The San Bernardino County Sun from San Bernardino, California on February 9, 1964 · Page 22
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The San Bernardino County Sun from San Bernardino, California · Page 22

San Bernardino, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 9, 1964
Page 22
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i 1 i' i y ' B-8 SAN BERNARDINO SUN-TELEGRAM Ffh 9. 1964 B d Invesfmen Here $ a Home - - an Buyers Guide to Medallion Homes M cl a M 78 B. Si tii in w G bi m gi B M C m R r ' -v . f;;vi:;iv(;,;,, ; f..-.;::r:i, :?:,..:'-;v;, Hk..:kM kk'k k'kkkkkkk'kMkkk':k ;, '":"4i:i,:: ,1 'f f;, , . .:" ' : ' fi "j ' ' kk :f kk -S ' "'i'V :kk ' k''-k-kkk :. : .;' :;u4, :kkk: : f; f-W Wmm- 1 , .... y : . ' : ..,:-:N;;:4:; : : ?;5t -VA. ... k :kk l&SJg5 ;J , V&i) ? ' v:- 1 . w -k ,','r, AkMkk:kjk km yMkukmUkM. mmMkMkmkMM ij'H i-J S''1"' . ;. , , 1 : ,.:;;.-:tN fi:,..'i:-).-':..'kkky.f: .... V :.:kii:kk.k kji mtMm.i ,- j, A lTmrn : k-Mmmi uma kMrn; 1 " way Ti; !. . vr mmM eq;,a ffrnMimmm 'kmmkkkkkkkkk: . i J kkk-Sm:-. I -:-k k J k : ; i .: kk v- -m 11 wsarc The only electrically modern homes... in every pfice range The Medallion Home Award is a cornerstone for modern living a solid basis for a home's lasting value, today and In the future. Compare the detailed electrical construction requirements for the Medallion Home Award with those for any other type of new home symbol. You'll discover the Medallion Home Award is the one award that requires a new home to conform to specific and rigid standards, giving important value to the buyer. Here are just some of the qualifications: 1. Aflameless electric kitchen equipped with major appliances, Including range and oven. 2. Full "Housepower" Wiring provides capacity for at least twenty circuits, considered a minimum for modern living; large enough wires; 240 volt service-for the electrical capacity every home needs. 3. Abundant lighting planned for comfort, convenience and beauty. A total-electric Gold Medallion Home gives you all these benefits plus: 4. Flameless electric home and water heating. the living room of the twin home. Black slate accents an entry at the front door. Dining room is visible in background. COFFEE TDIE Mrs. Russ MacQuiddy, wife of the builder, pauses with her coffee cup before the handsome stone fireplace in kkmkkk:kkkkklm kklmkkkk I "Ml B1IBI-HBiy Southern California Edison f v 'mm&&k v - y k k:k T-k- v - ? m mkkk mkkkkl 1, :;if fl II II i;it : J ji? p J jT f;p 1 1 i i i If ; i I f k. $-kik I ' ' 1 1 I llii j jL k il ; : 1 1 1 1 1 i. I MM I k : 'i-fsr 1 "kk k s -kk-k v :6J-; r; II :l kku f kkMlrk'k - ' f ... wm - - ..A;.:: You Let Renters Pay Bill By SHIRLEY A. DIXON (For Homebuildcrs' Association) Are you pondering over the purchase of a new home? Why not have two homes for the same ponder? Sound interesting? Well come along then to Ferndale and 37th Street and peek and poke and ponder at our twin homes of the week. With a current trend of better land use and of multiple homes, this twin home meets the latest demands for better investment in land and housing. It is suggested that the buyer live in one twin and rent the other. They are cleverly and effectively separated and soundproofed by the two garages be tween them. Set the length of the lot, the wide driveway serves a courtyard entry for both homes. Mr. and Mrs. Bob Roberts are the owners and our hosts. Let's enter! The front door opens directly into the living room, but an entry effect has been achieved by black slate flooring. This section of slate continues to your right, forming a flush hearth before the large stone fireplace. Wide windows set in the corner of the fireplace wall, allow the other three walls to remain unbroken for furniture and wall arrangements. Al Sawyer of Ralph's chose to decorate the Roberts living room in rich Italian Provincial. To your left you'll find a din ing room, its colorful contem porary furnishings set against wallpaper of a beige-toned abstract design. Between the dining room and the kitchen is a table-sized eat ing bar, with walnut-grained Formica top. This contemporary material is also used on the L-shaped work counters in the kitchen. Built-in appliances in clude a stainless range, hood and oven, dishwasher and dis posal. This efficient homemaking center Is bright and cheerful with a wide window over the sink and well placed light fix tures. These fixtures, by the way, are smooth and white, 1 ADD A "FIRE JESTER" TO YOUR HOME On of th Royal Family of Fireplace! Have you longed for tlie warmth and comfort of a fireplace In your home? Now lt' possible with the prefabricated metal Fire Jester. It has all the advantages of a fireplace . . . heat, beauty, comfort . . . and It Is economical to buv and Install. RADIANT HEAT FOR MORE PLEASURE The open hearth takes good sized pieces of wood or presto logs and radiates heat to the whole room. Available In a variety of decorative colors. Complete with slack and screen. DO IT YOURSELF ON A WEEKEND San ffetnattirto WORKS 49 Second S. TU 5-3875 xwunp . uiuw ; i'ii JAN IttNAIOINO HtfWAY T2- 77 3 U ? fOOIMU KVft. 2 : ., zkr rT, K;: JT, 'x-- -'' b 1 -':, : ,!;:; .::J: .i . . , JtfJk A' U : i : - neys and planters to accent their contemporary facades. Buyers can live in one and rent the twin. TH'IX HOMES Two complete homes under one roof line are attractively presented with stone chim with no uneven surfaces to catch and hold the inevitable kitchen film. A door from the kitchen leads to a service room, designed with double utility closet, cabinets built over the washer and dryer and an exit to the side yard. Marbled vinyl covers the floors of the service room, kitchen and bathrooms and beige nylon carpeting is used in the living room, hall and bedrooms. The two bedrooms are placed at the rear of the home, separated by a hall and bathroom. In the room at your right you'll find a wide wardrobe closet behind sliding doors, plus a separate walk in closet with multi-shelf storage. The master bedroom also features a walk in closet, very large with hanger rods and shelves on each side for Mr. L Mrs. clothes storage. Both bathrooms provide marbled top built in lavatories with round basins. Glass doors enclose the tub in the main bathroom and the tub-sized shower in the master bathroom. I hope you've noticed the unique furnishings In our hostess' bedroom. Custom designed rattan furniture with Far Eastern lines is finished in teak The headboard is accented witfi an Insert of leopard skin and the master's lounge chair and ottoman are covered in leopard spots, making an unusual, intriguing bedroom setting. If you'd like to tour the twin houses in person, you'll find them at 3698 Ferndale, just off Golden Avenue in the Del Rosa area. Distinctively styled by West-way Builders with heavy shake roof and stone planters, they sell, complete with air conditioning for $29,950. The twins are open to the public, so have a double tour today. It's on the house! ! FORCED AIR FURNACES FLOOR FURNACES WALL HEATERS AIR CONDITIONING Prepare Now for Winter Frt Estimates FHA Financing NO MONEY DOWN! DELBERT MILLER 45 W Court St. TU 5-2847 career began in 1928, received a Fontana Architects Join School Specialist Group Fontana; and in Los Angeles! """LC " and San Jose. !na"ce Statlon at Invokern scholarship in 1929 to the Ar School at Massachu setts Institute of Technology. In addition to architecture, he served four years as a movie set designer and two years in the War Plans Office of the U.S. Navy. Porter, the third partner, has been active in San Jose area for six years, specializing main - eral hundred public school proj-1 ects from elementary to college level in Southern California, resenting a cost of $125 million to $150 million. He also was the -: a i e ii xt I a minion project. Gogerty, whose firm at one time numbered 450 employes and who has developed pace-setting concepts in planning, structure, lighting and other fac tors, was awarded a teliowsnip in the American Institute of chitects for his achievements iin the "Science of Construction."! WEST COVIN A RIVIERA TERRACE cooperative apartments' have swimming pool, lounging areas, social rooms, private patios A balconies. Ample parking & gorgeous landscaping. 1-3 bed rooms, 1-2 baths. All-electric kitchen has range, oven, disposer, dishwasher. Refrigerator & air-con ditioning optional, Share prices: $950-$3,750. $115-$225 monthly. 331-0058. CLAREMONT COLLEGE PARK NORTH exclusive 2-story homes. Desirable location near shops, schools yet on quiet cul-de-sac streets. Fully insulated, wall to wall carpets, formal dining room, ceramic tile, electric heat. 4 bedrooms, a den, 2Y, baths, all-electric kitchen with bar-b-q, range & oven, disposer, warming oven, dishwasher. From $29.500. NA 6-0808. Now open. CLAREMONT CLAREMONT NORTH Family planned for comfort & beauty. Featuring large 3 and 4 bedrooms, 2 and 2 baths, family room, fireplace, 100 wool carpeting, built-in bookshelves, pantry, paneling, slatetile entry, covered porches, handsome stone work. All-electric kitchen has popular double oven, range, dishwasher. $26, -31, 950. 714-NA6-85R1. POMONA FRANTON HOWES have custom designs with decorator colors. Fireplace, planters, brick 4 stone veneers, fully carpeted. 3 bdrms., family room, 2 baths. All-electric kitchen has range & oven, disposer, dishwasher; birch cabinets 4 large breakfast bar. Concrete drive and walks. $23,750-$26,750, 10 Down. Call now: 626-9293. HACIENDA HEIGHTS HACIENDA VISTA homes in easy distance from schools, shopping centers. 3-4 bedrooms, family room, 2, 2 baths Roman tubs. Luxurious master suite with formal dressing room. WW carpeting. All-electric kitchen has range 4 oven, disposer, dishwasher 4 luminous ceiling. $25,650-$31 ,400. ED 6-6605. CHINO CRESCENDO LUXURY HOMES in tree-shaded area are fully insulated, have custom exteriors and choice of 1 , 2, or tri-levels. 4 4 5 bedrooms, 2 4 3 baths, lots large enough for pool, abundant storage. All-electric kitchen features range 4 double oven, dishwasher, disposer. Homes of lath 4 plaster with carpets 4 fireplace. Call NA 8-7751 local. $20,500 up. $2,000 Dwn. y m scn0ol design. He also a partner in the Porter, Pripp and Mpsfnn firm Porter's school designs have Stanley Clark Meston, a sec- won national acclaim, and have ond principal architect, main-been presented at Columbia Uni-tained an active practice in the versity, on television, and in A Fontana architectural firm has merged with two others to form a statewide organization of architects and engineers whose main work will be in school buildings. The new firm, Porter-Gogerty- Metson & Associates, is a con solidation of H. L. Gogerty, F.A.I.A., and Associates, Los Angeles; Kal H. Porter, A.I.A., and Associates, San Jose; and Porter, Price and M e s t o n, A.I.A. and Associates, Fontana. Offices are at 8233 Sierra Ave., BED ROOM BED ROOM ill GARAGE .il- IIV1NG ROOM KirCHEN SfMCI DM o3M The individual firms have de signed hundreds of school proj ects, including many in the Inland Empire area The new firm will also continue to do design work in commercial, public health and other types. Gogerty has maintained an active architectural practice since 1924 and his firm has been responsible fo rthe design of sev- F Kitchen 1 -1-1 n BED ROOM DIN GARAGE BATH ELI LIVING ROOM 10 r KOTH(U IIVO, I IftNAtWNO wr. SAN IEINAROINO MISSION IIVO. FHItADElPHIA HVftSIOf 01. . Phone. to tAN iNADINO "WHWAY VMIK3TO 1 0. CKIMIAP , WWTT lf nyp TWO IX ONE GARAGES SEPARATE THEM If D UILD FOR YOUR FUTURE!!! nt0r nn fin fi fin riwz FREE! Homebuyers Magazine and Map Guide, i c j ni cr v :kjstj: Showors Ovor Tnbs Newsweek magazine and other publications. STANLEY C. MESTON ... in new firm i, in iri ir- mm mi. mi Fontana area for 14 years prior to the formation of Porter, Price and Meston in Fontana in 1961 It has grown in two years to a 13-man organization serving clients in the Glendora-West Co- vina area as well as Fontana and the low desert areas of Oa sis and Thermal. Meston, whose architecture Sea otters are insulated from the icy waters of the North Pacific by air pockets trapped in their soft, deep fur. They lack the whale's layer of blubber to keep them warm. ROOMS Folding Wordrob Doers, Stool Tracks ir- i"- "in ri iffii iTti Homebuyers Magazine provides complete Information and guide maps to more than 800 new housing developments in Southern California. For your free copy, fill and mall the coupon below. Limited quantity order today. Homebuyers Magazine, Dept. D, 205 Ave. I. Redondo Beach, California. Pleas send Homebuyers Magazine to: Name- Address. City Desired home locations-Desired price range My kitchen preference: Electric Other buyer. Call us now 754 E. Base Line TUrner 9-04C8 I RIALTO PLUMBERS tor complete details. Q BALANCED POWER HOMES '03 s. Riversid. Rioito Phon (75-1370 jTaifc iryrfc i!.. ifV ds rfV.iS nt ,jfi tffc 4kg hi mi fck-AA-JfcA--A-AAfc-Ai-A'A i fr. ftim i ftii ii

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