St. Louis Globe-Democrat from St. Louis, Missouri on January 27, 1957 · 53
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St. Louis Globe-Democrat from St. Louis, Missouri · 53

St. Louis, Missouri
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 27, 1957
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31P - , , . - 4 - . I BRIDGE .....114.....11:) et.ICmitsC6Inbtmrra -13gat. I coREN niv 5F , , Sunday, Jan 27 1957 - , , - ,60,1 ''' . , , 'VINEYARD. LEE. 3669 E. Edgar ' North -South vulnerable. West In the effort to obtain abnor- tion, I 'sympathize. Having a ,11 rd.. Normandy. Jan. 2 b, 1957. be- mal results extraordinary prac hand containing eight points, it - t loved husband of Pearl Vineyard. , n,co. NORTH -,, in contests at duplicate bridge tion and this seemed rather more tices will at times be resorted to behooved him to take some ac- $7,00lr dear father of Ed. Leo P. and .. ADA3LS. Learn. mom. for., , GOEBEL. LILLTAt M. ( Me. osrsztyhag, Joint J.. of 2346 - !!.t Vineyard. lirso.iller . . Am" ..11, P...E.141.b,... - S.,. 0 .0.. . . . , . , t ''. - ' ' ' ' - ' eV r . .. ' . ' ' ' , . t.7 LMIL: N , ' 1..f I 1' '1IttitiLlOrEd - ' - - , - - . , ' ' ' ' - '. -. 'IT' - '1 41;- ''' - ' ' .' - - ...' --. ; l f' - - : Sunday';'.1an'. 27;1957' 10, ar ' - - '' -, ,. , ..... , , , ' - t ittirtrs . , , . , , .. . . , , . , . , .. ..,. .,... . , . .. , , , , - ,,,. North-South vulnerable. West In the effort to obtain abnor- tion, I sympathize. Having ' a .. - ,- - - , - .., . . .. : , , VINEYARD. LEE. 3669 E. Edgar- ', rd.. NormandY. Jan. 26, 1957. be-.-- ' deals. - ' - ' - - - ' - '. '-- g '' , mal results, extraordinary prac-: . hand containing eight points, it - , , , .. . - 1 . . , tices will at times be resorted to behooved him to take some. ac- , loved husband of Pearl Vineyard. ,: .-. r . , - . , ... - - 9 2 te, Q J 3 ', - - - , , , - dear father of Ed. Leo P. and Rob- , - : , NORTH in contests at duplicate bridge. tion and this seemed rather more , . - ; - ADA3LS. LORETTA (LOU). for. GOEREL., LILLTAM M. (nee , 0ISCLLIVAN, JOHN J.. of 2344 - ert Vineyard. brother of Clarence : ,,, , 4 J 5 - : The enterprising trouper will fre- convenient than a' bid of three -- ' - Merle of St. Louis. at Denver. - Hoeitziel. 4000 Shiner pl.. Fri.. -, Albion pl.. Jan. 2,4. 1957. tw- Vineyard. Lena Moore. Vernal Ack- ' ; K ' - Colo.. On Fri.. Jan. 25. 1957. dear Jan. 25, 1957. fortified' with the loved husband of titrtle O'Sulli- , era and Eula Nicholson. stepfather , - , - mother of Ruth Levora. Dorothy sacraments of Holy M u t h e r . van. our dear- uncte and brother- of Charles and Chester Olmstead, ' . . , . Iv 8 5 3 , quently direct the auction into bi- . clubs. The rest of the auction . - usr and Saran . dear sts- Church. wtfe of the late Christ in-law , our grandfather. father-in-taw and - ' - n 6 . - - .... zarre channels in order to pick was 'normal enough., -,, -- . , - , tor of titter. Darry F. Ultrich and Frrd Goebel. our dear aunt. greet-aunt. Funeral from McLAUGHLIN'S., uncle. . f 2301 Lafayette. Mon. at 9 a. tn. 3 - 0 dear 'mother-In-taw, sts- and cousin. - - , At NicLAUGHLLN'S. 2301 La- . - . up a match point or two To- The t h r e e of spades vas ter - in - law. grandmother. great- , Funeral from GEBKENT-BENZ Interment Resurrection, st fayette. until 10 . tn. Mon. Fu-- .:-43A874 - -- , . , , ders offering perhaps does not opened and thr' jack forced the- 4 - - grandmother and aunt -- , . Mortuary. '2$42 Mersonee St . raLMElt-. - , - , neral service 1-30 p. m. Tues. at . . . ' - ,.-- --- , --es,- Tues.. Jan. 29, 8:30 a 'tn. to St- - See Bianke. - - the Methwilst Church. Belgrade. wEsT , - : - . EAST - - constitute good pedogogy but we ' ace . no diamond came back - Funeral front KRIEGSmat"..-.,--"- John the Baptist Church. Inter- Mo. Interment Caledonia CerneterY. , , , , . - 42-,21t S. KingsbighwaY. on Liars - ment Resurrection. Member of the PILL.A. - VIRGINL6 E. ttiwsweet hope it may prove diverting for - and South set out to take the . - -- Jan. 29. at 2 p. in. Interment Married Ladles' Sodality. St. tan- torment of 7122 Edison. Wedt WHEELER. - EMMA (we 'Rain ' 4 Q But his 9 6 3 2 - ''' 4 A 10 8 7 mere narrative value balance of the tricks Lakewood Park. In parlors after cent's OrJohan Society Third Order ' Jan. 23. .1957, beloved wife of lawyer). 1718 N. 13th It, on Frt f l . r7 7 , -- r- ', V Kt ' ' - its . . ." ... - -- - - , - . - , . .- , 3 p. in. Mom. , of St Frantic blether ot ..G(!?1 ' Nick Pilla, dear mother of Bar- Jan. . 1947. beloved nife of the to be ' ' -- i- - . . , , , , .. - sequence o pays had , , counsel Auxiliary anu oac-'w , bare and John IVfichael. daushter late dente P. Wheeler. dear Ms- 0 Q 8 7 4 - - K 10 5 2 : .-...Cognizant of the raised eye- . : .. ALDRIDGE. DON LouisALD 11.. of , Il 2213 Heart League- of 1dr. and Mrs. Charles E. Sveyrel, ' ter- 4, in-iaw. aunt. great aunt. great- . , - cfibsen with delicacy The king .. clubs was shed first, clum- - ' s 'an te- . cu , is- , FAA sL i, dear sister. sister-in-law and aunt. great-aunt and friend in her 85th diagram must have induced suddenly on Sat-. Jo- 2,1', 195 197 beloved husband of Sarah on - omf .- ., Isi. 57th at, (MESABI'. BARNEY SS.. Jan. 25. ,, , 10 ,. : ..-.7 f-.,,,r brows which the above bidding SOUTH - , many of my readers, d y was en t ere t with the ace of beloved husband of Mildred Al- - - ll7 5. " Funeral from WHITE CHAPEL. year. ' b l I h d club I will at- ---. Lerner Golbart. dear father of Les- 118 N. Florissant rd.. Ferguson. k'itneral Tues.. Jan. '29. at . . - , dridge. dear father of Mrs. Carl . ' ter and Esther Katt. Norman end MOM. Jan. 28. 2 p. m. Interment 1 P. int. from MATH HERMANN : ,., . . . ... , - ' ' - w tsinief Fehr, dear eon of lira. - Gloria Gloairoter Gotbart. belayed Memorkil Parte Cemeterl. & SONS Chapel. Fair 41 eat : , ,: . 40, 4 . - , tempt to explain it, West s bid carded on the king of spades.- ' . Neva Aldridge. - dear nrotnir of . , brother or the late Abe Colbert. Florissant avec Interment St. . Odgen Aldridge and him Johll ' our dear grandfather. brother-in- , OttEta-LIYAN. MARGARET (nee We- , Peter's Cemetery. In parlors after . - thht - - , V A Q J lea 6 4 , of . two hearts was a rather th led - - - , law and . , . , Ina). of 3600A Hereford. on rd.. 11 . -15 a m . - Sun . J - Jan. 24. 1957, at m.. , , . - . - Dummy en e eig o (Mildred) Kadlecik. 4 grandchil uncle corny',' ,' attempt at deception.' h . , . dren. our dear bod'id-ldw- lather Funeral tram the RINDSKOPF WHITE WILLIAM. of 3909 Shen A - earts. East played low - -and . ' . in-law, brother - in -taw and uncle. Chapel, 5212 Dehnar bl.. Sun., 1 helswed wife i'f the late Stil Quin' - -- . Thurs. Jan. 2 4 - - Convinced that hearts was the ..-- liven. dear mother of Robert and andoah , . , 195 . 4' K 6 3 South followed with the aid. , A - Services KASSLY Chapel. lift P. m.. to Cheiced She' Eineth Ceme-, - witilam Quittileaa. aesir sister at dear husband of Alta White (nee . , , - , , - , suit in which the opposition prob -- r 9th at i Last St 14"2-is- In-' '' terY Please' "hit th3wera Mr - Frank Nolan. our deer rnotherdn. McMillen'. dear lather ci rtal''' , -,. club was now played from dum- - p. m. by Rev. Charles Golbart in state Sun.. l't noon., - law. sister - In - law. grandmother. mond. William Jr., Phyllis and the '' - The bidding:. -. .. , - . ,-- ably had their game, he attempt- - w. Recklein. Inierment Lakeview bite Herman (Scotty) White, dear South ruffed, and the . . ......22 un' nd csin. r ed - West North , East South . n this manner to - divert the ' hot,..A . ' entorial Gardens. Member - of at a ou "1-'1""---Marif 411e6 Ws") -- Funeral from PROVOST Mortts-'. .fq. , It.. :saan,. reny ot t. son of Benjamin White. dear brothr of Amos. Samuel, Andrew.-- for 3-3 break' came off. - chauffeurs Union Local No. 7- mp tom , Komi. baL, Jan. 195.7 410 . arar arr. 3710 N. Grand. on Mon. e . Jan. s s . enemy's attention from that dec- ....,r- . . - - mower of , 1e, alter K. bind. and - '28. at 8:15 a. nt.. to St MarY and ,arah Jane teirwr. Earnest. , Pass Pass - I A Double - The ace of hearts drew East's , Gertrude, Mildred, Victor, Lucille . - - laration. South was not to be , , - .,, Magdalen Church. Interment Cal- ' MATM JEN-NUE Jan.- 26. 195.. Helen lEomorecu. dear sister of - varY SULLIVAN SERVICE. and Leona. dear fatner-in-law. 2 V - .. 2 NT, Pass - 4 V ,,, .. .: - king. dummy was entered by. ,- - -- : stidOw of the tate Abraham Bain. heruy, Jona. a'redand Patu kait er. grandfather. brothee-th-law. tiepin. ' s' . - - uiVerteu. - - - .- beloved mother of -Joseph and Ed- dear mothe..,,,. ahlumbou, . NICE. FRANK R.. Tues. Jan. 22. ,' eve. uncle and couain. - , 4 A . - Double Pass 5 7 - ' - - ' ' '' ' -- : ' -leading the four of hearts to the - - - - ward Bain. dear sister of Max. ",er,ta147e.7 TaanTao:-cuutal. eV 1957, of Colony Apt., su.ddenly at Funeral tt'11-1 KRIEGSEAUS- - ' - -- North, too, made an irregular ' . five and the jaak of .diamonds - -- Eisenberg. our grandmother. great- Kemains in state at the KAY B. -, Larchmont N. Y.. beloved bus. ER'S. 4228 S. Kingshignway. mon.. Pass - Pass - Pass . - - - ndinother. mother - in -law and , SNisart a'uncral borne, 54-56 Wan- gra band of Mariorie Rice tnee Bergsl, Jan. 20 at 10 Interment- . .. , . bid of two no trump. not having was discarded on dummy's thir- i - aunt. - enemer a.e- wilt Awn- dan- 28 loving father of Frank R. Jr. and Sunset. A member of Purity Lodge , - Opening lead: Three of spades. -- a heart stopper. With this ac-. teenth club- - ." -' iu P. ns. thence to R01dAN MOS. 658. A. F. and A. M., Scottisit , , , i ,., , . - - - GElt Memo- Pvt. Jack B. Rim loving son of . - - Funeral from BEB . , , . - at Walton. Sum. kunerai home. hoyieton, Alt hers., Mrs. -S. E. Rice and the tato Jus- Rite. Teamsters Urilon 11 Local 633. 4 . - r 4,1 McPhers " s' 1 Emeth ices 'tut's , 2 p. m. at the tioyietoa tin Rice. brother el Justin Rice of . Bethlehem Chapter O. E. S. serve. . . . , Si) D . m... to Chesed ne . -- :- - : ' Cemetery. Mrs. Bain in state Sun. Evangelical and Reformed Church. Lam Beach. cat. ice Sun. 8 0. m PUritY Lodge iew S'un at SI10 o m Funeral from ARTHUR J. DON- SP"- - - - , , -- - '' .ter 12;30 9- M- ' - - - HOTtsON. LOGES, G. M. Granite . CARROLL RIGHTER'S -.. . - . - - - MELLY PARLORS. 3840 Lindell WOLFF. MART (MAE) (nee Ell- t mrry society c by - in., enteren into zest In.. bLe Mott. Jan. 28. 10:31) a. m. - ti led ' - - CRESED SHE!. . Jan. 4.'4.. metcoeu hd of ler). Rt 1 Glencoe. Mo. tor f Interment Calvat-y . In parlors fter ' . ' ' 1 y a ' with the sacraments of Ho , .. , : ,, I ttend the ater of m Sunday funeral of 2 19 usoan , -,-- - iswmbers p ease a manna Mae botson. clear tu 10 a . --- . Mrs. Jennie Bain. kairwo. rumor riouion .it..: alms arc N . . - Mother Church. on. Sat.. Jan. our late member 26. ; - - : , , , . . . - - HARRY GORSTEIN. Pres.1 . 1957, beioved wife of Alex Wolff. ; , . , vetor amulet Of ea t-ane- near ROESIENER. CLARENCE J.. Jan. . OrOSCOPer - - - - 31 B SELIGSOH N. Seel. -- , Eranit anti bobert Roison. he t Funi Koester ard ' dear mother r o . ce , . , - dear 25. 1n57. dear brother of Mrs. Eutiene 'Wolff, and the late Ethel ; granutauler wiemuer et etasonie Atte, Kerrigan and Howard Reese- grandmother t V.tuff. dear gran mo er, ins et'. , , . , . , ' sEN-DER. HELEN E. (are Alteld) ,Luag 0,0. hn sum ssississi100 Vst- tier, brother-in-1 and nl aw iet., sister-in-law and aunt of 6919 Nagel ave., On Sat.. , ley aassitory. Funeral from ALBERT H HOPPE Mrs. Wolff at SCHRADER Fu- ; ARIES .(Mar. 21 to Apr. 19)- solving them by living the -Gold- which has to do with current Jan. 26, 1957. dear wife of Clar-f Remains at MERCER - Funeral Funeral Home. 491L Wasnington tiered Home. Ballwin. Mo. until " H Bender: dear , mother o , "tome. 241.43 2,4Adrmanaus mat,. bi, Mon.. Jan. 28. at 2:30 p. m. Tues. 8:341 a. m. Mass at 9 a, tn. ence -m. Conflict between official and en Rule. Then p. m, fine for conditions. After analyzing by Gerald H. Bender, dear ha sister of - Gramte LILY. zunetat services Int'errnent St. Peter's Cemetery. at Ascension Church. Chesterfield. Wander and Crles Mon 10 a. à irst 'baptist . Mo. , Interment St Peter's Ceme- ; partner , can unwisely engulf you- analyzing ways to et workable hi h-minded principles, . earl g g 1) 13 y Mildred - it nset bil RUELL RIVINTA Avv pi, lIRS. i Allele!: dear mother-M-law. grand Church,. Inermenvin bu.11 . . a Sere. I if you get involved during a. in. schedule in effect for coming . put in p. m. execution. mother, sister-in-law and aunt. - , cemetery, bewares e, 1 . Heimann) of 432 S. Heinen rd.. , Funeral front KRTEGSHAUS- HOWORTH. MINNIE Id...,et Ches. forrnerlY of 8634 Park lane. Jan. ZINK. LEROY P.. 2044 Geyer. Then p. -, m. reveals how you - days, weeks,' months. System- -. - - 25, 1957. fortified with sacraments suddenly on Sat. Jan. 26. 1957. TR " 'S. 428 S Kingshighway on can add to your good name, rep- atize. - CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan - - , - ter, Au.. on Inure...can. 24. 195:e. of Holy Mother Church. beloved beloved husband of Adelaide Zink. - - Tues Jan.. 29 at 1 P. 111. Inter- stater of Mount tiOWOrth aunt of , . wife of the late Oscar F. Russell.- dear father of Earl Zink. deer utation and good will from those . 20)-You just do not understand - '1 In parlors after 8 ment flunseL b. Stag& ktownctn. LOS Angeleof dear mother of Genevieve Dennis. - brother of Katherine Litesser. our . . . ; -- IL tn. Sun. Lai.. and Private Ina iNeunoft. ld at LUP I 1- ' anf th er in law n in power as well as general pub- VIRGO (Aug. 22 to Sept 22)- one who is not behaving as , . Cecelia Van Eeckhoute and the d e a r son- n- 4 . a er- - . t ' servce was be. brother-In-law, grdfath a d late Oscar E. Russell. dear moth- liC. Zoom upward now. Your background of convictions usual during the early part of 7 - - BZNTIVEGNA. JOSEPH. 603 TON Con9 . el 1:: iS Vearlar 1)A id. er-in-law. grandmother, great- uncle. i Dagett ave.. Jan. 26. 1957. be- a f ternoon. Funeil from KUT1S Funeral 1 of lofty nature conflict with - the day. Make sure you await . - lgd ove husband of Angelina (nee . grandmother and cousin. Funeral from the i3opp chap,' Home. 906 Gravoas. Tues.. Jan. . TAURUS (Apr. 20 to May 20) s o m e appealing enticements the afternoon before trying to ' !Airtime). deer father of Sam MEGRZei. MARIBILLLE. (see Aa- '29. 830 a. m. Requiem Mass St. - and the ndlate ther and Joseph Bentivegna. derseat. formertv ot tiranne City. Hanley rdM . and Forsyth bl. 8 in A enes C h u r c h. Interment SS. -Get away from tedious chores during a. m. Stick to what you get things your way. Then - get Clayton on Jan "it s -3 ' - - d I fa father-in-law. lt i. piussed away Sat A. bl. .6- . - . t . 0 . ear ra Peter and Paul Cemetery. , - Funeral from CALCATERRA tnesda anilwortn Home. Webber a. m.. to St. Joseph Church, Clay to your church, place of lofty , believe is right Then the p. m. all dolled up ' go out on the Groves. Mo. Dear wile of the late ton. 9 a. m. Interment Calvary Funeral Home. bI40 Daggett ave.. Holy Cemetery. . , eminence natural bauty and finds you able to have a thor- town be social. - m to James C. Hughes. sister or binTY - , Tues.. Jan. 29. at 8:30 a. . . MASONIC , Lie NOTICES - St. Ambrose Church. Interment St. J. Anderson. Granite City. mo,ner . ll,:,.... you replace tediousness with oughly good time, without corn- - ' : of harry t.,1 hustles of ot. ...outs SCHAEFER. II E IN R Y L.. 819 - an 21 to Feb Peter and Paul Cem . . - eterY- new power in living. P. M. finds promising with error, wrongdo- AQUARIUS (J and Dr. William a.. Hughts ot nt.- Pardella ave.. fortified with the e,...,"'''''"'""'einenasniss0 Louis. , , sacraments of tlother Church, MT. MORIAH TEMPLE CHAP . 19)-Forget that limiting condi- . PERG141A--";34 mAlt.,,",.,-itilatc-Im'ri tanfy M state at HODGE Fu- Thurs.. Jan. 24. 1957. beloved TER No. 6. 0E.S. - members you unusually in aware of new g. - pito 3b43 Coto ''"----- t - .i 'Iasi 11 11 State St.. time, - 8 n e husband of U Jla Keuzer Schaefer please attend Eastern Star Serv- attitudes that will swiftl y LIBRA (Sept 23 to Ot 22)- you do study ways and means bring . tion this morning and make sure -- - - Jan. , '25. 1957. beloved wi er oo, serf t 1.30 .1, 1 tees a . p. m. nes.. rom (nee Dames). diear t father of 1ttelba ices tor our late sister, Julia .. . lieftri BergM1111. dear daugnte f hod 1.. at 11 le interment Verbeck. Janice Micka and Beni Blank, Sun.. 8 p. tn. at Provost you advancement. , ' into Frank Ranorriskt. , ge uner on . n You just can't see early how to improve and increase your Rose and the Sunset Bilis t emetery Lou Spear. dear brother of Louise Mortuary. 3710 N. Grand. - 4 - dear sister of Mrs. Agnes Wisnievt , Pannier. Joseph A. Schaefer and MARIE GERICHTEN. IA,. M. GEMINI (May 21 to June 21)- those at your own dwelling take spiritual .growth and develop- aid and the tate Robert D Radom- , and JAMES Eleanore Bartels. our dear father- ' ski. dear sister-M la . , - w aunt . ERNEST (ANAsTA6108 A. rzamr.). 6660 Kingsbury pi.. In-law. grandfather. brother-in-law Purr x LODGE No. 658. A. F. -Conflict between responsibili- the views that are theirs. You , ment. Then later you can -take - great'aunt ....,...,.,, c,t sal., Jan. 20. 1947 beinvect son and uncle. and AM Called communication t t ties o others and pleasures that would be wise to let others see ' up delays and 'obstacles, work Funeral front S. Itonit,"'''''"- ot Team and Ettalla James. be- ' Funeral -from TED FENDLER . Sun., t funeral 7.30 i P. for m. to our late late k-SONS rtillettli Horne. '2205 St. Funeral Home. 74'20 Michigan at ,. ducunera services o loved &owner of George W. James, . attract can make a. in. strange, you can await results before ' out from under them-. t LOWS ave.. MOM.. Jan. 28. ;it Dorothy James. Mrs. Kay Tsevis Koeln. Mon.. 8:30 a. nt, to SL brother , , - A:39 a. m. to st- Teresa Chu" ' and fins. Selma! itainicies. beloved Andrew's Church. Interment Mount WILLIAM L. WHITE unless you stick to proven prin- condemning. P. M. excellent for , Grand and North Market. Inter-,- , Hope Cemetery. Member of Fats, ltasonic service S:30 o. tn. at c PIS (Feb.: 20 to Mar 20)- . nepnew Of TI10111112 James. our dear iples. Then p. m. brings ac- entertaining, relaxing, b e i n g . - relent Calvary CenteterY. . &renown. brother - in- tali. uncle. and Loans Charity Baseball Asso- Kriegshauser's, 42'28 S. Kings- . . Make sure you do bold fast to cnition , highway. - curate intuition how to advance happy at your dwelling.' r. nepnew and BLANK JULIA nee FaltnI, cousin. SCHERGE8 & HILDEGARGE TURN LE all departments of your life STER A. CRAIG. W. M. :. long-range plans made ere this . (Z . euneral from ALEXANDER , - in . 4453A Lexington...Fitt J.F4 .Z1" SONS lunerai home. 6175 Deimar. NEE (nee Andersoa) . 10 .028 Affton , . Asian. SCORPIO (Oct. 23 to Nov. 21) early. desoite temptation to eci ADA3L9. LORETTA (LOU). for. ' Merle of St. Louts. at Denver. Colo.. on Fri. Jan. 25. 1957. dear tnother of Ruth Levora. Dorothe ...!!J sr and Sarah Ullrich. dear Si'. ter of Valerie. Barry F. and Trrl I Rohr. degr mother-In-ksiv. is-ter - In - law. grandmother. greatAtrandmother and aunt. - - Funeral from KRIEGSHAITSPM. 4221i S. ILingshIghwas On 'rues-. ' Jan 29. at 2 so. tn. Interment Lakewood Park. In parlors after . 3 p. Mtm. ALDRIDGE. DONALD G. of 2.113 N. 57th it.. Ea M. Louis, suddenly on Sat.. Jan. 2b. 1957. beloved husband of Mildred A1--. dralge. dear father of Mn. Carl W. Fehr. dear eon of ?Ars. Neva Aldridge. dear brother of Odgen Aldridge and Mrs. John (Mildred) Kadlecik. 4 grandchlldren. our dear son-in-law, lather. in-law. brotherin-law and uncle.. Services KASSLY Chanel. 1101 V. 9th st.. Last St. Louis. 111.. rues. 1:30 p. m.. by Rev. C1ar1es ? Recklein. Interment Lakeview Mensorial Gardens. Member of Chauffeurs L'aion Local No. 729. ItArN JENNIE. Jan.' 26. 1957. widOw of the tate Abraham Bain. beloved mother of Joseph and Edgsard Bain. dear sister of Eisenberg. our grandmother. rent. grandmother. mother - in-law and GAM - Funeral from BERG ER Memo: McPherson at Walton. Sun - 1:30 p. m.. to Chesed Snel Emeth Cemetery. Mn. Bain in state Sun. After 12;30 P. m. CRESED SHE. EMETH SocletY - triembers please attend the funeral of - our late member. Mr. Jellnir Bala. MARRY CORNSTEIN. Pres., 51. B. SELIGSORN. SENDER. HELEN E. (am AI (eh() of 6919 Nagel ave.. on Sat.. Jan. 2to. 1957. dear wife of Car.. 4erice H. Bender: dear mother of Gerald B. Bender: dear sister of Mildred Wander and Charles H. Alleld; dear mother-M-law, grand -another. sister-in-law and aunt. Funeral from KRTEGSHAUSFR'S. 4228 S. Kingshighway on Tues.. Jan.. 29 at 1 p. in. Interment Sunset. lit parlors after 3 P. M. Sun. ISZNTIVEGNA JOSEPH. 6037 Daggett ave.. Jan. 26, 1957. beloved husband of Angelina (nee IAIrancoi. dear father of Sam and the late Joseph Bentivegna. dear grandfather and father-bs-taw. Funeral from CALCATERRA Funeral Home. 6140 Daggett eve-. Tuts- Jan. 29. at 8:30 C. Irm, to St. Ambrose Church. Interment St. Peter and Paul CemeterY. BERGMANN. MARY lees Radom. Pk, 3b43 Cote BrilllaDtt. Fr'Jan. '25. 1957. beloved wife or - Henry Bergrnann. dear daughter of Rose and the late Frank Radorriski. dear alster of Mrs. Agnes WISWess.. ski and the late Robert 13. Radom- ski. dear sister-in-law. aunt and great-aunt. Funeral front S. ICOSAKOWSKI ilk SONS FUnerat Horne. 2205 St. LOWS ave.. Mon... Jan. 28. at P:30 a. m to St. Teresa Church. Grand and North Market. Inter-relent Calvary Cemetery. ' MILANI. JULIA. twee - 4453A. Lexington. Frt. Jan. '25. 1957. beloved wife of the sale Oscar C. Blank. dear daughter of - the late Thomas ancL Minnie Palmer. dear sister of Richard C. Palmer. Mn. Lyda Hale. Mar? Jones and the late William and - Thomas Palmer. Isabelle Egenriethat. Margaret Wetting and Henrietta TYndall. Our dear aunt. sisterin-last and cousin. Funeral Mon. ' San. S. 1:30 p. in. from the PROVOST Mortuary. 3710 N. Grand M. Interment Valhalla Cemetery. Member of Mount Moriah Temple Chapter No. 6. 0.E.S. Eastern Star services v. Stm.. 8 p. m. , S0EMLFJ1. WALTER J.. entered Into rest Thurs.. Jan. 24. 1957. beloved son of the late Fred rand Wilhelmina BOCITLIPT (nee mann), dear brother of Fred M... Carrie Werner. -- Armin and Stella Poemier and the, late Archie Boemler our dear brother-in-law. uncle. great-uncle and cousin. Mr. Boemler at BRIMMER FuTieral Home. Hour Springs. Mo.. until 11:3) a. m. Sun.. Jan. 27 thence to St. Martin's E. and R: Church. High Ridge. Mo. Services 1:30 p. rn. Interment St. 'Martin's Cemetery. A member of St. Martin's Churchmen's Brotherhood. nonscu. MR51. BERTHA (sea Gremont). of Deer Hill. near Waterloo. Ia.. formerly of East St. Louts. Jan. 25. 1957. beloved wife of Daniel Borsch. dear mother of Harold W. Borsch. our dear grandmother. slater oimd aunt. Funeral ferric, at WAGNER Funeral Horne. Waterloo. Tues.. Jan. 29 at 2 P. tn. In parlors after 3 o. tn. Sunday. terment Valmeyer. Lit IICBT, CHAN-NMI B. Z. of 6234 Lorraine ave., on Fri. Jan. 25. 1957, beloved husband in f Burt (nee Hill). dear father of Catherine Blossner, Charming Jr.. sett Gerald Burt. brother of Arthur and Mabel Burt. our dear father-In-law, grandfather and uncle. Funeral from DREHMANNITARRAL. Chapel. 1905 Union bi.. at 2 v. m. Mon. Jan. 28. Interment Laurel Hill Gardens. CANNETAX. FRANCCS C. (Rea Thherey). Jan. 22 1957. dear wait of the late Chants Cannefax. siste of Mrs. May Aylward and Eutem S. Thlerri. our dear sister. In-law and aunt Funeral from ALBERT H. TOFFFunerl Home. 4911 Waanington hi., Mon Jan. 23. 10 a. In. Interment Bellefontalne CerneterY. CHANLV J. 111-m44-L. 1311 Borat ave.. St. Louis at Rolla. Mo.. Frt. Jan. 25. 1957. dear husband of Bessie Chaney dear father of Jaek and Bobby and Mrs. Ruth Molnar. dear brother of Claude and Robert. dear grandfather. Funeral aeryleele p. Mon.. Jan. 28. trnn NVU & SONS Funeral Home. Rolla. Interment Rolla. Mo. - COMDR. AMANDA tape linseolos.- gsr), of 4000 N. Grand. on Sat.. Jan. 26. 1957. beloved wife of the late William Combs, dear mother of Clavvnte and Merlin Combs. Anna Boehm. Florence Alexander and Emma Bay. our dear sister4 ister-in-law, mother-in-law. aunt. grandmother and great-grandmother. Funeral Tues., Jan. !9. at 1:30 p. m.. from the PROVOST Mortuary. 3710 N. Grand hi. Interment , Memorial Park Cemeter7. DEPPIEN. WILLIAM D.. of 4510 Claxton. on Sat.. Jan. 26. 1957. beloved husband of the late Du Ida Depeen Inas Kurrusl. dear tattler et Wilbur C. Oliver a. Marion H. Gibson and Bernice R. Miter. our dear father in-law, grandfather.. brother-in-law and uncle. - Funeral Tues.. Jan. 29. at S:S0 a. nt.. from the BROMSCHWIG & SON Funeral Dome. 4746 West Florissant ve.. to St. Philip Ned - Churrh. Interment Calvarg. Dit 1-1N-NEy. STELLA E. (sea of 2044 RUSSAI Sive an Sat. Jan. 6. 1457. dear wit of George A. De Vinne7: dear siste of Frank- Williams and Marla Strecktuns; dear stster-In-law, aunt and great aunt. Funeral from ERTEGSIIArSEleS. Crt S. Kinalhighway oft Wed.. Jan. 3n. at 1,) a. in. In. terment New St. Nfareus. In parlors after 5 p. to. Sun. , FINAN. JOHN. on Fri. Jan. 25. 1957. beloved husband of the late Catherine Flnan. desr father of ' Peter ht. John J., Thomas E. and Mrs. Jane Duffy. our dear grandfather. father-in-law, brother-In. law and WbeittFuneral from FTNAN Funeral Home. 1619 S. Grand bL, on Tues Jan. 29. at S:30 a. in.. to St. Ed. wards Church. Interment Calvary Cemetery. GERBER. AfrftA. .lart 25. 1957- beloved wire of Charles Gerber. dear mother of Mrs. Harriet Rusk. Albert 3. arid Walter Gerber. , and Mrs. Gladys Hochstein, beloved daughter of Rev. Nathan and the : late Miriam Leah Perlman. dear gilder of Mrs. Esther Gerber. Mrs. - Flora Drell of Miami Beach. Elc: - Mrs. Ittwe Goldberg of Santa Nth- nice. Cat : Mrs. klanmth Kabaker of Summit. III. . Henry S. Pen- : roan of Wilmette. in- and the tate Edward D. Perlman. our dear grand rrutther. - !triers! f r am Itm-Dsicorr Charlet. 5112 Delmar bl.. Sun.. 2.3o P. in.. to Chevra Kadisha : Cemetery. In lieu of flowers. contributions MAY be sent to a ritartrY t. of your choice. Mrg. Gerber in state at time of funeral OnlY t Coneregattest Trherts Tavel, Vest, - attend tiMeral glt our loto member - Anna Qty. I . I . I . I . I .3 Inez-a g 1.1d Dirt IBS VA 1- Lakewood Park, in parlo Third rs arier 1 rent's OrJihan Society Order Jam 23. 1957e ,bioeved wire of I nocror) 1713 N. 13th st, on Fri.. I 7 , - K7 1 narrative value. , , Li 111e Lit IFICKS. 3 D. in. Mon. of St Francis. Mothor of Good I Nick Pills dear mother of Bar- i Jinn "-a i hobirmod 116 Ito alt the - - cannoned' r es oue ''t kA 1 s Li dressed envelope. - I 4,1092 , -- ALDRIDGE. DONALD G. of 2213 ''" ,A91gur of 1dr and Airs. Charles E. kiWYTel ter-in-iaw. aunt, great aunt. areal- t - " - - 4 - - - taiusen WILII tieticacy. ine king t ,-t. :L i , N. 57th at. Ea M. Louis. III. GOLRART. DARNER tS.,. Jan. 25. dear slater. sister-in-law and aunt. treat -aunt and friend In her 85ilt 611,13 brows which the above bidding of clubs was cashed first, clum- - - - Suddenly On S&L. 1957. beloved husbimd of Sarah . -rul1.711 Irrt!r11!HITE CHAPEL. iear ' T ,ft ' diagram must have induced on - , e - - .---Lemneton Frt. Jam zo. I F 1 SONS uneral home. 6175 Deaner. I ALE (ace Andernos) 10,Q12t1 Aftton I I --------- - -- SCORPIO (Oct. 23 to Nov. 21) early, despite temptation to go , th tate it in mntirm nnw 190 I. Coett"'cm wta' I 1 nes.. Jan. --zy. ax I ;.su p. In.. to 1 nalevp in amnia r rI.. Jan. ;Lb. I t to k atom's re :A : , , 4 . a e v.. w - "V Te Tri. rirc-ro . ' Funeral Tue11.. 11. m.. from the ON Funeral II, . Florissant ave.. I -- - Church. Interme , i Pc 2-13-N Er. s V!! Mama). of it( en Sat. Jan. t 6. et George A. De ter of Frank, W Streckfuns; de aunt and great S-uneral from ir . TS. 42!S S Wed.. Jan. 31i. tement New St. lors after 5 p. n FINAN. JOHN. 1957 beloved hi; Catherine linen. ' Prier M.. John J Mrs. Jane Duffy , father. father-IT .. law and UnC141- Funeral from Horne. 1619 S. G Jeri. 29. at li:30 wards Church. - GERBER. AN-NA . beloved wire of dear mother of eek. Albert 3. a and Mrs. Gladys - daughter of Rev , late Miriam Lei - Miner of Mrs. Ei Flora Drell of 10 . Mrs. Rtsw Goldb - nice. Cal.: Mrs. of Summit. Ill. - man of iAllinetie Edward D. Pe ; grandrrutther. !triersl f r o Clare!. 5112 I 2.3o v. m. to , Cemetery. TO lie tributions MAY IN t. of your choice. -.' state at time of - - t Congregation Tv attend futwral 0 - ANVIL - Qty. k,.. C. , - 's , late MI118111 Lean rerunan. clear . luster n - Mns. Re Goldberg of Santa Igo- " montsomer7 ene r ,c,, ,, 0 ,, ,-,. 7.0u .. in. ,Eteg SAW Mll In a. 1111 F vate citizens. business and Indu of Mrs. Esther Gerber. !gra- strY. 98 git , 111 too CLASSIFIED 1 iol ioz , , ii watts. dear brother of Florence maculate Conception Church. La- and met punnnic in directing the 82 .- 83 ' Errant. dear grandfather. father- layette and ',mettles. Interment In-law. brother-in-law and uncle. SS. Peter and Paul Cemetery. future growth and development of the Oty of St. Louis . - n mdt ice. Cal: Mrs. Ilan Kabaker Funeral Mon.. Jan. 18 at 4! a. m. Masses preferred- Membvr of B. P. Thi I n if ad pted will be- 86 , of Summ . it. 111. Henry S. Pen- ' rmnt MATH HERMANN P- ON O. E. Lodge- No. 9. Elks services come Sa Pp:ri of th:off;riet Cam- IIIII 8 - ' 1 88 P 89- A - man of th'llinette. EL. and the late Chapel. Fah and West, Florissant Sun. evening. 8 O'clock. prehensive the City of St. GLOBE ward D. Perlman. our dear eves. Interment Frnieens (-erne- Plan of . Louis. as provided for in Ordmance I. E ginill - 11111 - ' IO AA DIES TS IN . - 8.-5 ' l' , - -I, PTEGLI ATE 'ST flora Drell of Miami Beach. Fla.: ' , -' '-'': Ed ' 94 95 96 97 grandrriather. ter. VALLENT1NZ. ELSIE (nes Grew), No. 44022. , , , 32 13 -1 ' - - ' . ' 1 r !triers! f r 0 m ItrvDsicorr NuEtli. ittANA J Hill. .,, at 9740 at St. Petersburg. Fla.. on Wed.. All rersons inrterested in this Chanel. 511: Delmar bl. Sun.. Musick ter. Rork nn Thurs.,. Jan. '23. 19'67. dearly belovd wife plan e MaY opoestr before the City 1 11.:to p. m. to cherre Xadisha ' Jan. '24. 19.57. dear husband of the of J. Ralph Vallentirte. dear mother Plan omm Cission at the time and ' . . - . CemeterY. In lieu of flowers. con- isteMarie Burke muerg. deer etre- of Glen Vallentine, dear sister of place stated In Ints notice. and 1 - 1, -I '- ' ' Id ' sEcTioN! . . tributions may be sent to a eliarlty father. grandfather. arest.arand- Grace Hoge and the late Fred and ' mav evoress their views concerning t of your choice. Mrs. Geeher In father. brot brother her. Bessie Greve. dear grandmother, said plan. 103 105 - -.' state at tlme of funeral OnlY -. we and great-uncle mot her-in -law and sister-in-law. ARTHUR T. SCHWARZ lilt M El E Ell MIMI 111 II '. ' . . - , Funeral from KRIEGSHAUS- Funeral from KRIEGSHAVS- Chairman liaili and OLDER HOME BARGAINS t Corererefme Tohertg Terse!, visite - ER'S. 41n 211 S. KingshighwaY. en ER'S. Klmrshighway. on AltPst! Cite Plan Cotrunissioa 106 gillimilimial i07 IIIIIIIIIII ice litilimill attend fLicieral et agar late member Aloft.. Ja. 28. at 11 n ' nt., to , Moo,. Jan. Vt. at 'I P. In. Inter- AMU" Qty. Valhalla Chapel of Memories. Is ment Bellefortaine. la parlors after Nell M. Geders ,IL........ k... . . C. MILLE& Pres. I - Parloril acter 6 p. m. sat. 7:30 y. 3n. Sun. i Secretary , , ,I EVERYDAY IN YOUR GLOM - .-- . . - , 1 , ,. . .. . . . . ,... , - . . . . - is - . , ouloomplp0.90.MwragmlndMIIIMOg. hituarirs GOEBEL. LILLTAt M. (nee Mortar le). 4000 Shiller pl.. Tr& Jan. 25, 1957. fortified with the sacraments Of Holy M I h r Church. wife of the late Christ Goebel. our dear aunt. sreat-aunt. ano cousin. Funeral from GEBREN-BENZ Mortuary. 284'2 Meramee et.. Tues.. Jan. 29, 8:30 a to St John the Baptist Church. Interment Resurrection. Member of the Married Ladles' Sodality. St. Vincent's Orphan Society Third Order of St. Francis. Mother of Good Counst4 Auxiliary and Sacred Heart League. GOILItAlt?. SIAANElf VS... Jan. 25. 1957. beloved husband of Sarah Lerner Go limn. dear father of Lester and Esther Katz. Norman ond Gloria Gluskoter Gal:kart. beloved brother of the late Abe .Golbart. our dear grandfather. brother-Inlaw and uncle. runeral front Out RINDSKOPP Chapel. 6212 Delmar W.. Sun.. 1 p. rm. to Chased She' Etneth Cemetery. Please omit Dowers. Mr. Golhart trt state Sun.. 1? noon kallAuti---thert tam Stiehl of 43222 tkompart, tormeriy ot 41043 Rosa. Kat., Jan. ;AA. 1957. seas mower at in alter e. hind. and then komoreco. dear Miter of henry, Jona. red ,and Patii Kilter. dear mother-m-taw, tranomotner. iater-in-lav.. aunt ano coutm. Remains in state at the KAY B. , 8341t art Yuatral home, 54.143 Aiantheater ave. ;AMU hon. 26. 10 P. 313. thenc4 to,j1LX.vals. katos. kunerat home. hoyieton. All. berv ices 'Aues, t. m. at the hoyleitut Kvanutheal and Reiormed t,hureh. 11011,01te., ALUGLia b. MG Granite 4Iy. id.. entered Into lama IrL. Jan. 24.'19o. meicrteu huaoana of Vtanda Mae eltaoIh dear ladder et hand. Auger zIOLS011 t. md Mrs. Delores Lone. (sear 010tilitr of krona .nu .Kobert floa. door granutauier. otemuer ot niabunia ALAAIS O. 1577 add Adaludelpial at- onliatOrr ' Regnante at MERCER Funeral Rome. a 1 6 Ititeuruuinaua av.. t.109 I win ai seri" mg MOM, 10 a. m. airst 'liapubt Luttrell. In kerment annul Alia Cemetery, towarnsville, MOWOMTLI. MINS M..let Chestier, 10. 011 'blurs.. .mu. 24. 196i., sister of Mount howortri. aunt ot L k. Onsgs hosiortn. Loa Anse lest Lai.. and 1J4a stunt:in.. rrivate service was Judd at LUP. T04 laDel. 11:43 iMumar a t ternoon. MEGMES. MARIBILLLE. owe Amdersoal. formerly of Granite CitY. Ill . passed away Sat. taesda villwortn Home. Ubsier Groves, Mo. Dear wife of tne late James C. sinews. sister or tauTY J. Anderson. Granite Lay. mouier ot harry t huskies of ot. and or. Wiliam a.. ugh ts ot ' s.ouy in state at HODGE Funeral Hume. 2118 State St., Services at I:30 p. m. from Hodge Funeral Home. interment Sunset Bilis t emetery. JAMS. ERNEST tANASTASIOS B.. rzAmto, 664)0 hingsbury pl., Sat.. Jan. 1947 beloved 11011 ot William and Ltudia James. beloved brotner of George W. James, Dorothy James. Mrs. Kay Tsevis and oils. neoasel Oath Ides. beloved nepnew Of TI10111111 James. our dear litranoson. brother-in- saw. untie. nepnew and cousin. euneral from ALEXANDER & SONS luneral home. 6175 Deirnar. luta.. Jan. U9. at 1:30 p. rn.. to Assumpuon Greek Orth000x Cnurch. Vernon and Academy. at " p. m. Interment St. Matthew's Cemetery. In neu of powers. contribuuons to Assumption taturcit will be sponse a tea. JIINCAICk, THOMAS T., 6763 Westminster pi.. km. Jan. 2j. : 1907. beloved nusband Of Margaret McCarthy January, dear tattier ot Thomas ' KaYmOnd and J01111 H. January. brotner of Charles (MOE) January. our dtar aranalather. fattier-In-law and brotner-in-iaw. euneral from ARTHUR J. DONNEGGX Vartors. iibtt) j.incieti bl.. Mon.. Jan. 2b. 8:3u a. 171.. to st. Roca Cnurch. Rosedale and Waterman. interment itesurrecuon kALEMh.. EMIL M. JIC, 3429 Montana. Sac. Jan. 2u. l957. beloved husband oi Elsie Rinimaim into euungerl. -dear son et Etna H. Kaufmana Sr., (sear urotner of frznst. Margaret. Goettner charolett. Bose& and Else W alter. dear brother-in-law uncle and cousin. h'uneral iron) WINGBE Itmuk.aLk; Funeral Rome, 3819 S. Grand 111.. Mon.. JIM. 2. at 2 v. in. interment New St. Marcus Cemetery. ILKLLEY. lj. LLOYD. 617 Geo MY lane. Sat.. Jan. 213. 1967, husband of the late Margaret S. Keller. lather of Herbert L. Jr. and RIOard T. Kelley. lather-in-law and Arandiather. Funeral from ALVCAilDER SONS Limpet. 6176 Delmar M.. Mon.. SI p. in.. to Valhalla. Member ot Tuscan Lodge No. O. A. F. and A. M.; htlesourl COnliatAX riC4 l M. R. S., Moo lah Temple and Downtown Kyvanup Club. KOEHLER. wiLitcla Jr.. 1629 Weilhag ave. entered into rest Fn. Jan. 26. 1947. dear husband of Mary Koehler. dear tether of Amelia Rider. Wilma kiensing and Gerakime bayieff, our dear Lathe:- in-law. grandfather. brother, brothar-in-law and uncle. Mr. Koehler will be In, stabs at SHEPARD Funeral Home. 1167 Hamilton. until 11 a. in.. Mon., Jan. 2m. Funeral same day at 2 P. in. from Eden-Emmanuel E. and R. Churen Temple at Page. Interment Lake Charles Cemetery. Mr. Koehler was av member of Local ?Oh and &ALBA. of SL Lows Public Servic Company. IliOMORFACH Se Minds. LIND. EEO G.. 6415 Blow at., Irked.. Jan. 23, 1957. dear husband of Mary Lind this Joergenyeah dear father of Mercedes Voss. dear fatner-tn-law. brotherin-laW grandfather, unels and cousin. uneral from KRIEGHAUSERS. 4228 S. Kmasnighway OC, Mon.. Jan. 28. 930 a. at, to St. Raphael the Archangel Church. Interroent S. eeter and rata. Charter membet of W. C. U. of East St. Louis, 111.. Holy Name Society and bvabasn Out.. Masaas preferred. Lirrzirr, HENRY A. 1864 Bauer. rd., Mehlville. Mo Sat., Jan. 26. 1957. dear husband of Berta Lippert. dear grandfather of Mildred Banister of St. Louis and Lloyd Janssen of Washington. D. C. dear great-grandfather of Bert Bediater. Kathy and Kandy Janssen and our glear uncle. Funeral from WACKER - HELDERLE ChapeL 3684 Gravois ave.. Mon.. Jan. 28. 10 a. rn. Entombment Mount hope Mausoleum. Deceased was a member of A. A. of S. & E. R. E.. E. M. B. A. & Phoenix Musical Club. MeKENZ1E. ALVIN (ato Kusar) 5223 Alabama ave.. Fri.. Jan. 25. 1957. dear mother of Ulysses (rew) McKenzie and Mary Laux. our dear mother-In-law. grandmother. slitter of Fred. John and Anton Kusar and Helen Schmidt., luster-In-law and aunt. Funeral from GESKEN-BENZ Mortuary. 2842 Meramee it.. Mon.. Jan. 28. 8:30 a in. to SS. Nary and Joseph's Church. Interment Reinirrpction. MILLER. ERENCII L. of 1128 Sanford, on Sat., Jan. 26. 1957. dear beloved husband of Gladys A. Miller tnee Ross). dear lather of F. Ross Miller. dear brother. brother-in-law. father-In-law and grandfather. Funeral from ICRIEGSHAUS-, ER'S. 4228 S. Kingshighway on Tues.. Jan. 29, at li) a. m. Interment Laurel Hill. A member of Coliseum of Motion Pictures Salesynn of Amerlea. 311RANIONTI. JONErit. b222 VIIlaton dr.. Jan. 24. 1957. beloved husband Of Rose (nee Berra). dear father of Richard John 5nrarnonti. 'dear brother. grandfather.. father-in-law. brother-in-law, uncle and Funeral front CALCATERRA Funeral Home. 5140 Daggett ave.. Mon.. Jan. 28. at $:30 a. m.. to St. Ambrose Church. Interment SS. Peter and Paul Cemetery. MONTOOMLAT. JOHN W. 4721 Thrush ave. on Sat. Jan. 26. 1957. belovea husband of Anna T. Montgomery. dear tether of Merrill Montgomery and Florence Watts. dear brother of Florence Bryant. dear grandfather. father-In-law. brother-An-law and uncle. Funeral Mon....lan. 104 at tt P. rn. front MATH HERMANN P- SONS Chapel. Fair and West, Florissant ayes. Interment Friedens Cemetery. 141-Et h. FRANK J.. of 9740 Mueck ter. . Rork IflU. on Thurs.. Jan. 24. 1937. dear husband of the late Marie Burke Mueck. dear stepfather. grand father. great-grandfather. brother. brother-in-law, onele and great-unele Funeral from KRIEGSIIACSER'S. 421 S. Kingstughway. on 1.1on.. Jan. 28. at 11 it. to.. to Valhalla Chapel of Memories. Is parlors after 6 .. .. .. .. 1 1.0unsel. A WailarY ana ar-1'l I bara and John Michael. daughter 1 late George P. Wheeler. dear als- 4 I 0 n I 7 ' - 0 IC 10 2 CZenizant of the raised PIK... -!st. fl!2"- V"1- - 1 I 1I 0111tILIVAN, JOHN J.. of :344 Albion pl.. Jan. 24. 1957. beloved husband of Myrtle O'Sullivan. our dear- uncle and brother-In-law. Funeral from McLAVGIILIN'S. !MO' Lafayette. Mon. at 9 a. rn. Interment Resurrection PALAU. It. Se Bianke. PULA. VIkGII L. taw7eica4 formerly' of 7123 Edison.. Wed.. Jan. 23. 1957. - beloved wife of , Nick Phi. dear mother of Bar, bare and John Michael. daughter , of Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. kiwyres. dear Water. sister-in-law and aunt. Funeral from WHITE CHAPEL. 118 N. Florissant rd.. Ferguson. Mon.. Jan. 28. 2 P. m. Interment Memorial Paric Cemetery. QULLIVAN. MARGARET (nee No-lam). of 3600A Hereford, on Fri.. Jan. 25. 1957, at 5:15 I. m. beloved wife of the late Sol Quin-!Ivan. dear mother of Robert and William Quinlivan. dear sister of Frank Nolan. our dear mother-in-law. sister In - law. grandmother. aunt' and cousin. Funeral from PROVOST Mortis: am. 3710 N. Grand. on Mon.. Jan. '28. at 8:15 a. m.. to St. Mary .Magdalen Church. Interment Cat.. varY SULLIVAN SERVICE. RICE, FRA'NIE R.. Tues. . Jan. 22. 4 19.57, of Colony Apt., suddenly at - Larchmont. N. Y.. beloved huaband of Mar lorie Rice tnee Bergs l loving father of Frank R. Jr. and Pvt. Jack B. Rice. loving son of Mrs. D. E. Rice ad the late Justin Rice. brother el Justin Rice of Long Beach. Cal. Funeral from ARTHUR J. DON-?TELLY PARLORS. 31440 Lindell bLe Mon.. Jan. 28. 10:30 a. m. Interment Calvary. In parlors after. 10 a. m. Sunday. ROENENER. CLARENCE J Jan. 2. .057 dear brother of Mrs. Alice Kerrigan and Howard Roeseger, brother-in-law a ni irnrIFuneral from ALBERT H HOPPE Funeral Home. 4911 Wasnington bl. , Mon.. Jan. 28, at 2:30 p, in. Interment St. Peter'l Cemetery. RITINELL. REGINA AN (nee Heimann) of 432 S. lianiel rd.. formerly of 8634 Park lane. Jan. 25. 1957. fortified with aacramenta of Holy Mother Church. beloved wife of the late Oscar F. Russell. dear mother of Genevieve Dennis. Cecelia Van Eeckhoute and the late Oscar E. Russell. dear mother-in-law. grandmother, great-grandmother and cousin. Funeral from the BOPP Chanel. Hanley rd. and Forsyth M. in Clayton. Mon.. Jan. 28 at 8:30 a. m.. to St. Joseph Church, Clayton. 9 a. m. Interment CalvarY Cemetery. PICHAEFER. H E .11 L.. 819 Pardella ave.. fortified with the sacraments of Holy Mother Church. hurs. ' Jan. 24. 1957. beloved husband of Julia Keutzer Schaefer (nee Dames). dear father of Melba Verbeck. Janice Mirka and Betty Lou Spear. dear brother of Louise Pautler. Joseph A. Schaefer and Eleanor Bartels our dear father1n-law, grandfathe r. brother-in-law and uncle. Funeral 'from ED ?TMLER Funeral Home. '7420 Michigan at Koeln. Mon.. 8:30 a. m., to St. Andrew's Church. Interment Mount Hope Cemetery. Member of Fats. and Leans Charity Baseball Association. PkHERGES, HILDEGARDL TURN. NW& (nee Andernos) 10,(1-28 Anton PI-, asleep In Jesus Fri.. Jan. 25. 1957. 3:30 a. m.. beloved wife of Fred D. Scherges. dear daughter of Mrs. Martha Elchborst Anderson and the late John J. Anderson. our dear niece and cousin. Body will lie in state at REID.- ERWIEDEN South Side Funeral Horne. 3620 Chippewa at. until noon, Mon. Services same day S p. rn. at Trinity Lutheran Church. Eighth and Soulard sta. Interment Our Redeemer Cemetery. , SCHLEIER. MICHAEL .11.. asleep In Jesus Sat.. Jan. 26. 1957. husband of this late Emilie Schleter nee Gast). dear father of Louise Menzenwerth. Emil. Springmeyer and Carl Schleler. dear father-in-law grandfather. great - grandfather. brother-In-law and uncle. Funeral from BOITMEISTER Colonial Mortuary. 6464 Chippewa, Tues.. 1:30 p. m.. to Concordia. Member Branch No. 2. Concordia Aid A gmowlat ion. 14(41111 L.Z. Al (Lea Po 4) Grace, entered tnto rest Sat. ' Jan. .26. 195-s. 3:25 p. m.. beloved husband of Johanna Schulz (nee Dippelt. dear father of Mrs. Henry Franks and the- late Walter Schulz, our dear brother. father-in-law. brother-in-law. grandfather. uncle. nephew and cousin at the age of so years. Funeral Tues.. 1:30 p. m. from BEIDERWIEDEN South Side Funeral Home. 3620 Chippewa at. to Sunset Burial Park. Deceased was a member of Machinists Local Ilt;o. 41. Body will lie In state after 6 p. rn. Sun. SHANAHAN, EDWARD J. U. fortified with the sacraments et Holy Mother Church at the Veterans Host) ital. Danville. ill On hurs., Jan. 24. 1951. beloved husband ot Julia A. Shanahan (nee Buechler). deer father of Edward J. Jr. Mary Ellen. Margaret Marl Sharahen, dear father-in-law of Ellen Marie Shanahan. dear broth. er of Dorothy Shanshan. Loretta Hoerr. Gertrude McEivenney. Aurelia Murphy. and Andrew Shanahan. our dear grandfather. brother-in-law. uncle and cousin. Funeral from CUT'S Funeral Home, 2906 Gravois. Mon.. Jan. 1,8 at 830 a. To. Requiem Mass Resurrection Church. Interment Calvary Cerneery. A member of Santigo Post No. 1102 V. T. V.P. &OUTER. ARCH M.. 5856 Page ave.. on Frt.. Jan. 5 1957. beloved husband of Theresa Soutee (nee Gott). dear father of 1111ton Soutee and Easel E. Calico. dear grandfather. greet-grand father. brother. brother-In-law, father-en-taw and unele. Funeral Mon.. Jan.. at 2 D. sn.- from STROM' & CARROLL Funeral Home. 4600 Natural Bridee Interment Mount Lebanon Cemetery. ATRATMANN. LEO N., of 3992 Dover pl., suddenly on Frt., Jan. 25. 1957. fortified with the sacraments of Holy Mother Churrh. beloved husband of Grace Stratmann. dear father of Marilyn Heller and Leo R. Stratmann. dear brother. brother - In- law, father -In - law. grandfather, uncle and cousin. Funeral from KRIEGSHAUSPR'S. 4228 S. Kinghighway. on Mon.. Jan. IR, at 8:30 a. m to St. Stephen's Church. Interment National. A member of 138th Infantry Post No. 3157. A. L. and Moly Name Society of St. Stephen's Church. Guard of Helot service 9 m. Sunday. ittWlEARINGENv BIER NADINZ ANN. '2854A gadsfortified with the sacraments of Ho)y Mother Church. Jan. !M. 1957, beloved sister of Christopher. Stephan and Herman Helmer. Roae Lueekerath and AVMS Broyles, our dear aunt ani Funeral from hfcLAUGHLIN'S. '2301 Lafayette. Tues. at 8:30 a. m, to Tnunaculate Conception Church. Lafayette and Longfellow. Interment Calvary Cemetery. -TOERflR. CHARLES J. of 5327 Lent ave.. on Frt.. Jan. 25. 1957. beloved husband of Leona M. Toerper. dear brother of George. Adolph. Louts and the late Fred Toerper dear brother,-In-law and manic Funeral from RRIEGSHAUSTR'S. 4128 S. KIngshighway. on Mon. Jan. 28, at 1 p. in. Inter- ment"takewood Park. TUTHILL. HARRY J.. on Fit. Jan. '25. 1951. dear husband of the late Ethel M. Tuthill (nee Wilson), dear father of Heroid anti the late Sgt. George H. Tuthill. IT. S. M. C. R.. dear brother of Irene ' Morrison. dear mete of Joseph E.. Barbara I, Tuthill and Harry Morrison. our dear brother, father-In-law and grandfather. Funeral from the Tuthill rest-- tient,. 423 Portland pi.. on Mon.. Jan. at 10 a. in. Interment Calvary Cemetery. JOSPI'll P.. 3011 Lafayette. fortified with the sacraments of Holy Mother Church. Frt. Jan. 25. .1957, dear eon of the late Charles and Rose Vita. dear brother of Mary. Robert M.. Charles J.. Adele and George A. Use. our dear brother-hi-law. uncle and cousin. Funeral from KtMS Funeral Home. 2906 Growls. Mon., Jan. 28. 9:30 a. m. Requiem mass Int' maculate Conception Church. La. filrette and Lwillfellow. Interment SS. Peter and Paul Cemetery. Magee' preferred. Member of IL P. O. E. Lodge No. 9. Elks services Sun. evening. 8 o'clock. VALLENTINZ. ELSIE Otto Greet at St. Petersburg. Fla. . on Wed.. Jan. '23. 191)7. dearly beloved wit. of J. Ralph Vallentlne. dear mother of Glen Vallentme. dear dieter of Grace Hoge and the late Fred and Bessie Grey.. dear grandmother, mother-ln-tass and alster-m-law. Funeral from KRIEG.'SHAVS- FR'S, 4221 S. Klmrslughway. on , Moo.. Jan. Vt. at tt P. n't InterThent Rellefortalne. Ia parlors after ' 4:30 s. 3n. Sun. 11 ELICmitsalnbt-13gmarrat Sunday; Jan. 27,1957 1' 5F VINEYARD. LEE. 3669 E. Edgar rd.. Normandy. Jan. 26, 1957. be-' loved husband of Pearl Vineyard. dear father of Ed. Leo P. and Rob- , ert Vineyard. brother of Clarence Vineyard. Lena Moore, Vernal Ack- era and Eula Nicholson. stepfather of Charles and Chester Olmstead, our grandfather father-in-law and uncle. At 81cLAUGHLLN'S. 2301 Lafayette. unui 10 P. tn. vlOfl. Fu-- neral servtee 130 p. m. Tues. at the Methcelist Church. Belgrade. Interment Caledonia CenwterY. WHEELER. EMMA (mee 'Rae. serr). 1718 N. 13th at, on Fri.. Jan. 25. 1947, beloved nife of the late George P. Wheeler. dear Ms- ter-in-law. aunt, great aunt. great-great-aunt and friend 1i her 85th Year. k'uneral Tues.. Jan. Q. at p. m. from MATH HERMANN A SONS Chapel. Fair A West Florissant avec Interment St. Peter's Cemetery. In parlors after 11:15 a. m. Sun. -WHITE, WILLIAM. of 3909 Shenandoah, Thurs., Jan. 24, 1957o dear husband of Alta White the McMilleso o. dear father of Ray- mond, William Jr., Phyllis and the bita Merman (Scotty) Whit.. dear - son of Benjamin White. dear brother of Amos. Samuei. Andrew.-- and Sarah Jane Steirwr. I-arnest. Gertrude, Mildred. Victor, Lucille and Leona. dear tatner4n-law. trandfather, brother-in-law. nephoo ew. uncle and cousin. Funeral from KRrEGSEAUSER'S. 4228 S. Kingshighway. Mon.. Jan. 20 at 10 a. in. Interment A member of Purity Lode 658 A. F. and A. M. Scottisit Rite. Teamsters Union 1:ocal 633. - Bethlehem Chapter 0. E. S. servo, ice Sun. 8 p. in. Purity Lodge serviee Slut. at C:30 to. rn. wourry MART (MAE) (nee Hiller). Rt. 1, Giencoe. Mo.. 'orbited with the sacraments of Holy Mother Church. on Sat., Jan. 26. 1957. beloved wife of Alex Wolff. dear mother of Eurilce Koester and Eugene Wolff, and the late Ethel Wolff dear grandmother, sister. sister-in-law and aunt. Mrs. Wolff at SCHRADER , tieral Home. Ballwin. Mo. until Tues. II :341 a. rn.. Mass at 9 a, at Ascension Church. Chesterfield. Mo. Interment St. Peter's Ceme- spry. ZINK. LEROY P. 2044 Geyer. suddenly on Sat.. Jan. 26. 1957, beloved husband of Adelaide Zink. dear father of Earl Zink. dear brother of Katherine Litesser. our dear son-ln-law father-in-law. brother-in-law, grandfather a n d uncle. Funeil from KUTIS Funeral Home. 906 Gravo.s. Tues.. Jan. 29. A:30 a. rn. Requiem Maas St. .4 nes Church. Interment SS. Peter and Paul Cemetery. MASONIC Lie NOTICES cfr MT. MORIAB TEMPLE CHAPTER No. 6, O.E.S. Members please attend Eastern Star Services for our late sister, Julia Blank. Sun.. 8 v. m. at Provost Mortuary, 3710 N. Grand. MARIE GERICHTEN W. M PURITY LODGE No. 658. A. F. and A. M. Called communication Sun.. Jan. 27. 7:30 P. m. to con, duct funeral services for our late brother. WILLIAM L. WHITE Masonic service $:30 re. m. at Kriegshauser's. 4228 S. Kings-highway. LESTER A. CRAIG. NA'. ELKS NOTICES ST. LOUIS LODGE No. 9 B. P. O. Elks will conduct services for our late brother JOSEPH P. I.IXA at Kutis Funeral Home. 2906 Gravols. Sunday. Jan. 27, 1957. 8 D. in. You are requested to attend this service. L. HORAN. SFC'Y. FLORISTS 14 BEAUTIFUL FLOWER Anywhere a egror r- sr NETTIE'S FLOWER GARDEN Spray. $3 50 up Baskets. $3 up 8 a. m. to 8 p. m. Closed Sunday 3801 S. GRAND PR. 1-9600 CEMETERIES 11 INVESTIGATE BEFORE TOD INVEST IN A CEMETERY iSTYOU CAN BE SURE IF , J SELECT YOUR FAMILY LOT LN MEMORIAL PARK "THE CEMETERY EVERLAST- ING, ON LUCAS-HUNT ROAD. YOUR FUNERAL DIRECTOR IS OUR REFERENCE, "BETTER TO RAVE AND NOT NEED THAN TO NEED AND NOT HAVE" EV. 3.2111. MOUNT HOPEChoice to grave lot; perpetual. Box Globe-D. OAK GROVE MAUSOLEUM Save on Prices in UNIT V during -construction ri0 St Charles rd. PA 1-7760 PET CEMETERY - FLORISSANT. MO. UN 4-590 CHURCH NOTICES - 'MOTHER WILLIAMS PRAYER ROOM now open; praying for Ski( from 9 a. m. to 7:30 p; tn. PO. 1-'2969. FO 1-4544. FUNERAL DIRECTORS 20 CHAS. F. STUART & SONS k umoral RomePaking area entranea from Bartmer and Union. Phone us day or night. FO 7-7000. LEIDNER Undertaking Co.. 2223 St. Lou's. CH. 1 -1654. Fgt. I SM). STRola ê CARROLL 4600 Natural Er Map V. 1.11,141 ZIEGENIIEIN BROS. Mortuary. A4044 th,ovnin. p1.. P-100f) CARD OF THANKS 21 THIS is to express our deepest gratitude to all our relatives and friends for all the kindness and sympathy shown us at the sad loss of Pour Jove one. Mrs. Effie Ferris. who was called to rest on Jan. 20. 1957. Especially do we wish to thank Rev. Ambrose Stratman for his consoling words and the pall bearers for their services. We know the tremendous array of gorgeous flowers and spiritual bouquets were sent as a token of love and affection. We also wish to thank Mr. Tom Cutis and Kutis Funeral Home for their most efficient services. in r ere I y ANTON FERRIS. Busbantt. ANTON FERRIS JR., SOPHIE POEM- GEORGETTE VITALE. Children. AZHIA BALAMIE. WASSAEE SALAMIE! Brothers. THEfamily of-Krvin Heim, einetidily wish to thank their many friends and relatives for the beautiful floral offerings. Masses and many kindnesses extended in their recent bereavement. We especially wish to thank the pall hearers. Rev.tEathers and Joseph lendler Funeral Home. The Alvin Helmos Enmity MEMORiAM 21 BRODER. Joseph A.. Jan. 21s. 1946. His memo& Is as dear today as In the hour he palmed awns,. Miaaali by VP and family. LEGAL NOTICES 40 PUBLIC N-OTICR The City Plan Commission of the City of St. Louis will bold a public bearing on a proposed Land Use Plan of the City of St Louis at Room 208 City Hall. 12th A Market Streets. on Tuesday. FebruarY 19th. 1967 at 8:0() p. m. Basically this plan. containine two major elementsliving areas and working areas with their accompanying community facilities and services. and a circulation IPStem that co-ordinates the entire plan, will serve as a guide to private citizens. business and Industry. and public officials. In directing the future growth and development of the City of St. Louis. This plan. if adopted. will become a part of the Official Comprehensive Plan of the City of St. Louis. as provided for In Ordinance No. 44022. - All persons Inrterested in this 1 plan May appear before the City Plan Commission at the time and place stated in this notice. and ' MAY OXPreill their views concerning said ARTHUR r.-scHwARz Chairman City Plan Corrunissiog Attest: Nell M. Ceders Secretary , , North-South vulnerable. West deals. - - NORTH - K J 5 - 853 Kj 5 - 1heenterprisingtrouperwilUre- convenient than a bid of three I - - - - - 1 963 A874 . WEST EAST 4 Q9632 A1087 VKI Q874 K1052 461092 4,Q,13 - SOUTH - ' 44 AQ.110964 A J K65 The bidding:, West North East ; South Pass Pass 1 A - Double 2 C7 , 2NT, Pass - 4 V 4 1 Double 'Pass 5 V Pass Pass Pass Opening lead; Three of spades. ' T ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 19) Conflict between official and partner can unwisely engulf you if you get involved during a. m. Then p. m. reveals how you - can add to your good name, reputation and good will from those in power as well as general public. Zoom upward now. TAURUS (Apr. 20 to May 20) Get away from tedious chores to your church, place of. lofty eminencet or natural b-auty and you replace tediousness with new power in living. P. M. finds you unusually aware of new attitudes that will swiftly bring you advancement. GEMINI (May 21 to June 21)- Conflict between responsibilities to others and pleasures that attract can make a. in. strange, unless you stick to proven principles. Then p. m. brings accurate intuition how to advance in all departments of your life. Put in motion now. CANCER (June 22 to July 21) Struggle between home duties and outside interests during a. m. need not exist if you will occupy yourself with spiritual, usual Sunday duties. Then afternoon brings chance to get together with partner, colleagues, associates and to enjoy yourself. - LEO (July 22 to Aug. 21) Have you seen the difficulties that exist between you and coworkers? The a. m. is fine for By F. Di Tenni 44 Pass se-ACROSS cretly 1 Resem- 45 Quit bling a 46 Radames heavenly , loved her body 47 Equally - 8 Ablutions 48 Sudras, 13 Situations Vaisyas, 20 Covetous- etc, ness 49 Funeral 21 Oriental conveyance 22 Shortest 52 Drudge rout 53 Center Of 23 Saltonstall trade - - or Spiting- 54 Ooze ton 55 View. 24 Fool 56 Go ' 25 Clerical cap 57 Appraise 26 Musical 61 Solemn syllable ceremony 27 Prejudiced 62 Rich crum29 Native of bly cakes Turku 64 Surrounded 30 Sea gull by 31 Recently 65 District of dead Bucking33 Actress hamshire West 66 Dearth 34 Radiance 67 Tease 36 of con- 68 King Artention thur's "Ex37 Nobility calibur" 41 Uncover- 69 Reveal ing: Poetic 70 Caprice .42 Without 71 Novel by power to Scott reason 72 Comic strip 43 Glancing character evilly 75 Sea shell A cnougri. t 9 6 3 - ' - s.aa ..astaassacia ut Iva tu F11-.1t WO5 11U111141 -watt .t; i th grams. e;sta net t I - AL A PI A wt- r,,.sw A W..' . tDi I.'J "(13 r1 vbrAhhonle L.- . dars offering perhaps does not opened and thr jack forced the 1 (d Wrat im NOT 1-1 I Tuv". e vAvr enactitute onnel nedetancro ' are The til rm lartr amnad oa i 1' 1 ' . 2 3 4 5 6 7 6 9 , 10 11 12 1 20 2.3 . lir I 14 IIIM 26 - a 27 28 - , , , 29 31 32 . NIM11111111111111 34 35 - .1 37 38 39 40 41 . .,- , - - 43 - - 46 :9 1 50 51 - 1 52 ., . -.- Ilin 'Floffmd ' . M i4 55 . 56 - . , , J1 I 62 . 63 - , ' ,65 - 67 . . , .. 4,-' ' 69 , , MI : , - - 72 73 74 -- ,.. - . . 77 t I Jc. 82 I . , 83 87 - 11 8 7 a 4 ,' ga , , i ,- ' . EMI 98 I 4 A A A - A I - , GOREN ON BRIDGE In the effort to obtain abnormal results, extraordinary practices will at times be resorted to in contests at duplicate bridge. The enterprising trouper will frequently direct the auction into bizarre channels in order to pick LIP a match point or two. To-days offering perhaps does not constitute good pedogogy but we hope it may prove diverting for its mere narrative value. . , Cognizant of the raised eyebrows which the above bidding diagram must have induced on - many of my readers, I will attempt to explain it. West's bid of two hearts was a rather "corny" ' attempt at deception.' Convinced that hearts was the suit in which the opposition prob.:, ably had their game, he attempted in this manner to divert the enemy's attention from that declaration. South was not to be diverted. -r North, too, made an irregular bid of two no trump. not having ' a heart stopper. With this ac CARROLL RIGHTER'S Horoscoper solving them by living the Golden Rule. Then p. m, fine for analyzing ways to get workable schedule in effect for coming days, weeks. months. Systematize. VIRGO (Aug. 22 to Sept. 22) Your background of convictions of lofty nature conflict with some appealing enticements during a. m. Stick to what you , believe is right. Then the. p. m. finds you trble to have a thoroughly good time, without compromising with error, wrongdoing. LIBRA (Sept. 23 to Oct. 22) You just can't see early how those at your own dwelling take the views that are theirs. You would be wise to let others see you can await results before condemning. P. M. excellent for entertaining, relaxing, be I n g happy at your dwelling. SCORPIO (Oct. 23 to Nov. 21) Your ingenious mind is able to perceive even more clearly the manner in which you can get the active assistance, aid from kin, neighbors, close companions, and other associates by helping them solve their problems. Be sure you enjoy yourself, p. in. - sAGrrrAluus (Nov. 22 to Dec. 21)Now you can utilize all of that accumulated experience and knowledge by discriminating between experience from bygone days and that 4 A 10 It 7 hope it may prove diverting for and South set out to take the Globe-Democrat end N CROSSWORD PUZZLE 76 Philippine knife 77 Gambols 78 Beg. ' (colloq.) 79 Small room 82 Perpetual Poetic 83 Australian city 84 Reckless ..86 Kingly title 87 Mends 88 Sports-caste!' Allen 89 Facts 90 Bishopric 91 Lease 92 Fellow player 97 Naval vessel 98 Trespass 100 Conveyed 101 Pertaining to .touch 103 Geometric figure 104 Ancient region of Asia Minor 105 A coming 106 Most adroit 107 Gather slowly 108 Pieces of china - DOWN 1 Mansion 2 Including 39 Current everything 40 Actress 3 Sea cow Claire 4 Period 41 Symbol of 5 Josip Brox, peace: 2 6 Sacred picture Outdo 7 Treat with 44 Incline paraffin 45 Wire t Indian fig brushes tree 47 Wide-- 9 Out of one's awake thoughts 48 Bonbon 10 Projection 49 Now 11 Bar used as 50 Departure a lever 1 51 Court 12 Bend In a , 52 A thin cake timber 53 Fraina13 Waning , t,eous 14 Fishing net 5 Allotment 15 Sea bird 56 Attorney. at I 16 "Brown MCarthyOctober Army hear- , ings 17 Small bird 57 Gaunt 18 Interna- 58 Roman god tional agree- 59 Novice ments 60 Vortex 19 Marine 62 Oscillates vegetation 63 Stock' farm 28 Deterrent 68 Firmly to visibility united 29 Delicate 89 Swiss 32 Televi- capital sion's "Miss 70 Hassock Brooks". : 71 Garment 35 Secrete 72 Work by 36 Spoiled child Gilbert and 38 Originate , Answer on - , 78 - - - 79 - 84 - - I" - - -., ,;7.- Mt" 8;8 . -- - ' - v ''': 93 -- ' I - t -, ...- 4 too 1 , - 1, tv ' . i- iCt7 , -- . ' .. t , Con. I 'sympathize. Having a' band containing eight points, it behooved him to take some action and this seemed rather more convenient than a. bid of three clubs. The rest of the auction was 'normal enough t - The three of spades was opened and thr jack forced the ace. The diamond came back and South set out to take the balance of the tricks; But his sequence of plays had to be ctibsen with delicacy. The king of clubs was cashed first, dummy was entered with the ace of clubs and the losing club discarded on the king of spades. Dummy then led the eight of hearts. East played low and South followed with the aid. A club was now played from dummy, South ruffed, and the hoped for 3-3 break came off. The ace of hearts drew East's king. dummy was entered by. , leading the four of hearts to the five and the jai& of diamonds was discarded on dummy's thirteenth club; ." , L...1- I L.. -I elomnall 11P11.241. , which has to do with current conditions. After analyzing by high-minded principles, early put in p. m. execution. - CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan. 20)---You just do not understand one who is not behaving as usual during the early part of the day. Make sure you await the afternoon before trying to get things your way. Then get all dolled up, go -out on the town, be social. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to Feb. 19)--Forget That limiting condition this morning and make sure you do study ways and means to improve and increase your. spiritual .growth and development. Then later you can take up delays and obstacles, work out from under them. PISCES (Feb- 20 to Mar. 20)-- Make sure you do bold fast to long-range plans made ere this early, despite temptation to go off on some tangent. Afternoon you will find you gain real progress toward your hopes and wishes by working toward them carefully. s , - , , For your copy of Carroll Righter's individual 16 - page Forecast for February send your birthdate and 50 cents in coin (no stamps) to Carroll Righter Forecast in care of The St. Louis Globe-Democrat. Box 1895. Grand Central Station; New York 17, N. Y., and Sullivan 73 Classifica. tion of 72 down - 74 De Balzac's novel "-- Goriot" 75 Maize 76 Obstacle 77 Surrender-, ing 78 Sheer , . 79 Placid So Shifty 81 In name ortly 83 Source S4 Lower In . ' dignity 3, 35 Puts in a class - 87 Pranks 88 Craze 91 Colossal 93 Irish river 94 Natives of Mindanao 95 Early seat of Irish kings 96 Pale brown 99 Pad - for women's hair, 100 Grown up 102 Spasmodic movement Page IF , L3 14 15 16 17 , 18 , 19 1 25 , .. ' 30 - ' a 11611E11 IIII moo" 42, 1111 45 - , 57 58 59 60'. - . 64 ' . 68 , ,. . ' - ' - ' , .76 , ' - - r -F5t1 . - 89- ,- , 94 95 96 , i 4 a - - 105 ica k ' t , f 97 . L- I I ,1 Mil 6' 4 ENN ENN MEE Si Los 4.0 - - "' Mr. Do-It will help you with your civic and neighborhood problems. Write hint (do NOT phone) care oi The. Globe-Democrat end enclose a stamped, self-ad, dressed envelope. k ' Q. Do I need a permit to purchase i pistol for self-protection? If so, where do I ap, ply. E. F. W.i - A. A permit ,is necessary. MR: DO-IT learned from Martin L. Tozer, sheriff of the City, of St. Louis, whose office approves requests. - An applicant must supply to the sheriff's office letters on of.fice stationery from two businessmen attesting to his character: a letter from the husband, agreeing to the purchase, if applicant is. a mar- ried woman; a receipt from a gunsmith showing deposit on a weapon and a registration certificate from the Board of Election Commissioners. If both the Police Department and the Sheriff's Office approve the , application, the Office of the City Clerk issues a permit. Sheriff Tozer - says he discourages the purchase of these , weapons by persons IneXperienced in handling them. Some pipe Is being Installell just west of U. S. Highway 67 in Moline Acres. It is going to replace the storm creek which flows Into Maine Creek? J. A. Jack B. Enger, engineer for the Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District, says a trunk line is being constructed to serve the Ma-line Creek watershed. It will carry sanitary sewage only and will not replace the creek for storm drainage. Father Keller. DANGEROUS' DRIVER Twenty-five Girl Scout Brownies, aged 7 to 9, were injured recently in a hayride wreck on Long Island. The accident was caused by a drunken auto. driver. I Although none of the younrsters nor any of ,their five adult 1 chaperones was seriously hurt, they were mori 'than surprised that 'their quiet little ride sent " several of them to the hospital for treatment of minor injuries all because of the neglect of one tipsy motorist. The impact of his auto crashing into them from thi rear pushed - their horse-drawn vehicle into the path of a car speeding along from the oppo- ---,- site direction. It struck the-hdri two tyrtri oriel thirrinPd the-children , wagon and dumped tbs--crutoren into the roacL - - miworts over the world today ,-Are suffering as the result of the stupidity, neglect or malice of a few individuals. All have a right to protection against -those who are reckless on the highwaY in the community or in ' ,matters which concern both-the ; material and spiritual -well-being of a nation. Any measures which you take to protect the common good will merit a blessing from Mrnighty God., "I can do all things in hint - who strengtheneth me." (PhD. 4: 13.) , : 1 American: - Airlines Flight Stewardesses GIRLS' - - Tired of the to 5 routine? Want to travel Go places --- See and be seen? If YOU ARE Single ' ' A High School graduate 20 to 28 years young, 3'2 to 5'7" in height' 130 lbs. or less. in proportion: to height TO nrigni 2050 eyesight or better without corrective lefties You May qualify as an ASIERICAN , AIRLINES FLIGHT, STEWARDESS Selected applicants will be trained at Company ex-- . 'pens and receive a starting salary of $255 a month plus expenses. ' SPECIAL INTERVIEWS See American Airlines - . Representative Thanday, Jansary 31st - - Park Plaza Hato! from I 2 p.m. American Airlines, Inc. America's Leaflet Erne: NIMMIIIMIIIIIMINOW.1 "WI WANT 'TO GROW UP 14 OUR OWN SACK ymunrs CHOOSE - A HOME Of Yczt Own TODAY! TURN TO THE REAL ESTATE PAGES IN TODAY'S , GLOBE - CLASSIFIED SECTION! SEM and OLDER HOME BARGAINS EVERYDAY IN YOUR CLOSE! . ; a an .a tIvi Apt A -, TO --; k, 1M 1 iAro SAC it CH - - b(VP If 4 - , TO - - ' - - 1- , , - , LI -- 12 - r 1 , - .- . , - ' , - . . , - .-- r , , , , . I 1

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