The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 14, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 14, 1934
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTIIGVIM.K, (ARK.] fcarr, lint modernism, creeping In, Mill EtanclnrdlH 1 nil o[ llicm very S0011. The largest. American colony is •Ji :<»anana, near Tel Aviv. Tiiere j ivo 360 faniulcs tlu-io i.;v, inajt I •': .•.'jiii America;'.- T.-,i colony - i .mnded la >• •• • . ty '.lie ! /:i_Ajef.jj J^ .-, j\.r. mgiMil- i COUKI12R NEWS dined .wine ay DAN THOMAS !£ SCAR BO Visitor Finds Americans Busy and Happy in New CoTnmima! Life BY MARION RimiNS'lT.IN' (Wiltlrn tor Nl.A lien IIP) A volleyball K.MIK- in I'ak'bltiii'— and in a caiiiiniii?. wlieie :ill is £hare aid time alike! It seemed almcbi paradoxical to sec tills American sport, w!:oii 1 visited Hie Holy Land rec?iuly, expecting only lo meet with studious and lieardci Jc-i-s bleeped in He- brnic Ioi5. Ii va5 enough to mnke me blink ai"i nil) my eyes to nuikc sure 1 was seeing right. I l;ad )us[ i-ome from a visit to u Gernuin t'umnnme, L-'OSC by. wliere nothing but "edit Dijiilsch" wns Epol-r-n, and so tills sudden onslaught of Kngllsh warmed my heart. 1 watched ir.e good old Am- fiican e^'i'e :l »d heard some good Amcrlonesi:, like "'i hat's our tcore," "V/lmday:nneim?" uiirl "Don't kid us. van ran'l ;lo ih;il." "Where did thsy learn English?" I nsked one of ir.e boys on the sidelines. "English? Wha:layamc:in?'' Stir-| ?a .[ 0n prise underlined every word. "W;'re Americans!" "Americans!" "Next Year May We Meet in Jerusalem" Tr.e Jewls/, Hcv.- Year, nr Hash Hnshan-jh. b? tlu< ypjr iho t'vemng a Sunday, Sviileihbe,- 9. It was ihp liril o: U:<? u^/ SMi dated by [{ebmii- luiv'ir^.i, u. of CR-:iih;:i. x J2V.-.1 osseive :..(.• u.~ days lo f i;.e New Yv.ii holl'.lays, while mixlern "lel-inn 1 ncvcpl only ML' His'. ..ijy ;'or tile same ccu-moiiy. On i~» Until <luy »11'.i Ihe ilrst Hi"* Year Holiday, all Jews j.oi.-mm/o the ni'jj; liFi| r.jluiiiy o: Hi;—yo:n Kipjiur. or llur IXiy of AtJii'.-ineni. 'tin-, conit.: thi^j yi ;ir 0:1 ihe : VL-nitix of jjjpl. 18 mid cunlhiiii-.; i-j ui- ti'-ninj L| Sej-t. 1'J- All isti days lorm a perlc:! o! lienllenci! aii:t prayt-r !or .-.(iiia- tion of bins cominitUxl In ill? u.;. year. Since destruction of their turn- pit by i.-!.- rtuinuns in Til A. D.. and their dispersion, (\K Jev.'o |:.inriuiiti< th-.-lr most linportaiil holidays u-llii tt u . ho]i?[ul ;jray- ?r, "Next year may v/e meet In Jerusalem." "Sure. Uidn'l you kiiivf you were ccming to an ((commune)?" American kvut?ali First of the settlers were Jack Schwi'.m mid his sister, hiijn school teacnei-i from Montreal. Each settler In Haanana owns his own piece ot land, nboul 25 dunnins (n dunain Is n ((iiaricr acre). On Mils lund, In; bul!:ls hlms?ll u im-ce- room mid |ioich stone home. Ilnck of t;-,e house, he makes Ills vegetable garden and then turns tlir rest Into an orange grove. They SUri Humbly Many, Uiougn, fur pracllcal n-a- so-5. turn this procedure aroinul. piaul the orange grove. Aileil Jl | S [.Mug frllll, l.-cy I;,);,, ihoir crop money and build ••i house. Per Che five years they are waking lor their panleM (or-Bilge urovc) to yield,-they.'nrc con- tenl to live In one room In Ihe- home of settler. I visited In one such Home, U.... of Nettie Yndkovsky, a clcvclnnd teacher, who was niairled lo Leon b.egel, formerly of Brooklyn, N. y. -'he Slcgcls were living In one room In the three-room - otnor family and sharing their liny nn-to kitfhen. After iflnner was over, we called on friends cf the Siegels. The RVO- ning wo.i Friday and everywhere inc. holiday, bpini prvaiied. PrauniL-ii lltilu> house iilong the-' way. llgnis of conl on j anl |is gleam- cd and ninsic sounded, atlwr they were smglng the Hebrew foil- son-'s or they were danclnj th: Hebre°v tU " e of n gramc ' Same Question ,Uout Home All the hcmes we vlsiUxl ~vere of the same cbllhcuse variety, threo • ' in Bncl or c.-3sed terrace. The hospitality was most cordial. At one ,-ouse alter another, »e were mvlte.1 to tt ma- Die g;cen figs ol .„.„.„,... . on cur way home, we slopped in -:e Raanana i;-h:.--!::o:i^ which '-•"** <"*> « " »'• u'^room for -t iown connc.:. ,,; which Slegel is a memoir. Word From Batk Home 1 slicok my head nnd told ot my visit to the Chavuradi Hiuiionirim, tr.e new Cjorman commune close by. nnd being attracted by the game ot volleyball 115 I pissed down the road, "Hey, fellers, nn American," he shouted and the game mopped quickly. The players crowded around. "From what jurt or New York are you? Do you live in New York or Brooklyn? Do you know any o[ my lamlly? - How long are you staying In Palestine? Arc you going to stay here in this commune? Say, do you know anybody in Toronto? Wr.afs the b;st ball team now in America?" -After Ihe personal curiosity of the volleyball players wiu satisfied, they escorted me en mass:: around , , , ,-. the American commune at died- lcn "' ta kltcnc era. with pride, they pointed out their nsw buildings ADD PALESTINE- .. .. PROOF TO BABCbCK— ..A .... .'*•..•-•». Modem City Rises The commune is one of the finest in Palestine. The buildings are new, well built, and do not have the army barrack look about.them so prevalent in many communes. They have also done away with the dormitory style of sleeping room, giving their members, so far as possible, individual bedrooms. This Amsrican commune is governed, as all the othc-r' communes in Palustlne are, by a council elected by the entire body, a secretary appointed from the council being in charge of all executive matters Eaori commune member fhares everything with the rest, ot his r; :- rades. He owns nothing. ; . clothes lit wears are given to nlm out ol t:.e commune wardrobe, his entertainment is leken v.-ith a • group, he eats with the others, nnd when he ii 111, he Is provided for by tra commune. The American commune al Che- dern, like most of the others In Palestine, is on land purchased by the Jewish National Piinrl. This bnd is loaned to each commune. As t:e group becomes self-supporting, u returns the investment, by year, until a owns the laud.' • * , Trainril f or Group Work T re ccinmune is conducted on a ..I...-, scientific plan. Mcn worker ad- , >fcxT: "»«• Hitler's rmtted having been (rained j u th, rcusnl pnwpcrily work belnrc reaching Palestine Other than the Kvulzali nan- ion (near Haifa), which is predominantly American, there are few communes in Palestine which have large |>ounlal!on.s of Americans. At Degania Ak-ph, perhaps the oldest comiimnc in Palestine, is a group ol 30 Americans', "who have htlpod ninke Hit spot on the Sea of Galilee anu of the show places of Palestine. The population of Americans In the tnrcc cities is scattered, with perhaps the largest number In Te! Aviv. Jerusalem comes next and Haifa last. AH in all, the proportion .of Americans living in Palestine is -.mall in comparison lo the amount, of American capital Invested. '. Studies ArahUri Jtws - At Rehovcth, one of the oldest colonies in Palestine, are two talented Americans. One- is je«lc Sampler, an American writer who! has been living tr.ere tor som»l y«ars, studs-ing and writing about the Yemenites, the tribe of Jnvs who res-mble U:e Arabs, even to their manner of living. Another American living dose by .is Ruth Light, talented New York arSit. who keeps herself busy making portraits of Ihe .Yemenite in their original costumes, for sin- i of an- . cents a bushel IJIKli'T h';L njghL'jl pi-lei's. Irrpuils wc-ie preval.'nt thn'. r.bci.t H million bushels of Durum Canadian wheat, nn which the duly ol 42c a bushel hud been paid, haii been received al Dulinii *.v far Mils season and also that Can- dlan barley and a small lot of i>e had arrived in that mnrl:cl. Winniiu'i? market v,-as relatively flini on the low temiieratiires ;;i j;:irl'i of the prairie provinces, to- i.ilhei with :cmi> rain nnd MIO<-.. •Mi i-xft-n business of mcmom v.:i; p.i! ihi-iugii. Th" early v.uaknc.: • ii the ::;t-iii-ily miuk.'t undutikl.-ti. 1 / mlli.enet'il ionic n-lling in grain. While further reaction may he ie- 'ui r. i 1 in (Mr^^t tl:e loni? f v;hp:it ii'CHill/ .'Old. f:itr amoum-i o 1 . '.s!ii :it wi ; jo tak^-u today on ie*it- :nij onii'i-';. l,i(|iih!!ilion occurred in ami ticuhirly In-nvy, >ii]i|ioil was only m<;cli'i:ite nnd niuny :,.oj)-!os:-, o;-il-is. |i:ii;ifiil:uly In corn. WITC 1111- 'in-il u. 1 : Hie mcirt:fi declined. 'lavl'.ii.ns were somewliat easier FRIDAY. SEPTEMBER 14, 1934 SUNDAY SCHOOL LKSSON- Isaiah on F:ilse and True. Worship Teri: 1:10-2* The i widely In a lesser way. ure mattei-s of temperament and Wt a Slui -l This was the condition in Israel inherent attitude on the pan ol '* KY WM K Tl'lVn- » D" '° J l£a ' ah ' £ """' The **° Pl<: had ''^ni *"!,S r ' ''" Kdiloi ol .in, iiicr- ' ' |M ' C01I1P mu(1 h more concerned l'!-,e contrast between form and nbout outwllri1 observance than up- jealiiy In religion, between religion on ll) e vital matters of truth nnd icy in ritual observance and religion Honesty and Justice, and It was 1:1 lirari. life and dally conduct, under these circumstances that Is-, ss been present In .-very age. "'"h uttered the plain words ofi The tendency of religion to e*- l!or le£son - The y strike home to :e^ ikelf in lorms mid symbols m1rd tll![l Conscience with keen i-mj lo be inherent In religion or imj stil ' i ' li »8 reality. man. Everywhere religion in Haiah tays that religion does of morality and spiritual- arc lacking, form and ritual have no meaning. Read Courier News tVunt Osceola S . nciety -- t crs in us expression has taken on such »<"• consist In outward reverence !(ji-iiL'> nnd symbols, and even the un d observance of certain forms. nnresi, most Puritan. SOIL of Chris- He dares to dramatize the Al- thui worship is not entirely free mifiily and to put on the lips of .lun them. '. suppose, if we could trace the o:-igin and history of all religious. :yniljoliK:n and ritual, we should find that originally tlie form had lini'iiiiiiit! nnd reullly" for the one ! A no ii^cd it; but the tendency is .. „,*,"/ itonstmuly for such forms to lose HBW "^'"S'y lllc WQrd s I their original significance or real- *' y , to ™ r °™ a « e! " Wosl1 *»»• make you clean; put away the evil • of your doinjs from before mine She Spent Many ! Unbearable Hours ^ c " "« command for real clean- Slomaoh and Kiilnev Trouble lu " 3 of life and the denuncia- * - Uo " of " amls llrc d of "'J ustl(:<1 - profession of rell- •" "»« *'"» *'"'' l»e Wood «P-1 A v.-( (iditig of Inltrcsi to n hug-j iiurnbt r r,f CJiici'nla friend.'; Is thri'. . of Miss Evalyn Kjiieihon, of Os- ccclu, nnd .Mr. Cico. !•'. Jordan. -1! • Memphis, which -.ia.n Mlemnkc-d lure Sfptcmter K. The ceremony was eniti at. 2:'l f » Today's Markets New York Cotton Wrecked Her Health; Weak, Bloated, Hands and I-'eei Swelled and ! Pained; "(ily-C'as >st of All,"'Declared Mrs. Roberts fcrins and the ritual observances ruliiuoiis liabit becomes far more inslslenl limn the moral and spir-: itual realities, and even men of: religion will have hale and vio- i lencc toward one another In their NEW YORK. Sept. II (UP) — Collon closetl barely slendy. o];cn high Imv close Oct ..... unii I28« 121D I21i) Dec Jan Mir May 13U) 1304 12<JU 121)4 12SXI 1230 129i third hour when volume niur/unte;: io Mft.tKH) shares. It wnr, dull be- lorc tlinn iinil in Uie List two ho'.srs. A. T. snd T 108 ; Amirondr: Copix 1 !- ... Ucihichcm btccl ever, on the note of denunciation r,Pd command. Deeper in the religion of a God of love and mercy Is the note of appeal and' the assurance thiu there Is forgiven,-!!. "Come now, nnd let us reason comiovcisies and quarrels over' together, saith the Lord: Though matters of form rather than real-;5' 0 " r sins ^ as scarlet, they shall ily. i he ns white as snow; though they • « « | be red like crimson, they shall be I The illustrations in Scripture ai WO01 -" ' nre surely strongly in mind. One Here we have scl before us the : recalls how the format literal ob-1 Profound realities of religion in : Dnin^ld olUeivance of the Sabbath had be- their height and in their depth. jioiiic EO exaggerated in the minds The teaching of the lesson is 121)9 . 1303 . 130!) 130'.' ",2DG 1280 ui 1314 i:ii4 noo 1300 Spots closed quiet at IL'05. ofi :}. Cities Service roc-a Ola General Amerknii Tank Ocn;ral Electric Cicncrnl Motors~~ ! Inlcriuitloiial Harvester Veil' Or!''(!nii ~<)ftOn\ Monlsumery \Vnrd i Xt'V/ York Central Packard Philli|is Petioleum Jlnillo Corp 20 5-rt 31] 1-4 1 7-U 130 • 31 1-^ 17 5-8 26 3-1 ^4 1-L> o'clock in Ihe nfU'ninon by liic Hev. K. I,. Colo, pistor of th^ First Dalitls: church, at his hoi:i-:. The biidc «'0!x- a Irr.v^linu, ol oxMi'orn grey tweed with black iioce.ssorics and the couple was attended by Miss Eli?.nbcth De iitl of Foirest City, cousin nf tfu 1 i>ridc, niuE Mr. Ken Mc'iiphls. Mis. Jnrdnn is thj only tlauph- j >f certain bigots that they would "ot oblations and sacrifices are ;er o: Mr. and Mrs. If. T. Enter-ihnvp been willing even to kill Jesus necessarily vain, nor that forms MIL ol O-ccola. She attended !lis because he hcaleil the. sick snd. a »d symbols in religion are al- CM'i'Cht hiuh schcol and later at-j Jifabled upon the. Sabbath day. -together to be avoided. These & M. collie al Jones- j An illustration In more modern llli "8s are perhaps in some meas- Mr. Jordan, who is employed wit'i Cl:\tkc Conslrucliu:i company. NEW ORLEANS, Sept. It Cotton futuiTK uiiide Einiill drcllii on Hie New Oi loans oxcliange to-j dny ns the result of IwdKe selling mill i! iiHKlernle amuiint ot selling' on n favorable vlt"v of Ihe wca-1 Oct Dec Jan Mar May Jul alld tlie schcolhoi:se we went town boll, W ], sre weddings lures are held and ,^ wafsef^ M V - al rolc ' nfi re:idl "8 r ° 3ni Next door to" the town linli is he village general store, cafe, pos:- omce. and bus station A nulnber of Arab peasants lind their donkev; ami cainois hitched lo the clectrio huhi pole, W hn c lhcy ii ste]ln | bl'-M"^ 50 ' 1 , l ° "'° rAl "° whldl »•••>* bMimj oul ni [!, e .still nigf.t. over most i-f lh.' bell. oi«n high low c 121)1 1-J91 1282 1301 1301 121K) 1302 Hda 129S 13(1-1 130! 1211! 1310 1310 I2B9 1310 ni:> 1303 Siiiniions Ktandaid of N. J. Texas Co U. fj. Sti't'l listed in levcu building here. -. liie son of Mrs. Waller Jordan, :' M:'im:his. lie atU'nded school 22 1-2 at the University of Tenncswe ; n 10 7-,i Knasvillc. 3 3.-.: [•Villuwinn the ceremony ,Mr. Jor- 15 (i.iii and his bride went lo M:rn- S [lii-i lor a stay of tsveral days U .f-} li"-:cie icliitnin:; to 41 (j-.; 21 1-1 HO 1-1 112 121111) 12M ' !2BOb !; 1301b : Spots closed steady nt 1M7, off. Cltictifio Wheat 7. Dec \ high low rlo/r lor-3-i 1W IOJ 10C3-8 I03B-U' 10J 2-1 W. E. RICHMOND Jt CO.S' APTERN'OON COTTON LETTER | NEW ORLEANS, Sept, U—The £ep coltcn mnrfcet sank n liltle fur- Dec Iher today in the absence of re- ('liicayo Corn open high low 77 5-3 17 5-8 75 7-8 V3 5-S 78 3-4 76 dost VS 7-8 To 1-3 assurinj news on the mill strike,' Itcht hed-i'iig nnd imodcrate sales based on the generally favorabb W. E. inCil.MOM) i CO.:,' ..•ii-Tru.vou\- GISAIN LI:TTI;H CHICAGO, Kept. U— Rather tx- make their home. • * * Mrs. W. J. Driver. Jr.. was hjs- t:;s to members of her two table l:::c!gi- club and an txira table :il her country home Thursday .ilivincon. Ciiicsts besides the club iiieinl;er.s included Mrs. A. ; W. VouiiK. Mrs. C. B Ynunif. Mrs. ll.iyes Qowi'ii nnd Miss iriinor Day, lh? Ir.lter a visitor from .Memphis who Is spending some lime here willi her aunt. Mrs. Guy Bryant. Mi-li ^;cre club priz; was awarded Mrs. Eryunt; Miss Day won high guest prize. Mrs. A. W. Young cut consolation favor and Mrs. C. B. Young, who before her recent marriage was Mi;s Mary Ellen Stevens of Blylheviile, was printed a dainty favor. 666 liini; is the story, probably flcti- lions, of pirates who attacked a ship, murdered the crew, and were — _ _ indulging in revelry and wassail Liquid. Tablets, Salve, Nose Drops when they were suddenly conscious' Checks Malaria in 3 days, Colis stricken, realizing flyit they were "rsl day, Headaches or Neuralgia eating meat on Friday. Such an in 3» minuttt illustration is extreme, but it slg-; Fire l,av;itive am! Tonic nines what has happened very Mosl Speedy Remedies Known wos weather outlook and ihe down-'tensive selling .. ..„ , lurns In outside markas. jln the "heal inarksl and prices tie- i After the Hi-it cJil prices grad-" - : R:ly wori:cd lo.vor, :UHI wound up =11 lii= bottom for Ihe day. rtnaU iuir.m,; & io 15 points under Ihe r.uvioiis clote, with the near i: : ..-i- II.s agiili-. making the best showing. Pivdtctions are being made Ihnt Octoler will .'ell at a pi,.-mimii because of the present f.L'n:iiiiu» tor c;|.ton lo 1111 early bookings. -Uitl^ horn Hits fcnturc, reports licm Ihe .'put di'r.arlnient nit- rut .n.-u.iuglng ns Ihere is lillle d;- tnniul ficm domestii: mills nnd P.-irtr, contlnno to l.lvr-rpiiol rabli's huve - r :iy uUiiil Illj w:iy '.-alnliiK pn]iiilarily ivilh Kn-lisn! -l^iin,'in. will!-.- Hremcn is :.w"kiu;<! if pu.miiti- iti» »'... ol t'iiiiii:iii cation. .Vow Located it Soplhtasl Corner Walnut ana Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU WON EDWARDS, Proprietor All makes of rebuilt Typeuriters, Addln s Mac-hints and CalculUors Kepairinj—Fails—Ribbons Phon? 71 t A I'inorhle Flayer's Ilrcam ')—E. M. Klj;an hand all pinochl.' recently held a NFiW YORK. Sept. H (UP) — 'Ihi 1 stuck mmki'l today broke one ' piayers -dream himself hearts. nboul. Playing m game, hu loinid 1.500 irumiB In Whukcy Still I'r.rturpd CnfTf,. KLAMATH KALI.S. Ore. (UH>_ raiifienUi in ihe federal camp here receive tlieii dallv colU-e Ircm a 20-gallon copper still. The sliorifls olfice turned Ihe •still over to the camp after It lured in rnW till was cap- I BEST fRICES PA>D FOR CoH«i J. E. HaW Mite GnaJ InHec I At Phnnc 777 Xijlit— Sinida.T—Anytime or Quick anrt nciwudaWc Wrecker Service ' Phillips Motor Co. FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO, INSURANCE DEFT. flilllU riVE M'N'UTES FROM THE 5HCPP1NO CENTER TO PRICE • • • ROOM WIFH PRIVATE TUB AND SHO.VER BATH point-s and came close to its lowrel l;vels of 1034. Trading was active tor a time in thv FOR SALE OR TRADE Car Load GOOD DRAFT MARES > to 5 years old, all broke. At my farm on Hif/hicay 61, South. Chilled By Friglilnire Safe - Sanitary I'inl - 7c Quart - 12o CUATGS DAIR Phone 74 C. G. SMITH MRS. MATTIE ROBERTS weak I could hardly stand up, couldn't eat anything without gas in my stomach and bowels. Bloated unlil I could hardly get my breath, THOUGHT I WOULD SMOTHER. My kidneys were disordered loo, my hands and feet swelled and pained so I WAS CONFINED TO MY BED at times. Thus continual buffering was wrecking my system and I spent many unbearable hours before trying Gly-Cas. 1 had laken many medicines before but GLY-CAS IS THE ONLY REAL REMEDY OP THEM ALL. That 'crmcr suffering has left me -and '. know people would not want a '.etter medicine than this Giy- Cas." (Jly-Cas is sold by Kirby Bros. 3rug Co., Blytheville, and by «U eading drug slores in surrounding towns. —Adv. How Old Are Your EYES? of people under 20 years of age . . . at 30 . . . 48$ at 40... 95% over 60 .,. HAVE DEFECTIVE EYES BUY LAMPS NOW- A carton of fi-60 Watt Lamps Cost only $1.08 Now! SAVE W% We are conducting our annual Lamp campaign so now is the time to buy lamps at a saving — we deliver and charge on your next monthly statement. BETTER LIGHT-BETTER SIGHT ARKANSAS-MISSOURI POWER CO. — At Your Service —

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