The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 14, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 14, 1934
Page 3
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SEPTEMBER 14, 1934 BLYTIIEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS MISS LOUISE WXOJI MKS. RUTH CAMPBELL MRS, BERTHA M. BARKIS MRS. EDNA R. CRABTREE MISS EDNA M. FERGUSON M QP E RN-H O M E-ISTEWS °^ d '"* —-' - - '""- itssss-jK— -^-• *-!•-i-ts, ry ° WETIZEIR RULES FOR THEIR i • :wlth a savory mixture; tiny biscuits or mlntti' sand» p lclic5. The fillings for t£ese nre such delicacies as caviar; anchovy paste; 'cheese; boned anchovies; boned sardines; reiLsli and cheese combinations; olive airJ cli«ese coMiliinalions, being die inoit popular. Tl;e loasi 0:1 which these mixtures is spread is cut in square, round, oval, diamond and other (shapes; the crackers should be M \i . rvrr i. i cris P a»d Interesting in themselves No Mystery or UlHlCUlt In- such as tlw crackers sprinkled wlw volved Declares Mix ! Wl ? y £ced or cartlwn y •«-'«!. cheese VOlVea, uectares miS. 'crackers, whole wheat crackers; cel- ci y crackers and similar coimner- _ ' clal ouos to be found at, all gro- Dear Friends in BlythevlUe: j CCry S '° reS ' A t the TMe iy "'"i""' a " d ° ther At lhe tabte "«»< or special occasions are often a preferred appetizer the 1 n m ° r f , C ° mPlCte l " Q " Stumn * ""*«'* of d?*"^ ™ I' CVery da >'- ;il ' rp s suo-i « equal parts of Cam- r? S T ai oc<?wlon «'"*« and noquefoit cheese, sea™,« . '" ft " d tlle Iirst eoma wilh *»"• Worcestershire £kh£ » ?, * m °" olonou -' il 5' <"> ^ s«'ce and a little pepper; or equal either fruit. cup, or ocup, or tomato parls of cream cheese and anclio- iilr™ ?* , Wly -, DI th ™ may be v - v tjaslc; or P'mlcmo cheese. When -v-elconie to family and giusts. but served tr.e celery should be ultcr- € " VariCly tllese menus " ated on tho George Thurn nm menus tte Anr, ould be mnde a little more cosmopolitan. Yet. when a menu calls for an appetizer as the first course many women e.iy away from it as if H were some rare, unheard o[ dish to be concocted only by a chef, at Bieat cost to all concerned. Simple Ones B«sl The apjjetizer may be a simple, "fingers" covered with'caviar, red caviar, ;in anchovy mixture or a spicy mixture o! deviled ham and chopped eggs. Tomatoes Suprtme A delightful appetizer Is made with very *mall ripe lomaloes. Six small tomatoes; two table spoons cream ~* " .««jr IK A onujjw:, -x*J u iii urum ciiecse one 'nan cup easily prepared and economical be-(cream; one tablespoon chili sauce ginning lor the meal, for appetizers one tablespoon catsup- one hall are varied. The appetizer is just teaspoon paprika- pepper and sail what its name implies, something Remove the centers from the to- to whet the appetite and prepare il matoes, have verv co'd nnd dress for the more filling dishes to come, the inside with chilled French dress- II a beverage cocktail Is served be- ing. Mix the cheese, cream chil 1 lore Hie menu, in the living room, sauce, catsup, paprika and sea«on- tlre appetizer may be served will, ings together with a smooth cream «• Or it may constitute the first Fill tie tomato shells and chili course ni, the dining table. If serv- thoroughly, place n curled anchovj fd m V-.e living roo mil should be or a sice of stuffed.olive on top- set email and of such character that each on a small fancy plate with a it B eaten without the aid of a garnish of watercress or fresh mint lore; at the table the appetizer A small fork, or salad fork is served may be eaten with the fingers or with this, with lhe aid of small knife am: Olive Supreme lork (such as a salad knift, or sp- I Buy Hie largest ripe olive- avail«al trull knife now used for the able; cut off a slice of the lop and •ppelizer) or with lh e fork alone. I carefully hollow out tl-c center- Of those picked up in the fin--fill with the same mixture as above' ser s are small stuffed celery, Gmall! and garnish with either a curled _°_ f _ toas ^-_ or cracl!ers s P«ad anchovy or a little bit ol lomato - - as Pic- Serve four as t.-.c appetizer; sprinkle each with grated hard cooked egg for additional color. Tomatoes and Tuna Fish Prepare sin small tomatoes ^ above; have ready two hard cooled eggs: one small can of tuna fish- Ihrec tablespoon mayonnaise, chop l <"-e egBJ, blend wit,'i the minced tuna fish and mayonJMse. Pin the hollow of lhe tomato with this, chill and garnish with a slice of slulled olive or a little dab of caviar in whipped sour cream. Btels Caroline Six medium sized boiled two hard cooked eggs; one sweet pickle; two teaspoons anchovy paste; tlirce tablespoons mayonnaise. Remove the center ol the beets, dress with French dressing. Chop up the eggs and sweet pickle mix together with the mayonnaise and anchovy paste. H1I the hollow with the mixture. Have very cold- top with a little mayonnaise. Anolher good stuffing lor such an appeitzer is chopped boiled snrinip salad mixed with mayonnaise- garnish tlie top with chopped hard ccoke degg and a little dab of sour cream. Cold stuffed c:'abs. shrimps in aspic and other small jellied salads are equally good as appetizers But tr.c serving must be small cold, savory, and served on some unusual shaped plate, such as the crescent shaped salad plates SCOTT TOWELS FOR KITCHEN USE 2 ROLLS 25c HOLDER 25c EACH BELL'S PHARMACY Main & Division Phone 1000 — C>.*1 .II....M pJULT-a, "\hl*-S or tlie leaf shpcd majolica plutes c ' 0 " n " now so iwpular. MRS. GEORGE THURN. HUDSON TAILOR SHOP * CLEANERS HATTERS TAILORS DRESS HNISMEKs We Art \, (,>„ To Vou As Your Tdi-phonr Our Route M«n Will Call If You Will Phone 53 Time For The School Lutichhox *xrastt«aa*Me« nnd ! l!.f «-|i!i> llavorlii]!. Hdicious Deserts Are Pos-i«'"*".' Fiiotigi/'ro Wilh Oflen Men- """" e Fruit Uuni «S. NANCY IOWE MRS. CEOICE THU1N M «S. EMILY M. LAtfra •«S-J. WATSON SHOCKLEY MR1FKANCE3 NOITHCBOSS and bent well. Tlirn ndd m|]k cook. Mining until thick. i)L s - solvi- K i-liitlii,. m „„((,,._ ,, <((1 Co [||e turn oni to cool. Add uprlails nnd •cliL-nie.j niid erenm 1-Vu-ze In Die ivfrl 8 i>ratur or n udil Mulsh Hcralng canned fruit Im :i bnller ren million for llavor. eoior ;n >IH-|II][H-.-:S Ihan tin. (.„,',,, y<'l .so fi-w women knuw its' wkk- nilai"aWlll!-. Mere an- some dls'vi « nc.1 bc-lon B In Hie Autumn :m; | "•liter meinis, bin wild, n n- dp- U'lons tin- year round lor c-iiiuH '"lit 1.5 nlirnys iir.iil:iuU>. Aprlrot Snuflli; Two cups (-.inncd ^irlcols; lour i-t-V Eoprmilcd: one |m|[ ,.),„ U [ »s:ir; one ;1 nd on" l,n|i i',bk-- I'-nns Beliiline; our mi, ci-p.,^, lKatr.i, : one tablespoon h,,,,^ j,,^.,,. 1 on, 2 tablespoons butler, i; shallots, a teaspoons mlnred jrarslcy 1-2 Iflass while wine. 1 cup diced po- '"to, 1-2 teaspoon salt, l-< leaspoon lieppcr, 1 cup water. Chop shallols very flnu and brown In butler until lender. Add wine or li'inon jul™ mid lur.ifcy wlien shnllols have cooked live minutes Add snlmon broken In coarse p'cceJ "iid simmer live minuti-s. Add po- toto. suit mid pjpix-i and water nnd cook 15 or 20 -minutes, until pou. »s are lender. Put m vamikins sprinkle wllh capers Lunclibox Cookies ' One half cup iwanut butter; two cups raisins; one and one third. cups (ojic cnn) sweetened con- KilCHEN! IIV .MARY E. llAI'.lli: Ni:A Sm-li-i- Slall Wrllrr Salmon i, oiii- ol the e cod aid Mamluy:! thai you c:iii keep on the pnnlry .shell nl nil limes fo r ILW- In (-nu-njeiicle.s nnd on duys when inii^clon'l (jo iimrki'ilng. H' s ,[ c . ,-,,.,.„ ,7 ' , liclo.iS-li-esli, c.r course, bm, cnnneil tti'oi'i'h li 1 ) 1 .': , ts n " ri nib Ult ' 1 ' 1 1 B:ll " lc " 1 ls """' l ' nvnllnbk- to must of '•' tl!C IIIHV 1 !' lllrl nf o .In. 11,1,1 1.- ii Is: t/\ tir\r,ri i, ...I .._ . _. . i . inhlcsDooiu '-olci'.c EIIIICC. . l mils; cho- . ., f ,,, Jlu;ks ll ., KKmK ul t!lu '•> the ii]i)>er part o! a double l»ll- Is >:o yood nncl so vcisalllc In tt< ••- UiMit n little, add Hie siiiiar and «s« thai if we make llu- moit ot I- hot w " almost never _ _ _ Siinpie b ll nourishing sandwiches. c«x>klos. fruil are g cou slandbys for - * I* nn,,., , LUU U | t , 5i]^^j. -ind i- j: -v.> in.ii n we 111:1 >>•••.«. over hot water until t|, c mix-1"* possibilitle.s we tine ihlckens. Hemuvc from llu- 1 U''uw Ureil of It. iii'iil nnd add l>c n].rlroi pulp. K rl-\ One of th» nicest ways to serve a ; ne. dissolved In ,,, 1C |,.,, r C11|) of ial mci ,. i ttsh „,. t , 1111K , (li ls ,„ ,„. ((jKOi JUJCC, 11*^ CiPUHl, ltii>iMii uivilllllll rillnlHni; "ilm ..^ ..^^ _ .1 i. of 1-3B5 ™a ' ap W a, d t ra b and ,»ttrac- ... _ o -niiuniviii.^, tvuftiuj, 11 u;v itif guuu KlllllUuyS JOl J-l lhe school lunch box; then let ths child buy a bottle of milk at recess j s ' »">•- '"SKI IhiTbowl' In^'a )»„ of I'H 1 <llsli or with bis lunch. Jiecipes for the cookies given elsevhrre on lhi> iiiijc. '' r: ' c ' : " 1 lcc n1111 sl( r unlil II begins tiw ~ ° :^ , XCt ' , ihfn r ' c ' lr llll(> ;l sprviirgl '''Here are so mnny Irrcsisllble i'liMi and set in the rctrimiilor ,,,,.| minikins iirlci-d to a «u u ll mirse- • • Horn Int lo t.-,ln Him if y ou h , W( ,. "'(. any now | s „ Kum[ (hnc (o ln _ vest In n set uf From'four to elfjlit Vou will uso llu-iii for Ininuncr- abit puriMSL-s. No li.tlic' In them but __. «et. Ihon r ,c, lr lulo ;l seivhrg I) i /. r . ,_ j' 1 '"' »»'! sn in the rcfrl 8 cniior nn- llreakfasls for Autumn Mornings!^ »«•". JXM^^ <^ °- :llc K:1| ice. Serves six n r seven. Remember to serve a hot ccr- al thi-se cold mornings! Nothing ' idds so much sustenance, with so' little effort for Ihe cook, as one of tiie delicious semi-cooked, eas- '- ily prepared cereals. These menus hould include milk for children; Baked Apples Any Hoi Cereal, Cream Scrambled EBJJS and Bacon, Biscuits, Butler Coffee or Tea Ajirirot cups canned apricots; «'ps milk: onr and oiic half' cuns' ^ tt '" thL ' ln but V<"i' can' b:ca ( t cnmibn; six Inbltsimon, of' .' L '".' ft "' '""'''s for kidads awl des- only can you vo " can use Orange Juice or see that the child gets n glass Hot Cereal wit'h Rai' of milk an hour before luncheon Creamed Chipped Bee nnd dinner, if lhe milk is omitled , Coffee or Ten if breakfast. i Stewed Fresh Pears j L'ooked Wheat Cereal with Cream Bioiled Ham, Poached Eggs i Raisin Bread, Butter I Coffee or Tea Stewed Apricots i Oatmeal, Raisins, Cream Codfish Cakes. Buttered Toast Coffee or Tea , - *...*•...ilil.ulrl UI •.•"Bar; four eggs, W]iamU-:l; 11-11 ry , ,, , lor pie. I »u»-cvcr. lo B o buck to the Hie apricots nnd cut ihem' M]mm - 'f y a " want lo use fresh salmon, parboil 11 belore . "'•"" "re aprirots nnd cut Ihem' '' " vo " mun lo "so fresh .. „ "" l>lc«. Heat, I hi> milk. Plll ,| le -'"'"i"". parb.,11 it before usiiiij It !if ™ ^™) C " d f " mbs in " bml - »«l c :il1 lhc '"Having recipe. If wine L^ •ef on Tonst ,,,ii k all ,| ^^ , JCfel [llc [o;|r n ul wanted, us e t.-c juice of one cn i:ind OJR- wliii^- fif ,m<r t.,.,,.-,^_ , lemon. Instead or vltniini-; , lc ,. , j and Fears Cooted Cereal, Cream Soil Cooked Eggs Buttered Toast Coffee or Tea j "nd h«ld with' I Hnlf of Grapefruit ;Hot Cereal, Cream, Prunes In , j Waffks and Creamed Codfish ' Coffee or Tea cf --ic cup iif apricot luico : [ — "ilx well. a:ld lo t|, c brcaderiiinljs'i t|>co " llllltl:cd ehlvcs. "Hx and add aprli-ms. Line l-vo p!'' l»ns with pnstry. /ill ivllli mixture an baKC for foi-ty-flvc mimics In n modernlc 315 dt-gra-s oven.' Hie " ; . teaspoon minced onion or 1 tnbte- linced chl Salman One and one-half pounds Tills dish rnn be kept hot for <0"ie tlins If tl.L- raiiilklns are plac- •i in n ( i3|i of hot water, covered bllUt!ri!l1 H"«l pill In a ml . pil n a mx eraio oven. Do nol add capers mill icaily lo serve - densed milk. llioroughly blend lhe milk, pea-' |i>nt biiltei- and ralslns. Drop -by spoonfuls on. buttered baking sheet Bake fifteen minutes or until brown In u moderately hot oven— 375 ilcijiees P. Makes thirty coolci In place of the ralslns, two cups cnrn flakes, three cups, coconut- two cups bran Hakes or one cup "ill meats, cliopiml. may be added. Tills menus five kinds of cooki les made from one basic recipe.- SUl Jolly Hell 3-1 eup cuke (lour. Combine b.iklni,. iwwiler, 1-4 0,115,10011 s «ll »»" 4 «ws Hi n 'bowl. 'luce ovi-r Mimik. r bowl of and benl, adding 3.4 silliar urudiifiUy. Fold in Hour and 1 teaspoon vanilla. Turn jnfa Hi eased pan. 15x10 inches, liiied, with «r<-;ise<l paper. Hake 13 minutes. Turn onto cloth covered, with ~ ->-'-*v*« LUVCIIUI W1UI 11. powdered siiijnr. cul off crisp edges P Spread with l cup Jelly and roll.- fht-y Love to Gn to School With GRENNAN Cup Cakes and COOKIES In Their Lunch BiiRkets fa- Al All (irocers Dress Up Your Table We liuve just rcceivcil a comjilolc new line of in'i i W«»-\7'-e iirtlic iulcst 1 mtlcms. Pieces - . glasses, KliLM-hufs. salad plates, dishes, CHiull<> rlicks jintl center bowl. PAT O'BRYANT, JEWELRY KXl'Klt'P WATCH REPAIRING oven for a few ininutos. ' IV ° cuiK canned npr'.rois- on cup sugar; three fourths c',m of ••> ......... ^^.....,u L.-IIL-I 'our lublcsixjoitt conkin omit the sherry. apricols and cul in small 1'iece.s; mix sugar and (lour. ad:i Read Courier News Wnnt Arts Delicious Lemon Cream ---. , certain additions \Ve can make lo MORNING Large Black STEEL ROASTERS 1 Dozen Tea Biscuits and 1 Chocolate Fudge Cake Both For Vou'll never catch her sland- still . . . she's ahi-ays r.n tin- co. And while she's —-ilie's growlnj. She r.'-uds hc-r appetite! Start li'-r oil rilii cadi nujrnlii; of -.mum utlUKIUIl-S WL- L.U1 11IUKC ID the dnily menus, which will add noiirklnnent. give variety, please! with their flavor and best of all j demand but little from the cook; in time and trouble. One of these additions is old fpshioncd corn- ! bread which is universally liked, i but. sometimes forgotten for months I at a lime while leSs nourishing '. breads hold a place on the menu, j J Try this recipe for: | Boston Corn Br»d j One cup yellow cornmeal; one' ::alf cup Hour; three- tenspoons of j Jftking powder; one tcnsixxm of | sail: one teaspoon sugar; Ihrec fourths cup milk; two eggs; one tablespoon shortening. Mix Hie a>»uuii anui it:iim|j. im.\ UIU neal. flour and baking powder. ™ze 11 7/8 X 7 3/1 x (i I j\ -.. together, add salt and sngnr,; mix again then add the milk and i well beaten eggs. 1'our in the melt- HCHVV ed shorteniiiB. Slir well. Pour into a baking pan nibbed with short«n•' and bake in a hot oven, 450 deyrees. about twenty minutes, iervc hot. | Molusrs Corn Brrad i Add one fourth cup of molasses to the milk in the above recipe; ami omit the sugar, adding oiioi lalf cup additional flour. Follow! he same directions for mixing and baking. Soulhrrn Corn Bread Two cups white cornmeal; onc- wlf teaiiioon bicarbonile of soda; one teaspoon baking powder; one cup sour milk; two eggs; one half teaspoon salt. Mix the cornmeal, Mda and baking powder together. Slir In (he milk. Beal the eggs and •wld them to the bailer. Rub muf- in pans wliit shortening, nil them vilb the bailer, bake In a mod- -rale oven 350 degrees, for twenty .ilnulcs. Corn Muffins One half cup yellow conimcal; ;"tc cup flour: three Icaspoons of baking powder; one teaspoon of >u-;ai- one fourth teaspoon salt- two lablespoons shortening; one naif cup milk; one egg. Mis- lhe cornmeal, flour, baking powder sugar and sail, together., Melt the shortening and add it i stirring slowly- Add the milk and' csg well beaten. Put in muffin' pans which have been nibbed with ' shortening, and bake in a hot ov- < en. 400 degrees, for twenty minutes. Rice and Cornmeal Brod One cup boiled rice; two cups whue corn meal; four teaspoons! baking powder; one half teaspoon 1 salt; three eggSt two cups milk- lone table-spoon shortening. Mix together tlie rice, com meal baking powder, salt, beating well. I Then add th« eggs. w«ll bwttn 1 - „ blue sfecl, sclf- 0 indented lop, riveted drop handles, pal on ted ventilator. Phone 1S15-F2 for I'astcwitcd • Milk Corn«r Main & Hroa<tw;i\ GREEN'S PASTUERIZED MILK Kich, Wholesome, Safe Delivered Twice Daily Blytheville Baking Co. in -:W4»ui--Evi>r'* Vliiuiiiiiim GREEN'S DAIRY Quick! Conitininj't; coming ami I have three bottles of SCHLITZ BEER left in the house. AT GOOD DKALBItS KVKHYWIIKRK MILLER-CRENSHAW CO. Phones: Local <H3 :_ : txng i)| s(al , re l5n'TIIEVII,LK, ARK. New TIP-N DRAIN KETTLE Xo more steam burns! Drains even peas anil vice. Klbow bail holds cover on. Flap over sli-ainer oiwns and dniiiui. Also ideal for pot roasts. •1 (H'ART fi SI/K .59 A Co'm|)lete Line of Wofir-Rver Aliiniinnm Kitchen Ware Hubbard Hardware Co.

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