The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 3, 1941 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 3, 1941
Page 10
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PAGE TEN Defense Aspects Enter Into Mineral And Vitamin 4 Fortification ST. LOUIS (UP)—Discussions of scientific problems involved in national "defense,'among them production of synthetic rubber and fortifying of foods with minerals and vitamins, will feature the 101st annual meeting of the American Chemical Society to be held here, April 7-11. More than-3,500 chemists, industrialists, educators and representatives of allied fields will participate, it is announced. Hundreds of scientific papers will be presented before 17 of the society's 18 professional divisions, and 15 special symposia are scheduled. A group of papers on "Fortifications of Foods" will be presented in the division of agricultural and food chemistry, whose chairman is Gerald A. Fitzgerald. New York City, and another session of the division will be devoted to "Pats." Vitamins To Be Studied A semi - annual symposium on vitamins will be held by the-biological division, headed by Dr. Herbert O. Calvery of the federal food and drug administration. Other divisional symposia will be on current projects in medicinal chemistry, ne~ engineering technique,, new developments in rubber processing and phenol - formaldehyde resins and plastics. ' Analytical methods used in the potrdipnrn industry rviii be stressed by the division of petroleum chemistry, celebrating its 20th anniversary. Smokeless fuels and air- pollution abatement will feature a session of the division of gas and fuel rhp.rnijstry. In addition divisional papers wfli be presented in the fields of water, sewage and sanitation, analytical and microchemistry, cellulose, colloid, industrial and engineering, s medicinal, organic, paint, varnish, j and p]n.sias, physical and inorganic { chemistry. Symposia also will deal j with nomenclature of inorganic ' chemistry, thermodynamics of electrolytic dissociation, contemporary work in the monosaccaride field of sugar chemistry, and the last two years of college chemistry. Dr. Evans to I'rcfcide The convention will open April 7 in Municipal Auditorium with addresses by leading scientists. Dr. William L. Evans of Ohio State University, president of the society, will preside. Dr. Leroy McMaster, professor i of chemistry and head of the de; partment at Washington Univer- 1 sky, St. Louis, will be the honorary chairman. The general chairman is Dr. H. Edmund WIedcmann, Si. Louis, a consulting industrial chemist and past national president of the Food and Drug Officials' Association, who during the World Wai- was explosives section manager of the western division of the Ordnance Department. Also convening on April 7 will be the society's council, its governing body composed of representatives of the 93 local sections in the United States as well as of the national officers, directors, editors of society publications, past presidents and divisional chairmen. Fresh Meats and Vegetables Fancy Groceries FREE DELIVERY Earl Snider 523 W. Ash Phone 777 Eyes Called Bloodshot; One of Glass, It Seems AKRON, O. (UP)—Officer Gale Hench was testifying on a police court charge of intoxication. "The defendant was intoxicated," he said. "I smelled alcohol on his breath and his eyes were bloodshot." Removing his glass eye, the prisoner asked the judge: "Do you think this eye was bloodshot?" The court placed the defendant on probation, deferring .sentence for one year. The Consolidated model 31 flying boat carries 5500 gallons of gasoline and a commercial adaptation could carry 20 berths or 50 day passengers. WOXED UKS A UFBMAKD S Ihe'said that HANES Croteh-Guai'd Sports took ten years off his figure. Perhaps she exaggerated. But it's a.fact,}er men, that HANES Crqtch- Guard Sports are as trim as they are comfortable. The gentle, athletic support of the HANESKNIT Crotch-Guard helps you keep spruce and alert at work .. . gives you protection when you exercise. All-round Lastex waistband. Easy to put on and take off. No buttons to bother you. You're really unaware of 'underwear. Team them up with a HANES Undershirt . . . worn outside for extra comfort. Crotch-Guard Sports are •Jf^ CIV priced at J *• V *J *-• iA V* V* C* I \. 35'. 50' HANES SHIRTS AND BROADCLOTH SHORTS Tfco Undershirts are made of fin«, rombed HANESPUN cotton-knit for comfort and long wear. HANES broadcloth Shorts are always accurate sizes. Smart new patterns (figure A). 355 Extra quality. 5Qc each. HANES Blue Label Shirts and broadcloth Shorts as low as 27c, < lor SI. SAMSONBAK UNION-SUITS These popular suits won't cut or bind you. Patented Tug -O'- War b»H in the back -can't rip or pull out (figure B). A great value at . . OTHERS 75c AND U? 1 1 look for the HANES Label when you boy underwear. It asiures you quality garments at moderate prices. ; A" Complete'tinexof Hanes Underwear at JOE ISAACS, Inc. (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS It's A Smart Child That Wears Right Bob With Her Easter Bonnet airnctive nans, nothing much in the way oi permanent improvement of the child's looks will be gained. Il'.s the little girl who brushes her hair often, who learns how to push a wave back into place with a comb or to roll a .straggling end on a rubber curler and otherwise manage her hair who will have a trim chic head when she is older. It'.s the little girl who pushes the cuticle back with a towel after •washing her hands, who cleans her nails with an orange stick night and morning, and who doesn't pick at cuticle or bite her nails who is more likely to have beautiful hands when she Is older than the child who has an occasional manicure and forgets her nails bet ween times. This smart spring coiffure for a little girl has a graceful ^upswept look about it. The hair is parted in the middle. The line around the face is soli and fluffy. Bows on both sides keep upswept side sections in place. Perfect atop a parted-in-the-middle hair-do, with f.??, ter l n *l upward-sweeping lines, is this smart little Easter bonnet. It's of natural straw, bound with ribbon and trimmed with a pert nosegay of soring flowers. By ALICIA HART NBA Service Staff Writer Easter hair-do's for little girls- like .spring coiffures for grown-ups —are designed to look as well with hats as without. The smart child, whose mama is determined that tier offspring will be as attractive on the way to school as she is in school with her hat off, takes her new hat along to the barber or beauty shop and lets the operator see it on the head before he cuts the hair. Experts agree that hair and coiffure problems are as ' vital to a ten-year-old as to her mother. No child is happy in a hair-do that isn't one hundred per cent comfortable or in one which doesn't please her when she looks at herself in the mirror. Mr. Paul of Charles of the Ritz, authority on coiffures for children and originator of the idea of a hair salon for children and sub-debs only, has designed a number of new coiffures to go under pert Easter bonnets. He likes short hair for girls from nine to thirteen. But he believes in letting the thirteen to sixteen-year-olds have long glamor bobs, which they seem to dote on at the moment BANGS ARE SPONSORED To wear with bonnets that sit on the back of the head, one smart 'teen-age coiffure is parted in. the middle to expose the clean, youthful lines of the brow. Top sections are left flat and, smooth, with soft, wide waves starting just above the ears and extending downward to ends all the way around. Side sections arc fluffed out .slightly. For upturned, off-the-face, severely tailored, hats, there's a hairdo with side part and casually brushed out ends. Deep rolls over the temples hug the head. Bangs—both straight and smooth and waved and fluffy—are sponsored for youngsters as well as grown-ups. If the child's face is thin, the bangs often are curved in a crescent shape on the forehead, giving width at the sides, by-ex- posing the temples. For round, full faces, ringlets may be placed high above the forehead, with all of the brow exposed. An upswept look at Uie sides is thoughtfully worked out. Naturally, it's important that every little girl realize, at an early age, that only hair which is gleaming with health and cleanliness lends itself with good results to the hairdresser's artistic touch. As soon as she is old enough to manage a brush, she ought to brush her hair at least three times a week—with upward and outward strokes which stimulate the scalp and clean and polish the hair. HAIR NEEDS REGULAR CARE It's all very well and. indeed, an excellent idea to let a child have a new coiffure to go with her Easter hat and, if the family budget permits, to take her to an expert for an occasional hair-do and manicure. However, unless she is taught that day in and day out care is what makes for beautiful hair: and REFRIGERATORS and ELECTRIC RANGES FRIGIDAIRE COLD-WALL — an entirely different kind of refrigerator The chilling coils are in the walls. You don't have to cover foods. Foods retain vitamins —freshness, flavor, moisture for days longer. Distinctive cabinet styling. New Facts Label tsUr. you what you get before you buyt Over 40 '.vender ri: I features I LOWEST PRICE EVER I O Jown SC.76 a month EASY 7ERMS Orer J00.000 Families Jimtght COLD-\TA LL in 19-10! Brilliant New Beauty! More Useful Than Kicr! Use less Current! ' Sensational Low Prices! With jicw and exclusive Radiantube units—They cook faster than ever before! Ultra-modern cabinet styling vmh fluorescent cooking top lamp. Packed with feature after feature of highest quality I Yet price is RHINELANDER, Wis. (UP) While churh bells and automobile horns loudly welcomed 1939 a group of New Year's Eve celebrants paraded merrily down a .street in Madison, .capital of Wisconsin. Leading the parade were a. young man and a girl. They .stopped" at a mailbox. Into it, while their companions cheered, they dropped two envelopes, containing their resignations as a state highway department engineer and filing clerk respectively. The exuberance of New • Year's Eve wore off "5s 1939 grew older Dick and Shirley found hack writing, for which they had quit their jobs, no quick road to wealth. In fact, what with interruptions" of well - meaning friends and other distractions, the road appeared to be leading them in the opposite direction. Marry and Retreat So Dick and Shirley married and fled distraction. In the summer of 1939 they established themselves in a lonely tarpaper shack near Rhinelancler, in northern Wisconsin. There they have remained. Months sometimes elapse between visitors, but checks have begun to arrive more often. The Hacks of Haxate, Dick and Shirley — Mr. and Mrs. Richard Huzarski — call themselves. Seen from the outside, Kaxates. which Dick explains means "hacks at ease," is a simple tarpaper cabin. But the deft hand of Mrs. Huzarski has created a livable interior, furnished with overstuffed chairs' and davenports and well-stocked bookshelves. On the r.eiliiig is a large map. where Huzarski can see his conquered homeland, Poland, as he lies on the davenport. A shaggy clog. Check—presented by Shirley's father as a wedding present — shares the lonely woods cabin. Wife Covers Trap Line The rigors of life in the northern Wisconsin wilds do not -permit uninterrupted days of writing. There is a three-mile trap line which Mrs. Huzarski covers regularly. She keeps the pantry stocked with preserves, too. And there's the woodpile. Huzarski keeps himself fit by keeping it at an adequate height, But trapping, housekeeping and wood-cutting in the north woods take less time than the demands of social life in Madison.' the Hu- 2:irskis have discovered. Writing has begun to be profitable. And perhaps it won't always be of the hack variety—they're working on the "great American novel." THURSDAY,' APRIL 3, 1941 south, recall whnfc excellent treatment they found at the Goepfert farm. The hunting season will be on then. PERRY, Kas. (UP) — Elmer R. Goepfert. a fanner, enjoys nothing more than to get out his shotgun and go hunting, particularly for ducks or geese. The Perry American Legion Trapshooting club has its buildings on the 105-nrj-e wheat farm which Goepfert operates. Goepfert is one of its most active members, although he is a stickler for obeying the game laws and he never allows any shooting on his place out of .season. Goepfert is primarily a wheat farmer, depending for his living on the money the wheat brings every year. Recently Goepfert was awakened by the "honking" of geese. An investigation disclosed that thousands of the birds had alighted on a 50-acre lake in the middle of Goepferi'.s wheat field. Many of the geese nibbled at the sprouts just above the ground. The j question immediately in j Koepfert's mind whether lie should .satisfy his longing to shoot the 'birds and protect his wheat, or whether lie should observe the letter of the law. The geese and duck season ended in December. Finally Goepfert went back into his house and called a state game protector in Topeka, Carl Tiech- graeber. Tiechgraeber arrived a short time later and estimated the size of the flock at 20.000 geese. The flock stayed at Goepferfs farm for several clays, feeding on the wheat. When the first flock had gone, a new one arrived. The second one departed without Goepfert ever firing a shot. He hopes the gee 3 e. along next November, when they're going Bandits' Idea Boomerangs BOSTON cUP)—Two holdup men wore hideous Halloween masks to conceal their identity bui the idea boomeranged when their intended victim, Miss Mary Magee, 20 .screamed so loudly they fled themselves. SEED Price Our Seed Beans at Wilson, Ark. Osceoia Implement Go. Osceoia, Ark. Keiser Supply Co. Keiser, Ark. Idaho Grocery Co. Basseli, Ark. &K fev>- PVf * v; J Only y 90TH OUTSTAHDIKC KtW I94/ 14 Jm - 1-3 Fall 1941 ...... 1-3 Fall 1942 206 W. Main -Ffigm&ire"m -1936- with the Meter MiseVWmaTv havJTlhe" warrant}- extended" ir you act at once. ' Hardaway Appliance Co. J. W. ADAMS, Mgr. State Keeps Old Banks MANCHESTER. N. H. (UP)—Of the 249 banks in the United States established more than a century ago, 10 of them are in New Hamp-' shire. •w>7$?:^ SPECIALS • Shine-up, dress-up, spruce-up your car and Your home for Spring! Come see our big Spring Parade of low- cost, high-quality accessories, tires, RGA and MOTQRQL-A radios, batteries, bicycles, "clean-up" items. Come in NOW while these Goodyear Spring Parade values lastl GOOD/YEAR "G-3" All-Weather CajA price with year old tire OTHER SIZES PRICED IN PROPORTION * The world -famous All- Weather tread. For safer, non-skid driving at this low 1941 pricel You can't afford to miss this great value. EASY-PAY TERMS New Tubes Save Tires! NEW RCA FOREIGN CORRESPONDENT ONLY $*435 I4 Overseas dial with two foreign spread-bands— first lime ever in a radio for less than $99.95. MAKE YOUR CAR LIQUID PRE-WAX CLEANER - Removes road film easjjy. Pint 3*S$S^iiS^3?O i i ' 1 MEW wines MUSIC MAKER ONLY Now you cctn sound »inglc warning notes or play an unlimited number of tune«. Three individually powered' trumpet*. Powerful, resonant tones. Picrno-type key- iocrrd mounts on steering po«L Instruction book FBEEJ OTHER QUALITY HORNS $04§ mt UP GOODYEAR LIQUID WAX-Easily and quickly applied. Pint ALL-WEATHER POLISH AND CLEANTS—Comb. cleaner, polish. Pint WHITE SIDE WALL CLEANER —Tires look like new! Pint . . . . CHROME CLEANER- Safe, efficient. Easily applied. 1-oz. can 39' 39' 39° 39' 29' '•« CRYSTAL-CLEAR RECEPTION! RCA Victor 10X. Now- while they last—at this new low price WINGS MARATHON Double-bar frame for boys. Girls' model shown. EASY-PAT TERMS ONLY ---EASY-PAY TERMS 1 new stock J "Ali-SEASON" SEAT COVERS v -s GOOD/YEAR Ifefe^ TIRES ^sii Dress up your carl upholsteryl These COT«» are durable, snug-fitting and of water-repellent fiber. $J98 TO $488 COMFORT SEAT COVERS from $2.9$ PUOTEX SEAT COVERS from $5.45 GOODYEAR SERVICE STORE 410 W. Main Phonc Headquarters for RCA Home Radios and MOTOROLA Car Radios

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