Newport Daily News from Newport, Rhode Island on August 12, 1952 · Page 7
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Newport Daily News from Newport, Rhode Island · Page 7

Newport, Rhode Island
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 12, 1952
Page 7
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^«ji*^V-***f^***a^ftJi4» w ».»',-!«! a » ff «.4^«,-J 1 *.t · , -- Ir'-tJ-. Vl£ J * . U-Ml "1 '^Wyil.^JjW'-'" I J"3H.^i,*.,k SiW^^-J !^jV--»Jt^-' MITCHELL CALLS SELF NOVICE » New Democratic Chief Acti?e Behind Scenes CHICAGO (* -- Stephen Arnol Mitchell, the new Democratic na tional chairman, says he's an ama teur in politics. His 'friends say that's a techn cality. Mitchell, a 49-year-old Chi cago lawyer, has been around behind the scenes. He is one of four men who wrot the opening chapter ,of the pblitica success story of Gov. Adlai Steven son,, the Democratic presidential nominee. That was in 1947. Mitchell and his fellow towns men Herman Dunlap Smith an Louis Kohn sold Stevenson an Jacob M. Arvey on the idea tha Stevenson was candidate material Mitchell envisioned Stevenson a U. S. senator. But Arvey decidec he should be governor of Illinois. It was in Stevenson's gubernatorial campaign that Mitchell did hi only public politicking. He made speeches for his candidate. Unofficially, Mitchell has been one of the Illinois governor's mos trusted confidantes and advisers. Old Friends Stevenson, who appointed "Mit chell party leader last Friday, ha known him for 13 years. They me casually while, both were in pri vate law practice in Chicago be fore World War U. Both held State Department jobs for a time during the war. They've kept in close touch since. Mitchell was born at Rock Val ley, la., March 3, 1903. His father also Stephen Mitchell, was i banker-farmer, but not wealthy. A shortage of funds made it neces sary for young Steve to work his way through Creighton Universi ty by sandwiching working years on his father's dairy farm between his years of campus activity. At Georgetown University, where he took his law degree in 1928, he worked part time in the credit department of General Motors Ac ceptance Corp. He stayed with that firm four years after he grad uated. Then he went into Chicago practice. During the war he served as chief of the French Division, Lent 'Leas Administration, and as a State D e p a r t m e n t expert on -French affairs. His wife is the^former Evelyn . Josephine Miller of Waterloo, la. They have three boys. The Family attends-Our Lady of Mt. Carmel R o m a n , Catholic Church in Chicago. The Mitchells live in a rented apartment on Chicago's North Side. They have maintained a small furnished apartment in Washington since March this year when he was appointed counsel ol the House judiciary sub-committee investigating the Department of Justice. Mitchell, who prefers single breated suits and narrow, colorful bow ties, is a cagy conversationalist. The day after his appointment, he told reporters, "I usually say what I think, but things are different now." That was after he was asked if he considered himself a liberal or a conservative Democrat and re , plied: "Those words confuse me." Mitchell, who maintains that his appointment as Democratic national chairman was a surprise, ad' mite he had told Stevenson he was available for any duties which might help in the presidential . campaign. Heads taw Firm He went actively after a political job.himself in the summer of 1947. He wanted to succeed J. Alfred Woll, who resigned as U. S. attorney at Chicago in July of that year. But Mitchell's ambition was .blocked by Arvey, who supported Otto Kerner Jr. for the appointment. Kerner got it. Only a few months later, Mitchell got Arvey into his corner backing Stevenson for Illinois governor. Mitchell has been active in civic enterprises. He headed the Illinois Speakers Bureau for the War Bond Drives; served on the State Medical Center Commission, and was active in the American Vote Council, a group dedicated to getting out the voters on election day. He heads the law firm of Mitchell, Conway and" Bane in Chicago's Board of Trade Building THJB NEW8--KKWPOBT, *. I., TUESDAY, AUGUST 12, 195S BBVJUI Folk* who've insulated their homei with fireproof Gold Bond Rock Wool get a real thrill from its new comfort-- t'Czup-cooi zoonu In \ · draft-in* wonnth to winter · and up to 40% lu»l wring. bMldul . Here'* BETTER LIVING that's worth a cartwheel in. your living room I Installed by our expert crews in just.a day or two. liberal terms. Phone us nowl , NEWPORT OIL BURNER CORP. US L»B Wharf Tel 3*M HVASTAS SEEK WORDi OF MISSING SON-Jack McFall (right), assistant secretary of state for congressional relations, talks with members of the Michael Hvasta family from Hillside, N. J in Wash- 1! J^ 0 ?Vu^ he HvasTtas caUed on MoFa11 wi* Rep. Peter Rodino, Jr., (D-N. J.) to try to find out more about their son, John an Amenoan ex-sailor jailed in Czechoslovakia on spy charges. Left to right- Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hvasta, John's parents; Rep. Rodino; Stephen, 22, John's brother, and McFall. --(AP Wirephoto). Navy, 3 County Drivers Penalized By Registry Nine Navy men and three Newport County residents have been penalized-by the state Registry of Motor "Vehicles for infractions of the motor vehicle laws. The driving right of Roy Holcomb Jr. of the USS Harverson was suspended for leaving the scene of an accident, as was that of Roosevelt T. Roscos of the same ship for driving without a license. Billy H. Sudduth of the USS Miller had his right suspended for operating a motor vehicle not properly registered. Stanley V. Davies of the Training Station had his right suspended for operating at a speed greater than reasonable and prudent and James 1. Kanaman of the USS Allagash ost his right for operating reck- essly. Oscar B. Olans of the same ship ost his motorcycle license for im- roper use and operation. For operating in a manner unreasonable as to speed and conduct the icense of Marcus J. Hammett of 3eBlpis Street was suspended; and the rights of Girard E. Passanante, USS Arcadia, and William E. Perry, USS Vulcan, were sus- ended for the same offense. Robert W. Miller of Clinton Street ost his license for failing to slow town at an intersection and the NAKED MAN SCARES NUDISTS FINCHAMPSTEAD, England Iff) -- Members of the Heritage Nudist Colony have offered a reward for the capture of a naked man. He frightens them. Club officials repoited today the ' man has popped up, stark naked, from behind bushes several times recently when members--usually women or children -- have been strolling quietly in the colony's secluded grounds. Despite their complete sartorial similarity, members insist the tall, sun-tanned man definitely is not one of the colony. His visits have State Department Action Promised In Hvasta Case WASHINGTON OR--The parents of John Hvasta, an ex-GI who reportedly escaped from a red prison in Czechoslovakia, have a promise from the State Department that it wjll take "definite action" to try to get more information about their son. Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hvasta and another son, Steve, 22, came frightened the nudists so much . , TT ... · XT · - ------women will not go out alone atl n e r e from HlUsl( ie, N. J., yester- night. ' day to ask State Department aid. The Czech government reported last Monday that John Hvasta escaped from a Communist prison near Bratislava Jan. 2. At the time ' 10 was serving a ]Q-year sentence SPSS CANADA CROWNED HAMILTON, Ont. (3 1 ) -- Marilyn Reddick. 18-year-old blonde voca- The blue-eyed miss, who stands 5 feet, ZVz inches, defeated 12 others for the beauty contest title. She receives a 51,000 scholarship, a trip to the Miss America contest in Atlantic City and a trip to London for the coronation next June. right of Frank P. Caughey. USS HazehVood, was suspended for operating with faulty brakes. For his failure to comply with equipment tag, the registration of Henry L. Horton of Paradise Trailer Court, Middletown, was suspended. cetl oy tins government as baseless--that he was an American spy. v o word lias been heard from him since. Yesterday, however, a C-iLc.i leiugee na.a.u udiOMav Burec said in Munich, Germany, that Hvasta escaped with him and four other prisoners and he was confident he was still alive and is hiding in Czechoslovakia. Rep. Rodino (D-NJ), who accompanied the Hvasfas to the State Department, said later officials promised "definite action" but did not say what this might be. ELDER CHURCHILL, PRINCE HAD TIFF Lord Randolph's Action, On 1880's Duel Praised LONDON (ffl -- Winston Churchill's father, Lord-Randolph Churchill,, was once challenged to a duel by the Prince of Wales who later became King Edward VH. The incident is related by Sir Shane Leslie, author and godson of Lord Randolph. In an article in the Catholic periodical The Month, Leslie says Lord Randolph's reply to the challenge was "superb -- that of a Christian and chivalrous gentleman." "He sent Lord Falmouth to say lie was prepared to meet anyone deputed, by the prince and fight bim anywhere on the continent, but that nothing would induce him to lift a hand against his future sovereign." Leslie said little to elaborate this latest revelation about the fighting ^hurchills, but apparently the trou- 3le was way back in the 1880s and--like so many similar shindigs --was over a woman. Leslie, attributing his account to some unidentified documents, described the ladyin the case as a countess "equally admired by the irince and Lord Randolph's elder jrother." Rebuked Prince "Lord Randolph's part was purely fraternal and very honorable." Leslie said, "for he had never known or approached the lady himself, but he rebuked the prince in a manner that could be considered injurious as well as insulting." Leslie omitted to say what the rebuke to royal was, or what led to it, or whether a duel took place. The incident is not mentioned in the biography Winston Churchill has written about his father. Another incident in which the Churchill fighting spirit nearly led to a duel was more fully described | in Leslie's article. This time Lord Randolph himself was the challenger, and Lord Hartington the challenged. Lord Randolph had objected to some remarks allegedly made by Lord Hartington, but withdrew the challenge on bemg assured they were not intended to apply to him. The last important duel in Britain \yas fought in 1840, when Lord Cardigan--who afterwards commanded the famous Charge of the Light Brigade in the Crimean War ^-wounded a brother officer. Cardigan was tried by his fellow peers and acquitted on a-legal quibble. John Curtis and his brother, in 1848, cooked up something on their Franklin stove which they called "State of Maine Spruce Gum," the father of chewing gum. wslBsT ~~~ New FAB washes clothes WHITER WITHOUT BLEACHING than any other product wth bleaching! AND, FAB WASHES CLOTHES CLEANER THAN ANY SOAP ON EARTH! WASHABLE COLORS LOOK BRIGHTER, TOO.' IT'S AMAZING-BUT TRUE! New Fab washes whiter without bleaching! Whiter than any soap! Whiter than any other washing product known with bleach in the wash water. And freshly rinsed Fab clothes are cleaner than you can get them with any soap because Fab washes out dirt and leaves no dulling soap scum! With Fab, clothes get whiter and whiter... colors get brighter and brighter. What's more, you have the world's sweetest-smelling wash --with Fab! IF YOU PREFER NOT TO RINSE, Fab gives you the cleanest possible, sweetest-smelling no-rinse wash! ! GUM SUE! Buy the economical GIANT SIZE! SAVE C10THES! Fab washes so dazzling white, you don't need bleach! Clothes last longer with no bleach to harm fabrics or fade pretty colors. , SAVE WORK! Fab immediately loosens dirt -- floats it in the wash water. No soaking needed. No soap scum to rinse out -- even in hardest water. SAVE HANDS! 'New Fab is wonderfully mild to hands. It's safe to use on baby's clothes. And Fab is kind to your own pretty .was babies! CLOTHES A COLBATE-PALMOLIVE-PEET PRODUCT CUT DISHWASHING TIME IN HALF! " Fab iotks dishes, glasses, pots shiny clean! If a food speck clings, the dishcloth whisks i t . off! Just a quick rinse and dishes drain sparkling clean. No hard scouring! Nowiping -with Fab! FAB WHITENS AS IT WASHES f REAL TREAT FOR CITY BOY--Eleven-year-old Billy O'ConneU of Flushing, N. Y., smiles as he holds string of mackerel caught at Christmas Cove, Me. Billy and his family were invited to spend a week's vacation in Maine after his mother wrote a Portland, Me., newspaper telling them the boy never had been fishing and spent most of his time playing on hot concrete pavements. --(AP Wirephoto). Middletown Democrats 1 Plan Assembly Candidates It is'the 'present intention of Middletown Democrats to have 'candidates for state senator and state representative in the general euection November 4, Alfred Arruda, Democratic Town Committee chairman, said today. The Democrats did not have candidates when the town filing deadline was reached July 31. Under the law, however, the Democratic State Committee may name candidates. It has until October to do so. Arruda, who ran for the state senate two years ago, said he did not know whether he would be candidate at the present time. FLIER'S BODY FODND The body of Lt. Comdr. John Dooling, 36, USN, killed in a crash of two jet planes, in Narragansett Bay July 15 was recovered yesterday afternoon, Quonset Naval officials report. Commander Dooling's home was at 101-17 221st St., Queens, New York. Shortly after the crash the body of Lt. Michael J. Kane Jr. of Hartford, Conn., pilot of the other jet, was found near where the planes plummeted into the bay after a collision. COFFEE that's ground to be good! ......3Sl£R?J!Z MD CUP lb.till79' are selected from the fin- PDCCU PHD IL *; est mountain grown va- WntLH UUi ID. UB rieties and e x p e r t l y (MAI/ED CADIf blended for uniform, rich vlwWtlf THICM flavor. Red Cup and Green Cup are g r o u n d to be good, too. SAVE/ 2 hr 25 CLOVER FARM P E A S 8oz/TINS CLOVER FARM Fruit Cocktail SATINS 2 f«r 33 C CHICKEN OF SEA -- BITE SIZE T U N A Bite Size * ly ? m 3^ S P R Y S U R F i * large pkg. 30 C PLATTER STYLE Sliced BACON lb 59c SKINLESS FRANKS lb 59c FRESH KILLED Island FOWLS Ib45c U. S. GRADE NO. 1 -- ISLAND POTATOES 5 Ibs 35c ISLAND BEETS 2bunches 19c CALIF. BUNCH CARROTS 2buns.25c M A Z O L A O I L Pint 33 C Quart GLIM bottle 31c JUNKETT KENNETT POWDER pkg. 13c MAZOLA OIL gaL $2.17 REAL GOLD LEMON BASE 6-oz tin 12c i KARO BLUE LABEL I'/Hot. 24c RINSO Ige. pkg. 29c REAL GOLD ORANGE BASE 6-oz tin 2-35c SWAN S O A P 2 large bars 27c LIFEBUOY 3 reg. cakes 23c SILVER DUST Ige. pkg. 30c LUX TOILET SOAP 4 bath size 45c LUX FLAKES Ige. pkg. 29c

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