssympathetically, appealed to a With a surrepti swish she poultry expert, Charles Salverson flipped the offending egg out of of the University of California ex. I 1 SA R. wskk skk RA ilk A RA a ROI a -ell rah 961, SW IA la arm again- chief.

1 I He advised Mrs. Martine to tell followed by other Kansas City -Assistance in her nest. I istate and would make an down in her nest. state and would make an down in her nest. I A LI El WTI La loss.

Cross assistance is provided for by voluntary contributions from the American people. DISASTER SERVICES OR SUPPLIES ARE BY THE RED CROSS. anyone asks you to pay or repayJor any of services or supplies, please report the facts nearest Red Cross office. ST. LOUIS BI-STATE CHAPTER 4901 Washington Bl.

Member of the United Fund MR Page 8 Women's Pages 1-10 4 COLUMNISTS 15-21 Robed L. Burnes Page 12 24-23 Robert I. Diet! 22 24 Bob Goddard 14 Hedda Hopper -14 22-23 David Lawrence .1 23 Potomac Fever 7 Victor Riesel 14 14 George Sokoisky 23 Abigai1 Van Buren I 1: Earl Wilson 0,14, Amusements Church News Classified Ads Comics I Crossword Puzzle Editbrials Financial, Markets Radio.TV Sports The blaze broke out about 10:40 But in 4 Brigitte 'not to worry. 1 4 in -backing the Attorney Jumble p. m.

and was confined largely The next egg was green, and The discoloration, he said, was General Obituaries to the 4first floor. Damage wasithe next one as all the caused by the reactions of oxi-i For some time Mr. Dalton has Picture Page The blaze broke out about 10:40 p. m. and was confined largely to the floor.

Damage was But In vain Brigitte not to worry. I 4 in backing the Attorney The next egg was green, and The discoloration, he said was General the next one, 4 just as all the caused by the reactions of oxi-I For some time, Mr. Dalton has But in vain The next egg was green, and the next one, just as all the Brigitte 'not to worry. 1 The discoloration, he said, was caused by the reactions of oxi in backing the Attorney General. I For some time, Mr.

Dalton has Jumble Obituaries Picture Page others had been for days. I Oh, the shame of it Brigitte quit laying altogether1 Or to other words. smog. Ition. Political leaders believe thel Through the Years I c( 1, 4 .1 Brigitte quit laying altogether.

Or in other words, smog. tion. Political leaders believe the Through the Years.

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