The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 28, 1939 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 28, 1939
Page 6
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: PAGE six . BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 28, 1939 Check Your Home For Improvements FHA Director Sees Best Year-For Home Building' Since 1929 I Hoofing: Gutters, downspouts, roof sheathing, (lashing, tile, shingles. Piiinling: Exterior walls and trim; interior walls, lloors, ceiling, and trim. ' : __ Masonry—Concrete: Walks,drives, exterior walls, basement, foundations, chimney, fireplace flue. Landscaping: Trees, shrubs, grad- 1 ing, planting, and tree surgery. Woatlicrproofing: Shutters, storm doors and sash, vrcalhcrslripniiig insulation, waterproofing. The prediction that the' current year will be the best for residential , construction since 1939 and, In spite i of conditions abroad, will exceed lost year In the number of lion-1 farm units constructed by about 30 . per cent was made by Federal Housing Administrate Stewart McDonald. 'Contrasting this situation with 1914 when the Great' War started In Europe, Administrator McDonald declared that the existence of machinery for home purchase by families of small Incomes, through the loan Insurance 'operations of the FHA, was a chief reason why conditions of the two periods differed, Through the PHA plan, he said, the average American family can pay fcr a home over a long period of .years with small monthly payments suited to Income and at low interest cusis. Down payments on . first-mortgage loans as Ipiv as ten per cent have become available oily in recent years, making home own. ershlp attractive and feasible for thousands more families, lie continued. Facilities Previously Unavailable "Twenty-five years ago no such facilities were available," Mr, McDonald said. "The average family was/unable lo buy a hanc at all or was compelled to undertake exces- 'slve debt burdens often leading to foreclosure and loss of- home. These new facilities mean lapping a vast market for home iwnership and residential construction which previously had not bscu touched. Naturally, this broad new market .la.'giving stability imcV strength to . residential construction. "Furthermore, c.iMiuons generally ui.icr'greatly this year from the summer of 1914. America as a whole was prepared for war in Europe this time, whereas the war of. 1914 came jis a shock to our people. Residential constructl.n in 1914 had already turned down alter some years of large activity, and „. • „ ., the market for new homes, limited Will Build Home At as it was l at that time, was over*- • ' - - ' supplied. This :tinio the outbreak of war found our residential con- .structi.n on the upturn'after a Mi', and Mrs. A. B. Welcnkamp number of 'lean years; this year have purchased the lot at 919 West' home building for the first time "'-'—•• -'— since the twenties is at a relatively normal pace. ' Oilier Factors Favorable "Another lactor in tne situation today as against 1914 is that the foreclosure rate is decreasing, whereas 25 years ag;. foreciosuies were rising. Today there is n much more plentiful supply of funds in our lending institutions. The National Housing Act has enabled many more lending institutions than before, with enormous re- s-urces, to enter the long-term home lending field; ten times more money is at hand for that, purpose UMay man a few years ago. "The Federal Reserve system ana me Hueiai Loan man System—one brand new, the other nonexistent in 1914 — arc es«ib- hsatu agencies oi.ering credit faculties to-lenders on home mortgages. Of considerable importance is the' Federal National Mortgage Association which buys FHA mortgages, thus assuring Decorating: New wallpaper and other wall coverings; plastering; roi'mishing lloors, stairs, and other woodwork; new hardware. Kcpairs, Buill-ins: New shelves, cabinets, closets, interior repairs. Remodeling: New partitions and additions; new porch or garage; attic or basement room. Plumbing, Heating: Modernizing bathroom, kitchen, laundry; extra bath or lavatory; new hot water system; heating plnnl. Wiring: New lighting fixtures; more outlets; modern safety devices. Farm Wives List In Survey Requirements They Most Desire Hie Ideal farm home, containing I he features which represent what I ""> typical American farm wife . -•• »*-j/ifi>unu Yi'll'H Hie typical American farm wife •*-.. mast desire.?, was disclosed in a T I f nnflUIHPr .survey conducted by a MiJ,u.7(crn: h Hu N h ' lumber company recently. j I ILL U ! \ H. IJS l\ t) L Stock Cabinets Aid ,HOLD EVERYTHING - By Clyde Lewis Kitchen Convenience! Kitchen cabinets of every conceivable size and for every fMC- tlcable use have been developed. In answer (o tiie need for kitchen | convenience and storage. Numerous drawers for silver, pots and pans are provided; Hour bins, sugar bins, special locations for tins and cutlery are nil parts of the cabinet. An attractive finish makes it possible to Install Ihesc cabinets without, distorting the kitchen drcorallny .scheme. They may be financed under the Modernization Credit Plan of the Federal Housing Administration. company recently. j Among Uic . features generally' -scrniht arc: A well-balanced use of Hie exterior materials and practical inferior arrangement. The house must be comfortable , '"- uuu cujjimo- illous, satisfying \ n its beauty cnsv Qt t D T r and economical to maintain Tolas ^ tanton ' eppef lo Lvent- scn general housework nnd to lower " ' I "' " ' " nn construction costs, the typical American farm wife wuild prefer a house of one story. An efficiently planned and completely equipped kitchen was retarded as Important. The kftclicn Plenty of cabinets, window YOUR HOME MAY BE PUT IN GOOD REPAIR, REMODELED, REDECORATED ON THE PHA PLAN FIIA-insured Modernization Loans may be used for repairs, rcdec- , so . mo tyi)os of Ilew construction such n ,r ; "Vn 1 ' n " to l ll ''K' Payments are made conven- out of monthly income. of a market for these lenders assets. FHA System Farsiglitcd "The r-HA inicnds to encourage home ownership based upon sound lending 'practices and farslglit«d . residential growth. It does not in' tend ti foster or participate In mushroom or war-Doom building acuvities, which twenty years a»o left slums in industrial areas when abnormal production ceased. Not only have changed conditions of living, such as the general use of the automobile, made a repetition of this experience unnecessary, but in addition, the Federal Government definitely alms to prevent the development of such unhealthy c.nditions. "On the whole, the situation for home bunding In the United States appears favorable for the Immediate, future regardless of conditions elsewhere, so long as home cwn- ership can be achieved at an actual saving to the homo buyer above his Tenth. uslJOBS a would contain ventilating fan,'' a"' w iae »,u uow above the sink, and n breakfast iio-k. Also thought desirable was a 9-by-M-foot screened porch. The dining room should be of medium size, Ihe farm wife deckled, but should contain a large bay window and n built-in cupboard. The living Kom should have si fireplace, and large French doors should open on a front porch In the entrance hall between the . dining room and liviy room wciild lie a coat closet and a small closet for card tables.' . Three large bedrooms were •thought necessary for the ideal farm h:me, with plenty of windows and cross ventilation. Wardrobe space was asked, while the boy's room would have walls and woodwork of knotty pine cr cedar. Sloping portions of the roof would be utilized for built-in bunks and bookcases. The bathr-com should be big enough to accommodate a large accessory closet. A built-in vanity, medicine cabinet, built-in tub with no hard-to-clean corners, a clothes chute to laundry, and chro- nnlum plated fixtures ivciiltl complete bathroom demands. i An outside entrance to the base- ;ment was thought desirable, and the basement would hnve sufficient space ior storage, laundry room jmvu i;i(iciwsen ine lot at uly vVcsti 1n t- • -Mm, Walnut street, where they will 1 Q - Cnn nelE"borhoods for small ,periwinkle (Myrtle), English Ivy, 1,,J, • m m lKbb i' room - lollc t. 1 . ., . J . [Imilcnc lln 11.1,1.* no n 11...»..I !.._ „« 1 .. . . . . _. -. . tlllCl IlllnilCP. erect n modern six room house In the near future. The 02-foot cor.ier lot be (is a ive as those for large homes? A. Yes. The correction of ivaste- pachysamlra, or violets. Bulbs such ns clairodills, grape hyacinths, or squills planted In with the vines Nies who In the ,, Welcnkamp residence i. Dpvjs nvoniie. Tile Welenkamps have not yet but they hope to begin work aliout Ihe first ot the year. •They will continue to reside in the house sold until their ne;v principles In Spring, it will be necessary to fer- — u >'- i-.~—...Jen will often ! tilizc and water such plantiivs save enough land to provide neigh- jwell because of the extra'food rtc- uorhood parks and other features-mnnrts made on the soil to nourish e cenamps Imve not vet . e on e so o nours completed plans for their hoLe wltl lcss strecl improvement cost the trees as well as the ground but they hope to begin work atat ™ d «» .«"'? °r Greater number cover. , and furnace. choose light varnished hardwood, properly installed to eliminate buckling, plain woodwork with no throughout I How close house. the average farm houso is to the ideal would be diffi- of building sites of belter quality' Q. We have decided to use gcod home is completed after which the S ' lin 8 lcj > ( ov the roof of our new Mies will continue to rent that llon1D - whnl fclnd should be select- Modern Homes Now but and Q. What determines Hie thickness of foundation walls? .. . A. The thickness of a foundation Mies will continue lo rent that |IOI11D - Wnnl fclnd should be select- wall depends upon the material of properly. .«!? {which it is built and Its depth be- The lot purchased is consicl-! "• Most shingles Used loday nrolcw grade nnd iijion the height cred one- of the most attractive ms> dc from western red cetjar, cy- thickness, nnd material of the wnli vacant loU left In the city. press, redwood, or white cedar, it supports. The foundations wall Ecl ee grain shingles should be used.'thickness should never be less than Flat or "slash' 'grain shingles that of the wall supported. In this should be avcldcd since Umir sur- respect particular attention should faces will not hold or absorb stain be given lo foundation walls sup- • more farm families are learning ! that conveniences once thought exclusive to urban homes arc also within easy reach of the rural dweller. Aiding farm families in modernizing their homes and making them more crmtortable is the Federal Housing which, through its U T n ... 'aces will not hold or absorb stain be given Use Iron KaiilllgS properly and they tend to warp porting i j easily. f rnme wn Administration -- Modernization Credit Plan, acts to ease financing of repairs and installations. Funds for the work are obtained frcm lending institutions qualified by the Like many other projects, tliis is the Modernization Iron stair rails are frequently used for interiors, esprcially in modern homos. Where the home is being modernized, old wooden rails nwy bo removed and Iron ours installed, modernization eligible ;:nder _....„„.„„ Credit Plan of the Frdjral Housing Administration. Iron stair rails are available in many styles and can be made to lit individual requirements. Thin, rails, designed for long sweeping' curves, add grace and beauty to modern stairways, while those of more intricate design nrc adaptable to more expensive homes. I Wise Screen Storage Will Avoid Damage Damage to the wire cloth of screens as well as warping of the frames may be caused by improper storage and protccllou of screens during the Winter months. In order that they may not warp. . „ masonry veneered stud cnsl '. v '' frame walls. These stionld tie of Q. What plants can I use where sufficient thickness so that neither grass will not, grow under my the veneer ncr the stud frame pro- stvnde trees! ij ects beyond the outer or inner A. Use n- ground cover such as' faces of the foundation wall FHA. ,ouse Facile Wood Finish .- ^> -~ -•"- .."mi. wujci uuu^c nis ll1 ^IUUL u]<ti. nicy may not warp p.'ssent living costs, there seems to screens should - be slorcd either be no reason why the encouraging | standlni; up In rocks or lying improvement in h:me construction rio ™ flat. It is important If the should ot continue." ' screens are stacked, that the surface on which they are stacked be level nnd that each screen be placed sniiarely and firmly on the TI.. cnc below It. , If screens and window sills have A new' wood fi^uv, ^ f,,,n, 1; ° l nlrcn rty been numbered, this scheme. It may be used as wall SSX WEST BAR.NSTABLE, Mass. (UP)— Duck hunters here have shot a whistling sivmi. n native of the Arctic circle. The birr! had a wing spread of 80 inches. Acre Farm Although levee and drainage ditches have more than drubled the value of farm land in Mississippi County, \v. w. Pepper, of Huffman, believes that still another Improvement — tile drainage—will also pay dividends on his farm. After making a survey of tile- drained farms in Iowa, he purchased a small tile making machine for ?52 and began the molding cf tile for his 300-acre farm. He plans to lay two miles of tile this winter and finally three more miles will be laid tu complete Ihe job. The machine which molds the tile can be operated by power and by from one men. It will make both and four-Inch tile. The mixture which Mi-. Pepper uses is one part of cement and four parts of sand which he cbtains vWW- CQPH. l»39jV_hJEAjERVjCF.. INC. T.M.REC.U. 5. PAT, OFF, H-^ UU9 "Look, Fifi—Daddy doesn'l get angry when lie lias lo •" wear a muzzle." Your Home .CONSTRUCTION-EQUIPMENT REMODELING Metal Venetian lllinds .wiring, give a rich tone to replace from the Missbslpp river ,™ f ** , 0f S " Cet mcta1 ' is M farm. By usin river sand II o m "'L"°™ °»"f rs >* »* '"? A Venetian type blind, made entirely of sheet metal, is being of- farm. By using river sand the only i t material purchased is the cement, j, Cost of this for the six-inch tilei, one loot long l s two cents while' j labor c:sls are about one and a' half cents which includes hau i,, ? I orT ";™ gS I? ?," the sand. Four-inch tile costs only' °f ™I™ ° W ' S1 " lUcr one cent for cement and about oncj.., hi ° aua1 ' cent for labor. Since making of the !„"„>„., tiles Is *i very claim among its ad- includes year- full visibil- contrcl. ! outside lalion, and The awnings go on can be used. Mr. Pepper plans to Iny . 'through the low, poorly drained portions of his farm, the exact location to be determined with an engineer's level. These arc t: be laid from one-half (o two and a half feet deep and with a fall of about one inch per hundred feet where possible. He has about a thousand feet ot tile already made, which are being cured in wet smvclust rather than sprinkling them for several days as is ordinarily dene in curing. Live Rubber Cushions Check Door Rattling Moulded live rubber cushions shaped in Ihc form of pneumatic tuners, will eliminate rattling of dcors. A set of three, installed at top, bottom, and near the latch, maintain the proper tension on the latch. The silencers may be easily installed in either wood or metal frames and are tamper-proof. . OMAHA, Neb. (UP)— Tom Jones praised his expert marksmanship to:, soon when he shot at an eagle in his backyard— the bird was a pet which had escaped from a store near by. the Federal titn. paint-grip sheets Prized at the steel hold paint. These blinds le for installation under rnlzatton Credit Plan of Housing Administra- Towder Room A small closet under the stairs or just off the hall can easily be transformed into a combination powder and telephone room, with space for the wraps of guests. Funds for such a transformation may be obtained from private lending institutions qualified by the Federal Housing Administration under its Modernization Credit Plan. Door Chimes Door chimes, which can be installed by using ordinary door-bell the often nerve-racking noise of a bell or buzzer. The tonal beatily and good styling of modern door chimes are making them Increasingly popular with home owners. Many are being made In true period designs to harmonize with the chosen architectural style. Economy of Weatherslripping At this time of year fuel costs represent a large item in the average family's budget. It is estimated that a properly weather--, stripped house will show a fuel saving of from 15 to 20 per cent. Weatherstrlpping will eliminate draughts, help correct sticking doors or windows, and make the house more secure against dust and driving rains. Read Courier News Want Ads TERMJN1X TERMINATES *•>•• TERMITES 'vj BRUCE-ttEMPHli : Remodel - Repair -- Improve Tifle One FHA loans are available for (hose who wish to make those needed home improvements before the severe winter weather sets in. If your house needs a new roof, an extra room, insulation, storm sashes, built-in fixtures or any other improvements consult us and we'll gladly give you an accurate estimate and help you arrange for.FHA financing;. Phone 40 Quality Service To SAFEGUARD YOUR HEALTH The water intended for ymir con- snmpUon through our system is first pumped from deep artesian wells lo (he purification beds where it is forced down through one bed of coke anil upward through another. Then it is sent through hods of clean sand and gravel into a large reservoir from which it is pumped into an elevated tank before being turned into the city mains. In addition to this process the w;i- ler is given lahoratory tests at resrular intervals and subjected lo a scicntilie chemical treatment to render j( absolutely safe. BLYTHiUllLE WATEf! CO. Bernard Allen, Mgr. "Water Is 1'our Cheapest Commodity" OUT OF YOUR PAY ENVELOPE A Home Like This The sensible terms of the FHA Plan put home ownership on a convenient, pay-by-the-monlh basis. Equal monthly installments include taxes and insurance. Come in and let's discuss your home-building ideas. E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO.

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