The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 28, 1939 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 28, 1939
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

A-Y/ NOVEMBER." 28, 1933-'- —~ _BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COUWER NEWS PAGE SEVEN CLASSIFIED' I- For Snip ADVERTISING | iv FUhi,RR"muisHBsliii INFORMATION |l°^ GOING HUKTING? Notice NOTICE—I am now saiMmnn fo:' buys on farm ftiul city property. i , , — — i K ^f gn B • Bv w a , — ~. >»,<... b u. Diiiv ..„,„ , .. j-MO aero fawn. 7 room house, nara. "'V* <"' f'M'm "'"I «ity propert ve tnserlln ? Cr SCCU "' 2 lBllant ho " scs - Will mane If you're hltnthlj,' for a gootl "• c - Campbell. 'lC-pk-12- ne'time per'lino iiv 1 '" 010 ,!"," bllte °' coUon io Uic 1ISC(1 cllr or lruck M>« don'l ; nm <i-, .. .' ucre. \Srllc or phone, John E. Hi- k.i%.n j« i«~i. r,.,. A.... i_, , J •% « • Bargains in ree times per iine^ier day..,CCoj ' ' "'' " 8 full of HOnCSt-To-Gootfness times per line per day 05c | WO acres nt Sandy Rici«e all In liaraains nth rate per line GOC cultivation, 'yood improvements Jards of Thanks 60s & 75e S80.CO acre. Terms, Off miirket an ' : *8 I''«nl Deluxe Tudor 5495 llnimum charen RIV. I Dec. 10th. i Minimum charge 50c I Uec . 1011). Ads ordered for three or six' Imes and stopped before expira-| Ion will be charged lor (he nuni-jciljr Park. S1800, '.; cash" =er of times the add appeared anrt |'M Plymouth Touring $5113 Bungalow^ Kentucky, ,,ea. Vai Ford Deluxe Tndor W »7 idjustment of bill made. Ecautltul Bungalow on Hearn.',. '37 Ten-aniline Utility Coupo SIB5 i Chevrolet Coach -^j_«..».»,i. v vf M*II jitiiiic, ^-1 miijiiu iJLiii^uiuvv oil riPiirii All Classified Advertising copy I Butane gas and stoves Venttian ' .ubmlUed by persons residing out- Blinds. Has shade, shrubbery, 2 ••« iw „,,.,.„ on,, rflo of the city must be nccom-jlols go with It. Possession today •"""'••"'c 2-I)um janted by cash. Kales may be oas- Price $3500. Can make terms '35 Ford Tudor iy computed from above table. ' —— ' I Advertising ordered lot Irregular 0 room bungalow on Chlokii- ' SB Ford "60" nsenions takes the one time ratc/sawba near High School, Has '3 fto responsibility will be taken bedrooms, 2 fireplaces. Lot has 75 or more than one Incorrtct inser- feet frontage. Price $3000 Ion of any classified nd. i rhoma.f Land Cnmnaiiv Sim $191 USES m Womnii rn-lively connrctcd "with lo make religious ciinvnss, 1'osltiou 2 months, s.ilarj $75. Otvc church ami phone. \'/i j( c io us "Q y." Conv- !«• News. 'ij.iA-.M as New. SHOUSE-HENRY Expert nun Repairing," see K M, Cfimnii at ih C Biytnevllln Arm• : ory. j cw (''"'non Hull on Unks i SbATTLK. wnsit. (UI')-An an- elral IO-IIOIIIKI ciiimon bnll wns ifninirt by :i construction crow on n i\VcM Ri'iittlo Bolt course here, ( lciKtlii(( to spec-illation that 11 i — TRUCKS- IXCIlt ! Hartz Mountain Singers, Giraran- 1 teed. Ideal Christmas gifts. Sc- . . - tcdrooin. Adjoining bath. lcct yours early. Mrs. Hen Darbv, S.E. on Clear Lake Road. 25-pk-l Culslrte entrance. Phone 63V-W. 3 ''-'I W. Walnut, 2a-ck-a or 3 room unfurnished apart- 2 suburban groceries. Thomas Land incnl. Adjoining cam. ja^ i^ou- Co - 25-ck-2 !»n. i-hone Mi. a-cit-i' —. i Bargain: Royal Portable Typewrlt- ^arge bedroom, tn-in !jc;is, wo' cr - Loo^s and works like new. '" nc "" ••" j«c- ! W' sacrifice. Call 280. 25-pk-29 '"- 1 ! Stucco rhvelllng. six rooms, mod" i cm. 404 East Davis street. Pi-iced Jomfortable bedroom tor business I to sen - Convenient terms. Write woman. 1028 W. Main. Phone wj. Clare . nce Snowdcn, Searcy, Ark. 27-ck-tl. I ZS-pk-2 room furnished apartment ad-' PlBS ' sho!!t s, meat hogs. Vncchmt- joining bath, lot w. Ash, phone I ed - D - R - Garner, Annorcl, Ark. M. M-PK-ZM lB-ph-12-18 '37 Ford "CO" '36 Chevrolet I'lek-Up 5)75 '35 Chevrolet rich-Up $l(il '3Y Chevrolet 1J4 '3G Ford Iji Ton (line toniipctf, D.nvsln, Noith Aus.-' ~^~\ -r- - trnllii, with Port AiiKtistn The' "•IIUISTM« n "Si« UU "" S I llnc nl °" SU " >S 190 ° m <* in lcl '* m ' (IJIIISIMAS. « up. i ml (i look ^ mo|llhs to , nsln)1 doofjfc I,. iMinr _ inytlievllle'.s Only r«lt«r ulehl huvc bron llrcd In u his. otic Indian battle of 1851! The mlsslp mi* imbedded four feet In the cm-Hi. :Am 'CRO.* JOHN 'MKT. I'flNK DKMVKIIY W. Main St. Phone .14 L'loseis. steam ueai.. erred. Phone i. Mrs. ti Vice~bcdrooin with twin beds. Con-1 B 6 "" 1 ^". 1 ' Grand Piano. Perfect vcnlent to bath. Men preferred. WO W. Main, phone 176. 24ck2-2'l ronm unfurnished apartment with bath. HIS w. Main. Phone '• 5 or 540. 24-pk-l rooms furnished or tinfiini. 3 Furnished. Bath. 014 Hearn. 23-pk-12-23 Comfortnble bedroom. 1017 Walnut. Phone 102 after four. I7cktf Unfurnished apartment in Shane Apartment Building on West, Main St. Call oil or 197. a-ck-U Nice bedroom, convenient to bum. Steam heat, piione 2WI. 19-^k-tl condition. Value $1200. Will 'sell for $500 and can give terms. Telephones 571 and 107., 15-ck-12-15 Nice fat chickens. Live, 15c pound. Full dressed, 25c pound. 1415 W. Main. Phanc 125. 4-pl:-12-4 Several good mules, mam and young horses. E'niU Dyrum, 2Cckt; mde1 Bynnn. rs. 'Rebuilt and as new. Paul /G-ck-tl 5 Allis-Chalmers Combines. Easy Terms. Paul Byrum. M-ck-ti Call Dan McLenn, phone 1059, for your Fuller Brushes. 27-ck-l Aruiisc Sluggish Liver, nork oti 'nu bile io rid yourself of consil. pains, i.nci that soui vuuon. Farm, Loans f '• Large dr 'Simall At Low Interest Rates. We nre equipped (o handle large f«""", ««o i/mns, ana uiac i or small loans on any sized tract j P u »k feeling. Tuke one box of of farm land, at low cost, and at KlKBV's low interest rate. I ACTIVE UVEH t'lLLs 1 TERRY ABSTRACT & ' ac Kl a " KlrBy bl °'" REALTY COMPANY 13 Walnut St. Blytheville, Ark. Washing, Ironing Xpert tvasrilnB nnd Ironing Cheap Rough dry had finish. 6 quilts 1.00. One day service. Willie Jell 3reen behind Oity left Plant. . S-cfc-IO-9 Slice QUALITY SHOE SHOP Invisible half-soling. Full soles for every .shoe am] boot. Crepe, leather, rubber, or Groconl. Siloes dyed any color.. Polish, laces and dyes. Shoes dyed blnck—35e. Ouiir- antccd. We call for anil deliver. Phone 120. II. I). Campbell. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. ConiiT 5lh 6k IValnul I'lione B10-811 for Uiunoiu'.rp.thm The world's loii R cst leleRraph •BOKU D1KSBI, AND TUAC'l'OU Number One Light Domestic FUEL OIL FOR Stove and Furnace WINTER IL DAY WK.'HT Your Car TICK PHILIPS- WAY Here's What We Do; 1. Drain out luivy, worn lubrl: cniils :iml ri'fiJI Iraimiilwlo,, and i iiurorrnllnl n-lth neir winter Gear Oil—up In 5 uoumls Ex- I t™ fliatfe for extra quant!. ;2. Drulii nut summer u-Hglit oil ' unit refill craiikeasc. 'with the onrrcpt srraelp of frcsii, clean .winter oll-np to 5 ( ( iwrts ef 2!>ci oil. Kxtr.i charge for uver J iliiart*, iiroinlimi jrradcs, of. for fliislilnit nil. :i. (.'omplete lulii-lcaUon nl chassis unit all mnvliiK iinrls. I. Clean ami Inspect spark plugs anil ro.irl far c,,|,| , vra (|,cr starling, 5. lie-move battery from ear and rmlnl cnrrlcr. (esi ,,^11, um , li. Flush radiator wllh siwoia) r.i- illnldr (lcaiii:r nml Inspect nil nose and connections. 7. Iiuipri'l lir.-iler .-uid tvliiihlilrld wiper. COMPI,KTB SKKVICE itlythuvillc Land FOL Sale 12 acres, with two gootl houses. 1 mile S.E. of IJIylheville on Clear Lake Road. Will sell all or part. Small cnsh payment and easy terms tit 0% Interest. See E. Heece. l : or lldtcr Performance Safclj--Cliecli Service CANAL BUILDER Answer lo Previous Tuzzlc K-ORIZONTAL 1, 6 Pictured Panama Canal builder. 2 Beam. 3 To whip. > Palm leaf. 6 Irish. 7 Cost. 8 Bench, 0 Negative word. 1 Female Ifon. 3 River. 4 Grain. 5 To perish. 44 Preposition. 5 Musical note. 45 Vacuum 8 Form of "be." pumps. J Building sites. 51 To fly. 3 Constellation. 53 Professed 2 Uproar. opinions. 4 To revolt. 54 Humus. 3 To dine. 56 Equipages. 7 Road. 53 Connecting 9 100 square word, meters. 59 Bird. • 0 And. 60 His military i< Profe'iiona'l 1 Capuchin title. athlete, monkey. 61 His native 16 He was an 2 Musical note. Jand. by pro- fession (pi.) 19 He or finished the Panama Canal 21 Matter of fact. 22 To frighten. 25 Dower property. 27 Wrath. 2D Kindled. 31 Striped fabric 33 Grain. 35 Age. 33 Round flat plale. 41 To swell. M Coal of mail. 45 Ache. .VEKTICAt 2 Mistake. 3 Hops kiln. •1 Black bread. 46 Verbal. 5 Discerns. 47 Adult males. 6 To profit. ^ One time. 8 Pieces out. 9 Quoits pin. 10 Winged. . 1! Parrot fish. 48 Norse mythology. 49 Toward. 50 Fern seeds. 52 Native metal. 55 Varnish ingredient. 57 Senior. 59 Compass point. I'hane 19 or Kts. »AR1)WAKE t'HON'F .IS Tinier $178 For Prices More Selling Your ... - 'AVf PA... FOUGHT TO MAKE US Fp BUTTHEMEHWHOGI FREE DUOBLCOUM MAKE A B156EPIII1 HAHNSDAU, UKF1N!,\'<; COm'OlUTION Amcriwt's First Oil Kofitierv Cureil WidKjul Snr>ri)r.v. A very 4-,.fP m,,| linniilcss o ' ° " mcru1 » « 'ur ; wlllioiil »"'' «''»' very Hide f I scorn. nt Ifl) Nnrtli ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU WIN KDWAIlliS. IVnnrlrdir ninkt's of llrliulll 'I'j'peiiTlU'rs, —J*arts— DRS. NIES & WES _ UP WITH. »„„.,.. DlSGUI&e.SrlARK.'l^.!:; QLDVJiTHERS WH.I- StAOE AT TH' JU?JC~f)Of^. A>OP ix?Aa ..«.- jXii'OC w^^-t-r..ll .-r- j AIM*. -^* / ALL RlGrittUCKV' VOVTH TlAEM 1.O.O.'5 I YOU'RE liOLDW', RECKON YUll GOT ' - ME -- OUT 1 HA.TE TO ROB OLBWITHUftS,wn-H y| ANfGEfGOlN'".' HIS CfJIPPLED WIFE 7 I NEEOTJIAt -VWNEV/ KED.BO YOU GEM.W THINK He's JUST A 6LOWHAP.D, MlSG j Oop's Number Is Nnl Up Yd HY V. T. HAJUiD OH, K!O,TROJAN,' VOUR LITTLE PLWED OUT.'VOU'VE SWITCHED HELMET! NOW, SNIPER... VOU DIE LIKE A DOG. 1 LITTLE SAJV16 SOME WHERE ELSE \ wtwo v wmt ^ - VtA TOO '. f\M' '•Vi, OWVV T A B\T PARTICULAR. wv\t«.E v . waourvCH^> IKS TVV PAPERS — VA W OR '•m ^scan Too liml, Uncle Link LAND FOR ME in MISSOURI 1C5 acres all In cultivation on gravel road, half mile to gnoil schuol, five acre grove. Good hoiisu „,, and barn, a real place. Price S50.UU f& per acre, 125 acres, JOG in crop, nice, grove of 10 acres, gootl house anil barn and an extra good piece of land, some fruit on place. 1'ricc 550.111) per acre, 255 acres, nil in cultivation, on Gra,«l road, tiro large barns, two Or ood houses and live small ones. iVo licltfr land and locution wonderful. I'ricc 570.00 per acre. These three farms arc real bargains, unc fourth cash, balance jour years. We have cut over land \scll located on ICIjliway, no cash payment, six years lo pay, (inly to .hose who .can uuilil anil start clearing. 40 acres, six miles from Blvllie- villc, all in cultivation, linusu and oarii, I'ricc §80.00 per acre. Conway & Houchins Illjtlieville. /Jrk. Welcliug EXPERT-ELECTRIC AND ACETYLENE Drag; line and m..;w; M-eLdlii' specialty. Barksdale Mfg. Co. Found Two automobile keys, of Motors make. On small wire ing. Owner may have keys Ly >aylng cost of Hits atl. Courier "fevs Office. 939 ArKansas ',4 Ton Trailer Ll- censc. Numbsr 281-368. Owner may hnve same by paying cost of his ad. 1 Courier News. (IY ItOY CKANK 'BUT, UNCLE LIWCOLtJ, WE JIJbT GOT WORD \ ' TH^iT CAKOt'S ABBIWM'FROM EUROPE. WE ) •Wanted To Buy Want land. Have buyers for 20's 40's—80's and larger tracts. Sec s at once. Thomas Land Co. lG-cfc-12-16 JUST LOOX WHW I FOUWD Ok) f H' SWEATER LUCILLE SAID EMITTED FOR ME! IKMOW YOU AM' EtoY TI21ED To WARM ME THAT SHE WAS AFTER MY MONEV; BUT I W.Vi A FOOL. J WOULD YO\ U?,TEU. MOW I'M HOOKED.' 1'fATOfl TO6ETOUTOP iT ALOWE. PlEA-bE.WM ;< Vou 60TTA HELP ME; FKKCKLKS AND HIS FRIENDS KWOW, FKEOC, i THJNK IMPORTANT Vv'AS EVER MEAWF TO HAPPEM ID iM Jusr THE I VILLAGE FAT ! BOY —TH-E : LOCAL — TOO FUMMY j "jo as i SEfilOUSLV TtX> PtUMP TD BE ROMANTIC' We Arc Huycrs For All Varieties of Soybeans. See or I»hOnc Us for GOING OUT ON DAT6S, WHILE J. sir KOWE Vv'OWOER- :i>i T'l* ^---^..i^- -fi. ING WHEN x-M GOIMG SPROUT ANOTHER CHIN / Jusr senr ME SOMEONE in Highest Daily Offer. Blyihevifle Soybean Corp. So. R.R, St. Phone 555

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