The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 11, 1936 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 11, 1936
Page 8
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m^ m *^/\Mrs!<Wi!ey Eskridge Loses h'~f,j. /.Appeal from City Court tji -• Verdict ^;/*; . '//!>'-Mrs Wiley &krldge, operatoi ol " f •$*, » licenced whlskj store, was found / tf<3 K"% of the prohibited sale of •)';>'-"• liquor on Sunday bv a circuit court f Yj Jury jestenday afternoon she'\vfis . -4 fined $100 < * r? M'.Mrs Eskridge had appealed from ' ^ a municipal conviction In which ' ' 'j Ihe same fine' had been awessbd < ij Her case was one of several in J which undcrcojer agents of the ', * * slate revenue commissioner obtaln- i y *d evidence upon which conviction'! ; -^of local persons for-Illegal sale of y Jlquor ^were ^scuicd In mi tilclpol v court A similar case was that of f ''.WE tBillie) Hassle, vvh\x« mu- f ~ nicipal court, .conviction was af- " firmed jesterdav on his fnlluie to , appear In clrcull court <J 4 Mrs Eskridge was represented bi J_ Virgil Greene and E E Alexandei "• i A confldence game chsrgc ajdlnst * "Doctor Black", a negro \vlio Is %sald to have claimed ' black magi* MC" powers was dismissed on motion of_grosecutQr__Denver L. rmdloj , _, , 'jesterdaj Trial of the case liatl 'j , j 0 ^"* 11 and 'he prosecutor's motion , ,#came aft-r cross-examination of n '.negro woman, who claimed to Imve jbeen "confidenced 1 out of about -.»100 disclosed that she was prell> ., r ;rnuch or a "magic' dispenser h"i- , a self. Claude p Cooper rpKre^cnt- » Jed 'he defendant , BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIEB NEWS Cape Plumber Missing Since Last Tuesday HY JJKI.KJS' WKL8HI.MIW f ' Ilcitr the njaichintf loolsft>|> [ >? Soldiers chawing n<>" . . .Men arc K6ing to Iwiltle, Cheer, boys, i di PCI ! How their 'biiUon<l tfl In tlio autumn viii. (Why do mun feol 'i'. n KU»?) I'liniHom soldiers numbing, yi>»l ; g cycsT'l'iik \u!h fctf Walking' on to In anolhci yo<u'. Blocxl maj M.IUM a giccn field, Hombs tlesLiov n Unui (llcnit, bo still, \ on mustn't s Let Hip maichcis, down 1 ) Nevci • in i ml lecnlling How stars turned to gold J tanging' in the windows — All ol' tbat's boon told" Piny" a moiiy bugle, Sound a gladsome (hum; Wave tbe coloicd Imtinins, Heip (lie soldici.s come 1 j: (v . Osceola Society — Personal The home of Mrs J, B Bunn was attractive with fall roses and 'chrysanthemums jesterday afternoon lor the meeting of the literary department of the Progressive, club, with Mrs Joe Walker as Joint hostess v The study of Italian artists, conducted by Mrs George Dlckcrson included a discussion of the life and H-orJcs of Andrea del Sarlo by Mrs George Abrey, Mrs. R C, Morehead described the work of Michael Angelo Mrs H. P. Ohlendorf ts a new member of Uie department this ^ * County Agent jce E wait jr, ae_ companled by John Dnmcron of ' Blytnevllle, assistant agent ucnl to ', jftatesvUle today to -attend a dK- . S i S t , I ? ( ?! !n e of the Arkansas Pami * Bureau Federation They will go to Jonesboro tomorrow to attend ^'•Jj^f 111 ! 8 = for ihe stud y of the compliance contracts for 1937, . ' G, B Scgrayes drove to Memphis - t- jesterday • to meet ex-Governor ' , "mlL 0 ^ 1 ^ 11 * 11 Of Cnt< *80 who will be^hls guest for, several dava - " while looking after his faming In- t te-e^in^Mlsslss'ppi county • 'Th«~ monthly Sunday -ichcol -^teachers and workers council met , at the home of the, Rev and Mrs E L Cole last night Hsports irom each department were heard ! -Mrs Cole was appointed chilmW • or a commltt«e to arrange a ohrlst- „ was program, and MUs Virginia , Blackwoofl was made chairman ol the decorating committee *""" <The Junior Progressive club \vlthi i ^ their sponsor, Mrs A P. Spiese, I met in the club rooms Monday night Jor their monthly program meeting i The program on educit on bd by Donna Rae Driver Included a - t«Jk by Virginia, cromer on her trip I CAPE . Ml»t>url Slntc Jllfjliway, Is eonducllnsf a search for ' Jess If. lllnderlelder, Caire Olrardeau pliunbjng and heatlne contractor, vjiib lias been mining since^lasi -Tuesday. Hlndirlcldcr liad gone to Keiinelt, where he compleleoV* job, and was to go with his help- pr to Cnruthcrsvllle Tuekday foi 1 heating Insliillallon He had collected about $100 fos the icen*. nttt Job. \1;l''/' 1 (. ' He had made arrangement^' (6 meet the hclj^r-fpr'tfii! trip to Carulhci!>ville, and when he. failed to ni)jwnr Tuesday, the^helpei rctiirnpil to the r.oom where' thej hud been staying:,' but'ifovnd Klnderlelder liad 'left early that morning without JeavJnfc " a, ' rrjrs- f-nijc. 'flit brine's truck jn which the two men'vvcr^ to have driven to Cniuliiersvllle mu, also mlsslnj;. ' A H;i<liliffc- Gir| Only IS ' I OAMBRIDGP, Mass, (0P)— At l 1 ) years or age M)r|am, Rototk 1 Is believed the youngest,' student 1 nt RadclllTe college Graduated from -Cnmbridtc public schools,' Miss lioback never has been a I 'grind." ,. As relaxation, front istn-l dies of chsslcal llleiature and hlglicr "innUienmllcs, the petite' blende takes pail in athletic;, , 01 1 musical ndlvitles ' We i Id Toured Without' On( CAPE TOWN (UP)— Edwin. Qir yoiniK Belfast minister, 'has arrived heie after making a journey around the viorjd w itnout a cent. Orr. .traveled over -Eu>qpe Palestine', the United, Btatw. Cia-' adn, Aastralla and New Zeafind He snys lie 'lives on "fallh and prayer.". -" > ', 1( 'The province of duced 470,174 ounces 'o( oin I £135, nh increase of 84,396 ounces over 1934 pioductlon ' ' NOTICE" dF^'SALE IWDER EXECUTION Notice is hereby given that the undcnlgnpUg* shp-iff of MLisli)- 'ippl C«U"ly,'; Arkansas, ," by vlr'- tue of the levy, of >^^ wrH ol execution 'issued on' the 25th day of Sept, 1936, out of the Circuit Court of Mississippi colini Ly, Arkansas, Chlckasawba D>'- trlct, on transcript filed out of the Justice' Court of c H Uanier Justice ,qf Peace for Neal Town- sblp, upon a judgment rendered by said court on the 6th dav of ganuary, 193S, In a cause therein pending In said court vvhcrelu Marrlon W«^.iori, State Bank Com- inlss,loner,j)n_charee_ of_Bank'of I eacMille,' In|olV«nt, and \y ' L Ollvei, Aisignee of Bank of lyacn- vllle, were, plaintiffs, nnd G-w. liakcr was 'defendant, In favor of .said Marlon 1 Wasson, state Bank Commissioner/ 1 In charge of Bank of Leachvllle^ .Jns.ohent, and W > I< Oliver, Assignee of Bank of' Ixaclivllle, and "agalmt said G ' W Bakej, ? defendant, will as su ih sherlfT on the", 1st'day of Decem-' bn, 1010 be'lvveen the hours of nine o'clock lufthe forenoon and tliree o'clock In-'the afternoon of fald date, at Ihe front door of tho court house In the city of Blsthevllle, offer for hale at public auction to the-Highest bidder foi cash the personal 'propertj heiclnbelow described, all subject, however, to all Hens, encumbrances aiid Indebtedness i which may be against the same, If any, to-wlt: Personal, property: l blue liorse mule,.l2 years old. 1 gray horse mule, 13 years old, i 1 bay mare, 12 years old 'i 1 roon mnre, 12 years old 2. sets-., of double harness. 1 yellovv Jersey cow, 9 j ears old I yellow Jeisey heifer, 3 years ' old ' ''•I red heifer calf, 14 months , old / 1 3-inch combination wagon < •!' hay rake ' "Also the following described real estate in Mississippi County, Arkansas to-vv it Southeast Quarter of South- west Qiwitei (SEy of SW'l) of Section' JO, Township 15 North, nrmgc 8 East. Selling only all Hie, right, title nd Interest of tho said o -w >aker, subject to- any outstanding - Indebtedness : against Uie same j Witness my hand us such sheilftl on this November 5 19.10 I C. H. WILSON, She'riri, ' By John Benrden, D. s __ 11-16-25 'Department of the Interior General Land Office at Wnshina- >!"• ton, DC 'XT A "8"it. 15, I93Q Notice Is Heieby ylven that Fn- gcne E Lovveiy, , of Blythcville, Aikartsas, who, In March 2 lo made Sccllon 2289 R s Horac *?•« E /" f y. ""to no=k.- 023205 for Lot Number !, P _WEDNKSDAY, \OVKMBER ll, 1930 N Range 0 B 5(h Principal Meridian has filed notice of Intention to make final tluec-Kar pioof, to to Uhe l^nd above described, bc- i,° rc , - Carc >' Woodburn, County •01cK,--nt BlvlhevllKv Arkansas, on tiic ninth day of December, 19.10 Claimants as witnesses L«" Watson, of Dell, Aik S T freeman, of Dell, Ark Marlon Koehler, of Dell Ark. Trnnk Hlley, of Dell, Aik D K I'ARnOTT, Acting Assistant Commissioner,' 4-11-18-25-2 establish claim to the i am , nbove described, before Carey Wojdburn Countj cic-ik, nt Blythevllle Ar kansns, on the Ninth day of 193C Wfc J • ' - -.--r-.. ^ \ nils filed notice of Into make tlnee i venr final -, i" establish claim to tlic, land above desciibed. liefoie Caiey Alkans asn 'on > "£' tX ^' C ' "'^''^'lle", Claimant names as witness *• P Colllei, of Oosnell NO I ICE FOR PUBLICATION Bepaitment of the Inteiior, Gcncial liiiid office at Washington. D G, Octobei 19, 19J6 Notice ts hereby given lint Frenk Kelley, of Dell, Arkaims, who, on September 3, 1931, made Homes-end Entry, Numbci 0->291(J '01 SW'/, Section 24, TonirM., 15 Claimant nnmcs as witnesses/' Lon Watsc'n,. of Dell, Ark. S. T. Freeman, of Dell, Ark Marlon Koehler, of Dell, Ark Frank nile'y, of Dell. Ark. D. K. PARROTr, Acting Assistant Commissioner 4-H-18-2S-2 Read Courier Nesvs Want Ad*. DR. SAL1BA Eye. Ear, Nnse * Tlirout GLASSKR I'TITED Hoom 210 Iji»nun nil)),lies. I'hoiie 410 , Office 418 Ix>uls Robinson, 'of Oosjicli Aik- to North Carolina tbe pnst summer. , Catherine Harwell told of hei month's tour of the West and a detailed description of the Grand Canjon A duet • Neapolitan Nlghls," was sung by Virginia Cro- n-er and Mane Mayo Mrs R If Jones and Mrs Bob Ciomcr weie guests of the club Ed L. McCulston, fonner superintendent of Wilson high school but now connected with tne state department ol education will arrive todaj for a visit with George H Deer and the city schools HO will be thfc piinclpal sjicftkcr this afternoon at the inciting of' Ins P-T. A and will remain In the county for ^the monthly supcrln- jenfents^ahd principals meeting in Blj thcv Illo tomorrow night Hale 1 Jackson and: J. 'A. Gwnlt- UCy returned jcstciday from scv eral dajs hunting trip on Peters Island. Mis 11 c Brynn, Mrs W J Drlvei and Mrs W. L. Seg.irs nt tended the funeral of Willis E Ayies in Memphis Monday I Mrs P p Travis and son Di- ivld wont to Memphis jeslcrdaj to bring little Sally Travis home after several days in the Baptist hospital BIACK-DRAUGHT A Good Laxative Drs. Wert & Wert OPTOMETKISTS Ovei Joo Isaac;,' store '«F MARK 'EM SIF" Phone HO Evcrytlilnj for,,your entertainment * ,, arid comfort . TERttY APSTRACT & RBAI TY CO. Abstracts, Ijnils *, Ixians I- M. Terrj, rres and 5Igr Phone 611 nijtlictllle, Ark Weds. - Thurs. i • v^ ;- '• Predeiit M.irth, Warner Baxter and Lionel Banvmore in "The Road To Glory" With June Lung and C Boles of Route 3, Bo, SC Blvthevllle, Arkansas , 4 „ D K Parrott, V Acting Assllstant Commissionei ^ 21-28-j-n-ia NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION Department of the Interior General Land Office at Washlnu- lon, D c, Octobei 19, 1930 Notice Is herebv given llwt James Edward Kolley, of Dell Arkansas, who, on Septcmboi 'j, 1931, made Homestead Entisi Number 022911 for SE'/, Section 24 Township 15 N Range 0 EI 5th Piinclpal Merldtan Ins filed notice of Intention to make final! three-year proof, to establish clal n 1 i , FOR A LIVE MAN WITH $1,000 A client of ours—a well known rnannfaclurer, wants a !»c»l •Sealer. This I, the ch-mce of i lifetime for ^i ambitions man who his been hopm E for a busm-st, of his own—ini one that he will tw TROUH to own. Thfj want •> dKlrlbutor f«r n | mc of mrrclnmilsc ol new aesgjn and construction, w ,i h universal and conlln nous ««nanu It is easy to sHl and ihcrc is no compcll- m 1 S C «J", . a \ C an cxclUM « franchise ind sboul.i make ?Z,0«« to 55,000 per jear clear profit ' ^ ^ hllf , th< i Sl ' MO 1n " be in lhli > '•»» «"'"S merchandis* and tKe' rest will be 5 o Ur »orV, nf c-ipHnl If yc« think 5 ou art THE MAN, Ihe d,stricl Jles man ajer wants to can on you and discuss it fill In Ilic lines below and mail (his adt (o SIMPSON ADVFRTISING CO, 915 Olive St — ST. 10UIS, MO. , Name Town State The year's most Impressive cast In the great love drama of the great war! You don't SEE Ibis picture.... you LIVE it! Paramount News and 1'opeye. Cirtoon— "Ilolrt the Hire" — Admission — Mallnrc— 10 '* 26c Night— 16 t 36c , FRIDAY, NOV. 13—PAI, NIGHT— "CAbK OF TIIF, BUCK CAT LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP! &ne ^our leaping until the news of the NEW FORD V -8 FOR 1937 NEW LOW TRICE! ' Civet Yon Something To Leap About COMING NOVEMBER 14 > PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. TUESDAY, NOV. 17— $300.00 BANK NIGHT! ! ! I.nsi night Mrs. Joe Scales ™ oiled for the $215—But she wa$ not prrstnt cither Matln« or Niltht—Makinj BANK .DErosiT rest week $300.00! Sorry, Mrs. Scales. ROXY Adm.—Always 10 A J5c—Ic Ta) Show Tvtrj Night Matinees Friday, Saturday, Sundaj Friilajr & Snndny .rtaliner*—Z:l? Satnrday Matinee — Conllnuoo. Showing — 1:00 Till ll:0a p. 11 Weds. - Thurs. PAL NIGHTS! 2 Adults Admitted for \'t\i.t tf All Clilldrrn-lte "Tango" With Marian Nl*r/n f Chandler, Malty and Marie Btaollfiil flrlj, ktff/ /VV.M, the famous nonl Also NEW HIGH-COMPRESSION , VALVE-IN-HEADsEUKMNE . ^ Miieb more powerful, much niore'tpinted, and tbe thrift king of in pnce C!«M. The FEEDLOT SPEAKS! ISLD PJG AND Koo CHOW to >our own hogs Your o\vn feedlot wiH give you proof of performance ihat there is no better pork-mating combination than Pig nnd Hos' Chow and corn, Feed it I You'll save corn ... eet profitable pounds of pork . . /and you'U make more inoiieyl PURINA G«oH CHOW NEW DIAMOND CROWN SPEEDLINE STYLING Mtking this new 1937 Chevrolet tbe smarten ' anil most distinctive of all low-pnccd tam. "'' : 'C.' For the first time, the very newest things in motor car beauty, comfort, safety and performance come to you with the additional advantage of being thoroughly proved, thoroughly reliable. PERFECTED HYDRAULIC BRAKES (With Double-Articulated Brake Shoe Linkage) Recognized everywhere as llie safesl, smootheet. moat dependable brakes CACC luJt. f NEW AU-SUNT, AIL-STEEL BODIES (With Solid St««l Turr'it Top -Uni»t«il Conitrudion) TMer, roomier, more liuiirioo., «od the fnt •ll^letl bodM combining dlnxe with lafetr. THE ONLY COMPLETE CAR PRICED SO LOW IMPROVED GUDING ,- KNEE-ACTION RIDE* (at no extra cost) Proved by more than two million Knee-Action users 10 he the world's safest, nmooil.cst ride. GENUINE FKHiR NO DRAFT VENTUATMN Mtmg ,l rn f, 9 , ^H*^ ^nJJ. -promoiing bctlth. comfort, wfety. SAFETY PLATE GLASS All AROUND __ (at no extra cost) SHOCKPROOF STEERING* The finut qualil)-, clearest-vision «afcly pUia - . (at n« «)rtr» cost) '••-.- 6' a «. incluJcd as standard cnuipmcnt. ontnaf K, uu e ana^^, jj^t ^.ing i, .Inoit effortlrao. TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. tlvtlieville,

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