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St. Louis Globe-Democrat from St. Louis, Missouri • Page 5

St. Louis Globe-Democrat from St. Louis, Missouri • Page 5

St. Louis, Missouri
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a 60 Feb. 11, 1959 5: 4 411111, DR. BROOKS FORECASTS A 'ROUGH TORNADO YEAR' i- it, If 1 i 14N s' 1 gt' Wed, Feb. 11, 1959 I 1 Emits Stxtbr-atirrat FORECASTS A 'ROUGH TORNADO YEAR' olv Eirpecimed-in Area INNWOOD 1 r.o.gmtpaK...obf, ANN WOOD voNow.err.onsp 4,6, 't I -4 --i; 49, 0, 1 ..,,..4 1. lc 409, -t v-, .0,,,,3.

4 4...:4 0 i 4 I ATc-I-i- 4 4 1 i 44 I i 4 'f, ft4N, tit'' i ir, .1. s. IA. 4.. 't r.

1. 0 I- '1: '1 11 t. 1 i. r- i 1::. 't 1 1 LIM.1100" I --0 ale i 0 1 4, 4 4- 4 r- 4 i Ali'.

'Allit 4 4 ..1 4. I 4. 4 11 l' 4 'f 4. A 4.. a 1 t-''; 0 I (1 .4, Alf 4 l'A-Aol' 4 'I 44e.

0..1 il i til i 1 4 INSPECTING DISASTER AREAS, Mayor Tucker talks with a rescue worker at Boyle avenue cmd Olive street. After viewing sectors of the city hardest hit by the tornado, he asked the President to declare the city a major disaster area. 4 Globe-Democrat Photo 'SHOWS ITS GREAT VALUE. TO CITY' 4 4 ts i4; A .4,, It 4' 'i .1 It', 1,. 'I 3 ,2, 41, Ir.r I.

.4 4 4 4., -0-- 4 .3. An. I 1, tot tr, t-- 34f AO 4 1,, ji 4' .14 1 1 i 4, 44.1.' 4 ir 4, 4. 3 II 4 -i rt 1 i 1' L. it-.

3 fa I 4, '4A, 4 4.d....i I i 4 A 4.,,11 lit 4... 1 1 4., I 1 Irl e'' 0 i 1 115 i 4 I. 41' I I 11 71 44ag1P1 tLj44 1 Mayor Hails Civil Defense For Speedy Organization SHATTERED BUILDINGS line the north side of Olive street at Boyle avenue (foreground) and debris is scattered over a wide area in yards and the alley between Olive and Washington boulevard (top of picture). testifying to the severity of thelornado which slashed through the area early -yesterday. What Devastated Area "This Is the Important thing," I he said.

i Walter T. Malloy, director of public utilities, said as many as 1000 street lights are out or not 1 working. Water Commissioner Conway B. Briscoe reported no serious damage to the water supply or system with hydrants intact. J.

Earl Smith, director health and hospitals, said there were no major health problems. Park Commissioner Palmer B. Baumes made a preliminary es Looks Like are smashed alongside the Arena. It was if the giant trampled on the buildings, then Iddced the roof off the Arena. Into the park and a smashed greenhouse.

Tree limbs, bricks, glass, trash, cans, roofsall are scattered awry from one end of the storm route to the other. Now we are coming over the area of greatest damage, Lindell, west of Boyle. By SUE Globe-Democrat Staff Writer Tornadoes are likely to strike the St. Louis area again in the next few months of what will be "a rough tornado year," Dr. Edward M.

Brooks, St. Louis University professor of geophysics, predicted yesterday. Brooks, who' bases his long-range weather forecssts on sunspot activity, said thee has been much sunspot activity in the past three years, coinciding with a large number of tornadoes. "1 fiad expected-1959 to be a rough tornado year, but I didn't expect it to start so soon," Dr. Brooks "The real tornado months are March, April and May, but we have had them de- vel4 in winter months during re- cent years." Unfortunately, Dr.

Brooks add- ed, having one tornado does not make the St. Louis area immune from them for the rest of the year "Tornadoes are not like mea- sles," he said wrylyTh can have tOnx again and again." The comparative rarity of a tornado In February was one factor which kept the Weather Bureau here from Issuing a tor- nado warning before it hit. As it was, the Weather Bureau was unaware a tornado had struck the area until first re- ports of damage came in. George N. Brancato, chief meteorologist at the St.

Louis Weather Bureau, said a "severe thunderstorm warning" was issued at 8:40 p. indicating there would be heavy rain in the St. Louis area until 2:30 a. m. "When we analyze the atmosphere," Mr.

Brancato said, "the difference between severe thunderstorms and tornado activity is hard to define. It's a borderline case. "We kept watching the whole situation to see if it could be developing into tornado activity. Clues to this would be hail, damaging winds or reports of severe turbulence from flying aircraft. No such reports were received right up to the time the tornado struck here." Apparently, Mr.

Brancato said, the tornado developed here and dissipated as soon as it passed over the area. "It didn't develop anywhere else to give us advance no-lice," he explained. "This was an isolated case which, frankly, was impossible to pinpoint." Chances of a tornado developing in Febtuary are "slim" ordinarily, Mr. Brancato noted. "If this had been in June or July," he said, "we might have gone overboard when we got the severe thunderstorm warnin sent by the City severe weather unit, and indicated a chance of tornadoes here.

However, we thought it was desirable to issue a severe thunderstorm warning until 2:30 a. "The public criticises us for alarming them if a tornado doesn't occur after a warning," Mr. Brancato said. "We try to be cautious but, of course, it's better to be safe than cautious." Another indication of tornado activity is a "pressure the meteorologist said, and such CLOSING OUT REMAINING SPACE Show and Sell to Thousands In Hew OutdoorableAffordable Show timate of $75,000 damage in Forest Park, mostly to green- houses and trees. 1 united Fund Homes.

Hit; Most Agencies Spared World Airways will begin a New York-London-Amsterdam-Frankfurt jet airliner service in September using Boeing707 -jet planes, the airline's Dutch director said today. erican World Airways will be- a New York-London-Amster- a-Frankfurt je airliner serv- in September using Boeing- -jet planes, the airline's Dutch said today. By R. HAHN Globe-Democrat Staff Writer Twelve hours later. We are in a helicopter retracing the path of the great 1959 tornado that careened in thundering fury across St.

Louis and 8t. Louis County. The wind is still gusty, 40 or stalked across Rock Hill, Brent- wood, 50 miles an hour the pilot says. Richmond Heights, Forest But skies are clear except for Park and on into the city's mid- friendly powder puff clouds section where the death toll rose so' dodging the brilliant sunshine. high and the storm apparently Glass.

Everywhere there seems hit a furious climax. to be glass. Shattered window There's a car in a Rock Hill panes. A smashed greenhouse. garage--but the garage is de- They look like diamonds mirror- molished.

The car seems from ing the sunshine and seem some- UP here like it is not seriously how out of place. They shouldn't damaged. look pretty, but they do. Holes are showing in roofs It looks from up here like a more frequently as we head to- drunk raging giant has ward Richmond Heights. For the most part, it seems as if the terday.

However, its presence tornado lifted, pulling its punches over Richmond Heights. was made known by the path it I obviously cut across the area. nudge the pilot. "See that Conditions present which made house down there Yes." "That's mine." Right in the path the area ripe for development of of the storm.undamaged. a tornado included: High moisture content in the We move from west to east veering slightly to the north, unseasonably warm air, "un- from about Manchester road and stable" conditions in the Brentwood boulevard, eventually atmosphere and a squall 1 to the river moving across the area which The storm must have mounted served as the mechanism to in fury as it headed for the city trigger the tornado, weather ex- limits.

perts said. There at Oakland is the huge A total of 2.98 inches of rain tower of. KTVI-TV. It looks as was recorded at the Lambert-St. if the giant had kicked off the Louis Airport Weather Statico top.

during the series of thunderstorms great hole gapes upward which preceded and followed the from the Arena. Rubble is piled tornado. sA along Oakland avenue. Buildings net Bock There's Boyle and Olive. And Delmar and Whittier.

Here It seems the giant has stamped up and down. Here was the greatest death toll. In spite of the sunshine, the misery is still apparent. Fire trucks gleam in the sun. Groups of men work in the rubble, dig.

ging for the dead, for valuables, or for, perhaps, a few who may still live. 10120' BOOTHS Priced Pj 0 MO From JUL) net With Valour lack Everything for Landscaping Gardening Everything for Outdoor Living Recreation Everything for Interior Home Improvement rier Most United Fund agencies in the path of the tornado yesterday Catastrophe sustained little storm damage, according to a United Fund spokesman, but two homes for the aged Designation gnation Wi were the exception. i Six of the residents at the Frederic Ozanam Home for Men, 3225 Montgomery were in-Speed Claims jured by flying glass and taken to Homer G. Phillips Hospital. The walls were damaged, windows I were blown out, part of the roof The insurance industry has des-i 'was blown off, and the sprinkler ignated tornado-stricken St.

Louis, I system set off. a "catastrophe area," B. 1 The two Mary Ryder Homes at Gregory, executive secretary and. r4360 Olive st. and 4341 Westminmanager of the Insurance Board I ster which serve elderly of St.

Louis, said yesterday. I women, were damaged, but no Mr. Gregory said the designa-one was injured. 1 tion means claim settlements- wall HELP RENDERED be handled up to eight or 10 timesi United Fund agencies working faster than the normal pace. lin the disaster areas include the Some companies already a 1 American Red Cross, which set adjustment touring the up two feeding and shelter areas.

stricken areas and arranging for Another United Fund agency, speedy settlements. Some 30 to 401the Salvation Army, set up a adjusters from surrounding areas 'canteen at Delmar and Whittier were called in to assist. at 6 a. serving coffee and URGES THREE STEPS donuts to the rescue workers, and with the rescue operation. Mr.

Gregory urged persons who Police brought eight women and suffered property losses to takelchildren to the Salvation Army these three steps to speed han- Emergency Lodge, 3001 Rauschdling of claims. enbach ave. The victims were ONE: Make immediate given food and shelter until relaporary repairs to protect the prop- rives could be located. erty against additional Nurses from the Visiting Nurse TWO: Notify the insurance corn- Association were assigned to the pany or agent invblved. two Red Cross disaster centers.

THREE: Make up an itemized! In co-operation with the AmeriA these three steps to speed han- Emergency Lodge, 3001 Rauschdling of claims. enbach ave. The victims were ONE: Make immediate given food and shelter until relaporary repairs to protect the prop- tives could be located. erty against additional Nurses from the Visiting Nurse TWO: Notify the insurance corn- Association were assigned to the pany or agent invblved. two Red Cross disaster centers.

THREE: Make up an co-operation with the Amen' en food and shelter until rela- could be located. furses from the Visiting Nurse Red Cross disaster centers ociation were assigned to the co-operation with the Amerii 1 10'ile' B001 1 1 Priced in'. 1 FTOM lot 4, IJ-111 En; With fallout 1 1 I 13 6 I 0 0 2. ,,,.00. 11 I 11:.

j. ij4 itin -L -4 4,, 'allittInstormill Ei 1 ii 10'ile' BOOTHS Priced $1nne0 From I DU With fallout I 411410.4. litonstat4111 a S. MARCH 17th thiu MARCH 15th FOR SPACE CALL CEntial 1.3484 OFFICE KIEL AUDITORIUM-1400 MARKET ST. A phone call at '6 a.

m. sent Mayor Tucker to Defense laeadquarters in Forest Park within the hour. -9He said he was "extremely pleised" with the Way the Civil IMIEnse- organization hand handled the disaster once the organizatibn was formed. He said all the various agencies were soon functioning, communications were established and rescue work was well underway. "This shows the great Civil Defense has to the he said.

"It is equipped handle natural disasters." He said In the old days, recalling the 1927 tornado, "it would have taken 24 to 36 hours to a disaster program or.ganized." After a survey at Civil Defense beadquarters, the mayor made an automobile tour of the stricken areas. Then he sent telegrams to Eisenhower, Governor Blair, U. S. Senators Thomas C. Hennings and Stuart Symington, and U.

S. Representative Leonor K. Sullivan, in whose district the storm hit hardest. reported the damage to the Protdent and noted he was ask- ing-Zov. Blair to urge the declare St.

Louis a major disaster area to make it eligible for federal disaster relief. This Is required proeedure. All social engagements were cancelled by Mayor Tucker and only one planned appointment was kept. He attended an 11 a. m.

aate of 1955 bonds for capital improvements. After a noontime tour of the disaster area, be broadcast an appeal for sightseers to stay out of the area. One of his first acts was to make sure building Inspectors were on the job. He reported that the homeless and Injured were being cared for and the hungry were being fed. He said he was "very relieved" with that Information.

Aral. 9 oW an aid for ARTHRITIS and KIDNEY-BLADDER IRREGULARITIES I I I I I The recommended doily amount helps to; STIMULATE KID. NET ACTION SOOTHE BLADDER IRRITATION' NEUTRALIZE EX. fr wt'- I I DERA W-- .4 Virl 't SHOU YOU ef; MIA114 lizy FOIL- illi, LO -fr VIAIR VA LLEY I. as an old forl 1 no I omou i 1 I ,1 I 11 I I I I I I statement of losses so they can can Red Cross, the agency is givbe acted on immediately.

I ing nursing care to many dis William IL Semsrott, president aster victims in homes through-of the Associated Retailers of St. out the city. Louis, said members of the as- PATIENTS KILLED sociation will give special assist- The agency reports that some ance to tornado victims. a tho nationte tn whom thov had or me Assocratea Ketaners or st.1 out the city. Louis, said members of the as- PATIENTS KILLED sociation will give special assist- The agency reports that Some ance to tornado victims.

of the patients to whom they had 1 Red Cross, the agency is giv- nursing care to many dis- er victims in homes through- the city. PATIENTS KILLED 1 be agency reports that some the patients to whom they had cionpsdreeaeysnl, ,.42,. cs9- 2 .1 rs, sus aiusdr deae du yu jumps west se ov in he sure changes also are character 0 ai 4' I 4, cN2. of severe thtmderstorms. 01-6' .4109 14 423 -'31c0 -no lc de, 4.

iStiC 0 loolin o'SN nna. ea fr, A funnel cloud was reported as v. sighted at California, about 175 miles west of St. Louis, short- ly after midnight, to the Weather 1 4.1. Bureau at Columbia, Mr.

A4 Brancato said. That report was yom- lady ady fair with the sent to St. Louis Bureau but I-- Po was designated as "not con- 1:, firmed," he said. k3Z-tt No funnel cloud was sighted in cs.1,. i the St.

Louis areaat least as far 2, Valentme ps from SBF 0 as the Weather Bureau knew yes- k. 'I SEIOP-' .4 So-: Sizes 81to 2 1612 tS 7 1- ::4 Ours Exclusively kii 41 's .31 .,10 LANE A kir ---If- a' 4 'en. DOWNTOWN and WESTItOADPMS 1- '2-------- 643 tit 1 4.4 1 1 ei 1 0 li 4 '4 ti '4e. WEETHEART -7' tis" 4 4 -4 cAtt i Trifari helps BOX -------'4--- Our game of love with '2 yr guys and dolls scatter pins; goldtone set pretend-stones. $250 viti eacIL 0 k'ar4) 4' it l'i t4 I genuine black, genuine leather tote i jumps in pressure could be seen, west of St.

Louis all day Monday.1 However, he added, such pressure changes also are characteristic of severe thunderstorms. A funnel cloud was reported as sighted at California, about 175 miles west of St. Louis, shortly after midnight, to the Weather Bureau at Columbia, Mr. Brancato said. That report was sent to the St.

Louis Bureau but was designated as "not confirmed," he said. No funnel cloud was sighted in the St. Louis areaat least as far as the Weather Bureau knew yes SHOP Sizes 812 to 1612 Ours Exclusively LANE BRYANT NA LANE RYA NT DOWNTOWN and WESTROADSMO Charm your lady fair with Valentine tips from SBF Trifari helps your game of love with guys and dolls scatter pins; gold tone set with $250 each This black, genuine leather tote gives --Z-- 4 1 0 '41" Ocit, AL IL CREDIT EXTENSIONS been giving nursing care were in the disaster area. He said this would consist of! One Catholic agency located in extension of credit and relaxation i the storm's path at 4012 Wash- of payncent terms for present' ington bl. was not damaged and charge account customers during will be called upon by the So-the period of hardship.

Iciety of St. Vincent de Paul to Those affected, he said, should distribute food and clothing. contact the credit offices of the The Rehabilitation Center of stores where they have charge i Greater St. Louis was forced to accounts. Association members in-1 close down yesterday because the dude leading department heating system was knocked out.

furniture, shoe and specialt and occupational thershops, including their suburban tapists did make home visits to branches. Ipatients who lived in parts of the Anheuser-Busch, is giving city and county not affected by a check for $5000 to the AmericanIthe storm. 'Red Cross to use in aiding vie- PAN-AM of yesterday's tornado here, JET FLIGHT 'August A. Busch president of AMSTERDAM, NETHER- the company, announced. Feb.

10 PAN-AM JET FLIGHT AMSTERDAM, Feb. 10 Ainerican giving nursing care were ed in the disaster area. rie Catholic agency located in storm's path at 4012 Wash- ton hi. was not damaged and I be called upon by the of St. Vincent de Paul to ribute food and clothing.

he Rehabilitation Center of mt er t. Louis was forced to down yesterday because the ting system was knocked out. tsical and occupational ther- -sts did make home visits to lents who lived in parts of the and county not affected by storm. PAN-AM JET FLIGHT MSTERDAM, NETHER- IDS, Feb. 10 il 1 11 TV your Valentine plenty of carrying TONIGHT in the Beautiful 3 space; zippered top, 113.99 1 1- SEP Handbags, Fashion Jewelry At CC TONIGHT In the Beautiful NEW Reesawl Rear.1 SIM' Handbags, Fashion Jewelry REPORT ON HOUSING The Real Estate Board of Met- tropolitan St.

Louis urges -victims of the tornado who have had their rdwellings destroyed to contact its 'members for rentals. It reports that in last Sunday's papers there i were more than an ample amount of vacancies listed in those areas l'where the damage was greatest 'Ito accommodate those who have been left homeless. 1 Some of the largest ment realtor firms have promised to give priority to victims of the iltornado and to facilitate the proc- lessing of any applications with 77 yyy-1 ANN 7 77 77-'' T--1L Pi I I I I 73 I '--4--- I a btreet floor Downtown, and Irestroculs i 1 -I Alas! your order or call CE 109440 ..71 A Plus Federal tax -0. e'. DELIA CHIESA st Come to Downtown Louis and 't 41 SONG sfyLtsr 7t- SO :...,:.::0, As Thuelecrsday, Lincoln Day, for top-notch values! 44 Loc? i r.

JOHNNY POLZIN and his orchestra '44W s. of i. DELIA CHIESA 0-, SONG v) WITH THAT 3. SOMETHING NEW JOHNNY POLZIN and his orchestra Street Floor, Downtown and Westroads Mad your order or call C'E. 1.9440 Plus Federal tax Come to Downtown St.

Louis and SBF, Thursday, Lincoln Day, for top-notch values! "CE'SuSn'arN1 me greatest possible speea. ACIDITY I The board urges Qther realtor 1 members who have not been con- DISCHARGE Itacted because of the urgency of 1 WASTES I the situation to likewise give priI Thousands hay I ority and all possible help to tor- loomed that this I inado victims. pure water from Th.e Rev. Paul Rahmeler, I Hot Spri ngs, Arkansas is a real II I id in these conditions. They know il president of the Missouri ssouri Valley toe (as you will, when you've of the Evangelical and Reg trod it), that Mountain Volley is I formed Church, reported yesterv th best tasting water In the world! liday that the World Service Office .11 tip for your first order TODAY.

I th of E. R. Church has for- 41- Consult your doctor. 1 warded a 32000 check for local I FL I7707 1 disaster relief. IVEVILIKTAIN VALLEY WATER ti He said no decision has been 41ts St Levis IL Ms 1, reached on how the money will be used.

T.11-ey-kno-w- .1 president of the Missouri Valley (as you will, when you've Synod of the Evangelical and Re- tasting 1 VOA 1), that Mountain Valley is Il fortned Church, reported yestei- vitro best water In the world! liday that the World Service Office Op for your first order TODAY. I I of the E. R. Church has for I Consult your- doctor. a $2000 check for local I FL 1:7707 disaster relief.

II' He said no decision has been I MOUNTAIN VALLEY WATER 41te firevtvii Ltits U. MO 1, reached on how the money will be used. the crontoct nnecihio cnood the greatest possible speed. 1 2 SHOWS NIOHTLY except Sunday 4001- DOWNTOWN vvEDYROADO i is OHERATON-JEiFERSON Shop today 9:30 to 5:30 Downtown and grestroads 4.g.,3, 12th Blvd. at Locust st.

HOTEL 's OT For RESERVATIONSMk 1-4600 l' I. 0 m-4 k. te malb TOMORROW BOULEVARD ROOM 1 Nrd 71 45- 5.., ,0 t.1 07.1,;.e..4r,-; d171VZ: DOWNTOWN LINCOLN DAY SPECIAL 1, 6 1, 1-- -0 11-t1 4 If iielli C' 7 I2TH SALTS GLOP. --ltt lie fr- 'N ti 4' i 1 -AM, 2 SHOWS NIGHTLY except Sunday -HERALT0N-JEiFERSON 12th Blvd. at Locust St.


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