The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 12, 1936 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 12, 1936
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THEHLLBi COURIER NEWS L^ : _— nviviiiiyu,! ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MTRsniiur ' ' r , ' ' »', ,, *>-X VOL. XXXIII—NO. 20C> Blythcyillfi Courier ' Blytheville Dally News Blj'lheville Herild • Mississippi Valley Leader ATIIKVILLK. ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, NOVJM1BHK 12, HMO 1 v,L '" ^teflf SINGLE COPIEV*PIVE f GE^Ts| Proprietors of Five Places Cited to Appeal in Court Monday CAnUTHERSVILLE, Mo., Nov.j 12.—Proprietors of five Pcmiscot county night clubs and road hous-l es have 'been cited by Prosecut-l 'ing Attorney n. W. Hawkins to appear in circuit court here next' Monday. November 10, to defend i'.clions looking toward the permanent closing of their places. Similar actions niaylbe instituted against others before the end of the week, Mr. Hawkins Indicated. Those named in papers filed ihns far are: Hubert Utlcy, proprietor, and J. L>. "Speck" Biiniett, bouncer of thp Crescent Night Club, Holland. Bill Dye, proprietor of-a place nt Caruthersville. Jim Tull, operator of n plnce at Ilnyti. '• '• Bob Winters, whose place is on Highway 01, south of Holland. . Mr. and Mrs. Carl Precis, vvho'i „ operate a dance hall at Warden, near the public schools,'' where, it is alleged in the petition, "gaming tables and slot machines are operated and prostitutes assemble. 155,993 Bales Ginned Prior to November 1 LUXORA, Ark, No\', 12 _ Mississippi county sinned 155,- M3 talcs of, cotton- from tho 193(j crop prior to November l, it was revealed today by C C Dnnoliovtei census bmcau icp- •cscnlnllvc for Mils county. Prior to .November l last year 13,058 bales were ginned m the county. Mr. Danchcm'er said that the November l ginning figure indicated that Mississippi county would ein at least 200,000 bales of 103G crop cotton and that the total might run somewhat higher. D. Lauds Farley's Election Night Address NEW YORK, NOV 12 (UI>»- Dcinounllc National Chairman Jumes A rmle/'i radio addie&s (if- 1 ( 'er mtdnlghl on election night «ns I Pontiff Suffenng fiom ^^ 0 ?J^ ^' Biight can Reveals Dise^e Vnti "!"" liko "iterances 'hiado on eith LilSCdSe, \atl- S | de during the ciitho VATtCAN CITY, Nov 12 (UP) -Mcmbcis of the papal houseiiold om today admitted that Pope Plus'lmm XI Is suffcilng from B.lghfs dLs- ca£e or droj>sy They indicated that ' the • condition of the Poi>e's kldncjs was a cause of concern. His face and legs have been | slightly swollen it v,as stated , Hov,e\er the Po))e Insist* on fol-l Utley and Burnett are cited for rriitempt of court it being charged that they have violated the of- a circuit court order under which the Crescent night club was permitted to leopen in September, 1935. after it had been padlocked following disordcis also involving Harry Buley's place at Ihe Arkansas; line and the Silver Moon night club, south of Holland en Highway'.01,'. In which three persons were shot in what ap peaied to be an "outbreak of open warfare,,between the uval night 'i-pols. : Thf,c.rder s ,under which the _threej>Iafesvwera pcrmItte<Hoire> nftpprp fi>rn < rftbh^SSDJ Plans foi Completing Campaign Will Be Mapped Tonight Contributions Tuesday, and W«l- esdav earned the Rlcc-Stb. fac- [und above the S50000 niaik, - announced this morning b) J Mell Biooks, secretaiy of the campaign organization. Woikers in the drive are to meet at 7:30 tonight: In the Chain- be, of Comnieice room^at the city hall to considcr__\va>s and-means of laism? "the appioxlmately $20000 moie is needed contributors to the follow Mrs. A. M. Butt r- .(.•pen cnjoihe<i the propiletors and bptrators from permitting gambling or other violations of the law upon: their piemises and fiom •permitting themselves and othei persons therein to irm themselves with sawed-off shotguns rifles and " pistols." Utley and .Harriett, who arc under $10,000 .bond each in the dealli at Lois Hbn.ud Portage- i Hie, who was shot nnd clubbed to death at the Crescent iccently hove violated provisions of the cc'mt, order against both gambling nnd currying weapons, according to officers. All of the places cited by Prosecutor Hawkins aie charged with being the scenes of numerous fights, drunken brawls and other - disorders. Bailey Offers Puryear Highway Commission Post JONESBOKO, Ark. —Fred pur- ycar, Jonesboro' businrss man, definitely has been offered appointment as highway commissioner for Ihe first congressional district. Whether or net he \vill accept Is mil known. He has told friends t.'iat he would not acce'pt. Herbert .W. Parker, assistant campaign manager for Gov.-Elect carl K. Bailey, would have to resign his place on the state board of pharmacy to be eligible for the highway- commission post. He also hart been mentioned prominently as a prospective commissioner. i Metiopohian Life nice Agents 1 Hedge Dan G. Stout H. G. Partlovve Hardavvay Appliance Co. Terrs Seivice Station A T Cloai Cafe E Wilson D* Smith ~ Cunningham Pala(e Dr C, Dr "p C A Employes of Joe Isaacs i A H Arndt ' - * Mr William-; Huffman Bros; Heaton Home of : .Flowers J. C. Lowe Lige Brj eaiLS E..B. David Hoy' Nelson Ha rry-. Taylor J R Stovall . E M Holt O. W. Barham .lames .-Barksdale McKcsson-Van Fleet- Ellis Corp. Ivy w. Crawford fund $500 100 5 73 25 200 100 50 100 25 15 100 165 10 '100 100 50 25 25 25 25 2a 25 25 2s 50 25 custodj here Iate e, hf « L c ? r slolci1 m ™' ne youthful uair admiKed thpft ..n . officers iiadj contacted DD- troit oflflclnls ind Vonnfmed 'their suspicions that the automobile Ind oeen stolen The 'joutlis had bsen , biting frt-nds near Manila for «c v cra1 day, Officers there began to check on the boys and they deparS ptlj The sber ^ orf ,^er" not.ned and the ,ou £ « C re taken into eustody for Im 1 s „"? Hon An s as (hey drove into the c lti ofTlcCT out of the Little Rock office of the bureau or in ve st°a- tion of the d Condition of Church Finances Improved Reports o'j affairs of Hie First Methodist church, made at a meeting of the Board of Stewards show that the church is in the best financial condition of a num- bei of scars Officers elected were R P P.iddison chairman, Neill fiecd vice chairman, Harvey Mcins, secretary, p. E Cooles treasmer All vere reelected except M,. Paddison, who succeeds "• I. Haley. . P'nns will be made shortly for activities which mil continue to increase the progress of tile chuicn. a was decided at the n eetmg L Orleans Cotton New York Cotton I NEW ORLEANS, N OV 12 <up> .._ ld: 0l !l n ,... r " tur " ^PPed orr m NEW YORK, Nov Cotton closed steady open hfgh low close 1167 1168 11SO 1165 1162 1162 1151 1151 HG2 11G4 1152 1154 HC3 1163 1151 1152 1151 1154 .1141 1H1 Dec. Jan. Mar. ' May July sippe o in (UP)- '" te lradln S and closed 8 to 14 £°' n s lowei «i«i December down io p »^i?n ll62 and Jmwr y t 0 ™ lv r Hi. llDO. Secretary Wallace's hint that tnc government may subst'tulc ? rr °, P insl| n"«:e for production con- *tw a bearish fac- nai .1111 mi i... D , ----•••«>«. waiian lac- ct 11H 1113 1105 1110 ,,,;,.'? had °P«ncd lower but Spots closed steady at 12FO off 4 ,,,g Etendy m the morning trad Spot Average Is 1195 1 Dec The average price of 7-8 inch Jan '''idling cotton on the ten desig-liiar .P 51 .. markets today Jury Oct. Livestock Mo., Nov 11 10,500 170 t Vo'°l'b5. 9.60-9.75 ' ' HO-160 Ibs. 8.75-9.60 Bulk sows 8.75-9.00 Cattle: receipts, 4,000 Steers 7.50-11.50 Mixed yearlings and heifers 5.00-8.00 Slaughter heifers 4.00-5.00 Cutters and low cutters 3.00-3.75 open high low . close 1165 1165 1158 1160 1155 1155 1146 1150 1156 1157 1149 1152 1156 1157 1147 1147 1152 1152 H12 1112 n , -*»e H1A) ilUB Spots clo-ed steady at 1212, off 9 Chicago Wheat open high low close Dec 114 1-2 115 1-2 114 1-2 llTl-1 May 1121-4 113 3 8 112 !-4 {is Chicago Cofn~ °PHi high low clns<> D .1 10M-8 I0 2 B 3-8 lM W 5- 8 ^ M n 94 7-8 95 7-8 04 3-8 95 5-8 M 0 94 95 1-4 93 7-8 95 1-8 lowing ins dnllj routine and re fuses to curtail his audiences 'Ihe United Press \vas uifoimed by a reliable source that'Vatican authorities had instructed Vati can police to be prepared to close all Vatican gates at a given signal and refuse all cutrj and o\lt un- 'il fmthpi ciders I No explanation was elven bill ll was deduced that the auangc- ments vveie made In anticipation St. Louin Sportsmen Buy Browns Bal( Club x T ,,_,„„! New Deal Hopes . (ui.> SI Ujuls Dunvm of Ilio League weio .sold lortny by ( o n (mentors of the Pull uall astute 10 n sj ncllcnt? of VHullliv &t I mils ,s|joi Ismen lieudcd b l)on- icasury Tax Expeits . .^ puie Recommendatioris- lo Congress " -;\ nj ' 'Hie snio woj, nppi-o\ed icpiesinlntlves or club o\\\mt, lit a , n iw todny b win llockctcllii, who contributed to ov Alf M Landons campaign, jl",° lhU , , klloun "> aTlettei to " ><3m ° Ht ' en to m • A '" " Ublll: U) " uy nt of the possible sudden the pontiff. Youths, 15 and Turned Ovei Fedeial Officeis No Injuries Result From Two Wiecks on J Stiike- Bound Line i BATON ROUGK La. Nov, 12 (UP)—Two Louisiana and Arknu ...„. fas railway freight trains v,cie iticlpatlon derailed today while tail officlnls death or and striking union leaders met lo confci with Oov Richard W Lechc on aibitrallon of theh dlf flculties ! W N Adams, vice-president of the L and A, said both derailments weie caused by vandals 'No' cue was Injiucd, he said One de- inllment occurred at Jameslown La Ihc other at Spring Hill. .La In. both derailments the engine and MX 01 eight IXJK care left the Hacks but did not ovcitmn. Adams said One wrec't vviirbe cleared In a few hours and traffic %v 111* be lesumed, he said Tho Jamestown derailment Vas caused by a 'cocked" switch Jar tanged so tluft trains could'tnol I iss The one al Spring" Hill ''vos caused by removal of soUes '«5id angle bais fiom the rails, leaving the rails split, Adims'saW " ? i?' " Off 28 Peak of Januwy, I935,t' 0 ' 00 j'lys Hopkins WASniNGToTf,"Nov ,< lu,.,- Uorks l>rogicss AdtnlnlsUnloi IMi- "V h Hopkins todnv announced » •Iodine of 'newly 28 |iei cwil in Ihe nnllon'i i e l!ef lolls fiom tho poak burden In jnmuuy, 11135 Ausust of this yciu The docicnso' in unemployed "reaj depending on fcdoial slnlc BIHI local goveinincnh for nld lo August 10 ((i Houklus slid let lolii of lellef faiulllcb jind si'Sle jwrsoiis In the continental ""UNI states including those on weal lellcr rolls and those cm- 'loved on tl»> federal ,ioik mo- eitun was 3833.000 In August. 1910 a* compared to ! 250 000 in AUHUSI ""-•' Hopkins- nnnounccd Duvo Iiusuigenii, Back South of Cily and tte Subiiib innrnn , ,, " "' ""»« "I" 100.000 by the end of August, 1010 to " y sherW -llnrentr Wilson Deputy Bddm'.B Davad Their " ^ned before u s E L Wcstbrook jr of Djcr act violations of on Wallace Will Address Ark&nsas Farm Bureau LITTLE ROC^TfAik-Secrctars of Agriculture Henrj' A Tom.. of Art Federation will ansas Farm Bureau here Tuesday and farmers-- from every county in the : state ha™ been invited to attend Senaf™ Joseph T itoblnson of will speak the final day'Tf trj c convention. Nov 18 Sccreinrv Wallace will visit Ark aims in connection with the dert ication of a Resettle-::..! Admin' istration farm near J^iftlanrT Loncke countj He spotc at Marl amn in 103-1 and was heard bv 10003 farmers and their wives w ho attended a visitors' day pfo^ at the Arkansas Cotton Blanch Experiment Station "'ancn Abandon Plan to Resist Extradition; Trial Set for Decembei 17 Trial of Max ~iaer, alias Joe Cook, ana Ohnrley Block, alias carl Snjder In circuit criminal tourt here mil be held »t -., adjourned session of c ou,l beginning rhurs ''^.December 17 it uas announ,- ed this afternoon Trial of the pal,, of erstwhile insurance agents, accused m six cases «iti obtaining money under false pretenses, and In a seventh «lih forgery, was sct ror tl)e ante by agreement after the de'" ^"te through their £,„„,. H P ^ Coc|lcr aild R(; W and Evrard Jiad hied m otlon s for contlnu- Bacr and Block, arrested In si Louis Tuesday, after they had fail- eJ to appear in court, *ere brought here last night by Bn Arkim-i^ A Lewis, head of the Commit- ttfts '" progim and that nm eat ee foi Tndmliial Ovganlmllon, ot ™"H forces were lioMinj their lath l ejected today Ihc cost-of- m " ,, . 'Iving- formula fo, regulating vvag- T h ? lnf onnant said es in the steel Industry , j T "o noise w'ns teru'flc Afle, ;a conference vv/th *,,rkl \f°' '.A 11 , 6 .!!?. "»«'<*5 1,, the crs from steel mills,- the •i^rcdJaboi leader gave vm|,..»i.ic •!!?!?. Cln l|l°yos "Rho »iue ie- ' "" " ~~_ ' iii(i ~ tu Armistice the cost of living lnde\ --- and one , - • of tho cltj, m ii.ii.,1 " nse ' nn otltelal com- inummic slid tonight fell lo the nntionallsli h ofTens-lvc on Madild mid BEM! g Win lewis Backs Slcel, clr Woikeis m Opposition to Plan , "" ""'"'"'"I B"!" Dy the lbt loinnnnd it tended lo rc- pressmo on Mndild's commu- »"""'*«•' " of the (•ovcrnmcnt LONDON, Nov censored . Onn (UP)—l k 1 '> L e e v- Vi e » JllUjorH l P r "'<' farlii,, ° Wi MadrW ^W** , ' ' ~ * - ~ Le« Is leader in )ke ns Lnbor s a pioinlncntl Non partisan Thanks All Who Helped A puicclatlon for the cooiicrallon hb He " £, , , "["'f 10y '" 1D4I) nt r M Pm0nal SU P° r ° toft • — •»""'"'•" e cooiicr cmcigcrt as a Shown bj nil who assisted Hi '^ was ™lo the celebration lie c exKessnl lo aj by geneial chairman , K e B'"" o n n '"l we adcpted by emptae, of hope that ncM year wo can have review reproienlation- plan .r"°™u°". ie « blceei and bctte, celeb, all™," oratlcn Mn the ug| lt of existing federal legislation ' me emploje ho said In asking thai a "Thank of the coip- Yoir be made public Mike n T ^ , ' U.»|I4*ML-»C IUTKP 1,IID1U I'CnS Lu, n,' 10 V, ls con(lllcti »B , SINGAPORE (UP)-A new phase in the Japanese trade ,iar I tl a sticnuou 1 ; orgc" '.ing In llie steel induslrj Masons Meet Tonight , Hooding C T the Singapore market with cheap Jainnese hnltatlons of sonic order will have Its icBular tVlte^tor"^*^^'^^. nnonlr meetinij tonight, 7:30 o'clock, at. declare there I s 7uic df&S? In 1110 •"""• ,-tiimlity, heart heart CC trl< " llcrc "Ut afr d a chan = c of after one of (hei, local ne " "f ^ 'v^o m forfeitures were ordered ,hen they failed to app» lr mud to them last night reported ° te]cph()nc . "• *™ Arraigned in court this morning tl-.y entered pleas of not guilt, ani nicd motions for continuance A«fo Accident Injury Fatal to Tenant Lawyer MFWHIS Ten7__ In an automobile accident Oct 2« Hcrimn I Goidocrger, <•old Memphis attorney and 'cnlatiie for the Southern Tenam Farmers Union in a number "f legal matters la Arkansas L.?' this year, died Tuesday af K? Josephs Hospital here Goldberger suffered a autonic'oi'c overturned Brownsville, Tenn., while he "w^ making a business trip i n wes .^ Tennessee The cause of the a cident was never determined Closing Stock Prices NEW YORK, Nov. 12 (np, Tlw sleek market today encoi n Icrcd its most severe scllmc S lnr« Oct 26 but support develop be fore the clo<e and the n sl 5 i e ^_ led lYadmg was active most of the session be necessaiy for them to obtain depositions of witnesses in Minnesota, home of the company they (""i^Jm" rc P r « se "^d m selling auto liability insurance in this sec- lion Continuances to the adjourned day of court Dec 17 iv ere agreed lo by Prosecutor Denver L Dud'ev in consideration of Rn agreement by the defendants they vvouTd not ask for separate trials. Bonds had not been set for Baer and Block early this afternoon but Circuit Judge G. E. Keck said that the bonds would be set at such amounts that no difliculty would be encountered in securing the presence of Ihc defendants when the cases are called again, since their bone's for appearance at .the present term were sct at $1,000 each It is regarded as likely that bonds of equal it not greater amounts will be required. . Even If user and Block make bond again on Ihe charges against them here their freedom Is by no means assured. The sheriff's office has warrants for their arrest from another county In the slate that will be served as soon as they perfect bonds in the cases here. U. A. Gentry, state insurance! commissioner, and an assistant,both of Little Rock, were among - the stale's witnesses who came here ^ today for the trial. , of a New Deal .,, ,buck in U h Supmnc Coiut do- UMOIIS vvib scon In UK' absence nt Jmtke HMlan I Mono, libcul incmbci ot (lie Inuimnl, who consistently 1, is upheld comlitutionallly ot Niw Doiil litvis Illness pic-vcnled .Tiibtice Slonc, patiucd heie in his most Utttit photo, iioni pniti(.j|)nluif{ In com I (lelibeinllons and voting Speculation on the •vllniv- tlou vvns hc'lBlilcncd by piov pccls that Slone miglit be iisltod to \ole on imy crtse In wliich tlio coin I was split, 1-t, i <^y ^ Louisiana WPA^Workei.s 'Viclimb of\ Collision al Baton Roug4vV } ' '• (Ul J )^-Elghteen )>cr'ioii'i Mic-ru injured some seriouslj', «hei( an automobile collided vvjth a school bui loaded with WPA fworkcis The Inipnct knookeit the bus body completely all u,e chassis 'Ihc 25 workers riding in the bui \vcro scalteicd ovei the lilgh«a>. Mis ir, I snow of Nc-Je^kn Kutis , driver of the automobile, was among .tile injured. Ihc 18 injured were taken lo Oni Lady of the Lake hospital heie Milch quickly resembled a war time base An cmcrgeucs call was wnl out by the ho,pltal for all physicians In the city and for volunteer nurses , Many of the Injmed had frac- I tired bones 'Hie WPA vvoikcrs i>erc en route to work on the Louisiana Stnfc ITnlicrslty stadium Roosevelt Praises Auto Men in Show Message NEW YORK, Nov 12 (UP) — "resident rrannlin D Roosevelt added Ills commendation to the niiiinl automobile show here to- 12 <VP)-~ 3 " tax load * on the Ameiluin Dubllc vvl". iccoinmctided to congress by x( ad- inlnislratlon c"i|x>i(.i studying'tav lav lev. Is Ion, It was learned today.-- • Tentative leeommendallonV-'de- '1 \elo|icd atler a lliree inonllw-f study, will include cllinlnatloiivol., ceiliiln 'nuisance" IB'CC.H (where the "cost of collection vhtuully cwlhlct balances tho revenue- Involved, , rjt. A list of these levies, abolition i icducllon of vihlcli will bo ilrg- M I, Is not jot comulcte HovVovei , WHS lenined Unit tho admissions tax, i|iortltiK gocxte levy, cos-~ metlus ta\ nlicl tas on club (hie, luc nmoitK Ihose likely lo bo 'liciiMiiy |ns cxpeits and nggn^s of (ho cotlBrcsstoiuil joint com- ;| .ee on luteuml ic\cnuo taxsc-" lion lia\o been vvoiklui; on; pioblems undci a nuiidrilu fiom Senetaij of Ticiiaui-j HcmjvM(ir- s scntliau Ji, and Clinlimcn Pat llaiilson and nobci(, i, DoughtoU' of the hcnnlc nnd homo -tnv- * spon'oilinj committees 'i^'-S'' Most so-cal|i'd nnl;j\nce "i r (nxi!s e\plto June 30 Thcy t brougfil^ Iiuv '"U052,000 during ihe" Idstrdcif"' 11 • ~ x '"*i-? v f?r^" 'ievident Roo-ievelt , cmii*-- 1 '—-• - c Ills stand at hLs lust pres.s ,w, w ,~, . dice ivhc'ii he Indicated tlult no-'l new taxes would Lc usVcd bu{ tii^^^l _eo In lax laws "would v >bo'tv[ iiiojio-scd to "- — • " ' "-" •' - slnl trf\c? In the liiil ta>, nvv. eluding tho copwrntc surplus "in\, ' aie exiKcted lo xrmnln jinitl test cd out The siime >' title ot.*ocm sccmltj ' ' ' HOT Art, Nov 12 daj lie sent a message to Alva \fncaulcy, jircsident of the Aufo- noblle Maiuifncturcra nssoclation onyratulatlng the : 'automobile nilders foi adding many safety ctUurcs to their cars this jeai - - \ , —~, «.^, i^uv, 14 (UP)—Traffle problems of tho nation win be reviewed he ie, daring the next three dnjs at the fnurtir annual meeting of the American- i Association of ^otoi Vehicle Ad- j| mlnistrators, vvhicli opened hern to^ ' day n Administrators nt the convention' wlii heai John Rodgcis ot HID Interstate Co.nmercc commission and Thomas H McDonald of the United States Bureau of Public Heads Oov J M ruliell ^vlll siwak at the rrlday moinlng session ac- con Ing to Revenue Commission^ Farl wissmnn, v\ho n acting as" convention liust - • ' , Nov 13' 65, negro * ? Negro Slain Resisting 4V Arrest in Mississippf* CLAUKSDALC ^'L'S (UP)—John Sylvester, „„, lltB who ran iimuk aild leironzed- i negro faun settlement ncai Dobo 1 ~! in Coihoma county was shotrio cealh last night by n posse of deputy shcilffs ', ,; 0 Tcai gns ,ljombs Here thrown iftto Suvesters barucadul House foi three hours without fcsult The made a rush foi, •. • -—"• •>•"- •<, ivoii tui tug rtcoi, battered It down and were He expressed his pleasure over met with S>lvcster, iirmed witli ic industiy nealn holding tiie|nna\e In a fusllado of shots llie how In Novembci Instead of negro wns slain He had hereto lanuaiy, thus providing moie tcady employment In the indtis- ry - Compress Bookkeeper Killed by Automobile 'KENNETT,, MO.-R. E.'French 42 years old. of Rector, Ark, bookkeeper, al a Compress In Arbyrd was killed Tuesday night when stmcs. bj a truck driven by Howard. Hern of Cardwcll. French, whoso automobile was wrecked when he hit a cow Sunday, was walking from Cardwell to Aibynl, a Uioit distance, when the accident occurred. No charges wore filed against Horn. The widow and one daughter live at Rec- A New Serial Story Combining Ihc Thrills' ol a Good Mystery With llie Romance of a Tingling Love Slory Keginninu Tomorrow"in the Cornier News |i}55 Bales Destroyed in Fire at Home Gin A cotton house at the Home Gin comjnny, on Highway 61, south tf Blylhcvllle, avid its contents, about 55 biles of seea cotton, were de( strosed by fire of unknown origin [about sK- o'clock this morning' — -- •«• **%_, J_mi; || fcie born a good reputation Parasould Chi!d~HurtT"" When Pump Explodes PARA&OULD, Ark _ Harry T Hlghfili, four year-old son of Mi and Mrs Everett -Highflll, IhW h'a. hue, Is In the Dickson Memorial Hospital m a serious condition as result of being struck by a piece of n tl-e pump barrel. Milch exploded In a fire Tuesday The child was walking near the file ovci ivhlch his father was telling «ome shorts to feed his hoes «hen the baire! of the pump which was filled with mud On one rnrt, exploded It struck the child on llie left side of the lower jaw breaking the Jaw b^ ariC ; ul _ n \ery painful cut Highfill had placed (lie old pump barrel • oici the names to brace a cm being used to boil the shorts WEATHER -Fair, frost tonight - , nic , ht nnd . The loss 'was estimated at ap- .,„„. ",.,„ pioxlmately $5850, covered by In- i Um P crftture * U Th1 C<! n j.j < „ L i Tho i,J™ " , d n d " Ot 1(r ^' h<! 8'" > esterda >- «as £r»H^ V; f S CM '" nllln t! OP erations as usual - Arkansas - Fiiday fair Memphis nnd xicfjiity—Rili to-night and Friday, little change in, tcmp-rature her? 62 minimum 31, , « MU .i.i t ,£ to s«mueliF v tNor-' rls, official vveathei oVsertfr ^

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