The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 13, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 13, 1934
Page 6
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PAGE SIX Cochrane Has Baseball for Breakfast Carideo's Tigers May G Places for Change Sophs Deliver COLUMBIA, Mo., Sept. 13 (UP —The University of Missouri foot tall team, which has boiled 11 name Tigers the past few year this fall llirealens to bloom Int a rcnl lighting machine, bin. Ilk the situation al other Dig Si schools, much seems to dqiend at what the sophomores'do. for l-vank Carhlco, hcafi coach It is n EFHSOII. He Is on tin tpot with the nlumnl olid he lin: to pnxhice. The squad Is for him however, nnd Dial Is n big already disposed o[. Also It Is the biggest Sfiuad-14 iettcrmen, mm. reserves mid « sophomores—thnl Missouri has wen in many years Also CnrMoo win be woifcms ioi the first time with players who began their college football under him. The previous two ye:irs his men were holitoverr from the previous regime and politics reimlcil- ly played a big part hi the team's failure to function. Many of the sophomores were attracted here because of Cnrldco and they are expected to give him iheir best efforts. Cartdro hasn't seen enough practice sessions yet to havard any predictions but he believes tin. 1 outlook is brislu. The men reported Monday In good Physical trim In the bockfleltl will be six let.- iermcn. Rank Rc« and "Hutch" Houston probably will get the call for the fullback post, where thev Mil alternate, lioss has been a regular two seasons. Houston was slowed last fnli by injuries, but when right is usi/ally good for the gain needed for a first clown. At the halves Oiriclco will have old heads In Art Lochiner, Sldncv Johnson and Frank Davidson' Loclmer was the best punter and Passer on the team Ian fall. Jim Lawhpn. at qunrtcr. also is back. Ed McMillan and Dan Caldwell arc expected to other candidates for center,' with Warren Orr Possibly playing at tackle. Dale Ream. Ed Sconce. George Con- Eolver and Ted Bland are back seeking places at guavrl. anil Evans Powell and Herb Greiula are expected to duality for end positions. /Sophomore tackle talent is on hand for the first time recently with Dick Miller and Clark Miller leading -the list. John Ferguson Prank .T}-.ciKp<-on' and two or three other big fast men also are seeking places at tackle. Two sophomore bets In the back. field-are Anglo Carideo. brother of the coach, and Joe Artgelo. The former Is n quarterback hopeful and the latter a half. Both can Pass, punt and nm. The schedule shows no soft spots for the Tigers .but Carideo has un- t,,nc to «.,*„„ , rnend and advise, til the first week in October set ready. The opener will played against Colorado at Boulder, a team thnt has defeated Missouri the last two years. A venture into. Big Ten competition will be made with Chicago Ihc opponent, and there arc scores to be evened with St. Louis nnd Washjdglon universities besides the conference teams. The schedule: Oct. 6-Colorarto at Boulder. Oct. 13—Iowa State here. Oct. 20—St. Louis here. Oct. 27—Chicago at Chlcasn. Nov. 3—Oklahoma at Norman. Nov. 10 -Kansas Stntc at Manhattan. Nov. 17—Washington here. "" Nov. 24-Nebraska at Lincoln. Nov. 29—Kansas here. Look Out, Hurricane Jonesboro high j ridden, swim." nto iheir first gnmc tomorrow in n tilt with j. H. S. nlumnl. The Hur- •icnne will sc;k revenge for n 7 to G defeat last season al the expense of the former Jonesboro stars. Included In the iurani line-up will be a number who used to prove a decided |iain to Blythcvllle teams, such as Ronchy Smith ana Ferdinand Dreher. It seems like nlinuni learns have the Indian sign en the Ugh schools in this section. Even when tlie Chicks had one ot their test teams several years ago they found the -;rads to be a little too much. SIVcston 1-5. Jonesboro The Jonesboro Hurricane Invades, Missouri for n grid game this fall. [ Something unusual for the Black I Cupid Breaks Up Porkers' Famo us Aerial Combine FAYETTEVIIAE. Ark.. Sept. 12 (UP)— "The praelw has thrown Arkansas' Southwest Conference champion football sound for the hardest loss the Razorbncfcr- have Euffered in a year. Marriage of G forge Jordan of Fordyce broke up Arkansas' famous twin "Jordan to Jordan- passing attack which was ex)>cct- ed to do great things for the Porkers in retaining their title Incidentally, George, the receiver of the combination, won the Baylor game at Little Hock las' year when he took a pass trom his brother, Clnrk. George's 65-yard nm in the homecoming- game last year paved the way for Elvin Geiser, quarterback, to kick a field goal to win over Southern Methodist University, George will remain In his homr On The Outside Looking In By "DUKE" Watch This lYMpect . A husky whose lust unmp Is Wai- j er Is going to be hard to keep olf ' ic Chick varsity Oils r H |j. Wnlkcr is as vn BB ed and tout^ uklng as any mnn out for the Iliad and packs the necessary wimdage to make n good lineman ol only that but he's far from ow. Don't be iu all surprised 11 ou sco Walker's name appearing . the llnc-up with considerable ore frequency this fall than some ' the oi.icr more highly publicized indidutes. dle Saliba and li;Lsl! Loekc arc TO backs who are going places this all unless Injuries lay them low, aliba plays a hard giune in prnc- ce sessions, which minims con- tlerablc more iwrslsli'iire than aying before an audience. Ixrcke- icks aboil! us much power us can * carried by one of nls weight It looks like the principal block- >g back duties will fall on Mere- tii or Crui;;. Craig lO'Ncnl) is a cpliew of other Craig boys who ave gone before. Crnig would j vme In very hnmly nl guard if' islie can airord to use him there ut tit's likely to sec double duty. 3 are one or two others as for lat mutter. SHORT OttDEK Ill [Teams That Will Meet ... j Title Series Split Regular Games I The New Orleans Pelicans and Nnslivillc vols. who will meet in a scries to determine the Southern Association championship nfler tin 1 seat-on ends, met in a double heail- er yesterday on the regular schedule and broke even. t'he Pelicans look the first game 2 tb 1 and the Vols tlje occon-J •; ! to 3. Milnar bested EilnnU in a I nrst gum? hurling <lnd and ptaf- I ford turned back the Pels and Bar- I nett. Bird luirler, in the second ! atfair. Tee Atlanta Crackers registered tnelr fifth straight victory, defeat- Ing the Birmingham Barons, 3 ; r > 2. Lindscy was the winning pitch- ei and Huglies the loser. The Memphis Chicks dropped :i 6 to 4 decision to tile Knoxville Smokies and tied a second -aim- that ended 4-4. Leon Peltil, diminutive Cbatt^i- nooga southpaw, held the Travi-l- , ers to five hifs and shut them out j 4 to 0, last night at Little Ho-k I It was the Lookouts' final appenr- nnce of the season in Little licnk Nugent was the losing pitcher. UK; GITS ning and holding the Tigers scoreless. The jot* Bastonlan run was scored in the fourth inning on successive singles. The loss reduced the Tigers' margin over the Yanks to 3 1-2 games. In ? lans defeated the THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 13, uib-i - —•-— •* —_ .„„ Philadelphia Athletics "' Marcum, 3 to 2 at pitcher ap- American League .._ Tightening Up; Phillies Upset St. Louis Birds The New y or k Yankees gained n the Dstroli Tigers In the Amerian le.^ue chnse yesterday, even hough idle due'to a loss by the ^gcrs 10 (he Boston Red Sox Th» • ev: York Giants, National lead- re, increased tlicir margin over the, scpiHi place cards who lest to the --- ~"'"> uutner ap- n trie role of a pinch hit- trie ninth inning hit tor circuit, to give the Marts a till fell one shy of aius' score. Hudlln s the winning pitcher and Dietrich the loser. In the National league the ants defeated the Pittsburgh rates 3 to 2 at New York, Gi- Pi- carl Th= ied Tigers v,-ere shut oi.i by the IK i t-> 0 with W.ilberg i'e- OstermiMJ.'er In t!ie first in- TI uT i, 41C * iui*. uun Hubbell was the w | m ,lng pitcher as the Giants van, besting B lrk- ofer in a mound duel. Hubbell =IH six hits well scattered r 1',' ^.""^ *°» his 21st game or the Chicago Cubs, defeating the u:ston Braves, 5 to 2. Flint Rhem was the losing pitcher The Cincinnati Reds lost an 8 to 7 decision .to [he Brooklyn Defers at Brooklyn. Walter Beck wii;' l!:e winning pitcher and the fourth The the mound by the Dodgers. I Phillies beat the' Cardinals ary Vance and Dizzy Dean we re the victims ol tte sudden attack, with Vance being charged with the !<¥s. • Hansen was the winning out of three Phllly hu'rlers. Bay Lives in 4t-f*x Fall AKRON. O. (UP)--A 13-year-old Cuyahoga Falls boy survived, a -10- foot plunge down the : rockbound Cuyahoga River embankment here. The l»y, Kenneth Gillespie suf- W!n 1M Softball Giuws BRIDGEPORT, O. (UPK-.Thel Wolfhurst Softball team has wo'n I 100 games this season, a record in the Ohio Valley district broken wrist and when a tree broke fered only a many bruises, „„„, „ lrre urore his fall. Kenneth, and Richard Jones, mso 13, were scaling the cliff when Kenneth slipped landing unconscious in the ravine. MORSE & KIRSHNER ABSTRACTS f'lly & Firm Properties. Special TJUe Service You'll feel better in Adonna Rayon 49« Smooth-fitting ... and they keep their smartness after numberless washings ! The permanent -dull -finish Chardonize woi'i stretch, shrink or fade ! Every seam, strap, elastic is made to wear and wear! Vests Smart Fall Handbags leather, Wack, brown, navy ! Riagless SILK HOSE Gajmode! a 79. Chiffon weight — dear, ring- less! In the new F'illoo!i>rs!Siies Wliile fair fjolfcrs | n jj cw York uuisl cover tlielr dimpled toiiM. 1 * on tlio cour.w. £;il club •winners In Del Monte and I'cb- l>lo HoM-li. Calif., can air their slinpo!;- '.imlis without Icar of tlio sliarii hut uniipprcclullvc eyes of tlio Inw bulging out. Aliovo Is Hulli Uuslln, California folfcr, ;iltlred ns sho will lake part In llio Del Monl« women's cliiunriioushlp late thl* mouth. ~* EiiglniHl now has only one maker of lulnd-made 'nails; "(J. Williams turns out 50 pounds of giant barge nails in eight hours.' • i •^•••••.k II I/I £ Thursday & Friday The A Hard Job New Deal in boxing and wrestling supervision In the stale finds n completely new board, with t'rc exception of two members controlling the sports in Arkansas. Governor Futrell has appointed C. Q. Kelley. Little Rock. J. w Williams. Rlson. H. A. Nickejl. Ens- land, Dr. E. M. Sparling, not Springs, and Joe Lake. Charleston to the board. Sparling and Lake' are the only holdovers. Harry Life was re-apix>inted secretary, however. ar.d in actual practice much of the i>ower is vested In tl'c secretary. The board will do well to OIXT- ate as more than an honorary one considering the fact that that boxing and wrestling, anrl especially I no latter, arc in need or active and constant supervision. Far too often promcters give . the public a bum deal." One way to curb such evils i s to investigate, as far as possible before hand instead of afterwards Al '>' Promoter who has to make n substitution for one of the princl- (pals on his card, owes it to the ' hc 'o make announcement be, haml ' A ' Kl all) ' W8»"featlon V 8 u bM '" 5 and wrestling *' htfccr in name OI11 y <»• »y v g ln " 1e l' roms "> r s) owes the same duty and one town to work in „ Clark will attempt to win the quarterback berth.' This season will be the first in eight that Clark Till not fire passes at his brother Their specialty started in high echool when they tossed passes for t state championship team from Fordyc;. 1H Mlaes Beta; Sealed . IWIDGEPORT, O. (UP)-with " : view to eliminating stream pollution and reducing hazards to live. stock and game, mote than 100«l mine entries an being to Behnont County, u an e uty and one <hal wnnat be evaded in the eves -f the public. '" S *? ca nti * rcsl ° b to h »ndl lm S matches. box- Here's "••-viic committee ot""EarT parker Raymond Rut ledge nnd Don Edwards will exercise eternal viuiianct judgment when the pest' rex shows this fall. l£ Lynch, sub-cii|)taln; Claude Shaw, Cleveland- Porter, Eddie Woodstde ami Marion Easeley. The tast year reserves nnd nrst year men are: Wayne Paisley, Pat Rowcll. Jimmy Hill. J. D. Gunstell. Malcolm Yarbrough. Pinkie Trammel, Orlhi Cross, Herman Mullins. Frank Varbrough. Kyrons Strceter nnd Lewis Slot!*. This is the second year hew for Conch Han is and he will be as sisted by C. L. Bird, as backfleld coach. The season will be opened with Liixorn at Wilson, Sept. 28 Other t;miics schctlulcd are with I'nrneotild. Karlc, Parkin, Blythe rillc. Trumatin. Osccola nnd Shaw nee. ROXY Opens Friday September 14 Friday - Saturday Matinee & Nijjht—l(k - 25c HARRY CAREY. The Kiddies' Hero Returns in ;i Thrilling Western! 'WITHOUT HONORS' Six Lettermen Back At WiUon For Grid Season —o—w,, candl- thc 1931 Bulldog foot—•« team reported to Coach Eu- *ene_ H«rris for practice at the | Serin/ 'THE WOLF With Rin Tin, CARTOON DOG Jr. 2:30, 10-25c (>:.!!>—Ift-Sae i comedy- romance of a mil. lion-heiress who masquerades as a maid-servant!...' CAYNOR ' " • AYRES Servants' «L • •• • *? .- - • -'. .-• •• -..-. : »'•'. *fOX.K«*n .„ \ ID SFAIU MLTEIIMIMU. IOUI51 DktSSER |8. f. HUfmiY, «„ A5TRID AllWYN CARTOON - COMEDY WEAL KID SLUMWS Plains, noveltiei, in *>« *• new Fall colors, 6-8141 *1* " SOFTnES, BERETS Girli' Stjltrt A brand- new collection o f popular knitted styles! All w» colors! New Uplift Bandeaux Hi«h-pointed bust, in "tin or cr«pe, 30-3SI LASTEX 60U>LE , A bargain ft 9* Of tea-ros« knitted 2-way stretch Lastex! lonp, small, large! Big Choice Neekwew 49* Boys* Dress Shoes Pitrue, rayon Mtin, tail- ore J. embroidered! (•ood Goodyear welts I d quality leather l Thick to «. WAVEKLT CAPS Hen tnJ Bo wearing s . . checks. Non-btcskable rsl Steam nk- to site! fur Cottan, Edgings, Jabots! New COATS Luxurious — Penney PriceJI Costs sre longer this season — sleeves simpler with 'below - the - elbow Jullhess — and of course Tfenney's brings you the newest styles even at this low price! In crepes and nubbed crepes — black, green, brown, high style colors for this season'! Women's and Misses' ! For Smart Style or Warmth Girls' COATS! S'ua )to6 Ycrrs! And Only You'll find the coat you're looking for here! A»sort*d tweeds, crepes, checks, snowflaltes. surdrs. and nice Pnlalres'. Trimmed with Astrakhan Laskia Limb, pile fabrics! Values' Travel Tweeds'. Sheers! DRESSES Styled! Big $ A wonderful collection of fashions to ««r rifht now — anj Inter, too! Travel tweeds in youthful e«»y-to- wear styles-sheers, loo, and satins with new details! MisstV. Women's! "CBL1ST8" WOES "Smart Set" Fall styles I Kid, calf «Ed suede! Spanish, Conti- heehl FH.T HATS F»mo« Quality silk hats in new styles anrt shades for Fm4l«nd Winter! OXFOKO* New Armtt,! Many styles— for street, golf, • n d all-around wear! Compo or leather soles I Ttlon Fiitenei Soft, suede, le»ther. Knit bottom, talon front. 36-48. f*T«It]r Rayw OatwMk <Mn. wide—makes --,.. andsorne dn^es! 49r«. FLANNEL 100% wool! 64-in. wide! Mar.y colors! CRETONNES S!ske smart bedspreads with draperies tn m:tch!Manyde- _»Jfns and colors! MARQUISETTES! Plain or novelty— •imazimjtjrlow priced. Tweeds and Wool 6r Cotton! 5* yd. A ranee oV lovely joft co |. on — 36-inche, V'del A great "*"ney value. FriatM WM& Frocks 9& New fall '!Ro» do" prinU-dTMt / tolor^-witli. or- ' g«ndy or 'pique tHci, 14 to 62. Fail Fpferlc OLOVE« New rauotlets aad plain snp-o+u! Valued Men's Dress SHIRTS freshntnk! 98* Broadcloths in plain whites and solid colors. Also fancy patterns. U to 17! 6aysl Mens Dress Sox Fancy Patterns iSc Cnn for foyt! 98* Tweeds and eheviots. Sizes 6-16. Full cllt i ! Tana, bluej. Flte all type, r.« 8 n.--Keen. Packet af S . .. A5" . . '»rccd et points •>' strain, full- 2« to 421 **«•'« leather Belts .Penney Co. me. 220-222 W. Main St. Blytlicville, Ark.

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