The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 12, 1936 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 12, 1936
Page 2
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BLyTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS • ;'• a%**l in L*te J -Vtt)*c* Wy NJ"*< tniertained '." v "' W/AJWJHci k attending to bu«l- '^Mr«. .0onlon Wright was!li "i- nriis In Memphis-Codas' c v r f \ Mondty'ievening to the Jolly •<!•* HfTfl f4tB*lA« f*rltrrrn~ « .. ,1 ..*.» T4r!HCi» /*lllh U IIH MIlA frtll , ., Ch«!(i«6 - in t and sou, phl$ today, tl* ?«« of , were. acoom- • p»nle<J by Mrs, J T. Phillips and, d«fht*r. Mls^ Jojv and Mrs w, . N.f WUJUms t /•irnanl Gogoh is attending to r tqtiness in Memphis today , ' ift Is in Kt&- f <* * visit »llh another.- Mrs $>hn R Calhoun Jjdss Louise Daugherty, of Ma- JU1*. has been'admWcrt to the Memphis, Baptls^, hospital llrs Lena Gray, ol Osccola. lias lazel. Tlie clifb prize ^as presented Mrs. H, W. prccn Mrs,, Barrow cwlved, the ' •• the , admitted . to, IS* Methodist hospital. ' Ufrs M*U Hawkins Is a patient at ,the Memphis Mcthodbt, i Mtss Je»el . it lici slste(, MM in East Sill Sjreet « j,, • Tho high score ^wiu.d was given o Mrs Harold Popiiam ,, Ml?s DbK je,Robliispn^ cut thtf; consolation >rl?0 nnd'lhe'KHv score Canard uas :Ucn lo ML^s Alice Bcirymau t'' Ue Blythe, of Mais a patjcut at the Memphis hospital v ,,,} , «*ft W<i Mrs Hugh Crumley and s Carrie^ KeUey, of Memphis, hew yesterday lor the Armls- Day celebration. They f<jr- lived Ui southeast Missouri ar? ojd fronds of Gov -He..!, Balky, who n E. McDermott \vas talefen'to 'Baptist hospital jcs- Mrs calsb Davis, ot MO, »erc here >cs- ie Armistice celcbra- Mrs Davis Is a sister of Mrs E Bailey, who shared honpn Gov.-ncct Billey to' the cele on ~ l*oy Alexander, of Osceola, lias admitted to the Memphis hospital 'jqsephhic Bristol, of Little whoi'acoompsnicd. Gov-Etccl ,_ 011 to to, visit relatives, but rc- ay she.accom homD )at « 'as Gov -Elect Bailey left y'-? lo? ? 1 , lll B tram ro r St iff thoss Who ^11? go to Sear- for the garaa are R Halicll, JUn ."..wu^is rB Joyner, Hugh Harbert, and J w. Ra^dtr i Z dijughle , atives Mrs ^k Wilson and ,l (1 u, ,ol Memphis 1 of ' f0r Ijrfjpprovlng f her m> ta6T v Mrs O JL.. Nichqls y™ ^ H Lynn.wnrte, pastor <£thc jirst M.ethpd^t church, lias n famed from Little Rock, »Uore .i«)i'anended to buslneis BcLause. O|his absent from the city thijre Jfe ?J» m«l-»eek L prayer seryic "•" this wee< r Society -^ Personal Y ftt i~s ,"; it i v club and 'the follonlng Mrs Hnrry Baker, Mrs . Kru«!>t i B o Bennett and daughter, Miss Mary Jane, icturnrd to their home In hot Springs, Ark Sunday,'alter spending several dnjs Ixry'vH- Ulng *HJi tlielr (laughter and bLs- tc-r,/Mrs; Harold Jones. C^rlei |ll$tory Disputed SAN FRANCISCO. (UP) V-Wp£ research wwkcrs Imvo unenrthcd archives that demonstrate that (t 'Was not Corte who;discovered California In 1530 ns some tilitorlani'' have iald JIN, lead,, the; new docu. priz?; it! . , ^Lncky NUic Bridge elubwai mea Mdndny evening" 'by Gl«i«rs Party. ? . Mrs ollio Plercq aiu( Mrs, Lsbn Pllppiu «cre Joint host«ises .Mpn- !o the Qleaner»,Sun- of the First Bap day day School they Ytalltd In WaodUiwn - - , t * ) Mr and Mrs BHJ Hayd«» are announcing the ,t;ltth of « baby . Ux fropt door of tiw «t Biythpvllle' AJlwr the hlghekt bidder upon « of , three vmooths, the follonlng - , ] show that Cortex sent dc i'.arljalya. to the Call/ornla coast .ill 1534 and It' Ls rciilly the lattev ' discovery. to the credit of the t. NO IICl, OF BALE . Pursuant, to n Clinnceiy Court order rendered in llio cnsc of Commodore Cprnomlton vs. Sha-. heoclaJSnlibii, el-nl, 1 will, ullhiit (I , Lot* '3 and 3 Jn blo«k 10,: of i Dtivl** Brothers SuMivWon^of r the D»vl» Third 'Addition, to ' tte city of Blyihevllle, Artii- ' s»s.. , ' <-,*» ' t The^purchesei will us wqyired (q give tjond wltli approved to, secure payment^ lib bid, and ^ lU'ii will be retained ui)pn the proiwrty thettlor,'* '. , lj thts November 12, itM ' ,A, F. SMITH, ' ( comuifcslonci in' 1 chancery. <• " Reid & Evmrcl , Ovei'joe Isaacs' %io'rc ' '\\K MAKE 'tM SEfc" list Church Tlie party y;»s gi\en nt the home at Mrs l pkrce!^ ricar tO\Ul .! Mrs J i, Kellcj 1 v,:\o hjf been eonllncd^o licr,bsd lor ten dn>>; with iinewnonla, Is improving Mr? .CTiarlcs 'Nccley ot the Mound community, was taken to ono of the hospitals ui Mcmphlb last Saturday foi tientmcnt Mr, and Mis Poto Strlc f of faikeslon s]>eiH thr week end 1« re visiting thcli daughlci, Mri Ralph Goodin , Mte Mildred Molfltt, a student nl the School of Commerce in Memphis, ipcnt the week en<l here vlth her. mother, Mrs Sjbll Mof- Mrsv waller Bcumid niid tljll- reii, Mrs Myillc Loug and Diio|i Bernard icluined Suntjny SPECIALS All Day— tliu-Suniljj ' 19° 12 C 7 C H c 8° 5 C JVi * t !?d U McCulston of the stale de- p^lunent ol education, Little Rock, ^•wfljsthe guest speaker at the~P -T nAjfmeeting yesterday atternnoon at toe high school auditorium 'The "ct of Radio, New-spaners and fftumg, on the Youth of io- ' A round table discussion lol- „..! In keephigmjlth Armistice .-i ar ' tl16 me etung iras opened with —u'ffiedley of i*ar songs by llr? p ' ^li* 01 * 7 ^S 01 * 6 Packard led in , gi^p slngmj of var time a.lrs accompanied by Miss Calhcrmc Har "ftie president's message nas gw- ' «tcby Mrs G B Segraves Re- Ports of 'the county council and the state meeting In Hot Springs ' T»|[iven by Mrs A f Barham v J J r5 'C B Dn\cr nas elected seq '' SS* to succeed Mrs Godfrey wnlte, 4 ^ho, has resigned Altend- «We prizes »ere given the third and eleventh grades 'M , -i « ' . pick Pruitt suffered n slight at tack'-of appcndlpltij Tuesday and ( rias been kcpt^m bed for Uo days "^ p p . Jacobs and Mrs John Memphis Annual fcttwai bridge lun cbton oX the William strong chap «JLP \ R ''" l ° w tal * at the "W I P^bodj on Monday, KOV 16 and jfts. Charles Morehead ' their Mr More- his hitth school band part In In Mrs Ar- . CUSSES 9 P. M t _~=* ™» *J«NIC Hooper \ ^"L^^^ifJ^"'* ™: LAYER CAKK FRUJT DAKS Do/, t- RAlgJNUREAD Each' .I^ERS Y ROUi Hour. - Fri. - Sat. & Sun. COCONUT WAFERS. Doz. CINNAMON ROLLS. Dot. . DONUTS iac PoJ |£ COCONUT PIES JC Each 4 PLAIN ROLLS EC i>w. ... 0 Special Attention Given All Special Orders - Phone 110 BLYTHEVILLE BAKING CO. iiiiiiiiniiiiiii RITE PRICE GRO.& MKT. SPECIALS WKLIVBU I'own of Cguntry I'HONK 23«' ,, c, . „ », I-n., Sut. & Mon. • v . I! ^ inBihber. Omier ,| Ul E Main, Bljthcvlttt l'rlu» t.tcrv Day On E^erylhing! ,.' " K. C. MEATS FINB 33c T 15c 35c STKAK, Swift's IfCin or ItoiuiU VEAI, CHOPS or ROAST-I r titrj Qu'.lih. ttb , , luC BREAK* AST 1 INKb llrnikllfld 1 b r()KK SHOULDER. 7Q- noAsr ?i SHAK. it. ««C SL1CLI) UKVAKI-Abl BACON lihullcv,, III . Tii, Kind-On, I.lj Me BACON S()V)\RJS, &u M r9«> Cured Ib , ttiC FILMIC HAMS bhank- OJ less Guilihyv Id feTtC O>b \fcRb, l.vtra Sclent OC/, Pinl . \ ^pC lil.NS, lull Dicvvca, Lb. 2Cc ^KX'tJ'S, Ib ZOi, ioiOOW i,AU.SA(lb 1O1-, Stick l.b , IfaaC JKANKS, All Mf«t |r^ Pound 1 v 0 Pimi qKOUNU nttF -i r Pomu . . ,J »' IDC CKIbCO, fur HtaHh . Lb din 2Co, 3 Ib i an ^ OA1S, Ciold Medal tlQ- !-Ib Box 1OG VANHI\ WAFfcUS or Ib Qruhjm Cr.-\rker^ I^c$Mt/C TOMATO SOUP, Broofei Q, Tall 2?-O?. Can, r Ot hOAP, A-1 Yellow Bar < Caw ?2 &5i C Ban> W SIIRKDOLD \VHt.\r Delicious Bieakfikt F.. TOIIiET ^TISSUE, Col onial 4—1000 rolls COFFtE, Rite Price or C>no%o. Ib , .j i . MII/K, Carnation i r i Small or i lall Cmus IDC fXOU^l, ShtbJey'-i BtstiiQO^ PL or b, R 21-lb bk' , O^C All Sho, Any Quail lily lit si red SUGAR, fine Gi PURE U\RD , 8 llxs $110, 4 Ibs IhTTUCE, F'C). Calif 57c 5c 15c ORANGES, New Ma. Jui^y, Nice Do? SWtfcT PO1ATOES,, Red ol - - - -• i,, Z^C Cicam ("ft 1ft- Ib sack 29c ( 24 Ib sk <>9C Ba> >our Holirtas Supplier will, us. Ul hu\e a Complete Steck Jt HITE PRICIS. We are now kkmR orders loj all kliwls u( fowl-, arcs, \ small deposit in 2«-ll» I ondon 1 Layer < A ! 5185, Lb. lUC AMiilcd Kinds nn l'r«b Lb. itC; CAKE FLOUK, Swans- nr . U<mn or Snoslieen . ^9C; COK^', Lxtra Stand^^tl ^ 1 A ^ YOUR ( HOICK, Lb. l»c—* Sdltfd Peai\n(s t ^liocotale Drops, Pc.inut Rqu.irts, F|R Bars, Mlx- crt (^ mdj, Orange Alices, Vanilla or Chocolate; Fudge jLay in 4 Supply for 'Christina^ 1 GlOVtS, Jersey Knit I'A-', lirovtrt Knl ^alue Pr. 1UC' iMII.K of AIAGNLSIA. Hi-Grad^ full Pint_, COCOA, - Peerless;" Pure .uul I'reili 2-1.b Box QUO MAKGAliiNE, Lb ' 20o Choice of Br^nd*,- DiiOe, AII T k\\'rfi, Ilurkceb, Swifl's Premiurt •-FOR HOG KILLING | , Dtcni'a I kjuirt bniokc , Pt 45L O.1 85c '. Avery's Smokn Salt I 10 llts iOc ^5 Ibi 95c ; A\cn's bansagc beason \< 30-Lb Pks. 22c '• Rr(i.Ur MfJt bau, in a'l sitrt ai\d bj^rcl^ Ciir lead jusl in. CRACKFRS, ^-re,h and PfcANUT BUTTER, Good (tuallt) Full Quiirl . v ,. AP^lfc Bl)TTfc«,itpnre,Vl P J fiHhclt',onic Full tit IDC' FICKLfcS, Soar or Dill | r <' Green B«u,ti«s. 'Fait Qt. 1 OQ' KRAUT, "Perfection" Quality 3 Cans , fc^rly June. Tender DeUciou? Green. Can SPAGHETTI or Macanm o Ca^i CDC, Box <5C EGQ5, S«nli«hlri C «>OC Do* Delicious Pure Cane. '5 Gal. Can ,^ BI/ACK PEPPEK'-Purc Und, Fresh Lb, Box s;OBNfcI> H£EF, C^dahy nr Hijh Qiialiljv 8 f'»DS OOC TOMATO CATbUP Q Ljo 14 Or. Bolllf >JC SANDWICH bPRbAU O«> Delicious.. 26-01. Jar fciJC •'•IlilUIHllHIIIIIIIH E-ZouUellyCake Pan — Biscuit Pan ' Make, as good as they taste. For all shape of cookies, Choice, ea. - Atf Utility Pan 8£ Kong Bowl ROasfing, baking refrigera'- For, cake ,ba»t«r ures. Hexagon SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE CO. .,' j,. /The Pj-pgvcssivc Store' 1 Wilson Henry THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 1936 LIBERTY CASH GROCERS ^^ * r '£o^ .'. - Specials for Friday & Saturday ^___J^a__.. . -^mo Po^nd 13!c CABBAGE, Texas Green Pound 2c HAMS, Cudahy's Puritan naif.rm.oie Pound 25c PURE FORK SAUSACT Pound 17J C PURE CANE SUGAR, (limit) 10 ibs. 49c MEAL B&t Cream, j 24 Ib. S?ck 55c COFFEE LUZIAKHE 24' PURE HOG LARD S-Lb. Ctn. MACARONI or SPAGHETTI Skinner's Pkg. FRESH CUCUMBERS Lb. FRESH SPINACH Lb. ONIONS YELLOW 2 l Ea. Lb. 25' LETTUCE LARGE HEAD CAHOBA COFFEE SALAD DRESSING PEANUT BUTTER Qiiart 22 l Quart 25 l ORANGES DR. PHILLIPS n 19 vGRAPE'''''""^rg' CRANBERRY SAUCE ' S S15' SWEET PICKLES Oceap Spraj Can Libby's , Lge. Jar 19 l CARROTS FRESH Bunch 5 l COCOA Our Mother's 2Lb 17' SWEET POTATOES Nancy Ilall AfC • Lb. C.2 POSTTOASTIES Pkg. 7 1C y PORK & BEANS Libby's 11)0?. Can LUX FLAKES Small Hox PANCAKE FLOUR M : ashburn' VANILLA EXTRACT C 3-Oz Jug ROYAL GELATIN All Flavors 5 l j BAKERS CQCOA Lb. ; Box CATSUP RUBY 11-Oz. BotHc 1C PALMOLIVE SOAP 2 Burs II 1 CARNATION MILK Trill Cans 22' LIBBYS PEARS GRAPE JELLY FLOUR 21/2' Can 19' Welch Glass ir Shiblcv Hcxl '- : --- 2-l-L.I). Sack 85 1C FLOUR Little Geneva 2-l-Lb. Sack PINEAPPLE BENNA SAUSfiBi No. 2 C«n GLACE PINEAPPL Standard Can 5' Lb. 33' GLACE <CltPH GLACE CHERRIES 27' 35 ?t^a-'- ,->3 i ,, i^^y »a\V'^^ }- ; FRESH BACK BONES 5 ( SLICED BACON Fletcher's 25 l SALT MEAT BEEF STEAKS Loin or Porterhouse Lb. FRESH PI6 EARS LI). FRESH PIG TAILS Lb. 15' FRESH PORK LIBER Lb. FRESH PORK CHOPS Lb. FRYERS rul1 Dresbe<1 - 2 f ° 3 Li> - Av «r- 1C CREAM CHEESE '"• | """ i " BEEF ROAST S'aV FULL DRESSED HENS PORK ROAST Lb. Shoulders 224° WEIHERS "" FRANKS A " PURE HOG LARD S-Lb. Pai! $1.23 STEW MEAT Brisket or Rib I>b. H MATCHES 3 BOXES 10 PUMPKIN STOKELYS CUT BEARS Blythcville No. 2 Can TOMATOES Standard. No. 2 Can *JCt \ S for 43 MACKEREL Salmon St} le 7 1 C Tall Can I 2 CHUM SALMON flu Tall Can W DRESSED DUCKS Home Killed Cn^ Each WW BIG BOY BREAD Loaf POTTED MEAT Standard 2 1C _... "2 DM FOOD • Vigo or Smoky Can CRACKERS 2-Lb. Ho\ PURE LARD 50-Lb, Can $6.65 NEW SORGHUM Tennessee Gallon OLD DUTCH CLEflNSER WELCH GRflPE JDICE , ; 23 LIBBYS CORN Golden lianlam s No. 2 Can CORNED BEEF Anglo 17' LIBBYS PERCHES a'/j Can 17' LIBBYS CUT BEETS 21/2 Can 12 l KGTTAMALES .Wilson's - ; ; . '• No.' 2 ; Can 1^

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