The Courier News from ,  on November 12, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from , · Page 3

Issue Date:
Thursday, November 12, 1936
Page 3
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I.TJlUIiSDAY, jS.QVffMBBR' j^tiffl) clgn cxclin'iigc ;wlt(i 'whluh To'biiy Vha6fsh6>nHaK»al'' ^' BLYTnEVILLE (AftK.) QQU/tlER NEWS <llllilflLt 1 lead of Gci'man Four- ;Ycar Plaii" Undisputed Man" in in >u HU», uyrmnny nns been forced to import: corner, Htn. Iron ore' cotton, wool;;rnl)tjer, polroleum.-v>?- elable fats antl grfiln, principally' wheat.'>; It-iinusi. continue'lo''lii'i- iorl • coppar and tin. It is Inlcnsl- 'ylng Its use of r " liy MlLTON HR'ONNKlt'' MCA Service Slatt , Comsondent LONDON.—Dr. Joseph Goebbels, Germany's hollow-cheeked Minister of Propaganda, is a persuasive lulker on Hie slump, a great rabble rouser ihrougli the press and the "mike", a master producer of state, iiaradcs and jiolltlcal shows—but lie lias just rcveal?d :himself in a new light/' He khows ' For the past fn'e years all~Germany, beneath its b'reiUli. 'IftS licen 'discussing, the gr?at contest —Gocrlng 'versus Goebtels. It has been bruited that Hie men have litlle lise for each other; tint llw "Lender fosily. made use,pf, this tc. gel the best work out of both of -them: ,- ; ( : Time has' ten when Go2bbsli had II within'his power• blithely tc cut down the length of Ooerins speeches before they: wera prlnlac in the German press. But all that seems over no\v Goering Made No. 2 Man Just the other day Hitler appointed Oo'srln" alrcidj Mimstei- of II>-T Air Force, to fiill control of . the "Four-Year Plan" announced at Nuremberg. This plan alms mainly at Germany's self-sufTicien- c" in raw materials. Tnc , object is. of course, to mn l *e Ger many RelfrSiipportin* at .all. times. . but especially to see to it that It will be so if Germany is engaged In a .war. -Hitler doss not wn"t 1.1 -"* "— Many defeated by a blockade again. For public consumption he talks •about the Gsnnan army being vi- tonous In the field in the world war until "(tabbed in the b:lck" b\ '. J;\vs, Socialists anci ' pacifists at 1'ome. But he knows tbc real cause not only that American sol- dbrs. brought numerical preponderance in the batt'.e fields, but linv British, American -and Frn"-^ ~. ships"beat .the German submarine menace and so blockaded Gsrmany .. that scarcity of food and raw'ma'- terinls finished what Allied-soldiers did In battle. Gocbbcls Bows Gracefully In naming Goerin? to take full chare.2 of the four-year plan Hit . ler not only desl nated Ins mos! : ruthlesslj efficient Iput'nnnt bu 1 S O lie marked to all t'-« world tlia' ^'.'C;oenn I ji\TOS 'No 2 man in llv tjGocbbels—sorroftfuil^- r«ll7». rfirr°nd»r Is that foVoKiT* Hklc = _.iirinpuncement he allow d th= G" 'man press to mint stories from thr /' various capitals of Europe praising Goering as n mi°hty doer of -i °d" Moreover the German p'es ua actualK permitted to punt head • lines like this: "Goerlng the Second Man in thf ' State.'' ..This second man lost no tim- in getting bu'y witn full muer' tq;ran«c throush all the offices o 1 the cabinet ministers and thc-de- partments and tako' any men he chose, Goering procesdcd to' name hLs. lieutenants, i'vcn'Including'tiIF own pMss Eecrctarv—reaarrtljss o! . , G.osbbels. He has divided his project into six departments: • I. For the production of Gsr- mnn raw materials. 2. Fof^Oie distribution of thess raw materiaLs to the various Industries * 3. For the distribution of labor, 4. For the production of agricultural necessities. 3. For the regulation of prices, C. For the control of foreign ex- chan<"> reserves held bv Germans. Makes 1840 Critical Tear Goering's problem Is complex. Germany .Is on thj gold standard, but only maintains this artificially by a strict control of he'fTnoney. .«o that little gets outside tbe.fron- tiers. Germany-can only get for- depreciation Climbs High - ; .Wheii you fail to lubricate your car, for^ When you drive a "Greaseless" car neglect is busy will) your car investment— Let via save the bearings and you' can cbarge the cost to the next dealer you trade with. PHILLIPS Service Center excess of cxiwrls over Impart. 1 !. ,, :|i'l8ld< control/of Imixjrts,'fouia export excels ! nab'-fbcen : ach'lcved but,It $; far le^ than |rf ^^ There arc many lhiu gs which, ip (o now „-••!, 4 .™ ,ll^»- yi^(\l: | H has largely ellihlnatccli Cotton always will be ncKleiJ,' cs- nfacturc of lilgh explosives '" in ' >eacc-times, Gocrlng's slltiits, in the making of clothhi" ^ilk and-ar!in?ial wool for iinrt of tl^e 'cotton. •'•><• . . .s i : : -To ! hnvB silk, efforts ar<> tb'lnl nail» to plant mulberry trjes a:n] to- ratse"sllk''"wArnis 'on' 'G'crinan niadc- fl i, <iUtllla- .- : !-';JIt;lf fa'ldj to b3 tougher nd longer-llve(l. than real rubber. .The :.tlrawl)ack • about • all this "ersatz"—substitute— material is that it Is more exi»nslve tlmn th« "eal thing. But; iiV-c'as-c-pf war, 'xpenses would bc,iio ;objecl, luro- 'Wed factories could turn out this .rtificial rubber,- gasoline; wool,'etc" That is the major part.of the im' m°i«e job Go?rlng must f bring !nlo peifection m foi r jeais All of which inj mean that that gieat JpNESlibrt'6. Alk (OP)—Uius M* ii'-'wres'tlln'S HiWtcli *lifcfc' \ulilcd lliclr health more .Hum a $100 bill, !Uutsi|; jShlkujiyi, Jfiiiiitiese ijlu jll- • 'V linippkM-, offeu'd lo'licl any inn $100 he could put lilni'W .sKej) wllhtn !wo mlmilos. None ncceut l '^ . ' ,< ' i -, a large scale iron ttoii.. of coal. AI\,-O Farllest fossil members m i>i« dog familj ire found on the American continent Iteu: Friends! Big Thrift News , • 5 l »l' ,00 in Eagle Stamps- (20 SI AMI'S) |.v .-^, Onlv^Oiir Gifl I" •> Cusli'iiKr •lo c.ich .ulull who nuUcs .1 c.ibti pur- •tha'« «f -jSlfr Ci '"on |S J S,\TUK1)AV,''NOV. lllh (Grocery 'I'hom- I(il ' We DHIvcr • .200: \V, Main Fiiglc Kijtnp , S.i\Ines> Help Iluy Christmab (,il«!> 5r< ^ 1 "}rco Billoon? lo, ChlWron Aitomu^iiled by-Parent* COMEJ BUY! SAVE EVERY S1.25! , F SPECIALS M. BJ(YER FOR PRIUAY, SAT- I'KUAY and ^ MONDAY. . ;i, ,! '*'< / Wampo!es Reparation 89 C Wtte: ^BK• -^» •••• n^- ; ! *Bfc.''*i -^»>. ^». — ^ ROGERs PIGGLY WIGGLY STORES Extra large Melaripe Juicy l''lori<lii Do/.cn l/\r* .Tonal liiut ilrS Me<l - Si/Lv TO...v»fff". ,.-*y^ COUNTRY CI,UI! ' V '^QOO, J'Olllltl , . ,'.', T .''. ,«UW ' 31'KlN'Ci 11KOOK, A|C 1-1,1). ^^^™»™^i^^ Spinach Fresh Home Gnrnn Cane 10 I'omuls Preserves Slniwbcrry or' ft ar-h 2-I.U jjr Coffee Country Clul) I-b.'25c French, l,b. 100 to JCQO Miollle 9,3 SALHEPATICA CHAMBERLAIK ?1.20Pi7e 03 LOTION OQC ^OcSi/c 03 LOTION with Dispenser QQC 50c Size 39^ JER6EISS LOTION 5 L39 f 29 l HAND LOTION 35c Sixe ^0 LIVER OIL I 81 Si/L-. R. OIL CAPS $1.09 HM!™^ COD UVEft OIL McK r n r59' i— i * Ull ^* ^, D CONCENTRATKDM f A Si '>*. c;,«. yl,,!^ $1.25 Size, 35c Vicks Salve 24e 100 -5 gr. Asmnn ! Wine Tablets Cardni 79c ,?' IMilk of ISc Pint 27c 1IICKS VICKS >'? i NOSR^ROi^S QQC ':' 50c Size 03 NOSB.-I r : NOSE .UROi'S MILROFMAG. !S.39 C 60'T¥SOL : ~ "49 C NEW Ho\ STATIONERY Paper and Pound Paper ^ HEATING PADS 1""' S 3 ALK A SELTZER „. SiM 49 l iC UP HOT WATER ^^ FLASHLIGHTS 29 TOOTH BRUSH' rrKW 25 ID! DRNTAT' CREAM - "• Giant Tube CHOCOLATK COVERED CHERRIES - Lb. Box We Have ;i Fresh Sup- l>lv of Miss Saylor's Chncolalcs frorrt'j 51.00 (o §3.00. FOUNTAIN SPECIALS Hot Dogs . ">c Chili .... lac Hot ,' , Tamalcs 'Oc t y j }} PHONES Tui nips 1,1). LETTUCE 21-M). Slid; 59 BABY RUTH ?;;. W WINDEX ISoUlc GRAPES Krcsh I.I). io i ONIONS _^i TOMATOES ' CORN w N z c i nfw 15 ( BUTTER KING!1 j riO ( CIGARETTES"; g'18' COCONUTS Fresh' CO Each 3. ' CABBAGE Green A(J v- I'b. V CRACKERJflCK 10 PEAS Karly June No. 2 Can DRANO Cnn 23 1C. Piskles Sour.' or Dill V (Juart I3ic Spread !)i» K Jar 22c Tomato Juice CAKE 25c J.itflc King •18-U). Hack $1.( 21-Lh. Sack U. S. N«. ! Pound Avonditlc e. 2>/ 2 Can VDAAPn Kiod/limid 1AC llllUuCn_Li;«.J,oaf IU TOMATOJEifl9" c PURE LARD •1-11) cln 57c 8-11) ctn SI.12 I Mitcaioni-f AC 31'kgs.lU PURE LARD '!-]!) pail fi2c S-ll) hail $1.22 I'ASTK 1 - 'A Cans FLOUR { \ a l2 ' n KJ5 c l5 l Cello CRACKERS JlZSxW HUMKO 'Finest -|AC .'i Hoxcs IV •I-LI). Ctn .. 57c 8-Lb Ctn . . §1.10 SOAP ' .AKKS Avalon Lire.-J'kir. Coconut, 00^ SYRUP Steamboat fi-M). A 1'AH ;'. L PAH!' ....... 5 Fr^shv: EGGS Guaranteed • Doz. 32c aKSKKZaSKHOB PFANIIT rCHRU I 16-ozl5; 32-0/ ir CATSUP 11-Oz. Bottle 10 CANDY Chocolate" , Lb. SOAP 0. K. 3 liars CAIID Campbell Tomato ACC tfVUl 3 Cans O C ALUMET Ilaking Powder |QC C-oa can 8c; Lh. Can 13 Mcd. Grade Lb. C. Q. Grade Lb. Hiniqfr. Ib. tic Ib, ISo Bacon Rinte Rind-On Ib. 35c !b. OOc Thick Rib Roast Med. Oradc Lb. Select Pint Brains FRESH DRESSED HENS FRYERS and DUCKS ^••I^I^I^H^BBM^BB^^^^^^^^^^^^B ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^•"•••••l Mackerel C. Q. Grade Lh. Salt J3-Oz. Fish Pig Liver Sliced Pound Ground Beef 15c Rib Chops Lb. Shldr Roast Lb.

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