The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 28, 1939 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 28, 1939
Page 5
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TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 28, 1939 is HBEWE BLYTHEV1LLE (ARK.) COURIER NEW Print Of Old Time 'Militia Drill U. S. Army Plans Swift 1 Mobilization Should Wai- Come To This Coiiriiiy BY TJ10MAK M. JOHNSON t<KA Service Staff C'orres|iciident WASHINGTON, Nov. 27 - On the village green they thronged, clnd in buckskin and fustian, armed with shotguns and fowling- pieces—a motley creWi lln aW |{ Wartl squad—America's militia In annual muster. They were not minute-men, but one-day men, for one day a year was all the military training they That was a hundred years ago But even in 1917, reserves nearly as disorganized were drilling In .parks with wooden guns. . Since then, one of the Army's important achievements has been 1 lhat the disorganized reserves now are the Organized Reserves, who are rapidly being prepared to step forward and join the Regulars nnd National Guard In a solid wall of nearly a million defenders, Many new plans arc being considered, and already some 1500 Reserve Officers are In service Ttie 50,000-odd Reserve Lieutcn- anls are being asked which of them would like to he among 1300 to leave civilian life and help officer (he Regulars' swelling ranks, fcr six months beglnnlnc January 1. Later another 1300 wilt be, chosen, thus doubling the reservoir of subalterns nccnmiU't i)ig this invaluable experience RESERVE OFF1CEIIS The reserve officers mostly ;ire young, though some are older men of considerable prominence who, from patriotism or military Interest, keep themselves ready" to step in as regular officers if needed. Their military experience varies ! from the 13,500 who saw World ' War service and the 2400 non-com- I B? Bnu "i; GATTON missioned otters with Regular ' °° ati « Ncw s Washington Coireaiioudcut Army backgrounds, to 53.000 WASHINGTON, Nov. 28. '— If yumge-r men commissioned in the President Roosevelt does what Reserve Officers' Training Corps. I \Vusnmjt:n rumor says he will do In whiter, these "mail-order offi- [ im< ? appoints Attorney General cars' 'study by correspondence and M mphy to the Supreme Court, lecture. Last slimmer 30,000 got 5'°" can expect Solicitor General such field work as commanding Robert H. Jackson to be groomed 35,000 boys who volunteered lor cuce mo - re as a presidential candi- ABOVE: This old print of "A Militia Drill" ailords an insight Into the duality of America's "dlsovgan- i-d reserves a century ago. Below: Well-trained nnd modernly equipped C. M. T. C. Hoops man n howitzer at Madison Rarracks, New York. BRUCE CATTON IN WASHINGTON Military Training d:lte •--•— - — date. "For" j debalc over his confirmation in the Senate, E S arrtcm n Uoosevelt nun as Senator Norm declared "I'd be delighted to see him (Jackson) in the White liaise." IS ARDENT NEW DEALER, None of the Democrats now mentioned ns men who could run <or the presidency with Roosevelt's blessing comes as close t- fitting several years Jackson has simon-pure New Deal specifications C. c.' been the favored candidate of the as does Jackson. the Citizens' Camps. ••• • Reserve officers made the „. ^. nor™™"? 1 ? 2 E. ai ' c novv "ecorning N ™ Deal group-inciuding,"'it "is Jacfcson"waT'one of the original permanent civilian employees. But said, Roosevelt hlmscif-as FDR's advocates of the fanrns umlisl llV already nearly 1500 cfflcers fill successor in 1940. Chief trouble utert profits tjx He wen" dovn chinks in Regular combat, ordi- with the idea has been a a r the the line vigorously for tic hill m nance and medical units, and to country at large has heard but little enlarge the Supreme Court when the Air Force this spring will go of him. I that controversial ----- c another 1500. The Army wants to. The office <f solicitor general is befo: ' e Ccngrcss auompnl. Hln }ionrlfitl tKn* :_ ' _ ,-:-> . : . . re ti, , T „ u the New Dealers „ luu; to see hjjn make (he race, they have not to date made much heail- measure •,,,„,,„ t ni—_,, ' "'""° ^ \ ""= ""itu ti soii'-iior general is augment the handful that is now a highly important one, but it does getting special training as staff not. bring its holder many head- officers. MODERN' WAR DEMANDS SWIFT 3IOHILIZATIOV Tnrinv n,» A i i rc° y lines. to yawn in th iy holes tt nation's framework in the event of mobilization. If Mr. Murphy should be put on I the Supreme Court, Jackson would Ihe j be the logical man t: replace him ; Pegs ab attorney general. In that spot lie would could command plenty of headlines. "" lltay The anti-monopoly drive now in depots, schools all would need i progress would insure '« "- that, if failed lamentably when it nflin>rc j rf • f .V wiiicn laiicci lamentably when it omcers And instantly. A "Light-; was tried a couple of 'years ago ng War" would allow no dawdl-, could go toward in fine style & ing hke ours in 1917. So, as soon; JACKSOMTES BACK as Ccngress declares a "national' aiunPHV FOR JUSTICE emergency"--not the "limited em- J Right now, a good part of th- ergenc.v" now in force-call out the ' Murpliy-for-justice talk In circu- Kcseryesi That is the idea now : lation prceeeds. not from backers of Besides Ihe 105,000 officers, Murphy, but from backers of Jnck- (here is a small—too small—non- son. commissioned officers' reserve; also Murphy is very happy where he a growing reserve of enlisted men, is. A reliable report savs he was «-!!„„„,„,.,: „„„, civ ,, |im g hcst . offerc() R p , ace ^ the - hjgh coi)rt 75,000 will be t\vo years ago and turned it down. Tlic understanding now is that he — •*" «.....n,n. will take the place if the President And behind nil these stand the urges him, but that it he were left shadowy but substantial forms of to Ills own desires he would stay hundreds of thousands of young in the Department of Justice men with some military training-, Early in 1938 a Jackson-for- mainly R. o. T. C. graduates not President boom was launched here in the Organized Reserves, and C. in a. mild way. New Dealer." M.T.C. graduates. They and the boomed him for the New York younger war veterans are fcur gubernatorial nomination, figuring only "disorganized reserve' todny, that lhat -w:uld bc an excellent but compared with the yokels and stepping stone to the presidency, backwoodsmen who mustered one The Plan fell through when day a year on the village green. Postmaster General Farley and they are veterans. other practical-minded politicians decided they needed Governor ex-Regulars, now civilian withers of whom , geuing $12 a year for standin by to materialize on demand. --- — ece ey neee overnor On many makes of automobiles, Lehman as u candidate again to the aii(Me of the clutch pedal is oppose Republican Dewcy. adjustable and may be changed to In that sums winter of 1338 suit the requirements of the Jacks'n was nominated to tho post n '*' IU '''' of solicitor general. During the and was granted an appeal tc- circuit court. Appeal bond wns set at $75. Dec Oriner was fined $25 on a charge ol disturbing tlic peace and granted an appeal with his bond sot at $125. Max nuvris was fined $100 on a charge of driving while under the influence of liquor but $50 of the fine was suspended. After entering a plea of guilty to a charge cf reckless driving, Tom Harrington wns fined $25. Csr.cs of Loimlc Rogers, charged with violation of the lish and game, laws; David Baker, charged with overdraft, and H. A. Tedder, disturbing the peace, have iiot yet been way in converting practical politicians or the general public to their way of thinking. If Jnc!ts:n were attorney general for the six months preceding the nominating convention, their task might be a good rtcal easier. Anil this fact accounts lor a good deal of the talk ab:ut Murphy bring the ideal man to replace the late Jus- dee Pierce Eutler. Memorial Cabin Stands Under Lincoln Stone Face would like WENATCHEB. Wash. (UP) — A cabin built as o memorial to Abraham Lincoln on n plain near »'COUR! here below a great stone face rc- Eembllng that of the Civil war President has been dedicated. The cabin, erected by the Washington unit of the Sons of Uniin Veterans, was built to the exact specifications ns the one In which Lincoln was born a t Hodcgenvlllc, Ky. Decades ago the site was the camping ground fcr an Indian pacifist leader, Chief Moses. . The stone Jncc which overhangs the cabin Is called Lincoln Rock because it, bears such a likeness to the President. Eighteen men and women arrested over the weekend on charges of public drunkenness were tried in municipal court or forfeited bonds !or their appearance The drive waged by the state police am:ng motorists have improper lights is continuing with R. C. Williams, Eirl Sweet ami "Red" Copelaml each paying fines ol one dollar each on such a charge. •Floyd Handlcy was held to circuit court on a charge <f Ior«ery and uttering and his bond set at $250. Fred Gentle was fined $100 on a charge of driving while under the influence of liquor. Kirby Killing was fined $25 on a charge of reckless driving. Alvin McGregory v/as fined $15 on a charge of disturbing the peace Another Hitching Post Gors SANTA ROSA, Cal. (UP)—Time marched on here when an old- lime hitching post WRS removed from the street, it had heen doing a steadily decreasing business for the past 27 years. Laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 For Prompt Laundry and Cleaning Service W proof.. .CopyiioM 1939. ScNnlu Get Your Ts-aetor Cleaned, Repainted, and ^lettered for...HALF PRSCE 0 You aren't using your tractor so much right now, and you could sparcitfora/cwdaya. Wo are not so busy cither —so we will give you n complete, first-class paint job, including thorough cleaning and rclclterin Sr for HALF PRICE. Chances arc your trader needs some other repairing anyway to put it in shape for spring work and RIGHT NOW Utlio best time, for both of u&. Our &hop is fully equipped; our mechanics arc expert workmen. We can do the work fo suit you—and NOW you get tho lowest rates. Phone us . and we will arrange to call for and deliver your tractor if you wi«h. GFFE& GOOD DURING WINTER ONLY Blythcvilie, Ark. Phone 802 Mexican Lender Marks ''if 11) Anniversary In Office MKXICO, D. p. (up) _ aen nziiro Cnrdenns del 'Rio todny -Jinjiloini five jx-nrs ns ['resident <" United Mexican Stales, n nosl- icvohuionary record. Since Ihe overthrow cf den, Pro- Wci Dliia in 11)11, after ho hnd been president of Mexico for 30 J'enrs, nobody has been In ofllco ns long us Cardenas. Ho wns Innugu- v. 30, 1034, succeeding Is sinning on ..„ .„„., Jlim „. <-'hlof executive. Undoubtedly cnrclcims will go down In history as nn Important president, not only for lens Hi of service, but for the unusual amount ol things done in that time. ['«- tiiolle Mexicans Imvc Imlled him as (he ui-enlcst nnd strongest nrcs- Icient since [he days of Ijenlto Juarez, while some say ho Is Ihe Breuti-st national hero since Miguel Hidalgo, whu proclaimed tho Independence In 1B10. Welles nig 1'owers 'iirdcnns has surpassed nil recent presidents of Mexico In ono vilnl respect, his Independent of the milled slnles. When (ho oil troubles arose, Cnrdenns dhl not Hesitate to dike over tho foreign petroleum properties (on Mnrch 18, I93H) wltlioul a thought of (vlmt (he Slnlc Dcpnrtnicnt nl Washington mlglit think about It He previously hnd token over the National Railways, nnd selrai Hie big cotton estates in the La- gima region, owned mostly by llrlllsli, American nnd Spanish lundowners. Oreat Britain vigorously protested nil tlieso nollons, In April nnd May, 1S38, It demnmlcd that Mexico return the oil properties and pictured Mexico ns n vlrtunlly bankrupt nation. Ciudenns ended this scries of protests by suspending diplomatic relations with tho Court of St. Jnmes, reminding His Majesty's minister here that Brll- al!i herself, despite her grant resources nnd power, hnd not lived «P to all its obligations, referring to tho dcfnult on tho United Stntes war debts. Duli'milncd to Ktc\i Down Several times recently, moves have been stnitcd to "draft" Onr- ,<lcnus to run tor re-cectidn (.which •,<vo\i!d necessitate' a constitutional amendment), or to Imvc his term of ollice" "extended" another two or more years, ns so many presidents In the Americas linve done. Cnrdenns, however, stendfnstly has stuck to h|s resolution of serving out his term, then to step down, hand over tho office to his peacefully elected successor, nnd live In Mexico us a private cillzcn. He is cnger to disprove the old Mexican nxlom thai "strong presidents either ciul up by going to tho cemetery, or Into exile." The live ycnrs of Cnrdenns in office have- not been smooth, but at no lima was he in clnngcr of being overthrown. He hns had many critics, but liltlo organized opposition since the overthrow the un- olflclnl ovcrlordship of cx-Prcsl- dcnt callcs In June, 1935,, nnd deported him to California lu 1338. No real revolution broke out, against Cardcnns, ns did against so many of his predecessors. Tho Indian gncernl, Saturnino Cedlllo, headed n, loosely-orgnnhcd scml- rebcllious movement in the stale of San Luis Polos! in 'lie summer of 1038, but it was easily put down. Ccdillo fled to the hills; refused to trust Cardcnu.5' offers of amnesty nnd safe-conduct, nnd wns killed n few months Inter | n a'brush with federal soldiers. Cmdrans Is still n young mnii; ho won't cclctmilo his «lh blrth- <l»y mini May ai, IQ«. Despite nil Ijiu ncllvily, work, travel nnd worries of the inist five ycnrs, tho general Ims grown stouter nn<! Jms mellowed somewhnt ns his cxner- ence In governing his people hns Inctensed, !fu is still n KTOU nlh- Ictc, rising ni s <lnlly, H 0 swims or rltles horseback before brenkfnsl nml then goes to tho Natlonnl 1'aluce nt l), nf|e r Imvliig nlrcndy Held Jils prlHdptii conferences nt homo. Ho geniirnlly works until 3 "• 1 o'clock, when ho cats his one inonl of UIB dny. liuvlng never .-ilreil tho slesln Imbll, CavUcnas wwka imlll 10 p. M. or midnight. Cnrdenns does not bcllcvo In smoking, drinking, or gambling. I (Us Hi-si oflldnl net wns to nbolhh i th« casinos which flourished In various resort towns. Ho JIM Jn- fieosed Inxes on wines nnd Imrd llfiuors nnd reduced them on bcor. On Sunttny tlw bnrrooms cannot Iceully oiicn. Like ['resident Hoosuvclt, Onr- .PAGEJP1VE or J. L. GUARD Optometrist Only Graduate OiiUimc- trlBl In Hlylhevlllc. Fitted Correctly 'lonas is Uio subject and object of Natives of Wisconsin 'are' ''called Badgers" because of the • early Often ho asks his miners of th'at state, cnblnel ministers to tell Jilm tlic , lived In underground burrows llic« ENJOY THAT OLD-TIME BOURBON FLAVOR YOU GET IN KENTUCKV STRAIGHT OOVRBON Hcd I/ilicl 00 proof Illiick J/.itirl JM '[""Of Nnlloii»IS.ilc) UcnieMiitallva! CltailM V. Milltr, &W '&smrn^'" 6 et ^ ^<ss^^ u tio» 5 \od° \\o n *' IN FEATURES THAT COUNT! SILBERNAGET. & COMPANV UflB Rock - Pine Bluff - Fort Smith New Cars and Trucks Ready For. Immediate Delivery Open 'Till 11P.M. Phone

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