The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 11, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 11, 1936
Page 3
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JVKDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 11, 1930 BLYTTIRVILLE (ARK.) COl'/UER NEWS Farm News Edited .1. O. FULLERTON County Agricultural. Agent J L DAMtRON Ass, t County Agent dtijh Tills mlxtuic will lienl ,'\ cns »»••,. tp'j, -<|i ' Mi, MooV unins fl , i) clnM llio "•*, of nnv Irwilm nt f fot , voinii i'n'rj.5 UIPIP 'Is ( the pvJ-teicc thRt llje flou Info'let) ', pounds of milk nnd 407 pounds of biiderfflt \KI- cow, compared lo 18,019 pounds of milk and 055 .pounds of butfcrfiU per cow wlicn fed the full ration of 'grain' mid ruughago. • ••, i* -,. < , These cows produced Cl anrt 02 IKicent as much milk auo bullcr- fat, respectively, oil roughage 1 alone vie:! on Pig'Projects for ^,^SH^uH!S „.,„ „ , , .I/ton mad* Atter >* Fanner Began >n Debt Mellon Greenway Has Cav- . LON15ON. .(UP)—The story of Ityw. Gsorse Bnylu, of lirtsliliv ovjrinme'"ci»rly adyers-'s lo vb?- come • '(he largest farm."i;-'bf uraliio land nnd producer of tarioy In England,; was told ,by (:. s P.-H-JI TAt«f\nf rt til? Oxh'rd U'li^i-s'Lv "i iin-iKldr«s iit"KinV, Foui Years B>- MELTON GKKENVVAY Champion 4-H Club !><»• for North Mississippi county for 1!BC anil - Dm itig my foui years in 4-n ' Club work I have ciirbd three dif- ferant piojett-i These projects nre us f ollow s • tow and llttei, peanut* nnd Irish potatoes I only canted one pio- ject, sow and litter, the Hist jear I v,,ii in 4 H work, winch was in 1933 During that year, I made n gross income of $80 and a nst Income of J47 50 with my sow nnd Utter. The following year, 1934, i started with my sow nnd litter to-' gcthei with one-twelfth of an au-c in peanuts From my SOA nnd lit ter, I marie a gross profit of $50 or n net profit of $25. From tlie peanuts, 1 made a net profit ol During 1935, I had as my projects, the sow and litter miU three- tenths of an acre of Irish potatoes. The dry weather caused mj Irish potatoes lo.'makc a very low . yield. I made a gross income o: $5750 from my sow and litter an< a net Income of $25.25. During 1938 my activities in 4-H dub work have bsen confined one project, Die sow nnd fitter My sou farroned t°n pigs but onh s ,w ed llnee of them, gmiig a gioss profit of $40 anct a net profit of SIR During my four years in 4-H club work I made a gross income of $207.90 and n net profit of $14640 The larger portion of this net income has been used to purchase niore livestock, buy books and clothes and alteiul school At th» present time I O un three brood sows other than that on which I am keeping a record as my proi-ct <iurmg 1936 I value these brood sous together uith the one on which I keep a iecord and her DIES at SIGO pe In addition to the actual experience and cash received from the 4-H club work, i mre gamed much Irom the social activities of our clubs Parties, panics and other club Ballerinas have made school nfe more eiijoyab's and have fitted 'f- le to .i n « e t'people anjUenjoyrlife jo a greater exbnt m the future During 1935 Iny twin brother, Malcolm, was count/ 4-H club cham- Pion, ant! since that time it has been my ambition to reeei v » th6 same honoi i bjieve that "as a result of my being a 4-H club mem «ei for four jears, i am much better fitted for the future. Ihe cheaper nuttlcnts play In The P'eduction of milk or biillerfat fn citing these /isuics, the dalij thief P9uits out that the cow? in I leie feeding tests rcccucd only the best quality loujjhiigc, ft pjlnt vhlch some dalrjmcu fall to \nlue L r )i >>e it must the cows must/ be After *'OPO. six jeirs of fi'in'in l-i i Or\Un sa[d, D i lib lov, . .,_. .."<! in 'ils'vn-i'i'fii JT)]> oth"j|i!istV(v1 ifiYn<»i|tT '<•« ^-.,-, iiu-'ii the experiments at Holham- sled wJilch proved that torn ..„. could be grown nil 1 ! an aupllcn- the iimst of-' 1 -)!.°f awipawla aim pho'>p'i(ites of good mial- "" mn'. 1 " n urestnieces? of It, and Q\«i^lHally farmed 12,000 aeies half,_ of .which he owned, i^. E;cept for a f«nl u or!cln-' ho-s^<- , najlls d'spsnssrt wfth anitmh. ana 1 P. ra|> " c ^ o*jlllorated viUTjss and farm- I3icni ^ r l'-"«"s In bullditij' up his groat H-> left n fortune of $1235000 yh:n,,lis died. . 100 cllllles at \vak» and Mldwft'v [Inilrts. Uviil t -Cq\ K o. owrcis hni re\Cftled ' ^ ^ Ciawford is (ho dlstilct ,1- for tl'e Tenltoii of HiwWi, m h »)>'c!i dlsfilct wnlo niH,M)lwtij nre Ineludfd, nltlioi-sh thcj do not form pirt of the 1'irito'j Thi ent'ic hnipoi fa pcudltuie 6f abou, ».,^ The proix)^C(I iifoje.ct iucliidss n turnliV chwuioi wa feet In width li fcH dc-p m tie cu:er endued HO feet -'Iceo at th? innr cnct, \vH,h a turning b'nsin: ll- •^0-i'etit siiimrj'. | ( itiwtl|-cos(, $400,- Thc nddltionnl * $1,000W~7l pi'oposci) _«•!)! b° A/wnt nt \VnXc islivnd for' a i channel ."1,201)' feet wjdc aim ;s r : ;pt deep and i\ turn- uig Insln 1,000 Is " 'l'x> aunty fqi tiia pioim-icd harbor fucllltlei WHS m.rle last £«rln s atul the midlnjs reported to wislilngio'n with (he appiovil ftnd U'ccinmi'iiduliou of 1)13 en) irmids for Iii3 wo-k u-obnb'v wll u " uiovlded by congress or by n *P=c al nllo nieni of nubllo \\ork Cow Can Get Half of Needed Nutiients From Cheap Feeds "Good pasture and other rough- ages," observes, O. E. Reed, chief • of the bureau of dairy Industry, "nre the basis for si low'feed' cost in producing milk arid butterfat." There are hvp reasons why pasture and other 'home-gro\vn rough- RCCS help cut'the cost of producing milk. They arc usunlly^the cheapest crops In which the: J Miri- cv can grow feed nutrients, dnd the cow can eat enough good roiiEhage to obtain more than half the nutrients she needs for her l.iehest milk yield. In .a series of long-time feeding experiments bureau dairymen are feeding cows on diffrent kinds of roughage exclusively, and also on the roughages with grain In addition. The bureau now has 130 records, one half showing the production when, the cows were led on roughage alone, and the oilier half when the same cows were fed a full ration of grain in addition to roughage. -The , group on the roughage ration produced nn annual average of I],4i' FRIED CHICKEN—J 25c Every Moil. Wed. & Fri. on Plale Utnch DICK'S CAFE Across the Street From Kre»'I NOTICE ' To Our'Customers We nre now'closing our repair department and gas •station ,-.; o p. - M . cach any, liowcvcr we ' will maintain all night service at the BIythcville' Motor Sales Co. Phone 1000 for Service At Any Time Tom Little Chevrolet Co. Clei\n-Up Measuies Neces-' faiy to Pi event Rein-' festation There arc hundred's of worm remedies foi poultry on the market and (he puicliase of these remedies probibly lepre.sents the poultrymanv greatest loss from worms, according to J. o. Ful- lerlon, county ngent. No one of this large numbci of remedies Is 1W per cent cf- fcctiic In removing i»ultry worms None, of them Is aduscd nnl°ss liropcr precautions are taken to present leinfestntion whith in eludes thoioiighly clcanhi' Ihe poultry house and yards. If '"clean up" measmeS nre not taken Hi? lieatment must be repeated again nnd again until It is imiossill^ for the nock to overcome His cost of the remedies, and ic- turn a piofit to the owner the county agent was told by s A IVTcore, extension poultiyman, University of ArLuisas College of J-^'W Wike And Midway Ready HOVOIULU '(UP) -Simultaneously with the aviation development In ti<c Pacific the Wai D.- Pirtment is planning liarboi fii MCECrw i UP)'-The hydro- •lifi'ltlcii nlond Hie I:o •ilo\ has ended its -sen sons woik nftoi mi'steilng a no v soa rente iu the region of th Nordcnskjcld iirchipclngo, wlild was mopped and 10 "prevlouslj Islands discovered. Ihest Colds l-n • • • Yield quicker to the t^L Poultice-Vapor action of Worms, increase feed .costs decrease production, lonei vitality ami are sometimes fatal to the nock Since Iheic h httle difference in the efTectheness of the various treatments, the flock owner should consider the cost of medicine, the"'ease of application and itne effect on growth 01 production of the flock A home made remedy, which will stand crftlclsm from all angles, is the tmpentine treatment This treatment is given in the following manner Mix i pint of turpentine and 1 ouarl of mineral oil -nth 100 pounds of scratch grain Allow this mixtuie lo stand at least 24 hours before feeding Peed this mixture in place of the regular scratch grain for ten WAKElPYOlJR LIVER BILE- ft i tisul aioiMl-Aiid Yonll Jnap Oil «f W a (tx Motnmj Rum' it G« i.-^Sj'JT "hooU pour oat two noands of it n, lt " nnr , Jet " J " '" th « >»"«' whot.Jv2 ' "'.""""Brtxl You? whole .y.tcra I vanned .,,,1 rou / M | Kar Blink and thy world look punk bo^lK!,"" "*. ? nlr . m » l «"'"' A niet. Ji. »"» c " t . d »''i fMNXFORT DISTlUHieS, WCO«rORAT£D IOUISVIUE . BAUIMORE A, :Fl!I,I, PINT 99 FULL QUART CRESCENT NIGHT CLUB ••. '•. . . • "•. v - fii-jrfj . Opening November 22th with * WENNER- HARMON And His Sensational 9-Pieee Swing Band Accompanied by One of Chicago's Best "Swing" Singers Formerly at Knickerbocker Hotel, Chicago Dancing from 8:30 to 1:30 and from 8:30 to 3:00 on Saturday Night COVER CHARGE 40c PER PERSON HUBERT UTLEY, Proprietor We MlppL TrbUtt KIRBY'S Save With Safety-Thur. FrL Sa! $3.75 Elec. Waffle Iran, guaranteed ; PAGE ! -TORER#!i!| -•""' '•••••'•••'•'''•--••-^•••-^-•*y v V.f . . ; Shave Russian [Mineral Oil 47< *35e , , Campana ITALIAN BALM 29° EXTRA For Friday and ^Saturday Only * LYONS 'u- ,,,, e ,, HEATING I *'*'*>' ft9 Switch.. 22 I 1- IhefmorfiUonil tociK Pewd«r 0|«i» Tumbl«r 5o c IODE'NT Toow W^»I M Both For, 39° BABY NEEDS ^-jj-x-^—j ^S JABLU* ASPIRIN TABLETS BoltUof 100 ... ... . . . . tAVOWS $1.00 ib-«. sii 60e Sii« (Condcnicd) . , "Old Mill" Cho<o1«tc Malted Milk «-Lt. C.n.. Idtal^Ba^y Fooil MEAD'S~ PABLUM Pound Mf\, si« .49° AM-Collc , 75c Fl«tcher'« Cistori* . . 49c 2Sc Eagle Brand Milk, 15-01. IBc 5c Stork Cittlte Soup 12 tor 15c My Baby's T«Jc;L«rg«Tlh ; . 23c Kl»in«rt Baby Pants .. . .aic 25c J. AJ. Talc . . . . Gl ye «rin»'Supt>6*itori Eiec. Heaters $1.49 Up DRUG SPECIALS m •.'.ir-ii(-;^<v<>,!i.v.f? Sbamnoo . ' •• '••*?- ViS-V.,- 1 -'. ',.-' Rubbing .COHOl] »fp»h CREAM '&" MODESS 'l2l7< •u> , . *)• „ ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL! pRLIS ANTISEPTIC 2 /8 ounc» ; ; ; f| M. Bottt«i.. £ y "'': -°K* « >*>'>PMl.ll '' Campho-Lyptui Complete Cold Treatment Cough Syrup Ointment'-* 50c 24e .Oii/wA;; Hdikuf Livtr OH t :.•'" •unctt C«p»ult» Inoilnl Aj'»ouiicM :i \;\:vv^'»9i .StU-'ltilKi Cod l,i\tt .Oil, '•it'^tviitc. -Iliillbut:Liver oil, pl»iri,' 10ft. ;49e Abbntfs: Ann •.C*pmJ«£'/*«Vji.w' least c ' Counoiiclt ihodlli oili. »n be Mfclv tlituleil, Hm ((«,/.) 8 01. Hydrogen Pcroxi'dc Martin Baby Nft >, contcj j,:5< r,/,t*'- . KLEENEX Lysol Piii»l«»cS(,t,7 Tooth Brush Of Us Tooth Pisti •. ... r« ( «.rlywHlel«Ml. 2' 0r Z7 Woodbury'«» ... 33 Milk of Magnesia ' Full Pint Anacln Tablets Claio Preparations .20c Size , . ..... WampoU'i Preiunl on.-»l 00 S Hlnhl. Pill, UollloodOO Nature's Remedy 18 THE PLACE TO BUY SMOKERS SPECIALS LAPALINA (EXCULENTES) CIGARS POPULAR 5c TOBACCOS CHOCOLATE CREAMS Arratlti Theatrical CoJdCrwm Ctrtihd Mineral Oil Afar Aspirin Tin of 12 verlfiltfFerenl « TI. Hind dipped ifk 01 bill e t iw CW« oh Bull D.. h>m. Duki, MMUIC orOlJNoilhSl.t Here's QiiJefc Relief For Acid Indigestion Many com LAST CHANCE I For Beautiful Hair Keep Your Scalp Frtt ol Dandruff 1 buui.MU.. ^WDH^nsKS! 1 ^ 1 " 1 mlc wav to nd your *<«!D ol To'cnler ike 'AmM .nd Andy' Blby « 1'! BUir""'"! 1 R'memlxr Iherc • »J4,OW) In Prim. Comeil tncli • •oon— Tun nmon, c^e/y-day itomscli nil- nienli remit from ah CXGKII ncTd lion. To Rvoid tii=di»coin|ori of «!J-in- utKCuion, liennburn, •our «dm«cli, etc.; uke BBMADINE-iUi , a f e 'Ciil rrrr>fitaUon ilmt . i nlkaline «civ-e' and hctpi =A«nacid«. SoU on r noncj-.liacV gnnTaTilfe Get n ifcttfc of BISMADINE: 5-oz Roll!? FREE! I5c WILDROOT You •imrly maiMifi lh« K*Jp (w,lh •pply 2o"Mffi'uT'E'DAN°DR(jFF pmncnoH CLEANSING TISSUES 40c PEPSODENT 33 HAIR TONIC - poter, b?triniirini the lonk to ieicK the footi •nd Miin EN coriec- .-. Bot. tie > Towd * TOOTH PASTE {1.00 Anliicplic Mary Lake Lavender Lotion Fevtr _ Thcrmom«1«r Kccpi Hindi Smooth and Soft (-Ounce She Monarch J*Qwfrt HOT WATER BOTTLE 49* Toilet Tissue Velvet, . lOc Ftoss-Tex 5c SANITARY NAPKINS SUPfORTER Avoid -f* 50* Lcjlhtr Fool bill KcaJy to at 98 ~~ 6 LL EiecJron, guaranteed $1.39 Pop Corn Popper, electrio 89c Cold Capsules 25c Packard Electric Razor Creomulsion 98c Pinkliam Veg. Compound 99c SUSPeruna $15 few Stationery, huge assortmeny new styles/ Up from 49c Creosoted Emulsion^ the guaranteed Cough SyrujT 79c CANDY Whitman's Walgreen . Hcrshey .. Mars ...SI Lb.V .. 30c -Lb.' 3 for JOc 3 for lOc , BROS. Alain an'd Broadway At the Fountain , Soups • ChiH Tstmales Sandwiches

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